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7-18-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on the crisis at the Mexican border

Jul 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch about his work documenting what's happening at the Mexican border involving illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

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And good afternoon on the Friday addition -- the think tank is Don Don Dubuque info Garland Robinette thanks for tuning in another great hour to come on what is turned -- to be a very very busy. Friday edition of the think tank -- wanna catch you up on top ready opinion poll question. He -- legal to a web page at WW dot com and cast your vote and tell him it was surprised. At the results of this one like him -- this question -- thought it might be very close but if when me more in favor of this side that is actually. On the low it was take a look at it and we're asking you do you think the movement in Iraq the Hamas aggression against Israel the Russian incidents. And the border invasion or co incidental events. Or are they parts of a larger plan 61%. Of these parts of a larger plan. Only 39%. Saying their coincidental events what do you think cast your vote. At W revealed that comic selected text issue a concise message we take that -- 87870. Please text responsibly no driving and texting please remember that. And if you like to voice your opinion now we welcome you telephone calls at 260. 1870. That's in the five -- -- -- New -- -- area if -- outside of that may be listening about way of live stream worldwide. You -- on the coastal free at 8668890870. And us are kind of a spin off to are ready opinion poll question we talk about another hot topic in the news. That of the what I'm colony invasion of our southern border right now. 50000. Children supposedly. On their own from Central America. Got across the border in the United States being held at detention centers now expanding too many places in the country. Questions a lot of questions little glances what's bringing him to the US is it violence and crime is some say. Is it simply the the opportunity for a battle life. Is it gangs that are gaining them here's drugs coming across as a serving as a distraction. Allow -- to talk about a year and we got one of outstanding guest that we've had on this program Dennis Michael lynch jones' music filmmaker his films they come to America they come to America to. And we ride to DC Denis welcome to the think tank we appreciate you criminal. Done things are happening I -- an issue question today I only got parts of it. Appalled that you posted. Are you saying that you're connecting what's happening over in Israel with months to what's taking place on our southern border. Actually all all of those events on sale on or any of them connected and anyways the question Lawrence. Well out that what you know it's a great question. And I'm not sure you know do we hear people come up with these ideas that -- you know they just shut down the Malaysian airlines to display the cameras and media go away from the border and direct or else. I don't think anybody ever ever really thinks that strategically. In and that's sort of like let's do something halfway around the world. So does what he did something on the border because they were already penetrating our borders they need to shoot -- an airplane -- need to penetrate Israel. But when you look at. The entire -- collectively. It is part of the massive big plant. And that there's no question that Islamic action -- -- would like to see the United States of America be completely eliminated. And there's 82012. Congressional report covered and they come to market to the report states that the the highest terrorist networks the most dangerous terrorist networks. Hezbollah. Hamas. Other -- as well are working with the drug cartel and they are are documented. Instances where. That terrorists have come all the cross the border created Havoc with one way or another tried to create Havoc it was one assassination attempt in Washington DC. I'm not so long ago. And then they go back across the border I can tell you -- doing the work that I've done and continue to do that it is actual crossed the street. For these people to come through and right now -- gang members. Mexican gang members were also here in the US. Are being paid 50000 dollars per head. To gated. What they call high priority customers these people from the middle east China Russia. So when you take a look at that if you look at the fact our Border Patrol. And all of our defenses at the border -- even ground water right now -- busy. Taking care of children and family. I can tell you that the borders wide open and we are more susceptible to something bad happening ever been. Before or after. I'm Dennis that's a shocking assertion that you make cool what evidence do you have that that is actually card. Well aside from the 2012 congressional report. They're two different things simple one is I would challenge you. To. Check at -- that the media sources. And the Border Patrol. Feeds me. More information that they do any other media source and the reason why they do that is -- them once they understand that I'm not. Aligned if you will with any specific. Media outlet so I mean you'll see me on fox quite often but also seeing on the bullies I'm on talk radio it's got to be three -- four times. Could be. And -- I don't even have my normal listening. And and I have on line presence and whatever so when they gave me the information they know that I have no prejudice about where it goes it goes and goes out. And that simple one of the two it I've worked with these guys I've been withstand -- -- and they come to America to I've worked with them I've caught illegally aliens coming across. Popular nighttime. You've got forty guy. I'll sit down on the ground she's still arguably it was that it sure it got gang member Tatis. I've mixed in with those guys in my movie you'll see that there are people from the Middle East. Think these are things that you know that's the great thing about my films. It's not just talking head it's visual so everything that you're afraid of him in court of -- questions. I'd give you the evidence. Any one of the things that I was the first person report last year done. Was that and I members that dad is in the field when the best parts -- fox played that a million times. I'm down with congressman Peter King -- from New York. He's done or the big committees when it comes to you know -- counterterrorism. And and intelligence. That the guy who's got his finger on the pulse of what's being done in this country from places like has blind animal. And I asked him if he had three trucks. Sitting at the Mexican border. And he can only stop one of the three trucks he had a truck filled just filled with Chinese nationals a truck full cartel. And a truck full of Hezbollah which truck which you want to stop. And he said if I can only up one it would be to Chinese. So I have to -- then why is it that would allowing Chinese to cross our borders also. He came back and -- I think it will do we don't worry about that they're coming into pieces and that's what I ripped them myself so. And I issued an emergency distress beacon that's in the middle there isn't in the middle of the desert throughout Texas a hundred miles it. And the and it's -- -- by the Border Patrol in the sciences. If you are experiencing. Distress if you need water need assistance please press this red button will come help you underneath that it's written in Spanish. And that means that it's written in Chinese. So you don't make signs that the people who -- can read them now when I showed mr. congressman king won the foremost it educated guys in this area. You would have gone right to shoot it naked pictures of his life and I'm not looking to be a wise guy I'm at that was the sort of eight. That he put out. And so there are things happening in this country that the mainstream media don't covered and if I I have to do much evidence as I possibly can the information and it has. Did you about the gang members came comes from the intelligence guys that I have down at the border who deeply disinformation. If you go back and look at all of my -- on Fox News over the past four or five months or on the blaze. And you go back you watch them I've only been a couple of months ahead of the story. And so I. That's the best -- -- off. I would talk with Dennis Michael -- filmmaker the come to America they come to America to and we ride to DC we're talking about. The problem on the border of the threats and also the real world part of this man is displayed a lot of courage in going as a very dangerous situations in places. We come back we'll take you calls we'll take you text and we'll get some more information about it right after this time out listening to the Friday edition the think tank. On WW well. And welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tank we have with -- -- line Dennis Michael lynch filmmaker of they come to America they come to America to and we ride to DC a man who is lives in the real world he's been down on the border first and trying to get the real story out to the American public. Dennis you know given what we've seen in recent times with the VA in the our -- we find it very difficult to get information from our government they won't even give it to the -- congressman. Take freedom of information acts to find out anything so it's almost understandable let government politics they wanna save themselves from. Embarrassment from to the public which would damage their political party but explain the opposition in the stumbling block -- and from the media in their reluctance. To let you get your information out to the public you would think the media that is designed to it is whose mission. Is to get the truth out to the American public would at least let you tell your side of the storm which you've got a lot of opposition. Effect you know when you when you would -- so there we ride to DC. Doesn't exactly say what it is the movies about and it would that only the bell. The mainstream media and how is that it either completely ignores the truth in the issues that we face -- -- country but he completely distort them. And we do an amazing job in the film providing individuals and compare that to -- Dmitry media actually -- reports on things to be prime example. Knowing that you question. Maybe I am entry crush. Eight BC news dying and so they reach about eight -- nine million Americans every single night EBC nightly news of the world has ever. She doesn't. Piece on the border about six months ago Scott President Obama as saying did at the border more secure than ever. To go to a place in the -- Arizona right by the port of entry -- that it was where people come back and forth to go shopping in the Dallas. Arizona and from Nogales Mexico -- -- and. And so there they show a gold -- -- sense she's immediately apprehended by what do patrol and make going to how many rounds and how many. In the ground radar and everything legal help. That -- better than it's ever been. Cut to El Paso, Texas which has been military pay -- US military base on the border because. Juarez Mexico on the other side and it's the most dangerous place the world so that's why I'll pass that was very secure until that mayors that -- them. -- we support security for immigration reform we should do it now the borders secure cutback and they finish at the gala. I know this is true I'd jump on a plane. I go to Arizona legal a couple of miles down from where they filmed in the major part of town in the -- and we go to the range called the land ranch. And then you've got an eighteen foot and with the steel girders. Next to the range I really mean next ordered the rich you have the most XP. It's the biggest border patrols station in the country on the -- -- range they're. Forty million dollars with an -- you name -- it's been true radar everything. He showed me the pictures the land mr. lay it does he shows me pictures of with the drug cartels literally cut the steel girders. I mean how they're cut neat things I have no idea -- knock them down the drive the trucks Europe. Forty six trucks in eighteen months have gone through not one of them have been caught. So. There ABC news. It's getting in narratives for nine million people. And they -- and the state Schilling knew that if they just wouldn't turn on the camera to the left it would issue to the real story that's what plays on fox. So when you take ED CNBC CBS in and that NBC the five networks that put out the news on a daily and nightly basis. They're reaching thirty million people adequate. When you take a look at Fox News and it really is a lot of Fox News they're reaching. On the left -- which is the number -- on cable news. -- even touched three million on a night most the kind the only -- -- looking at a thirty million to two million war if you will information. So I have fallen into that category up a fox got even a little work for fox and just again. But yet but they have a desire to get the real information. These other people the devastation still because they've got a progressive. Philosophy a progressive theory they protect the the president at Ole. Stretch of the imagination that one can and ice -- illegally. Illegal immigration the number one problem facing our country it's really not. The number one problem facing our country is the mainstream media because you cannot have these functional democracy you cannot have a strong country when voters do not have access to the -- And that's why we thought we we all I truly believed on. That it the American people knew what was going on the border weep for the insurgent it's a place that it probably wouldn't be taking place because. Personally -- two things that all of us have in common when you're on the right on the left. And that is our money we all like to have more than we. And number two is the that the welfare of our children and what's taking place right now of the border is putting at risk both of those things. Dennis leave it and not know what you said about people saying oh unit fox guys -- -- years so hopefully. Are you living up to your reputation. I don't know if we have time before the news to get into this question if you could may be get started on one common solution that regardless who you talked to about the problem on the border. The first step they say is we've got to secure which I take -- shot down on the border even if temporarily but it complete. Closure of the border. I except for the people like Harry Reid who I heard in the quote sailed borders secure I don't know what world planet he's live and he's delusional. But why is it's so difficult to make that move I mean as a man and a White House -- says he's got a -- phony could do it in a heartbeat. Don have you ever been to Los Vegas -- Atlantic City. Okay. There's a reason why Las Vegas is as -- -- it is and it's because the majority of people always blues and here's the back. The normal way of solving this problem is not securing the border. It's not I I know this topic better than anybody else in the country. The number one way of solving this problem is to remove the incentive for people to even get to the border. Entity that you have to eliminate the ability to these people to work in the United States of America. You need to eliminate the opportunities for them tickets welfare you need to stop. The. I hate using that -- -- -- could be the anchor baby the ability for them to do that we have an amendment our constitution that allows you to you know put the baby out. And all the sudden it's an American citizen. These things right here is what drives the -- been driving the search for decades. The border being secure with that would protect -- against the criminals that I mentioned in the beginning of the -- call. But it will not stop the auction of people that are coming here. You can never ever ever hear any politicians from any side of the aisle. Well that would have rare exception if you maybe Jeff Sessions in and Steve King. The majority of the law talk about the border because it allows them to escape the real problem that I just described here. Well perhaps when we become an -- like Mexico and I economy dips below then that'll be reason enough for them this outcome. Wait to see that. Bullet on -- about the facts the facts don't lie Alicia with -- the fact that goes back to the whole media rights. We have over 92 million Americans what format the workforce we have more than fifteen million people on welfare. That is only gonna start to increase when you obamacare businessmen they kicked in. In January it's 2015. It's only gonna continue to continue with Obama won the bringing executive board which I believe people ultimately. For the people who work here currently in the people coming in here illegally pretend you know only be able to stay here but -- give them work permits that have -- -- I think you put together the perfect storm and come January if these illegal. All of them collectively the 2030 million this year if they get the ability to work Q legally. And you have you obamacare mandate kick in in in January you'll see businesses where panicked over the obamacare mandate. Get credible that warehouse workers get August happily get different people that they have on the -- or wrong out there simply count. They'll get -- those people and replace them legally. With the illegal aliens costs circumventing the he obamacare mandate altogether so what happens with those Americans who are most skilled workers -- we have. Certain talents to get certain jobs they've now become portable welfare system and we continue to steadily goes down very very very bad slippery slope. Dennis there was -- gotta break some news we come back again a couple of calls when can you say it was take some calls aren't. Very good if you can we -- ahead. We'll be right back after the news Khalil. 787 who get to some of those two this is the Friday edition of the think that. And -- 878 WW Ellis to Friday addition of the think tank Dennis Michael lynch filmmaker of they come to America they come to America to. And we ride to DC is with this if you'd like to chat -- name make some comments on his comments is 2601870. 866889087. Yeah simply text as. At 8787. And can we get to Khalil and this one says the absolute best description of immigration I've heard a long time opened my guys to borders just smokescreen. But the real problem you have to eliminate the reason they come here about let's see if our politicians can make it happen -- doubt it. Don't we vote for these people why can't they make any laws -- best interest of Bob and conversely we get this one. -- a few guests knew anything he would know the present on doesn't run the country while the one that doesn't understand that may be the president himself your thoughts Dennis. Two things that one -- I appreciate the commentary from the first person is such as text. You wouldn't think that it is important to note is that. You know everybody. -- -- -- the filmmaker and I appreciate that. But I'm a businessman I've been CEO and content source and there was eighteen and I experienced 9/11. Firsthand I grant those buildings. And so after that -- idea about my park avenue address and -- multimillion dollar company. And but my partner at the time with the former CEO of Apple Computer John Scully saw I mean I come from a business background a big business background. And I decided to pursue my dream of making films because I want to make a difference after nine elevenths a lot of times when I speak I don't feel like they'll make myself more like a guy. The two businessmen who understand numbers understands and playing the dictators so what could I do. So that win. Because back cases that's the best description. Well the answer is most of the people in congress most the people elected to DC they're lawyers. They have been back they've never hired people we've never had the fire people they've never it never experienced hell is that you need to balance the budget in order to stay afloat. So that's why -- at that advantage you think it was you know I don't watch that happened from my desk. I don't read with these guys do it they've read the Wall Street Journal and read the New York Times they watched a couple things on TV and they -- -- -- -- -- -- to their own soundbites and try to make it original and not playing Geisel and the same. So and LT -- second on to your second person. -- said that you know I really don't understand the president doesn't operate the country. I would push back on him or her weapons sent -- Q I understand that the powers in congress and I understand that congress. And most the people in congress are always going after the next to -- for the next election I get that -- had congressman held me. -- specifically represented from New York tell me that he percent of his time it out spent. Making. Friends with people who will be donors I mean that's not the way that the congress is design but definitely operate today. But still peaceful. Because if you go back and you look at the Barack Obama 2008. He told he wanted the -- dimensional fundamentally transform. America. He's doing a remarkable job and he's doing it through immigration. He may not be able to put new laws to play. But he doesn't need to all you have to do is ignored the laws that are -- And that's what he's doing. And that's why is that you're seeing your country changed so believe that -- it's far more powerful than you or Dexter is giving credit to. -- go first in jail on his cellphone j.'s online to. Thank you -- Arkansas are actually agreed that the insurer assured there I don't know who would be financially logistically or to shut down. You know -- program. Thousands of miles of border we shall in a -- if you adopt the all especially the welfare. Air and all of our lack all in illegal worker policy you'll see a lot of people stop. And that we can deal where these radical Muslim without a worry about all you know which distraction from the -- Because the border crossings from the people that were Peter Parker's you know where you're referring rise chart yeah I agree completely with that -- you. Thanks for the call -- -- Delegates say one thing about that that's -- itself before I mean because of the intelligence but I do get reports that I get the document I get to see that. Shouldn't be sitting. And he noted that the children. Had been the focus of the media the children coming over without parents. Well into the fact. That only 15%. I just saw these numbers this morning. It's up from last year which was 10% 15%. Of the illegal. Characters who are apprehended. Our children. That means that 85%. The big huge share of our family that a commonly children now. You'll hear different numbers on these definitely speak to but the numbers always -- on the range so I'll use 50%. 50% of what comes -- -- The other 50% did not see you got to remember we. Your numbers like New York Times saying over the last two months 300000. -- people have come over. Well it's really -- 600000. Have come over the last two months legally discover hidden on 300000. Which. -- out in the market. So what the -- for them however that networks so you have to understand. That the incentive. Is what stopped that because you've got only certain amount of -- boots on the ground. And and -- are we gonna do so much he can understand the law if these people get sick and just over the border they -- It also extend it to -- all pushed back and I can't but it's applicable law. He can't do that and the other thing you have to understand that we do -- somebody from Mexico. And it criminal. And we put them back into Mexico these people keep on crossing for a fight kind of one day until they finally got caught. The incentive or that we have let some people to try to stop and that's what you can really put the border security in place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And also -- text messages will be taken an 878. -- right. -- back with a special guest Dennis Michael -- -- we should concede this text message board to so -- that come -- I can't jam all the -- is that a -- give -- a little overview of what's coming in now a couple want me to stick to fishing game reporting -- some want you to run for president and other ones -- were both delusional and paranoid but one common -- -- -- -- -- wanna know about the northern boy are we being distracted by the salary is in no threat from the. -- -- there -- you know like a Border Patrol agents to contact me constantly. From the north saying it was -- everybody's looking beyond -- -- The difference between the north and the -- is that the drug cartels are basically operated from Mexico not from Canada. But at the same time is look. You know every single -- speak. If you if you will in in the country. Is. Is the border and we've got people flying into the country -- the -- members -- -- 50% of the illegal population or maybe that. 40%. And now with the new search. 40% illegal population are those what was stated. Yes so you know you have an international airport and in in your neck of the woods you know high up in the state you know. You're border so these these sort of things. Are creating Havoc that we have right now in the country. And in whole week change some of those laws and we have it you know we have done we have. Six or seven million people on visa violation right now we have 300 ice agents trying to find. Okay the -- perspective as far as the other thing that was written about people it can -- To run for president. You should keep my FaceBook page. Which by the way I can just call these things out FaceBook dot com slash B and -- daily. Is my FaceBook page it is going to be the most active page. On FaceBook I get all the time and I think that is a blanket of all the time is because your listeners. Probably feel as if they're listening to themselves and I'm not saying any thing. That most Americans don't it's common sense the difference between me and the top politician. Is that my special interest of the American people and my children. Especially trysts are who isn't gonna give -- the next the next donation check. And I think that we don't have to think about that -- to be honest I think what happened with the primary in Virginia. Right Kantor -- five point five million dollars in his war chest the guy who what ultimately beat him I can't remember his name now. He had twenty and 50000. -- spent the 12250000. And -- cantor why. His number one topic was the topic you know I've been talking about the last hour and number two we creek campground gains and he he -- resonated with people in a way that real people resonate with each other not politicians and that's what you knocked off the most. Powerful guy in the house were the. All right let's just go to Khalili and hold them on an awful long time he's up on line one you started off on I 310 he may be home and collegial thank you for your patience your own Dennis Michael lynch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Just pose a simple question and AppleTV -- incident in the money is coming to bring all of these people across the board of that these countries the so destitute. Where these people get 6000 it. Debate coyotes to escort them across the. Will -- excellent question excellent question and answer -- like. If you look at the majority you can look at the photographs that have been posted all line mutilated it definitely -- my page. Did that which by the way is they come to America dot com. But socially get my films and by the way anybody who gets myself I -- an extra free copies Iguodala and the people don't watch fox -- radio to the truth. But if you look at the pictures of the majority of them you'll see our women and children. We are they getting the money. Because dad is already here Brothers or your father's or your grandpa this year -- working -- they've been sending money peak years. If you look at the pictures look at least some of these people trapped and opposed to what might FaceBook page but we put a little commentary that the these people but the coming out of the J. Crew catalog I mean -- there there well dressed. They're comfortable with money in those coyotes if god. Little more money in the pocket and any one of my kids. You know so so there there is a legitimate question and I just -- a legitimate answer. And here's something else that I stand for you what you -- on an airplane the first thing. That the students as stoic sense is that we have an emergency air masks dropped. Put demands on your face before you do operative on the person next to even if that person excuse China. And that goes against the green because we we or -- for our children. But the theory is that. If you're not healthy you can't take care of the person next to you can't take care of your child if you respect. In the same thing apply if you to a country. If we're gonna give -- four billion dollar -- only to some of the innocent let's go to -- different places within your state which has been an -- that the paper and with their living among. And BC and throughout the let's get into -- back up. When all the American can do living the American dream yeah it's extend our hand out these other countries and help them improve their economies and their governments. If we even have to do that sort of thing but we could sort of start to -- -- Hoped -- developed that need to develop. Sources say come on over here we're gonna take care of he would -- that he can Americans first everybody else can we have to get ourselves self. You know Dennis UConn -- one of the theories and -- Hanna -- at the thinking about my own personal case when I learned that are heard that these people was sending your children alone. Escorted by coyotes on his dangers journey without them how could she do that to -- child if I was a child would one leave my cameraman how bad things got. In vice Versa and -- we have all that's probably the probably hear the kids that come and all the economists of their parents or. Once the kids give you the parents to plan amounts sneak him through illegally and then they gonna be re joined in the country. In what they're saying about the photos in the way they addressed that look really impoverished enemy. Now you hit -- over the cents I mean it's. The -- that I'm not gonna pretend that there -- violence taking place. Down in Honduras and Guatemala but you know I invite you to go to Chicago for a -- and the -- -- you can loans to -- it is violence everywhere. And the fact of the matter is that when I speak the political agents conducting a USB for proof. Anybody who wants to Huckabee over the weekend. If you have that we post the video of this weekend and they come to America to come but I did an entity. You can see the Border Patrol agent telling. That the narrative. That being given to the Border Patrol agents. When people crossing over the border are all the same I'm fleeing from my life. Gang members cartel members itself once -- inventory. We in the case we can get the sudden surge of cartel and sudden surge of -- it's only been there. Basically they interrogate them. By the time -- for the -- question. You get the truth and the truth is that coming here because they need to be an amnesty or their coming here because they -- -- -- -- freebies -- money by working jobs. Dennis who wish we had more time I'm gonna reserve the right to get to back on it before you go give -- -- FaceBook address of people wanna find out more about your films and and and which -- saying and writing. Sure that you wanna see the pictures videos and if you wanna get my films which are very cheap to me -- -- and get a whole bunch of -- that they come to America dot com. If you -- follow -- on FaceBook. It's FaceBook dot com backs slash B and L. Delhi Dennis Michael lynch. Thank you very much Dennis appreciate -- Dennis Michael -- you've got the information I coming back will wrap up. The Friday edition the think tank into a little bit about what's coming up next with Angela.