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WWL>Topics>>7-18 9am Tommy, Bodybuilding: attractive or grotesque?

7-18 9am Tommy, Bodybuilding: attractive or grotesque?

Jul 18, 2014|

NBC announces plans to bring back the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding championship back to tv. Would you watch it? Plus do you find those “pumped up peeps” attractive or grotesque? And do you work out primarily for the way you feel or the way you look? Tommy talks to our expert Mackie Shilstone, Fitness & Wellness expert at St. Charles Parish Hospital.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake WWL first news now Tommy Tucker WWL. AMI famine dot com. And then. Sorry got to -- calculator out on. And and. And -- -- any money left over for the weekend that's got nothing do with money and adding up how many days there were in this work week. And I get 39. It seems like is a pretty long week it is of -- I just added one more are okay 4040. Yes. That's a long week doesn't it seem like it's been all along we -- a little bit. Finally Friday and come at -- we -- steely Dan's take its coming up I promise -- do at this hour. And let me ask you David Blake have you ever worked down the have you ever worry in that mode where he went to the -- area gym -- -- -- line. Several times in the lifetime we're which like. You just that was at you and you join -- of the fitness or you had one navy as part of -- every you lived. And -- got into the regiment and was doing all the stuff and and we upon an iron or pumping aluminum -- and iron and and some aluminum to. -- bombed were you doing it for your health we doing it for your looks and be honest. Folks. Yeah as health and -- his back in the day you know I never it was a a tall guy is often you -- at the -- you aren't seldom do you go from 63 you know outside nothing but. Man back in a day in Italian side a lot of weight lifted and in terms of arm and chest ratio to waste. -- would say ripped for a for that time out period -- Now what were you doing it for a looks gorgeous I was trying to be a bigger guy I was doing if they're both really looks and be a bigger guy actually is what it is and you know a friend of mine curse me. Because I've built a room -- house it was a Jimmer alien and said you know what one of these days. You -- tired -- -- ballots. And I did. And then the machine is -- we can close out here and now whenever I got it weigh in on when Harris steel wheel -- in the garage and everything I think of -- and what he told me and how he curse me with one day. -- get -- get tired of taking all add up and -- -- about body building and then generally speaking marked out as you get maybe a little older. And Heidi keep. Keep the fire -- and in your rebellion and Heidi keep the body working so that you know on him elbows shoulders everything else. Word bring him down around you are ready jaguar opinion poll do you consider pumped up body builders attractive or grotesque. 94%. Are saying grotesque now on enough to talk in men or women or -- it. Makes endeavors that love to hear from me it's music so 187 he -- 3866889087. Innings. I remember when the six pack a craze I don't know what year that it really hit big. But it seemed like their firm for a long time here if you didn't have the they're you know the really unbelievable six back forget about it and they were paid them on for ally dad. Sosa's six pack -- the washing it. What they -- wash wash our stomach. Yeah yeah -- -- to have that or just stay home is bases and -- of us expected Medicaid. And set of a washboard belly and a washing machine belly. Which. Is why -- she'll zone refuse to train me yeah and he shells on said he would only trade me treating me if I told them somebody else was doing. He joins us right now MacKey chills on a friend fitness and wellness expert expert rather saint Charles parish hospital. -- tell me about body building and a little bit about the history of it how it started what does science say. And and the thing I find ironic about this is its originally may be was reported to be. You know lack health finance and and build a new body up Indians strong and and and Haggis healthy is best word I can use an end. When you look at some of the techniques involved to get that look it's anything but health. You know I -- -- -- talk about the history you know this goes back to them. I guess to the eighteen hundreds but when you really what it it would and we hear people picking at adult it was. The old Tom things that you potentially could read about it no idea is six it was Charles Chaplin and and then on the didn't seem to do new things well and you just took the -- -- enemies that that -- To god that I'll tell you almost scrawny and then in the would be on the -- and then there's the. Died -- -- strong girl looks more. Aren't that. And and then. The first thing that I targeting you not been around some are right from the Kabul on which has a social. 400000 readers which is targeted to 284. -- Oriented to the type of training. But what what -- -- in the bi -- I came out was called dynamic resist and that's all you're between the call to pay. It variation so metrics and then seeing something that people my age I'm sixty -- might remember called Opel worker which was this. There's despite that the contracting in the union all the appeared determined and then he let me go in a -- Team that was dynamic. Pension which was -- interest and so basically. It wasn't an ice and static contractions. That you holes while you pushed a -- in and out. So I symmetric is just pushing your hand against your hand MacKey went -- -- If you take -- people now where it should actually it input that. -- pomp and their hands together in confirmed their chests like -- getting rate to pray and push in that would be a I symmetric contraction. Dynamic I symmetric contraction. Would be to do the exact same thing. And then take your arms together -- The feeling like we're getting ready. To release and it died and pull -- picking -- -- -- Dynamic means movement and. Static contraction means they're there bet that your compression -- trophy they almost -- two different things that you can make it work that weren't done. Contraction back. In the early 1950s. Surely. Well I guess they had -- term. Because right now -- much emphasis is placed a call -- training it would you contract while lengthening them open all at all. That the concentric contraction which means I contracted muscle while short bills. Actual. All muscle that muscles high -- high -- a lot of you actually get stronger with the same picturing out a little more dangerous. -- -- All all based on eccentric little -- your -- If you take a baseball player. And -- them outfield and the picture wines are all right the first motion picture -- shoppers away from it. And that -- -- -- and the wind -- go into quarters squat attractiveness centric little. You load the Marshall. Or they try. When you -- -- edict lifting army you'll remember you get a lot of -- on the back of your shoulder but first immediately go to. In fact an 88 and that's an eccentric Lexington. Where where you're taken hamstrings and your salary that you're coming. Most all -- Is built on centric training and I'll stop for many years. They were people treat -- like it's trying go to opposite in the training in and that's where you can get more -- Although centric training at a potential. Stranger. It is the solution to preventing injury -- dynamic or a very well ballistic movement in sports such as. What we're getting great to see happen this thing that first movement the quarterback comes up at large bucket -- technical. His -- is like a forward press in golf almost where yet. He you do suddenly get everything Nolan. Well yeah well. And that's basically number -- cult. Got to talking our friend MacKey she'll stone about body building and did mr. Olympia contest coming on. NBC they've decided to start televising it again and then TU about the whole body building thing ladies especially. Oil men depending on. You know -- real men if you retirement. The other man answer right now ladies of retirement of the ladies or men are you talking about. Ladies that body build and -- big muscular look and ladies the big muscle guys -- the -- -- an attractive or grotesque I'd really like to hear from the end. During the break Shelton -- we're talking what Mackie -- -- we're doing rather what -- shall stone suggested before and that's where you. It's nice symmetric where you pressure hands against each other like Ukraine. And Agassi eccentric part of it where you hold them up above your head and we didn't build any muscle mass. But we did get three prayers -- yeah. And -- is that is that OK and acceptable outcome as well. -- -- -- again if you actually prayers and I think that -- actually you may have misstated. -- -- movement does not corner -- your that was the dynamic movement that means movement is eccentric rate that would more confused people back where you. All links and I'm also during the contraction. Called forest itself. If you do legally -- -- you're you're actually you know when Hillary let down. -- your long game also but also contracting as well so it will deter or talked about we we were -- again dynamic. They're dynamic cut of the static contraction. I'm sorry I misspoke and certainly no -- doesn't change his mind. You trained -- Serena Williams Armenians. Like it came back for thirty days with some greens have been mistreated and cycled back program like a -- the 20s July gimme gimme some of the other big names -- really -- -- While I do not go back from god I'm forty years but it was Michael stinks to the ancient scripture actually Willis is our chief. I don't project for the saints Detroit Lions at Indian preachers pelicans or I mean pelicans back when they were all born. I don't carry out -- without a trial -- -- Bernard Hopkins Roy Jones junior I'll. Important -- for fifteen years isn't about 700 NFL players right now. I test every Major League umpire all -- pretty well functional -- that the but -- do -- for the commissioner's soccer fourteen years. And I SLA and -- because. You know you're -- -- world's foremost experts on fitness and I'd like to give people a chance stent to ask you some questions if you don't mind. Well let let's. I'm honored that you would have beyond. There's a mile and a bottle that they don't have Riddick -- money or Serena Williams monies so there's a chance to get. Some advice from a really a world renowned respected by. Big time athletes like you wouldn't believe fitness and wellness expert -- she'll -- visit saint Charles. Parish hospital -- would allow them also give back direct conversation a MacKey gives him more time after the news. A ticket let's get semis and get some people some. Professional advice may gal in New Orleans played on your end -- it WL. -- -- more are more quick question here a local dispute forty. Are all muscles you know was the belts. We've only -- maximize. Student. You're chasing. I wrote a book call me an art and science building muscle I -- -- -- years ago written seven books but that was one. That was a steady that I -- -- Alison Elliott and the election medical center which is now culture -- to church we actually -- case study are comparing. We didn't it was a one of these random control studies but we actually put twenty people program. Which we used six week resistance training program alternate between upper body exercises along with court creating and and sprinting -- a week. Our and then we added to the that a diet based on your energy expenditure which has formula back and we can actually measure we do venture. And I'll wait to check your body fat and hold well based on formulas we now maker with the Texas which is. Well since the -- scanned for sixty dollar we can see where the body isn't much in whatever. But the fact is that over -- six and we edited out we needed weight and achieve which is just ask digesting a more practical work out. -- the action that would be a carbohydrate powder or if you combined it was -- A colleague -- Gatorade. And then lastly is a little bit create team. People eighteen years of reachable with appropriate medical clearance for kidney function or whatever. And over eight week here over over 86 week period. Following the plan. People in ten pounds of muscle now let's define what that can scale down. Again ten pounds in the -- that's where I think a lot of missiles -- Real. Question back and ask the right question -- warning and pound ball on the scale or -- -- gained ten -- -- -- because it. The program or a program helped -- you gained ten pounds of muscle. Are right but lotteries can't counts of well it gave me your objectives and pounds of muscle but this game -- -- change. And I think -- of people happened misnomer. EU practical and determine how much involved in muscle. Cult -- and secular leave you should happen particular situation means. In using something architects which is available we are. Actually from. -- Basically happened technically tissue is link issue. That is skeletal muscle your candidate. And your -- -- -- are all protein matrix is in fact if you track. And your bones and then you can tell your -- so when you can. You could actually how much. You could do away from a peaceful. Which diet change and have to -- The technical national and the protection scheme. But typically require approaching for an individual. Is structuring. And and a bit of strength trainer. Would be as much as one point eight grams to two grams of protein per kilogram of body -- Well kilograms to appoint counsel basically that would be one. One point 822. Grams. And occupy. And that my intention and along with some people you might consider export. More than me on how long considered that. Bet bet the way -- pleasure -- takes into consideration did scale. So I'm basing my protein requirements or scandal. That has voted and it also has in the and why -- -- trying to use routine based on the amount of fat people and so the Morse is. Dictated formula -- agree that the -- -- on the amount of lean muscle issue. I'd hang on MacKey will pick it up here going come back Miguel I hope that answered your question if not. Give you shouted at that is in MacKey exactly what I would say. You know put an extra ten pounds on a bar but that's just me yell at Lionel. MacKey is their guests and if you want any advise on Morgan out get a text that comes in a son is introducing and guys not. Joke and he says what's the least amount of exercise I can do and still remain city's 59 -- -- and ask MacKey he trained due David Blake he's busy with. Pro -- well he he Seattle time for me in between I was on a restraining for a mr. of one mom. Gee I forgot. Mr. last week bill as well as what you want mister -- we go out. And you need more shrimp than anybody else here Asher do it. That officials honored guest and -- be here for another half hour since he do you have any fitness questions for him. He'd love to take him and give me some free advice at T 601870. Toll free 8668890878. Ready jaguar opinion -- You consider pumped up body builders attractive or grotesque 95% saying grotesque. 5% attractive in MacKey it is to get back to what we originally. And had you won four and ending not that big idea to give people a question askew. Two and says she questions. When it comes these body builders what in the world do they do to get these muscles so big and the waist lines of small and is it really healthy or not. Actually back in 190 laws applicable to -- she. Cole that so many story and just a pet currently -- a week training so that anything we were reasons to help on equipment. Over to the rafters somewhere around outside it under the bleachers and pushed into lane stadium you know like -- -- and now ironically I. Built the first rate him as a volunteer the chilly but it history and -- that -- -- or all that. At the -- in the carport behind my house well as a football and I walked on to -- of course whether -- A bill PGM appearance look across the street and -- stadium. Shall we call -- march at the same equipment as Pittsburgh steeler Lynn and Ricky got it for me but again. Well I had this Super Bowl extra -- Steelers back and it's Rocky Bleier. Are cherry branch or like -- well John Cole all these great start clinical work in my house. -- -- They pulled us out of the pack the stadium and -- all my drive like and what will work out -- Michael. And this -- used to -- He is. Our -- swore an acre. And it was no place to take him in the wallet back in early so these may cost you about our margin from the steel is working out there I mean you -- And in so everything is brought -- brought Arnold Schwarzenegger. To not -- urging him he would he would. Come more to do interview on your station. And actually again as I did and used them back and India is meant I would really like Eugene bull a couple holes are in town. At least a close friend with the partner Mike -- has -- or. Who my partners were the leaders of the Arnold classic which is the biggest. Bodybuilding event in the history of the world it pulls all 200000. People -- the campus of Ohio State. And they have every -- and not just building -- Apple's sporting recreational and for people to come actually. You don't ask a question about what these body used to back. So to speak in the day the body builders war. And shoulders and everybody intrigued. Your knowledge of human physiology. And their understanding are on full growth and I'm gonna actor used steroids Margaret. And their ability to understand. About diet. Wood and -- debt -- and what they. We do and -- just and in view our research study published in the journal string. And -- condition actually. It's in the it's in the current issue street conditioned terminal a which would be actually which you need cheap and people. You don't help bought the one city. And it brought on by purple and higher -- sent immediately for competition. In an effort to look and field goal and he wants it. Back. -- In simple terms it represents. The way of increasing hydration. In the muscle -- actually -- well in the short term appear. It's called hyper hydration. And body builders see this really like two different ways to do a bit based concepts repetitions in time and that's just. Billion high repetition -- speed Internet sector and he lips with the links -- sixty seconds rest and the second unit it's. War. Repeated the issues combined with shorter restaurant sit there and increased essence. -- so cruel to our attention to -- well perhaps the only thirty seconds rest. They they also. Another option to the -- used to before which call up a true option. -- body builder by reform our high intensity. That might see. You know and -- certain like 6070%. Of the maximum 80% of its maximum. They even equally well by lord. Well -- that might be twenty to 50%. And they -- that the trucks. Maybe the most significant way to increase muscle cross sectional area end. Are you -- people are old news. The people health club. You've seen this up there you grip on arms outstretched. To the side and you grab handle both sides can -- That. And you can go the opposite way or that -- like extension the -- Our electoral closure exercises. That gravel lot of muscle fiber to a ball in motion so that is something to help look. Body builders in the competition. Will build up in -- chiseled. Away. And then -- we're -- year -- if you want to talk about them the most and hurt or strictly spiders. That would be on. The public. View credit cards out. On the big competition to get like that. Because -- -- lucky enough competition. The other and that that won't happen is pure competition. Before the competition. They'll use something to bring up the temperature. Because as the temperature up thing. Literally come up to the short -- -- air conditioning get cool show back it was called vascular relation. -- -- even things up these. The Catholic actually do that well so I'm actually. We have some light lifting equipment for the guys. And girls might say the girl you guys. It can get the effect that. About what they do now I don't think question. Bet they are quite a few body abilities. Who are not as healthy. Especially -- -- power intact possibilities and what pressures. Theoretically can be much higher and at risk. All they do so from joint pain but you know tell me any athlete the -- -- I don't think they stand separate and apart. I think they stand in just went there and I think that's why in BC moved to do that. Still have a Steely Dan give a way to get to but a quick question on text question. Push up zoom every day or every other day. Caught present what you look at -- you wanted to populated to a very short range motion out on the bottom if you wanna get the full range. -- you know you do -- -- -- answer the question are really combined as the the push up with a clay court you holed up in the extended position. Good way to a -- in the shoulders up to sell -- answer that question from before. To body builders get body just more fear like this more feel like an RX is in and leaning any research. That says they really. Don't see what they look like -- -- to them and it's never enough and female body builders are -- getting away from the huge manly physique skin back to lean muscles. Well answer that combines the way we -- there is something. But it is more here there's. Two support. Actually we're where it should distorted image. Answered -- in a couple of women. And you'll write that article from what I. 80 looking toward the law and welcome. Once. It's very interesting I'm round. Female tennis players that are there are probably from eighteen years -- chapter 35. Years of -- young. Women. What city in the sport at the pro level at the world class level CD. Young women that dedication that -- -- -- you know it is but it is more innings like that. -- that -- witnessed over high eager. These women have such long -- muscles you won't get links -- -- just how well occasional hour. And I don't think you can find any -- on them if you went with them fine and it has a lot to do with tired you. -- the issues of the -- that the train would stop and go exercise. Looking back and forth left and right up impact. Truly gives them this hole and who like structure I think many Whitman. I am not a -- and probably. -- War that tiger posterior. Not bigger necessarily per cent although I might get this. Dispute about that some people but it is that tighter. -- girl. Could bounce a quarter. -- real quick before relate to go on promised at a time did you say elongated legs as a way to make my lay eggs. Longer has done Dubuque was looking in as well when when it says that is there a way to make early. -- -- All -- about 200 and I object your whole life she can't hear a lot of good beginning and you know but I put in the elongated muscles. Oh sorry thank you -- appreciate your time thanks a plan on Libyan agree weakened in very informative. Thank mr. -- shows on fitness and world wellness expert and saint Charles. Hospital fitness and waitresses right. Yes saint Charles parish hospital I here we ago Steely Dan tickets. Where to play a little bit of a song and if you know. The lines that follow it the lyric that follows it -- right after we stopped in this case it's only one. You win a Steely Dan tickets and you're first in wins it 260. WI NS 2609467. -- -- -- So here. -- If you know the next 96094676. OW INS first correct color wins. Steely Dan Diggins what Debbie WLR winner is Glenn potter he's going to sing this song the -- line to be identified as what Shelden played -- Glenn and congratulations jumping in when it's your partner right -- yeah. -- we go hits. So yeah. That's close enough job in Glen what's your line. -- That's right you said no when you talk to shielding legislation's got the Steely -- tickets.

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