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7-18-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Jul 18, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news anchor Chris Miller, WWL-TV reporter Thanh Truong, First Take host Todd Menesses, and Steve Suter of Magic 101.9 FM about what's trending on social media.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Friday everyone few raindrops shouldn't dampen your well earned time off and we'll be talking about all that's happening in our area in the next hour. But we're gonna start the day with what's trending both locally and nationally in news sports -- social media. Experts of the day are super reporter and channel four anchor tonne from. From our sports department Todd Manassas co host first take was Steve court. And from the world of social media the magical man for magic won a one point nine Steve suitor. Once again we hear the roar of the crept. What we're gonna begin with an update on what's happening in the Middle East. Crisis in Israel and Gaza. And on the very latest from the side of yesterday's crash of a Malaysian airline flight shot down over the Ukraine. And for that we have Chris Miller news anchor for WW. And of course the president gave -- talked not long ago. Yeah -- gave an update this morning let us know that there was one American on the playing nice -- it was a woman had dual citizenship in both metal ones in the United States and that's one person among hundreds of victim most of them -- Dutch. A lot of the Malaysian. A bunch of aids researchers on this plane are on the way to an aids conference in Melbourne Australia and so they've lost some points and really preeminent scientists. Who have been researching this disease for years. Which was you notice. -- one more thing to throw on the piles there in in all the -- And enough on man I understand who was the -- spokesperson for the World Health Organization. Very beloved man yes. Yeah Glenn Thomas based in Geneva Switzerland was also on board the plane and so others that don't. Most of the stuff -- crashed in rebel held territory in Ukraine. So how other gonna get to it in recovery is a huge question mark international protocol says Ukraine does the investigation has crashed in their country. How investigators to get -- to do that would it's held by rebel fighters who hate the Ukrainian government. -- that's. Another huge question mark and that's one of the things that the international community is it. Kind of trying to put pressure on Russia to get Russia to get the rebels to stand down. Long enough to do this investigation the president clearly ride out the boxes let's call cease fire. So that we can get to. To the area. But yet he city of this whole thing wouldn't have happened to begin with if you just ceased fire and negotiated with the new Ukrainian government and tried to come to a peaceful resolution instead of you know all of this nonsense. So yes he's calling the idea call for cease fire so they can get in there and do an international investigation he called the senator national tragedy and it deserves an international investigation the Ukraine has. Call for international help in the US has offered to assist. If they can get there anyone can find the black boxes they. You know trying to whatever data they -- all that done. You know there's forensic stuff they can do to determine whether or not a really was a missile that brought the plane down although every other indication is that that is what happened. Did was there any mention from the president about the audio tape that has been released and shown. That says from one of the rebels -- -- shot a plane. And the conversation. Of you know I'm thirty minutes away and I am looking at the -- and they and the person -- is talking to is saying in essence. Do you see weapons and he says no and then. More conversation but the most telling thing is when he says what was the plane doing over here civil may be responding. I didn't hear the president talk about that it wasn't able to listen to the whole thing between your gathering other news -- to -- not mere mention that but. I know the Ukrainian rebels have. Been taking shots -- Ukrainian aircraft. And claimed responsibility for downing some other -- Yes. Another FAA restrictions. Regarding flying over war zones is there any type of international. Guidelines of. But because have been aware of where there should be in place now not flying over the war -- well I heard the Malaysia president from Malaysia airlines come out and say. We felt very safe going that route we were going. So. You know if you saw normally flights for days have been going over certain -- this -- -- a little bit. But he was very firm that. Yes CBS news did show some previous flight path of this light had taken in its previous routes missile conflict began and most of them were further. To the west and south of where the findings -- And nudity usually go over central Ukraine in and out over the blacks see this -- -- a little further east and so this happened. You know and on the ground clearance and heard a report this morning from New York Times reporter is very chilling and she had been re directed I've and imagine that she was covering the conflict there ready but it can read directed. To go to -- crash site and what -- is describing word. Just just horrible scenes of people still in their seats. You know because of the explosion in just a veteran. Obviously there's political rampant ramifications of what's happening here but you think of the human told a total 298. Souls on board and uses. Horrific what she was describing. And what she was seeing children and then. Quite quite frankly just bodies that are still in fields it's going to be a long investigation there but you know -- -- think about the human -- what's up. I think that's what most of us think about at this point one horrific moment. You don't even wanna go there. Anything else about that I don't need to know world and are you gonna take this over to Israel and yes there has also Gaza update you on that and and its. Israeli ground forces now in Gaza they went and -- with troops and tanks. It seems that from the observations by reporters there that the Israelis are focusing on trying to find these tunnels. That Hamas fighters used infiltrated Israel and also. Blow up where there -- launching rockets from. Palestinian health organization today says Israel has killed 25. Palestinian civilians since the operation began Israel doesn't really deny its. They do say they're doing nothing they can to avoid civilian casualties -- -- also blamed Hamas. Basically using these people is human shields they say their troops are taking fire. You know from neighborhoods. -- And so and they shoot back and that apparently this is what happens to -- don't deny that. 25 Palestinians have been killed and but -- paper trying to avoid it. And they blamed Hamas for using them as human -- A continuing story on that probably for the rest of our lines. Yes. You were wonderful to be here thank you very very much Chris Miller from WWL I want everybody to stay with this. We're gonna continue what's trending in sports news and social media right after this I'm Angela under the W well. We are trending this Friday and now with the very best people -- trunk from. WW will great news anchor and reporter talked Manassas our sports department. And dusty suitor from. Steve -- mystery magic won a one point nine let's start with news. So much happening locally even in the middle of the summer it just never seems to end. Let's talk about the most recent thing we've seen which is the very graphic video from OPP. The and you know one of our investigative reporters mark pearl's name happened to have found this video. That was basically lead but it you know you look at the overall picture of what's happening there and in this particular video shows several inmates. Snorting what appears to be drugs on and a medal table and this comes in light of everything that's happened last year when there was a viral video -- came out with a lot of oh PP inmates -- doing the same thing. And were under this federal consent decree were supposedly. In others more monitoring of the conditions. And some of the -- reforms that are supposed to beat. Implemented there and yet you're still having Contra Benton and the actual video and the capturing this video through the cellphone is actually considered contraband so there are a lot of questions being raised. How to diskette in. Who's monitoring. The drug paraphernalia and possibly weapons that are going through PP. And you know and ultimately the cost of what's happening here instances. In -- yes -- The average person on the street whether they care about OPP but eventually this is tax money and we still have to pay for these reforms that are -- and millions. Millions and millions of dollars -- I watched that film and it was. That how cavalier they work. Doing the drugs laughing about the previous tape. OP people or to -- -- OPP part two correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they take a panning shot of the holding area the looked pretty grim. Yeah and you know and there is actually I mean that was illegal video obviously -- there was a federal. Consent decree monitor who recently went in and video. -- some of the scenes there and she described it in federal testimonies. Earlier this week of what she saw the normal cells. There were deplorable conditions and you specifically regarding mentally help. Prisoners in their two and there was one piece of video and it should describe that there was an -- that was standing in a flood itself. Obviously these these are questions and concerns. You know when when you're dealing with the quote -- worst of society are -- treating them that's a reflection of how -- Operating as a city. You know she called those conditions deplorable. And how is this is gonna be rectified while you're still having contraband going in and out of OPP that's that's a big question of whether action this federal consent decree is actually effective. Are we getting these reforms going through this points. For the money we're spending yes. And it's cost -- sheriff Grossman came out with a comment last night after that was released that he is no longer able to do body checks. -- in a way it in and it's kind of a strange. You know statements -- kind of polling and often -- NASA institute the previous administration under Charles bode. Saying that there was a settlement there -- ten million dollar settlement that basically prohibited. Strip searches of people as they're going through the -- area and you know that that statement also. Trying to put the onus on the arresting agencies saying that this now pastor kind of fall on the -- -- agencies thoroughly checked these. Prisoners and inmates that -- coming in as they get arrested but I I think those resting agencies would argue that. That's also part of your responsibility as a the head of a jail at this point. So it you know it's it's a lot of back and forth and I honestly don't know their clear -- answers to these questions about laying out at this point but it's still costing us. It is conquering its -- Villa Park three. Will there be right OPP part 2345. Sequels it it's it's almost like. A bad comedy really at this point I mean what it would it would they do and when they go in -- you have any contraband. On everything okay go ahead. You know I mean where were they checking them yeah obviously it and and then to be filming something on something that is contraband. It's just like you know another slap in the face it's like hey I must -- -- have this and he's not supposed to have that over there look. This is you know you know it in in many ways to I think that world -- with -- New Orleans were constantly struggling and trying to. A bounce back from a major disaster almost ten years ago and and also trying to put her best foot forward -- as first class city -- you also have these especially with the Internet now you have these situations in these videos that come out. Kind of throw us into question of power actually running things here and how our leaders are running things when it's as simple. But it is more defined when you think we are having tremendous. Oversight. And it still not get a -- That's the message via bomb on a happier -- let's talk a little bit about sports mr. Manassas some. Quickly trending news. Well quickly. Something that happened today if you're pelicans and sources. Told the ESPN that the pelicans. Or close to reaching agreements with the Jimmer Fredette. For a one year deal and those view. Or NBA fans or basketball fans remember Jimmer when he was at BYU. And sitting all sorts of records on the college ranks and then of course he played for the kings for the last two and a half seasons. But it looks like they might get in here for Maria A year deal and that would be great replace. Anthony Morrow who. Is probably is got a new deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder so. Jimmer there was a lot of excitement about him coming out I mean you're trying to you're talking about he's a program from the area -- -- from up in England -- and calls -- that's Marie Clare state championships you know and he he hasn't really panned out. In the NBA could be the big star there -- one body was going to be that he was college. But he still an exciting player to watch so that's another shot for the pelicans come. Maybe will be the team where he will sell more maybe sell. Sometimes takes that I keep saying if you wanna really you know maximize Jimmie Graham put him on the pelicans are up. Yeah get your -- -- -- answer -- yes and let him play to let her play like -- and I'm still we have points the pelicans. Other. They they didn't mean they've addressed some other issues. It all goes forward and there's still a lot of fans are -- -- wait and see because they're not. Fans really arts -- on money Williams as the coach I mean if you keep hearing that -- that seems to be the same mantra that keeps coming up. And we get good players again Anthony Davis again. But I don't know about the coach I don't know about the coach I don't know if he's the right coach this team I don't know if he's the right guided. Fans wanna -- passion. In coach at least that's what they say. Until you get a coach that's so passionate. He's obnoxious on the sidelines and and fans -- -- so. You know it's really hard to see that the pelicans or work in progress I think they're going to be improved this year. Will they make the playoffs. Possibly. Possibly I mean let's face -- the NBA playoffs. Where I don't answer not that hard to make but so many teams -- hand. When you miss out it really. Well in the Western Conference code it's it's much more comparative to talk to certain records are already sick religious conference any evidence that put this way if the pelicans were in the Eastern Conference they would be in the playoffs let's do you hear that. Many -- -- noble take a break we got into the newsroom what we come back Steve -- We have trending on Charlie Sheen stay with us on Angela on WWL. Well we are starting our Friday program with what's trending and with that's with time on strong in top Manassas and stage -- Steve Souter. Charlie Sheen at at. -- it's been awhile since we heard from in or is it a long long while so I'm. The viral video that is going around in the last couple days has been a -- of this couple. It's a much he's in the middle of night like a lot of people do and people go to talk about. So there at the drive through and they get there. Their meal and as they're taking off from the window a man jolts in front of her stumbles I should say out the door Taco Bell and it's Charlie Sheen. So they grabbed the cell phone. And sort videotape and an eight and -- stumbles over to the car and you know starts talking to me was okay but -- upload he was but he -- -- -- -- was pretty much off. For some strange reason because we're asking about tattoos was literally ground tattoo on his chest. And the as a novel and is on when he was he is now refusing to relieve hot sauce into Clemson. So that that video has gone about 250000. -- as the -- it it's it's it's turning what are you living -- yes but you need is some publicity so he's got it now I was thinking maybe people dismissed. What he's back it was time to serve and nothing's changed unfortunately yeah definitely wasn't going to get this car with the it was concerned about after the video. Before -- -- you -- go to weird now -- this. -- back to. You know every once in awhile weird -- just has these great ideas in all throughout the years he's had these these great videos. Disparities and the last companies the viral song this week has been one that he did the song that most people here on the radio a lot happy. Yes but for a -- -- so on he went and did a video call tacky. And he's got some us liberties and it and it's really really really well and it's written well and it's a fantastic. So he could see -- heats up on them magic FaceBook page is LC is Google exits everywhere. Ala Allah is back with actually a whole new album but that's one of the cuts. He also has yeah parity on them blurred lines which is -- XP it's all it's good to hear these voices we haven't heard for a -- He is -- it's it's actually rate a great collection of songs that are related job. You know I actually saw a video he recently admitted. A friend of mine has a very very. This big disdain for two. Pour you soon literally he hates when people say literally when it's out of cognitively. That would let it apparently so weird Al did the parity and it's. Almost an educational video recalls that word crimes that is a -- fix the moral law -- that -- -- -- Crimea he also did a he also has apparently of fancy yes hello handy -- These handyman and so Andy yeah. But this is why we do trending because we learned so much I really appreciate all of this we're gonna jump back over to news though again because we -- so much. I tell you this thing with common core has been like watching a tennis match but a bad. Back and forth and back and forth. Yeah and its -- deuce I mean it's it's at the same yes it was before edited the governor there had a big meeting yesterday at the governor's. Mansion and in the goal going in was supposedly to have some type of compromised. Moving forward the superintendent John -- of education. And he wants to stay with common core but to note that the party line from -- News that they believe that the governor's overstepping its bounds. In injecting some much control over what's happening in the Education Department. The governor for his partner who used to support common core. Sees this as an overstep the federal government trying to intrude on states rights in how we clinical we run. Our education system and in. -- -- To be fair coming -- not very popular among parents. Change never is but you know more at Ford did at this point -- few weeks outside of school starting. Anders kind of and ambiguous point news you know attitude as a big understatement -- -- at least a power actually gonna proceed and actually testing students and learning about you know where they are in terms of progress. Well and that's the key is the testing we had John might appear and he said very firmly. We will. Have common core this year we will have that the issue is the test. And Jindal is cutting off the funds for the test and now is throwing out the new deal -- well that wasn't -- that what he college opened. Open bidding so that's the hook now for the test. So do you teach common -- few -- test. Yeah and it and it's -- yeah I think leading up to this meeting Tuesday the governor -- quite endear himself suit to bested by. Placing more restrictions on but he. Go out and did their contracts. In essence and boiling it down. He put a requirement that there -- via governor's approval and over 2000 dollars which is basically any contract. And pencils into -- -- episode at that wasn't some from the -- it orbits and that's not a great message and send you one compromised by clamping down on us in this way and yet you're still at this -- where. Nobody knows what's gonna happen going forward. It's just the whole thing is very interesting from start to finish because he was a huge proponent of -- now. He is changed and he's sort of almost looked certainly will can change my mind. And I think John White said it best anything. You know the courts are gonna decide this doesn't look like it's -- country and I mean to be honest I think the reason. That he changed his mind is because he has aspirations. Higher than the governor's office. And if I'm correct the first whenever the primary reason -- ahead for the first primary is for the presidential elections is they don't like common -- there. Sold if he's suddenly looking like hey I'm the guy that didn't common Korean he might show up really well in those. Primaries most couples will tell you -- par has come out with a pretty scathing comment on just that once motivations and not looking at. So we doing as a leader. On another subject we're gonna move over to sports and what was this latest thing you descent. Well you know that one of the big things this week it was a obviously Jimmy Graham and we remind me to get into that talk about that but what is also happened LeBron James yes last weekend announced that he's. Fulfilling his destiny is -- and skywalker has to come back over to the good side and has gone back home to Cleveland. He's no longer the the evil guy the Darth Vader that they were talking about Miami and Cleveland when he went down Miami. But now he's also this is how powerful he has become like. Going back to the light. He is holding up retailers. Worldwide. Because he is trying to decide. What number he's going to Wear his Jersey just tweet it out to his fans today. Should he Wear number six or number 23 now. Point threes and number he did where in Cleveland and then when he went to Miami was wearing number six which was the number he wore -- media. The US basketball team. And when he went interesting thing -- when he went to Miami. And took six he said well. I think the NBA should do away with 23 for everyone. And honor of Michael Jordan who wore that number and it should be retired from all teams. But apparently if you're going to be able to make a lot of money with it it's no longer. Chance to be retired 'cause now he's thinking about getting 23 back. And you know he has to confirm to the team what is number's going to be there held retailers are held up everywhere get these new Jersey's Cleveland fans rate by him. So you know LeBron going back to Cleveland also. Cleveland has suddenly become from being. The worst sports team city in the in the nation. Now they have Johnny men -- yes with the Cleveland Browns and they've got LeBron James backs they've got. Arguably you know some segments though could be if he's exciting as he was in college and pros. An exciting player on the football field and now the best basketball player on the courts as well back in Cleveland so. Between the two may be. Maybe Cleveland can get a championship but one of them. -- -- -- my breath just yet but. But there's hope there's hope I would again I would even be interest in watching it Cleveland Browns game if yes he was quarterback and -- be able interest in watching them basketball we now that he's. You know I -- to get number one on mr. it's amazing how -- it's amazing how how they've all forgiven him so quickly. So quickly with wonderful story of the guy walking around in that -- he had burned. I suspect after Andy's wearing -- -- going to be under a lot of pressure now to produce so stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trending right activists. So those trending it's -- -- -- drops it that's fine. Threatening with Sandra. -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk about just yesterday we had to councilwoman LaToya Cantrell right here in our studio talking about. -- what was happening with the road home thirteen thousand people get letters saying you didn't use your elevation money and we won back. And panic in the street. Penn victim and a lot of frustration. Imagine you know when you're. Trying to rebuild and trying to do everything respects and you do so and then you get this letter saying. You need to pay back some or all of the grant money you know wrote on negative view. And you're starting from scratch and -- you're sitting there and throwing up your hands you know the spent a long process and people trying to bounce back after the hurricane and and and yet you know you talk about all these hurdles. In trying to make it. Even more difficult targets and. Nine years but what I learned from from her was that. There was a law change that said for people who use their elevation money to complete to their home. And that's what some -- did because they didn't get enough going in. So they used the money that was supposed to be elevation for completion of their home. But that would be okay they would just have to fill out forms saying that's what I did and then they would sort of change what that money wise they wouldn't getting more money for elevation. But they would no longer be hunted to give the money back. Yes and I think that that that -- -- and other aware of what's been happening with the road home program news it it just seems that if you're the homeowner and you're trying to rebuild. All of these procedures and requirements have been just constantly changing and you you're trying to meet the specification these requirements yet they change all the time and it makes it kind of paints the US sort of the villain in saying somehow you're trying to scam the system. And trying to get this money for nothing when you're there -- Most of -- probably argue we we know neighbors and friends you know people in certain blocks that. They're just frustrated they're just trying to rebuild yes and now. Do their being painted as some type of person is you know the trying to scam the system by -- not having receipts. You know in and not fulfilling these so called requirements and they don't frankly know what the requirements our producer so constantly came -- Suddenly changing well it was good that the big cheese. From -- homeless in the council -- yeah having to face the piper. Let's go to state suitor because I think we have to we've got to talk about these enormous concerts that are happening while bugs. It's it's unique this weekend because we have two concerts going on at the same time -- actually the same place. Because we've got The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton performing it champions square at 7 o'clock Sunday. And then beyoncé and -- easy in the superdome at 8 o'clock that's a very unique mix of -- -- all walking into different sorts. But that's all happening Sunday Peter very divergent spectrum that's -- We're all going on but I think you know this the beginning of champions square starting to being start -- -- -- series so it's gonna be -- hopefully the weather will be nice sensitive outdoor event that more people against the -- because he beyoncé -- sorcery and beyoncé is sold out. It's console double its near sold out it is in the superdome spared such a lot of the people a lot he's been there are so many times before it was easier for Super Bowl when -- -- and she did essence festival for so it should be fantastic ship now BC but I think her and HBO special. All that well this is great. One less thing with sports mr. Manassas. Well you know obviously we have to talk about. You program in what happened this week with with him signing his contract and with that happening a couple of other things have fallen out by a couple of experts have now says you know the saints are. Pretty much in the driver's seat in the NFC south with two programs signing having that there brought that up to you it's Tuesday was on. And saints -- one of the top three teams in the NFC by a couple of experts saying it's the Seahawks the 49ers. And in the same Twitter you know. I wanna put saints to three where every one put him. And then also in college football. The SEC came out to. Live there scout reports that the course Alabama. Was the favorite voted number one put. Some guys are putting LSU finishing fifth and SEC. This year and one people -- is a rebuilding year for real issue possibly. Because of unknowns because of the unknowns and and you know that's what they've got to go by and one other quick thing when when you're not the -- and named Jimmy Graham in New Orleans -- you try to make a name for yourself anyway you can Benjamin Watson. Put out that he said one thing I'm not worried about in our division is that I know the Carolina Panthers won't win the NFC south this year they won last year obviously because. No team's ever repeated as champion in history BOT cells -- So he's kind of put that out to make a name for himself and and the dog believe bush and not a -- -- oh let's pray let us say stay healthy to yeah but it's you know I cannot think he's not saying they'll win an -- and it's not going to be the. But thank you to on trunk thank you top Manassas thank you Steve -- we've been trending and -- wonderful that you stay with us everyone will be right back.