WWL>Topics>>7-18-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

7-18-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Jul 18, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do around New Orleans this weekend. They talk with Emile Gauchet about a local St. Jude's benefit, Jude Borque about what movies to see, and Joe Burns about preparations for the upcoming Red Dress Run.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Really love those trending data -- love to learn things I learned to listen to these other guys and I'm so appreciative to -- Tron and of course always time and supersede. Will we are loving our Friday and we hope -- -- making great plans for your time off rain or shine or listening to the -- pattern right out the window. Our beloved. In hope -- just to tell us exactly what is happening are as always in his life for Christ. Yeah okay nice weekend as full as usual lives like you know the rain is here and it doesn't bother me because -- -- other stuff going on the first thing on you know as you know. In years past I have it hot at the country creative arts program now in Metairie and died and I love those people very dearly and I and I miss. Being there with them tonight is there a festival of arts spooked when -- it's the culmination of the five week arts programmer all the the young artists we don't like to see children -- kids to camp as the young artists. Have all their paintings and sculptures and and older bro -- and musical concerts and Shakespeare performances and dance performances and that's all happening tonight kind of the big culmination of the program. So I wanna go out there and say hi all those people just let -- know I miss them and it's always good to you know walk into a room and 300 screaming kids all go. All he has spent gave him and then him. So it feels like home and that's it suddenly go to that tonight and then not tomorrow. Is this the first annual -- day parade. Put -- we need a parade. Right I got. Did -- three festival is the sort of you know well just what it is and said Yeltsin factory fastball but -- to raise awareness and maybe some bonds and just have a party for example. Parade down at jeans the boys and factories are legion field in saint Claude tomorrow so it's just going to be a parade with factories. Nine anything much more complicated than that -- -- good children marching band is going to be just out there and everyone's gonna have data sometimes every beauty in simplicity now right. He's got a band everybody gets factories were a walk and were walking down Frenchman street Louis company into sounds like a good easy time. Now tomorrow night I'm I'm kind of on the pants. There are two really great concerts that are happening at the same time with two really great local bands that I look -- in the pain that is. Is playing it costs costs -- for -- street they're recording their new album and when you're there for an album recording it's always a very special thing because they need to hear the album music was there man. You know like Kermit rough and life at -- I was there man every time you guys -- you remember that night. On it put on the other side of town at one hijacks sweet crude. The best emerging artists from did Big Easy music awards. They're going to be playing as well cardinal signs it -- did you actually just -- levels pants on nuptial agreement well this is when you need to be long -- -- -- to studying and then we can get together at the end of night and then it real quick that kills the cocktail is happening this -- -- I don't get to go and you know seminars I think I'm too busy. But I -- gonna go to the bitter market. Because I needs more -- this is where they have all kinds of bidders and from all over the world all different kind of manufacture and an organ and that's at the hotel monthly year on all day at 10 AM to 3 PM on Sunday I'm gonna go buy some letters from home bar. -- weekend -- weekend. Well let me complicated further because. You talk about great music. It is going to be happening Saturday night yes it is at -- -- Jackson how lucky are we. To have her our own a -- got it right here in studio to tell us about this is the fourth annual. Wonderful musical event for probably one of the greatest causes in the -- Thank you very much for. -- that yeah no I mean that this is a great event is a good cause and in I -- Farther -- Tony is the pastor violated Guadalupe radio on for eleven north reporters the oldest church in New Orleans saint Jude. Century communities international fraud across the street. The church operates century community center. And in people from all over the community come to mrs. Last year on an annual basis 55000. Meals to the homeless breakfast -- lunch every day. We take Genesis woman who have. Battered issues and in their children and we get them counseling and be victims them publish back to life. If you are illiterate you know how to read and it still happens in the state -- we teach you. We LP GQ GD. Largest distributors second harvest through Tennessee it doesn't like to call the court's work. And soaked and you know what it is it's boots on the ground it is it's the day in day out. I'm cheating 55000 people in a year I'm helping that battered woman I'm taking that man who desperately wants to read -- And teaches in so to help we put on a concert. Fourth annual married Jackson this year. You're right the -- -- it in the east all of these artists perform. Crisis though this is their gift to the community. We have court night and in the four by four with -- falls is gonna open up. And we have the mystics with Michael Baptiste and if you love the temptations kind of music their their amazing. And then closing out the first half. It's going to be mr. Allen Toussaint who's just an incredible. Ambassador of our sitter though he is a gift and I generally as a mean in the music if you don't know the people that he has written for. It's some just to school it's amazing. You know we did a wonderful program with him and somebody had done that Google he has written 15100. -- books. -- Tucson. That to me that gave us it is he is he is phenomenal to avoid doing with my life well it he makes us all feel very. Me they're -- gonna have Paul Sanchez who another incredible. New world medianews done so much and for those that know the name but not sure. He was one of the founding members of cowboy. Yes Katrina came got tired of touring and he is not performs locally he is. Just an incredible man he wrote a great play of vote. Post-Katrina life in just it is on and on and on and he has helped immensely behind the scenes with this event. And he's got a couple friends coming with him a guy named John Tuesday. And he will be stuck with Paul and then. Never get the last name right Michael servers. Who cerberus servers right it was Tony award winner and he actually actually played. That when the pinball wizard -- -- he played in the original town. Your home and watch yes I've no idea I met this guy as we hosted the -- -- loves New Orleans comes and all the time and he will be there. And then we're gonna show more Allen and and and the underdogs and something much more -- really really need. Every year he takes in embodies a bunch of local kids. Apologies. And years them up for the salt to get into Boca. And he is a graduate his son has just been. Accepted and he's gonna bring a handful of his prodigy east tomorrow night and they're gonna play a couple songs force and and that that all hold our program. We and one of the things that we do this and -- is is a real civil power program for a for the kids and from day. And and and it's not just to you can you can draw stick people like me but equally as important to note that Indo. Had issues. And we all issues. Michelangelo had physical issues yet. He was able to -- the Sistine -- And so it's it's part with wife and that's another program that these Putin said -- come on out tomorrow night we have tickets available. At 35 dollars at the leading Guadeloupe de -- -- war. Which will be open tomorrow stores this and you know Venus will be open to four. We will have tickets available there. Or you can get them at the box office -- -- -- Jackson from four to showtime carted off at seven wants more tickets or you go online at Ticketmaster. This is a beautiful event -- it's an uplifting event. Which are telling us about the talent that's gonna be there giving of themselves. Just makes them or heroes in my mind. And ironically. Cottages lefty here on trunk he he is. Karen has has been so kind to. Co emcee it with me for the -- the first three years in and fortunately she she's. Not here this weekend and and he is he's gonna feel he refused to Wear dress though deals that that would make -- so Prague. But let me know. Nolan can compete with Terrence went and her beauty. -- inside and out. And I'm sure she is there in spirit but it couldn't get anybody better than -- -- he will be a delight. Thank you so now I thank you and good luck tomorrow night I hope it's a huge success I know it's going to be here as a. We've we've raised. A lot of money for the for the event in the facility and a and it's just. It's it's given back everybody has a chance you know we all get off the expressway and received almost point and and and my daughter is a Psycho ecologists and she has administered to. To that part of society in she says stay at their there they're -- the -- eight over 80% or mentally. Incapacitated -- issues. And and and you know one he doesn't have to be privileged -- I think it's right and that's what we do to right here here. And and saint Jude just extends the hand. Thank you -- facing acute. We're gonna take a break we're gonna come back is we're gonna talk to are moving in the right after the so it's raining out it doesn't matter off because of so many fun wonderful things to do indoors and who would know better than Jude Bork are movie guy. Angela yes I do our you know today go outside and saw Louise you know we always know how to have fun in doors to go we have. I mean we have our own indoor tales of the cocktails any night of the week. I'm really excited about the the music that you were talking by the way. Different people were coming and and and the court. My -- senate to -- to the two great. -- I'd love that I have candles about their retirement as well all the people that there have and that's that's wonderful. Quick I wanna say because I didn't say that last segment that added to benefit at procedure is included on our weekend events calendar WWL dot com people want more details they wanna go to the web site. It's in the top five stories right now at WWL dot com check the weekend events calendar -- Donald you area. And they are great things and duke great job in helping him by five days. Derek you know one thing it raining I mean people -- -- -- movie -- and we as your loyal listener -- we know we have. Movies that are related here. Well it's raining you know it feels -- it -- mean it's raining and onscreen and it's -- it's raining that new movies. I'm just. They're out there just giving -- that. These movies human negative. Knew when sex tape you'd seen the ads Cameron Diaz Jason Segal its from power and mature mother. He started -- movies with his full frontal. Thank god nothing -- year and this one. It's the same director that this -- take movies who directed Cameron Diaz in her movie bad teacher. That teacher was also very bad comedy with no humor and unfortunately. This movie. Is just not then do it the plot basically a couple makes a sex tape. Kind of spice things up and there relationship. He goes viral in the cloud and they try to race. Simple -- It's terrible to my favorite phrases from the reviews is that it's placid. And cinematic incidents. -- will learn that bird years people my brother in law. Refuses to look there are go with what critics though wit and an -- they ignore the critics. However sometimes. There's a reason they say things. This is under and five minutes that you will not get back in your lives. I'd say in it elsewhere. Egypt that there is nothing new movie that from Disney. Court to equal two planes. That so called plain. Fire and rescue. Well the reviews are saying that it's twice as good as the original. The problem. -- that they. -- -- to. About six you know but it is the new court to. And so if you have kids then you. Need to do something in towards. You may just protect them. They will be McCain however. For the adults. You may not be that with that so other at least at least it's a new you don't have to go to the end of this same cartoon. Because. You and Kevin -- real let's get out there. Other than other movies that is a sequel it's called book urged. Anarchy. One let me get. Let me get digital either don't seem to -- the whole. Of course. Why did you -- No self respecting person saw the purge. Open this sequel to them and they EQ to -- -- there's really no reason to see difficult it is to mean this is what Roger Ebert to did. Such a range. Complaining about. Way to win when they were all of these. Horrible slasher movies that will be put out and teenagers get going over and over and over. And and it really is almost pornographic. Violence to support. And that's what I think this is an example of com. It up quick -- my thing that I may have gotten hundreds of people that he would like they. Don't. Take your money up go to the fund raiser that human in a neighbor beyoncé and Jay-Z. Absolutely. If you really very into movies and as I know and so that union are great. Movie but and -- Ian. You know -- movie that out there twenty to jump street. It's over a 175. Million ethnic already seen so we know you we know we love movies. Hear about this weekend there at the rate filled that little small vessels but it's really done a great job the sixth annual backers. Irish film festival it starts today and went to Monday but today to morrow two big days. When it's -- it's a demand -- theatre downtown. And what they're doing is they're showing all our movies. But he can't ask them and so excited they went to the are urged. Film institute and worked with them -- choosing a wide variety of our -- films. To date on Friday either a short films it's more of their five's features they'll. So it is a great opportunity to see. If you'd love -- if you didn't there -- absolutely all over the country. And the movies at -- really different facing a different tone a different point of view. And it's a great opportunity to come and enjoy the movies here and -- -- On Sunday by the way. Our film festival is having a military today. It's the street feature film at the Celtics studios. It's called one man's hero. It's going to be free for those who want to attend. The Celtics studios by the way is one of the cute organization that has brought in all of the film -- fantastic four is being filmed there twilight was filmed there. Celtics studios is a kitten. -- Studio and I'm glad they're supporting this film festival -- and being part of it. If you your listeners are interested. -- our club dot com or just. Baton Rouge are still impassable dot com we'll give them the times. And all the names of the -- Irish films and he comes. -- you know and you do or something else because you have taken but would be considered sort of the London weekend of movies and made. -- Well I have a secret for you also Angela when Netflix. Twenty feet from stardom is streaming. Have you seen in the winner for best documentary. It is about all the of those backup singers. To all of our one of dollars. And it highlights. The fact that singers and their life. It won the -- -- award because it's not only is done so well and it's produced so well but -- has. Wait for. Twenty feet from stardom. Check it out -- down you won't regret it. -- -- okay Jude pork you have a beautiful weekend even without the sunshine you are the sun -- You do differently and they ought to movies. All right have a good one. And we'll be right back -- we're gonna go to the newsroom would stay with this is we have more of what's happening right after this. Well Ian and I are always talking about the glorious things that are happening. This weekend on this weekend. And so many things are but sometimes you have to plan Hampton. And something that I think everybody at least every guy known -- plan ahead. Is the red dress Ryan. This is going to be August night. So we held few weeks ahead but you know -- got to find that special red dress yankees outfits are very seriously they are very very serious ability and that's right. And so could we have with this but Joseph burns Joseph burns you're so nice to. To come on with just first of all to tell somebody who doesn't know what the red -- run ins. Well thank you for -- -- at the red dress -- it is an annual event of this start twentieth. There's New Orleans area. And we are that the sponsors the New Orleans has chops carriers. Who has a running group who were actually a worldwide running it. And he the red -- run here started out very small. Just give people and and as a began to grow. We either aircraft carrier decided that we were gonna try to really grow and open it up to not only just our members but everybody. To raise money so we could give it away. Of course along the way we go below fondue and yes she's just so. We're trying to encourage -- anybody who wants to run or walk. I want out. Two on opposite my third and urged her own monitor web site and -- -- side also. Two to help us raise money so we can give it away to local charities. And in my court that last year you granted 200000. Dollars. A little under 200 out all of the local charities and over the last five years old over seven under that. So we. The New Orleans had counselors have no paid employees we are all volunteers. The would put on the event that Armstrong park. Which is very good in the forest. And Latin. We have continuous music from. About 9:30 in the morning for. Local Miami Florida three local bands that. That is -- includes. Barbeque from quirky. As well all the adult beverage like to direct that. This is an adult of that by the way you must be twenty months. And it isn't just for men is it -- For -- Three -- -- that is years ago this is how I discovered the reverend -- that. I'm walking through the quarter. -- two men in red dresses and I it I never blinked I thought I'm in the quarter and I didn't faze me and then all of a sudden you turn a corner and their many man. And -- its. Well there were you don't were looked -- -- many women to -- But it it's it is a beautiful event when you see the sea of red literally. So it starts at Armstrong park you party and then it takes off and you runway here. Well that's so closely held secret known only to -- in -- -- -- Yeah I can tell you last year river of course through the quarter. And then cut -- about water -- them on back Armstrong park to enjoy the rest of the festivities. You know I I can faster -- this is one that does the east seminal New Orleans event and show us. Never done and I haven't got too deeply apologize it. I mean he'll sign up for this year but you know violence levels that. These people Wear their dresses for the rest of the day now tell you go out at -- of the EC everyone's filling it out there could fascinate just looks -- like they've just had the most fun of their entire. Absolutely actually the event become so popular. Many people don't even register which. Much to should yeah. But just. Cheaters let's go to the quarter when and where there address and have a party we're trying to figure out some way to get them to contribute to the cause of the yen. But -- they were they wouldn't be in there or. I don't know that's right in and you're giving it back and I think that's that's the whole point in 2000 dollars a lot of guys understand. Well and that's to a whole gamut. Local charities. Everything from SP CA -- policy on the part. -- help them out last year and. And you like to WR BH radio for the blind which is such a wonderful group right down here yeah it's so. Silly creatures he's the one that I I feel personally impacted me the most is he paid for our bike -- In our office is there you answer are are where you -- the little creep like Rex Chapman from the secure office and I lock my bike up there every day and how -- it. -- -- -- -- -- Arms then. Presented to us but thank you tokens. -- -- I got little -- social tell us again the where they can register. Can register on line. And right now the the registration -- sixty dollars. Until it ended July that it goes up to seventy you can Google and oral -- -- -- war -- -- -- stretch run and that goes right to our web site. And you can register -- And I got to tell you for all the guys who were driving we are firm and you're thinking should I do it -- where would I get a dress I think in my mothers dressed. Goodwill industries and always pushing goodwill that they have fabulous clothes go win and get a pretty party dress. That the best video directly through stores. And the restless and they are certain to run short now but that's just. Look at last year which -- record every year were trying to exceed last year. And and unfortunately after our registration was less than a year before. So we're trying to reinvigorate their reasoning. And accurate below 6000 and a lot more than that this year because we're gonna give it give more back. And and we seek out these things are referred from from the Eagles got -- your troops to. Open them why I mean that's -- it's. We also would get the most famous one of course but also. A lot of the let's move unless known group. We have which you know you're doing a wonderful thing and for sixty dollars for that much fun that's a bargain. Well all the all the all of -- adult beverage you're -- -- barbecue 33 local -- and so large and our brands we perhaps fans start to run. Slash war -- -- of course. And and we have two other local man. Float for as well as I've figured this. -- level so it'll be continuous music in when the bands are playing well have a -- So you lose you you're not -- for entertainment. At the gawking itself as entertainment. Yes it and -- -- apart. Sort of like -- little -- Well I can't thank you enough joke just continued success and everything that you -- if you're doing great things and it's fine thank you. 00. And Cuba right here and will be right -- stay with this is we're not done with what's happening I'm Angela and -- on dubbed it doing. I am very excited because tonight I'm going to teach theater are under the boardwalk while he talked about the yes I wrote this very very -- it just my kind of music I love the you know it's although the quartets etc. and it's just they do everything you are usually option -- yes yeah that's right or go out dancing. New York you're sure you're sure -- tonight right -- like that last time you went to let you know it's like a month -- -- -- -- -- -- be there for so content. And they actually around the -- -- well you know I was a little ahead of my adult essentially kind of a big deal and everyone wants to be known that this the united at all well. -- -- But I'm very very excited he can photographers. And get Jennifer it's a big -- serve is a world where it was burglary actually -- materials okay his cross street and I -- an idea I just -- that whole little area but I'm so thrilled. Off the tees back and back big time -- look good counselor Taylor last week and we went to see chorus line out to links on our. That that show -- forty years old -- as contemporary today's rose forty years ago. The acting ability in this town is a real. And the dancing ability and means that that shows about and it just keeps getting better yes and and tune in some earlier -- you know just. A real jam in the -- I think it would of that day we went couple weeks ago to limits. And is Iran via. It was as good a performance as I have seen him in Lexington on -- I would put their performance at tooling similar against broad. Some of the strongest lead singers I've ever heard Miller what they did on that stage was magic. And to you know of course we -- you know all the time and you don't cry -- and well -- -- -- opening numbers. Yes that's right. And what. People say is it depressing. Well. There are moments of depression but it is really uplifting. It's uplifting and hopeful and good win -- to India it's what. You're looking him in your eyes are doing funny. Let me tell you something that is beautiful thing if you love him do this city does it right because. New Orleans international piano competitions have been around long time. It starts this Sunday it runs for the entire week the finale is on the final is on next Sunday -- it is sent to. -- university Roussel hall. Tomorrow member on Sunday when it begins it's the only time that it's at 4 o'clock every other performance for the whole week -- 7 PM. Does cost twenty dollars or fifteen dollars of your student. But you can see in here world class artists. Have yes it is and we need to need to Harold. And encourage you do you do you like punk music. Punk you know. I'm learning about hardcore. -- Thrash -- surf. Garage. These are all the different kind of bands that can be pretty creepy fest this weekend. Which I never heard of before and I think that that's the way they -- so -- hope or not upset that I'm here Malia on the but he needs seventy minutes of private creepy fest and I mean it's no no that's a super creepy. No it's a public creepy -- it's been it's just like a music that the passable for sort of underground music scene punk -- garage death metal that sort of stuff. They've completely taken over. Although it's sort of dive bars. That music licenses in the downtown area and they've got. Banned from all over the country that are -- and for the guy you know -- -- I never heard of before in this is apparently -- sixty you're doing it but they've got all these different punk and hardcore fans from all over the place of metal is your thing. Look up like creepy fest New Orleans they got over thirty -- burlesque shows local movies horror and yet kind of like a big gothic horror. -- I think it's a political. I'm mr. Fisher but how could. -- and also if I can get out there. Well we like you're not got the enough let me mentioning health audobin beautiful beautiful aquarium we hand is doing something I think -- Sony. If you're scuba diver if you are in that they are now going to open it to a unit to pay for get down on an inexpensive. But you'll get to dive with the fish get out and then. For a lesser amount of money those who and snorkel yankees or they're on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Again it's not inexpensive but what a lifetime experience to be able to float among those beautiful finished. So if you wanna know more about it called the aquarium. And let him know that your interest -- and they'll they'll give you all the details on it but they have that new Mayan dive Xperia that we and and you of the volunteers have been doing it for all this time. Another -- opened -- to the public. That is the coolest thing I think that is a very Smart the opening and about I don't care -- not inexpensive it is indeed and you talk about bucket list ya hello I went snorkeling in that -- wrote on and on doors I was there last summer. Now -- pretty bucket list the US so -- If that was I had to go to Honduras to do so if -- kids you know just to go along a river are out there on the they'll they'll be just as well. Also wanted to say congratulations to a much of our wonderful restaurants who were named in the wind spektr which is the wine magazine of the world. And they named a bunch of our great restaurants as among the best in the world and then it was appropriate and everything from -- to commanders to. Pelican club. Of the Russian revolution chris' steak house emerald galloped laws. GW fins and these stroke. Mister -- Nolan palace cafe pelican products that said that restaurant August. All the things that we in this is just a smattering. And we are the best in the world rate we need to hear that congratulations. -- pat on the back stay with -- we'll be right back. And I hope you have the beautiful weekend I will YouTube. I know you will and I hope everyone stays with this as we meet an extraordinary young man who came from great depths and is on his way to Yale.