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7-18-14 4pm, Sportstalk, Saints Camp

Jul 18, 2014|

The WWL sports team is getting ready for Saints training camp next week. What would you pack for a 3 week trip to West Virginia? Plus, is Drew Brees the most clutch QB in the NFL? His late game numbers may leave you speechless.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sacrifice finally Friday it went inside you on. Some of them. I agree with Tommy earlier this one's saying it's all week certainly -- Welcome in the sports talk here on W him well. AM FM WWL like come on Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia cajun cannon stop by any at 6 o'clock -- fun show heading your way this afternoon we'll be. The lowdown Greenbrier as a saint and up to West Virginia for training camp what's it like. What does it do out there and where the happening spots. You're going to check out the Saints for training camp. Temperatures in the seventies. Is seventh in the sixties and fifties at night. That the Paxson. Longer sleeves and long pants. He's that in July. Will speak with Karen -- the executive director. And Greenbrier County convention and visitor's bureau. To -- you missed. The lowdown on what's what we're gonna happen in spots it's that are. Right of the Christmas in July almost like Christmas in July down here are out there -- estrogen it'll feel like. With a normal to be in December down in New Orleans to try to ever and then 52 when he. -- -- -- President and managing director at the Greenbrier also to a see out there are rule out the red carpet for the Saints is they come up there for training camp in. Maybe not going to training camp but maybe yard and if you were going for three weeks our sports team will be up there for three weeks what would you pack. Give me the number one thing you couldn't live without for three weeks and now I know he's obviously an -- toiletries right. Close an awesome but the one thing you could live without top Manassas is -- -- -- -- the -- Red beans and right side impacts of red beans and rice -- that's a good start. Red beans and rice -- to pack. -- top priorities. Beyond packing list 2601870. -- 3866 and 8908 -- you -- also text me at 87 eights having. I also want sort of makes the NFL's moving -- -- fifteen draft to one of two sites. The league announced the finalists yesterday Chicago or Los Angeles. Which -- for the -- oppose the draft and what should the criteria or how would you decide. Who gets the second biggest day on the NFL calendar accessible the draft is what. Its fans really -- -- count kick off of the offseason and into. Organized team activities mini camp setter that'll -- all eyes were going through right now and it's on into training camp in the season but. Should a city that doesn't own an NFL team. -- draft I understand Los Angeles is a big market and -- and it's not earlier about this. They can monetize it they can make money off of the so of course they're gonna send it there. To a big market. They wanted to eventually put one maybe two teams back in Los Angeles I just don't think that. I just think that Los Angeles shouldn't get one. Until late posted -- adults and if you're so dead set on getting them a team. Well. Give them you know I mean a draft give him a team first then they can host the draft. Give it to another team that's RD and elicited -- got a team. So party jaguar people online at WW dot com should the -- it does not have an NFL team host the draft yes I don't know. He can weigh in at WW dot com on the phone lines at 260187. He told 3866890870. On text line and 870. 87 and maybe you rotate. The draft throughout. Every team whether it's a bid process oh by the way there's another way to do it what else can they get on the build in order to get the draft. We saw leg getting it suitable build new stadium get the Super Bowl so maybe they'll hangs up and over their heads I don't know build new complex. And bill that. How many hotel rooms they gonna give the league how many cars how many. Golf course passes for the week Andy and again they'll find a way to get that out of those cities but. What about. The Super Bowl winner. That city -- the host. The draft. Will caveat. To add intrigue to it some drama and it's already like. The best reality television show on a planet on television but dad's an injury and drama give that. The city that's hosting. A first round draft pick of the the first overall pick. The opportunity to host. That they have in a more pick they get -- the host city what you're Cleveland year may be potentially in that makes for. 45 years in a row there. What does he trade that though on draft day -- imagine that you're hosting is the host city he got the number one pick any trade it off. However nothing. Now I mean I grudge creative tell me how the NFL should dole about a mile base should be in Los Angeles. I mean I just have -- problem being in Los Angeles before any other NFL city. Then I have team area give a team they get a draft as you know the symbols are gonna go there. That was once once is a team in Los Angeles that will be guaranteed they'll get a Super Bowl. Whenever it happens if it ever happens in London they get a team over their franchise over there you can bet they'll be a -- there along with -- draft party etc. but right now it's between Chicago. And Los Angeles for the 2015 draft. Which should the L requirements should be the criteria. If you of the league. How would you decide. Who gets the second biggest day on the NFL calendar 2601870. Told 386689087. If you're gone for three weeks -- on -- training camp or in West Virginia. The one thing you could not live without for three weeks in a widget. B will be the top two or three things. On your packing list anxious to. Find out what you guys -- think in. The one make -- I entertain myself -- theirs well. He can steal some your ideas Ron amended bill. Sit tight when he which you gotta say you join the conversation as well 2601872. All 38668890. Eights having this is sports talk on WWL. How should the NFL decide who gets to host the draft. -- world's first round pick Super Bowl city. -- just hosted this will help this one as a consolation prize right. It's a double loser. A couple text message that suggestions on that and 8787 in. Buffalo could hosted at four times. And -- at it wants that's for you -- love you now do you see Z and Atlanta. Minnesota and -- a few times well. I'm. Not consider that for Tampa or. New worlds. 260187. Neitzel free. 8668890870. Should a city that doesn't own an NFL team post draft. He away in rye and in man of failure on W ago how are you ran. And they're pretty good Christian values are the I'm good. Article local law are a couple of days in Florida street thing they'll bring a tree came up warned that these -- Number two those are -- -- Virginia except. Some. IE. And number three or resupply -- people order that it might be right back. Crunchy peanut butter shall I just creamy. That cracked -- on concealed the court like me crutches so it's like Elvis who. I absolutely absolutely screwed up a job or -- for it looked at it. You double dip. And not give it to. Double dip a chip viewers and an absence until we began the -- -- that would not out. There. Am with the I don't know about that the crunchy peanut butter I believe that off my list on what I'm doing is I'm alternately -- -- you guys to. Give me some ideas for what I could bring up there but I can get. The peanut butter while I'm up there about things that you know to me that I I have at my house that I can't live now like for example. First and foremost for obvious reasons my cellphone but -- that. I'm bringing in an HD in my court there's like you know got my laptop to TV so like right. So I watch Netflix you to Netflix -- Namely catch up on some -- the new black. On Netflix which I heard that ticket office there. Pretty soon but anyway is if you. Few items that would Arrigo -- list an image the -- Wales as well rob what do you think about Los Angeles potentially hosting the draft. I'll like -- I do agree that he would say he should and and and and it cabinet. Even city in north and the draft yeah in the actually still a little about thunder on the -- she did I thought it would be connected. -- allegiance I'd the losing. Super Bowl Archie -- went -- the late in a lot of could be easy -- couldn't quite get it on cell connection right away it would deter our. I'm Ron have a good weekend meant our. Ticket. I rocked by before 260187. It's all 3866 in eight -- relates of them text line and 8787 he says the -- -- here's the problem -- have one of those currently available. -- -- -- -- -- That would be nights. Mack and new world -- it cheered that is so they could cheer for me back in New Orleans our. I -- for your self and Goodman was up. I don't picket. A city. That doesn't have it both seem sure -- are trapped cheery no -- There -- certain. Economical. Issue. The if you have pitcher -- it's. Like -- they are just an awesome audience city. And I think. Today it's -- a rite of passage if you are. It's your pitchers city they have -- -- Should be dorms. You have better fitting Rhonda. The rise in economy they are people come in handy drawing Eric I like that and I think that the city. Bob numbers sure don't make it out. But cities that haven't had our belt to shoot should coach a couple of reasons now there are some cities that aren't exception. LA didn't encircle the ones -- I hit a perfect example I don't surely get in too much to the NBA I hole. Follow -- all that much at the pelicans you don't go -- all a little bit but not that speaker -- -- at least we're. And NBC. And I guess so we're probably say are actually don't appreciate NBA. And they're probably right our standards so I don't think that there's I think there's probably a lot of cities out there at the director truly appreciate. What it means to a certain. Have NFL -- And appear to -- it felt better and and I Beckett -- talk to people what order like I don't -- the NFL and you know he's hurt people might be from some. You know Roberts found it maybe -- college football team they don't like here. You know there -- so that's not so. Yeah I mean. I don't know that there's any exception nonsense McNamee the only area that I disagree with -- on is that it fuel. I don't care how big the market is. You know haven't NFL's team. You shouldn't have that before New Orleans Atlanta Green Bay. I mean name named the -- every every city. I think every NFL city should host the draft at some point get a shot hosted this. Okay so what's the requirements ultimately for Super Bowl was. Build a new stadium but for the draft he shouldn't have to have a venue I mean -- a good a Radio City Music Hall type of venue. Now maybe you don't miceli had -- -- -- -- Green Bay but they they would in Milwaukee etc. so. I just think in every city should get a crack at that and New Orleans just like we were so good at posting some Bulls men. It would be an experience like no other have a down here in a world. In other cities would do fine job as of that and it's a way I think to once again. Just pump money into more NFL cities. 2601878. -- 03866889087. And text message and 87870. From forty to eighty fives -- could not live without seafood I'd have to find a way. To bring it up there at a training camp three weeks and I feel that the cajun cannon Bobby mayor -- etc. T about Steve finally coaxed them. Some seafood I don't know give up there at least some New Orleans cuisine at some point and Sam might stink but it yea your right. But he put on dry ice and chip it up there. It states they don't hold. I don't know I'm sure there's going to be a couple of text messages on now in advising me on how how they would ship seafood up there I think that is it is any legal I don't know. Getting -- away here I come next. -- -- executive director at the Greenbrier County convention and visitors bureau. Would join -- I'll continue taking your phone calls well 2601878. Told 386689087. He can also text me and 878781125. Says just -- just checked the -- forecast. And a Christian wanna bring Rinko. -- that on net rusher all the rain there they don't have an indoor facility. So with the Saints -- gonna do. That are not rain. I news headlines and Donnie it's a lot about sports talk -- text messages to roll through here they 7870 before we get to carry dents. Says you in your group might give a -- and the round of golf at the Greenbrier she got to bring golf clubs will first thought you right. I should and I don't golf at -- like golf. Haven't played in years now very good at it and if the Greenbrier did give us clubs in Davis. Free round of golf. After about two strokes. They would revoke it is on the -- bad. Pat the ball. The ball. I have I would have no idea where that ball is going to land so they would quickly revoked at free round of golf and mr. Garrett please put down a club. You can play and a little I know we said it was for the cheap enough case here that bad -- -- executive director. At Greenbrier County convention and visitors bureau. How -- And I'm good -- golf the golf. To watch am I am. Not at all. So list. To do out there and in -- in the Greenbrier obviously two greats. You guys got a great venue in. It's certainly a fantastic facility the Greenbrier but the white -- I think it's White Sulphur Springs right. Yes absolutely like all for bringing them back and all the bickering toward. It a small city block them you know need little restaurant. We all at a pretty large county. Area. -- there will are what you actually named by the travel package ain't cool small town in America act out on eleven. -- they're locked in great -- able restaurant there. Lot -- great shop being. And -- -- things and they are also at -- that he had such a beautiful area at the mountain the current cart record of that. Outdoor activity is well eaten -- hiking biking. Canoeing I mean you're literally you know for a mile and the greens are little right there at Greenbrier resort you panel I'm. Lot I think the days. What's the number one thing if you -- asking you what would you go see our. What would you do as slashing the number one thing what would you tell. You know it's really -- obviously the greens are at -- where an -- that. Really what -- -- on the Mac bit you know in common now outlawed are and then you know one of the main reasons people come in our area that. Can -- around and take in the -- I mean it is just absolutely beautiful. You know the weather going to be incredible. And it's going to be a lot cooler bench that what got used to it happened the year that tonight. Actually out of town right now. We can't we got it or -- -- has made it through yet but you're right now back home court in the victory. You know that little abnormal but you have low 80s88. Line eighty -- -- like that it about the average top. And a lot lot lower humidity that you write it down south well. -- -- executive director at the Greenbrier County convention and visitors bureau. What was the reaction Carol -- you guys found out in that community found out that the Saints are coming up there. Well you have mr. -- that doesn't do anything halfway. -- would when we heard about it we were ever thought it was like well laugh all need to cattle haven't taken back at -- taken aback. We knew that it would be something that would be great. I'm basically you can give that opportunity or they are -- to a new market and we were I had the opportunity at. Are welcomed at me then and there and the ball well on me either broke you are they particularly at. -- -- -- come and watch a national all. Practice in and scrimmage and data bank that will be a unique opportunity. You have that are are out to a new market -- -- -- RLQ. What we can teacher and -- Carroll is there a local cuisine up there that. You know I mean everybody has come of their dish right is there one of their and White Sulphur Springs. That we currently have a local dish on. Yeah it really depends on really what our areas and I support it -- locally or age. Where a a big agriculture community we got from -- -- or there shoot farmers' market. I'm so a lot of restaurants currently active on the locally or you know farm to table you can get anything or not crap you know cracked and cattle up state that would literally race and -- back where it which is a critical he make about it. I'm at that you know that little -- and what are at our restaurant -- -- -- they -- trot can get it any being greedy that they are. I'm from the area in that expression article in and it's amazing Bayard. Winding down a -- -- executive director. The Greenbrier County convention and visitors bureau here on WWL sports talk and is there Whitewater rafting at their -- Here it. The way in the record garage area it is actually. A popular acting. I'm the spot and Colorado. I mean it is spectacular were the new record -- he can do I'm all kinds of different things there -- girl -- and company. He got there and and and today. There are areas that we are drop. I'm very big and you crap and it should be the way to really experience. There outdoor adventure that worked so black -- you have moderate temperatures -- summer you can literally enjoyed an outdoor activities. You know without getting. Completely worn out -- -- day that he yeah. -- -- I'll be out there and I'm goal light water rafts and I don't care if it was a -- I am going Whitewater rafting unleashing. Absolutely love it absolutely love it and they think it's an incredible. -- know what they say down here right about their you know the three's gee it's two words Hampshire in the navy studied up on what the phrases I'd agree house -- and -- They go. Girl carried -- executive director. At the end Greenbrier County convention and visitor's bureau good stuff we appreciate looking forward to coming up there. Thanks -- -- but the board avenue. And I arrogance. To 60187 it's all -- 86689. At 087 Whitewater rafting. Mean to you about would definitely go on W blasts. We might not come back and -- now welcome back. For just 45 and four or five minutes away that I can handle that. And while those grass fed states does make me hungry. The support this trip what the eighties he says she said it was in the sixties. Right now but normally in the eighties. So the going rate. Of the -- that rate. The sports talk on WW well I welcome back to sports talk Christian American for Deke Bellavia collides wide open for 8260187. Mir told 386688. Nines nearly seven in all the text line and 87878. One. Actually cobble things. The number one thing he couldn't live without three weeks if you were. Going to training camp may be our fuel for three weeks who would you pack. Also authority makes obviously -- WL dot com of people ready to work -- Should a city it doesn't have an NFL team host the draft. It's between Chicago and Los Angeles for the 2015 event. Stay away from New York City. Radio city music call conflicting events what. Is more conflicting. Mean. Why would you give the NFL that reason to take away from you find it weighed on conflict. Like for the world supposed to draft and what should be the criteria what about. The city that comes up number two in the bidding for a suitable. I you lose a bid. For example the world's -- up to dispatch year behind it Indianapolis was three Minnesota obviously got the Super Bowl. So. Maybe -- worlds we get the draft is kind of a consolation as today hoping to better prize. At work. I don't want to turn into a bidding process -- but build this or build that give us this give us that he'll give it. Because they already do that would stadiums. Just rotated. -- throughout the 32 clubs. And it's an entry to it the city with the number one pick the team with a number one pick is the host city. 2601878. To 038668890870. Couple of text messages here. Would. Brain. Of things I had getting a lot of but the Xbox or gaming consoles. PlayStation have played the PlayStation and a while my bringing up there though my thought my fourteen year old out of it with me and a couple weeks. He asked them last countries yet sure if you buy me that PS for. NC -- a fourteen year whatever Madden. That game comes -- I think while -- there but. He's as yet it had a good day get to -- me that PS for birthdays Colombian and a minor in that landed a swap. A -- Hoosier PS for a human PS threes taken up to Greenbrier. Will entertain. At a this'll be do a lot of Reading. I will have to check out obviously Whitewater rafting but I also think. We sufficient ones who deficient like deficiencies -- there. 260187803866889087. In. That's not nice from 8151 can you push him out on the -- -- -- Tommy -- -- a several light water raft that. I might just hold his head on the water and drown. And -- be better. -- to about. 260187803866889087. Into -- Slidell. Sit tight you lead off and about one half minutes to sports talk on WL sixty to 71 on the tax line rights Christian you go differ worker vacation all -- talk about fish in a raft and well. I'll work. I promise -- that. Disclosed that a radio and take WL my colleague also follow me on to wreck Kristian -- one dollar fine to let them -- fun to. Work hard play hard right Anthony Slidell how argument. A man who opted out -- a little. -- can rest assured that. I Uga. Are. Probably you know Israel will be able -- you know real real important -- branch out well and anything they can do to try to yet. The -- interest. Airport they'll they'll do it. Yet it's a way to drive momentum right -- they they want. One possibly two teams. Are in Los Angeles. Or media. And you're so. I give a reason. I don't I don't like you know you know -- like that the yeah -- -- looked like you say it just go to Liberty. Bowl drought that finished number two editor there. Yeah what about give it to the cold city cold weather cities right. Now they want the super doubles all don't have the -- Bulls lead that for the warm weather cities -- just give in the draft party a bad.