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7-18-14 5pm, Sportstalk, Training Camp

Jul 18, 2014|

The WWL sports team is getting ready for Saints training camp next week. What would you pack for a 3 week trip to West Virginia? Plus, is Drew Brees the most clutch QB in the NFL? His late game numbers may leave you speechless.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the battles on our number two. Welcome the sports talk on WW LA anathema dot com Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. I so we are to get a rundown from -- density executive director. Greenbrier County convention and visitors bureau. Life is like -- that happening spots are. Of their White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. This -- Jeff and it's Canty. President and managing director at the Greenbrier. Tells. How they plan on roll out the red carpet for the Saints and who dat nation wanna go -- there. Maybe not going to training camp maybe year. To sit here or maybe -- -- if you have gone for about three weeks would you pack. Can be some ideas just the the normal everyday stuff but. If you -- up there in that part of the country. Let me know what you know temperatures like him long sleeve this -- years in order. Some pain it's obviously. Need those things but entertainment stuff and things to do up there I'm all ears. 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. -- text line and 87870. The NFL -- the point fifteen draft the one of two sites Chicago or Los Angeles. Would like for the world as the host the draft and what should the criteria be in determining. Who gets to host the draft should be the losing Super Bowl team that city. The city that has the team -- holes and number one pick should be on bid process. -- the runner up for the Super Bowl bid. Number of different ways you do this one but do you think. A city that does not own an NFL team Los Angeles. She get to host the draft. Day affair. Before. Other cities that obviously have a team Chicago. Worthy. Right huge market. As the Bears Chicago could probably support to NFL teams. -- It should be at Chicago. Before Los Angeles it should be Cleveland before Los Angeles Buffalo. Cincinnati. New Orleans Green Bay Atlanta Tampa Carolina got my Charlotte about point. No way. Should be Los Angels I know that second biggest market the market. Yeah idea idea again it fine that the team. Should get to host it pops on the West Bank. How hard it. Eight merchant. I wanted to college they have bent to the green -- Okay well yeah and are real treat the only thing is -- you can guarantee Bob are you are share a room yet -- We'll check it out we're not staying at the Greenbrier I -- I mean that's were recovering but we are not. Balking at the at the Greenbrier and no I am not sharing a room with -- Bob Hebert thankfully. We are staying at AE. Quality. Very nice. They are greens are beautiful can't wait sure that the team stated that the greens are right. -- big guys in that room on that trip to wallpaper with the big our college out. Like they get a picture of that when I when I first walk in the yeah we went on a golf trip whether -- guys. And very fancy. You go to 11. Where area it's a jacket. Which we all want used to walk out strip that that was or told to us before we got there. Yeah we're target a similar scouting report if you will India have slacks and polo shirts and sports jackets etc. luckily I have one or two. Yeah well it's beautiful place I facility they'll enjoy it and you have to bring -- right thing for golf clubs to collect -- check out some great golf courses. -- Don't stroll. You know what. I wanna play all I don't have. I haven't played about ten years in the I don't own club's biggest eagle putts. Goodbyes and I know that's expensive but listen if you. Ever hear of the -- -- golf club I don't care where you are -- Are or are going to be if you don't know where that ball is Canada I'd. Yeah outlet only went to -- area of the cream cart ride -- to the golf course. And Mike Shanahan went on a shuttle a little eyes -- Maria we got the stadiums are a beautiful place. And you know but says that the bulk -- go underneath there -- you suggested that the look at that. I -- what I was reading about that pops those read about that the fallout shelter than the congressional fallout shelter right. Right that got a that I -- where congress to go -- -- separated earlier that that building and the belief that they've built that without anybody. Really know about it and keep that secret that I outlaw as a -- Yeah I think the Saints might be making like you know their coaches meeting offices down where potentially I think they might. Use that not sure I'll find out but. Yeah I wanna go check that out but if if the Saints are using that then you can forget about it Agilent. I looked at -- against the Patriots all be legitimate -- area that Glazer. And a they'll you'll anyone in it'll probably be tighter security than if it was a congressional fallout shelter. We are. I've pops. Have a good weekend our final four to 60187 or -- 3866 and 890870. Mike on esplanade how aria. Paid good so I just was physical but slightly off the topic but it -- -- -- that question. And the question is. Is -- Orleans Saints and -- in the -- and unique in the fact that we're the only and it felt the team. But at the casino right. It as in Paris casino. And all his -- and the only. Thing. All only. Franchise. Gamble legalized gambling in the right. I don't know the lay out of every NFL city but. I'm under the -- I'm sure there's casinos in close proximity. To a lot of these major cities I mean New York. There's all kinds of -- there. Your majors etc. but I I don't know I'm not which -- what are you drive and a. Well just that. That was a big issue why why -- -- a sports franchise would go into the city. Because -- -- Well that's -- its gambling central there. I mean that's that -- there may mean that's that that's what there is gambling entertainment they would never put you know -- FL team there is it'll. The NFL likes the odds they know that they make money off of that but they'll never admit to being -- haven't any kind of association. With the NFL for a number I mean with Vegas oddsmakers for a number of reasons why do you think they make teams issue the injury report. -- -- -- -- -- But oddsmakers. The sports talk on W bill we got Jeff -- I think it's Kim -- President and managing director at degree brown will get the correct pronunciation. On him. Coming up the sports talk on WL IMF and the backup. A week from today listening to have practice number one of training camp -- fourteen in the books and going through their walk through at the Greenbrier. And now West Virginia. Joining me now Jeff can make president and managing director at the Greenbrier. Jeff how -- I'm excited that saw him. I bet you are and this is a great is a great event I'm sure for you guys and I'm there's tons of reason to be reasons to be exciting can't just walk us through the process how this -- with you guys. Giving the Saints took to come up there for training camp. -- started last year the Greenberg is proud to host a PGA tour -- -- classic. And Sean Payton happens the -- for a friend is Brian Palmer -- PGA tour player. At the Greenbrier and spent a week here and all over the place -- -- the amenities that hospitality of the service. But probably if equally important the weather which today and I was 75 the night will be roughly 45 and so. Somewhere in the back of his mind -- think he registered you know this is a special place and when the all star -- into alignment of the things were looking for a location for a summer training camp facility. They contacted owner Jim justice. And put two and two together. The next thing you know we've got -- incredible stated here 55000 square foot training facility performance. Facility and three new football field than of course 101000 maker's paradise at the Greenberg and so. I'm not -- 24 of July we're looking forward completing that completing the cycle of having this thing coming out and having an instinct for something very special to remember. What's been the community reaction at him and he got a lot of feedback. Folks excited to come and come -- -- -- and they had a wide swath that goes. All over the country all over the globe really. If -- I guess I was surprised -- first and and I'm a Saints fan now I was born in Chicago. And so you can imagine working my allegiance in front yet but there but what surprised me really it was how incredibly well the Saints travel and we've got residents of the Greenberg we've got town folks that aren't in Louisiana residents who were just out of their mind crazy. To host the team. The reaction from the community is I can't believe we're posting an NFL team this summer for the training camp and so. We're expecting huge crowds were expecting a lot of excitement from. The residents of West Virginia who couldn't be more proud and more happy to host the New Orleans Saints. What do you guys mean obviously it's it's a great facility up there at the Greenbrier. And whites over springs -- am learning in and read about it written. It just a fantastic place but if there's one thing Jeff that you would say hey this is what we're most proud of -- there boarded the. It's it's not the 55 activities of snapped a five golf courses throughout the world class -- it's. The 19100 employees who. I think everyone -- fine represented southern hospitality. At its finest. They're warm they're carrying their loving they're genuinely interest is to make sure that every -- at stake here. Whether it's the same telephone quarterback or someone who's just been doing for the weekend. Leaves here with the same impression and that is I can't wait to come back and so it's the people that are gonna make the difference somewhat. Anyone visiting the training camp whether it's for the day. Whether they toppled the that the resort to have lunch ward go to the casino or -- shops. They're going to be -- by the people. Jeff can make president managing director at the Greenbrier. In ready to host the Saints for a training camp and which I personally won't what do you what do you feel I'm I'm only I'm sure you're excited to just see this process and see NFL team come up there. And operate being a football fan. From from that perspective it's most exciting -- in another facility is completely at eight tractor -- rolled it down. Yesterday day before with all of the equipment and so when you start to see what the level of preparation that the team puts in the plays. The amount of detail that the team brings to make sure that this training camp as successful. I am I'm -- you know walking on the property today announcing fans already showing up -- player who dat and there are century. I think. -- pinch me I'm dreaming I can't believe we're hosting this team at this time. And couldn't be more proud of the opportunity. And you're you mentioned you grew up in Chicago in the group that Bears fans and it's certainly OK but you know the you know house Saints fans greedy to right. The descent Waller who figure out who that so Jeff before that your run. We got to get Houda. Are right Jeff thanks a bunch of really good sport looking forward to I'm going up there covering the team so looking forward to seeing. The Greenbrier and and all the great things that that community nag net area has to offer thinks about for the time visiting with us and and -- The great job and in lay everything out for the -- so far. I'm 260187. It's all -- 866889087. In. And doused by pretty wrong never make a Bears -- in game you know dude that but -- How will please get -- host saint and I was excited and that community's excited they should be calm and and look I think it's to be so beneficial to the Saints. Being up there and go back home who will miss them now satanism -- some sheer. But the work that they're going to be able to give him. Equality were there and it would give him -- gonna benefit this football team a week. In Oxnard California 2011. Benefit this team so much just in terms of quality work quality repetition but players talked about the fact that they can focus on. Truly getting better opposed to. Surviving practices in the heat down here in a new world of Metairie. And I can take it still on your on on those on their bodies you governor porch. You know wanna you wanna run -- time while -- -- -- -- -- -- it in there. Let it be nice and fresh for. The main the main race right that is the at the regular season 260187. Neitzel 386689. As early -- it doesn't own NFL team. Host the draft and about the draft in Los Angeles potentially. You weigh in on the phone lines to 60187 Neitzel 3866890. It's a real -- -- 7870. Text message from 7990 at least 77 days. -- do you think Los Angeles is in the running for the draft. Because the NFL's tipping its hand a little. May be. They'll get the the next expansion team question mark yeah. I'm -- potentially -- more importantly though. They're trying to build on -- at the NF LA they're trying to cash in on a big league market. I'm big television market be. -- -- little momentum to get the team to Los Angeles maybe their testing the waters a little bit. Now I think the next expansion in the league does. UC team in LA. One in London. Their cram in the won the thing down. Our throats. And they want a team over there globally. For branding purposes. They want that done another one says -- all think of it this way. You say that. The NFL should not have the draft in the city that does not have a team so one they have games in London. Well I spoke to that but I'll expand. Because they wanna expand their brand globally. They wanna get some of that market. That's a whole lot of their motivation. In his draft process then but text messages go goes on says then why. -- the Saints and other teams -- leaving their cities for training camp and a city without an NFL team. Quality work the ability to get out of heat a little bit that benefits a team. Also to expand their fan base. In teams do that teams have been doing that for a long time. Going elsewhere around and it's not that big of an issue to me and -- for the fans back home and those respective cities in alike they wanted to go out there and and rightfully so. I give it. But. If it pays off you gotta say I hey. It worked trust and shown trust in Mickey Wright. Another one. Continues says also the NBA had their all star game in Las Vegas a few years back yet they did you -- Then they have some crazy events and shoot it's something crazy going out there to remember exactly. On a final note it's not a game it's not a game he and it's the draft what are we talking about not a game. Not a game -- the draft signed Allen Iverson -- like the good stuff to 601878. All 386689. At 087 in. Another long Tex lines as we. Build our businesses are cells because our taxes paid. For the streets and that's where our government money comes from like anyone anyone else see that no Los Angeles draft. Other cities could be considered though. Another one from 3999. I think -- should hold the NFL draft in Las Vegas again though. They don't wanna associate themselves at all the NFL does not wanna. Associate themselves at all. With a bookie in Vegas. Operating jaguar people long line at -- elect -- Should the city it doesn't have an NFL team host the draft. 71% saying no. 49% saying yes. Los Angeles a finalist. With Chicago to host between fifteen draft. -- Should the city that doesn't -- an NFL team most draft. Big market trying to cash in -- get it. But not before -- And -- for a city that has a team the guillotine first. The sports talk on WL 260187 until 366890. Except I welcome back sports talk for American for the Phillies expect from 331 once is a you play physical ball this year so Asian Olympic. If you have the first overall selection shady McCoy LeSean McCoy easy. Again and one pick Eagles offense. Pretty solid. Matt. To sole -- Naples. But. JD Nicholas Lehman and one pick it up. I'll take a look at the top markets in the country right. In Los Angeles is a finalist. To host. The point fifteen draft along with Chicago Los Angeles is market to. Chicago history so New York lost to the NFL right down the next market to a Torre. That's less logical -- You can start to see -- the reasoning behind this because of trying to go after the big market right. Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia Dallas forth in the top five alone new York and -- one. But also. -- Orlando. Florida right they're nineteen. Sacramento. California twentieth. San Antonio. They're 37. Oklahoma City should they host the draft they don't have a team. San Antonio doesn't Sacramento doesn't I know there's the Bay Area second in a lot of bleed over from the Oakland Raiders and 49ers. Orlando. And have a team person in an area that too far from Tampa. Austin, Texas 49. Global Kentucky fifty New Orleans by the way market 53. But if you go to analyst here. New York Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia Dallas -- top five. All except Los Angeles have an NFL team senses go Oakland San Jose. At six Boston Patriots obviously Atlanta. Washington DC Houston Detroit. Phoenix Tampa saint -- Seattle Tacoma Minneapolis Saint Paul Miami Florida Cleveland. -- Denver. And as I mentioned Orlando and Sacramento. So and that. First eighteen only one doesn't have an NFL city -- an NFL team. And the first eighteen. That goes on Saint Louis Portland organ market number 22 should they get a symbol mean should they get a draft. Get to -- to draft. -- Tony -- it's pretty big. To be sized television. At that your your MO your reasoning. To go after the big team markets. If you go right down the list. New Orleans when I get one for a couple years ever for awhile you just go throughout the top 100. Markets in the city. Is rotate it like that. Jail cell phone how orient you on -- to do well. Hey -- -- and baker should do you Ohio all. -- being arbitrary and missed the NC they are right here. You know. Yet that it. While I think it's partly statement -- the girl the show laughter -- we intend on coming back there. Basically it's possible ball in or what ever for a job I doubt it alms. -- should be out there. Well there -- -- built that stadium over the year overall whatever order. -- ready to liquidate. But then there will be a loss. At it next possible. Bowl opportunity -- got -- likes. Little. Black. And there are to war. They're -- right in the -- produced. A. Yeah I mean. The market fifteen. Right Saint Paul. But I'll yeah yeah yeah I think it's going to be a body. You know -- that they like 40 or 01 of the perennial losers. But give me take the Ocean City that does not -- an NFL team cut and dry should they host the draft. Well. I did go. In the arguments for against state. -- -- -- You're a decrepit. -- If there's if you're gonna justify one I still I with that still can I can't I can't get past me. The big -- really narrow minded and and closed out. -- -- Your opinion first -- like that that culture. And all not a mean. You know Q if you if you could be either way you would be very. But a lot of Lee debate whether those tonight. You know not not fishing for compliments but Jake at all on -- And a score I just don't think that a team. In a city that doesn't have a team. Should get it before. The other little girl eighteen in the first eighteen market's top eighteen markets every city as an NFL team except for Los Angeles and that's not in. You know may who shouldn't penalize them because they already lost. Their teams in the past. H -- they've shown that maybe are current. On offense about it -- they give or take football. And I know that TV market and again I got a great text message at 878 sentences. Why would that change putting in Los Angeles changed the viewing habits I. Glitz and glamour or Los Angeles potentially means -- -- -- -- well as -- -- that can offer. Well -- cure all other idea about what number two Super Bowl broad street you know that our partners -- second part there. There have been around year he -- the bar pretty much anchored in. Any shooter that the -- during the the other I would be at Easter this year yet reaping record -- have in your first well like future get. We are curable second place for the draft and there went -- Yeah -- mine doesn't necessarily bringing in the the fanfare in the revenue mean a lot of media that covers that -- -- -- all the teams etc. doesn't. A B should a look at that the revenues that Indianapolis it's obviously there's something for them otherwise they wouldn't want Clement hosted every year -- and it obviously pays dividends at some point jail cell phone things for a phone call I've -- a good weekend Robert in New Orleans. Sit tight you can that. Join the conversation as well 2601878038668908. -- should the city that does not own an NFL team most of draft. What should the criteria be in deciding how a city should just beyond market size. Los Angeles number two if that's the reason. He can you can understand why Los Angeles would be in the mix which Chicago who's a number three. Ahead of Philadelphia and Dallas in the top five for the -- 260187. Until 3866 -- 9287 Robert -- -- next -- sports talk on W well Robert in New Orleans John W a 20 how Lorena. Don't -- are you today. Soggy -- sun would come out. -- So which -- should an NFL city are the city excuse me that is not a ho hold. -- gonna try that again but how about. A city that is not home an NFL team very you know host the draft today. No I don't believe there are. Callers also on that point that. Maybe LTQ. What -- Good. Football. So that you're. On it. Eagle in a row eight in a court my ankle and pretty capable -- You -- out there. I Robert -- like -- Supreme confidence. In the black and gold I next hour the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. -- -- We'll also take your suggestions for. What should be on the packing list for -- prior -- going out there for three weeks one thing a couple things you couldn't live without. You win on the phone once well 260187. They told 3866889087. This is sports talk on W to -- -- I am FM in WWL dot com.