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7-18-14 6pm, Sportstalk, Training Camp

Jul 18, 2014|

The WWL sports team is getting ready for Saints training camp next week. What would you pack for a 3 week trip to West Virginia? Plus, is Drew Brees the most clutch QB in the NFL? His late game numbers may leave you speechless.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify Howard three of sports talk here on WWL anathema dot com Kristian -- and four Deke Bellavia. We'll continue our phone conversation on the packing list for Greenbrier and of course should a city that does not own an NFL team host the draft. Also talk about buck he's best on FL dot com Bucky Brooks. NFL media analyst. Nfl.com NFL network. Wrote a breakdown yesterday we talked about the ten most dynamic safeties right that he wrote. They also put out. The ten clutch quarterbacks. Guess who leads. The league who tops the list number one who get that at ten though lucky has Cam Newton. Nine Russell Wilson eight Philip Rivers. Seven. Big Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers. Six a bit of a surprise now explain this tournament for all you Tony Romo haters out there. He's at six Andrew Luck at five with the Colts Tom Brady for. Peyton Manning three Aaron Rodgers at two in your. Favorite quarterback Drew Brees who -- on Saints Bucky Brooks writes. The eight time pro bowler was absolutely brilliant and -- when he thirteen posting a 118 passer rating 69 point 2% completion rate. Fifteen to three TD two I NT ratio when trailing by eight points or fewer Brees also spark -- last fall and red zone. 231 touchdown to interception ratio. In the two minute -- 65. Percent completion rate six to one touchdown to interception ratio. Brooks does on right. Nothing new for guys authored 34. Game winning drives. And 234 quarter comes comebacks. Over the course of his illustrious career Drew Brees rated -- top clutch quarterback in the National Football League by Bucky Brooks. Peyton Manning case you're wondering has forty career comebacks. Are rating of ninety point eight. In those comeback wins Tom Brady. Second on this list with 31. Active quarterback to talk about Eli Manning it three with 25. His rating below Drew Brees at number four. But drew obviously 234. Quarter comebacks. 89. Point four rating but going back to Tony romo's six according to Bucky Brooks. He writes. The side of romo's name on a list of clutch performers will make some Cowboys fans cringe but the three time Pro Bowl doesn't get enough credit for coming through in crucial. Situations Romo is one of the most efficient fourth quarter comebacks completing. 69 point 6% of his passes and compiling a 105 point six passer rating in the final period last season. And he goes on right critics of course will point out some memorable interceptions with the game on line but the fact. That he Yorkshire in 114 quarter comebacks in the past three years suggest that he routinely comes through for the Cowboys when it matters now. I know these true level of resolve Romo from the harsh criticism of some on realistic football fans Bucky Brooks says. But -- should shed some light on why NFL value -- hold the quarterback in high regard. As a clutch playmaker you know. How would have been surprised and not read this. If it is showed me that means I'll assess Tony Romo at six 'cause he's right I instantly go back to our call. Several interceptions won against Washington I think was last year. Philadelphia. Late in the ball game they needed clutch play and he was also against Denver led Denver on the ropes. Throws an interception. It's kind of -- exportable but Tony romo's six. On this list of clutch quarterbacks by Bucky Brooks Ben Roethlisberger. Philip Rivers but how about Drew Brees. I had a Peyton Manning and -- Riders and ahead and ahead of Tom Brady. According to Bucky Brooks for the most clutch quarterbacks and the National Football League. Two minute drill. If drew calls a lot of those wild of those plays in each on certainly as is. -- now but he trust Sean. To. You know and right play in wildwood new. Mean he trust drew to make that happen. In six to one touchdown interception ratio. The two minute drill. And number one Drew Brees the world Saints on -- boxes. Most clutch quarterbacks. So maybe -- not going to training camp. Next week sees the Greenbrier maybe you are if you're going for three weeks. What's number one on the packing list every Tennessee thought. Now. Thanks for. Giving you know one thing you could live without for three weeks. Besides my phone. I would say. I would say. I have to bring. Now I kind of have to bring my laptop anyway for work. So. My Netflix. Right. So on catch up on orders new black. My own -- well of course you know bring your own Champloo. -- over eighteen use hotel that's harsh and abrasive on the air and is that guys don't from a guy. Who has -- -- -- -- and and really have hair but I do like when I when I have the little. Jarhead look on top here. I like that it's soft -- use the head and shoulders to have to interfere. In other words to Wear black shirt and see the flakes on some pressure. What's the one the cannot live without and the NFL's movement point fifteen draft to one of two sites Chicago. Or Los Angeles. Would you like for the world to host the draft mean you could do better than this city -- -- Try to tell that to the NFL. When and the city new -- was bidding for Super -- -- way oh I forgot. It was about a new stadium not about alternately who doesn't matter. Who puts on the event better. So maybe that explains. Why they're considering Los Angeles who doesn't have a team and they don't care about. Who would do it and who deserves it who could bring in in the Benjamin's. To make the money number two market. Number two television market but should a city that does not own an NFL team posted draft. Where is it. Orlando. Oklahoma City San Antonio. They're all top fifty markets global. Kentucky Austin. Should they give it a shot at hosting the draft. Kevin on a cellphone how -- you're on WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- did -- -- the ball and so I don't. But it won't get so is it while you. Might say well I'll. Make sure I understood and he say that -- 20 muffled. Double Jim Caldwell took a plot and -- keep me. Yeah I definitely am. Given I still did understood did you understand it in -- understood I I sounded surprised about what. Okay okay. I will put Kevin on hold I'd sort of make sure I understand them that is our our guy was -- -- surprise and yet some say after that. However make sure that he has an opportunity that way in and he give his take. I didn't sound surprised that drew. Was ahead of Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on clutch quarterbacks. According to Bucky Brooks. And surprise me. I'm actually -- and say look knows. He gets he gets and he gets his -- he gets his due. The sometimes he's a bit overshadowed by Peyton Manning I think and Tom Brady. -- -- justified. You look at some of the national eight salivating over Manning and Brady Rodgers to aunt -- big -- writers felt like them. As as a player and I he's a heck of a quarterback. Not surprised though. See -- -- group mean just cared up in the fourth quarter clutch Smart with the football doesn't make bad decisions. That's a Jazz to a quarterback right especially games on the sports talk on W two LA anathema daka. I think of training day that I hear that song. Yours -- never seen training they would Denzel Washington the do you watch him train police and ironically having an LA. Narcotics. In not narcotics division Denzel plays dirty -- that it's. Dealing drugs shaking down drug dealers -- and a rookie guy -- and rookie cop is higher morals. And once that. What to do the right thing anyway. Claim training day everytime I hear that song Clarence and Algiers you're on WB well. Hey -- think that the document. It's -- -- court in about whether to play quarterback. -- -- there without appropriate that -- can't read it about you outlined in Miami. Country respect out there that game on the road it directly -- You know Eric the great and look at it as -- unit that doctor doctor -- -- meant according to Bucky Brooks is it to you right Clarence. See -- back from Anchorage Alaska -- Jack. Again it would bracket company you hit you know that India. You know that that you exploratory well currently a charity idea. There you know they like it obviously -- job apparently. Oh yeah. Yeah employers in the frown upon that I know if I -- so I just fell asleep right now you'd have to host the show yet the finish out. You about that but you know our RQ are you actually can't do -- in our hotel -- Yeah I'm gonna why you gonna go out there. About a architecture -- -- they have. Only that it accommodations like put -- bad that our hotel out in like other and it did it -- -- less than you were at it it at their. I don't know. Yeah fine hotels. Nine dollars and ninety. I imagine roughly. Eric it -- -- our heart out like that you know about Bob. Yeah. No no no bump and here oh Clarence look I appreciate. He won loyal callers certainly when I'm on the air it out I appreciate that but no Balkan the year god I as far as -- -- on line at their Tuesday so you have to. He had to find finally on on that point are. Go to or did -- -- imagine that they were gonna -- -- liked -- tree out -- -- Yet Jim hokey and Deke you're gonna get through you know deep that applies in like the -- -- -- their drive and it's gonna be a scenic. Drive sponsored in Jim Jim likes that kind of stuff so it was deacon speaks like mastered the art of drafting me he knows how to get the maximum gas. -- an update on. I got at K Ian Poulter and it is you tell you to take. It might be treatment when it impact maker a guy like eighteen cubic. Still in my era to about treatment in street. It taking QB in the -- and if you take what you. Yes. Text me the note emailed me Christian had to -- that you elect John I gladly takes them. Few weeks byes haven't had one and for ever in what they're shot. Born down onto them come back at hey look I love the takes and he replies -- pry the best. Suggestion I've gotten. Yeah out -- that it's out there you know apple we can't see them. -- course it would seem that there. -- all over it's called us from Australia in the job out there actor yes. Anchorage Alaska yet but yes I think RG -- Can fall asleep on the I mean it's usually. You know you see these sites come up with. Five things you can't do on the job right one album oh by the way on our website at W black on the just decides. And the company worker decides skeptically jacket pay a prostitute but anyway -- that's one thing I'll definitely too fired right but fall asleep probably number one. You know stealing from them obviously but. Falling asleep on the college job yet -- Usually doesn't go over too well. And I don't know actually not to get back a buddy of mine Joseph obviously his last -- about it. He if he's listening right now he he's gonna -- blow my phone he would sleep ball time on his job this year. -- called. When I'd go to work early in the morning at 334 -- and more -- home just to chat with them what are you don't -- sleeper in. Must be nice. 2601878. Till 386689087. -- excellent at 44 -- but far was clutch. Also threw a lot of interceptions but you're right. Mean in the fourth quarter look. And it. Quarterback. And a pick that not active Obama now I have a hard time not taking Joseph Montana. In the clutch over Brett Favre. But -- led his fair share comebacks. -- You know I don't know if you saw that did that. Debate over whether it's time to retire. Brett Favre Jersey at their Green Bay and if the organization that town is ready for it happened -- that do it this year. One -- need to. By that time I've said in a couple weeks ago I think it's and its ancient history his time with the Jets Minnesota Vikings and look out pretty critical Brett. This whole retiring on retiring 456788. Times but. Like to watch that guy play. The course Saint Andrews over from the NFC title game this is not Detroit this is the Super Bowl the call from. Radio play by play guy for the Minnesota Vikings. After they didn't Ron I'm Brett Favre was looking to be in a game in his ankle twisted up will bitten. At crucial play Tracy Porter intercepted when he threw back across feel the Sidney Rice but he can ramp that. First down kind of extended drive to easily kicked a field goal four yards and he had to go he throws. 260187803866889087. Should a city that does not own an NFL team host the draft. Regardless. If their market to now I don't really out I don't think they should. Host. If you have a team. You -- host. Mean did the NFL c'mon out to Longo and say no super doubles. Or. A city that doesn't have a team -- and apply for the draft. 2601878. -- 368890. It's evident. The cajun cannon Bobby -- coming up after the news headlines with on -- Welcome back to sports talk given -- sit tight -- I here Darren. Think the top of the hour news of CBS. News portion about. Did you ever we ever drive it right and cars the kids and parents coaches if you don't knock off back there. I'm not turn this car around -- let that happen in the quite often. My dad was in the military drive to New Orleans from. Kentucky he was stationed at Fort Knox sister and I would be in the back seat. He'd take leave and come and that is my mom dad grew up in New Orleans -- hold. And it would be 345 hours into the ride. Inevitably mean my sister -- be back in a backseat act in a fool's cup but to me. Don't do that. My dad tells us that that to -- That kind of stuff. And we get this. You'll it to my dad returners are not turn this car right now. I wish -- have been Smart enough. In bold enough. To say allows them around 91011. Yeah I'm glad that area. Yeah don't go to new worlds go back to Fort Knox Kentucky yet shared don't -- center out. I loved to have seen the reaction from my -- up I would again smoked right there right -- Metairie you're on WB well. -- -- -- -- -- -- All going to be part of ours who took the refs. To become. A -- numbers. Oh. There will rise to the city -- -- possibility. Of the draft. I'll bet -- BK owners. -- -- Why sure day really the better it's. Well. First. Yeah with the GM. Reward those NFL cities another thing. To of reward. Cities that maybe missed out Super Bowl cannot host a suitable why we can't let you know Super Bowl will draft. It's so his day on the calendar. On the regular. Played that way you do that now franchise. During. -- you you can't get the Super Bowl then you also eligible to get. Combo it and a combo would take a phone call Jim Bobby bare a tool dues will step away we come back. We'll get the cajun cannon in the weigh in on this. -- should a city that is not known NFL team posted draft this is sports talk a Kristian -- and for the Sylvia. You're listening to WW LA anathema -- out gearing up for training camp. One week from today they want for the seem to be in the books in Greenbrier. White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. Joining me now the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. How are about. Christian just land and the most as a unit burrows in and out I heard you talking about you know holes in the draft. And where they -- -- and does that has been no greater. That obviously -- happened -- rotation because the whole Hollywood is sitting. You know the then I would say that it deserves to hold -- -- draft. This city's now I that it is not the market. Mean you give my take on this the right ultimately EU and reward. Use it as a kind of a you know another reward like a Super Bowl would be were you know ward a reward I should say. No that's what I'm trying to avoid the hit a yet now that's a Toronto boy because that's ultimately what turned into is because you got that if you got the billion dollars shiny new stadium. Then you get the -- -- -- you know -- -- Bobby so obviously -- -- jump right in on the on the host of the of the draft if you're not an NFL city. What's on your eleventh fund today what's what's on your list of -- can't live without for three weeks if you you know you -- one of their degree -- with its number one on your list of things you can't live without. If you pat well I. The day -- you'd love Peters from the arc in their life. You know Betts to wait too long and RB and neither side so particular -- opportunity like that your there's also the they want me I cannot do it well. It does sound machines that are so yeah. Yet the sleep at night as I was have been silent. It is sit down machine can act like here at all should in babbling brook. -- -- -- -- -- -- like -- knowledge. Yeah I go look -- understand him. You know about it initially -- on their background noise as something so yeah I cannot live. Possibly replicate that I'm -- a relief. I don't think about that -- at the include that on mileage on my acting class I'd like to give one I don't normally like if I was in the music you know that can LB. It's even though Hokies big on the fan you know box fans he's pro -- I -- that noise is constant. You know Tuesday off and all the quote old -- nailed a knows -- rating college but I never understood that and -- -- -- the computer with it. You know -- And quality and ultimately. Get along -- who -- -- and the fans ankle but. Good noise concept that you know. But getting your act in -- home could have distractions there in and night. -- actually you know what you kind of -- now. You know Vietnam this year so the. Bobby Bucky Brooks of nfl.com. You know list of top ten clutch quarterbacks. In the National Football League Drew Brees at number one he says the eight time pro -- Was brilliant under pressure and when he thirteen listen some of these numbers posting a 118 quarterback rating. 69%. Completion rate fifteen to three touchdown interception ratio when trailing by eight points or fewer now. He also sparkled in the red zone 243 to one touchdown interception ratio in the red zone. And -- two minute drill 65% completion. Percent six to one touchdown interception ratio so Drew Brees number one clutch quarterback in the National Football League LA here in that. Well and -- that play in it and it. Real easy. Decision. Apparently that's -- and YouTube in -- you look at the NFL quarterbacks. And built that you -- right there in -- is it was the pick has beat itself that's why the two week. Because in thirty odd. And I look at these young. And that's why they operate almost 370 look at that true. Where he's at night not going to be that I don't think he's still have a strong -- -- Here maybe five. Yeah I mean the way he's playing in it obviously injuries as you well know. Certainly evident tactic that's got to stay healthy Tony Romo at six on this list Bobby in in you know if Bucky Brooks points out some pretty interesting stats here and in Tony Romo but I was surprised to see this is our call. What last year I think Denver to a critical. Interception and it seems like I've seen Tony Romo throw a few of them in the fourth or quite critical junctures in the game but. In -- Tony Romo six on this list. It is that the spot available. Where you know obviously you could you look into cobbler in my life. We didn't have sports ought to be negative perception. Brewers it's almost wrecked would be a lot better in their defense is better. I mean I truly believe that that call any time. -- scored thirty like that had been brought you out Colgate gave me a break I mean he scored thirty. I'm that you should not lose so I think -- that'd be there and that's an -- You were on the nature optimistic about the bases because that he. We talked about on paper weather. And -- -- yeah I expect it again to double digit wins last year. Right now it's almost like in program back on board. Second year in the rubbed wrong line. -- injured bird hopefully because backward -- of the you Utica all -- OK. Progress double digit win like that lack in -- who. You know you put in a traditional -- -- -- Kurt and so what you expected to win it not being expected to win district every year. Well right now -- figured. Out yet but. It certainly seems to -- more. No we need to get short eleven and twelve and a better to maybe that one he didn't have -- would -- who would know to get the 20. Bobby is their position group. -- that has you most intrigued as far as watching. As at corner are senator CU millions of winning -- job. -- -- I would. Like it is in the trade it better because they're going to go hard. What was that job. On the funeral -- -- the city. On that opposite corner. Of Q who could step up a little -- like -- greatly. Record white solitude at second and third cornerback. It intrigue you to be in and also. Allowed the leadership of the floor well a little more physical that is like a soft spoken a leader and leading by example. An out to bring -- that you're in. It and the ball in different expressions like now like. Where Reggie put it in there well and we have high expectations and build a skilled hybrid type players. So you don't wanna put pressure on what do we look at it that this right now. Could you wanna -- weekly as -- in the secondary. That I cornerback. Situation obviously it'd -- you watch he coached me probably Beijing are answered it a winner Jerry -- going to be available. Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan treated. Yesterday that he in the Jared -- working out together so. -- I -- but. It. Nobody am ready to roll go week one against Atlanta and a building. That the new environment. And you eagle in the classroom they execute better you took etiquette for Brett and actually full speed -- I think in the ideas -- the only to go out there in the week of the out in -- and he's all I've ever seen. I can be -- higher level than there was Deion Sanders. Where Buick on the -- well look out -- in equipment. That they can. That they make the initial. Report practiced a late. And held. Inhaled the one -- support New York. Clearly. He. Is though he's. Bobby mean -- about are gonna go low white water -- or up there. Training can be game. On the yet but a I'll go to that put you like -- and helmet on that we've probably end up that's solutions that you knew probably in the in the water -- -- the -- Yeah. -- work out. You know you don't have to increasing -- ball a lot to you and ultimately get him regular -- there's only about a lot of fun that it about probably. There and not -- -- -- you know happily -- start. I don't know I don't know futility I think he's going to be award because it's not like -- what to -- The elegant Fordham and we get -- the whole crew out their. The a jail and you ala. The only -- who -- Laying down. Acumen on the ball out of there and -- feel like. Resort resort and those. A -- that long ago now a Phillies. That would be easier than that but is that -- I you'll see you Monday -- -- Jahri Evans all pro guard for the two on Saints. Joining us on Monday so we'll see money about a. All right I cricket team and the new. Aren't. They cajun cannon Bobby there here on a WL IMF and the pack -- Obstacle -- like now not peaking angle on TK going to chicken. This is sports thought 9888. The Tex lines is -- can't do without my C -- machine. Darth Vader the Darth Vader mask it I don't have to have one I'm probably should use one that's or a little bit. But. Yet can't live without that those that that need that I've heard it. Certainly helps you get that rim sleep right that all important grimsley where your body totally. -- that's when your pitchers in the most -- rest possible right next -- cup power coming your way. Jim hail from fox sports. Will what she's sat down the NT Bob. On double coverage this morning talking about the pelicans and the latest there Jim dunaway wrapping up SEC media days radio host in Birmingham Alabama. Villa -- wrap up SEC media days he also visited with -- NT about it and mark Sonji new head football coach at jesuit high school. Just think you -- last week. He's done enough to join -- -- double coverage as one too so you hear from. All three of those Nextel also continue taking your phone calls at 260187. -- told 386688908. Sending text me and 870. 878. Should an NFL Marshall a city that does not own an NFL team host the draft it between Chicago and Los Angeles. What would be what should be the criteria should be market size the glitz and glamour of Hollywood you heard Bobby -- that how do you decide who gets. In the second or third biggest day on the NFL calendar besides the Super Bowl. Obviously have -- one that's a big big day big weekend but the draft -- Highly televised most watched in reality TV it's reality TV real drama. Right there without any script. Be written. So what do you think. Which should be the criteria. Host the NFL draft 260187. They told 386680. Nine's -- -- if you're gonna trade him maybe you're not. To watch the Saints. Your goal for three weeks what would you pack mean no one thing a couple things you couldn't live without for three weeks. Will be the top priority on your packing list same numbers well sports thought one more hour ago right here on WW LA anathema WWL dot com.