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07-18 7pm sportstalks/ Saints Training Camp

Jul 18, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks about the latest on the Pelicans and the Saints training camp...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I will call the power hour. Final one year on sports talk Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. WB well I am FM in WB well dot com will continue taking your phone calls. If you had the training camp or not but you can imagine you're gone for three weeks. Would you. Will be the number with the could not live without. Top priorities on the packing list but also. Should a city that does not own an NFL team get to host the draft Chicago Los Angeles in the running for the point fifteen draft. What should be the criteria. How do you decide. Who gets. The NFL draft it's not going to be New York anymore. 260187. It's all 3866889087. In. This hour -- health and fox sports. Talk about the pelicans. Sat down mean T Bob visit it would mean to about on double coverage this morning freedom to a thirteen 50 AM Jim dunaway. Wrapping up SEC media days. And mark Sonji new head football coach at jesuit. Taken over last week for -- -- -- will start. With Jim -- Earlier this -- On double coverage to -- Jim dunaway radio host of WI AT and Birmingham joining us now wrapping up SEC media days in Hoover Alabama and it's quite an eventful four days out there -- It was you know the -- be packed yesterday after four days in the lobby that was right there. Our next to the of the -- with -- all the pain so I'm trying to take it as much British Open the -- week altered. After you know -- football into the bet they're they're really negating and it was calling it the immediate date I'm trying to get a little. A little European -- today about what white belt I'm not ready to go. GM. I saw a bunch of pictures being -- out yesterday. We all know about Alabama's fans show for his spring game. Obviously -- for everything. What's the bigger the SEC media days in Alabama because not only is it just been a bit -- it all over Betemit. It seems like everybody comes operatives. But yeah I. Obviously you guys understand that there are certain number dictate that people take orders that answers your blue in the crimson flew in July picnic at. The Alabama amazing the number of people that take all worked through basically. If you've never been that he he me daydreaming about television the only thing they get to the RB need to get up stay here dab in the lobby where they're in Spain. So they feed him some of the players not all -- but Alabama Auburn only unit but walked across the war. Of a normal hotel. In their roped off. And -- got a few autograph -- -- -- they'll beat the coaches will spot ample -- -- spot autograph and -- an elevator they're gone later become -- radio row where we are on the main lobby. They'll do a couple interviews and -- -- an escalator at -- -- a. All you can bet that that's what the fans are coming out for. There's players there there there yet today I guess I got here about 7:30 in the morning and they were there -- I'm hopeful a lot arrive at eleven and so some people waited on the -- for a three hours in one guy oh and and we kept him out flew all the way -- rilya. Nick Saban and yet I'd be you appeared to make sure that they don't went over autographed football and and -- but he people look at -- -- Australia you've been down to that he'd expect. While I always hear about 85%. Right 85% of their fans don't go to Tampa I didn't realize that. And they related and ouster if we had pets are pretty insane -- Dumps no international ballot blows that -- the way that they stretch is all down to Australia new event and it's opinions and a we're totally Jim -- here on that double coverage host of jocks roundtable. At WI AT Birmingham Jim. This west that the SEC west this season looks absolutely insane and so many question marks. A lot up for grabs a lot of uncertainty. -- what have heart its you playing out who's your favorite here. I think awkward though I think Alabama if -- if the quarterback is cool. And -- but I just couldn't I couldn't pick Alabama despite all the talent around him. Without seeing -- Jake Coker. At least one time on the field you got nick Marshall back he got that unbelievable lofted the glide. That Gilbert or starters back and they were too -- last year in the way they ran the football last year dispelled. Almost obligated to break all for your number one choice despite the proper schedule and Alabama has the talent to win it. If the quarterback is -- how big of a gamble. Did that pretty transfer reported that you get it's act it's you know laughter after made it that a little bit of a gamble. Jim dunaway radio host of the BI AT and Birmingham Alabama. And Jim. Win you look at SEC media days and has -- there was a number of starts right Kevin someone had some. Some good one liners and some some -- at the -- and jabs at the media along with. Knicks' David certainly Steve Spurrier but Nick Saban was asked about. The possibility. That. Texas was reportedly. Ready to hand him a hundred million dollars to -- and there are a head coaching job. And he quickly denied it and we've heard that before from Nick Saban do you do you think there's any legs to that at Texas. Was prepared to give them on a million dollars to go to before. Well all five -- or so on our station and I know Paul and I feel like he had that double sourced from both sides that the red. Texted boosters and Alabama boosters. On the figures that he had to do you book about a twelve to fifteen million dollars signing bonus of 100 million dollar. Long term contract space between ten years ten million dollars a year. Incidents and it's so. I feel comfortable that the boosters at that he would play. Now you know chip brown who covered Texas me and has really great contact -- that at number seven million dollars. -- maybe yesterday I don't -- you lying you looked a bit comment -- bed. I'd never had a conversation with -- is about you know their job or 100 million dollars -- that. The key word there conversation and we're all big boys we know -- -- all this stuff works at Texas wanted -- statement. -- conversation deliberate but super agent Jimmy sexton. But tip of the cap to give me great big contract is up for now. And and in fact it would happen along the statement that you're you get back that I ability you don't take it got up that really work well. Tour the coach -- state that the school. In this school within that meeting turned out that way they don't have Bagram air -- To some degree in and the coaches always been able that they really -- -- -- -- them -- never thought. It's -- speaking of star performances act these media week. You know you normally you know you look for some good for mad hatter heated disappoint. He put a whole fevered -- it was just incredible classic. Miles but it really to me that this start probably Spurrier and subway and -- think came out on top as far as -- in the media being there are things that are. What are your body language in his comment let me note he thinks South Carolina. Is really good with eerie how let me you know it. Someone is the one that I couldn't figure out. Because the way he treated this dark and no questions I mean I -- if you had to know that he is gonna get -- -- no question and he was like. I'd actually like the kid -- -- get -- get remember his name or. Yeah like. Yeah it the way he did the cold shoulder on the man no question. Wouldn't mind boggling to me for what Beckett did protected and -- the last year. I would have almost walked out with a -- football he sure honor and they'll I think it's good breaks. And usually sub on the personable guy. But he went all cold shoulder I'm not talking about -- -- -- and that was just big you know year reaction from a guy who I think it really media that. Questions -- relevant. Jim -- your radio host of UIAT. In Birmingham happens folks value on Twitter. Architect Jim dunaway was one and -- DI AM do you have a WA I guts and I love him or -- -- they interact. Thanks for the time we appreciate Jim -- stuff will -- W during the football season for sure. No problem what cart Carty you work what you do cooperate you know that's been the yeah yeah I mean that's that's allowed reason -- is not a -- is a little right now it's sad part is he's pretty hard. Jim dunaway WI AT in Birmingham earlier this morning with. Myself and a T Bob Hebert on double coverage breaking down wrapping up. SEC media days is -- sports talk on WWL I am FM and a -- to do well dot com. Tonight Ellis to a show compelling topics -- to talk about the latest on Malaysian airlines flight seventeen plus some of the so those begging for money or cigarettes downtown are intimidating tourists complaints have come. The visitors standing outside of hotels smoking. How -- police ever stop people aggressively. Pain and going. What's been your experience for you walk on the streets in the world as you get hit on aggressively for money by -- analyst -- show the push boundaries on the sky wave reaching 38 states and beyond week nights eight to midnight right year. On WWL also be the first to know important here now with seeded Saints training camp coming up trying to combine two words saying camp. Could be something to work on it. Be the first to know breaking news about the Saints LSU -- the pelican sign up right now for our WWL -- the lurch just text the word. Sports to 87870. Message and data rates may apply. Also follow our sports team on Twitter get live tweeting live updates. During training camp. At WB well I am FM at Bobby -- three. At Deke big chief on act Christian Garrett want that tee about 53. Steve Geller at Steve Geller WQB well Steve court. Seat sixty of course at my TA as well. 260187. -- -- 3866889087. The pelicans have lots of talk about recently. -- -- their roster quietly assembling a pretty solid team according -- a lot of that NBA experts I've heard kind of break it down and opined there but. Jim -- fox sports all over the NBA scene in. Covering the New Orleans pelicans join -- -- -- Bob -- on double coverage three B well thirteen 50 AM earlier today you -- a busy off season. For the new world -- Omar -- added to the -- Seeing on -- they also adding now Jimmer Fredette. Could that be -- could that spell doom for Austin Rivers joining us now -- fox sports. All over the pelicans beat all the NBA scene Tim how are -- I'm -- morning and -- at Nike guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think everybody's got to like the option move to LaRoche to -- anti Patriots desperately needed to help. Armed conflict if approved in better and I got you pretty adults now apparently an arm and really seeing his pairing with its 88 if you're -- that -- front court. Extremely -- the ball extremely quickly. I'm perfectly executed and and that to me and it apparently -- Elkhart. -- you know -- -- you can. -- at crooked cat and you want to pick I think the moral. Think it's good and healthy. I think I'll aren't appropriate -- stability. Court keeping our fingers -- -- -- If they like it and it hit eight POK for people a lot and it could be an actual goal each pool. You know Orton -- and yeah all on track and in are expected to make us out and unfortunately she locked and the -- -- -- a real quick I heard you said as she look we we go back and forth. Keep your voice how do you say -- I can't correct it and I actually got to teetering on that we get a lot they score Britney can talk -- pocket. -- about a mere edit oh year almost like aged adult -- -- and our. All right are adamant that. That's -- -- of the last name our. I see a case oh Amir -- we bought a we got game over that's in the took gates are opened the year she. -- when you look at this -- team a lot of talk last year you know ways Monty Williams to play and there are some injuries. You're in that you're around -- lot of around those players what's the atmosphere amongst the players concerned Coach Williams. Would love money. I keeping -- center and Ernie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tyreke Evans the inning apparently it was our kids Ernie has -- has been legally and -- I can get it -- accept them China that culture and you Boylan. And I think our players. Q well here's a stamp on -- they're. Just -- -- get. -- players' backs and he let his players he dedicated to I had. And try to play -- are expected track extra. -- -- -- lefties in 27. In the league in defense creativity out thirty like that's terrible and money runs as we defensive minded coach. Is that where -- presents its going to be felt the most on the defensive side ball. I looked at added credit cost -- -- Easy -- and broke -- around him her. -- -- a powerful blocker on hand to watch -- let. Hopefully it can get help for for eight. Air her career for me and he -- yeah. Really quiet and and can play out -- to come automatic and so hopefully it is. Older. A little bit more veteran track changed. Her more match I felt like I've earned the -- a bit. -- -- Jim. -- about trying to cross into -- around here but. I'll look at your Twitter. The pictures you've had quite a summer the Indians. As a -- now I did and you'd seen it -- -- it alls at CU in Las Vegas what's been your favorite. Summer trip so far. I'll go on here you know I'm -- and I can't it happen -- and you got three years is it a great. Polluted kick or actually are healthy can reach her. I think probably IRI and any Czech Republic and -- ballot our oral. And -- it can really call chip Graham spent. A lot of -- Can't get it Schilling get Lee I had about the at. Her she -- LA. And it happened at a -- -- our ops. Not Christian Derek -- about a very here with the -- hale on double coverage -- -- we will thirteen 53 to 013 fifty that comment. -- on you over the green prior to write. And it for those that are -- wondering what it's like that they didn't really nice piece of breaking down the how to get ready for the Saints what's it like up there at the Greenbrier. -- gorgeous it's it -- matter and Adam that have to. I had never even if I you're all. -- back me a little bit out. Out. Heard react almost -- pop into your -- like like three weeks and I'm. When they had an eerie echo in short -- Even me. And being trapped up there. Who yes very very I don't know if leading lady at the at me telling -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it up there. And -- it out like he -- I can't recreational. Out Gary. Definitely. Yeah yeah yeah I don't look like I meet with the help it. -- and I don't -- -- yeah I don't know what you really. Do whatever it is. Robin are gonna go Whitewater rafting accident that. -- -- that have plenty to do and what -- really track meet them and I don't like I would like they the end you know is Alex. I -- it. Records -- -- they have the team and but he just kept stopping me in. Different questions about how comfortable. -- would. -- -- mood how they like to be treated here ready rule out the red carpet they. Feel like this is the year. That shot at being connected -- out to an out there and make the most event. Hopefully it will go our way at accomplishing -- the goal of I'd written all semi and letting other strong bonding experience. Are getting a lot of work time. I you know stop Whitney -- she Latin -- -- Sox aren't the -- -- and so hopefully. Don't have similar -- that. Well did help fox sports' great workers always in. Look thinks about that time will catch a reason. Okay thank Ted Kennedy day. Jim hail from fox sports joining me to you about earlier this morning. On a double coverage recapping the latest on the New Orleans pelicans more for -- on line at WW well. Dot com also the latest on the Malaysian flight shot down over the Ukraine President Obama said. At least one American was killed in its a global tragedy called for an an incredible international investigation the president said. Missiles act as a wake -- calls from the Ukraine conflict has consequences for the world you can listen for updates every half hour right here. On WWL are ready -- warping your ball on line four in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should a city that does not host -- does not have an NFL team host the NFL draft. 71% say no point 9% say yes. Chicago and Los Angeles in the mix the final two team -- two cities I should say to host the 2015 draft -- The commissioner. When he gets some conflicts from the Radio City Music Hall in New York saying that. He couldn't accommodate the NFL schedule in the longer. Commissioners that I found were taken our game. Elsewhere Chicago and Los Angeles. Chicago obviously as the Bears Los Angeles as dot dot dot a team one day. Not currently. In yet this is kind of you can see the rationale behind it. The potential to draft in Los Angeles -- -- you know like it doesn't mean I think it should happen. Number two market in the country they want some a team possibly teams there. That might be the next spot that probably will be the next spot the team lands. In an expansion. There in London. Were you seen the Rams and Raiders. Get out of there and leave -- leave Los Angeles. Citing lack of support etc. but should. A city that is not own an NFL team host the draft. What should be the criteria and how would you decide who gets the second biggest day ultimately. On the NFL count you can weigh in at 260187. He told 3866889. At 0870. Invite you to take part -- already jaguar people online at W elect come. Right now 71% -- no point 9% saying yes to that very question should the city does not have. And it -- team. Host the draft. On the text line and 87870. 260187. It's all 3866 inning 90 eights having this is sports talk on WL I am FM WWL dot com still to come. Mark Sonji head football coach -- Jazz. Saint -- rated ahead of the training camp SEC media days in the books football right around the corner also don't get about the the prep scene now. Mark Sonji. Making his second stint at jesuit as they had the ball coats shoes there. Brother Marten as well and he returned last week after a week Kaiser stepped down and then mark Sonji. Visit to me -- about earlier today on a double coverage he's excited to be back. With the Blue Jays joining us now marks on the head football coach at -- back in the game now and I just took over -- it was last week for that as a. All remarked how aria from our guys are you gonna go to more. Where do -- -- -- her man happy to have you on and it's not quick story. Mark he's go to brother Marten in a long time -- the first another week or I thought I wanted to be a high school football coach Moore was kind enough to let you out for the freshman -- yeah I've realised quickly that look at and -- -- -- it I wasn't as good at it market not a lot of -- the -- over there might have boulevard and what those four kids how they are -- OK and yeah I think there all right they edited to -- damage that I mark. Are you good you're good five what you learned outbreak earlier on their you're calling you what should do it right now. But I didn't. -- all the -- -- our football -- -- -- -- You did behind with cooler -- that you made it look like he's. That the and I would not. Blog so just Greg. So just talk about what's ahead of you for a year and this football program -- Jazz couldn't. What you guys are which are taking over there and and know which trying to accomplish. Well you know the timing of this was all very sudden and and crazy. You know Lou -- Carter to do what he's got to do it and we wish them especially with Shaq but he did leave book. A really good staff are really good football team and program. For someone to pick up and how fortunate enough to pick that up -- really excited about. The program a walk and back into the the huge. -- that we get coming back. That the coach experienced and stay intact and I'm -- about that. And I you know we wish we got to get ready to put some really good football pickle well on the way to that. They were pretty good physical condition in there and we're all football people -- with some leadership going back from the critics are -- we have around the corner. It's really up to me that you have to be aware they -- -- more than -- Mark taken over as late as you have. I. He changed much is as far as what's may be already been in place -- do you plan changed much sir are you gonna come and go with what what they've been doing. -- want to -- I really am a big fan of the staff spoke of got the watcher per broadcasting induced. First of film the last few years I think they do a great job with the cute they have in the plans that they have in place so. I'm -- I'm not about to go in there and ask our kids you -- coaches to -- show here are good things that I wanted because it's not broken shall not try to picture. Really liked it it'll just a little bit in my whole flavor to it which. It's it's pretty much in mind what they're doing. -- -- local -- line guy and I like to run the football but I think that -- -- tossing it around their real effectively in. Aren't the same time I think your football team in the past that though when it's come down to -- the -- And everybody knows you have the right they've got a really good job up front with that. So -- terrific -- right well we offensively and course or work -- -- Magglio regard defensive coordinator. -- just don't find jobs anybody around some really excited about being being able put them there. Marx on you hit the ball go to coach at jesuit speaking if you dobbs language when. Talk about your O line experience and and run the football and and mark what did you learn is there one or two things he appointed you learned about. You know from your time at boulevard that maybe. You look back and go you know I wanna do this differently. From the -- a lot of things that are actually ago. For the first time. I just a weird will put a really nice program together that it's a community here we're really you got -- a great. Perhaps you've got to have a great group appeared -- gonna -- -- supported the gracious and we had that are both -- did not go as well. Boris what a great kid great coaches -- -- we weren't able pull it all together my community standpoint I guess you could say. Well you're welcome back to just got that again got steps for -- got a great administration open that there. The kids are trying to it -- -- officially yet. Call 21 or two of them but I think that there are trying to. About me being able come -- keep their staff together and to move forward from there. Mark what are some of the. Unique challenges you -- you ever really met the kids yet -- to some of the unique challenges in meeting them. This late here in July -- you ready for football season right away. You know last Monday all -- not happen. And I I was tired or announced that -- when he -- first of all it was a shocker these guys salute their head coach when we didn't. Yeah and secondly to have me come in with some of them know who I am a -- have no idea so. Yeah I had a vacation coming up shortly after the announcement in part of it with my family really excited about doing that but. Kind of put off meet your kid because. You know no -- about it and -- chance to make a good first impression. Or make sure that my act together when these guys beat you for the first time in. I'll know one of the maker. Either a great with a lot of things we reduce them flies. And get my act together bring him in on the first period football and they're gonna have you coached me at that time and not think that that's -- -- what -- do it. Mark you mentioned -- there -- other the flexibility. That you have as far as you know not trying to force. Your thoughts insisting on the guys. It's that flexibility something that you would like to see maybe more coaches a doctor is that going to be key to having success at -- And I think. Every situation to will be different. And you are a period this has happened. Six months ago. And and that I was lucky enough for the time to get the ducks' six months ago. I'm looking at the draft and what they've gone and the production that this group of coaches and had a little few years. I don't think others are saying anything differently than I am right now a really -- of the group. -- there are mostly guys have been really -- the right way prep football -- a walk through work for me great people should be great as coaches. In the past and wade is one of those guys where. You know reduce their their students from the thing I think they're great teacher will be very would get their point across -- -- -- you -- the -- really important. And so I don't think I'd I'd change a thing really. You know has. -- coach is left or something like that where I had to give morn ball mark certainly do that but. I just I dislike which -- -- a really good. Marks on the head football coach at jesuit. Joining us here on a double coverage mark I know you're anxious to get go -- we won't take up too much for your time in the go work we're happy for you we look forward to great things of that blue -- program and a man I can't wait to see back on the field back on the sidelines. This fall on the -- Booker should be great if she knew it well enough. -- -- border here we knew he bobbled you know you're out here enough starting -- from the war and for our football. And now guys just thank you all very much for the time -- well orchestrated lecture -- -- allow me to stop other people. Mark stodgy earlier this morning on double coverage review all thirteen 50 AM in the NT about me there taking over that blue Jay program. A big fan his -- Kobe does well over there just would not love it's -- -- Cut our teeth right high school prep gridiron lot of fun. Watching high school football in this great state all the talent that's out here the sports talk on WB well I am FM and WWL dot com. New Orleans has more restaurants than ever that -- more fun for authorities and Tom Fitzmorris oh well the food show enjoy him. For the Saturday edition of the food showed noon tomorrow for three full hours he'll tell you. Where did -- for whatever -- you're looking for he takes suggestions about your favorite restaurants and dishes. And if he -- Tom won't you be cooking tips to the future with Tom Fitzmorris noon 3 PM. On WW all the news talk and sports leader. Kentucky. She's mechanic. President and managing director of the Greenbrier. -- lay out everything how the process unfolded it. With getting the Saints -- up there for training camp particulates. Jeff can make the president and managing director at the Greenbrier you can tell. Very excited White Sulphur Springs very excited to have the Saints. Come up there and you know be up there report sixties while at the latest for everything. Wall to wall c.'s coverage right here on W -- on tire sports team headed up there. To the Greenbrier and coming up the scoot showed about three and a half minutes here and -- just walked into the walked into the studio kind enough to to hang out only furcal minutes. Who the Malaysian airlines flight I'm sure you guys have played seventeen we'll have some conversation on that in -- -- there yet the latest on the. -- and also how the president is handling this you know and in 1983 -- You know Ronald Reagan be president for just a couple of years and the Soviets shot down the Korean civilian. Airline flights and Reagan left his vacation in California. And flew back to Washington had very tough words for the Russians. At that time Soviet Union the evil. Evil empire. So it'll be interesting to see how this this plays out and there will be a lot of pressure on President Obama to. To be tough with -- Could you go. What's the number one thing you could not live without for three weeks on trying to get together packing list for green briar which is -- what these you know three weeks could live without. I mean assuming that you're gonna have TV hearing the Elliott -- Look at Saturday TV it would be an item I mean -- -- a -- of -- possession and aside from material things like -- things like that. Food. You could throw food there. Yeah. So it's at red beans I mean honestly I'd like to I like to snack on on special -- cereal with -- went out to -- -- my stack so that would be my comfort zone. And I I would definitely -- wanna have them with me now obviously I would like my -- with me -- my laptop putting those served as those are two obvious you're thinking about. Maybe some things that somebody has -- thought and I really don't I guess I don't need a lot in my life so I really don't think there's too much that I would need around. -- -- -- coming up. Or talk about opposites attracting you know and I'm dating somebody we're very very different and I I know people who were very much like me. But I don't I don't I can live with -- so is it true that opposites attract in what is it that's different about your your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend your partner. What is this different about them that you think helps make the relationship work. -- is married and choose my ex wife complete opposite of -- minutes while walker. Well who -- acts as I'm sure a lot of people do feel that way it's but opposites are opposites do attract in some ways saw I'd like to sort of conversation about -- awarded the things that are actually different about. You when your spouse that you think makes the makes the relationship work. Also it's it's going to be a rainy weekend in all probability so we'll -- we'll talk about things that you can do. When it when it rains I mean I lived in Seattle and Portland and if you let the rain Bobby and weekend you'd never go out on weekends sleep. So we'll catch up on sleep and Ryan Slovakia will talk about that I've got other stuff as well. The -- show coming up next at 8 o'clock. The final hour here Jackie Harris takes a -- for your help. Would that Monday KG can -- back in here as well as we get ready for Saints training camp don't get. Monday and 510. Would have all pro guard for the two world sees Jahri Evans right year. On sports talk WW LA anathema WL dot com -- filed out.