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07-18 8pm Scoot/ Panhandlers, tension with Russia

Jul 18, 2014|

Scoot talks about the growing problem with panhandlers who beg from locals as well as tourist...ALSO.... A Mylasian airline was shot down over the Ukraine; allegedly with Russian assistance.

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Good evening a look at George showing this Friday night we are heading into the weekend I don't know what's in town if anything in particular recent town and others the details of the cocktail. On both parties in town. But don't -- seems to be really crowded and and some of the downtown parking lots are part -- full as he signs that are showing at their full everywhere so. A lot of people -- in town this week and I see a lot of fans I kind of felt barely for a few families walking around today because they have the ponchos on doses plastic ponchos. And here they are the kids in New Orleans and it's raining but we're gonna talk about that in the time opportunity tonight. More heartbreaking stories about the Malaysian airlines flight that was shot down over the Ukraine -- talk about that. And also -- tourist and locals are constantly hit with handlers. A panhandlers. Asking for money is sometimes cigarettes -- apparently be protected by the First Amendment and what is been your experience with panhandlers and some of them can be rather aggressive. I -- -- independent which every day I'm not talking about the ones that are standing on the course the ones that that actually come up to you or six of the view when you walked by. In my neighborhood it's absolutely consistent. What's your best advice. On how to handle and it -- we'll talk about -- initially. Here's our top -- -- these are the -- things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. All right so you've heard the forecast today we've got a good chance of rain this weekend it was a very rainy day -- day it doesn't flood that often in downtown New Orleans but there were a couple of streets. There were very close to work to flooding so possibility of rain tomorrow and Sunday but it's still the weekend so I don't want you to be down. How much -- -- feel good. Well the rain change any of your plants. There's a mention my -- with their Christian just a few moments ago having lived in Seattle and Portland if we let the rain bother us then we wouldn't be going out most weekends but throughout most of the year so I don't -- the rain bother me I'm gonna make plans around that. Fortunately never really nice invitation to the the holy cross class of 1979 class reunion now part of the celebration is tonight's -- ninth and I'll be there tomorrow night. And -- that's something nice inside. A go to a movie I will talk about to dawn of the plan to VH -- a party got a text and -- says says thanks for the positive review of dawn of the planet of the -- I saw him I saw the last movie with -- very sad maybe try. Like -- we live in peace. Yeah this is a continuation of I believe it was rise. Of the planet of the -- this is sort of the continuation of that story I didn't see that. And I saw the original plan appears what we'll talk more about this later in the show but I did brighter a review of it you know I don't think there's anything -- that would spoil. The the story for anybody it was mainly about my observations. And video blog is titled apes movie as powerful messages about human nature. And it's on our website it is to be a -- dot com we'll talk more but that's a little bit later in the show but let's let's talk especially for those people who might be driving into New Orleans tonight. There thinking about well okay we plan to come here it's July we wanted to whether it be nice now you know tomorrow may it may turn out to be -- it. But there is a 60% chance of rain tomorrow and I think a 50% chance of rain. On Sunday. So does that affect your -- mean they're still so many things to do and I would hope that this doesn't affect your spirit -- or your plants. So we'll talk about things that you can do in New Orleans especially downtown or uptown if you're if you're visiting if you wanna come down just enjoy the city. Things you can do if it does turn out to be a rainy weekend. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And this study shows that people who mix alcohol with energy drinks. Have the urge to drink more than others. -- you mix alcohol with energy drinks any negative effects of that. I don't know whether this is still going on but there was a trend following some research. That which leading to two bars. Not selling. Things like Red Bull because people were drinking Red Bull and vodka. And they were not doing that because of the adverse effects of an energy drink with vodka. Vodka of alcohol I guess to some degrees to -- but it's basically -- -- depressant. It's kind of a downer especially if you. Have. Enough and then you've got the stimulus. Of the energy drink and those two things work against each other. But this -- research was done at the Australian national university center for research on -- health and wellbeing. In Australia they took participants ages eighteen to thirty. And they were assigned to eat or drink vodka mixed with soda water or vodka mixed with the popular energy drink. Now both of the cocktails did contain a little bit of fruit. And the participants did not know which they were drinking. Age don't they had a vodka and -- sort of water or the vodka and the energy drink. They answered a series of questions before they drank the cocktail. And then they answered their questions about twenty minutes after they drank the cocktail. Those who drank the cocktail with vodka and the energy drink. Reported a greater urged to continue to drink. And those who had the vodka and -- soda water. At a cocktail containing the energy drink and -- vodka. Also. Those people reported liking their drink more than those who drank only to a -- in the water but again there was a little bit of there was a little bit of a fractures in both of the race I thought that was that was interest me. Yeah well a lot of people do it I mean I've dated people who have consumed energy drinks and vodka. Does it work OK for you and here's something else that I thought we talk about tonight I am sure this is the case with you which certainly is the case Whitney. There's that one thing. If you got so drunk. It to this day you can't stand for a drink it. What is a drink for you and you've got drunk and on other things but there it seems like there's that one thing that if you get really drunk -- Under certain circumstances. For some reason that so stays in your mind that for the rest of your life. You just can't. Drink that one thing. If you -- -- -- an issue with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a -- oversee 7870. Number six on tonight's list on the top eight at eight. Second hand stress is contagious according to a new study. If this is true. Will stress be banned in the workplace. When employees who want to stress will they be told to go outside to take a stress break. Because second hand stress can affect the workplace. There's an article on our website about this to be to be real dot com also discuss blog tonight is titled second hand stress can be harmful to your health. And that's it WW -- dot com and I'm really bring up this idea that if if stress is so bad for assuming we know what is. Then if we banned secondhand smoke because smoking's bad force of stress expand force in May -- we need to take this step in as a society. Start to. -- -- And denounce people who stress. And most of all protect those of us who choose not to stress. Who might be affected by second hand stress that will be part of our discussion tonight number five on our list the top eight at eight. The national organization operation save America is planning to protest the new Planned Parenthood facility a huge facilities being built -- south Claiborne New Orleans. Organizers say that this is a fight for the heart and soul of New Orleans -- new -- police are preparing for this. This demonstration tomorrow and I think it's gonna also be one on the the 26. However. I heard some of these people talking earlier and it seems like they're interested in only a peaceful demonstration. And they certainly have a right to demonstrate certain -- protest. You might not agree with somebody's. Reason for protesting but you. Need to agree with their right to to protest. Now sometimes. Anti abortion protesters have become very intimidating. And you've literally got in the face of people who have been going to a Planned Parenthood a facility. So there is a line I guess that can be crossed as long as that line is not cross then everybody has a right to protest so peaceful protests into. Everybody who will be purchased -- I'm already getting taxed. About that one drink that one thing that to this day use -- can't drink. Because you have such vivid memories of that one time he got so drunk. We have to us some of those text here just a moment number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Do opposites attract. Arguing your spouse you in your boyfriend girlfriend. Are you different. In what ways are you different from each other and do those differences make the relationship better. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight do opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. I just it's be interesting to see how many people. And think that they're very much like their partner -- their spouse. Or how many think that there really opposite and do opposites attract. I think about my own personal experience. And I I have dated people who I thought were very much like being. And ultimately didn't work out. I'm currently dating somebody who's very different from. She and I are are are very different but yet somehow. It works. So are you more alike or more opposites. On your husband or your partner. And give us your opinion on the -- you'll pretty gentle people are going to WWL dot com Angela DH on that. Throughout the show tonight. Number four on tonight a number three on tonight's list of the top dated eight. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that only 29% of American voters. Think America's best days are ahead. That's down from 33%. In April. And it's at the lowest percentage in almost eight years. Do you think America's best years are ahead. We talked last night on the show about. Things going on in the world to downing of that. Malaysian airlines civilian airline over. War torn Ukraine. Close to the border with Russia. We talked about. Israel's sending in ground troops in invading Gaza with ground troops we talked about the border crisis and how some people have have. -- tended to link these things together. To make it seem as if that the world is on the eve of destruction. And I don't think we nor. In less than I was talking about how I think back on my coming of age years when I was at a young teenager even older teenager. -- growing up during the Cold War. Growing up with the threat of a nuclear attack going up with it severe. Severe concern that the Russians could attack us or weaken attacked them than they would attack back and it was going to be a horrible situation we grew up with that. And -- was an epic about all the pressures in the the society in this country. Integration segregation. So many things were going on when I was growing up that. I don't think the world is any closer to destructive destruction Denny was. When I was growing up. But I find this at this policed and only 29% of American voters think America's best days are hit it. Do you think America's best days are ahead. And if you think America's best days are ahead. What do you think this could change. That's gonna make America better. -- -- shares some of my my thoughts with you and and as we talk about this you will. You find that a lot of what we talk about concerning my optimism of the future. Is a stuff that we -- talk about discussion. I think America's best days are ahead. We're gonna go through some some rocky times. Give us your opinion by calling a short 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text overstate 77 -- steal more -- coming in about that one item. That you can't drink today because you got so drunk on at -- to this day it's still make you cynic. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Following the downing of Malaysian flight seventeen President Obama threatened additional. US sanctions against Russia in September of 1983. Ronald Reagan Italy beat president -- well -- just two years of being inaugurated and in 1981. On the Soviet Union shot -- civilian Korean airliner. In September of 1983. President Reagan interrupted his vacation and return to Washington due to deliver very tough words to the Soviet Union. Is President Obama handling this the way he should handle I don't think it's fair to compare presidents directly because times change. And there's no guarantee that Ronald Reagan would handle something the same way today that he handled it in 1983. Or during his presidency. So in some ways it's it's unfair but this does bring up. An interest in conversation about. What can we do what should we do. Russia is and there's a growing threat. And for years this country. Reap the benefits of what was known as the peace different Weaver in a relatively peaceful period of time following the end of the Cold War. And our military which not. Stressed the way it is now and wasn't stressed the way it was during the Cold War so it was called the peace dividend and this country was. And relative peace. But the Soviet Union. Had all these these nuclear weapons. As far as I know they still do and I don't know that it would take much to dust them off and I guess they still have appointed the United States so it's imperative. That our president do the right thing in terms of sending the right message to Vladimir Vladimir Putin and to to Russia. And Russia saying they didn't do -- they're saying Ukraine shut this plane down. But the more evidence that comes out the -- it indicates that it's Russian separatists. In Ukraine that did this and they. Apparently did -- -- -- Russian supplied to surface to air missiles. And now I -- I'm hearing reports that Russian technicians. May have been at the Helm of these missiles and actually fired the missiles in the process of training the Russian separatists in the Ukraine. How to fire these weapons. -- what should the president do something else to talk about on the show tonight and finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list of top eight at eight. Tourists and locals are constantly hit with panhandlers are asking for money and sometimes cigarettes I've got a call from somebody. The other night who said he works at a hotel. And he gets a lot of complaints now from guests in the hotel. Because we go outside the hotel to smoke. And they're constantly being. Hit with panhandlers asking them for money and cigarettes. And they're complaining. And especially if you live in a small town in New Orleans is a big -- experience for you. The idea of panhandlers -- even being slightly aggressive. And it an area where they would come up to do. That can be very intimidating to those who were not used to that somebody comes from New York I'm sure they're more likely to handle it then somebody who is visiting here from. A small town in Mississippi and that's not criticizing anybody who's in a small town in Mississippi just pointing out that. If you don't live in a place where you're used to this that it's even more intimidating. But I have to tell it in in my neighborhood I -- constantly. And constantly approached. By panhandlers. And sometimes they are aggressive. And -- by brush it off. But panhandling. Asking for money in this has been a discussion that's gone on in this country for a long time. Panhandling is protected by the First Amendment. Should it. And how could you use the First Amendment to band panhandle. Should I be able to ask you for mounting. Should I be able to -- before cigarette. Now what do Somalia somebody for directions. Which would that be considered today in inappropriate and obviously people would not be upset with that. But you see this fine line between. The First Amendment protection. And then trying to stop aggressive panhandlers and I just I don't know what the police can do. We -- the police to focus on more dangerous crimes serious crimes and while aggressive panhandling is a problem in downtown New Orleans. I don't think we should expect to police to be there to determine whether or not somebody goes over the line and panhandles aggressively. So I guess it's up to us. As locals and as tourist. To figure out how to handle it and handle it in the best possible way. Do you have experience with panhandlers. And I'm not talking so much about the ones that are on the street corners. When you get off the interstate and they're very -- on the interstate and they're dirt I'm an intersection. And talking more about the panhandlers to come up to you in the French Quarter. And in the CDT. And he worked downtown if you live downtown if you play downtown in the French Quarter inevitably. You come across panhandlers. Sometimes these people break my heart. Sometimes they just look like. Absolute. Bombs. That are intoxicated. Or on drugs and you -- have no sympathy form whatsoever. I happen to have sympathy for -- in general. Simply stories obviously percent I don't know what these stories are but it -- mean there are people who walk around downtown talking to themselves. They're at it and sometimes I see the same people walking around talking to themselves. Mean there are some real serious. Mental health issues on our streets. And this is one of the things that leads to people panhandling and asking for cigarettes and these -- not. These are -- people with great finance. These are not people with -- communication skills. Or maybe the state that the area and does not allow them to have great communication skills. The point is theirs. There's panhandling -- can be very very intimidating. And can be aggravating how do you handle it. And what's your experience with panhandle. If you gonna join harsher light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- a text Amber's late 7870. Here's a text -- Chicago last year panel they'll handling was not aggressive. You know sometimes people are very polite even if you don't give -- money they'll still -- thank your god bless -- or have a nice day. But some. Aren't so nice. Which your experience with panhandling downtown. And how do you handle it what's the best way to handle somebody to ask Jesus for money a cigarette or or something else. And also tonight on this Friday night as we head into the week -- talk about that one drink that -- alcohol that you cannot drink to this day. Because of the memories that you still have when you got really drunk on that one that one alcoholic beverage. You can't treat you today are numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas a 7870 this is the skit show and we'll be right back on WWL. Second hand stress can be harmful to your health latency secondhand smoke you know second hand stress can be harmful to your health. That is the subject of the -- blog tonight it's on our website at WW dot com you can read it and they -- others Howell will talk about that a little bit later in the show are you more. Opposite -- like your boyfriend girlfriend or your are your Parker your spouse. I actually -- couples sometimes it actually local. And that's just kind of weird to me. -- -- don't you -- a pretty general opinion poll. I do opposites attract are you more alike or you more opposite. When it comes to to your partner and we're also talking about. What is that one thing. That you one time got so drunk -- It is today. You still can't drink it. Here's a text. Mad dog 20/20. Another text. Tequila. Is a text southern comfort 7UP. Is -- techs no more ENG brandy for me ouch. Says my head. Here's a text Scotch or -- Meister. -- drink either anymore. Southern comfort -- All things -- -- can't even smell the stuff. Without wanting to yak. If you -- -- a shooter -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. And from Madison -- -- welcome to the -- bleeding. Yeah. Yeah -- I but isn't it interesting you have gotten maybe drunk on other things but. You still remember tequila as that one thing that you just can't stomach today. But -- loss of blood tests and the alleged test coming up there. By that I wanna talk about the people -- outside of the road and that was. All of a city street obviously and and I'll have a bushel and we've got to move it to. And -- industry -- -- where Europe they're always aggressive. Is that people would stop giving -- money they would go away. Sorely that you look at a couple of bucks a -- -- Wednesday. So apple wants so that's a pretty confident normal I mean just he's just making it -- But at parties and work. Yeah and and to me that's less intimidating than when they constantly come up to you now again this -- in -- in my neighborhood downtown I've brought -- -- panhandlers every day of my life. Odd summer very pleasant and summer or not explicit on the DO -- experience with people coming up to Euro. Yeah I have -- downtown in downtown. Courtesy BL OR -- face. But not mean it just not a domestic cigarette before and you know no big deal -- -- -- -- Well. But it's going to be very aggressive and very intimidating to where I can see where you know -- -- -- would be just you know. Probably more intimidated demand would be best just really reviewed just a sort out there was silence. Who doesn't matter what I promise and doesn't. Look at it alone and let. Yeah. -- did you do find some comical honesty in some of the signs that remember not long ago there is some evidence sign that said. Need money tree by STD. Had a relationship with Miley Cyrus which are those kind of ugly but I guess it's got a -- Allen of Politico. As a -- for talking about tonight to tourists and locals are constantly. I -- with panhandlers are asking for money in and cigarettes. And which protected by the First Amendment so what what's the solution and how do you deal with panhandlers especially those who who come out to you if you're walking down the street. From Kenner Marcus here -- heavy WL. Scoop on our take on this this is just this thank. It's. Always. An explosion. The result critique as one that's -- views and -- on -- The man are. All part -- an infinite the pan handler. Her character did not mean to do. And especially in the city. Which is not only are we want great destination to come true known -- city to city in the world -- -- People are told to be vigilant and they are -- -- and it just seems to me like this -- one situations. That. Now is the time. For the police department were. To get this under control. -- after someone gets killed in national. But Marcus if you if you think about the practicality of that Ohio how does that happen we're we're we're short of police now we need more police in the French Quarter as it stands now. And to ask police to focus on that over some other problems is that focusing their attention on the most important things. -- all can -- argument apparently. I'm -- You know. I would want to take them off streak against these other more dangerous thing but. Wouldn't that that we talked about Gonzales and then not be able to police and so I think it's going to be away Q. You -- this may -- It should be the responsibility. Of the asterisk do. It's opened up it's been topic took it lets him come out at an old gel. And that the person's -- in the box for troops -- whatever crazy reason so old. I wouldn't excel. Open markets this is why everybody who carries ago and needs to be responsible when you know so often. People say well. You know you've got mugged if you would had a gun you could've stopped it if if and -- I've talked about this countless times but this isn't a great thing to remember. If you shoot somebody who's. Just starting to attack -- You may have to shoot them so soon before anything really happens to have stopped it. That you might actually be questioned about whether or not your life was really threatened and that's my personal experience with it. And if somebody does make a gesture to you and their panhandling. You might be right and you might have felt threatened but it's almost certain that your gonna end up arrested and going to court to prove that your life was threatened. I guess it's just all out really the bottom line is it's up to UB -- And I'm going to talk to or not. Marcus I'm going to -- the show. Here is a text Jose quibble 18100 tequila I threw up stuff I had just seen in years one like an old beer cans. From Metairie -- you're on WWL. And it's you know. There's -- information yet revealing. Didn't inherit. You're saying that maybe Russian may have been running technicians. I heard reported earlier you know they're there and cry and what -- -- -- yeah. The right. -- Russians may be teaching brits believe that the Russians are teaching the Russian separatists in the Ukraine. How to use these are these weapons and they may actually have bin. And the ones that fired the missile in this training process. Okay well have been the -- We will we will we will and we are not technically it what he's right but. Where I have on a collision course that's so important that some time. And neither side called will have to. Where they had it here. I don't remember probably account for about they'll but the amount it doesn't do you know. But he's up on the birds -- is what -- -- that's manageable problems on offense. And they want to attack prior attacks. That the US open -- almost so it says these wars is just don't think the effect. This is all the athletic and it didn't work will be lucky he can't we've lived for a company like. And other words and friends will -- People's abilities to control without props. And if we get back to tension with Russia with both of our nation's having nuclear weapons aimed at each other and assuming that we still has that capability. Then. It mites. It might not take my -- too much and this is what we thought about years ago it might not take too much. To make somebody do something really really stupid -- this country into this country definitely needs to deal with Putin and Russia right now aren't exactly sure what the answers. And you know we -- All in the anniversary of the lower lot. That's a little scary. Where we don't want don't want just thought that the little 100 years ago. And lyric and the -- and nurseries. That don't panic but a lot. -- -- pillow at -- and if you what we're. Trying to do they have that. Notes and you know words. -- and -- remember the past are condemned to repeat it -- -- exactly part of the country. But. And I -- if you remember how the Americans got pat there was some Americans on board hip problem Lusitania. It was torpedo the and German submarine. And then eventually drew him to. Lauren you're paying a lot against the and I'm not trying to say this is going to lead to back. But. In that Clinton has gone after about now from territorial ambitions -- the crowd there -- in the Ukraine. And the United States there's gonna have to realize that Russia is so he can post Soviet Union. Still a great power in the world. And both sides are gonna have to step back the next -- And back down -- that we don't want to re live. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and we thought we were close to that during the Cold War years the Cuban missile crisis which we talked about on the show last night here on I'm going to call. One of the things that we always had going forests in our negotiations with the Russians and this is totally unlike dealing with terrorist organizations. The Russians didn't -- to -- And -- Wrote a song something about I hope the Russians love their children to. And a whole song -- about the Cold War. And it was about Willis they love their children than their less likely to wanna go to war with us. That was the common denominator. That we had no negotiations with the old Soviet Union as evil as they work as threatened as we were by the year nuclear weapons. We have this common denominator we both want to live. If you're bargaining -- try to negotiate with somebody who doesn't care if he lives or dies. It's more difficult to try to negotiate with them because the threat of death. Is it something that's a bargaining chip. This country is at a crossroads in dealing with Russia I'm not pessimistic but this is a moment that will test this president and this country. If you gonna join us for the -- tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's every text is a 7870. What is it that you got so drunk on once that -- this day you steal just can't stand the thought. Are you drinking it. -- 11. Beverage for me that I effect I even dated a girl who drank when I can't stand anymore. And I couldn't -- until she brush your teeth. Here's an update on her to BW over it was kind of an insult to pay. Friday morning in embarrassing situation. Here's an update on our -- -- -- pretty general opinion poll do opposites attract are you and your partner or spouse more alike -- more opposite. 45% say moral like but stuff -- 5% Seymour opposite give us your opinion by going to be W dot com and we'll be right back. Worst drink with terrible hangover from college. Mountain -- And -- While. You -- that just made me think of something I would say I was a teenager and it. The New Orleans pop festival. I guess this was 1969. And it was held at the Louisiana speedway just outside of Gonzales and he technically was in prairie field. And that was after which I guess this is right after which -- this was where a big festival was held it Janis Joplin Santana and iron butterfly Andy Young I mean the list went on and on it it's just one of those mega concert for some reason. I thought that I would mixed Jim beam. Which fresco. To this day can't drink -- But that's not the worst one for me and if you just joiner showed -- night. It's frightening heading into the week you were talking about that says that one thing that to this day you still can't drink because she got so sick on it. And even though you get sick on other things are just that one thing that. EU to the state stoking intricate. And for me Scotch. On the Pensacola beach. And -- got so drunk on -- one state after that point I just could never drink -- and throughout my entire life I could not drink Scotch. And I even dated somebody who drank Scotch Scotch on the rocks. And I couldn't kisser until she actually brush your teeth. If you management issue with your comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series -- -- is a 77 -- you're -- are coming up from Algiers Jeffrey your own spiritual. Cardinal who did you. Well I could have made. Boehner as their guys crichton could but today or. Reminded of -- story. When you're young big night treatment and murdered. We -- -- knicks wanted thunderbird. Country. -- Without I don't know what that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lesson to -- at times we learned lessons. Jeffrey. I'm -- -- is single what you have been with somebody. Where you more like them or were you more opposite. Well. Always. Trapped in the books so women have seen the economy we're pretty simple we're Trout that we -- -- that -- about it because you know there's. Look you know make my parents. If you look at -- personality. You went via the big column each other firstly. My bet is he's really. Thrilled at the pertinent Obama is well. You know. -- committed person. And see if your mom was with somebody just like she is that would probably to a lot of turmoil and if your dad -- with somebody just like Kim nothing would get done. Right and -- the credit they do do we become about. And says quarterback -- -- -- be completely. Color. My Bobbitt move quickly and big day -- -- we have the list. -- I followed the panhandle to grow yeah. He broke the scenario it. She. Their own panhandle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- before you've been no. If you say -- was Harvard you can because that is where there any direction of yeah though. Nikkei near Cleveland he had gone predicted that fail I. I totally agree with them but that is and that's the belief that a lot of people have there are pro gun activist and they believe that it did just having a gun is gonna keep you safe and that's not the case there could be something that that happens. Before you have a chance to pull out your gun now this is not to say that guns can't save lives and don't save lives because they do. If there in the hands of the right people who know how to handled improperly. But just having a gun and does not. Guarantee your safety Jeffery have a great weekend -- color show. So I got to and a note here got a text but also notes from our studio producer Jack Harris night train is the first cousin the thunderbird. So -- so this guy's dad -- dead mixed. Night train we have thunderbird. You know that was probably not a good idea. There's a text. They are both cheap wines like mad dog twenty Tony. If you wanna join our show that -- tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. Tactics overstate 7870 here's -- we're talking about tonight what's that one thing that you got so drunk on that to this day you still can't even stand the thought of drinking it again. And tourists and locals are constantly hit up with requests for money and cigarettes from panhandlers. What's the best way to handle that what's your experience with -- was in New Orleans. And do opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more alike or opposite. That's a WWL pretty general opinion poll. Your opinion by going to WW dot com this is the -- show will be right back and Debbie WL. It's Friday night we are heading into the weekend and yet there were some rain today and there's a possibility of rain over the weekend that I appear. Happy anyway and so throughout the show tonight we'll talk about things that you can do in and around New Orleans say if -- terrorist or local news would have fun this weekend. On the French market is covered sell it that something you can delete it of its rating list views an umbrella to get there. Here is attacks in -- were streaking experience ever captain Morgan and she injury. It was my first -- experience. I've not been able to -- captain Morgan without feeling sick. Since then there's a -- scoop went to the same pop festival park my dad's Mercury on someone's campfire. Luckily. We moved it. Here's a text I've drank ever clear. By itself. And almost threw up all over the place learned my lesson on that -- -- among other things were talking about -- what's that one drink as we all seem to have that one thing that. You could never drink today it is at some point you got so drunk on at the beginning quick update on WW -- general opinion the -- because it is really change -- do opposites attract. Are you in your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. 57%. Say more alike. 43% -- opposite. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and from Biloxi earlier on his 2 children -- Fellows well Marjorie Jews. Probably should chip Perry every. Champagne and -- so something happened there was an incident. Now. It's. -- -- You know and and that's an expensive thing -- those are expensive things to lose to not maintain possession of a little longer. Ordered. It up -- there is our. Dock at. War with some -- Out. -- -- -- -- Or there are. Also urged developed -- she -- way. A shortage -- There. -- -- -- -- -- not many many are very polite and -- There are a few that are not so polite and you know I'm I'm reacting to this is called I've received the other night from somebody who works at a hotel and says that he he gets a lot of complaints by people who are staying in the hotel standing outside to smoke. And -- if somebody is from a smaller town and this is not criticism it's just an observation is if you're not used to panhandlers. Then if that is somebody comes up to you that's even more intimidating. If you're from an area where you're not used to that. And there are panhandles in the quarter that that that can be rather aggressive when died when I see somebody do that done that I can tell you where you got your -- scam. I I stepped in and and break it up. The world probable. Actually it's. It happened to your program. About our. -- -- Our rebel all the school so. You haven't I haven't played the war dual while. It. Yeah I simply L I simply look at him and and sometimes they do it to me I mean I guess sometimes I don't look like -- from New Orleans so don't hit upon me with that embargo on the local dude. And then they do they'll walk a ways it doesn't wanna walk around with a T shirt -- that says I'm local because that would maybe keep a lot of people away from it. -- -- are you wind up a wife or girlfriend. Or. Are you more like us. -- all all week. I. -- -- -- -- Or. Angry old. And so that's what helps make the relationship work defectors are opposites. -- are part of it out there where you like but he. And they're -- you or mortgage or. Yeah and that's been my experience early got to get through -- -- -- -- to -- the show here's a text what is the issue scam this is from an area code that is out attempt. All right I'll explain issues scam most of us know with a shoe scan is that if you're coming to New Orleans you need to know what it is I'll explain that. And here's a text. Berber and barbecue sauce don't mix assuming. We suburban as a mixer. I'm screwed and we'll be right back.