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WWL>Topics>>07-18 9pm Scoot/ Panhandlers/ drinks you can't stand

07-18 9pm Scoot/ Panhandlers/ drinks you can't stand

Jul 18, 2014|

What beverage have you had in the past that you just can't stand to drink now? Scoot continues to discuss panhandlers...

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    Tue, 21 Oct 2014

    Good evening and welcome to this crucial tonight glacier where this on this Tuesday night at this time of the year because of our dedication to football prep football on party nicely Monday Night Football on Monday night's. We're on the air Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night so I'm glad to witness if you don't here's here for some reason at 98 to midnight and as a sporting event on we haven't gone anywhere we are here. And if you listen somewhere across the country if you Ari trucker or if you're driving. You might not be in the same place every night but we are and it feels to us on the radio it's 870. And if you only and we are here every night I'm glad to have you part of a showed few. Get a chance to call have a car entered opinion please cent Kohler show or if you have the designated texture or if you pull over for. Gas sort of make a stop you can send us a text at 87870. This a standup comedian he's also an author and an actor Louis black that actually funny. Based on what the Bill Maher type I I'd like I'm not saying that he's that liberal but he's kind of like a Bill Maher type in terms of insightful political commentary. Lewis Black is coming to the magnolia Jackson theater. November 13. His new show is called the rent is due now would give a what should take as we've got to pair of tickets to giveaway tonight. What you need to do is listen for me to play a just a brief clip. From Lewis Black. On stage and when you hear that I'll give up the number and if you wore the caller to that numbered and you will win the tickets are able to wait to pair tonight. And then another pair tomorrow night in another here on. Thursday night's tickets are valued at a 104 dollars a that's coming up tied the scoop like tonight is titled why it's wrong to call the saints lost unfortunate. And I've heard the word unfortunately. Used to describe. Some of the plays of the saints this is in a post game interviews. And I think it's wrong to use the word unfortunate. It's in our blog you could read and share with others it's on we're excited to be to be held to account. Also it's they're going to be in our FaceBook page should be to be real radio so you can comment on appearing I would share some of the comments on our show tonight so. During the show we're gonna make our FaceBook page WL radio. Very very. Active. And an interactive. So will be posting stuff during the show what you could come at the if you can't calling and can't text you can comment on FaceBook and I may use some of the comments from FaceBook on the show. Here's our W a pretty Jeb opinion poll tonight is driving drowsy. As dangerous as striking truck. Driving drowsy certainly doesn't have the social stigma. As striving draw. But do you think it is dangerous. Give a sure thing if I go to our website WWL dot com we're gonna attract a poll throughout Russia TV the first update coming to appear in just a few minutes here's a text. Oscar Lewis Black has a great rants. Had a great rant right after Katrina it's on iTunes great shows from Jeff Jeff thanks for that idealists like. He's he's almost like a a comedian slash political commentator so would it be a chance to win two tickets. It's time for tonight's trending topic today two of the top three things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight in our WW well. Number eight. Voting early voting begins today in the mid term elections for November 4 here in Louisiana the big races that election is US senator race. Between Mary land true. You'll Cassidy. And rob manners. And it seemed as if rob menace according to polls is taking more votes away from Cassidy and that's quite often the way it is. When there's an a third party in the race quite often the third party takes more from the Republican. Then for the Democrat. And I'm sure there are a lot of reasons for that but that seems to be eight a reality you know but here's the question. Are we gonna vote. Since early voting is so convenient and so easy. In fact if you put a go to our website W bugle dot com. You can put in your information about where you live. And you can get a sample ballot with all of a constitutional amendments on the ballot and and that's it WWL dot com. Yeah I I sit here on the show every night. And I I am constantly hearing people. Complain about politicians complain about the system. And everybody does have a right to complain. But I think your right to complain increases. When you actually vote. Will you vote. And if you're not gonna vote why are you not gonna vote. And to those who don't vote at all should they stop complaining. I talked about this before but I think it's something that bears repeating. These protests that continue in Hong Kong citizens many of them young people are demanding a democratic voice. We have a democratic votes you are born with the democratic voice. And yet so many people in this country don't use it. MI turned eighteen I couldn't wait to register to vote. You need to vote. And I know I hate to use the showed putting guilt trip on anybody. But if I'm gonna put it to trip on anybody for any recent. Media should be voting. We should vote and we find so many reasons not to vote in one of the classic excuses is you know I don't like either candidate now. You're not gonna always have the candidate of your choice running. So you vote for the one you like the best Mary Landrieu bill Cassidy. Brabant us for example you might not like any of vote for the one you like the past. Again one of the problems for our system as they are not enough people across this country not just in Louisiana. Registered to vote. And they're not enough people Louisiana. Registered to vote who actually go out and vote effect I think voter turnout is predicted to be somewhere between 45 and 50%. That's you know what's kinda high which is is is good. But it's not high enough and that's only 45 to 50% of the registered voters so again with voting early beginning today. You really can't. Give the excuse well you know I just I didn't have time on that Saturday or at the weather was bad or what what are too Tuesday whatever the election is what whatever the reason. I would hope that she would encourage yourself and those around you. To vote. Number seven on tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. Seattle area youth football teams has been banned from the playoffs because of a brawl in the stands among some of the Paris. Some of the parents say it's not fair to punish the team of nine to ten year old players. Because the parents got into a fight in the stance the year counsel for the greater east side junior football association. In the Seattle area. Band the written five stars and the bottle cougars. After a brawl broke out in the stands October 4 at a game in brothel. In Basel not brothel boss awful parched and and so police cited to bar awful parents. And recommended that assault charges be filed against them about the cougars did not qualify for the playoffs this year but the written five stars did written parents are upset saying the punishment. Is unfair and it unfairly punishes the kids. There's a part of me that agrees with that. But then there's a part of me that thinks well you know why not hold parents accountable. Why not hold them accountable for their behavior. If you if you if you were so passionate. About your kid playing a football game. They don't like Japan should get out of control and turn into rage when your in the stance. You have to behave and what kind of example to Paris set when they get into a fight with other parents. Our coaches. When it comes to young people playing a sport. And realize that sports are important. But nobody should lose their temper to the decree weird a fight breaks out in the stance. So you know if parents really care about the kids they'll behave it's really that simple and if parents don't behave and you know what their kids suffer. So look in the mirror and blame yourself if you part of that group that. It's out of control in the stands or with with coaches. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. White House in Chicago suburb is being criticized for having a TC room. Part of this courthouse is dedicated to serial killers. John Wayne Gacy abducted and killed at least 33 young boys in his neighborhood near the haunted house. He dressed up as a clown. And lord. Young kids into his presence. He killed many of the young boys. He buried in crawl spaces in his house. He was married his wife didn't even know this was going on but she did notice that there was a stench growing in the house. So this this haunted house is is near Chicago John Wayne Gacy lived in on a suburb of Chicago he went to prison and he which says he was X a tutor I think in 1984. Is it wrong to have cornered house. As a gacy room. In the gacy room. There. They are so alive actor dressed up like Casey's Alter ego pogo the clown. And if you go through he's blowing up balloons and turning into animals. Seated nearby him on a self. Are pair of Americans. Dressed as Boy Scouts. Is that. Distasteful. Or is that scary. If you manager and Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601878203866889. Serwer sent me a text number is 877. Already getting on a number of text about voting and will continue to talk about them on the show tonight so those text will be coming up. Number five on tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. ESPN's. Skip Bayless. Or controversy when he said the a sexual assault charges against Kobe Bryant. Made him more marketable and sold more sneakers. In 2003 Kobe Bryant was accused of creeping in nineteen year old female who worked at a hotel where Kobe Bryant missing I believe he was getting some treatment. I'm at a medical facility from the doctor and eagle Colorado which is outside of Denver. Singer sting at the hotel he was charged with raping his nineteen year old female the charges were dropped. I was in in Denver on the air when this. Was going on and I actually did a show life from eagle Colorado org during the trial and it was quite a media circuses as you can imagine if you watch on television and you know exactly. What it was like. I'm. I always get the feeling that this was consensual sex. And that at some point this nineteen year old had changed her mind about what it happened. Either she feels guilty about it or maybe because it was Kobe Bryant and she thought she could benefit from. Now the charges were dropped that he gave her money. None of that was ever really disclosed intent and I don't know but the charges were dropped. Do you think Kobe Bryant became more marketable as the results of the rape charges. And does America go to four in celebrating the bad voice of sports I think that's the point that ESPN's skip Bayless is is trying to make although I don't think he made it very eloquently. He suggest. That if you are charged with rape then your more marketable sports. And I don't believe that. I think he was talking about the idea that. Kobe Bryant. Was not guilty and put an unfortunate situation because somebody consented to sex. And then changed that much at Kobe Bryant was married so that's not something that he should have done. But doing something. Wrong it's a lot different. From rape. If you wanna Joyner show the karma tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or simply a text number it's 877. Before tonight's trending top eight at eight. Today the National Transportation Safety Board held a forum for the very first time on driving while drowsy. Triple A reports that 83% of Americans. Think driving while drowsy poses a threat to their personal safety. And about 41% of drivers surveyed admit to falling asleep or nodding off while driving at least once. Here's are to be WL pretty jag opinion poll tonight is driving drowsy as dangerous. As drinking and driving. I think it is but you might have a totally different opinions give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and you know Agassi at the question is how how would you ever test some. For being too drowsy to drop. Because you get behind the wheel of a car. And you might nanny even become drowsy until you get behind the wheel car. And and you've been driving over a period of time indeed happen asleep and and you become drowsy so. There's no test that might have been able to determine that you were gonna get drowsy before you got behind the wheel of a car so it really comes down to personal accountability. And for those of you were driving tonight's across the country for those if you drive professionally. This is a decision that you have to make. Are you too darn tired to drive. A not a professional driver but I can be honest with you tell you there have been times that I have been on the road. And I should not have been behind the wheel car. That it has a drinking but because. I was dozing off and I'll say there's nothing that week you upper skier issue faster they went retires. In the middle or under on their side of the road if those spots that Tata Tata Tata Tata. They had that just shock you injury it's like somebody blew cold air in your face. Unfortunately some people. Allow that to happen over and over again and there are a number fatalities that result from people who are. Drowsy behind the wheel. Gets to your calls get your text coming up it's Amber's time for number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Never police department is using its FaceBook page to warn parents to be on the lookout for marijuana laced Halloween candy. Now since there are no actual book cases of strangers putting poison in Halloween candy or razor blades in apples contrary to what many would have you believe. Is this morning about pot laced candy. More about hysteria. Dead about reality. And there's a lot of talk about. Banning edible marijuana. In states where marijuana is legal. For recreational use Washington State and Colorado. Do you think edible marijuana items like ice cream and candy and Darius on. There's of a fan in the in the French Quarter. And our canal street. I haven't seen it the last couple of weekends but almost every weekend there's a van and they're handing out marijuana laced candy soccer's. And I can't figure how they can do this. And they actually they actually say that you couldn't you could have the soccer and it's not enough for you to test positive. But I guess they say it's enough for you to feel it what is he a 35 of the suckers. So it's really interesting that that I mean there's a big marijuana they're big they're one Lee says there's no secret about what it is on the sand and it got. They've got women out there handing out the the the soccer if you know more about that and I do regular caller show please do. But I honestly we will talk more about this we get closer to Halloween able to a lot of following shows next week. But you do realize that there are no cases of strangers actually putting poison in Halloween candy. Or razor blades in needles in things like apples that is an urban myth. Number two with tonight's list of trending top eight at eight. Has changed its dress policy and now allows employees to have visible tattoos as long as they're tasteful. And not on the face of the neck. Has your opinion of employees with tattoos changed. And are you tattooed. And employed. I would like to think that attitudes toward tattoos are changing. And yet some people still. Have this image of people with tattoos. Is there is there's somebody who takes care of the US customer. Secure and comfortable with them having attempted. To join our show tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Summary is a 7870 and time port number one yeah. On tonight's list of trending topics. After the saints lost to the lines on Sunday espn.com. Posted an article title Drew Brees saints have lost killer instinct. And the criticism of Drew Brees continues in conversations and across social media. Is the criticism fair. And do the saints in particular Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Do they seem too complacent to hear. After losing game. Scoop blood tonight is about why it's it's wrong to use the word unfortunate or unfortunately. And I hear that in in post game press conferences. To suggest that well unfortunately they intercepted a pass or unfortunately we did make a first out that's to suggest that your unlucky. And net somehow removes some responsibility. On the individuals involved. You know the saints can still turn things around at something else that comes up in the blog there's a scenario where the saints could play the Seahawks. In a Mercedes-Benz superdome in the playoffs and what a road to revenge that would be so it's not too late. But it changed that we have been talking about for a long time. This season. Doesn't seem to have taken place she I'm open to us. If you're on hold stay with us for coming right back with your calls if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy. To all 3866889. Sara white seventy and a text overstate 770. Here's a Texas says the that the suckers are selling for ten dollars so who's the soccer. I didn't see I I haven't gotten adding Kazaa that's not my deal. I mean I don't care for soccer's either. But they are selling them. Death but it's again it's amazing that they'd sell them on the street they allegedly have have bought it here's a text my attitude is not changed. I always have and still do think and feel that tattoos are disgusting. This is the Scotia overcome it right back with your reaction to wall we're talking about tonight WWL. Is dropped if she is driving while drowsy as dangerous as drinking and driving that's a deadly W a pretty general opinion poll off to a surprising start. 100%. Say driving while drowsy. Is as dangerous as drinking and rising 0% say no. Do you agree that. If your opinion by going to our web sites to be appealed outcome would give another update coming up here in just few minutes also we're talking about. I Starbucks now changing their dress code policy to allow employees to have tattoos. And that's a part of the conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and British are making it very inner active. We if on this this to show went in with with other shows as well. A seat in if you don't wanna call if you don't to have time to call or text you can go to our FaceBook page. And Debbie part of that their conversation here's a text that breeze I don't drink or eat anything from Starbucks I don't have a problem with tattoos either. Here's a comment from Lee never. Did in one never will. Here is. A comment from mark why is this news. Well I don't know that it's really news but this is a talk show this is not a new shield its color from Carla. We wouldn't have many employees if they got rid of all of us with tattoos you can be part of that conversation the gorge WWL radio on FaceBook. Opera Hammond Andrew year on the schoolchildren reading. It's cute they do a good. Good one advocate quick comment about the voting thing they're really great web site but I used it's called I side with dot com. And when it looked up they'll go down and picked Louisiana. They'll ask you a bunch of questions about the economy or apology health care you know whatever. And you drink each question. How important it is to you and when you're done it'll tally after result they actually match you to the best candidate fortunate. And also represented the. That's interesting city it's its high side witness dot com. Correct and I'm actually I got a 90% match what Brandon Moore has the libertarian candidate. And then my next go to one was 87 birds with managed. So it'll break it down at W what you guys agree with that vote but what you might not agree to it. And that's really great and I think it helps people. Trying to open up there ours. And it could not vote just based on Republican. Democrat you know. And it's really about the issue. Well it really is and and and so often people vote along party lines because they feel like they're part of that club. Democrat Republican conservative liberal they feel like you're part of the club. And feel beholden to vote for the candidate represents a club when in reality there might actually be a third candidate. Who represents them you know in in a more accurate way or it might actually be especially in the self. You know and it would come shall a lot of for a lot of candidates in the south you know you really can't tell Democrats Republicans. And as distinctly she can. On a national election and you could argue that they're really pretty close it anyway. But when it comes down to Democrats in the south many of them are by the conservative people. Right. I enter I love that I'm gonna promote that I side with dot com that's really a great web site that you put it how you feel about the issues and it and and where you live. And it matches you. We if the candidate that's great. And do specialists are going to call. Remanded till run your on the Scotia under the WL. Did. Comment on ER EU or out think that the next year. On I think that depending on what you all are you'll be terribly EE EU creepy scary. People older. Depending on what Doug depending on what the ages. You know it would street he's acre hole up and realize what decade are you know they were you know black or eat it airport security. Eight or you're younger adults are there with it. You'd be scary create let. I equity group where I got to eat eat all our our prominent seat is happening in the boy scout act eight a local or. Over the activate it through a rare art art. Yeah it takes a wise a different crosses the line and for those who live you disorders there's a heart house in a suburb of Chicago not far from where John Wayne Gacy lived the serial killer who killed. At least 33 young boys and I've hit some of them and their crawl spaces in his home. Does the Casey room as part of a heart house and it's a live actor dressed up like pogo the clown on the Alter ego of John Wayne Gacy and he was. He was a clown he went to he went to 22 parties and use that clown persona to lower in some cases young boys into his son is presence in any. Killed about break them and kill them. So is it wrong to feature rumor haunted house that references to sue a killer of young boys what to what Ron is mentioning is something a lot of people react to. He's he's he's in this room this guy dressed like John going Casey's clown. Is in the room making animal balloons. And Ayers they're two Boy Scouts mannequins sitting next to him on the self. And it could consider that pretty. But with that peace would that be scary. Aren't that pretty scary it create New York batted beat Eckerd now that brilliantly eat at collier speak about the receipt at your unit would be key to walk they're like yeah. You thought he would be up on. Yeah maybe there's a difference between. It's Halloween scary. And something they just you folks. Iron and you re uncomfortable. I'm feeling. There disturbing I think it's a good work. Brought a good call priceless in tonight's from mid city Ryan your debit WL. Here who. I. One well law also in what I would middle school again because of the Lima president. I'll president Dmitry but Morrissey one thing at school. We have the other they have cheerful. Ali center here. They're basically that he won't move to all of these pairs because as the auction neither lotteries. And. Ron I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with a comic tonight's about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1870. Total free 86688 nines there it's having a Tex Amber's late 77. We're talking about. The Denver Police Department using their FaceBook page to send out warnings. That parents need to be on the lookout this Halloween for marijuana laced candy and that's really part of a bigger conversation about. Marijuana and double treats. Now I haven't been to Denver have been back to Denver since marijuana was it was legalized for recreational use. But you can buy all kinds of items can be you can buy ice cream he. You can get stoned while you eating the treat it gives you the munchies I guess and just this one way to to be immediacy cut out them. But the middleman process of actually has spoken a joint. There are people who wanna ban these edible items and there has been an increase of kids going to the emergency room in Colorado hospitals. But he pair supplying. These edible marijuana treats. And if there. If they're not. Keeping them out of the hands of their kids. Then isn't that the fault that the kids read is that the fault of the parents. Not the fault of the manufacturers of the item. I haven't really made in my mind how I feel about. Edible marijuana trees anyway that led me to mention this this today and the IC on on canal street in the French core I mean there's more than one. But they're selling. Marijuana soccer's. And they've got big marijuana lease on the side of the van and here's a Texas says I hope the suckers aren't that it's a synthetic weed that's bad stuff. I don't know. I don't know whether it's real or not but it's. I had to have ID Watsco open asked him a question about it. And there's some recent ten dollars I did forget they they they charge for so they're handing about they're selling. But it's amazing to me that marijuana is not legal in the state but there's there's something with marijuana in it. That is sold. On the streets of new worlds in this stand. If you were to join our show the comments by Dayna you were talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. If you want a quick update on everything we're talking about tonight. I'm every day on our our web page we have an update on the top eight at eight what's trending tonight on our show. And you can go to WL dot com a but the top is a bar that it shows and schedules on it. A click on that click on the scoot page and the topic today it's right there and even if we're not talking about something you wanna comment on at the time. Coffee talk about her since a text. And we'll talk about it that's the word of her on the show and we'll be back. This is a first for the scoot show never before has the pole in this lopsided for this long. And Evian you appreciate my opinion poll leaders. Is driving drowsy as dangerous. As drinking and drive. 100%. Say yes 0% say now. So does this mean that one day there should be mad too. Mothers against drowsy drivers. Or to get drowsy drivers. I've driven drowsy and it is. It is dangerous is it is dangers of drinking and driving I think it is you may disagree give a shipping and or website MW of outcome but never before. As attended 100%. And 0%. This long from Wendy I'm sorry from New Orleans went the into the WL. Column about it and so yeah that's spam and how do we Kenya seized in the quarter. Took my car the driver. Out of the driver you rear floor they let Hillary street intra. Here's the part thereof are. Kick him out any drug. Bill under and I am weak dot Eric Barry. Optimal amber. Told there is saying it dead say marijuana. Which Frey and actually there. You are but not a should consider it that oh what what I am. Now. So. Sounds like sounds like somebody might wanna look into that. Ballard and the explanation for it. I. I actually bought one and try to get hurt anything forming. You were probably have to eat some money. It's candy soccer's that you would get a sugar buzz before you get buzz from the pot it. Yeah that. Is feeling you. Wraparound. Eric on hand you are in LA DA. We eat whatever that I have a lot different cholera. Actually tried to map out. Their match us. What are you trial and meaning in what form did you eat marijuana. Tried gallery bear actually try caramel. And you couldn't taste any wheat in it. And I can't me. And there are but it but I can actually chase slowly. You know soccer you know like he did it proprietary. Like dead since. More like chemical can I am very that a lot share. Pretty you know it. Takes lectured them. Well about company gummy bears the Jeff. Why one man and a half W players. And then we'll take the little gummy bears. Yeah like a little lingered just like keep. They're here they're enamored. I wanted to happen. And about 35 minutes later. Forget eat out there. Now do they do they give you instructions on the package that you should only eat so Manning. Now well. Our friend and Atlanta Colorado canyon is vehement brought it down and there was gonna package that. Its interest. Whatever it early show thanks for the year thanks for the information what. I'm for legalization of pot so. It doesn't personally bother me if somebody selling. Marijuana. It's marijuana suckers on the streets of the French Quarter I just find it interesting here's attacks that Cisco the week handy thing is a scam. There's no actual TH C in the soccer. It's some kind of vote we did worlds scanned you can Google and that explains it. So I mean. Nobody should get ripped off sells it as Malia and I think he should note that I always wears very skeptical about how much you'd. Actually feel from eating soccer apparently whatever is in the air to really low low level. They average to discussion and this is an ultimate Libyan discussion here in Louisiana but I think the day it will come went in Louisiana and every state recreational use upon will be legal. Should add doubles. The illegal should they be banned. If you ever had any kind of mirror one animal and what what did you have I'm surprised that one and a half gummy bears. Got this woman stoned. Here's our number 2601 a seventy. Till free 866889070. Text 877. Ziad there's a talk about banning all marijuana and I holes and I was in the police department is using their FaceBook page to warn the the parents in Denver. About marijuana laced Halloween candy. Only when anybody really do that I mean I know people there's some relief thanks for you know there really are no cases but no actual cases of people. Putting poison or putting razor blades Iranian. It in candy for trick or treat items so is that something is gonna suddenly happened. It's fair opponents. Then I thought agreement by the way hey John wicker Syria Chris and I we just counted. We just counted seven police cars with lights flashing just. Bullet across the Crescent City connection from the West Bank to the east bank. So if anybody has any idea what's going on those seven police cars were flying across the bridge with flights. Why so on. They were heading somewhere. Safina where they Izzy when he gives a caller number 2601. 77 he finally the M well no the the Demi a real pretty job opinion poll still very lopsided but the 100%. Yes has finally been broken the question is is driving drowsy as dangerous. As driving drunk. 94% say yes only 6% say no. Do you really what we're saying. Was saying that traffic driving drowsy is as dangerous as driving drunk I think it is you might have a different opinion. We're talking about that on the show right give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you are on hold. Stay with us take this news break we'll come back right after the news break if you wanna join us with a comment about skinny they were talking about on the show tonight. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Recipient text and receive 7870. Also are our FaceBook page WWL radio is now going to be an active part of the scoot show every night and part of the conversation is about. Starbucks now allowing their employees to have Ted.

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It's a Friday night we are heading into the weekend and on -- nice we try to have as much fun as we possibly can on the show it rained today and it's a good chance of rain Saturday and Sunday as well. -- reminds you that if you're driving in the rain even if it's in the daytime you're supposed to porch lights on and this should be no brainer but it's not. If you're driving around and you see people with their lights on. Obviously those are all of our listeners. The few people that are driving in the rain -- out their lights on obviously they're they're not listening and it's just an amazing to me -- I sought again the other day. Somebody didn't have their lights on. But they had their hazard lights. So obviously they realize that okay it's raining I need to. I need to put my hazard lights on. But they didn't even think to put their lights which again that just totally amazes me and it's illegal we're talking about locals and tourists are constantly being. Approached by panhandlers are asking for money and sometimes cigarettes and then this came up on the show -- that I would somebody called and said they were for hotel they get a lot of complaints. And they think the city should do more. And to try to control panhandlers from for talking to guests standing outside a hotel smoking. I guess if you order cigarette you see somebody outside smoking -- it's -- pretty. Good chance that you're gonna get a cigarette if you. It is a super super well is it is a good -- I mean obviously it gets cigarettes -- so that might be a good person asked for a cigarette. Now I -- it counter panhandlers. Every day summer really nice and some -- a little on the aggressive side. I've mentioned that issue scam and I actually got a question here and it's attacks what is the -- scale. Well for those of us who know we we know all about the issues. But if you or if you're coming to New Orleans. There are people in the French Quarter police are not who try to pull this game. They will tell you if she walked on the street. Don't look down and say I bet I can tell you where you got issues. And the assumption is wait a minute you know where I bought my shoes. Because they worded that way I bet I can tell you we got issues. And now and an -- so a lot of people say the storm with this guy knows right up my shoes OK okay I betcha can't tell me Oregon my shoes and then. They'll make a -- with. And build shake hands. And it I don't know 1020 dollar bet. The answer is to the question I gotta get on that I got that I know we got issues. The answer is on your feet. So technically their rights. And that when you kind of laughed it off. Knots. Not all of them laugh at all. And they really try to get you to say -- -- -- you shook my hand you made a bet you'll -- -- dollars -- what -- over the -- So. That's a -- What's your experience with panhandlers and how do you handle. You know we have this thing called a First Amendment so it's really difficult to. Tell somebody they they can't ask you for money you're asking for a cigarette people ask for directions people asked for a lot ethics. But there are times when you do feel slightly intimidated. And when I'm in a quarter and I see somebody approaching a couple walking down the street and I -- you looked down at the shoes and and I -- their talking to home I go over there I say. Don't fall for this it's a scam. And these people who're trying to perpetrate their scheme and they're not too happy with me but I still feel the need to try to break it up. It is one of the things we're talking about tonight if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comments. Our numbers 2601. A 72 all free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 877. Also tonight to we've been talking about debt debt one thing that you got so drunk on points. It to this day. You couldn't drink it again. You still can't drink it to this to you might have got drunk on a couple of things but there's that one thing you got so wasted ought to get so sick. They just the idea of it. Make you sick now. And we're talking about whether or not opposites attract. Are you and your spouse boyfriend or girlfriend. Because it's different. Or are you moral like. And that's a double W will project will opinion -- right now 47%. Say -- -- like 53% say they're more opposite. A percent dating now we're very opposite. That you would get along great. I can think back on people that I'd I'd dated who were very much like me. And those -- for every Fulmer the relationships. So I'm I'm I'm kinda coming to this point or realize that. Things have to fit together kind of a union Yang kind of thing and maybe if two people or are too much alike may -- their personalities compete. And so it's for some people it's better to have somebody -- opposite. So are you more alike. Or more opposites. The person you're with and what your experience do opposites attract. That's a WW a project by opinion poll give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and if you -- for your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Is its Nextel homemade white light and mixed with Hawaiian punch concentrate. Had a feud yet fruity yak for too pretty for -- Oh my gosh homemade white lightning with Hawaiian punch concentrates. That's -- lethal. Here's a text you to stop panhandling stop the source -- -- city law that it is illegal to give dollars from a car. Because this can be a traffic hazard. You know not yet that's that's one way to that's one way to -- and of course they just don't get too. You know sometimes they break my heart I I admit sometimes I give to most of the time I don't because I like Ike could afford to. Because that's my neighborhood and I I see them constantly. So I could afford to to give to everybody I mean it would it would cost me and if I gave everybody a dollar it cost me ten dollars to walk two blocks of times staff general on a weekend. But if you cut out the source. Then. -- would ask. So how do you handle panhandle it's one of the things we're talking about tonight from Henry Brian your on the Scotia good evening. It's good debacle pentagon rocked yeah keep going back to bubble period saying. -- whether or not you agree with the president handle it now when he drew a lot -- and that's saying it I don't think he came off very competent. And I think Putin saw that as the week there and you notice to he couldn't happen shortly after that. And I'm just wander and you know it's gotten a lot smarter and we think he is because you know when I look at it. America's been war in Iraq and Afghanistan able fourteen years so what kind of at a -- -- war you know we every. Could they have not been a better -- approved exploit this and can go you know affirmative agenda and that -- Ukraine. Well and no doubt to producer intelligent had no doubt that he does have an agenda and this is a great test for our president of the United States it. In September of 1983 the Soviet Union shot down a civilian Korean airliner and Ronald Reagan interrupted his vacation. And flew back to Washington wrote his own speech according to what I read. Wrote his own speech in his own words and they were tough words for the Soviet Union. So I don't. I don't wanna compare the two presidents because Ronald Reagan may not handle things the same -- today I like the president -- his. -- not say interest in being the world police and to present Obama is not interested in being. The world police and that's a good thing. But also we need a very strong president and in the aftermath of the Vietnam War Ronald Reagan was the first president that really was a strong president in terms of of convincing the world that we would back up. Any anything that we say with our military. All due to me hooded coming hot. Any you know rocket dog in the fight between both parties but it. What Obama just does not come off as competent -- as what they Ronald Reagan and even -- I don't know maybe its sister body language. It's been light. You know backing details imperial would not talking really -- when that whole period but I think that -- it's stopping gluten. You know -- I don't think there -- strong. And they believe they ought not think it is -- that -- what he can get away and if we keep its sanctions on Russia are we gonna end up and Japan's situation that we -- sanction or on aquatic Tom Brokaw. -- -- You know I. -- can't answer that question Brian I appreciate you calling your show I think this is an interesting test for president cities for success for the United States and in Russia is a formidable foe. We've been friendly with Russia although those friendly relationships have been cooling off recently. From New Orleans Mike you're on the schoolchildren have to do well. -- -- -- -- The outcome in Iraq that Japan and out to a -- the in the water but you certainly Kate in. A war out there and -- it all the time trying to sell somebody gets sent they'd like it. You area maybe forty gated -- -- I mean it's like actually so all it's like an all out let them eat out would be. They didn't quite pull out any pockets they would it. What paper -- it to 300 -- Really. Yeah yeah a -- -- their generous. You know. If they appear that it could be at. Two big guys you know on and you know you know -- in your -- And yet the the development entity. And that's total intimidation excuse me that's that's wrong I mean icici anyone when I I I see. I see these scams I try to -- to listen to what somebody sings at times -- wanna apply if here at like tissue -- or something ridiculous like that. I'm going to say look don't don't fall for this it's just it's just to stand and you know usually people thank me for. And are not the people who were trying to scam them but did the tour. In -- it. If you talk you know it's not a very -- -- of government money did you know and -- will you do now. No they're not happy with me but I don't care. Not on that same. Like -- would be in good people against come out -- It is street the paint like a drug development in the anecdote on a lot -- the column then what you get -- you and all they and so. Some people. -- I understand Mike but I'm I'm glad you're doing your job to do what you can to break up those scans and appreciate calling our show tonight here's a text that read -- say -- the mics are on a layover in. Liberia wow. Here's the text scoot I bet you bought your shoes at hot topic. Here's the text of the Carty 151 that never again in my life lesson learned. Another text. The student was mad dog Tony Tony for me just the smell of it makes me wanna count you know I don't talk too much of -- -- I don't know -- to be thinking about those things. But I just I find it interesting that. We may have gotten drunk on the through our allies who may have gotten drunk a lot of different things but there's that one thing that you got drunk on it to this day it is. Can't stand the thought of it because of this one moment you got really drunk -- what is it for you. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers 87870. And do opposites attract -- -- your spouse or partner more alike or are you more opposite that's -- W a pretty general opinion -- something else were. Talking about on the -- night. Some guys they see couples that lookalike. And that really kind of freaks me a little bit I don't know that they they started out looking like the date it is kind of grew together. And they've relieved that sometimes even dress alike I mean again I guess it works wouldn't whatever works for you works for units that's great. But I find something attractive about. Somebody being different or not trying to compete with my personality on on the same level. It works for me and maybe works for you as well if you wanna join us with a -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And Texas 87070. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on WL. Kamikaze with grand many a Tampa saints game. -- there was a time in my life when you admit I thought I was so cold because I would order a kamikaze on the rocks but with Grammy game. As opposed to against a triple sec or something like -- with the what they would use says so -- I went through that but through that stage effect. I know what was that it has since game in Dallas win that was my choice of beverages and and maybe even Tampa is well I might have been in your company -- -- happened. This is the Scotia here's an update on our WW up pretty -- and people do opposites attract are you when your partner or spouse more alike are more opposite. Right now it's 5050. You shipping in my going to website WWL dot com also where talking about. The panhandlers. And there was going to be there. How do you handle what's the best way to handle panhandle. And I'm talking more about the ones that approach you on the street. President of ones that are -- at intersections. When your getting on or off and an interstate herded popular intersection I feel a little more and protected like -- feel a little less vulnerable. However. There are some. In in vehicles if you're a vehicle there are some that can be aggressive there as well a to join a short your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- -- receipts have 170. Here's a text Crazy Horse malt liquor -- want to dispersant tequila. Mystics who is on to say tequila fell out of a tree and broke my ankle. Just the smell pushes the the -- by. Here's attacks without a doubt Panos hurricane. Where I learned not to drink anything ready in this city. From -- Jason year old dispute show. -- -- You know. Are. Built. Blake you matter -- Portland beat their. -- lately you. No matter what your own area you know money. -- -- Oh. It's so -- call. Are you more likely to give to somebody who's asking for money in somebody else's neighborhood. But see they might think they might think that your part of that neighborhood sewed them they'll stay in that neighborhood hoping that you keep coming back. Can't go wrong and it. Jason give a wife or girlfriend. Yeah. Are you more alike the more opposite. That what it. More -- Like. -- like. Everybody's different it and and some people are gonna want somebody -- like in my experience in what I'm. Going through now is so it was somebody is a very different from me. In a lot of different ways. She lives in the suburbs -- downtown and she has kids and my son's grown so. It during the third third thing an an interest lies we're we don't always. We don't always. Seem to be like that couple lit. Oh there they didn't look at them and meet people I guess were kind of different ways but that seems to work for us. Very. Unique or you need both the old. War. -- one. Including. You know. But yet the TV. Jason -- -- thanks soliciting and from New Orleans has decided GO. -- welcome to our show. I. And this can and artist -- We can't establish this is quite -- -- Opportunity. For. Night's amazing that they walked away at the into the evening with so much money sort of so why wouldn't they do. The and put the when. You. Know -- -- that's him. Yeah. I. Just think it right where. -- What we charged under this hole and. I get -- I've seen -- but I -- to do better than in downtown New Orleans recently. Yes. And so do. Stay open. We don't need him and not even aware. -- -- -- Oh. It will not do because it is peace in the but it. -- The person should be. Able to. Tell people. But but. -- you. Now I just I have asked for. I understand I do have this instinct to want to to do it to do right by the tourist in if I see some may be taken advantage of do like to break it out tonight I'm always doing that -- A very large crowd -- also under the circumstances I feel relatively safe but I I appreciate your advice and -- and you're concerned. From reserve -- appear under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- I work for a long time ago. -- long -- back in the late. It only has about stopped. Felt that god upon sort of permanent. -- arbiter in January and shoot up like that. Now you'd do better in DC gutter punks do in that. -- though. An image of importance you can not just about. He the -- Martin's. I've walked by those gamblers like what it -- that you can be accused the general gave the and -- -- May. Said well this -- if you weren't here. You know. Right -- saying it used in the air it's. And the bartender now the quarter and and Vietnam memorial quarter. Glossy got a couple OK these are these people that -- in the board got your old -- If you younger meet the damage has started going out and do their job. Well today. We're you know in the gotten here Oprah Leo pretty easily your real war -- war. So you do you know you know people who have actually survived on panhandling and scamming people. I -- that I mean there in outlook today. Those -- -- -- I have I have at Warren and and -- It came up to one day all of the well look at times -- -- won't although should be 15100 care did not need that seven now. Now. Okay so I had seen that before but the -- -- and an eight hour. In an opinion -- -- -- it is clear that note -- out here. There have been built -- trust -- -- -- look at -- and give them what they want. You know I told the story in the afford the most outrageous. Request I ever had for money it was with some gutter punks sitting on. Whose side of building. On Decatur street. And a block and by and is this guy in in the group looks up to be and he says. How much you spit on me for a dollar. And I'm thinking well wait a minute what what are -- getting out of that I mean when you think analyst at all. I just thought that was the most certainly -- that was it it was a half empty bottle robe Tutsi cough medicine next on such things that explains a lot. Yes well -- Will be what I would term -- led the portrait to -- -- make more firepower on drugs. That lightning India. It you know do I do admire the honesty I don't always reward the honesty but I you know I don't. The war in the past yeah I mean by. He gently forward people like that the last couple it was war. Hobbled until fight with regard well. And it's in the opening up that -- as one. -- -- not I have -- -- -- that no lots and one so. Spending when they -- the fight we have -- turn around and operate ran for re back don't do it again. -- don't do it again Jimmie you've got in a fight before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- well I appreciate you sharing a story service. -- -- specialists and so if you wanna join a show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78 at a text Amber's late 77. Is a Texan reads what's the deal with the guys. They give out hats. What is that they're not giving them out. There -- they appear to be working for the city. I would love for you to tell me exactly what they say because I've I've seen it's. In my peripheral vision I haven't really experiencing delays -- company. But their people walking around with hats and they look very official effect they might even have some kind of damage. Around their neck. -- What is it that they are doing anything they I kind of overhear a conversation worthy. They get somebody's attention by saying hey you look like you're not having as much fun or so maybe not that but something to that effect. So is anybody encounter those who were. Selling hats because they're really not giving them away at what does it cost to get one of those hats if you -- like your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text Amber's late seventies Saturday and watch out for that the shell game because I'm starting to seem more events in and the downtown new -- Syrian also and in the French Quarter. Here is a tax disputes. Totally forgot -- a second night in Okinawa Japan. Went to a local house for dinner woke up in the morning. In a bullish at the bottom of the hill by my barracks. Sick for three days. Here's attacks I got drunk on love and have been hilariously any paraded in love. For the last fifteen years. That's heartwarming. A from Harvey Mike your -- -- having WL. A student you don't -- -- -- and it yeah -- Wear them down. I just totally ignore when they walk up -- -- -- and made really don't bug me in the street. I do the same images pretend like -- -- that particular many money. Have a good story actually work -- them. And I'm only navigate anybody money because our burial -- and so I'm I'm I'm just. That -- bullets. So more -- -- -- to mark caller and and then the guy it's -- on button down shirt. It's man like look -- like. Would you mind like their dollar and 66 cents to someone that -- -- AA basketball coach. And -- -- as -- team at the hotel player right there hotel. He said on this macho. To get him in that room they wait in Europe and I was just like such an oh with whatever the plan then. And I mean. Did you change in -- like it like that -- -- understate the order. So. In go back towards the hotel -- So why it took an -- oral and so after checking out an island in any. Money. Like I -- in my life and how much -- need money for food. I would love it you know like you don't get that got in -- that gave him money line you know. Cult -- that the guys that are you looking for money and your game -- in box. And that. And you felt totally ripped off and that that happened he will happen -- accident at a gas stations somebody says I need to. I don't know it and a dollar 55. To get on the bus to get back to my card that ran out of gas and I gave in the money. And now on a couple of days later I was back at the same gas station and I saw the guy doing the same thing with -- with somebody else. And I went up to the woman said eight. Don't give him any money this guy told me the same story a couple of days ago that -- threatened me please people this man and he's a few years ago but if -- -- -- -- -- -- But he story do you feel totally ripped off Mike -- oh boy I mean -- -- girlfriend or well I guess some -- for Yuma girl federal life. I have a life here a total up and that works for. -- yet so it's sort of all I'd like have a good weekend collection listening. If you and join us with your -- tonight our number is 2601872. All free 8668890. -- seventy. At a text -- late 77. It is a Texan -- -- people on the West Bank used to ask for a dollar to cross the Crescent City connection. Those days are gone. Yeah hi that used to ask you for a dollar to the that was -- puts it fairly panhandling that was kind of official wasn't. I hear is attacks that reads. The hats they are Jehovah's Witnesses. They have a fake bandage because they pulled you over. And so your Jay walking. They give you a hat. And then ask for a donation. They don't work for the city. And then I've got something here written on my computer screen from Jack Harris -- studio producer says its centenary Christians. And they just won a donation -- have you have you fallen prey to the the -- -- And it I knew it was something like testing -- walking down the street and they look very official I don't know whether Jehovah's Witnesses or Harry -- as I -- its people. There are people who have what appears to be an official branch. Around their neck like their city workers. And I didn't think they -- And they're ultimately trying to get money for giving out these New Orleans baseball caps if you experience them. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. And a text numbers 870 separate -- -- your text here just a moment Janice your Honda VW all good evening. Yes it is a good. Hopefully it way out -- -- I don't give anyone my money. I get to go public downtown and every day yet galloping down -- streak at one time the people around you had a you know -- No wonder got a -- Didn't he had sign up it would it's -- but anyway. I went forward. Walked up an accountant. Told lady -- We can't I can't believe. -- got -- -- but didn't sound like that can't forget about the article did you. Thank people. But they didn't. Given anybody. Antonin you know I have bills to pay. -- give my money away to people. Now you also wouldn't even wanna give the price of the hot dog to somebody you'd run -- and the food. Right back and I did that they can't I give you McDonnell. Acute dollar bill that I am on the yeah. Why would he would do with -- that's why can't the blue. You know that's the best way to handle that don't know and not enough always close to getting through but that would be the best way to do it as some people tell me -- kind of walk around with. Little on little snack packs in their in their cars with little things at him and give it to people Anderson that's. Charity begins at home I I consider myself the women not just a complex and I'm giving you the best advice I can't pedophile with a blaze and keep giving money. And if you did something good you can do that thing with the XPC ably you to sponsor an animal that he didn't give a donation to help and help the dog and cat. Appreciate you calling thanks for listening. From Harvey John your on this crucial and every WL. It's going -- good job. And knocked out as a as the president argues that congress needs to -- And Amber's now he did mention earlier in the show yet there are these people seem to -- -- -- coordinated. It due date date date their carry on backpack what Lego. Certificate or something out around acting like on the laying your or something and they look official. Yes and in these foreigners on every -- always in our current quarter or not eat and I always -- government one unfortunately. And I -- I -- in the money -- -- and you talk about. Right the only as -- what I and it that I am. For around twenty dollars -- that he's not like -- doesn't -- that you could find and -- little souvenir stores and water that we're tours go to -- shared indeed there. Now do you remember what they say to you when they stop you. Yes -- a catch it was like one time aide told the -- -- the city -- in line. You know he's thinking and maybe. Remember. And I'm not sure you know what the our economy. And Hungary there or kind of money at work. Trying to rate or Robert -- or some key outwardly. -- at work. But it 0% and will walk away and not at all. Interested in it would walk out it will walk you. And keep trying to eat it adamantly man number -- model where -- tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet they are very persistent and -- -- but it did that happen to them to. And John I it seems like I'm now that I'm I'm thinking about the visual of witnessing this and they never come up to me specifically. But he seems likes they look like they're writing something down like -- like this is an official surveyed that they are taking. It could be answer. Lord because jets beat the -- -- -- is something legitimate yeah honestly I don't know it's a scam what their daughters as I think -- -- did seem like bad people. It is just like there formal hustling that your money here at least that at least giving you something -- and I -- you pay extra. Our New Orleans -- that might say Marty have a crawfish on him by Israel you know work in human you're. Calling so young space. You have a great weekend thanks for sharing. -- is your whole state witness if you join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- -- were -- Saturday Saturday this is the newest from Better Than Ezra crazy lucky. They're CD. I don't think it's out yet. Elected to find out when sky and it is coming -- the end of this month but there's a lot of great stuff -- they shared it. With the audience a chance for us this year this is the -- order 49 will be right back on WW. I've got some great text to get to explain this this scam actually there's a couple of new scams in the French Quarter relatively new one evolves baseball caps and it involves giving you a ticket for being a party super. I'll get to that here in just a moment from New Orleans Wendy you're on this crucial WL. I -- I went -- I current. Talent in regards to conveniently. Armed. Can be earning I am I am currently. -- in IE but my dad bought my home. I'm more -- right there thank goodness I didn't have a car. And right near I'd independent kind of restraint by cardinal you know looking -- people it seem an advance. By. Other people to like me. Cool actually I just need a little help I've been -- You know it I'm content Jack for two months I'm happy with -- like every week. You know it's very. -- -- -- do you really lenient it was not something I'm proud of -- not. But I won it yet but right -- I mean I can't Nolan and Bob Beckel. It now and now I'll. You know most. -- shall I begin -- -- the -- -- the Salvation Army and it put him down. Is now and I didn't collect so. It -- you know what I mean it idol I don't completely. You know I mean maybe I don't know yet they'll do it right on the China sea of people you know but that everybody. They had some people really -- -- -- Nowhere -- -- -- absolutely right and tonight I do occasionally gifts and I I always hope that I'm giving it to the right person and you would be the right person to to give to. What is it that you say to people when you -- panhandle. It is a lack turned Amin out the street going -- and now are the same humble. You know I'm in by department allies and you know an -- you know -- the college game. It now I mean and I am I -- people you know are well lit and history -- a couple of hours. It operational. You know I don't. The navy -- I don't I -- the story I don't say you know action Cabrera they are and it's so well. You know -- comment on people you know yeah -- expect it in the you know. -- -- How much do you how much do you number she collected today on the average. And please try to get like fifteen dollars. I get that. For me it just I mean not just to aid Salvation Army and I'll -- -- public a look at efforts are. How much as -- -- -- cost. And our -- And hour and it now and late and late videos pop it Moseley the air outright eat it but it turns out that that take you there. You know in big advocate that I am I am trying to aren't blind. But it's again it's going all -- educated -- like you go out in a -- let's bring you anymore. Right opposite that you do Wendy. I'm actually and the coming in accounting and hand them everything there -- much -- accounting work and I'm on the on them in the count agencies everything. And -- You know I don't him decree there saying everything out on the job training. -- -- That's about it's done about that -- where. And you get -- -- -- holding out for an accounting job you would do anything. I. -- a plan hotel the victory. You know I mean I'm not I'd expected to find out why. The date you know picnic on one thing we like what ever you call. And as I was and actually nothing -- because there I mean people do have job opportunities. Surprise. Find anything. I have gotten any -- -- -- I don't know my resume. I don't know I mean I. I don't have Cutler did they -- streak a bit much but I had gotten a cop. At. -- even -- people become our -- -- that work great. In I mean. That they'll -- you know. And I used to be apart and it is urgent medical like they need -- -- that that the -- I think and it got sick on the net but it definitely. And communism Whitney hand to get let IKEA -- And -- party pay for your phone. -- -- He sat in the end and and there are a lot of people who were critical of somebody for having a -- but people like you need a phone and it's really hard you're right if you don't have. If you don't have. Home base. To change. Two guys who. Go to a computer on a regular basis he would he would be hard to follow up on a job offers. There -- any -- saying it beaten down realize you know black people think it is that China and heritage big semis and my situation -- -- I mean adamantly that. -- apparent that they. You know I really I don't really have anything. I mean. Act -- a bit incidental. We're in now and I mean. Late you know I'm being polite. The unemployment on cents you know and not even like it could be you definitely unemployment picture company. They used their egos to -- And India -- Most bit of a chemical library the army -- every package on the computer look at what Craigslist. Look at you know all of a -- you know looking that hot jobs. -- -- I'll keep -- in my prayers I hope that something breaks for you soon it sounds like you have a good attitude and things just haven't worked out and sometimes she goes through. A -- a tough point in life -- the one thing that people can't take from you is your faith in yourself and your desire to keep on trying. Right that I can letters on his and I know there is in that -- but there are people. You know rule. They aren't they an -- by Chinese I mean -- into the most. C beats you -- -- out and in my mind and go out if someone tell me a year ago that I was going to be. On the street and can't get people far and got rock Alec go to people on drugs there's always that great these -- because. It's what happens in the day. When he hit -- number legally call its and as we have this conversation tonight I'm Gunner remind people about your story. And that there are people out here like you it's unfortunate that there are so many spammers out there that it you know a lot of it's are reluctant to give because of this gamers but we would love to give to somebody like you would be the only identify. Those people who are like you best of luck printing. And that extra listen to our show. Hard to hear the stories. And maybe you've been here. -- your -- stay with us this is the Scotia we're coming right back with -- your comments and got more text to get to that's next on every WL. US intelligence has determined it pro Russian rebels shut down the Malaysian flight seventeen. So what does this mean the the United States in our relations with Russia. Will continue to follow that story we've got the latest information on our website at WW don't I come from every -- on the -- good evening. -- -- -- Have. An actor on -- the previous caller action but. Good working. -- Restaurant in the current quarter. And I couldn't catch that thing Charles streetcar and it's taken record. Moderate to nearly two work I would outlined in -- -- and they need to make that quarter. And he would sell well. -- -- -- Attached to a charger plugged in and counting and -- like cool evening and now on I'll and the public. The guy he's. Like hey you're Al. And like Lee and alone chased me -- -- us. But you to -- to give the money and not audience itself. The law being. And saw that cellphones sitting on the ground. Colbert to seeing who let there. And breakdown programme and you and me -- -- in overpass. Then it was the guy. -- that car all I see if he. Like came from you know keep on you to leader he. And it out -- the back at the end. -- you have -- do you want people to know that he had a cellphone. Jamie -- about -- a boyfriend or husband. He called but it's. -- -- -- I understand them but at one point you were with somebody obviously. So is it better is it better for you to be with somebody just like you -- somebody that's opposite view. You're probably okay I'm pretty. And -- -- -- and you know Brittany. Com and keeping them part. We -- we're talking about that tonight as well because there's. Study out from research that shows that. You can. You can get stress by being around people who were stressful second hand stress is contagious. That is so true lie. My retirement industry. -- really -- yeah. And it didn't make it an ops while we use only to millions. You know you know out and I'm -- -- unfortunate. I -- previous caller windy. I'll have been in the situation. And so. Mary Kate McCann. And still there and -- will be -- Purchase -- for food pantry in the lot and even school that would allow com. At once a week went down big group of people actually go home like people -- -- on the record. And and you seem commentary children. And it's not that they were home it's in that case. War feed to kids in to have a group. And don't want him he'd keep black and improve care. Act and money. Get a crack or something acting. That's that's that's an idea. -- it before -- ago is there that one thing that you got drunk on wants that to this day you still can't drink. And key at -- time. Or. Another. Law. You know -- -- talking -- -- -- like when you talk about a Long Island iced -- I don't think should be talking in terms of them being floral navy just knowing -- Their crop obviously duke and -- marketing. Jamie enjoyed a conversation actually. All right delivering your son and their relationship thing I did -- -- whole stay when his -- right back with more of your calls here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll. Two opposites attract -- UN your spouse or partner more alike or more opposite for Kos poll 48% say -- like. And 52% so a slight majority say they're more opposite it assured by going to our web site WWL dot com. And get your -- -- -- -- more of your calls are coming up next it'll also talk about this idea that stress is contagious. This is this crucial went over to --

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