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07-18 10pm Scoot/ Panhandling/ Beverages

Jul 19, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss the problem with panhandlers.... ALSO.... Did you ever become sickly drunk, and now can't stand to even see that beverage?

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You know during my illustrious radio career. Even the very early years made a lot of appearances and -- was at a couple of the very famous pep rallies at holy cross. And I have been invited to be part of the holy cross class of 1979. Class reunion activities. Tomorrow it batteries so I'm looking forward as stopping by and saying ideas those people at the amazing they're still around and I'm still rounded. This was the number one song in 1979. My -- By the neck. And for the record I was just a young guy in the business. Here's an update on our WWL party general opinion poll do opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more alike or more opposite. Coastal tonight 44% say they're moral like at 56% say. They're more opposite -- your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and we are talking about Japan -- I got a call from somebody were to the hotel initially of the night. And he said he wishes the city could do more to stop -- -- because there are guest at his hotel -- hotel guests and hotel. Where they're standing outside smoking and they're intimidated by the panhandles come -- and ask for money or ask for cigarettes. And that's the problem is panhandling. In itself is protected by the First Amendment it's nuts. It's not protected and at first -- to harass people. So there's there's a difference there but you know how with a police couldn't figure out. How to be there when somebody starts to harass some -- and that it really there is kind of a fine line between. Asking for money. And arresting somebody and -- sometimes the lines very definite but sometimes it might not be that definite so how do you handle panhandlers. As one of the things are talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- hear -- seventy. At a text number is 877. It's Friday we are heading into the weekend and yes you heard our forecast there's a chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday. That's a -- don't let that affect your plans going due to be ready McGee can't do it outside. And hopefully if you're going to a wedding -- planning a wedding hopefully their arrangements to have it inside and you can get married tomorrow or report Sunday. But don't don't let this don't let this forecast -- we can't plants in just find stuff to do and and enjoy the weekend for Metairie concentric Euro -- showing every WL. I. Cassandra. Hello -- yeah -- long time but cry news you know -- -- -- any yes. And and -- Anyway I had no acting. Talent. You know -- have had not been kind -- like people. You know. You know how how how -- Somebody just joined us we had a caller Wendy who said that she is a homeless and has been forth a couple of weeks and she does a panhandle because she. Trying to get enough money to put food in her stomach and stay at the Salvation Army and also she needs money for a car. I thought there were a lot of jobs available that she can't seem to find a job. I mentioned to her that it if we could identify those kinds of homeless people we'd be happy to give to him but since we can't identify which ones are. Just scamming us and which -- really need it sometimes we don't give anybody. Yeah and that meant to do and a -- on. That. I want. To okay. Acting at all. I want say we want and -- and I went out. You know -- and equipment. And -- Cole what he's. On. Me on Iraq. Only about me and guy. And I mean -- -- -- One. And -- Somebody came to me it would -- been me. Don't didn't buy any I mean. You know he's been me. In in the oh. God want me on the dollar. -- Would say when you say something didn't sit right you mean you felt like that discuss really needed money. You only you need to. What went on and -- that maybe. And -- it happened that evening. News. On my -- -- their -- I mean big heart and be. An -- call me. And get back in baton. And oh. Me you know. Patent and they aren't. Out there. Know people are. -- people. Out. You know Cassandra your story reminds me of a story. Where I lived in downtown Denver. And -- are going into my apartment at night and -- -- a guy in the street to and he said to you know I need some money for McDonald's. And I blew him off and -- I went into my apartment today and I'd pick -- lived on the ninth floor. Went all the way up the elevator to my apartment and something told me that. I should have given the -- money. So I went back down he was an -- leap a building anymore he was -- -- -- -- find him around the corner. And I said do you really need money for McDonald's. And he said I really do any he had holes and issues he said I've been. Walk in all day I've been looking for a job and I just I just won a McDonald's hamburger and enough for. Ice cream. And I had seventeen dollars in my pocket and I gave him the seventeen dollars. In his eyes teared up. And he was just so grateful that made me feel so good and who knows maybe we scam but I felt like -- did the right thing in the case and I think you do the right thing as well. Now -- you will you. I argue that -- -- the black. -- -- here and Ono island Katrina. Unhappy that. Hi my friends are telling me you know we mountain army I am and you and I'm like I. -- -- -- -- You know if he. Can -- and I'm. We'll consider there's -- -- so many times in church on on Sunday that I hear scripture I hear. The homily I hear the reading -- gospel there are so many things that. -- tell us to be generous to treat each other like humans and I I'm not a biblical scholar but there's something in the Bible about Jesus saying. When you when you do for the least you do for -- Europe or something to that effect and you know my heart is torn when I I I see people in the street and some I can tell that they're obviously. Just on a nuisance and in a problem but there are others that you you can't tell and sometimes I do give money I don't have a lot to gift but sometimes I do. I give a little bit but. In indication that guy. Who wanted to just McDonald's heat. Was he was specifically toward the McDonald's hamburger and he and here's a guy he -- enough money also get. Get a McDonald's -- Sunday. And it made me feel good that I could give him that's that little bit and I'm. You know it's interesting how sometimes people will break through and and touches and it happened in the unit it happened to you as well. In Kenya as you think that saying about black. -- -- -- -- -- Why would not -- EUU. Well well. So I and I think about those things when I'm in church and I think. I think about I think about that when I'm on the street and going wait a minute if I applied this to the street and -- should treat dispersant like Jesus. And that you'd you'd met and you'd never any light. And ER. And a grainy black and -- They called. I'll battle want to -- you really don't know -- You know yes I am now that was Joan Osborne of what if god was one of us. Cool. This bad. Lie and mean. And why it. Probably I. No I wouldn't tell you crazy -- call you a very compassionate Cassandra are you inner relationship the husband boyfriend. -- you did in one. What worked better was it was it was it better when when you're with somebody who was just like you or somebody who is more opposite view. Somebody news is. Completely app for me because. And eat eat or. At a very. Yeah I am the type of credit and that -- can be kept it close. I'd be well no I think he went from being completely here -- And sometimes are irrational. Come -- -- stand admitted telecast he had minute. I. Can't be the economic front and me I am I am now and -- and call -- up my act. And anything else -- Well Cassandra good luck with your life and it sounds like your blessed and I I love your attitude and I really enjoyed our conversation. Hope we have that traffic -- back and I haven't I haven't thought he. You calling time Cassandra if you rejoice for your coming tonight -- numbers 260187. Soul free 8668890870. Attacks or were they 78 senate hears us on the Cassandra was just referring to. I I love this song and it was so controversial when it first came out. Joan Osborne. What do Scott was one of us listen to some of these lyrics and there were a lot of people who reacted very negatively like how dare you suggest that god. Is one of us. Before we get back to your calls and our our conversation tonight's just wanna remind you -- US intelligence now says that pro Russian rebels shot down the Malaysian flight seventeen. Now in the very beginning of this tragedy. Of Vladimir Putin the president of Russia has said it was the ukrainians. And most people didn't believe that but we weren't really sure now a US intelligence says it was pro Russian rebels. Now the pro Russian rebels could have gotten these surface to air missiles. In the last week or so. That recently. And I've also heard that there is speculation that Russians were actually. At the controls. While -- training the pro Russian rebels how to use these missiles Russians may have actually been the ones that fired the missile. That brought down a flight that brought on the flight. So this puts the United States on a collision course with Vladimir Putin's that this is an opportunity for President Obama to rally the world. On his side against Russia and Russia is continuing to flex its muscles and and -- wooten is. Trying to become a world. Dominant. Type leader Ronald Reagan in September of 1983. Stood up to the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union in 1983 shot down a Korean civilian airline flying from New York to -- Killing all 269. Men women and children on board. Reagan was on vacation his ranch in California cut his vacation short went back to Washington. Instead debts wrote it apparently according to the story I read. He broke this himself he could never speechwriter write it but he said make no mistake about it this attack which not just against ourselves. With the Republic of Korea. This was the Soviet Union against the world. And that seems to. The rallying cry for the United States right now so it's a story we continue to follow. There will be no home improvement show tomorrow public -- is going to be traveling during the show tomorrow so we'll have a special Saturday edition a dispute -- tomorrow from ten to noon. He into the WL a front temerity John welcome to our show tonight. -- -- I open -- -- -- ticket with him in just a moment from -- Al welcome to the -- shield. Page here I don't and good -- I have been solid and about point five years ago. And -- much space there on the wait it out or 400 dollars. On the change the wonder of the bowl. Mad about all. I ask a woman put her art or -- page. And it looked like it would limit on history. And adopt national college and there's not -- global. Dot -- are now. You don't want. And it made me feel good -- honor. The auto -- and I would go. And the public bought. Him some you know. You know sometimes I think you know they might be scamming me but they might nights and if I have the ability with one dollar. To help somebody feel better about themselves -- their life temporarily. Then I'll do it -- since I live downtown I I can't do that all the time because there are part are so many people list from money it would it would cost me a fortune to go two blocks downtown. Anastasio weekend when a lot of people -- so I don't give to everybody but there are few people that will will touch me in and I will give to them. I'm very similar to that story and the story that -- Cassandra had just a few moments ago. -- I appreciate you calling a show. And an up. Or you. -- -- be a good thing. And Alan lacy called them -- -- -- age gap. I'd hazard a VW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do opposites attract our UN your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW elder icon from cypress Texas -- your -- ski show. It so these John. Active. Oh active rebel switched. So you know you don't give Danny panhandlers. Not direct battle it that this -- before those. Pretty you know -- of the agriculture. You know we do not their culture. Mr. what what would -- to. What is dated -- does that actually before. He went and taught in the cervical eat China's traditional. Duty. Multi. It the people. Will it -- that it would be threatened. Gordon. Just sort of people in with a 2020. Well. Yeah I I think it's a good point and and I don't may mean to make it sound like if Jesus were here today that he be giving to some of the people that you and I don't wanna give too because he probably wouldn't give us some of those people. Well Hindus Jews know voters uses that -- no object you. To -- some of the but. He's eighty. To you about the people to trust. Immigration trust what the or. All of Google's computers. There are -- that's written. -- and so we can market this situation. -- structure. What was what rule. -- quote generals. Or the most important so as such who oval -- go. Outlook that -- -- -- -- -- What civil slopes conducted via mobile -- there's all this quote -- pretty -- That we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No you can and isn't that isn't that a shame when rules that prevent you from doing the right thing and into the health rules don't allow restaurants to give food to people on the street when. And the food is perfectly fine. There's so it won't -- structured. We have -- cartridge for four torture it would you submit just so original. Should you just salvageable. Portrait poster children put poster and -- 00 -- -- -- not to do with that well. That you do will ever reprimanded him and so -- -- -- Russian side who are about -- sure. You know an outlook due I would do. Well not be. Good old goat and apple problems withdrawal problem. All that well they're so they're. We will restore -- to really -- what is -- rules stop what it -- well OK it sort of we have to adjust to systematic. -- that we do with people. This for all -- policy. Or all of co chair of 4000. Ought to win. But that were buttressed the war that the issue when it was brought to notre. These difficult ago. It would just to -- the beat today. Who -- well some doubt they're raptors. Forward it to where a disaster such -- Said that they had been before. Through that's certain to -- American market to consider it worse region. So Thursday that when we talk about who. Okay. Jackson's sort of head to toe war errors. District let me. Very these people also afraid of a bit of apple also doubled to -- an opportunity arose this. -- don't report that. We ought to -- Well for them to the mirrors. Where there's been so. And done I think it's really a good advice when you talk about the bigger picture is then if if things did change and that's should be a long range plan for this country. -- that would weed out to the people who. Are really struggling from the people who just don't wanna work and there are some just lazy people on the street. Who don't wanna work it's unfortunate that there are a few people on the street who really. Could use any help we can give them but I like your advice about directing them in the right direction because there are services that a lot of people don't take advantage of unfortunately some people just don't have the and the middle capacity to. To nowhere to go or what to -- I mean I I see people walking around downtown -- Talking to themselves and some people are just screaming in and yelling. Not many but there are a few once -- while that I IC who obviously have metal issues. Well additional people. War does not Wear a number two with arch the welfare war. So people are. More creative if it works victory -- while the day. OK with Apatow -- created so there to support bill. And that the bomber who did go public appearance. Out of all industrial about structures up and -- -- Country that works or -- out and we. Yet we don't take situations. Occur cheapest -- yeah yeah speculation. So we would echo systems of all of people very. What the system as well because it the that disconnect between. You see of America and the operations. As a superior disconnect. That's so when does but the stroke which Allred. Kept the charities we have all these great it is that -- the total. Follow shall do it that the total to a total. Total war. Did we to have them but it was well let's discuss real issues. Both sectors -- -- and that it would you mr. which awful. -- -- -- and curiouser and -- you richer insight. -- specializing in Texas. Forget about your calls to get to a quick text here. On this text reads I had a guy I give me a sad story about needing -- I believed him getting five dollars I felt good that I help somebody in need. But the same guy over the same pitch the next week at the same place came up to me again. I felt like a fool. And refused to give to anyone anymore. And I've had that happened to. Here there are people in this happened to me the other night and I think I even recognize this guy for maybe a year ago guys driving around and it's a I -- a carbon -- it's it's a decent car. I am walking down the street in. I brought down the window kind of pulls this in his car over and in the CB DA says. Hate. You know I'm trying to get to Memphis I just I just I need get an in this was an elaborate story that I almost fell for the first time. And then I just completely dismissed it to the next time. And maybe the guy really does need to get to Memphis but it just I don't know there just something. That didn't seem right about a guy pulling over with this elaborate story about needing to get to Memphis so believe me there are scares out there. And I I'm getting more text about some of these scams and and in the French Quarter. There are people with hats. And I I've never experienced I'd seen it but it's never nobody's ever approached me people with hats and he looked very official like they've got these badges. Around their necks and military official but. I guess in some ways it's kind of a scam I'm kinda uninteresting text about that -- get to that in just a moment for the marry John -- on WWL. Yes it does look like. I believe Portugal -- -- Katrina in Chicago. And the dead and I think quarter of the -- fortune go to the U shaped -- fortunate has teamed up I think what we get the better at least okay. They told you pardons to people that will do it you know to -- Something to build -- -- And Cuba for fifty cents each state quietly in the black for ten hours so they get toward Cuba as. Still it's -- long -- nailing -- or whatever. You -- you couple Cuba Cuba to only good fortune and all of you for food. And that's one way to control what he's done with the money you give because they throw it might ask you for food but they've really want to mess. I literally it's -- street. Who will -- An IC IQ beggars. And you see the course and murderer conceivable -- I mean I know there. And I -- Actually -- and actively neighborhood. And I -- -- -- time how much money do you make to -- that's because like mainstream voters today. So I'm here expects. Yeah -- don't yet exist -- -- -- so you can build it but I mean if you attribute -- to give Cuba. Believe me it's because so many places in New Orleans where you can eat for free. It's unbelievable. You can buy any food. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- popular -- -- -- suddenly they're actually he bears there's so much -- full. Well assisted deal a lot of people have fallen into this lifestyle of being a blessed and not working in and -- in and and two to go get help. Means to become part of the system that they have ultimately rejected. Well only -- -- get out there -- -- people are -- -- out or you're not looking good for the tourists. And doing what you do and -- they got about Lewinsky begat you know they're now earlier this year and everything. -- on saint. -- a year after Katrina was so what brought you here after Katrina. I've been moved to Wear and -- -- that Molinaro should be retired so I just and it might fairly well inched close they'll. So I go back and forth but I who wants. But it what you -- love about the what do you love about -- UW came -- -- center. Tennessee. Every time I went for the poor. I -- a vacation. You know I mean people from all over the world out there on the river. And Italian and French Quarter. If I -- people. From everywhere and a history tour that choke. So much -- they came here. I think that two people hungry. Last week -- -- -- that -- not -- -- from Australia this so confident despite that woman sentenced. And there it is so much -- the other its insurance to addicts to shoot who opposites and I mean. And that -- -- to admit I don't really statistics but that's that's full. You know all -- all the statistics. That terrorism is a continuing to just go through the roof -- I'm good I'm glad you're here and thanks me apart version. Excellent thanks for listening John. If you -- in the -- tonight on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- are simply text is late seventies have a lot every stories like that where somebody's has come to you worlds -- -- embraces the city. What to what to launch with a different -- -- a data a small bore -- locals place in the French Quarter. And there was a table next to -- this was in -- today ending it bloody marys in the years and there's some other some other cocktail. -- -- that does it really cool to be in it I mean. I'm ready to work at night partying but I feel like whenever I go out whenever I walk out of my front door. Want to on the street and the city that so many people have come to two. Have their vacations and vacation. Soul it's it's it's always fun to see people who work have a great time in your city and make you feel like year. Your part of the tourist destination -- if you live here. This is Cisco show if you're -- -- stay with us for coming right back with more of your comments here's our WW a party general opinion poll. Do opposites attract. Arguing your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com abort your calls -- more of your text coming up next -- -- WL. This is a fun -- -- itself doubts called summer -- Calvin Harris. As summertime. Chance of rain always this time of year and we may see some habits over the weekend. I get back oh look we get to this tech support -- -- call assisted sectors that I used to be so nervous about calling the show because I never get on the radio before. I had fun chatting with you scooted plan on calling you a lot more -- from now -- LOL Cassie. Calling it just a few moments ago for Mississippi -- on this -- show good evening. Don't go good mark. -- -- I remember. I actually went out and all it was this yeah it was a cheap it was. It -- in court. And and you get. So and so on became mobile and I gave them Democrat and -- -- -- -- And it is not really appreciated that you tolerated here. And and you know and practicality. Written me. And -- about it probably not enough. -- -- which one is about one I went there in the same. You know you -- count there. And you know and and again -- could establish. And debt that's some good kind of ran a person the airport. And yet and you know we can. We we we don't know you can they were innocent. I started I try to be open for the clues that you know may be this is legitimate basis -- site I just feel like -- and I'm not that are doing -- and against it's this is in my neighborhood. Every day in every night night I am I can't possibly give to everybody. But I try to I try to be open enough to try to get a sense that. This person is sincere or not. War and aunts and -- get there about you know and you know all of mine you know what you may be right. Machida and he can thank you should do that can't. Mark I appreciate you calling a -- have a great weekend from grand -- Mike year under the WL. -- -- I'm good. You. Record. Yeah we were talking about this tonight what is the one thing that you got so drunk on once that to this day you still can't drink it. -- -- -- -- Who you know about these bigger than -- month. Old. They say how. You know -- while he's at their university it. Altered in the -- Lila my wife and everything. In we also injury could load you know. In my god did we ever get up on that. Daisuke it's kind of a sweet drink is that it. -- and we can. Light and love you -- and auditor can. Or use the slogan you know. Know. What -- Okay. And are we got back to help out you know when Ortiz and remember -- and why -- My god ordered com and -- -- it would -- play. I had it written. -- -- Out. The baby baby -- In -- -- listeners -- -- -- on any relief. Or a date in bathing. You. Got. Now DR are you okay it was drinking sprite and then orange juice down. See if I had a I had an incident we Jim beam and -- and I can't drink anything it looks like breast or taste like for us. Oh now are sprite or use all right -- -- -- you until Wednesday. Refused to bring in our concede ground. Like -- growing up in -- blood coming out. There wouldn't be an act. But I. Bought for rental market share. Thanks for the graphic description I appreciate all have to have fun in grand dial. Now we're talking about that tonight at eight even though you might have gotten drunk on a number of different things is if -- that one thing that you've got so drunk on points. That in this day you can't drink it. For me it's it's two things one of Scotch. And the other is on Jim beam or fresco. And I -- at this was at the New Orleans pop festival I think it was 1969. It was in prairie field just outside of Gonzales and the I think it was Louisiana speedway. As for the held the the festival it was skeletal Woodstock kind of thing but it was the local New Orleans version of of that with Janis Joplin Santana and iron butterfly and canned heat and all those bands from that error. And it's obvious that it TDs are not proud of -- night's. -- Jim beam in fresco and it was a terrible idea. Ands to this day and still can't drink first. Here is attacks and it -- that he screwed I hate to. I hate to say this but I judge panhandlers by their socks. The whiter the Sox the least likely they're legit. People with bright White Sox. Must have the means to wash their clothes well my Sox never come out bad bright white. Mattson a pristine way to decide who you gonna give body to here's a text about the scam on the street within the hats. Stay at the guys handing out the hats. Have fake badges. And they make them appear like their official. What they do is they offer you a hat that they tell you they need a donation of ten dollars if you don't get the donations they threaten you and then take the hat back. The other thing are you talking about is people who. And come to you and ask if you're having fun. And then they give you a ticket for being a party Cooper. Then they ask for another ten dollar donation. And the same thing threaten you or take active party to protect it. Both are clearly scams but -- -- fall for every day I try to break it up when I see it happening but I can't be everywhere. All the time. If your joys of the -- tonight's our numbers 260 what a seventy. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. And a text Amber's age 7870. If you're in the rain this weekend even if it's during the daytime remember to turn your lights on amazing how many people still don't turn their lights on in the rain so. If you're in the rain over the weekend and you see a lot of people their lights on their obviously listening to the show -- night. Those if you don't have their lights on there obviously the ones who are listening. This is dispute showed we'll be right tack on to VW well. Do opposites really attract arguing your spouse or partner more alike are more opposite that's a WW a pretty general opinion poll. Here's a quick update 38% say more alike and 62% say more opposite for -- to still marry you on the -- shell. At appetite a funny story about my grandson when he was going to young and -- and the -- line and I'm gonna go out and Annika which statement and went with China apparently -- go back to -- car. And I'm big on how America. Flight between -- and the that they. All of Sunday. And -- -- -- okay and yeah it does that matter which state. And when a police car again pulled up. And perhaps explain it by one excuse. And dogged it and it's and he did that help them on. Sale. All say -- you're your grandson. Had a friend from our you know. Dislike you get. Between what I would pop in with about -- -- you gotta go you gotta go right. When police iPod and I'm kinda. On him and don't. Have an argument -- -- -- down. Known as a lesson to be learned there is there Mary at. That's the last her head like a cult. They solicit you have a good weekend from -- and oh Larry you're on WL. If -- pretty -- -- to work out well and show their ovals if well our view of outlaws. Judging now for me it may help you know. They see at one point almost all of the well zone now Louisiana. I know what they're all out there about four and I. I know our way but now -- call them very. And -- successful business. Which you can average college. People then and -- From -- at all the third thing that you can't -- either you don't work Wednesday regulatory. And that is that. Larry so do you give to homeless people on the street. I do have -- that. Yeah I am a true believer in what goes around comes around I really don't and I'll always. You view more that you can't edit -- edit and come back full poll. Well Larry I love your attitude I've got to get to -- -- and I appreciate take time to call our show and their call us anytime. You are Hitler facelift -- -- -- out. Here's a text -- remember -- flasher in the rain unless emergency yes don't turn your flashing lights on in the rain unless. Your car is a hazard. We'll be right back.