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07-18 11pm Scoot/ Panhandling/ Secondhand Stress

Jul 19, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss panhandling and second hand stess in the workplace; which according to a new study is contagious.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

RI it is Friday night -- we're heading into the weekend so there's -- chance of rain big deal decisive stuff to do inside you can go to the and sectarian. Hang on indoors with a budget insects and bugs and things like that. You can go to a movie you can go to the French market -- covered you can go to law mall you can find somewhere that's nice and dry but. This is what's even -- and -- on its tradition on the -- show every Friday we always play this song at some point. That's overdoing it right now so as we head into the weekend together just reach over there turned the volume on just a little bit. And realize that this. Is what you've been working for. Yes in some people are heading out with the intent of finding romance this weekend. Are you gonna look for somebody just like you or somebody that's opposite if you'd do opposites attract here's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll. Are you more are you more alike or more opposite. Your spouse or partner. 40% say moral like that 60% Seymour opposite and in my personally five have to tell you that it's it's. It's better for me if I wish somebody who's -- opposite of first of all I would -- would anybody like me. I can stay entity -- -- thank you and me could stand to be with them. But I think quite often if people -- art too much alike while it might makes cents. And this is this is it a curious thing about what started out years ago was computer -- Matching people -- based on similar lights now you have to do have to like to do the same things. -- When it comes to the the on line dating services. They give you a chance to. Find out about interest rate -- I guess you would -- I've never done that but again she would you'd be able to determine right away if you like her or not alike. I just think there's competition when people or an -- this is my own personal experience when people are very much alike. It's seems as if the the two personalities are competing. And it doesn't always lend itself to a comfortable relationship. A good relationship so for what works best for me is opposites attracting. If you address the comment tonight about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Nicer recently Texas 8787. A coming up we just a little while talk a little bit about it on the planet of the apes has sought last weekend. And talked about it this week on the show infected it's still trending news bloggers to turning on -- website. It's titled apes movie is a movie it has a powerful messages. About human nature. And I was really surprised that I didn't hear more about what I perceived. As an anti gun message in the movie. Not an anti gun message in terms of pro gun control. But an anti gun message in terms of why humans need guns. Because the apes don't need guns humans need -- it was a really interesting aspect of of that movie. And if you saw and I'm sure you picked -- -- -- missing things that I picked up on that there were a lot of messages in the movie I'm not a scifi movie guy. That's not my my my favorite type of movie but I thought this movie was brilliant on very well done. And also won a lot of messages in the scifi aspect of it didn't distract from. The story line but I thought it was a lot for us to learn. From the movie and if you've seen it and I'm sure you would. Who want to tell you friends about it now also if you. If you haven't seen it yet I don't think there's anything in the blogger anything -- talk about it the show's gonna spoil it for you. Because it's more about just an observation about some of the the messages in the movie it's nothing that's specific that's gonna ruin any. I'm serious plot lines for you but if you don't hear anything about to -- or the fact that we will talk about it and and don't don't read the blog. But I don't really think of when I talk about movies that I've seen it really try not to do anything other than. Do you view. The kind of overview that you would get if you simply saw the trailer. The movie. A we've been talking about homeless and panhandling Pearson texts that reads never -- being on patrol a few years back. A -- to run the homeless off -- Kelly -- and Toronto went. All because a prominent local real estate agent complained. A falling property values in the area many homeless were run off as we were compelled by law to enforce it. Ironically. Officials. Looking people. Officials looking people doing that leave you doing the exact same thing officials. Looking people doing it sexting thing and -- extra with that state. That is asking for money. Was left alone -- officials looking not exactly sure what this says says. And always bothered me I'm glad to judge struck down the old panhandling law -- unconstitutional. I think with dispersants saying -- it. This law this they were forced to enforce. Actually -- is a violation of a first amendment rights and that. -- -- officials who I guess in some ways you can say you're doing the same thing by taking money from people. I think I think the First Amendment does protect. Panhandling. And sometimes there's a real big difference between panhandling and arresting somebody. But sometimes that line is not so definite and again what would the solution -- I just don't think with the shortage of police officers. And even if we didn't have a shortage of police office don't know how you can ask the police. To focus on that. When there are so many other issues that they need to focus on. And police can't be -- win the exchanges is is happening. So I just don't know how police could prevent a panhandling. And I I've I think it's I think it's difficult to. 21 band panhandling based on. On the constitutional right I -- -- -- that we can't believe we should be able to ask people questions in that would include asking for money. Although the constitution doesn't. Protects -- harassing people so there is a distinction there. -- was giving you a chance to beat the heat with some cash. Yes forgiving your chance to win a thousand dollars -- cool cash nationwide summer splash cash contest just listen to WWL weekdays. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And text the code word to seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone bill that's 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win thousand dollars each. So please also signed up for the WWO cash club where you'll get reminders. In attacks they were about to give the money away. If you but the reminders just text the word cash. Too late 7870. Text the -- cash. Too late 7870. You'll get an alert fifteen minutes before each code words written on the air so you'll remember to listen and write down. The 1000 dollar nationwide super splash summer cash contest. Is happening right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 -- 2 PM at 5 PM and good luck for Smart radio and account. And all of a -- you'll remember we never -- -- -- individual plain text and data rates. May applaud. There is a new Rasmussen poll out in and -- -- is one of the very reputable polling companies like Gallup. And it shows that only 29% of American voters that Americans. America's days or are ahead best days are ahead. And messed up from 33% back in April and is now at the lowest percentage point in almost eight years. Only 29% of American voters believe America's best days are ahead. Do you. We're gonna talk about this senate tomorrow there is no home improvement show tomorrow Paula grange our construction consultant with the grange consulting and energy income for solutions. He's are going to be traveling to martyr in the show and little not have home from the show tomorrow so we're to a Saturday edition this crucial and we'll talk about this. I I have a lot of reason to believe that America's days best days are still ahead of us. And there are a lot of people vote they just don't believe that that think that the the best days are in the past. And while I had really good days in the past and there were many times went I just love my life. I have to tell you I like it more now and I I am optimistic and we'll talk more about this tomorrow but there are things that. -- I think you're gonna happen in our our country. And with our society. But I think on -- gonna make America a better place. You know we've we've changed over the years sports -- I think there are some things that are gonna happen it will make this a better country. One of the things that needs to happen is that we need to stop this political divide it. As definite as it is. And we need to stop -- citizens in the politicians need to stop it and and we talked about that allotted and until something changes that they will continue to talk about it here's a Texan -- astute politicians panhandle all the time yes they do delta. Politicians I guess you could say panhandle to panhandle all the time. It's an interesting way to look at it what they do blitz I understand that that analogy. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Terrorists every text is a 77. And journeys from Houston Allen year and every WL. He's talent again. Again the former New Orleans in -- over here. And it is -- and by the way my they're coming here that. -- -- Loverboy company -- Chippendale skit. That. Visit Patrick Swayze and Chris early so I laugh -- Thomas -- that was excellent ski. We have a big homeless problem here Houston. And I have occasionally yes I have given them may be like a quarter. Maybe and two dollar item. Not in the habit really doing it. But we have a very very strange ordinance. Here in the city -- used. Or not supposed to do it it's against the law but. The law was based on. If the person on human of course he can do it and they take down your license. And a person can reported. What do you think you think that's pretty that's kind of do that. Well -- -- -- I tell you what I don't like about it -- you could be mad at somebody and take down their license number and report something that they didn't really do. Yeah or you can have an -- An and you created to report that they were doing that you could -- I really don't like. You know and in some ways I understand that reporting each other is is a good thing and if you see truck driver feces summary like that yet you got a report that it. I don't agree with using a license -- that that recent. I work at a bookstore and we have a lot of -- edited an intersection in far west Easton. We're just bright -- lights and and you know we just you know we have a -- well as they come and and about three years ago. We have homeless guy that we banned from the sport because he kept he kept threatening. Do you physical violence to whatever managers and it was not to -- Well it all came. He broke want in the windows with his. I know it -- it and that thing was it was pretty bad day going -- -- it. And nobody showed three police cars HPD. They're there. Candy yeah they got him. And he was taken away we didn't seem every year but yet he was let and he did -- restore. Again. And I told that he he couldn't. Being here and you know absurd it is -- tried these kinds of accidents that we need to get a lot of historic because you've been hand. And but he broke he broke the glass with these and yup he lives. -- you know I had. Had thought of it before but since bookstores are places where people loiter in the story and I say that Syria ingests it people sit around read books and -- and do their work people just kind of hang out in a bookstore. You know if if if I was homeless that would be good place to hang out do you find people. Hanging out may be some people who weren't troublemakers but homeless people like you know bookstore. It it very in the time of the year but yes we'd we'd have we homeless people are doing this one. If it does happen. Sometimes. I haven't seen it too much this year where they're. Where the homeless seem to be staying in the in the in the bookstores at least on one might say that the sound and work and know what I'm finding is. Not to say that they don't want it and they and they don't want academy of any becoming used to adapt well the committee used doubt I'll problem as what to -- No work -- problems with his people that are not homeless. And they decide they wanna act almost. -- are they want take off their shoes and -- walk through the store. So and so just they just one act home they just were awarded this. The other big thing you know they're supposed to do I mean they just -- that we you know and we title in which she's back you know these are not all these are not so. I know we like to. And we like this is homeless you know that there. Crazy -- don't think particular beds or whatever it is obviously -- that you know on doctor can't make a diagnosis. But when you have. Allegedly. People that are not. And there are actually coming in and they want it acted and their commitment and adults and they wanna take their shoes and orchestras. -- -- can't. Can't do. That the city's ordinance he just can't do that. Well I don't know yeah I don't understand the that the thrill of walking to a bookstore -- Either that obviously. You know obviously there are not. Playing with a full deck and it was almost person -- he kind of -- you have. You might have a view -- -- you know maybe that'll -- that. These are these are people that for a better stick -- across the other guys that well. You know they just can't do that that -- it is a problem you know it you know poll that you know get that hopelessness that I mean it is problem. We we have seen it. And we -- people you know we have -- people from the sources are used -- You. You know you can't you can't threaten my manager. And he can't knock over the displays. You just. -- You can't do yeah I mean bookstores are are I I always find bookstores to be rather sophisticated in terms of the -- And so on a homeless person who is behaving radically would really stand out of the -- story and he might not notice him as much standing on a street corner in downtown New Orleans as much as you -- the bookstore. Yeah. -- a conversation. Today did that slot and and they have a great weekend for the weekend. All right you -- -- critical nationalistic. It's called second hand stress. Stress is contagious. According to a new study. If that's true. I'm thinking about new campaign. That could become entrenched in America. Talk about that when we come back and -- well. It's Friday nights at least for the next 35 minutes and it will be Saturday morning. I -- ledger where -- hope you're I'm planning a fun weekend here's a quick update on our WW are pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do opposites attract. Are you and your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite 41% -- immoral like 59% say they're more opposite you can give us your opinion by going to our web site W you'll dot com. According to new research. Stress. Is contagious. When you're in the presence of someone who is stressing. You become stressed. So that means that -- week could be affected in a negative way. By second hand stress. Michelle mania and an assistant professor of the clinical psychology. If -- issue school of medicine is quoted in a story we have on WW dot com saying. If we can sense each other stress level. Each other's anxiety. Then we can be more responsive and helpful to each other professor -- goes on to talk about how we tend to be empathetic toward others. Which. Can make us affected by stress even if were around people we don't know. Who were stressed. And think about it I -- if you're in the company of somebody who's really stressed out. If you have somebody in your life who is stressed out all the time your husband your wife boyfriend girlfriend. If their special is that. Does that make you kind of -- mr. do you get stressed when they get stressed. So here's what I'm thinking at home. At work anyplace. We foreign people who are stressed out. And if research shows that men and women equally. Or affected by second hand stress. Then maybe this is the time to start talking about a new campaign in America. You know there was a time when we were not concerned with secondhand smoke I -- -- household where both my parents smoked at home in the car with the windows rolled up. Air conditioning on in the summertime heat on in the wintertime when -- rolled a ball to my parents profitable in the front seat. And I've worked with people who were smoking in the same studio that I -- it. Nobody ever thought about secondhand smoke. But then there was a big campaign about smoking and secondhand smoke. So maybe we've reached a point where we could start talking about second hand stress. If this -- further accepted. And supported by research then why not applying new rules and regulations to those people. Who choose. To stress. Businesses could band stressing. In the workplace. Employees who stressed. Would be required to go take a stress break. And go outside distress. You can't stressing here anymore. And then it would be groups of people standing outside of businesses stressing. Why should those of us who choose not to stress why should we be exposed to the stress of others. The anti stress campaign could even include warnings of the negative impact that stress has on our lines. Parents. Would be encouraged to never stress. It -- children. Not like our parents to. The campaign to protect Americans from second hand stress could could -- stressing in restaurants. No longer would people be allowed distress -- a restaurant or maybe it would even be extended to bars in and night clubs. I mean people who choose to stress. Would then become seen as second class citizens. Criticized for there. They have a distress. Soon people would be trying to convince their friends that loved ones to to stop stressing. Because it's it's bad for the health. I guess. Somebody could say well you know I just I can't even live with somebody I can't even date somebody who stresses. I just elected I can't stand to be around to. And then there would probably be the ultimate debate over whether to -- stressing in public areas. Should anyone be exposed to people stressing. If they're going out and try to have a good time at a local park ranger at the park you're laughing your park your. Somewhere with your kids your having a good time and people are stressing. What kind of example does that set for kids. So there would be debate about banning stress in public places because we wouldn't want our kids are we shouldn't be exposed to secondhand stress. I mean if you -- stress it's legal that's your business. But don't stress around me. No stress around people who choose. Not to stress. -- blood tonight is titled second hand stress can be harmful to your health that's on our website at WW -- account if you and enjoys that comment to an opinion tonight. But -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our text number 87070. In this world that we live in today where things it just -- terrorists a lot of control. It seems seems to be that and did this is not that far out of the realm of possibility second -- stress being contagious. According to a new study so. We need to start controlling. Those people who want to stress around us and it's not fair. I don't want to stress. So if you stress that gold stress somewhere else and nobody should be allowed distress in the workplace and I'm sure you run into this and distress in the workplace. -- be a lot better world if we didn't have people. Stressing in our presence. Here's a text. That guy from Houston had me stressing no stress -- on WW well here is a text. Stress free work. Never. I'm not exactly sure what that means here's a text as -- I can take any kind of negative energy and turn it into positive energy. Threw my hands by working hard that's how I deal with stress. And negative energy. As you can do that. That's wonderful. And I'm sure you've been around people who who have given you second hand stress you've you've been affected by their. By their stress so I'm really not support I guess I'm really surprised that it took this long for a study to come out the deals with secondhand stressed. Here's a -- you -- pretty general opinion poll tonight -- opposites attract that's the question are you and your spouse -- partner more alike or are you more opposite. Give us -- your opinion we're going to are reflective of you overcome here's a text stretchers and smokers unite. -- co workers carry more of the workload bald eagle outside for an extended break. Yeah we I think it if we if we banned stressing in the workplace people would have to go outside distress. And you know if somebody breaks that will you you go to HR complained that they are stressing. The around distress. They're stressing the cube next to me let go outside the stress that we see groups of people outside of buildings. Stressing. So if we took that series. He maybe the world would be a better place. I saw the movie dawn of the planet of the apes. Last weekend. I love the move. And it was it was crowded. Infect a lot of shows where you can make reservations at a canal place word or sold out. The original plan to VH in 1968. Opens with the American spacecraft. Crash landing on what is believed to be another planet where humans are considered to be savage animals and the apes -- the civilized people who uncivilized animals that rule the world. In the audience was stunned in the ending of the original planet of the apes where there's a scene with the top part of the statue of liberty sticking out along the shoreline. Which meant. That the American astronauts had actually landed on earth. In the future. And in the future. Apes rule the land. Each planet of the apes to some degree since the original and 9068. It carried a profound message and the new sequel dawn of the planet of the apes as a strong message about humankind actually several messages. Again I don't think I'm ruining this for anybody. This is just -- Impression of the messages that I got this -- Ruining any plot lines but again and talk about this for a few minutes of you don't hear anything about. And the dawn of planet of the apes and don't listen to show and certainly don't read the blog -- website. But in they found interesting is that. They're so it was a a real. Some real message about gun rights and gun control now with the with the sensitivity about this debate in America I was shocked that I saw this in the movie. And didn't hear anything about an anti gun message in the movie. Before the movie was a release because quite often if there's an agenda in a movie -- anybody perceives there's an agenda in a movie I've is certain groups will will freak out. And not just. The gun groups that are anti gun groups but that people just will free counseling does movies and -- an agenda this movie is a message. Don't go see it. But I didn't hear anything about them but I thought there was a strong anti gun message but what's interesting is it wasn't a message about gun control. It was a message about how humans use. And need guns. It was more about that in promoting stricter gun control. And don't of the planet of the -- the majority of the human populations been wiped out by a simian virus. There were experiments that advanced the -- so the apes escape from the laboratories. While -- humans experiment on them and again most of society which wiped out but the -- that did escape formed a civilized society in the forced outside of severance Cisco. A small colony of humans. We're living near did decimated -- -- -- They venture into the forest. In an attempt to restart a power plants. To restore limited power to the city toward their technology. On their -- into the forest we humans encounter of the gates. And -- stunned by the its ability to communicated and even summer talking very clearly much of it is is sign language but sometimes there are actually talking. And the -- were shocked and threatened by the presence of the humans. And it's fear and distrust of the apes and humans that they have for each other I think it's a metaphor for currency tensions between different groups. Now the -- in the movie were more civilized than humans. And the -- promoting this idea that -- don't relates. Like humans kill humans. And a test of the -- civility came during early in the movie when human shoots it kills a young. And just the sound of a gunshot was so forward to the society of tapes. That they immediately reacted with fear. That humans with guns would be threatening their world. Some of the gates demanded revenge. And expressed. Total distrust for the humans. And humans were fearful the possibility of the apes invading their world. Other -- tried to promote a peaceful existence. On -- -- by -- -- we don't kill each other the way humans to. When what human says to another human just the sight of apes. Makes me sick to my stomach. I think the audiences immediately drawn into much of the judgment that is such a part of the world we live in today. -- of the planet of the apes just vividly illustrated many flaws in inhumanity. What stood out in my mind was it's obvious need that humans have for guns. And I'm I'm not criticizing the Second Amendment please don't misunderstand us. We need guns because there are other humans that are bad. And so we need guns to protect ourselves from other humans so announcing that the -- need for guns and saying it's sad that. That we need guns it's added it's important for us to have guns in our society to protect ourselves. So this to me was an anti gun message but not about gun control. It was about the fact that humans need guns in the -- didn't need guns and they were more civilized. And the colony of humans that we're we're still alive. In order to protect near their society the -- did -- the human ecology. And this was a set that was built one on common street in the CBD near near Tulane avenue and Iowa blocked by that -- quite often when they were. And filming and actually when they were starting to build I'll never forget walking by there when they -- -- -- to build the structure there at the corner. It was going to be part of the descent. And I thought they were building a building but -- they were just building a set now you don't really see much of New Orleans are a couple of scenes where you see a little bit of a saint Charles place downtown but it has vines on it. You're releasing much of this this city because it's said it's ever Cisco but it was it was done here. But it was very interesting to also pick up on the blame game in the movie. Some of the apes that had been in research facilities. And where this subjects of these experiments by humans. We're very bitter and resentful toward humans they wanted revenge against the humans they blamed the humans for with the humans did to them. Some of the humans blamed the apes for the simple virus. That destroyed much of humanity. The -- that had been held in captivity. One -- -- -- begun for the humans. And shot an eight. -- promoted peace with humans. To this guy was shot because. He was promoting peace. And that may -- think about the numerous people in our history. Who had been shot. Because they stood up for peace. So -- was acting like a human in that case. Now there were some tapes that hated the humans. And rightfully so because they were the subjects of these these experiments but I think the general message was that. -- humans still forgets but in general the apes were more compassionate. Now scifi fans are gonna love Donald planet of the apes and it you've seen it I'm sure you'd be lost it. But the -- five. Stuff that aspect of the movie didn't distract from what I always have a really good story with some really nice messages. It was also about the human need for guns but it was also about about hate. It was about forgiveness. It was about love. It was about. Seeing others who were differed from new. And trying to to be at peace with them. I mean I walked out of that movie in inspired by this story and message. But I was also saddened by the accurate definition of evil side of humanity. There was a symbolic scene in the movie where it is -- eight was bonding with with the human. And the obvious message there was that the eight was too young to have learned. To fear humans. Meaning that prejudice. Is taught. And there were there were apes they wanted to work with the humans. And there were humans who went to work with the apes such thought in many ways the movie was a microcosm for much of what we see in our society today. There was another message that was interesting which was about the -- humans venturing into the forest in the first place to. To restart this power plant because they they wanted power for their technology. The humans needed. Electricity. They needed power for their technology. The apes realize that they were able to live without power and technology. And they thought that made them stronger that the humans because they didn't need that. So the movie was entertaining present at some compelling messages. On humans. Murder reach other. Generally speaking I know there are some exceptions but generally speaking animals don't murder each other. Animals don't hate. Most animals kill. Out of a recent protection territory food. Humans hate. Generally speaking animals don't know their habits -- experiments where it's a case of chimpanzees. And actually murdered or chimpanzees. I'm humans instinctively seek revenge against one another. And animals generally don't. So there were some some powerful messages in this movie and you know maybe humans. Should be less judgmental. Less hateful less in need of guns to maintain a civilized society and less in -- of technology to be happy. So I think one of the messages is you know the next time somebody tells you you're acting like an animal. May -- should take as a compliment. If you -- -- pressure might read your comment on numbers 260187. In toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a tech's number of states have creativity. I scoots and we'll be right back under the WL. I realize that if you choose to stress. You know -- it's legal and a lot of people would like to ban stressed that we haven't been able to do it but I just think it's interesting that research indicates that. There's something known as second -- stress we become stressful because we're around people who stress which I think really could lead to a big campaign about. Creating. A stress free environment. In the workplace. And really everywhere here's detection -- stress is very contagious. I don't let it get to me by telling myself I will live longer than distressed person stress tests can be done like breath tests. Here's a text only X is live in Texas so I stay stress free. In Louisiana. So what they can't come across the border. Where it is stopping them at the border. Here's attacks that reads and scoot your rant is -- -- stressful. As the -- blood tonight is about. About second second hand stress. And you can read and surely that is so we're excited to be a few events -- -- just. Making. Wide of the I guess. I don't mean to make light of secondhand smoke because it is a very serious subject. But tonight I used the the idea for a second hand smoke from with them secondhand. Secondhand stressed a vibrant it -- -- -- the story itself is on our website at WW OO calories exit -- at this a concept that we can. And it's true around people who stress. You become more stress. You're assuming -- relaxed. -- tend to be more relaxed. Here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll two opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. 42% -- -- like 50%. Say more opposite. It was very lopsided earlier most at one point Moore said they were like. Then opposite now we've got a slight majority saying. They're more opposites that alike and that's something that as I said today has worked for me and. Maybe his work for you there's always something new one RW WL website WWL dot com we've got the latest on the Malaysian flights are shot down over Ukraine. I've Vladimir Putin's president of Russia initially said it. Ukraine did it's -- US intelligence now says -- its pro Russian rebels. In Ukraine -- disputed ward territory. Eyes shut down the Malaysian flight. And so that would make -- liar -- rush allied in 1983. When he shot down a Korean airliner. President Reagan stood up to Russia at that point and and and President Obama stood up today. I don't want a president -- reax irrationally and immediately. Especially when it comes to a potential foe alike. Russia the old Soviet Union. And I -- ruin your weekend but we do talk about serious things once a while but we have the latest information on our website at WW dot com and and the president today said that at least one American was killed but this is a global tragedy very similar to what Ronald Reagan said. It 1983. We end the Russians -- shut down a Korean airliner was a flight from New York to Seoul. And they shouted down dedicated first but then when the evidence was obvious they had to they had to admit it. But if Ronald Reagan said this was. An attack on the on the world. And I were to be surprised if President Obama did not use this incident to try to rally. I'm more European countries. I'm more countries around the world against Russia Vladimir Putin's seems to have a tremendous. I'm ego and I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to do things just to have to feed his massive ego. And us as presidents of Russia. And you know we had such a great relationship with Russia following the collapse of Communist in the end of the Cold War it was it was great. But in recent years things have been getting more tense. Also on our web site we've got the latest. On the the tense situation with Israeli troops pushing deeper into Gaza. On the ground. And the casualties mount and that is really sad daddy's just such a a powder keg part of the world. And we should never be surprised when something like this it drops but we should be saddened by it and hopefully. There is a piece that -- Did it comes to that that region although I don't know that there'll ever beer be real peace. In in the Middle East and and maybe maybe acknowledgment of that is is the beginning of making it more peaceful actually. But anyway we got all of that and our website at WW -- -- first ever Cisco David Gerald Escude shale. The -- I'm -- you're talking about this issue that it's kind of weird when that you know. I still think you have to elect called and I talked to you about it Saudi prince called Bandar. Yeah I -- you did. I hadn't -- much about the conversation. Well I really believe that this guy has a lot more to do that in anything else because if you do a Google search. Saudi prince Bandar. BA's India are plots. Yeah -- doubt that he had. You he was. A big. Big argument let's say we wouldn't last summer. This was before the gassing. The in Syria. And what it's all about is. The Russians are invested in this series and gas pipeline. It's critical to Europe right Syria wants to build in natural gas pipelines and it -- in cash and -- on the money. So the Russians that we won't go in and we -- and so there invested in -- worst thing. Hopes to get something like 24 trillion dollars were -- So there's a lot of people that are. Thirsty for our 2.4 trillion dollars right. And and so -- Saudi prince Bandar on the other hand wants to invest in the pipeline from another company. And so he wants to crush the opposition. And not pay any royalties and all the sort of typical stuff that you see in Saudi arabians and and so. Basically there US investors that are convincing Obama decide with a live band. And if you. Last summer you -- Wall Street Journal article if you just do basic search of Bandar -- And this. This new band goes up to Putin last summer -- it was in July. And has negotiations with him and -- are basically offers. No chance to control. Basically monopolize. Net oil prices worldwide. If he'll drop out the investment in the Syrian -- It would be interesting to see if more mainstream media start to pick up on this if there really is a connection their day and I I appreciate the call it I will love I'll do some research on that myself. Yeah to see in the long run -- basically. He -- art sensors all -- -- and important kicks him out of the room and as these go in there and arson as well I think to have a bombing happened nature Olympics. And churn out a month or two later there as a bombing at the transit hub for the Olympics. And so that's one band targets fired as the head of the CIA. Over in Syria the Syrian -- meet the Saudi arabians. CIA. And now they've elevated band they fired him but now they've elevated him -- this special envoy and they put his kid in his the head of the CIA. I -- and I've got to get to break but I appreciate that information and where what what may be an alert to something to look out for will be right back on WL. Do opposites attract so are you and your spouse or partner more alike or opposite here's a final update on tonight's seven W a pretty general opinion poll. Forty -- -- immoral like 58% say more opposite from Gulfport dean -- under the WL. You're often. Always a little dog that actions of gluten had to do -- You -- -- you know I -- I don't remember hearing now. Just reading it. A lot of oil reserves in in Russia in that in that part of the world but since it was a Communist countries they didn't. They didn't trade oil. They didn't -- -- LD they just use the oil. For their own military and for their own government and it it -- been and -- remember reading could have been a wealthy nation because of because of the oil. You're act now to change. That -- real quake. About the stress thing yeah. You know figure out what they would of people think it's the bunch of baloney. You know like keep that human energy factor late did you get around people -- -- like that. I mean you I always heard that women that work together there -- cycles sync up not past that I mean not often do and anything but stresses. Our. Think that's alliance that there is that happens that quietly. Is -- about it I mean there may be some. Medical minute metaphysical reasons that I I don't I don't know. I have my average hitter I don't -- I'm I'm guessing the daily -- that article we really should work on a stress on the stress free campaign. We really should work right there weren't there they make the workplace stress free. And Asia every decade ago and they need meditate in Tiananmen square. Is and the -- and they can come out for themselves. And meditate and it's allowed by their employer and we don't do it everybody is or not. Eastern cultures they do a better job of focusing on self and a ticking time for self away from the crowd of society. So. But here -- -- -- called have a great weekend here's a text about it panhandling which we talked about for much of the night. Let's get my husband and I recently stopped at a red light and it's the whale exits near the -- -- overpass. My husband gave five dollars to a man holding a sign. That read homeless and hungry. He was -- seemed to be. -- it about 35. My husband asked him if he'd been looking for work that he seemed like he was in very good physical condition. His reply was. It takes me an hour to make 25 dollars. We drove off in law. And that's not so bad. Tax free to. There there's little doubt that there are people who. Just don't wanna become part of the workforce. And they choose. To be homeless. But it's so hard for us to distinguish between. Those who might. Be trying to dig advantage of us in just don't wanna work in and don't wanna. Don't want to. Conform to the workplace or societies so they they beg for money and that's the life they know. But there are people we had a call earlier name is Wendy. And it seems like she just has an incredible story about right now being homeless and there are some people who. Really could use what ever little we could give them. But it's still hard to distinguish -- really have a personal choice I. I can't make the decision for you and sometimes I give a little bit and sometimes I've I walked by it something that I'm confronted with every day because this is in my neighborhood downtown. A source really appeal board. If you do get that sense that somebody's really legitimate and you wanna help them I would encourage that but in general. I don't think it's a good rule to just give everybody money on the street and don't fall for any -- ridiculous scams in the French Quarter. What do make Jack Harris -- studio producer even if it rains a little bit this weekend find something fun to do with it's Friday night enjoy the weekend I scoots. Have a great night's -- Wallace.