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Jul 19, 2014|

Should panhandling be protected by the 1st amendment? Tourists and locals are constantly hit up by panhandlers asking for money and sometimes cigarettes. What could police do to stop aggressive panhandling? How do you handle it? ALSO: Do opposites attract? Are you and your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend different? In what ways are you different from each other and do the differences make the relationship better?

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Good morning this is a special Saturday edition of the -- show. And the others have raised throughout this area extensively today and tomorrow as well I hope that doesn't ruin your weekend plans. I think if you needed to do something outside of Michael your plans but still there's plenty of stuff to do and I hope you still enjoy the weekend and sometimes it's nice to have more of a a laid back weekend. You can go to movies that are indoor places to go through. A French market is covered so used an umbrella to get there and and back which you can walk around there and your -- so there are a number of things to do. Paula grange our construction consultant who is part of the home improvement show every Saturday from ten to noon. Is traveling today so he could not be able to give us the advice of the -- assists but the home improvement show with -- grange will be back. Next Saturday from ten to noon on WWL so we're gonna just to a special Saturday edition of the -- show rain is likely if you're driving around in the range. I know this just seems so elementary but turn your lights on that -- people who because it's daytime they don't think they need to turn the lights -- And some cars don't automatically have lights that go on would you from the windshield -- owner when the weather gets to -- a certain way he ended it gets a little darker the windshield wipers or go along delights are supposed to be turned on. But not everybody does that and I I'm still amazed that I talked about this on the show recently. I am still amazed that they are so many people who OK they don't put their lights on. But it's important enough to put their hazard lights on their flashing lights so they're cruising in the middle lane of traffic with their hazard lights on. That is against the law it's also really dangerous because if you come up with somebody come up to -- you see flashing lights. If you thought for example that they were stopped. Venue which slam on your breaks and that person with a flashing lights on would've caused a chain reaction. Accident so it's not only illegal but it's just not safe to do -- just a reminder. If you put to ensure wipers on a turn your lights on we're gonna continue some of the conversation we were having last night on the -- show. A tourist and locals are constantly hit up with panhandlers are asking for money. A sometimes cigarettes. Panhandling is protected by the First Amendment. And I don't know how we can NASCAR police who are already busy and -- shorthanded dealing with all they're dealing with I don't know how we can really ask police. To get involved in stopping the panhandlers and we were talking last site also about some of the scans. We go on in the French Quarter and there are a few relatively New Orleans there's that the shell game then I'm starting to see a little more often where they put something under. Under point three -- in -- supposed to guess which one it is I doubt that your ever gonna win that. So -- don't succumb to that and then also there are people walking around who look like -- officials with the city they have very official badges. Around their necks and they looked very official sometimes it looks like their writing things down and they're stopping people and they're there they're selling hats. But they're selling hats for a lot more than it would cost you to go by a -- somewhere. So we've been talking about that is well. If you are tourists to the area and you're not familiar with the shoes -- this is something that if I'm walking around the corner I try to break up. This every time I see somebody approaching a tourist. There are people -- come up to you and say I bet I know we got issues and the assumption is. They know where you bought issues. So you're thinking if you came from somewhere else there's no way this person -- right bought my shoes so okay I'll take the bet. And so sometimes the shake hands with viewing and try to make it every official and maybe the -- ten dollars maybe it's tornado. The answer to the question I bet I know you've got your shoes. Is on your feet. So technically. The -- right you've got -- on your feet and at that point you might wanna laugh it off. But sometimes they able incest -- you giving them the money. And sometimes there's more than once so again this is clearly. Just a stupid scam. And I hate to see -- is being taken advantage. A testament to call the show last week and said that he works in a hotel. And a lot of the of the guests of the hotel we're complaining because when they go outside to smoke cigarettes. They were approached by a panhandlers people asking them for money or for cigarettes. And especially if you're from a small town. It's an insult to anybody -- from small town but if you're not from a bigger city. Where you run into candidate was on a regular basis then it's even more intimidating for you. But I really don't know what the city can do I don't know how we can band panhandling because of the First Amendment. Which has certainly been harassing people when you think about the shortage of police officers and NO PD. And you think about how difficult it would be for police actually being there when something turns from panhandling -- being. More aggressive four or harassment I mean how could the police really be there. So what's the best way to handle panhandlers. And what do you do. I heard some really compelling stories last night from -- some people who have given money. And have felt really good about it there's some heart warming stories about giving money to two people on the street. And then there's some stories where you were clearly taken advantage of it if you what are you gonna show with a comment and and maybe the best thing to do is you never give anybody money -- -- that situation where somebody just tugs at your heart and you just have this feeling that I'm doing the right thing by by giving them a little money if you wanna join our show this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 87070. Also two opposites attract. Are you different. Or are you very much like each other that's a WW a pretty -- opinion poll this morning. Do opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more -- Or more opposite. Division opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com my experiences I I do better with somebody's not like me. And I guess is because I've Leo like me and I would wanna be with. So if I find somebody who's very similar to me I'm Mecca like a person could seem to be with me I could never differed with. So I have always found that in my life it's always better to find -- bodies are very different from you and that the person I'm dating though is totally different from me. She's from the suburbs lives in the suburbs I live downtown. She has kids in my son's grown so -- in many many ways we're totally opposite. And I found that sometimes in in life when you meet somebody who's very much like you it's almost as if there's a competition of personalities. Competitions of spirits. And is that sometimes leads to conflict and it's I mean I can think of people who have a lot more in common with me then others. But I don't know that we can actually. Lived together. Org date if you wanna join us with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven -- text numbers 87870. Also there's an article -- names and his apartment. On our website at WW -- dot com. It's about second hand stress. Second hand stress is contagious according to a new study. If that's true. Will we get to the point where as a society we start banning stress. In the workplace. -- stress at restaurants. What about the second hand stress. We've the -- stressed maybe even in open places. My god we don't want to go to law park and have fun and have our children be exposed to people who are stressing. Right -- public. And be affected by second hand stress. We'll talk about this to the -- like his title second -- stress can be -- harmful to your health. And that is trending on our website at WWL dot com also a couple of other -- blogs say include the one -- about conservatives reacting to Archie shooting. Via a cartoon character comic book character Archie was shot he jumped in fun that he is gay politician friend to save him. He took the bullet it is gave politician friend who supports gun control was saved and some conservatives are reacting to that that blog is also to -- W real dot com. And that there was another question that we asked this week on the show is dating someone for money. A form of prostitution. That too is -- W dot com this is a Saturday edition of the -- showing this rainy cloudy Saturday. -- scoot him will be right back on WWL. Ukraine is saying that Russia is destroying the crash scene evidence -- that Malaysian airlines flight seventeen over the Ukraine we'll talk a little bit about that bring up to date on. -- what's happening in that situation we're talking about tourist and locals are constantly being approached by panhandlers. Are asking for money asking for cigarettes. How do you handle panhandlers. Here's a text about the issue scam and it says the issue scam always has a group of males standing nearby. So when the victim refuses to pay the bad guy points to the group which intimidates the victim to pay out. Tell the audience to never participate in this act especially. When it's in isolated area like the moonwalk. Thanks both of these tips come from a retired NO PD officer. Thank you for that and what is been your experience where -- with these different scams in the quarter. One of the New Orleans as I said there was. Involving these caps and in New Orleans caps and it's an ice cap. The the other end. Over her conversations they've never actually approached me. But as I walked by and I I see these people approached. Tourist I'm gonna I'm gonna start to I'm gonna start exposing this and I don't feel like kind of an avenger. Our Captain America on the streets of the French Quarter I'd I just feel like -- I should what two hours ago. Then it's a scam I mean if they wanna pay twenty dollars for -- that's fine. But also the year that there are people who looked very official with the city and they've got these I'm gonna ask them to show me their their badges but they're there we -- there we're bad just in the quarter. And they'll go very official. And they might say something to the effect of you don't look like you're having much fun I'm gonna have to give you a ticket for being a party Cooper. And when they give you the ticket then they demand a donation. And they they get. They get sometimes they get a little on the conservative side as sometimes not but they're they're very very good and insisting. That you give them money. And they appear to wanna give you this hat because you're in New Orleans and they're doing something nice Fauria and -- percent the city of New Orleans which they don't. But they appear to wanna give you this baseball cap. But -- when you take it then they demand. I guess it's about twenty dollars. -- Don't fall for that. If you wanna stop and talk to these people fine but note that they're simply trying to get money and they're not goodwill ambassadors for the city of New Orleans. And then with the shoes -- thing I've I constantly if I see that start to happen I will will constantly go overstatement don't. Don't buy into this it's a scam. And I have to admit that sometimes the people who were trying to perpetrate the scam look over at me and they're not real happy with my suggestion that people not get involved. Here is. Attacks that -- this is about opposites attracting. Are you opposite or are you more alike when it comes to the person you're with your your spouse your husband boyfriend girlfriend whatever. A -- X -- I think it's a little bit of both. You need to have at least a few things in common but you have to have everything in common over to -- if you have everything -- that's pretty boring. Yes I would agree with that -- because. We have to basically. Like to do the same things. But if you both like -- I just find competition. With with personalities when people -- too much alike and -- I had a couple people call last night and they were very adamant about how. Hey listen -- Malone because on difficulties with these a couple of women. I Malone because I am really difficult to deal with and I don't know that anybody really wants to deal with me so their content being alone. What are the good things about being somewhat different from each other. Is that you. You you bring something into somebody's life I mean if somebody is exactly like you in if everybody likes to do the exact same thing then there's there's nothing. New and innovative in in the relationship. If you wanna join Russia with a comment turn numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are -- seven. And it takes a -- 77 here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll do opposites attract are you and your spouse or partner more a light. Or more opposite. 40% say -- like and 60%. Say more opposite. Here's a Texan reads a great subject scoot I lived in Venice beach California. Until moving to New Orleans and knowing half of the homeless want money for a drink or drugs I always bought them a loaf of bread or -- sandwich. Remember. Many have middle problems. And don't have anywhere to go. Thanks to Reagan although I'm politically conservative. And -- -- that's that's that's an interesting. Aspect of of politics and political ideology if you get to the homeless and aids. It's apparent that your liberal. And I really don't think that's fair because you're somebody who says that -- they would they would give to people they would they would provide food but. Past -- past -- explain well thanks to Reagan and politically conservative. And there are a lot of people who wore socially liberal. And fiscally conservative what we'll talk about that Monday night on -- -- -- UP socially liberal. And if -- -- fiscally conservative. What are you are are you conservative or are you liberal. I think there are more people. Who were made up of a dichotomy. Of ideology. Then who are strictly right or left we'll talk about that Monday night description. Protect its interest again if you if you give to somebody somebody might accuse you of being liberal. There are people who have snack packs there are people who have -- with them and they do give food to those people on the street. In my neighborhood. I run into homeless people constantly. And especially. On -- Thursday Friday Saturday night. Died downtown in the quarter -- or homeless people everywhere there are people as I don't know if detective -- homeless. They might just be out there scamming all of -- but there are some people who were clearly. Having mental health issues. Committee -- people who who talked to themselves. They're people who shout out -- have loud arguments with themselves. Walking down the street. And I took a walk on the other side of the street. But there are people who have mental health issues they're people who don't know how to get the help that is available and there is help available. And so I do have this tremendous sympathy I wish we could find that those people who really do need our help. But they don't -- advantage they don't we're. A certain. On designation that they're the ones that really need help and there are so many people out there who were are scanning and it's really sad that some people. Are are taking advantage of those people who. Followed the system. And make money legitimately. To just to live on the street and and panhandle here's a Texas -- more panhandlers in New Orleans but I don't see them in Covington. And they're very rare on the North Shore. You know that's usually the case in -- suburbs there are not nearly as many panhandlers is there or in urban areas and that's not just here but that's also. Around the country. If you enjoyed Russia with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. What's your experience with panhandlers boards gamers and what's the best way to handle. 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A text number is 877. This is a Saturday edition of the Scotia it's 10:30 on this Saturday morning and here's a WWL news update with -- names are connected is Saturday edition of the -- -- and Demi WL. Paula -- construction consultant with the greens consulting and energy -- solutions is a traveling today was not able to be witnessed. The home improvement show will. Be back tomorrow so I hope that whatever is going on with your house whatever advice she need in terms of home improvement I hope things hold out until next week and and he can. As Paul your questions here's a bevy of you'll pretty -- opinion poll this morning two opposites attract. Are you your spouse partner. Moral -- or more opposite. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- from Mississippi marquee on the -- show good morning. -- Are you way a couple of comment is that. And I -- like I mean no more dead bees and -- and countless. And -- it. -- You don't air. That. It is you can't. And one day you know copy -- the radio that he can Allen. Don't get it with a politician -- death camp and went ebitda and beat. On him. Yet it's it's true I guess the politicians are not as much in your face and on the street and and is is human beings we we tend to be very judge middle of people who were different from us and we see somebody in the street who. Doesn't doesn't seem to fit in our walk of life we. Are are quick to pass judgment on them which is is unfair but I think -- bring up a good point not by -- you -- Here's a text Bruce from reserve a -- remember them for that variety is the spice of life thank god everyone is different. Yeah I I agree with that here's a text about panhandling panhandlers I have met in -- approach you in parking -- not on the street or sidewalk. I seemed that as well and that tends to be the case in the in the suffers. Although not too long ago. I went to one of those those car -- places where you know you do it yourself and you -- the car width of the -- and in this guy was sitting here. And he said look and I need somebody. Do you mind if I wash your car for -- -- I'll do it for. And he knew how to work the equipment and everything I told a missile you know what I'm gonna give you the money but I -- going to -- a car. He almost fell -- -- still bad about the idea that. He wasn't so he was just getting the money I found this to become a vulnerable. He almost felt bad debts. I was doing it and then gave him the money it's almost as if he wanted to work for the money. Now that I respect and admire. On this could be somebody who could be working and isn't there again there's so many things that we don't know and there are so many so many issues that are. Emotionally based when it comes to the homeless and running into people on the street it. You know we tend to just blow people off we tend to blow off strangers. Whether -- homeless or not we let me think about think about how you act in an elevator. -- -- we we act like we're enemies. To get an elevator with somebody and rarely do you talk rarely do you have a conversation. And we're all human beings and I realize that nobody has to have those those conversations. Which India. We shouldn't be forced to have a conversations or feel bad if we don't but we do tend to -- fend off strangers. In general. If you enjoyed our show this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text a receipt 77. Our recent Rasmussen poll and rest mussina as one of the more reputable polling companies like Gallup. It shows that only 29% of American voters think America's best days are ahead. That's down from 33% in April and at the lowest point now in about eight years. Do you think America's best years. Are ahead. I would hope that you do. Because if you don't then you would have a very pessimistic view of the future. And realize that there's a lot going on in the world that downing of the Malaysian airlines. Flight. The he's really. Hamas. Gaza. Tension. Israel on the ground with ground troops going into Gaza which is not a very big area it's it's not that's not it it's not a large territory. On very very highly concentrated in terms of a population. So Israeli troops are going in on the ground the border crisis that we had here in the United States. There are a lot of reasons to think well you know this is the world self destructing. But as they -- on the on the Scopes show this week. I remember growing up in the sixties. As a kid growing up with the -- warned the threat of of a nuclear war with the Russians. And that's why I'm bothered by this renewed tension between the US and and -- news -- Soviet Union Russia because they still got there. They're nuclear weapons and I'm assuming that they're still. According at the United States so this is tension. Is something that could erupt and from the beginning of the end of communism -- I remember talking on the air about how we should not develop a false sense of security. When it comes to good relations with Russia and now we're seeing him -- very chilling moment. When it comes to relations between the two but I I think that America's better days are ahead and I think we we can. Hope you come to a time when we're less judgment with each other. We are more. -- We are. I'm less divided politically sure we'll have our own political ideology are strong passionate beliefs about politics and social issues. But I would like to see us get to the point where may be -- we can start to get -- a lot better from Gulfport rich you are under read it you'll. -- -- -- talking about the elevator people -- talked -- -- right now on our trash whole lot. In the city people. Like someone like Paul -- but they do there's -- visitors talked with the country people. If you see him on a roll you know they're older and grow road warriors say lol well. Not rich I've seen that as well of people in smaller towns tend to be friendly here and then people in the city and I guess it's because we're more dish trusting of people in the city because it's more populated it's more crowded digest we are. I'm as susceptible to two more scams than than in the country that may not be true but that's the perception. Yeah in the they're not really brutalized and he. In Manhattan -- -- nobody talks about it and he got thousands of people along the trees are all news. But it fear in the country on dirt road. Well when you're wrong payrolls. And -- -- it's a good point -- cult and from Covington run you're on the Saturday additions to show. A -- later on more than. Okay no elevated. My shelf. I try to be as friendly as possible and -- how they are gonna say good day aren't you guys don't try and you know -- compensation especially if you order elevated one it's important stop like that and just try to keep the ball and -- -- differently. You don't have to give up their body. Just. You know that that should trouble validate her body. Oh lord about the guy next to ultimately a good guy bad guy. Bullish so that everybody is good guys -- Protect itself at all -- be but beyond friendly it's kind of out. Run that's it that's it it's a good point and you know people have this nervous habit if let's say there's. Two people in the elevator and it stops -- -- floor and somebody gets off. So what OK let's say -- three people the elevator. One person gets off of the floor on as well while the doors still open. Somebody's some time to reach over and pushed the delete button again to go to the next floor. Thinking that that's gonna make the elevator door close faster and I don't really think it does and it seems like that's kind of a a nervous habit that people -- to to push the -- you get into an elevator and it's going to first floor but what one thing you do is instead of having a conversation or acknowledging the other person. You have this nervous habit of pushing the one button again thinking oh well this is gonna close the door quicker just nervous -- Yeah well actually it would be -- and is belly and now -- It's they think -- somebody a company now so. Yes it should kind of it ought to split second talk on active. What is our everybody's watching our SP. Enjoy life and you know. Just an artist so that they're and so on what. Right it's a great thought have a good weekend. Its its -- and an elevator because we do tend to wanna stay isolated and not even talk to each other. Now there are reasons that I have come to be less. Open when it comes to talking to people especially in the elevator of the building that I live in a live and -- a tall building. And I'm constantly in an elevator and sometimes on a modern elevator. Going to a number of floors with somebody else that I assume is living in my building. But there are there's a reason why. I'm Brooke I'm more reluctant than ever to talk to people an elevator I'll tell you about that we come back if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Point 78 text H 7870. It's a Saturday edition dispute showed will be right back on -- WL but it talking abouts the uncomfortable in this of being in an elevator with strangers which were there are quite often -- him. Here's a Texan reads it taste -- remember the elevator scene in the movie elf when he pushed all the buttons. I don't remember that scene but I I can envision it in my mind pushing all I have to admit I remember when I was a kid. I would do that my brother and over again I'm an elevator we pushed every -- and it for a for a wild they it was very popular has the spartans who -- -- -- like touch buttons. And you just do you mean you could just take your finger just -- On the whole row like I know that wasn't the right thing to do and if you're if you're young and listening at home don't use means it's pulled out of the think that was wrong. So -- mentioned that that is in nervous habit people. I get out of an elevator and then there's two people still in the elevator or somebody gets in an illustrator and there's this tendency to re hits. The button. I'm strictly in the bottom floor for escorted by four and I think that's kind of a nervous habit of people wanting to. I guess do something. Rather than actually. Acknowledged the other people in the elevator. And I said it really doesn't make any difference if you push that button but here's a text that says in -- elevators it does close the doors quicker. Depends on the equipment loan debt I didn't know. Here is the text a lot has to do with smaller town people. All know each other so it becomes a habit to talk to every one so when small town people go other places. And bring that habit with us -- we bring it -- with the as a person from a small town my thing is. If I meet -- to lie with anyone realistic knowledge that person no matter what. And I have I have a Tennessee to do that as well. Not to mention going into the break. That there's a reason that I have become very reluctant. To talk to people in the elevator and there's a specific type of person that I'm reluctant to to acknowledge. This may sound terrible but I'm I'm gonna say it because it's the honest truth. I am less attractive to acknowledge the presence. Of an attractive female. In the elevator with me. Because I've gotten blown off and it is not acknowledged in return. Because I get the impression that just acknowledging them. They think I'm I'm trying to pick up on. And I'm not I'm just trying to be friendly. So I find that my instinct is to be less. Responsive. To somebody who is in my immediate proximity. Who is a very attractive. And I understand that attractive people have to deal with people all the time who hitting. But it really is sad if we've got to the point where if somebody just acknowledge you -- says hi. That you closed down because she thinks this is some kind of an approach. From a -- Paula -- under the WL. Carl I don't Carl could go out. There and guerrilla -- -- I'd -- Columbus grove. You'd be known as small help I'm -- -- they. It was pretty good career move I I'll I mean. Lately the court you go and I'm enable people to speak in. Several people don't -- Are the people border do you view that means low and then. You don't account that you open door people are old elevator. In the old warning -- out just like you know. And that I think general partner. In our society feel. And it's a shame we can't break that down and and also a fight I fight hold the door open for for somebody if it's an attractive woman. Now this is a general statement if it's an attractive female. Is she will be less. Are responsive to being courteous than somebody who isn't an attractive female and I I gash in -- if you're attractive female and you want to respond to that you certainly can't. But I guess it's because everything is perceived to be some kind of a flirtatious moment and it's really not sometimes you just are are nice to people and they happen to be very attractive. -- good you know what you automatic. You're not given -- future -- although the current. You know it's really capture. And and I think there are a lot of young people. I mean this is it's not even even moderate or. You know Eric thank all of our orders changing. But I you know -- I think that's true. Part of what we should be trying to -- Because a lot of our problems we. Shall surely. You know -- down trenchant. Like you say. When you don't want to muddy field probably you know if we don't know what they might be or what I want. -- and politics this is a great point maybe this is where it starts I've got to get to break I appreciate you calling your show. Maybe it starts with us maybe if we start being friendly to each other then maybe that spreads. Becomes contagious. And then maybe over time. The country is just west at at odds and debating. And maybe were offer earlier to each other maybe that's the place to start one on one with -- each other. This is a Saturday edition of the -- the home improvement show with -- grange will be back next Saturday and we'll be right back with -- your comments on WWL. -- this is one of the -- there was on its way to helping define the sound of the nineties Blind -- And Shannon -- only singer. I have a drug overdose and I believe it was on this tour bus suddenly -- here in New -- -- kind of the drug -- -- -- that this -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- Seems like there was a little person -- that in the studio into stands out in my mind as government. Are certain things about various what are remind you that on that you're on the effort on August 1 it's a Friday. A -- show a party night August the first will do a special on MTV. I MTV -- the year August 1 1981. In every year in August 1 like to play the music it's it reminds us of all those early videos in what MTV. Once was for an entire generation -- for pearl river Joey you're on WWL. -- to the morning Julie. Yeah outlook open all. Helping out with the what -- gate problem we have opened here. Yeah -- -- help much with them doing and hopefully it doesn't flood between now and next Saturday you can install next week. Well I -- then. Your tongue in cheek yeah. Now what it thought the the root. Note. Aeon -- The people we have two year post-Katrina. Particularly from same and our -- You know. I mean. You are talk about chivalry. Ian. Oh my lower few. You let somebody out and and trapped. In and that's why. And jelly I'm gonna I'm gonna have to get to a news break if you wanna hold on we'll continue this conversation right after the news on. WL.