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Jul 19, 2014|

Scoot’s latest blog—Secondhand Stress is harmful to your health! Is second hand stress really something to be worried about?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to this special Saturday edition of -- -- show here on -- WL Paul Le grange our construction consultant which LaGrange consulting and energy income for solutions is traveling today so was unable to do the home improvement show. And believe me you don't want me to give you any advice without -- round on what to do with your house so hopefully whatever issue you're having with your house can hang on until next week will be back with a home improvement show. Next Saturday from ten to -- atop its Morse a Saturday edition of the food show coming up at noon right after the show on WWL. Do you think you're nice to strangers. You were talking earlier about tourists and locals are constantly being approached by panhandlers asking for money and sometimes cigarettes at that led to a conversation. Doubts. About rudeness and not looking people the guy and that was to a conversation about how we acted elevators and we don't always talk to each other elevators even though we're right next of people and and maybe we should be friendlier to each other do you consider yourself to be a friendly person. And what reaction do you get if you go out of your way to be friendly. Do you find beds in the friendliness is. Is returned or do you find that people are route in and shut down. We've also talked about how people in smaller towns seemed to be. Friendlier than people in in big cities and I got a Texans but he suggested -- well it's because it's smaller tells people know each other. And in bigger cities we don't expect ever see that person again. And yet quite often I see the same people on my walk. Downtown in the French Quarter -- many of them the same people. So have we lost a sense of civility. Are you from the person and do you differently to spec if you wanna join Russia with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text numbers -- 77. Also led the a WW a pretty general opinion poll is a continuation from the pole last night on the -- show. Do opposites attract. Arguing your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. 39% say moral like 61%. Say more opposite. So what is it for you. Give us your opinion by going to our web -- WWL dot com and if you like join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. And a text of receipts have meets every. And we both have been bringing bringing people up to date on some of the latest scams in the French Quarter I -- from pearl river it was just a talking to us about elevator rudeness I wasn't watching the clock we had to go to brakes -- to graduate chance to finish this conversation Joey. So tell me about elevator rudeness. While. Elevator route to appear on the note sure I'm and 'cause we don't. And but one building -- Yeah I mean what -- -- but you are much how much problem how -- can you be if you traveled three floors with some money. Well. -- -- -- Really there and get beyond how can really eager to share my sure write these few other in detail -- Right if you're downtown in hi Doug building with a lot of floors since you've got to. Long way to travel mean not a long way it does not a lot of time that we do find ourselves I I find myself. Uncomfortably. Trying to not say something to somebody that I mean an elevator -- Well. I -- more -- go I. Now I share or what vote. -- Sure like -- -- you know just general government. Giving an example there. This you know area are now. You know how well. Land route then able to do it -- There are. I mean. I. There and -- stated. Kind of for you know you know Brenda Brenda -- of vote transportation. And -- somewhere. Here in the -- though you know Sherrill got it wrong era. Yeah for example in in an elevator where they're number of floors like in the building I live in near five like get on the elevator on the ground floor with somebody. And let's say a she pushes says sixteen I'm going to my floor higher than that. By -- might turn to her say so how're things going on the sixteenth floor. -- -- -- -- that felt the break the ice. You know. What people you're about to -- -- totally. Open but just generally. -- just so let people. You're no stranger attempt to get note that it. And at first you're here you're not there for. Or alternative. Resent you know you're not taking a ride DiMarco or something like that I mean. Where where you know if -- Killing -- where if you're open with people do you find that attractive females are less likely to be open back to you. A carrier on this article -- Pre Katrina. True. Yeah very much so. I mean you get views are opening their doors two. -- You know. And by. Something on sale in particular shop he will walk out that there warping -- to structural. Katrina. We had. Tremendous. And and -- And a lot of so many people. From the cultural. Has changed. This year that being known as a growing community. Don't see it. Don't see it anymore. You know it's it's sad that people from the city have brought there coarseness. Too. The pro river area as opposed to the pearl river area teaching city people to be friendlier and less -- -- it's simply we colors you know. We were outnumbered. Just just completely outnumbered. You know in the way. I feel for the people. And it. Move appear post-Katrina. -- are they got caught up and are tremendous. Price gouging. Group I mean how that would going war. On her trip he suddenly jumped up. Re under three and a quarter. End and they were taken advantage out because they were completely. Wiped out. Why doesn't say much about humanity when you hear about these price gouging moments that happen effort disaster. You know. In the state legislature. Ought to take. There. Places like gas stations and grocery. Stores and struck are not a lot. This certainly -- right or come out. Because. You know people are in the and how is also a knee. Here you've got a war like a duplex. Pictured it I ordered our among four. You know. You've been trying to -- and certainly Katrina -- along. Or at least some hope there aren't aren't in my outlook and now the month of what. It's a -- care at a week for Katrina. -- six month that the country. It's it's really interesting how humans to treat each other Joey -- I'm glad you brought that up and thanks Louis into our show. I I'm I'm again thinking about the movie -- saw last week at dawn of the planet of the apes and -- resist so many wonderful messages about human nature. In a movie and and one of them is the the intrinsic. Evil. That lives in so many humans. That. Doesn't live and other animals. So I but I I I hear a story about how you know people take advantage of people after a disastrous I can't help but think about that innate human instinct. To take advantage of people. When I don't know that animals would prevent a tremendous -- Norman here on WWL. Page can't be -- if you really injury issue thanks -- Opt not to call and director Rick about -- compound launch an -- thought our I beer I don't but we got quality. But while the hotels don't -- apply our interest being Allred stands in the particular area you know she's. I hope it's not a case of that morning to not admit it. You know wish we should admit that there are certain problems on the street protests -- really good idea to -- and I don't know -- -- hotels do that if anybody -- of -- hotel doing that please let me know but that's a great idea at the concierge -- going to check in. Just a one sheet on the scams in the quarter. The I don't know why don't do that the -- that would restrict Tokyo let them know. They would come back and I don't know petition seems so simple. I'm not and it won't -- -- -- everybody that we shouldn't say it straight big now what you know to expect. Governor I think that's a really great idea I appreciate you calling her show. Here's a text that read this. -- Tell Joliet was our last caller it's supply and demand not price gouging. Well really is in I would think that supply and demand would be justification for -- county area I understand the supply and demand concept. But it really is price gouging. Especially to take advantage of humanity. After disaster. By a extracting as much money as you possibly can taking advantage of the fact that they have no options. I mean you can call that supply and demand. But it's ultimately price gouging. Do you notice that when your rounds people who are stressful. You become stressful. Was a research study that shows that stress is contagious and that we need to be aware of second hand stress. All right more of your calls him will get to that we come back after this -- of zero. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. Are told -- at 8668890. Late seventy. We're talking about should. V. The innate evil the innate rudeness and people and by recognizing that then maybe we can overcome it and as start to open up in via a little nicer to each other here's Texaco at this in my personal faults this testimony and no -- disbursement of really good point. Social media has really people. People would rather text or send someone a message. On FaceBook. And actually speak to people. So is social media FaceBook texting tweeting. Is that making us. -- If you enjoyed a show with a comment on numbers 260 when he seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven Texas a 77 here's our WW up pretty Jack about people a continuation of our discussion last night it was -- -- Do opposites attract are you in your spouse or partner more alike. Or more opposite. Think about -- issue opinion by going to WW overcome what you can update on that. In just a few minutes WWL wants to help you beat the heat this summer. We're giving away a thousand dollars -- cool cash in our nationwide summer splash cash contest just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And Texaco were to 72881. For your chance to win without ever putting your phone down. That's seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide -- a thousand dollars each. And please don't miss out on getting the money sign up for the -- to Euro cash club. When you get reminder text fifteen minutes before we give out each code word to you what those reminders before we get about the code word. Just text the word cash. To -- 787. Cash. To wait 77 will give you an alert fifteen minutes so you are certain to listen to catch the code word. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest don't forget the times to listed 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. And good luck for sort radio intercom and all of us at WW well remember we never charge for text by two individual plan texted generates. May apply. From Hammond Virginia you're on WWL. Content in people being used in our tendencies you. The children I'll answer on the twenty years. Thank -- aren't. Sure that the children that anger at their parents teach them. And I think a lot. To the contrary now. And I opened the -- -- -- that is indeed change it ain't cheese and it can mean now the elders was not well. Ahead ally found sometimes if somebody goes out of their way to. Not say thank you to me. I found myself sometimes just saying you welcome. Yeah and I. Out there about. Good authority. And I think some people. -- -- and they think -- everyone else. Mean to be. I don't need to be critical of some of attractive women and and I'm sure attractive women have a lot of things to deal with that I can't going well actually I can relate to but I see it in public I see the way men treat women. But it's really it tough if you wondered just say something to somebody I find myself less likely. To. And the spontaneously nice. To an attractive female because of it many times that I've binge just shut down -- ignored because I get this sense that she thinks that I'm coming on tour and and I'm not. Here as a parent and a lot on the track this story about one that your child lunch and that's why a lot of times they you know. Cabin duct that -- their cute attractive and they sprayed there and they are afraid there aren't that sent there. That's part of which is -- -- that's our injury. I think that he each each Childers. Column that he try like my children and they set for yet and at least thank you on that elected. And it starts at home. -- I would agree appreciate calling her show and have a great weekend so often so many of the things that we've we talked about on the show. Go back to home. And parenting. Here's a Texan -- there we have many Saint -- people here in Hammond and they are nice wonderful polite people. Here's another attacks are from the South Shore now -- on the -- shore. And this guy is a liar either caller that said that people have moved to the -- river area. And they're -- You know a lot of this comes down to your perception. What you see and and how you see things and you can look at something. In a negative way you can look at something in a positive way you can go through life and you can look for those things. That a positive or look for those things that are negative. And which ever perspective you tend to have been -- that's the that's the results that you put in your mind as being the majority of the way how people feel. As so you'll go out of your way to look for the negative if that's the way you view life. Where you'll -- body -- and noticed the positive if that's the way you view life this is a Saturday edition of the Scotia or second hand stress can be a hazard to your health. Will talk about that when we come back. It's 1130 this is a Saturday edition this crucial here's another WWL news updates with -- -- -- do in my career I made a number of appearances that holy cross. And I have been invited to be a class of 1979 class reunion tonight. In memories of nuclear program that produced a little while to say hey thanks for listening all these years this was one of the top songs of 1979. And I'm sure that. The class of 1979 holocaust was running up and down the halls of lacrosse. Sticks with -- poignancy and it. It's inevitable uniform. All right but this was not the number one -- This was the number one sort of 1979. The year of the classic is -- 35 annual class reunion and this was the number one song that here. Maybe guys usually throws for a little more like positioning Fleischer won't -- and back. And poignant day because a lot of people downtown French kissing him. I've I'm gonna have a chance to say thanks for listening -- for continuing to listen now. This is a Saturday edition of dispute showed the wholly premature with Paul Le -- -- construction consultant will return next Saturday from ten to -- For Picayune -- welcome to WWL. -- Like to thank you for comment on the night just like -- do wouldn't take it goes over. But detectives humans sometimes that the -- gotten used in the real Robert Mitchell -- -- They all they get behind it like to nearly one -- -- elected not want to hurry up and get on day shift kind of thing. -- all comments imply it and just kind of picture. Like the day that -- get the power to you today. I'm really really. What do I tell about gadgets -- Egypt kept it sense that not everybody wants to do that. Well Lori -- I appreciate you CNET and today it's great to have Bob -- -- -- my -- and during the day you know I was a morning person it was -- in the morning out there for rebounds on the on the radio. But I all right -- but I I love you know I love the night show was well and it's it's it's. It's my show and might work ethic is no matter what I do where I do it I'm gonna do the best job I can't and you know I've I love the audience it's it's growing it died so it's it's been fun for me and I appreciate the fact that you notice that and I I don't sit on -- as well. Yes please do not. Thank also -- appeal. All right Gloria and thank you for listening. According to -- research. Stress. Can be contagious. If you're in the presence of someone who were stressing. That you become stressed. So that means that there can be a negative impact. A second -- stress. Michelle Manny assistant professor of clinical psychiatry -- medical school. She's quoted in the story we have on -- WL. If we can -- each other stress level. Each other's anxiety. Then we can be more responsive and helpful to each other she goes on to say that because we tend to be empathetic toward others. We can even be affected. By the stress of strangers. So that means that it work. At home any place. If you find yourself affected by the stress of others. Research shows that men and women are equally affected by this. Second hand stress. Now there was a time when we were not concerned about secondhand smoke. And I grew open house -- where both my parents smoked at home in the car windows rolled up you know it. Everywhere but -- okay. Tours they know all of us in -- failure or just fine. I I worked with people who smoked in the same studio that I was in very young in my career. No one thought about secondhand smoke and now because of the anti smoking campaign we've we've we've reached a point -- secondhand smoke is a big deal. So I wonder if this new research about about second hand stress. I wonder if this is gonna lead to a turning point. In our acknowledgment of the stress and second stress me if this is further accepted. And supported by research. Then why not applied new rules and regulations to those people who choose. To stress. Businesses could -- stressing in the workplace. Employees who stressed. Would be required to take a stress break and go outside stress. And indeed you'd walk around drive around you you see people groups of people standing outside of businesses that deal out their talking stressing. Why should those of us who choose not distress why should we be exposed to distrust of others. Anti stress campaigns could include warnings have been negative impact that stress has on airlines. Parents. Would be encouraged -- never stressed in front of their kids because it might teach their kids distress. And no parent wants their child to grow up and be a Strasser. The campaign to protect Americans from secondhand stressed to -- stressing in restaurants. Even bars and nightclubs. I mean people who choose distress. I think they would become seemed as second class citizens criticized for their stress habit. Soon people would be trying to convince their friends and loved ones to stop stressing because of the negative impacts on their their health. And I'm sure there's some people who would say I just I can't live with anybody I can't date any body. Who stresses. And then there would be the ultimate debate. About whether or not to -- stressing in open public places. I mean should anybody be exposed to people stressing if they're out trying to have a good time so it -- near park. Or anywhere. Should our kids of -- out playing should they be exposed to somebody who is. A stress -- Possibly be affected. My second -- stress. You know the more I think about how successful bans on smoking have been due to the effects of a secondhand smoke. Then you know may be. This isn't a bad idea maybe we can get the same results will be -- stressing in the workplace I mean you of their people in your workplace they're stressing. And doesn't that make you stressful. If somebody at home -- doesn't that make you stressful. It even if you see somebody in a public place attending the attendant be affected by their second hand stress. So if you want to stress look I realize it's legal it is legal to stress in this country. But that's your business. Doubt you have the right distress but. You don't have a right -- -- around me. This group blog is on our web site second -- stress can be harmful to your health greeted Jarrett. It's a double WL dot com we'll be right back. This is another one of the top -- since 1979. And -- holy cross class of 1977. There. 35 class reunion this weekend. This event tonight that they have invited me to be though we don't here's attacks that -- says thanks for the shout out scoot holy cross 790 tonight Craig and Paulina. Here's -- -- the class of 1978 holy cross listened to you on the radio back then. And we did not have uniforms that must have been some other school that I was thinking about went to a number of the Catholic schools in my career. And I guess some had uniforms and I've mistakenly thought -- trusted -- that we can where every -- closed just like a public schools. Here's a text that reads. We were rebels. In the Catholic school league of high schools. Only boys -- Catholic high schools. That did not Wear uniforms. Those holy cross hooligans. Breaking the rules not wearing uniforms. Here's text platform shoes bell bottom pants. Long hair party down the middle so Disco shirts that was the dress code of my fellow high school students at holy cross. In the mid seventies. Leighton mentally seven -- you know what that sounds like something that came right and in my closet back into. From Covington junior on -- WL. But courtesy -- on -- Well you know this -- deal about. Stressed again and you know any church that now stressed out about the campaigning -- -- must do well. You know that's the problem -- I'm addicted to discredit having you know -- it's it's. Kinda like with smoking you tell people they can't smoke to get nervous in the they wanna smoke more so we tight well OK it's stressing that you want to stress more. What here's the problem that I smoke -- start smoking. Stressed don't -- -- -- I think in Oman and certainly target stress about. Bill and cannot pay him an -- about it doesn't get there on time and I'm I'm I'm addicted -- -- what you got out. I don't know if there's yet a -- hopefully one day they'll be -- -- patch that you can Wear that will help but I can't -- -- he's about. -- -- -- -- It's -- when I was to wonder we all make huge amounts of -- called I try not to stress out from Slidell Mike Dee random WL. Sure sure understand that and at about ten minutes ago amateur span. Exactly what you mean about right to -- in public that flaw that force caught -- second in -- You know -- and in voluntary. Action analogy gets you you can't control that much medication and you say is that and it. Well thought that you band and even. You can't stop that is just -- that happen. You know Mike are quite often excuse -- but I do on this show is so I use -- sarcasm to point out how ridiculous things are. And it's ridiculous to think that. We can't control people who stress so it was it was totally sarcastic. OK I'd like such an -- -- play. -- you know about -- way I haven't used -- vote. Wave back UN united seventh and you -- show and I'm glad I got that straight because that was earlier in. All right Mike -- -- I'm going to call here's a text in the late seventy single and did not Wear uniforms either on hooligans at -- dog Wear uniforms either. John -- studio producer go to synagogue and said -- where did Wear uniforms. Yeah that's a whole different topic it will talk about that close to the school year to uniforms helper today do they hurt. And yeah I was being so I got a text a moment ago from some ways it is ridiculously talking about a second hand stress. Well there's a new study that shows that second -- stress is contagious and if you think about it when you're around other people who stress. You tend to get stressed. So the whole point was to be sarcastic about second hand stress in the idea that well if there's secondhand stressed and maybe we should ban stressing so nobody is. Adversely affected. By the impact of second hand stress. That's the -- like sometimes I abuse sarcasm to make a point if you wanna join us with comment this morning our numbers 2601870. That's all 386688907. A text numbers it's every seven. Here's a Texan reads I can't go to saints' games too stressful here's another 62 hand stress relief so does that mean the legislature will have to pass eight shield bill. From -- John year old Debbie WL. Don't call it gem like he should move to its state because marijuana is a stretch at all. And and Colorado was I guess that would be less stress if you can -- -- -- you should report out there are Jewish age an adjustment here. Yeah that's that's true I'd say John don't be affected by -- stress just try to relax even if you're not in Colorado Washington State. I have a good weekend. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series semi tech's number 87870. Here's -- WW up ready -- brought -- you told two opposites attract. Are you and your spouse partner more -- Or more opposite. Think about it give us your opinion by going to WW relevant to obligated update on that in just a moment personally I think it's good if there -- things about you that are quite different. If you're very much alike sometimes that leads to personality. Competition and that that hasn't always worked in my life I've noticed that it. If I'm kind of opposite somebody I really get along better and if it's somebody just like me because again I couldn't live with me. He was somebody just like me that would drive me nuts. God -- anybody who has to deal with I mean it's got that you'd like to do the same things but I don't know if we should be just exactly alike. This is a Saturday edition dispute -- will be right back into the WL -- get a chance of rain today and tomorrow so I hope that doesn't affect your plans you know I've -- find something to do where it's all covered right -- the downtown New Orleans area and much of the greater New Orleans areas got a break from the rain much of the race to the self. And to the north and -- west investment there's a chance of showers today and tomorrow delay that affect your week and go find something you do where everything is all covered up. The Saturday additions the food show with Tom Fitzmorris coming up next due to three right here on WWL. Is a final update on our W if you are pretty -- opinion poll. Do opposites attract. Arguing your spouse or partner more alike or more opposite. 38% say more -- And 62%. Say more opposite. Here are a couple of text about two stressing a retired about this studies that show is that their second -- stress and stress is contagious. Therefore we could be affected by somebody else distress. Kind of like perfected by somebody else's smoke secondhand the -- -- maybe we need to start banning stress. So those of us who choose not distressed. Will not be affected by somebody who chooses to stress. This is a text from Jim who called -- said he is distressing now because of this said study about stressing. He says. It's GM and now I'm stressed about people not getting the joke. Yeah I'm by roadblock to a title second -- stress can be. Hazardous to your health it's on our website at WW dot com and a couple people have died understood the that the sarcasm -- -- truly. There are many times when I only use did sarcasm. Two. To make a point here's attacks understand the sarcasm. Like appearing a voluntary action to a physiological. Involuntary response is nonsensical any responsible. You may have intended to mock the study but it came off as you were mocking secondhand smoke grow. Again. I would occasionally use company to make a point here's a text I'm afraid the politically correct crowd. Might take your sarcasm seriously. LO well well and indeed that does happen here's a text wait. We will work word like get that now I'm stressing about backed the rate. It was or something distressed about -- a -- -- stress is manageable. There are different ways to manage stress taking deep -- meditating. Walking away from the problem until you can handle it. Yeah those are big waste it handles and I think that's the whole point about this -- because if if we allow ourselves. To get stressed for around somebody who is stressing. Then that's really our fault. We need to recognize that they're making a stressed and we should. Make sure that we don't stress. I Monday night a dispute showed there are some interesting similarities between the Russians shooting down a civilian plane in 1983. And Russia and being involved in shooting at a civilian plane 2014 we'll talk about that Monday night on description. Well I think John -- studio producer even if it does rain a little bit having a great weekend. This disputes. -- New Orleans.