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07-19 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 19, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is this Aussie -- severe or local announcer Tom that Morris and this is the big 870 WWL. And WWL. FM 105 point three. And WWL. FM 105 point three HD one is futile mind. And WWL dot com is that enough. I think so that he could probably get the station one way or another. Through all of those different channels. -- fun to be here every Saturday that we can we're getting to the end of our good season over here there's the football season and then there's the basketball season and that is the baseball season. And then we go into the food show's season we only get but who maybe two and a half months out of that but that's pretty can't complain. I will of course anyway so -- evicted that won't help anything. Or number is 2601870260187. All 3866889087. -- this is a program about food and I don't need to -- find it any more than that. If it attaches to or remind you of or artery is like a side issue of food. It's good enough for our program we would love to hear from you. And Libya strike out one more reason why you might think and that there's no reason you should call us. That is if followed. If you are. If you have a question or a comment that you think -- Is kind of sillier stupid viewers simplistic or death or. Or idiotic or any of those things. Then I really want you to call not because I want to turn you -- a clown or anything like that. But because they found over the years that whenever anybody thinks he has a question or comment that says -- stupid. It's always the best one we hear all day. So I'm I'm after the good stuff. And that's the whole point of this program and anywhere up to the good stuff. If you are thinking I'm not ignored me -- like to change your mind about that because. If you're looking for better food -- you're eating already. If you're never quite satisfied. Completely a 100% you might be satisfied 99 point 2%. But it see if you're always thinking you know this would be a little bit better if only. They had left the shelves on the -- instead of peeling them off in the middle. He had some shrimp like that last night. From the think of the who was at rest and I very much like it's a five star restaurant with me look foray. The main part of that is the go -- treat me with the cease -- these big nights he scale that they do very well there. But they were serving with a couple of big big shrimp to. And they are doing there what I noticed a lot of other restaurant -- doing too so there must be some company that does this for you. -- you know the kind of big shrimp that you have that would be a bottle I don't know 1015 count -- -- ten or fifteen to the pound. And they have the head still on the details still. But the middle part the part that eat. Has been shelled. First -- -- Who does that. What I can't imagine that this machine that could do that maybe theories but I don't know if you know call me and straighten me out on that. And it's got to be a lot of work for whoever does it and why do it into. I mean really how much more practices save the -- -- thinking about big shrimp. Is of the best dish with him but I'm sure you would agree is Barbeque shrimp which to me is one of the two or three of four best issues in the entire New Orleans cuisine I've -- And I like it so much. It in my cookbook. And in all the promotion I ever did for my cookbook I always told people the people who wanted to autograph stuff that I got a chance to meet. That the very best recipe in the whole book with barbecue shrimp and I still thinks. But that that's that's a great finish and I don't appeal that at all I pulled ahead off. They eat the rest. Shrimp shells are adjustable at least they are by me -- no way if this is for everybody. And don't go doing -- -- that Tom Fitzmorris told you to do it right I'm just suggesting it. And it might not be for you. But that that's the way -- -- And that works. And get on that. But to completely get tired of actually. Walking around in Venice. Venice Louisiana the Venice Italy. You are guaranteed to get lost very quickly. The good news is that you'll find your way out just as easily as you -- loss like it that's some sort of miracle I don't know how it works. But I've been here -- know a number of times I've gotten lost every single time I've been there. And have always found my way out some power and others here in the reason for this is -- note to streets are parallel and perpendicular to one another. And a lot of them dead in that canal and you're there you are you know he is the only thing to do was turn around and walked back. But anyway. How to get -- that oh yeah I -- I was talking about wanting and then when. I got lost in my own members to six though. 1872601870. You know else you can do if you would like to tell me something or ask me something. What you are too shy to go on the radio first of all I'll tell you that silly get it over with you'd call me someday you'll see how easy it is. And you'll always went into it again and it's more fun we get more info that weight if you do what about the and that is you can send me a text message. Now on line you do all you needed fewer. Here it's Europe is Smartphone. And you make up your message whatever it is you wanna tell me if you make typographical errors -- worry about it I expect that because it's you know it's hard to -- but -- On -- warned about it unless it's completely. Incomprehensible. And and you can ask anything or tell me anything. And I'll read it over here you know put it on the year but -- is not and we can talk about it from that point of view. The way you do that is just write your message and then send it to 87872870870. Just those six numbers right after another. And it'll show up on the screen right in front of me right here and we can talk. 260187. Me that's the mainstream though and here comes Steve Steve. -- -- I'm doing great one. Thanks thanks for having me I'd get on the Latino. I -- in US caller Marcelo. You can't get our. I leader. About a week ago a -- cars Saturday. How is that this -- Unbelievable. Yeah. This -- that. -- -- I'll include but interesting thing is. Why now in the wine. Is. And it made -- retail price. -- yeah. It it's amazing you go and we go walk towards that yeah room. Wit yeah it's it's in the building that used to be shut the wire it was a it was a club and theater real. And the place where they used to have the actual theater part. It is now tables. -- side by side with rows of wine racks. And what can instead of looking at a wine list they have that to what you just walk around and look at all the winds on the rack and say this looks good and and just take it over. And they will charge you the retail. What price which is all whole lot less than what the the rest front markup you to use so this is a real bargain place for drinking one. In Israel and the and there are about the renovation was fabulous do. Beautiful beautiful job that the people who own it it's already ensemble. They're both in the antique business so they a lot of that. Crazy looking stuff that they have all over the place at school. That's how they got to -- you that you came out of some of their stores. Well it's beautiful articulate -- and comment on the -- I hope they do well. Yeah thank you thank you. -- calling on the name of the restaurant is Marcello is is how they say it. It looks like Marcelo is as in a -- Marcelo in Carlos Marcelo and all of those guys for movie. Past history of the world restaurant business and other things. Carlos Marcelo was a tomato salesman according to him. To 60. Six the 0260187. Here is Carol. I think -- role. That I'm doing. And it's her ears and our. Attention at about -- and I've wondered why there is right at -- at dish on the though. And they brought a championship -- not ever. Why can't. Spell and. You know Alitalia. Buchanan if you want to. But the reason you see so many recipes. Done that way one of them is a practical reason -- the other one is equality recent. Practical reason is a lot of recipes come from restaurants. And the way you restaurants clock is really different fundamentally. Different from the way you were right cook at home and that's wife. I don't have very many restaurant recipes on my website have spot 750 recipes. Once that came from restaurants I've retooled in my -- and kitchen to really work for somebody is cooking at home which most of them are not and are what restaurants have. Is of ends all over the place running at 400 degrees all the time. So what they can do is they take a piece of fish included in the hand in the little bit olive oil. And then the siren on one side then they turn it over to the other side and then instead of searing it's more than just football hall -- in the of them. And that that he is gentler and it comes from all directions at one time so there's no real chance of burning it. This a much greater margin of error for doing it that way than there is by leaving and on top of the stove. Because you know it'll just keep cooking there and it'll dry out and actually comes a better. But that and that's that's the practical reason for it but the functional reason. It's strictly a restaurant thing this they have I don't keep my oven on all the time so I would probably do something on top let's -- Question has all. But thanks for calling. You by you see there is a perfect example what I'm talking about she thought that was a silly question it was a great question. 26063680. Excuse me that's the first time I've screwed up that now have to put a quarter in the box did you hear about that. Missed this Diana and told me that every time I say the wrong phone number on the station it's all right if I do it on the other station. As you know who cares about them. But on this station every time I give the wrong phone number I have to put quarter in a piggy bank and at the end of the year. Will take at all and won't buy a few cases of wine. And they'll know it doesn't go to -- goes to the staff for the radio station the ones that that do everything right. Yeah you know -- people like Tommy Tucker who get it right all that time. Are we still will return with more of the food show in a moment after first -- up acutely about but deep -- that someone asked. And I -- is that this says it was but we got distracted with all of foolishness about a quarter. Pursuing the wrong phone number and all that. The someone called and said that place you were just talking about Marcelo is our Marcello is is actually how the people who wanted to pronounce it it. And they RC EL LO it's on. Seeing Charles avenue. In the 700 block it is just off Jerod so you have on the corner. You have herb -- right next door to that is a place called she -- you which is another Italian management strangely. And then right next door that is marshmallows it only opened. I think about two or three months ago my wife. Has been to it several times of courts -- does and she just thinks it's great so we went over the -- Tuesday and had dinner. In fact I've gotten a number of people. On the text messaging and who have asked the same question and somebody called on me off -- wanna go in the year. What are the prices like the moderate. Moderate prices not. And by the way moderate prices these bases around twenty bucks for entrees. And most very. So it's it's pretty uninteresting. A great looking dining room terrific service staff. And they are open for lunch and dinner I don't know what days exactly I think it's most. And I don't think it's seven days a week but it's news. Most of the week. Marcello was dancing -- -- 70260. When he said here is -- is that right. Yes well -- mobile. I have been in Brooklyn to go into New England leaping cat the short time I was -- with your group that particular. Well let's say we're pretty fun group was that one is. We do that crews about once every two or three years I would do it every year (%expletive) get away with my wife my wife. Who likes going to bring in new places all the time so I got whispered to. But -- -- case of all like a -- cruises we do that's my favorite one I really love new England and up into Canada I love. Yes -- and we chatted but it kept telling people you'll remember makes however. That's one of the reasons that you read -- I'm calling is at his two friends who -- quite capable on the PC -- the computer look for your web site. We cannot find it can you. -- All good right now it's very very OK okay you. Don't act that's it just right and and OM EU. -- -- only. Okay. If for some reason that. -- not over. Yet and watch it at an apple green okay I'll I'll throw I'll do it right. About right now I'll do it right now. OK even type that from scratches and that -- like it not ready. But they -- I I beg to. Okay. Let's wait let them I'm. For some equipment -- this is my own screw up here and I handle the real thing streaming in the background. Okay so. All right here I am and Internet Explorer. I'm typing in the the address I don't even have to do the WW WX and OME. And you now at this point. A lot of people wanna put in. They get the -- and you get -- that's something that cannot fund accrued. Okay all right OIC so that's what you're looking for okay. All right so I type in no menu dot com you know in -- -- you. I'm a terrible type especially when I'm talking. NL ME. And you. Dot. Com. -- a terrible hyper. Especially when I'm trying to talk at the -- OK here it is and now. Right up. At the top there's that thing across there's the logo in the right and that is an ad in the right and that is a line of things that constitute a menu. And it's his home welcome restaurants recipes lists each club you -- you you go and eat club and it is real things. The three things will pop up. Each club dinners reservations and mid Cruz 25 team okay you know Cruz caught fifteen. And New York that's. -- real real obvious. Yeah okay -- and then go convict him on the look at oil crude crude crude that you look at all of the -- -- -- you have to go and eat -- -- the other thing no -- can you but it on The Today Show it week. And I've seen it before. Can remove this hill's fumble panic or even garlic. Could simply put them and opinion. Put it on and -- -- and hit the vigorously. -- -- -- -- Oh no no no evil. Pour the water -- -- you want that you want you want -- -- -- children yet. Shake the hand vigorously. And it comes off directly. Think being with garlic they said that they do restaurants they don't do 11 at a time they put them on pot. Put the -- on and shake that cigarette. Habits that January me I know how about it it's not it's. Okay you were sure that everything. Looked at a thank -- -- -- It is -- time and then some and it's gone Ames who is one of the most patient people in the world -- -- it's the food show. Coming to live from the cool water ranch. Which -- had its rainstorm already today and I expect another win. The good news about this is that I won't have to cut the grass today I have an excuse. Because it needs it. But -- no way I can -- little tractor out there isn't much he'll get stuck in them that. 260 1872601870. We talk about food here about any kind of food any where any time. You're looking for something Tellme. The -- idea. I started off than never but just ran out of time -- finished sooner or later. A list of restaurants that are great to go to when it's raining. I do -- top twelve list instead of top ten this food comes by the does. And the and I had -- 10 X 10 of them done and then had decided on the other once. So if you have a a restaurant that you think is uniquely suited to going to on a rainy day. For what ever reason Carolina different reasons one of them could be. That they have valley parking right at the door and you can pull right up -- and you won't get wet that is that's a real good reason to go to a rest on rainy day a particular one that has that. Another one is that the idea that have windows that look out on to something that is. Has an interesting atmosphere when it's raining. Or for whatever the reason you can think of but could call me and tell me that if you want to and if you wanna talk about something else. That is perfectly all right we do not insist that you stick with what we're already talking about you're free to about anything or ask about anything you want. 26061872601870. Yours on. Now that I'm doing good you get -- I'll not let no trouble fresh. And now they -- the -- when they aren't I failed. The winds are are opened fire at spirit. It won't hurt him. Only if you don't show it right you swallow at the line we don't like Eric -- could choke you can choke on anything. The part my neighbor. It maybe ten years ago but the Japanese. Not he would check -- trial -- detail on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what struck -- -- Probably don't want to like that every group bobbled it. There's no there's no reason why not I think fish is better with the bone in anyway. Am I bet you love -- -- there on the folder. All right. Absolutely. Good. For sure that no doubt about it. Let's see Bruce joins us hello welcome. Hello. Look and four. Dollars stuffed flounder. Like -- changes that it. That's on a frequently asked questions on this program. Happy to answer it again. Of the three that I know of three places that have -- most of the time album all three of these restaurants stand on freshness. So they can't get a fresh -- if they can't get fresh flounder they don't dwindle so would you got that going in. They all are securities. Right across the highway from door -- and you know half a block by on -- Berman Amphenol. Right behind it wants Hamburg inn seafood place. Little tiny restaurant but John fury before he open that place thirty years ago he had harassment in west and so he knows all about this stuff. And they do the whole flounder hand on tail on everything with the crab -- stuffing in the whole deal broiled fried whichever way you want it. It's there all the time that he has the fish which is most of the time it seems to -- Are another place this is an upscale restaurant. But they habit again most of the time. If the fish is available the pelican club. It's again I tell you whole fish. With the crab meat and everything. I would say it's better than most because he uses -- -- for most of it. And he tells me chef Richard Hughes who's the owner chip over there he tells me that that's the number one selling -- -- his -- which is kind of interest -- is really this is a first class white tablecloth kind of place not expensive. -- -- -- -- It's in the French Quarter it's on that the on and the yen bill at the corner of exchange Alley. So -- to leave the modeling on hotels parking garage is right across the street from it in the -- the -- on garage will will validate your parking to lose to all sorts. It's it's great place. And the the other places -- indoors it's out there you know the things catfish place. They have that most of the time hold flounder. -- -- Either way you know whatever you want. School that would that's why do the show was to have all that we're gives you can't figure this all the time under the same way that what do you do for a living. -- OK I know nothing about that. Familiar with. There are noble street look. As the you know full recipe for the stopped being as well as I prepare. The -- while they're in it from brought me. The the anything and no more. The lost management to New Orleans. Is a -- that it has the -- -- I know 'cause I wrote it. -- yeah thank you thanks for giving me a blog at. You don't. -- thanks a lot. So yeah it's the food show this -- the more it's it's great to be here with you talking about food and stuff. 260187. Means let's take a look at I was about to take a look at our. Are streaming messages here quite a few of them rule a lot of them actually. Let's see. Someone says have you tried. Little moss Sweeney's in Springfield yet one of John -- tops guys opened it and it is awesome no one -- Prep cooks peel shrimp like what. They -- -- off the middle. I I I never saw that until about maybe five years ago and now I see it everywhere I go it seems pointless to me. Who's you know if you take shrimp shells. -- Roman Apollo with some water. And -- for a half an hour what you have the -- stock which tastes good and adds. To the flavor of anything you put it. What other than chocolate cake you know you know something that so I figured. If you get that much flavor of a shrimp shells went to sleep the shells on the shrimp in the -- triple give you more flavor right I think there's no doubt about that. OK so -- Etsy where is the best place to eat grilled blackened fish it's two different issues. Grilled fish you put the -- on the grill. If you're lucky it's Leo wood burning grill the two that I know of actually you probably more than this but the two most famous. Our mr. bees which created the -- that there was no one grilling fish over would. When mr. -- opened in 1979. And they still do a great. And the other places only a block away it's the red fish grow I think they do a great job to again they they grill fish over. Over a wood fire. Blackened fish is not done that way. Blackened fish you need this red hot. Black iron skillet. And you take the fishing you doubted in UA EU coat it with you seasonings in the new but you. You know put little butter on it or maybe a lot of cluttered than you quoted in the pan in the flames jump up in the smoke just goes everywhere so it's better to do it outside. And you cook it very briefly in the outside it's sort of black. But it doesn't burned -- really and the inside should be cooked perfectly it is quite a -- this is not something that everybody can do. So you there're not many places that blackened fish well leave the king of the mall of course is Kate calls. Frank writes and does it very well of course because he. Grew up sort of working for chef Paul. The new king fish restaurant Greg Sonia he's another student of Paul Prudhomme and those three. I would Banco. And there are others to. Most restaurants do not do black conditions very well I don't think frank welcome. Top power is back at McConnell thank you. This George you know it or -- was and I'm -- in Florida look. Recipe book or all on just making bread and -- who has place you know. There are quite old a lot of those I would clear because making bread has become a very hip thing to do. If these days I have several of them and the one I like best -- -- trying to achieve by habit by. Reach -- so -- can give you. Can never remember the guy's name in the name of the book is bread alone that's the name of the book. It. It's written by -- can't remember again. And -- the the confusing thing is that there are several books with that name. I received I can you know what. Do you have time to let me take a break and that way you can dig through my pile here and I can come up -- it. -- hang on about what -- all we need to break anyway right. We'll take a break we'll come back and answer this question after first please this hello hello it's the food show. It's the -- seventy WWL and I left Franco here. Asking for a book about how to make bread. My favorite one and I you know I'm I'm -- I'm a frustrated bread baker I've got -- -- because baking bread. -- -- Beyond that scale it's it's. It's very exacting you have to measure everything perfectly in fact it's best if you Winnie the ingredients rather than measure. But having said all that. This is book called bread alone oh we also took a look on line -- at this like five or six books with that title. But this one is by a guy by the name of Daniel leaders LE a DER. And he. If I remember right he was a -- And he decided to get into bread baking. But starting from like the very beginning like starting off with yeast collected from the eight year literally you can do that now you don't have to do that you just by regular east. But of all the books I've read about bread baking this is the one that to me. Really explains it the best and it has a million different ways of doing all kinds of breads from light Wednesday heavy ones dark like you know it's all that. Bread alone by Daniel leader I hope it's stolen credit I think -- news. Again you know leader leader yeah -- include book. OK I don't try to thank you -- excellent you're you know. Thank you appreciate it yeah I did it was sitting right here except it was underneath another book you know how when your -- -- get too full. You start stacking books on top of books but sideways that's when you know you're in trouble it's time to get rid of some. 260187. ENC. We had a bunch of things on the message -- policy -- -- wounds that we did blackened fish recently had dinner and admirals and while the food was delicious I was disappointed in the attire of the patrons. Men and women in shorts and flip flops. Well welcome. To 2014. There are no. Dress codes. Anymore in any New Orleans restaurant with one notable exception gala to -- You go to Purdue and you still have to Wear a jacket no tie anymore they used to have a jacket entirely rule number anymore. But they also they they do have. A no jeans policy. And the no shorts policy and obviously you know flip flops policy. But almost every restaurant in town including some places that used to be very tough on this like commander's palace. Used to be if they tell you when you make a reservation BC news new -- dress here is. Jackets for men and a and dresses for you know. Wear slacks to certainly Ella Brennan herself or slacks all of that was no problem. But -- very Tracy and the last few times have been the commanders even though it's as good as it's ever been which is stunning and something. RIC people dressed in every which way you know baseball caps on in the dining room you know what it's -- What are you gonna do. That this is the problem it was okay when the you know yet tourists and you'd say okay well you know. Will -- you would jacket no nobody will do that anymore it's just. If it's gone. We've let that get away from us dress codes. To -- Well we will return with more of the food show after first if you will then it's hello hello it is the food show big 870 WWL. Mary welcome. -- -- -- -- -- OK. Am I gonna rent and at their mood that don't actually. Lack without so how -- my daughter you in my hand and yet they have it street and a. You know there was no one restaurant that only does gluten free dishes but every restaurant now except the little neighborhood places that's about the only one. We if you tell them. We need to completely gluten free dishes no weak. And no flour and nothing like that. They will know what you're asking for because a lot of people are asking for that these days and they'll just do. For you and just make it very clear no flour no -- at all and they will and -- any place you like. OK. And -- I mean she read. Mac guy. Yeah. Yeah. It easily. Lately what what what is news. That you had. No fish fish OK okay. And what about it came with their heads on. What are again and she gave you that -- she just gave you the heads or there or not. Now -- get any cheap clean -- you are on him again. -- gave you the -- still okay. Well what you can do is you can you can broil that or you could -- yet but there's a little section right in in front of the Gilles. This a little section of -- there that it's a lot of people say is the best part of the finish. And in Europe. If you go to a restaurant and you order efficient they don't bring that to you. You have the right to practically shoot the -- So that's that's a good you don't get a lot out of it but it's you can definitely cooked that up and eat whatever looks good you can go ahead -- All right and I like all right thank you are let's see if we can take care of Joseph here before we go to the news Joseph welcome. -- mr. Fitzmorris hit an opening period -- Quick question now going up and that's when I'm cooking with a symbol in the -- -- -- for the out that the certainly that. And nothing. Know the answer to that is you don't need to be concerned are you -- -- to -- it's just it's -- inside. The -- and it is a sign that the egg has been is is a little older. As ago than the other ones that are not floating but that's not even a bad thing in fact they say. The few. Just had eggs that that arm. Say a couple of weeks or maybe even a month or more all believe I'm not that they stay okay. And you they're easier to appeal though the hardest six appeal our yard breaks the ones that the that your chip in just laid this morning. So alone those those those are the ones you -- used for making great additions. We have two more hours of the food show coming up after we take a break for the news. And I hope you'll stay in will have a little party talking about all this stuff. And FM and HD. On skyway and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans. And WWL FM HD one can -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from the CBS. The Columbia broadcasting system. At 1 o'clock stay tuned thank you.

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