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WWL>Topics>>07-19 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

07-19 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 19, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Tom Fitzmorris a yet passing as a cultured person with the third course of the longest running talk show in New Orleans. We'd love to talk with you about anything having to do with eating restaurants cooking wine. Anything at all. Call -- and callous or escorts. And if I don't know the answer which is possible likely maybe even. We can find somebody out there who knows so 260187. Me who's the number 2601870. And I think if you call right now you get right Indiana we were really busy first two hours. No getting into the third hour everybody's getting tired didn't is going up there now who could blame -- mean -- herself there. And I never. Since I was a teenager who picked up that habit when I was about nineteen years old and I can remember why it's it's not worth that worth. Setting out it was just a circumstance that. Made it a good idea for me to take an hour or two would nap in the middle of the afternoon because side. Was working till very late at night and then I would go back to work. Real early in the morning so I needed sleep. And it just kind of gotten to the groove of it now I take a -- every single day. Right after the show is over. -- I think I can keep my strength up to get the rest of it done. He said sounding like a complete wimp. But it we'd love to your commute to 60. 187. You can also send me a text message and remember text and data rates apply. 287870. And have been looking over these things and it's been very interesting -- -- -- roll over here it is John John welcome to the coach. -- on an afternoon. There one -- -- like that show is that you're willing to listen to -- an opinion. And and I had one year. Based on comic -- today. And my goal is to try and change your mind body and -- frustration and in a bit. I'm ordered the government demographic is. Like -- quarterly and annually in the that we have a good mood should be yeah. Which used to be somewhere between your joke about him partners were made here. So that we would do it. And we're going -- years we have really apple OR. And the recently. Users across the food is is actually we do like the mystery that we like about it. We appreciate the credit currently Don -- she soak for an option you can understand. There -- concerned. With the tremendous. Respect you and and in Europe you. Is used to read that you went to capitol and the the great quote every -- fantastic. What you just not gonna go back because service was -- Win win -- say that. That was that was a text message from somebody. OK but having having said. I've only I've been there twice the first time. It's the good things first. Beautiful beautiful. Job of renovating the building at -- EU and it's very New Orleans it looks great by. They have some rooms in there that are really unusual and very attractive in the in the little the little balconies upstairs you know that's that's really cool. My wife who is that he and Al fresco person she insists on eating your old -- is not about it she is but the but there you go. But in those two times and that was there. The food and service we're not -- And I and I I couldn't figure out why because I went there are fully expecting you know picky I know very well for a -- on his dad is is. It is I think the most interest in person I've ever met in the restaurant business ever and they have such a great track records I was expecting good things. And it indeed Adam and it -- it it seemed not only. Not so good food and service but almost amateurish. At some -- -- I couldn't figure it out so I'm just kind of waiting. Because I have. Memory. Of a lot of -- and restaurants getting off to a real slow start taking even longer than most new restaurants do mister -- took two and a half years. And I'm I'm suspecting that that may be the case here I fully expected they're going to be a great restaurant at some point but they'll last night went absolutely. And. Well I -- apologize -- my interpretation that it note that was that someone could -- text that it will. To get in order to try ancient credibility and make a point gain -- in response to Tibet -- -- yeah you're right. Mr. serve as well -- it did it was a great it would try it wage there beat in the quarter which you don't -- And and acknowledge that and I'm telling them goes there probably. You know for -- a month optimum -- that. That is being addressed is only professional like them to do but I'll tell you. Lute is really good and and there's only one of the week -- want to make I think. Wish you usually you -- last. I was I was just reading what someone sent me. But let me make this point to about west. I would ask. Blue collar but the check still under the ego got it -- Is that. Lot treat it which -- and the -- City that well. In. A lot -- of course a number problem. We're gonna. In the red belt that -- The integrity servers match and take -- -- just say. -- Oh yeah I mean I'm -- more than anybody else -- I believe that is any restaurant can have a bad night affect all of them have that one timer and other. So uninteresting though just isn't right. A waiter. At the root for. Years. In the double night he was. It. You needed. It is true change in culture there so they just back. -- -- -- -- It's fair enough that's. You're certainly welcome news to say that and I'm looking forward to for it to be. A good myself I mean I've I've won that I'd want I want good restaurants is I'd love -- Right and this one has really disappointed me tremendously in but I'll be back. People can. Well I had which of course know that assembly would. Appreciate if you give a chance to go back and do wanted to be -- -- to via enough okay fairer and much all right thank you see. The food show we were talking here about. Tableau. It's in the building that is still half of it is still look -- -- would give you can't say. And I says that pretty badly for those of you who are criticizing my French right now but you're right. And it's the oldest community theater in America and no real landmark and and Dickie Brennan came in and saved it by putting at -- run in there. And I've been in new my wife and I have been and we just don't. I don't think it's an area personally but a lot of people love that is obviously that -- So why not Andre welcome. But there. My question is about preserving food that had to buy them from trying to save want to grow. Chilis hot -- Yeah should. Breed or maybe try to drive those. To get to look more like a problem. How big or at all okay definitely drive. -- Well how. About that. The well there are the machines you goodbye to dry things with the Arab -- Yet you don't need that though what you can do is. You're the villain to -- A 175. To 200 degrees whatever is pretty much the lowest temperature. If if you have -- if you have any. What's what's those what's the name. The thing that circulates year round site via convection of convection. If you have a convection feature in Europe did turn and all and they just put them on on Iraq. You know. Well a good thing to put it means that. Obviously these things that you put on topical -- -- if you're right in the keeps splattering all play yet yet. That it's kind of a screen with a with a frame around it that's perfectly with the peppers right on here. And they knew it kind of like in the middle of the and -- it'll take hours and hours but they'll get dry and and then after that they're not and they get -- here. Just about especially in this whether you run. -- -- -- -- -- And what what's great about this is that the active -- in in peppers is an ordeal. So it's not go away. It it is -- got a little bit but not much and when you use it in the -- you know quality for quantity. It'll be just about as good as if you've been using. -- sound good the outlook thing is corn on the cob. -- there any way to say that but. -- -- -- Just playing great yeah I wouldn't. I would just freeze it and the wave the best way to do that is just wrapped it with. One layered the war he could you don't you can do it with the hospital. Yeah. Right would put up with the -- still on and just rolled in there and put him right where that -- where the cold air comes out in your freezer. The faster you can get it frozen the battery works. Okay yeah so hot -- thank you much thank you. The food show rolls ahead here is Jim Jim welcome. Hey dog it's a quick question. As the market -- being. -- weaker as the week. The one downtown you mean. I and you don't everything. There magazine magazine and Jerod. Ya know it's just Saturday morning I think it's new 9 AM till noon I believe. What are they are there are other markets. Run mostly by the same outfit. It's this one income in the out of uptown square mall at the foot of a Broadway. Right cope pretty close to the river boats in Tuesday's Tuesdays I think it's ten until two. And they have another one that's in the late afternoon like three of four or -- six or something like that. In the American -- company apartment building on Orleans avenue just off by using John. And they are on they are there on Thursday's. And this -- Saturday to the one the Saturday market that's the one on magazine street and seems like there's another -- and I'm not remembering. I think there may be one in the French market but I don't know what day maybe somebody listening knows. There you go thank you. Thirteen fifty and so are the big 870 WWL here is Gary you're very welcome. -- Gloria 800 nations. Pardons and cut it to the moon and just curious as to book what you're experiences. -- well. The last time I was there was about two weeks ago. And on my way out the door. Just something clicked in my head and I walked overnight told the chef whose name is Marvin. Margin of Tweety. I said Marvin. Don't tell the boss Osmond who owns the place he's the guy in the dining. Don't tell him. But I'm gonna run a review this place in a couple of base that will raise you to five stars this place is just great it's. It's the kind arrest and that the North Shore has never really had a hip kind of creole. -- -- may level great wine list great service really interesting menu. It's it's. Has some different things on it without going too far out I absolutely love it I think you're gonna have a great you know. Terrific I I appreciate the day and put yeah. Just a comment. Earlier somebody was looking -- somewhere in the order. Our full and on -- -- and one in my paper -- materials. At all. Great idea I'd forgotten about them but that they do a brunch on Sunday. But so what was the order resulting value in the city. Apple only true. And one more question. Not -- over time. IE eight recently in Marty's in the -- yeah home and had a fantastic experience -- -- to. Hello Louis -- -- two months ago in a while ago maybe a couple more times than to a full review of it but I. I love that they've done not a whole lot to the place is that it was already a very great looking -- and I always -- anyway. And the food. Is I thought he says perfect menu for what that restaurant means historically to the city and I hope they do great. I I I agree with fuel and on every level. -- terrific okay thank you want them. Thank you you to. Our Marty's in case you don't know the the old Marty's it was on the corner in and -- the new more visas to. On the corner. Rampart and humane. And did it goes back even farther than Marty Marty open in the early seventies and lasted for about twenty years Marty -- but then. He passed away -- that it lasted a little longer than closed and it became Paris style. And before that it was gentle touches if you can really remember back. Anyway it was a real style setter back in its day. And then it did it what it infected has been that several different times several different restaurants. But now they've they've put the name back on that they haven't gone back to the menu that. Marty used to do but that would be ridiculous because it's too long ago now but it's in the same spirit and very definitely -- New Orleans kind of a place and they have raw oysters on the half shell and you know all the good stuff. Good place Marty's. We'll be back with more of the food show after first -- -- -- -- -- it's the food show on. The big gates ebony WW. WWL 105 point three FM. Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you. -- gold up in wires. -- here we go finally got loose. 260. 18726270. And throw this -- -- my okay. Did you wonder if I'm doing yoga right now if you saw me. 260. 1870. They get -- for you if you call right now you can write in. We'd love to talk -- -- anything on your mind let's see who we've probably got a few more on quite a bit more. On text messages you can send me a text message at 870870. That's it in the rate. What would with a -- it's text and and message and data rates apply and we screwed up all right. TO Tom always not nice uncle Tom is with the steal the -- so I recently won a free pizza at New York pizza what do you think of the joint what flavor should we get. Well -- that's everybody has a different idea about that I like New York pizza alive. I don't think it's a real New York pizza but that's a minor thing. What I you'll really like about him is the quality of the ingredients that they use and particularly the fact that there one of the fairly you. Pizza places around town that uses whole milk mozzarella cheese most of them use -- him. Which is a lighter taste in and just not there. This makes a richer more flavorful pizza and what I usually get this just stay here. They a cheese pizza. I asked -- for fresh extra garlic if they have fresh garlic a lot of the pizza places don't have fresh coral but if they do and they do. Crisis of world Ludwick put like a double fist full -- and a nice kid -- garlic pizza is what it amounts. So YE a good place to go I think you'll like New York pizza over on magazine street. -- -- pizza and more a beaver springs. Being there. Not bad enough and tremendous. Good prices. Place needs -- renovation. But you know pizza place -- a kind of night like that I was already in -- and if I don't know we just opened so. Glitzy Tom ahead one of the best discs I've ever had in the wild two nights ago -- he knows in bad stuff that -- with the -- from applause. Not sure if it's on him and you all the time I was here for an -- a beard and I think of my favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge which is a place I don't get to nearly enough. Is. In fact Rufino. I think it's a rip the place. And the two partners in it -- Rodrigue who is a football hero from whatever that was he was football hero and a super nice guy have met him numerous times. Really great guy very hospitable. And his partner. In the business and the chef is Peter's school of funny that there who is the grandson. Of the man who had a great. Italian restaurant on causeway boulevard along time ago before that. He hit it was on Britannia streak. And he is nothing but the great chef and they -- beautiful ingredients and sort half Italian steak -- -- you know. With the other half we have three absolves them. New Orleans got -- food so that I've it would surprise me you know that -- good meal and I've had nothing but great meals there. It's so -- Fino is in Baton Rouge and one -- wouldn't. Right off the -- -- 260. 1870. That was supposed to limit. When -- read here. Let's let's get back to our phones over here -- that's more interest -- Charlie. Welcome to the food show. I admire for. Coming in. Or but -- very. Smart and when your best -- where they'd go eat out Talal -- You know what time did you -- again. In the afternoon. It is not much open at that time on Sunday we said. Sunday afternoon. If he is not if he is amenable to putting on jackets. That's what this would require. And just to relax and say welcome to New Orleans I'd go to gala. -- Ye ye can't get them anyway but at 3:3 o'clock you truly 3:34 o'clock 5 o'clock even knew he could walk in there it's -- now it's not a problem. But there -- open straight through all afternoon it's the same -- all day same servers seem gala tours that it's -- bid for a hundred years. And a great great great restaurant and you know have a couple of drinks and kickback. That's -- that would be the number one absolutely. -- -- -- -- Rusty. Say hi there Michael. Jordan -- and thank you. Question about -- whom. In Metairie or gender very. -- -- -- it at any recommendations. Yet quite a few. Beat the Kenner area. Has a lot of Chinese restaurants that have popped up because there -- a lot of Chinese people and other Asian people who are living out there. And who could have been able to support a style of Chinese dining that we have not had before is one place that would particularly recommend there called the little Chinatown. It's on the east side -- Williams boulevard. Eight it's farther up toward the lake from. West esplanade I think -- -- look it up to make sure you have a right. It's it's you can see it pretty easily it's human it's in what used to be a Pizza Hut in a long time ago. But these guys. Have a very exotic menu they do the record straight ahead stuff too. And you'll see it but a but at least about fifty maybe 75%. Filled with Asians but it's a good looking restaurant they do good service and and it's very good food here. Then it to move that nudge it over into Metairie. I would say the best Chinese restaurant in kind of central -- like on veterans -- clear view is cafe east. It's right across. Clear view from. The clear view mall. And in you know block you can see it does have a big big signs that this is up there is a little place. Just barely inside -- real real close to the seventeenth street canal. All the royal China. It they have given us some there it's not on and on the cards that they have a book that shows you and everything looks like. But their food is always been good they they have been there are some like 3040 years now and they -- very consistent. It so there's a few. Do you enjoy it's the food show and Chris is here Chris welcome. Our our leader and I'm doing fine oh great how are your. The show early not that distorted get up and you talk about flag -- oil yeah -- our district might have misunderstood but they didn't happen. -- -- -- It yeah it's that's flag that the olive oil that's called flag now that you find around a while continuing. Is -- of produced in the imported. By the -- -- -- Brothers who are you Joseph interest not a way to stop it was in Metairie and sell its -- Judy's. And it is so they they put it together you know they Bayer went over days Sicily evolve from Sicily to begin with. And they they they are buying that in and they are putting their label on it they're calling it flag now they're unit to be. Tough couple of three decades ago there was an olive oil that was -- distributed. By progressed so foods which is originally in New Orleans company. Not well known but anyway. It was and they call that flag. But then that progress so we sold it became part of a conglomerate may just drop that brand. And the people who were making it also in Sicily. They changed the name to psych guy SA IE CB which is an acronym for it's something -- society pay go. Only evo O Leo I care about Osama. -- -- It's a great product I've always used it. I would say the flag olive oil is also good but I wouldn't say it's as good as -- is on her other hand I think it's a little cheaper so that's all right it works. Well what people trying to -- -- on call from home and there's a place that just opened up a -- -- so they're probably by year now. You're in town called eat -- Arlington. And so thrilled imported oh yeah that got a lot of infuse. -- -- it. But but it's really good and like you we use a lot all. In in cooking and everything so a look at vote on flag appreciate. Yeah yeah that's well worth it thank you are 260. 187 at at some point there's that there's a text message here than I I feel like you've got cancer. But I've if you call on the year. You get priorities so while John welcome to the food show. Tom. Howard -- document you're talking out and it. I mean it was learned that get these. They were. On in Oregon school -- technical -- they moved to a different generation. Yeah well they were they were island -- street. And and and I I said that in the reason I said it is that every time I ever bring up school of -- on causeway boulevard. If I don't mention this -- the the school -- east it was seen people on Elmira street it is inevitable. That someone -- -- well you did you know that before they were on I causeway there were in -- city. Yeah and you are yet you'll you'll -- delivered with the goods on this one but they're -- I'm no one. Girl -- -- -- you know withholding support to reach. -- 1846. Newspaper. Well and it and it mention that -- -- move on and on an airline. And I and I I wanted to -- in the week all wet. He's stand what is -- what a lot it was a euphemism for block down. All right you know. As I know Brookings was there. Going all the way back and they base started in 1859. When they open and I'm pretty sure they were always in West End. -- And maybe dot. On and on battery and distraught. -- Tuesday. -- Work with batters. Today. And then. I'll put into the mix and a lot on -- They. All at all I was watching all of -- and then he gets me into oil or. And straight into the red wrong and I brought that it -- great and it just seems strange. To choose you to do it. But. That something bad I don't remember receiving word we're hearing them but it makes cents and I tell you -- if there was a man and on this earth who knows how to cook it's him. -- anything. Anything I would hear from Paul Prudhomme I would take his gospel. I want action -- logic direction initiated by the political food important quiet and -- -- -- And it's funny -- -- -- they didn't feel great you know audit that it came out and ask. The agreement on him next time I do that I'm gonna try that that sounds great. Much shall always enjoyed the cue it excellent for calling. -- -- day today here is frank. Oh my friend and money. Pay that and you know I I had. Very -- -- the city wants every other month or so and try to clear away from the tragedy here in Korea. -- or -- and you tell me anything about capping Cuba. Yeah archer can. He's a yet he's a local. Local yet. And -- -- very good -- he is he went to culinary school he Rihanna really good investment in Houston for awhile before he came and opened his own place. And it is. A very much into war Owens Italian restaurant mostly Sicilian is who wears the Italian part of it comes in. But a lot of his -- is particularly Italian at all. Which is not an unusual really mean if you go ever go to Italy you'll see that it's not -- spaghetti and red sauce and garlic and all those classical things equal everything immediately. And so does he. And it's a very cool place the of the prices are good -- the best -- they have their I think is get the -- feed me. We're we just say give them an idea how many courses you want and what your interest in. And you'll serve you basically it comes down all the specials of the day and whatever his. Also looking really out of the regular menu and it's it's a lot of fun they have some singers there who. Very between opera and show tunes and stuff like that but they're very good very entertaining. They are they are on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. And it's it is a terrific place we've whenever we do and each club dinner over there and always sells partly with my even having -- would describe what we're having its number. Yeah well we're going. Good in -- at the art. We will return with more of the food show after first please I am going to get back to the calls in less than thirty seconds but I have to address two things before I do I wanna make sure we get this -- before the show -- over. A guy sent in. Text message. And I'm good read it exactly. And I hate on you feel that there's a conflict of interest when -- and advertises on your show. Who you and then dot -- by the way I love your show and then he goes on in his second. -- -- -- that was supposed to be you feel uncomfortable about giving them a bad review. Well here's the deal if viewers sponsor in my show. On forcible I have to already be recommending new. On because. If I'm I wouldn't recommend you I don't think it's it's Kosher for me to have. To have the benefit of of your advertising is as much as I would like. And that's how it's always -- and secondly. It makes me feel terrible to do that but -- to give you one example there's a restaurant that has been a sponsor of my show since the very beginning. 26 years. And back when it first opened. It was a five star restaurant with me and I recall and I read the reviews from back then and it deserved to be five star was absolutely brilliant. And over the years it has gotten less endless good. Every succeeding years and they -- on the tour starts with me and I don't like that because I wish we're back with five stores state. But I had to do because my main responsibility is to remain credible. And to give you information that is gonna play as well as it can now of course the thing about rest currencies. That if they're different not just day by day but moment by moment things constantly change you never know what's gonna happen and -- it's not like a book it's not like a movie. You can review that and the person who reads and it goes to the movie sees exactly the same thing that the reviewers said that is not true abreast so. I know it's not always going to be perfect. But that's the way it is in the future wondering what -- that is that's down that far -- will tell you in about. Five -- Now back to the phones. And it's clear over care. Welcome to the -- ago. Thank you to how you doing. I had it -- -- -- -- Not come calling on next -- and copied down. Or seminar that much there hanging -- com. I will roll. Front month and I should you know every year usually try on restaurant usually count on your web site sheep you know we're kind of out that way and a lot you know a year. Is Ares is going to be ox -- main campus and not wait. That is closer to a -- restaurants than it seems because if you just go over the river road. And that. Uptown heading well I guess you'd be in downtown down river Wednesday. -- you're not far away from the river in section which is loaded with great restaurants are and most of a Mars you know their -- -- cash. So a lot of good places him frank writes and has I think that's probably the best brightens. On -- in nannies. The maple street cafes. -- -- kitchen. This new place called Carrollton a market all of these are really good and and moving down and watched UC. Four star Italian restaurant called -- incidents that I just love -- need a lot of good restaurants around so if you look in the riverbend. On the way those are very close that's like three minutes stocks. Are. Okay. My outlook. It. That's sort of along the lines of and remember the closest emergency exit doors may be behind. Or some Malia at sterling -- welcome. And -- united sterling the waiter -- and ones or. -- Of the world around these he's a famous waiter over here in the -- long long time I think longer than anybody in the. Let you're an encyclopedia of information to come home -- -- on the council that all right. And they're going to be able to tell Leo. Well. A -- spoke. -- them and I'm looking in order. -- -- not like. Green and in the these numbers look and where are your. Good corporate -- -- wind of this. You know well you know basically. What. What. Hush puppies are all about is its corn bread basically. Corn meal -- you make that kind of course. And you get -- what works best -- me is a self rising corn meal and then you had -- X amount of Blatter. -- and some and some milk. And seasonings and I agree with you with the green onions and I always put in a little bit of a new -- but only a little. I chopped up fine. And then you or -- who you'd have an egg batter and so you make this so it's just barely. -- don't want it to be sticky but you you don't want it to be a solid rock either and then you triumph at the 375. Degrees. And culture or literally a golden brown and in New Zealand cool and they need him I mean it's there it is. I am pretty sure I have a rest before that on my website no menu dot com just click on rest peace stage we have another break before this is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just -- were in the fifties there was talk about olive or olives and stuff. What the local service stated Jeff Davis and two -- one of our customers was perfect so foods. Charlie -- foods New Orleans -- show. And they imported all of this stuff and they had it their whole line was huge wegmans. That was their -- bigger count that it was a bit. But. In a million. This used to be. Even if you went under the French market through all those Italian grocery stores like the progress of central issue which is still there. And and this was huge business among Italians they were importers in the it was really -- everybody all over the country it was some medals back -- Listen I'm running out of time but call me if you know hopes. Will be back in just a moment but first please the restaurant was and raises. We have had a busy show today and we vote we're we've run out of time you know it's -- the way it is he can't stop clock -- you can do about it. However. -- I have a database. Of vast quantities of information about -- restaurants every restaurant in town we have 14111. Right now. And all that is no menu dot com and O and CNN news.com. And everything you see there with the exception of the. You know question and answer boards. It was written by me not that I'm all that great but it's and that just picking up stuff from all over the place Reid urged him that's all -- No menu dot com. And I have one year on thirteen 53 WL every day. From noon until three same time is over here. And I think going to be here next week and then after that I think we -- fading away after that it's football get start. Let -- hope give a good weekend. Stay out of the humidity and and don't die of it. And let's all rejoice that we have a good excuse to not have to cut our grass. As I wouldn't women do that today. You know me -- have a good dinner tonight. We're talking whenever he can keep the good stuff it's better for you if you really. And have them on HD. On skyway and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM. HD one and her New Orleans. The news is next from his -- yes and Columbia broadcasting system.

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