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7-21 6am Tommy, Malaysian flight update

Jul 21, 2014|

The latest on the Malaysian plane shot down over the Ukraine. Where will the evidence lead? Does the airline bear a responsibility for flying over a war zone? And, does this make you more curious about the still missing Malaysian flight? Tommy talks to Former Head of the National Transportation Safety Board, Mark Rosenker.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it's John H doctor WW LA MI famine dot com. David Blake good morning happy Monday to you what a beautiful weekend happy happy Monday. I was in a spotless mind and so it's been a good weekend. Edmonton's it but it's been a good week and though it's awfully well I'll let you off with your friends there and stuck you with a dog clean and pots are well. Art what is that. What's your life has come through to your. Arm or. I asked myself yeah allowed myself with that often so here's the deal. There's a saints were training camp West Virginia not. Friday practice began a lot of he would yard July 20 footers and days away from August supporters pre season game will be here before you know it. Once that starts it's back to school right that goes by in ambler not yet sag goes by and blurred and we notice football season. Ha feeling good then it's Halloween and then before you know on god November things given cool weather that flies by Christmas so let me be the first one. We've seen Andy these past. Andy when he fifteen everybody and I Shannon that's Aaland in just about all my own. It's like you say before you know it's going to be football season and Halloween pumpkins and trick or treason. Nice crisp breezes out of the north usually. It's kind of sucking it and it rains. Tom so today here's a review we do you find it I'm gonna say this because I say things that other people don't say and Monica Pierre. The lovely Monica bureau always tells me you know just he's just think it. Is down and. You do running well I just think and it could be one of these anomalies of odds. Where and chances and probability where for whatever reason the Malaysian planes. Lou area in the dangerous area which shut down by rebels let. Its second Malaysian flight. In a relatively short period of time. That gets knocked is not doubted it goes out of the air out under mysterious circumstances. And we don't hear a thing about the first one. Like I just dropped out all we gotta thank goodness we get that plane found in all of those people accounted for no we didn't just that something else pushed it off the front page up. That the we have pages here but to understand the meta this year. And win over the phone lines here 260187. He told creates eggs exit date nine's 087 you'll talk to Tim rousing here. India next half now this guy he's been chairman of the national transportation safety he knows of what he speaks well not only that but he knows of what he speaks because this guy used to be the chairman of the national transportation board. But college do you think there's anything weird about that if you think it's mighty coincidental it. Both Malaysian it's disappeared Natalie got they'll never I don't think figure out. Exactly what happened with this one other than the circumstantial evidence of the missiles being launched. Some of the plane wreckage that they found indicate that became a part in this guy. Now that's what I wanna know he you know it seems pretty sure you know from all the accounts secretary of state and talking about over the weekend. That it was these the Russian rebels are fuel book why wasn't what's. You're not like. At ROJ listed was it it it does the airline bear any responsibility. For flying over an area where it was and out war zone and and a they dealer very dangerous place to fly and and the United States that look know when you don't do it and go on that area and I don't understand motive wise wide the rebels would wanna she'd be out while it does nothing guard for them at all done anything good for Russia. So my thing is I think my opinion. It is my opinion I think would happen is just mistaken identity. Which then. But I thought it was a bomber spy planes and cargo going. So the other side that is. And that would think the airline bears responsibility and over and ever had a celebrity's death that affected you. Because announce elected it. There actors there entertain this they'd they'd view barrier guard Josh Howard and I did over the weekend. James Garner yeah whatever reason I love this guy writes I've. My wife said the same thing I said the same thing maybe because he taught me how to drive. From watch in the Rockford Files anonymous and math. And he was and that notebook and he had a good career later on in his life. Him and Johnny Carson the only team that never affected me as a celebrity gala yacht just so darn likeable it felt like you'll lose a friend. So we'll open up on lines of there's anybody's celebrity that passed on. And you felt that genuine sense of loss that like to different yet he six waits at any totals 386. Exit date nines and early seven take a break. Did you phone calls are about this Malaysian airliner and more on what it wisely Louisiana and so happy with happy has placed in the United States. According to a new survey. And visit family that's up ready jaguar opinion apple is that people here that aren't your family or the music of the food if you had to pick. Nick one motive be Tommy Tucker talking about a whole bunch of stuff on this Monday morning July 21 already. Some flooding around the area if you flooded I'd like to hear from yesterday and I hope to be an incident house. Partly cloudy hot humid it is miserable outside already. I need to be one attendee that but it you've been outside you you know 40% chance for showers. Highs around 91 tomorrow 30% chance for showers highs around 92. Wednesday 40% chance of showers highs around ninety. There is a 30% chance of our sail along with me highs around nineteen. And Friday. Hot and humid with a a 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms and highs around. Ninety. And one thing I've always wondered about what we'd be at this time a year where the weather peoples they have 40% chance at 830 tomorrow 403040. Is it really changes. Are they just trying to write something different. I think they're just trying to write something different I would I would tell you I would bet it's statistically there is not really a 30% chance for she hours. On Tuesday and a 40% on Monday I think it's a thing. So it attacks that are common in about celebrities. Celebrity death that really touched you when you found yourself animal. Know these people why why does bother me so much and for me it happened over the weekend David Blake's insane thing. With the James garnered guy and I guess maybe from the little bitty kid march in Rockford Files on Friday night. And then catch him on re runs on television and then buying the dvds as I like this year so much. Nancy in a movie the notebook that he did later in life and the other movies he he mean eyes man you just like again you know. Any other debts from me would be Johnny Carson and onions and text here's and Michael Landon. The duke it was a shock when and happening huge loss. Taxation Emmett lives and Steve downing James rock river Rockford rivers. 180 in 1973 you look electorate. Well coaches say this it may not have been Dubuque electorate. But let's not rule anything else. Rule it out Brothers speaking of something else are we and it got a W out cash contest again today nationwide summer splash cash contest. So speaking of the heat before we went to help beat the heat got a chance to win a thousand miles of cool cash. In our nationwide summer splash cash contest if in. You listen Debbie WL weekday. Weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM the code word. Many of its exit code words a 72881. Year chance to win and evidently. We get text that are sent to 870 eights at any of the code word and that is absolutely worthless. Net trying to be mean but just trying to explain how you can win you have to text that code words to 72881. Now you're Sam I don't know the code word well. I'm Italian right before the top of the hour news at 7 o'clock and we do that thwart times. We do right before the top audio or news at 7 o'clock 11 o'clock he went 5 PM. Every weekday for Leckey listeners nationwide and a thousand dollars each and please don't miss out on the money. Sign up for a debit and you'll cash plus get reminder text if you. Text the word cash to aid 787. Me and we honor you busy at different things going on about fifteen minutes. Before each code murders announced you'll get a text and contests coming out. Dmitry get the radio tuned in it's the 111000 nation eleven 1000 dollar. Nationwide summer splash case contest don't forget. To listen. Times Lewis and 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and five and good luck. From Smart radio Annika enter common policy your debit undergo remember we never charge for its next. But individual. Plan text and data rates applies some of the other texts that are imminent about celebrity deaths that affected embodied. Alleluia amen to that in and said Carroll O'Connor and John Ridder and if we're not into the dog days of summer these are definitely the poppy days because we're getting there at least saints' training camp. Starts this week efforts practice Friday they report on Thursday and you better believe will have everything for you here. And WW well. We're talking about the the crash of that Malaysian. Jetliners if you watched any of the Sunday morning chose you know that. Yeah it's not safe shots have been fired evidence is being compromised and that's led to some conspiracy theories. Concerning. The previous. Missing Malaysian flight over this and is certainly. Not missing some of them more popular conspiracy theories on the Internet that. The missile was actually intended to bring down Putin Vladimir Putin and apparently. His plane was flying on the same course. The same. Trajectory and do whatever the radar which show it as was a Malaysian aircraft. Wrong. Russia at least that he is prudent hadn't flown over the an area Russia today reports at the end and over that area alone time. Another one had some fake. Passenger passports recovered at the scene. And unfortunately the pictures of the pants were ports that are circulating online don't luckily they've been through an air crash. And then there's some other ones about the people some of the victims of of the plane. Crash hadn't. Touch their FaceBook page and a couple uses and conspiracy players and a hot what are the odds of that it'd probably be one problem. Because the number seven was involved the illuminati. Is involved in and perhaps aliens. But then there's this one the plane that crashed in the Ukraine is actually the same one that disappeared in March. And for whatever reason they were trying it'd to get rid of the evidence though it was shot down. Now believe any of them I think it was an accident but it of the hear from you if you do it to six 187 Neitzel free. 866889087. Some other text brigade and about. Celebrity deaths. After James Garner passively over the weekend that you felt. Personally feel as though you Gil lost a friend Nash Roberts. I agree with that number when James Gandolfini it was a shock when he went oh passed away died when I was so hesitancy die. What receptive make a euphemism for they passed away. Crossed over went on to the other side. Would you simply fans think tide they did. John Lennon and now Paul Newman and frank James yeah a new report ready jaguar painful ranks Louisiana residents. As they're happy is in the nation and it's for him the prestigious have at university. Family 25% that's like people here so happy to point 5% worsening food. Music people getting 0% and something else the leader at 50%. So when people vote for something else again she got to wonder what his or her name is it makes them. So happy lot of Texas morning Dana thing about it want to talk on the phone. That are Monday one that and I think it's com. I think it's. Part of society today. Lot of times I'd rather Texans talk que ya ya shield and you. Sheldon price talk on the phone I would and it's easier to ages and their although sometimes if it's along seeing them you know on night and sit there now type on it opens on skull. Jerry Garcia somebody called and said that they were affected when they died emerge games ordered nine over the weekend trying to bring you down or anything. The Cuba when Jim Rockford. James Garner as Jim Rockford one of his favorite lines and of remembrances. You better give me Nikki imminent tune you out. America and yet so I do and ironically he got into a scrape some money on highway in real life. I got out of with the tire iron and toured him tuned him out ouch. George Jones Elvis Michael Jackson's Steve McQueen a real talent Michael Jackson and Chris Lee Dugard personally. Because I grew up with their music and now I would say Ronald Reagan these attacks that rating gonna make it clear. Yeah and an election they are not an audience and an impact of to a so however yet but I don't you think at multiple personalities and now with those different. Takes us almost always you may have been impacted upon it and what exactly Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan it. Listening in now while on vacation in Grand Island noticing Andy Griffith I don't think. Duties behavior. Camera marvelous and along those lines I didn't say. Past oiler Golan I just said. He's dead and it's expensive thing when people say they lost someone I lost my blink last year Q it was awful careful careless of where where Tony Romo will be development. But I guess of the gauges sense of relief I felt a tremendous sadness when Princess Diana and guys are you asks such a good person dying young and you know I remember from that. The funeral with the incessant. Hell's wrong. You remember that just sort of and a lot like and I'm trying to be disrespect collier an odd. But for the love god turn the volume on the TV down because that every second at songs. Song to him I didn't eggs and paid. Exactly David it was too many are. She was an aids tombstone is little. Off. She is a lovely woman and I think. Her gentle personality. Seemed to come across right through TV or whatever dear member win and that. They were deleted drive in the casket to the street nobody kept throwing flowers on it. That's how it's going to be with me except my field and be throwing garbage on the casket all really. Yes but that appeals on the Hudson left over cheeseburgers whatever they add eggs you know I mean it's Andy I just don't like him enough notice of the aches and gain good rotten talent in Metairie to mourn at WW well. I'm doing well in UELI Joan because I'm talking UN that texting with the it appeared the human voice. I have no idea Q like they're protecting our or talk writes W it was celebrity test to win really used enemy to feel you know one. I just lost a friend. Albert are really. Yeah I hit music object on Larry and I loved watching him hit spooky about it Ellie. And look we didn't have any meaning on the enjoyable. And I actually car it means you know I was. Are you very emotional about it yeah. You know. And by the late bomb into quick intractable earlier yet Sheldon lifted up Jamal Tony out actually July 3 cold and it was on the whole lives and talent and I'm it do it among he's beloved mayberry in the art and agriculture. And Mac lad you're the air. Emma gets you to weigh in real quick John on upper ready jaguar opinion apple. New report says Louisiana residents are their happiness in the nation. Com. They get a text uses any Griffin just pass away in the last few weeks now thanks now. I rarely this year. There aren't there where he LOR we'll figure out. There will you do we mining typed in my view type. Anyway but he got to pick one black Louisiana so happy family food music people or something else. I am. Gambling is embodies his. Yeah rocket people now in mobile I'm here. It and we hear more aren't yet talking to people court where people came from all over you know and they that it would let this area much pain and I believe that you know. Not only do they not move away allow oftentimes they'll move on and saint street. Ironically they did John lady called edited. You are I Tommy Tucker got a W out talking to a friend of buyers mark Rosen Tara former head of the National Transportation Safety Board now. And expert analyst for CBS news' morning market to talk to you again. Mark some of those things donor on the Internet I just thought this would amuse you not that this is anything the last about but you know whenever anything happens a conspiracy theories begin to fly around and about the most outrageous one I've seen. Is that this was the original missing. Malaysian airlines jet. That's for some reason had to be disposed of so they fluid over the Ukraine and shouted down. Let's get some. As agree. Town tell me where we stand now as much in the secretary of state. Yes it maybe on Meet the Press may news David Gregory talking about drunken. People removing the bodies tampering with the evidence did why what why can't they just leave this alone and let the professionals imminent deal. This is a horrid scene over there I have never heard or been exposed to anything that has been this. Absolutely horrific. First from heinous act of of bringing down an unarmed civilian airliner. To the weight has been handled over the past four to five days. The way the the way to disrespect of the bodies. The the the crime scene itself being held hostage by these drunken thugs. This is awful. And mr. Putin needs to get control of it and now allow the the global investigators to come and do their work. How much and compromise of the scene does there have to be for you freeze somebody as talented as yourself and the people at work with hinted gist of it where it's just a hopeless cause you'll never figured out. We'll figure this out because we've already figured it out. This is not the typical there aviation accident where you have to get to the scene find the boxes. Begin to do the forensics necessary. Rule. Ruling things out. We pretty much know what happened here based on need technology coming from the intelligence community. Indicating. That a missile had shouted down. You know the only real question is is cool push this thing now. It appears that most of the evidence is pointing toward the other rebels applicants. The question will be what type of missile was and is believed to be as eleven. One of these guided. Missiles that in the back as they proximity he is which basically is it is locked on its targeted. Goes on up to it in and basically blows up around yet. Stop putting shrapnel up all over the aircraft in bringing down that way. The black boxes have been allegedly. Fouled by 88. The rebels are they claim that they will turn them over. Two authorized investigators. Authorize investigators were trying to get there. And they allow them to count so they talk out of both sides of their mouth and it's just a horrible. I am just wondering in terms of club motive Daley would there be any reason not to let the trained investigators in reverse preserve the scene other than they had their gist. And on and on the word to use a way is just wanna be uncooperative. Competency. A day. Clear misunderstanding and not understanding her ignorant or anything about what happens in an accident investigations scene and worst case slowly the pop the possibility of cleaning up the psych themselves in the belt that could be any evidence that would point to them that they. You know mark one thing it did I don't understand and I don't I don't say this clip that lead but this is not. I handgun in a large city there were talking about that need these things are pretty specialized and and did that don't that did big did the government have a pretty good handle on who has these and who doesn't. Yes that may. That the that the rebels would have these types of devices that frankly they'd knock out a dozen. Airplanes on military and primarily against the Ukrainian air force her military aircraft. And they knocked them all out. And the question will be is with this intelligence. And frankly our day to invaded put out that note to say stay away from there. While I was this. Intelligence not shared with the global aviation community. You'll control the option. And why didn't acted. As a place to be trying to fly commercial allies to speculate about. Incredible I appreciated 88. It is there's a chance that this could just be a mistake where they thought it was a different planners Yunnan. That that that possibility is very high on the list. Gotcha thank you mark appreciate your time. And we'll talk to again mark president of former head of the National Transportation Safety Board says he knows. Of what he speaks and incomes airline accidents or disasters.

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