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7-21 7am Tommy, cyclist killed in NOLA

Jul 21, 2014|

A second cyclist in the past three months dies after being hit by a vehicle. Do drivers need to be more careful or do cyclists think they own the road? If you drive or cycle what’s your biggest problem with the other guy? Tommy was joined by Louisiana State Police PIO, Melissa Matey, to learn the law on bicycling in Louisiana. Later, he spoke to Naomi Doerner, Executive Director of Bike Easy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake. WWL. First news now Tommy Tucker WW LA amounts -- dot com. David Blake Elena how much you've interacted with Shelden Williams -- you yeah funny -- got a funny. Will bet -- bet outlining. Yeah. -- hours about the second cyclists mentality. Grisly just -- the family -- this cyclists that was killed many eighteen wheelers. Duties and it's the second -- past three months they get hit by vehicle we have all these bicycle pants around the city I don't know if that was actors need one of these deaths but it. You know we've often said tune. Bicycle pants in some areas and other areas -- just shaved the right -- and I wouldn't use them I wouldn't I'm not sure which you. No I would need and they see people -- -- writing this on aid would -- Lee's ten speed -- -- -- -- in there now -- Manson. It is. -- into writing and rightly and it traffic on highway 23 in. Black man's marriage in a big eighteen Frontline -- right lane and get over about three feet away and -- not have the guts to do that wouldn't. Is member of the right of way is not something you -- It's something people give you exactly if dale unity. You're really ain't got it. So retired and guys we talk about that next hour and I'd love to hear from me -- cyclist. -- driver -- think the other that the fault lies where you're the other guy. When you drive in DC people on bicycles doing some very dangerous things we'd love to hear from you next hour. On that. Well I don't play. -- -- Me you can't -- the -- That's our friend Chloe. There recorded the what's up with that team and a actually -- because. Com there are. Children a lot of kids in the out of school but date noted -- camp they go to. Daycare and I'll go to. Where again maybe grandma grandpa spend the day with and I love what up we're back they do any love they love the -- so I didn't wanna exclude them and I thought I'd I'd do this story for the MIC in -- web site. Where now you be -- get. Duck stamps online I think it is. And I think I don't get about that is we see why would you mail a duck and it just slide away everyone's ago. Saw us. Man that's for the kids yeah mine thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's for the kids keep in mind -- that's just keep the kiddies happy won't. Out of a bicycle riding in a second fatality in three months and I don't know anything good bicycle lanes I don't know if either was involved in in these fatalities but. With so we had a conversation about cyclists and drivers and who grow owns the road if anybody in. And if your cycle -- C have a problem with. Drivers of your driver Eddie have a problem with cyclists before we get to Melissa media -- Kesler read Algiers morning on -- WL. You know according you do. Complementary is getting ready we're gonna hurt -- -- they can. And I think about it I'm not happy and are are not an expert department settlement by an act on the -- with one thing. They can pay the arrow in right at the traffic that I would -- -- in Iraq. I think the traffic you could see the car with a little in the lobby at danger play. Aware Odyssey with Melissa -- in the second but do you think the city jammed. And again I have no idea this is the lanes had anything to do with the fatalities and just saying generally speaking. Tried to jam too many bicycle lanes did you go to Robert. But if you come up -- They have. Now he puts a person and take whatever the first phases by the may Nixon magazine. Camp if you come up camp street that they got just some right -- shaved off as Ali didn't called it a bicycle lane. Not -- still think that it. The fact that were right against strapping -- it'll help everybody. Let's take a look at an NC the most and anything thank -- -- have a great day at work. I'm Melissa -- the Louisiana State. -- public information officer joins us right now and good morning trooper now. The last time we started this groundswell campaigning to promoted to sergeant that'd work. You know well. Public information out there could be I'm sure you land. And that's not you're just a friend of -- and we're trying to educate the latter. Coming out -- lady just said about dumb drive and it did a -- against traffic in a way it would maybe makes cents or nine. Well you know. I am in coming on and I think that pat and yet and -- -- -- -- -- because it against a -- the -- Tractor ride in the game. Actually track -- A -- being ruled that rated that it earned a vehicle. In -- when you're a kid and current actor Alec Alameda right track but it cart coming. I'm eating -- able -- -- like action that's not bad at the world regret that. And it actually talk about the site collect. -- -- -- -- Aren't you get tired tired they're out there training. You picturing all the different by. Activities in any debate. And and a bicycle there reported that the rules on the vehicle. They are they would needed and need a bike landing go up the right hand. They and it isn't state loving go up there right now rightly left in Beverly wannabe. Currently paid -- every vehicle. Caribbean. I'm -- vehicles or to make sure they bite that collect leading Internet site elected you. And you -- Them. The only injury. Between you. And by between people. I mean albeit -- unit -- Driver and then -- back Michael and I think everybody -- -- it could be effective and you can't -- -- -- -- you outlook -- traveling and -- on a bicycle for it to be well. So hypothetically speaking. I'm going down general to -- and Algiers and they have. A bicycle left lane and a bicycle in the right lane in -- like they're gone pretty fans but not necessarily for motorized vehicles so. Is am -- done anything wrong there oriented and they hope that traffic if they're going on and -- note the top speed on a bike is maybe their. There and in a slowdown from the training regiment on twenty miles an hour. Are. Accurate and BP prepared to make elect -- your feet and normally can't think back now in 88 GB and they need this game will. Be back. In light at every world. They at the site and accurate -- Need to make sure that -- It the proper it didn't exactly creepy between the owner Michael. Open court and you can't get open or get there you have the right way it should be able. Eight. On a road like did goal gave familiar with that against right. Is that that's the state highways and -- I we don't. Covered general the golf that I don't believe the -- -- a highway and got acting are. -- I guess what I'm trying to get to his again you could have to. Motor two bicycles and one on the left lane one and Leslie wanna write Blaine. Gone twenty miles an hour fifteen miles an hour -- however fans they want and they have the same rules of the road they can hold a press if they like. -- Should be. Prepared to make -- injured or future. And indeed they should be in the court shall there. On initial earthquake that occurred while it shall not available. I think he should be. A lot at eighteen. How when you talk about -- equally. -- -- it is in areas that it wired. People don't. Bike sickle like. Park and things like. -- people should be happily in bicycle a lot they're preparing to make simpler -- But they are at the picture but it practical clear out. Question your pocket making. It right. To me an animal is seeking it and open it to me is Griese because it's not. -- -- you know I mean that -- -- with Sony bicycles news where everybody thinks Newell Wednesday quickly as analysts question although it's not about bicycling I don't think is. -- minded. The media be in the intersection shortly the person was to open date yet are not a certain the first. Out there remind our -- this line has the -- fields. And -- -- -- avenue at designated truck or. Our players of the world turns its its so drinkers there you ago. Eager river -- down on agent -- -- at the struck it like it take you that you turn comeback route and -- and other right it's like it's all. And then Nancy. So that's very it -- it just doesn't make -- then and then go on you know we expand our streak caller Monica they wouldn't track on the road and in the truck truck -- cars bicycles everything now you know together there is a terror the trickster in so. My question is. -- you know. Heidi he contacted Alina. Were right about what Alina Alina yet the other days -- -- -- -- Alexi down thank you ran out of time Amylin. Well indeed woody -- -- is that just because designates that the state -- they believes legislature. Local municipality. You. -- me that travel eager or are commercially and travel and -- really determined. Harry sort by ET on -- -- industry -- -- that something equally to terms. Sounds like -- -- -- passenger in the back in desperate enough back so let me ask you real quick insurance -- comes in. You do cyclists that Hussein had the same from liability coverage as does currently -- -- something. -- Automobile injury. -- them sort -- would have -- sort of medical injured medical coverage. And JC cars and should not apple -- -- like -- or liability you. Been very nice you don't take care of -- resonating in the back you car thank. You so much. New registered from state trooper Melissa may -- Unclear as -- Indians and text saying that he was driving she was sitting in her driveway. Nice enough to do the interview waiting to back up so let's not get all crazy with shake mine and and all of this stuff she was not talking on the cellphone and driving. Com I get a text comes in and says it is utterly ridiculous that bikes have the same rights is vehicles. They need to be need to be specific places where competitive cyclists can train how often DC vehicles on the road in the Tour de France. They should pay insurance just like car drivers and you know the average cycling speed -- look this up is nine point six miles an hour. And I think and I don't get any of you cyclists man and I'd love to hear your side of entities XL 1878. Toll free 86689087. And I think. It is an AZ and him three lanes of highway and two -- clogged up with two people on bicycles on twelve miles an hour. David occasionally in your radio journalism career you you do something that strikes a chord with me -- out well he said are you happy. Yes and we've -- now. I'm glad you are but -- -- and ask in. Because we change -- ready opinion poll agenda -- paying people to that because. Habit universities saying that after this study Louisiana is the happy state correct that -- problem says that I'm gonna go but you know you pack the cat -- -- mom's so -- They said -- -- I -- happy city rents I was unhappy with -- in the state and a parlance of his count down -- little bit but still. Still top 20/20 five. Solely. The question is are you happy. And 80% of viewers saying yes and so much he is. You know goes in -- that you know I mean and and right now at this moment are you happy now. Are now now it's ninety's yeah it was also argued argument and I am -- love Beanie Wells is what Atlanta -- Yes and you and you mention all the the ingredients that go into it and and we've talked about family. Booze blues friends food. And I'll -- itself. And a family -- Boos for gambling and -- more blues. Listen to this cyclist Stewart about bicycling here -- cyclists start does attacks. Cycling friends is attacks -- just reading. Cyclists are idiots they are ruining new -- Wednesday -- mostly. People moving in and out of town please. Eight home. And that's a question were to bring up woods is there are the year is there could be there might be. Any influx. Of people from out of town company take these medical jobs and I think it's really cool to get -- by well maybe it is I mean they'd like they love cycling which is put it like that. Okay so is this something we're just gonna have to get used to it's like I'm here I'm I bicycle get used to it. So we'll see at T 60187. He told create six exit 8908. -- and do you think the the influx of people that are moving here and -- don't -- we -- and then go home yeah -- about a change in -- so we have to get used to or does that lifestyle lend itself. To the way the streets are new -- somebody. Said one time and that it was great they thought the city of new loans this streets were laid out as though they took dozens and snakes -- worms and room and hot hand arm and and that's how the street has about it. These follow some good morning on -- WL thanks for calling and for holding. Hey Tommy good morning. I used to ride my bicycle. As a youngster Rome Paris and Guerrero. Quite -- -- the league there are one actually. There are the only -- which it that we have the same responsibility but. There aren't cute chick Buehrle and it shouldn't one on illegal -- right to run on users period. She didn't mention that but it is. And I think you go crosses Crescent City connection and you hear it you can. And I love CNET. Well I used to footage across the buried -- where you know I'd drop down the river road it. -- -- -- -- -- In a cart area and our school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the long you can see you driver in there -- And it's those brand new car bicycle truck you'd have a better shot at being seen. You are smaller. You have to do -- there. You have to take care of yourself. Only you can stay out of situations that are not conducive -- your city you know. What is it real quick before I let you go live rattle your cage about drivers could you talk about bicycle is being safe. -- People who -- And tax. And drive and talk on the phone to radio remote the arts that thank you and nobody called Keith never did a careful right. That's -- military. Upset about cyclists and one of them says and as the one that. Really struck me Tom. Cyclists are idiots -- ruining the long ones there mostly people moving in from out of town please go home and while I don't agree with the fact that cyclists are idiots I do find it interesting that it could be -- and assembles signify a change. In a lifestyle here in new loans because of people in a movement in Naomi to order executive director of by DC good morning. Don't tell your gut tell me about from the numbers of like sick list and is it related in any way to the I change in -- way in the city and some of the young professionals and remove and and. Actor like -- Eight. Eat or eat currently accounts delegate in name woody should name. And we do. I didn't. Like okay. -- -- Or years and you were caught a cold and we're founded by a writer. To where you're vocal. About where you're. Arrow and he. Structure. For. What. Like easy. And you know eaten -- -- error an achievement while. -- -- And you know that. -- one thing you know and -- coming year. There all. By that he -- there are. People who. Don't. Who. And who walk and bike in the -- -- he. And there aren't there -- The year. Which is. -- -- -- -- -- A lot actually it would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is. Or do. You come and go and Egypt numbers RT. -- -- It seems that act. Nor are we shall we -- people because. A lot of heat on city and you know. They're. You know normally in. Would you advise is cyclist even though they're entitled to the same. Routes on the same rights on the road as a vehicle. In rush hour traffic -- there right lane and it's if it's an area without a bike lane and and enough Hafez that Sheldon looked up the average speed of a bike is nine point six miles -- our. Anti trafficking and right plane or wait until a slower time would you say. You know violent lot growing up. I mean. You know they -- They are throughout city. Very neat that happened out and so you know. That are trapped in the they're travel yet. I don't eat up. A lot don't want that late drive that where there are a lot of people. The ability ability -- it would be on to announce now with. I mean. There -- other people. Oh you're clean and held Saturday. If it's a thirty some mile an hour speed limit up I can't go 35 references and period of time Canada or maybe I'm wrong. -- what you're. Out at me about an hour and -- different in the key with the other eagle but. I mean between and that can be and you know locally here. And probably the in the heat and and and what you need encourages. More people. You buy a new and more people that you'd buy at city infrastructure. -- Her you know in numbers will be. So -- morning drive. And gone down -- fields. And -- of this bike -- there not been cyclists use is not to use the the bike lane on a note the ordinance says about that but. You would have no problem with them holding up the entire right lane of traffic on 1015 or whatever a bike and go. Well. -- Street on -- yeah I understand and I'm not talking specifically you're just philosophically against. What. We're -- right. Feel at their trap plain bad apple you know where they get. Need to. Right -- And rightly. Are art that -- where in the door -- It. Air travel. -- error. In the mean cleaner -- and port and he did -- -- claim -- Eugene on. Where it might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- EB I want. -- -- It traveling. Travel mean. In it in in the YouTube age. You know means that there are keeping your -- you or you should not get. Any legal right. Then in that they. They mean. -- priest be there. And they aren't. I don't know what that. Really stand the world. To share is. Now well at the end. Name -- Naomi appreciate you time Naomi do Warner executive director of bike easy.

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