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WWL>Topics>>7-21 8am Tommy, abortion protest

7-21 8am Tommy, abortion protest

Jul 21, 2014|

Local law enforcement gears up as “Operation Save America,” an abortion protest that’s drawing hundreds from all over the country, who’ll plead with those trying to enter clinics to change their mind. Are abortion protests like this a legitimate attempt to inform or a veiled tactic to intimidate? Tommy talks to Pastor Bill Shanks of Operation Save America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake WWL. First news knowledge Tommy Tucker WW well I EMI famine dot com. I Davidson people are coming from all over the country this week to protest. Abortion clinics in this Indians called operation save America and we'll talk to the organizer of that effort. Reverend bill shanks and things and pass two bills yanks have signed what exactly they have planned. And we try to -- -- on from Planned Parenthood but they did not. Respond to requests I think you lose it -- nobody available either way if you disagree you want in the Colin. Listen this text that comes in about bicycles and -- at all -- Mum on like this guy pretty hard. It's as a lot Tommy it's all about being progressive and accepting change. If this was about a special lane for drivers with factory's everybody would be giddy with excitement. This ain't your mama's new long ones stolen. It. And it's not a bad point now but to which sometimes you know they wonder about the city in as a shield for different date because. Says this last week he. We had this mentality here sometimes Wear it and we had drives the factory shops we drank a lad we Claudia you know. But then when you talk about change and it -- in the better than all sentenced to long ones and you can't change in here now. Man I don't wanna start a big fight here is there anything I'll wait -- Wednesday. I think I can I view it as I have little -- -- minor medical procedure getting it done Amaro but it. I think sometimes we get so stuck on not changes. Any. Not -- -- -- -- lived drama life and I don't want it to be Houston I don't want it to be draw on Kansas City one of these and Dallas one of these nondescript city where got a terrible level got -- -- on and aid and -- Gentlemen pollen aides say good morning thanks holding a -- WL. Yet always. I'm comic -- That are on the it's like just what you believe that there's been a lot war you know. Well -- about accidents involving cycle and -- All and I bet my question -- and nose guard around an -- Some cyclical people on the -- And some people just. Don't want my life so stop on but it stopped so. I think there's a confusion as or more bite and. Don't I don't think you need a license to drive a bicycle brilliant. -- -- It. -- Spot well because maybe I don't know that's an insane and you write the wrong way on sidewalks and so far. -- I don't know -- but lady called. Thank you thank you happy. As a ready -- people at the right thing appreciate it take Iowa everywhere is scheduled to talk to at the last minute then in all fairness to him. Pastor bill shanks of operation save America who people from around the country have converged on new law -- And in Nam. I believe in -- stand in front of and a ticket would be the word abortion clinics. And tried it. And that's what I read the passes I would this confirmed this. Did plead with those trying in an abortion clinic to change their mind. And and as a very controversial decision. And I would like to know if do you think that it's protected speech or do you think there -- that their clients of the patients whatever you column. And -- they. To a legitimate attempt to your legitimate attempt to inform people. Now -- of that movie. Juneau where though the little baby girl tells the other one nudge you know that. Babies have fingernails and then there's a scene where -- if you've seen it sitting in the waiting room when she sees the nails and then she decides they have the child. Do you think these are legitimate attempt to inform -- the failed tactic to intimidate people. People would be going into the clinic and like it or not. Moral convictions. Or not. This Supreme Court has ruled this is a legitimate procedure we all know that do you accepted. And say well you know one day it's not right it's killing a child as I think it is. But I also realize that we're a land of laws and that you you can't just do what you want. Because. You think it's ride because. You if you think something else is wrong then all of a sudden. You know maybe maybe you think no medical treatment is accurate though are appropriate so therefore you site. Picketing hassling people that are doing that and I know the lady that I believe is ahead of Planned Parenthood. It used to be had a Planned Parenthood is strong anti abortion advocate here. I think some people use it as a form of birth control which is reprehensible. And I also think that -- there are some people who. Think long term and wonder about quality of life. Of the child or news do what they can provide for an -- there are a lot of people waiting for adoptions as well also. Give me your take on this and -- and good morning thank you for calling your -- WL. It. Really be you know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at. Bell. And and and all. -- CAA and then I let me. -- and I joking around did you see if a bunch of people we're don't know admirable he likely outshooting us Archie I'm not being funny. How -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While -- it and -- I appreciate the the passion in your voice -- really -- thank you some electrical. You bet -- six culminates at any toll free 866. 89087. Mean I think that the point that. And -- -- is Megan is the is one life more valuable than the other and I get. Child in the -- hasn't done anything but. If you're against abortion have you. Thought it all the way through would you be willing to put up some your money to support this child to our tax dollars if you will -- -- the parents don't have the means to do this sort. If the child requires is is has got a lot of problems and requires a lot of special attention. Dollars and parents can't afford it are you willing to have your tax dollars. Go or would you personally contribute to see that the child had every bit of care. That it needed and I just think in and a society we have decided at some point it's located taking human life. And others it's not and how do you feel about this and Andy have to look at it all the way through. And not just for that moment when the woman is crossing the picket line if you will to have the procedure performed phone lines are open text him on crazy. Atlanta have a conversation with you know -- -- six 1878. -- 3866889087. You're suppose elected the leader of that that we haven't enabling. -- winning yet. In their communities and -- and abortion clinics I guess and they seek counseling where they're going to -- -- Talk to people if any do in fact tried new line to cross their ranks. And go on news that clinic to have the procedure done in notice you're abortion protests like this a legitimate attempt to inform hours ago about. Intimidation. Andy think they're related change anybody's mind and like it or not do you accept abortion. As a legal procedure we had a very passionate lady Antoinette Nicole Lee earlier. So -- you know and instead of doing that of a bunch of white people were to go to holly grove. And have a presence there the shooting may stop. And it text goes back to lenses into an -- nailed it. These protests is only one a skier and control that they cared about life they would spend their time picketing where shootings. Balances abortion goes back to Bible days and was not safe it will not go wage -- back underground. And dangerous. And I would just ask you if you protest against abortion would you be willing to. To help provide for the care. Com of that child a text here says I'll take an unwanted child and it's easy to text and but would you really do it. If you're white would you take you know black child maybe a black child -- crank addict in the towns and -- behavioral problems for. A lot of their lightening and again I'm not taken issue with you it's easy to text and but thinking it through. And impacting the rest of your life would you do it. And elements as many people against abortion have adopted an unwanted child. Nolan says picketing -- of businesses wanting to -- someone's house in the neighborhood he's just flat wrong. And then users having accompanied someone -- one of the so called peaceful demonstrations. It is dramatic -- screaming intimidation I still have nightmares. And all I was doing was supporting someone else's choice. So phone lines are open -- 260187803866. 88908. Set any Texans in the -- overpasses this morning with signs. And still get a lot of attacks about. Bicycles and drivers in new -- ones -- Guinea's morning aren't evidently well. Operatives are dispatched. On that he Washington. Avenue all pat you on interstate and at -- problems and about. Were pretty graphic pictures. And debate. How as flawed tropic and an expansion. On a local. How do you feel about the whole issue might well who by all anybody out to a woman -- patient it would they have pot. Of great of sorts. When it on that -- but to not there no. Doubt would be same all about it and have got to -- to -- All piercing or anything. I -- always. The thought about it like that. Within a -- -- that -- and every debate no. Internet there ought amonte that. Beijing. Will spot. Albeit a -- draw the if you can't afford that education. What you can't afford. Victory at a job that. -- know everybody talked about. Although it -- particular paper -- Ten years old news old. And it went Trout earn their pain and narrow border where people are low water out all -- Mike Mike had Albert might -- think we got viewpoint and and I would ask if you're gonna stand outside of an abortion clinic and and I think it's killing a child that is my personal opinion. Did -- you do you would you should you be willing to put your wallet where your mouth it is. Basically if you gonna stand outside with a sign in stand on an overpass with a signed should you be willing. To use every spare bit of resource that you have TK after the child is born. Even if there extreme medical difficulties or do you mind. If you tax dollars go for that or for food stamps for the -- because so many times we hear these people had just these people that's what is said. I need to stop tanning illegitimate children or -- having children one right after the other that they can't provide force so. Are you on both sides of the issue there are you saying you know what. Be can't handle this but -- we will and how you support the child for the -- -- life will talk about it won't come back -- T 60. 1878 toll free 8668890878. Yeah operation save America in town and it's an anti abortion group. From around the country -- understand that that have descended upon new law owns or has descended -- one point. Even went to a doctor's home in fountain blue and protests today and I presume that was with the same group will find out pastor bill shanks the local leader. Of operation save America joins -- now morning pastor. -- more you do more good thanks for taking the time tell me about. Operation save America. How it works and who all is in town now. Well we have probably close to 300 folks from that -- plus. A boon to local pastors. And the every evening we have been reading we use bullet Baptist Church. And it's a normal the United Nations could not have brought together so -- group. And -- pretty. So much. As you know -- many drive by shootings that are going on. And are invited operation save America to wall -- back in 1995. And during that -- if you remember we would murder capital the world which at one point -- homicides. Operation save America came to town court we. And homicides. -- it literally blew folks away major how Robson which -- in the lost police department. So that the research. And it hasn't been this quiet in. For enhanced. 50%. And then for the entire year it dropped. Thirty 37%. But -- -- that's on back. That sent to focus this gathering is -- the scripture -- -- bullet -- -- fortunate. You will never stop the homicides and strength as long as we believe to stay inside of these abortion. And when he abortion to shut them. Or in the heart of murdered in this city. It was not one murdered because square mature than you think his cause and effect there. Absolutely. Absolutely I mean that to prove that they now. -- -- and let me get some Texans like to respond to my -- -- point able have children do ovarian cancer at sixteen. Gynecologists in the same building with an abortion clinic they stand -- and scream and -- all these hateful things here because they think she's a young black female going in for an abortion. They really don't care about their so called cause hateful people they don't have a clue how would you respond that. Well I would say she's totally misguided. There's nobody you know and we want -- Peaceful Christians well there and we'll wrap it all -- the -- -- -- -- -- deal if it and take us through that process if you answer way. -- young woman and a desire to have this procedure done. And I go to walk into NA a clinic impasse the operation save America people what am I gonna hear what's gonna happen. People are gonna come up to order and call. We hit for late eighties at the general pershing -- on on Friday last Friday that would turn the way. That means poor little babies you know those women ought to help we double. Price is important to -- this -- -- world where markets. Women in my own little -- nine months of the pregnancy somewhat beside. The baby. As we arranged adoptions -- You know with you prompter stare and really does it. I. Help to the parents because it just seems to me and I get a text here and I and I don't mean to drag you know political argument. But it says the same party that is for. Doing away with the abortion is as good. The body -- the same. I'm trying to find attacks here -- what's gone on her arm but basically what it's saying is the party that's against abortion. Is the same party that cuts education benefits tries to cut food stamp benefits etc. so how do you balance that. Well we're here and listen and -- pastoral church and folks of Communist. We're ban on food stamps welfare of these -- and we real peaceful and do with their education palpable didn't job. -- help them financially to get on. It it's not period. Opel generation of people -- down well there's schools for generations. That we could. Where if we can help these people. But this is this is not the issue the issue is what is -- that we don't understand. About -- shall not kill. That little body be. This is as saying that you. It's my -- would get an abortion we wouldn't be Evans compensation right. But I elevated -- people make dead and pass around you know I'll I firmly agree that it's killing a child -- that's illegal procedure and when you make that argument that we wouldn't be happening conversation people that are for abortions seal of Hitler's mom would have had one we wouldn't have been there for Osama bin Laden's. Mom had had one we wouldn't have been where we were either. -- question I would have to ask you is given the fact that it's illegal procedure. Did you would you not would you time not be better spent because you talked about saving two lives I just wonder if if that women aren't gonna wait until. And I meant trying to group who anything you do on believe me -- just thinking about the real world and wonder and if they're gonna come back in and get the procedure anyway just when you're not there. Guess a man. Parenthood. Group market institute. This Oregon. -- playing. That any woman who comes school clinic. And does not the procedure. Because -- protesters outside. Point 5% of those women will never come back. They look here's something interesting dimension. Where he let his there have been any follow up on what kind of life the child hands. What is that the woman we can help. And did that folks there and maintain relationships. Over the years with those children. And with the with the family and that it is something happens inside their girls are when somebody Regis. Hopes -- wrote in she was actually made that decision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And only. Her relationship with the lord Jesus Christ. When they can step up till march oh. You're neighbors should we give in he personal forgiveness I know -- not delivered. But only god can he do that situation SEC -- do it as you walk around our our way affects a relationship. Many women -- that crooks and apple all promiscuity. Of the abortion I'm I don't get -- -- Brooklyn. Former run out of time I believe there was a protest at a doctor's house that neighbors complain do you think it's taken it too far. Well let me fascism and I -- so listens to -- that was a serial killer in your neighborhood. -- you -- know. -- would if. But it hurt but -- now on the and that's too simple argument because murder is against the law where abortion has been ruled to be. A legal procedure and that's where I think the key differences you make. In a blanket and and I elected either but it is a legal procedures Salina -- you do need. Mr. solely pursuant to this will blow. -- Certainly. In the art that was. Suppose and it is that it was. But some I suppose it decided that it was not okay. Which you have accepted that. So -- problem is now with the seven men and black robes your problem is the decision may. Internally -- Two years ago -- world. Are you should understand that sort of us but you. -- -- -- -- you and I don't think you can and look again I'm anti abortion but it's illegal procedure I don't think you can pick and choose when it comes to the the constitution and government where these seven men in -- -- or women who have whatever the composition was it was minutes' time had ruled. In your favor then you would say it's legitimate now you've seen in a legitimate because it didn't go your way. You're not out of opinions like on its server place -- -- and so on state. It would work out as he sent out of jail is that right. Both walked the walk and inflation to hold her own child. What's wrong with anything else. Why would drug alcohol problems you and it's it's okay we're going to kill it. We're in the -- she went here and compete and drive by who was blown away when. They have no concept of right -- world. Night as a pretty much longer. Are you anti death penalty. Would know about. Well you said shipment details. But -- about like she'll move. So we're on board. The ball good chances aren't there anymore. During the Olympics and so like most import with the zone that the value human life. -- credit crises I'm Whelan on the break but she -- called in. And you and you gave it your opinion I'm glad you did thank user. I'd open a phone lines now it's -- so late 7203866. 889087. With all due respect to the pastor. I think he's taken in choose and what parts of the Bible he wants a file -- of these pagan and Susan what parts. Of the constitution he once -- and a lot of you have some very passionate opinions about it let's go to Stephanie in -- he sent -- your under the W good morning. Hello. -- Obama. Is one to say current tour is concerned -- -- and -- -- happened to stop. Thank god. Either -- give -- life. Actor trying mean in the arteries narrow corner. -- had. Actually. The left corner and use -- well get used -- -- the actually used are going to be you know BGY and doctor. Who told -- on the day -- -- underground somebody twin. That he had been in the Eagles that they are -- possibilities active calmer deformed. And -- and -- raid. And actually gays and abortion partner's name to market. While saying that they decide they can't mean speak his mind totally fine. And they're not. -- -- -- Don't -- that -- but before -- at a time let me ask in this. Does that caring and after the baby is relative term and the Warner RD if you gonna stand there and change a woman's mind about him and an abortion. Do you have a responsibility at that point so hang on for the rest of the for the rest of it sounds like to nature and Hillary teen. Improperly close properly fed and neck and either be through your wallet. Individually or through the common model at the taxpayers. We need to constantly absolutely. Right and I am not shocked at full custody of his child because the mother in. General yes I. And we can write in my grandson who is now three years old. Alliance are our big picture up until and a public. -- would you split are likely would you split when you're giving your child with. The child of a woman who you talked out of heaven abortion if they need. When you're out there are some don't kill your baby rockets and if you don't want that job. If we were a child we have other people who. Absolutely take that job thank you we destiny we have now that we and now to back up these women to -- -- and through medical care. My brother did cheer to children and he went into an abortion clinic and gay people. That opportunity if you don't want your child. Up. I get to seven you are away late negated at about ten minutes -- you like five so. 855 time -- -- traffic will take more -- calls please hang on. His -- -- to -- the -- about operation save America. And the whole abortion issue.

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