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WWL>Topics>>7-21 9am Tommy, Abortion: for or against?

7-21 9am Tommy, Abortion: for or against?

Jul 21, 2014|

Local law enforcement gears up as “Operation Save America,” an abortion protest that’s drawing hundreds from all over the country, who’ll plead with those trying to enter clinics to change their mind. Are abortion protests like this a legitimate attempt to inform or a veiled tactic to intimidate? Tommy takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake WWL first news dollar it's Tommy Tucker WWL AMI famine dot com. And hot topic go on David about operation save America and we talked a pastor bill shanks and n.'s Stephanie held in. Just says Stephanie we found out that she was pastor bill shanks is daughter now so I think we've heard enough from the shanks no disrespect if you'd like to. Join in on this conversation would love to hear from it -- six 1878. Toll free 866889087. It text comes in town and I am a pastor. And this is my view one abortion rights of the law when people attempt to deny people the privilege of the law. They themselves violate the law those who threaten and harass women who are trying to do what is best for them. Two I'm against abortion with all my being but I respect the right of women. -- really make a choice and David and you can't get involved and yeah and it. You know we hear things about it you know I was able to you follow the children all the way through -- -- -- to make sure they'd been on the in anything in. And the answer is yes but I you know takes and had a massive record keeping in some kind of massive organization. -- not for the most part letting go when a child is born and it that your goal is the goal. To have a happy child or just to change a law that you don't think is right in and do one of the children that are pointing at a woman in Tampa had fifteen kids they expected the the government to give more help than they -- So many times have we do is show on food stamps a phone lines light up like crazy. Was all of the children and and that need help in in the parents can't take care minorities people -- heaven kids. Answering my question to you is if you're gonna go. Picket in front of an abortion. Clinic and prevent somebody or change their mind about having a procedure you at that point inheriting some of their responsibility to take care of that child that person because if you're -- -- you know. Its -- need and David you can get involved in this part where. You know it goes in them being helpless and millionaires and infant and go to a toddler and -- moving around and before you know it. He got a little person on your hands I wish -- do -- which and then as they get older you have an adult that you have a conversation with if your relationship is good. And I just wonder if you're willing to -- to stand in front of a clinic are you willing to make that commitment that it takes and I had a child very late my life because I wanna make sure that I can provide for him more -- or not Libya her before it happened. So it's not and it's not an easy. Situation now and somebody Cody did -- -- I shouldn't say this and I'm gonna are out some money -- been very nice complement sand and you pro life but you were very fair to the to the pastor and the only an insane is. I know abortion is killing a child. But in terms of pro life pro choice. I would say a it depends on what quality life the child is gonna hand. I think there are so many things. That. Go into play here that I don't think standing in on a street corner. Look NN did a -- at somebody you don't have enough time to make you don't have enough information to make that decision and the other thing I would say is that. Your commitment. In my opinion extends on. For that child to make sure that it has everything if you're gonna get involved -- shall has to be born and I think you gonna have to. X and you commitment to making sure that the child doesn't have a terrible life. And it just my opinion we'll see which he'll think it to six -- 1878. Toll free 8668890870. The only other thing animals say. Is I think for protesters to go to a doctor's home. Is completely and totally. Way off the chain way off the reservation now everyone is saying because the people that live next to these doctors. They don't have any -- that that's their neighborhood that's where they -- so why bring knowledge disruption. To them if you are acting in the in the way of Christ -- in the way of god or no way of religion -- would you screw somebody's neighborhood up. Where their day. When they have nothing to do -- this -- -- your neighbor does you know what every neighbor does. Specifically within the confines of that job I would hasn't I would hazard a guess -- down I'm done I'll listen you know Renee in -- him. In -- on W well. -- -- -- Our or actually next to be important. Actually brought up by street. This group was there are -- We had to call a -- Not only -- an auction. They were worried. We couldn't turn it on speaker down. And we're -- occur and we like all people. And pastor who went on radio. A little while ago. At me. They all your Bible and a look at. You don't. You know mapping out. Why do you believe. -- comment as to be able to work. Quiet. Have a job to do you are violating. Actually quiet in the off the building at eight. He then. We work harder. And all right. I want politely that you or Christian or you are so that I -- I want. What do you think in a case like that. Is at play here and do you think if if you're gonna get involved. And not -- into my getting involved disrupting your business -- business conditions on time about it you're gonna get involved. And here in your gonna do everything you can make sure this child is born. Do you have a responsibility beyond that either as. Again personally go on -- your wallet dollars in taxpayer and it's like well the child's mourns the mine's dad take care of and even if the parents or neglect full. And you know what. It. Its stock. At current or. End up paying about. Whether it. Directly or indirectly the taxpayers -- Well I get a text -- it says. Quality of life he'd rather have a baby died and have a poor quality of life you are in over your head you have no idea what you sound like you know exactly what -- sound like -- Mounting -- over my head because I don't think you can make a decision. That's gonna affect. The next eighteen years of your life. Where the next eighteen years of somebody else's life unless you're willing to actively get involved in that -- stay out of it that's all insane. Work and how it at that. And a moment. Ago. Here at the time. -- -- A protester it's not my responsibility. You're up early. Getting about eight. The problem the -- -- Don't you know they talk about being Christian. What she does. Nobody -- it right. And that problem brand that he held will be edited it. Thank you Nicole and dig in -- morning -- -- WL. Good lead going. On it stop torture -- In com. I would presume so it's a pastor so. OK commentary on our urban I'm not for abortion and I are here. Is not ideal that type efficiently coupled with depression. You know. We need to -- At this paint her as much for the fact. Every target people about what nick at -- OK I don't have to like teleport and what -- But we can call me all the people and help to -- it could petition that would benefit like -- experience of a child or -- the only. Shoot -- would it be acceptable to everybody. If see the end you were sitting there quietly the information was available if they wanted and -- sign next to say. -- -- you know. -- reasons why you childish should be born or something along those lines on descendants off the top of my head as opposed actively confronting someone. Ari and I expect that they pull. Obviously people can't see you. Could be an appointment -- -- in the do you think people think go to people congregation in the trigger all its -- light and -- He is extreme that it. It means that they actually that you'd think he does that took it. Shall give them -- accountable -- that -- think people are and it does so well. Well I think. The thing that I found interesting is that he said that she on the key elements and well. For the death penalty in these are there and I don't know thank you thank you Nicole I'm glad you called and there are no easy easy chances this at all believing and I don't pretend to be right at this at all and his town near. You know if you know for example that a child is going to be born with. You know sometimes it happens with a brain outside of its body and and you know I'm no doctor here but. You know there's basically you know basically going to be no quality of life at all for this child I think. I think that requires a lot of conversation. If you gotta do what's best from both parents there I think. I think my faith my own faith tells me that. That child's soul will be taken care of in the next life. And I guess -- very practical standpoint as it stands now it is illegal procedure. And I doubt unless the parents are independently wealthy they're going to be able to pay to keep this child alive for two weeks with no quality of life. So before you start talking about cut the budget or spending this is that -- the other thing. I think -- beginning in involved in the issue gonna have to be willing to pay whatever it takes. To make sure that the child has a decent quality of life if not. And I think Q not taken it through completely. Glenn -- quickly before we go to the break you're under the W morning. I'm not yeah I'll let him do it she acted to get through it right. Now my rights to our that you can have abortions Campbell fortunes -- none in my business. Yeah up happening to bring another child into the world that that he wanted to. Yeah I'll make a -- you know I mean to walk or -- tell you that right now EA yet from -- young woman out here having kids. It's a while there. You know corporate system and blown. It out of control. Yeah are you Jack kid didn't -- security act you know I did that and nobody want. You know to argue about -- good -- -- stepped -- the war. When one thing he gets me about his argument a text ends and as a so called Christian you should make a stand being completely pro life regardless of the social consequences stop writing the fans and being politically correct. And trying to be politically correct and on trying to express. How I really feel. And I don't think it's a situation where it's completely one side of the fence. Or not an animal of these sexy come -- where people judge you insane as the so called Christian as of this is of that. And that's a lot of problem that I have with organized religion because I think allotted times it's just an attempt. By one person a controller -- -- and that's why I said earlier my faith might not be your statement on beat. Tim and -- Jonathan manner that's just my faith and the way -- Well yeah they are and it is two point -- out -- god. -- -- -- Yeah all the let you know my lead had nothing to do that it should be army wanted to. You know I'm not gonna adopt the job that a lot -- Margaret Brennan debate beach bet she'll want one out. You know while we get to keep it. Mega -- now. Got let me -- you were at a time and let you call phone lines are jammed operation save America -- Is in town they're gonna be protesting an abortion clinics for a week at one point they went to a doctor's home. And disrupted the neighborhood and the fountain blue area I believe and -- you know on the neighbors in the pardon and a at all -- Metairie good morning here on debit WL thanks for holding. The moment that this sort of silly to me -- -- -- points and others wanted to be -- Typical -- fully appreciate the craft -- -- point or two victory one. Interest in the mean in the name might -- that -- Taylor and I abortion and you xmas they scroll. Got them in anesthesia. Only -- -- -- -- of them I wasn't trying to wanted to bring something else into that he ages said thou shalt not kill. And that's what made me ask about death penalty. But at that. Point he can't you can't in my -- and the you can not he and aren't you -- actually. Just to conduct signals you know and then at the same -- Tuesday. I'm -- -- -- but in the second they -- that they briefly is that you know we and they know it you know -- Like he used to tell -- you may have her own against that it currently it is. You know it's illegal procedure if the legal procedure in the United States. And so they're not the -- that it would disobedient again going to real strong and well. On the -- hole and and being disrespectful and and taken it a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know the other thing is and I'm not trying to. Denigrate anybody in a medical profession but you know -- -- a dot result is a business. LA -- right down to it and is gonna make some pro life people go off the chain. But I don't think -- if you wanna set up and a town square in protest I think you have a right -- of the right to disrupt somebody's business every day. -- Come up I'm on this may actually aria yeah I -- you know that I. And so. Personally and again I am. I am against abortion personally but a lot from. A vital in the constitutional standpoint -- legal procedure. And it will duck inside in Iraq here's my thing because tomorrow it might be. Cable it's the that's a Republican registrations. For the democratic registration placed. So since that -- is established nominate your face if you wanna go register be -- Democrat or Republican. Then we got -- that's when I'm sane and -- -- And he wanted actually to go. And I think good -- good topic and -- -- that you brought up to Madison avenue date Newton appreciate you -- to. A Derek in new loans -- -- you know and other WL thanks call. What's going on family on this and every -- that my first time caller I'm glad you -- -- absolutely and what the government then and I am. Very spiritual if you will and I think with the past that this thing in. You miss and is no point because. The -- -- -- -- -- first hello and that the success -- rival first two weeks. So if he's going to be Christian consider themselves that we he should XP in Greece to people instead of bringing Celeste horrible. And my other point is that if you move forward. If you gonna be for the death penalty. In one way and then -- against abortion and that contradicts. Our -- Q. So are people going to say there -- some -- Q and that's what you believe in special every that would repeal portions. The death penalty. And our personal references I mean it's pretty interest in therapy. Put. If he. If they continue to our guests. Approach. All their prediction. In the manner that is going like on people's neighborhood and all that kind of stuff. And that's you know you are gonna get hole -- support from without called -- normal -- Derek I'm so glad you called -- to call back more now will -- may your heart is being. Thank you to you and some money -- around plain and dozens and you and you. Beat each other up verbally -- and then somebody comes in and makes a comment and am want sound it's like now now you either in -- you're not you can't just pop in for a second. Do would you wonders they would you want and and leave and I think it's the same thing with this I think if you're gonna inject yourself in is somebody's life. And decide whether or not they have a child should -- have been prevented before that absolutely. But this is a situation we have that I don't think you can just. Get the woman to turn around and feel good about yourself because then at that point I think you have a hand. In that life. Because you know it's it's like a big puzzle we all interact with each other and and I would like to ask you that if you thing. That UA if you get a woman turn around if you're protesting outside and an abortion clinic. Or use then part of that child's life. And if you law learners should you be actively involved or just. Passively involved I guess when -- asked him. She used them as he's been on line no holds the longest. John -- Metairie hi Janice in -- and evidently about -- morning. Children app you want and are there and let you tell. Yet so -- -- work -- -- -- mark Bennett to protest the war in -- Nobody's ever got wrecked the topic is part to break in the law. -- -- -- people saying that there against the abortion personally. And it'll -- beer and express. And the home. I feel that our country today got a lot of people -- -- -- weekend -- stance -- -- and and I think the great thing that we can people stand up and finally because. You know in today's society everybody so passive. And social media nobody ever talks in the facing what it is also an Internet. So -- just are not happy that the quote that. You don't see people protect them on stupid like marijuana. So I mean accidentally or light trucks. I'm let me ask you this if you if you. As I said before you know we're all interconnected and if you interject yourself and you and you talked to this woman it's going into an abortion clinic and and after half an hour you finally convincing she has a child. The end any responsibility for what happens after that for the child even though maybe it's not financial. But morally if if the child grows up and kills somebody or if the child has a miserable life because of a debilitating disease. And suffers all of their life and I don't wanna get in to a in Gloria did that this child could be Hitler of the child could be. They cure aids and trying to get -- that produced -- your responsibility. Do you have a hand accounts like for -- Matt I tell you one thing. I've still wrong but check up on kids the wrong but called the odd time and you know out and applaud. Of course you figure out you know on on that family situations -- -- -- have a family picture anybody can help our. I mean most of the time people get some people get their report on secret you know the parents -- in an audit partner -- dynamic. And a lot of time for amicable and Alberta. I mean I wanna I wanna be trying to raise money -- the child but I would say. How how that -- on it. If there was an American you know Trotter -- Lead but fundamentally and philosophically you say you do had a hand in. Yeah and you will not a not a big not big and because you know it is Cha is. -- -- safe and legal guardianship -- who likes it -- adopt it would America aren't gonna start taken care debate that it stopped you know. You actually get to know the mother is you got to get. A personal relationship to an extent but -- -- -- yeah small -- child like if nobody nobody wanted to adopt the child would you. Well that's a hard decision and it -- you know that you want people -- economic Cotchery caught although -- app for in. If our country and -- and Central America I think I think somebody adopt the baby I think somebody would adopt the baby they always somebody looking. John is and I appreciate you thought process I'm glad you -- Are mad at the happy you two night. Amy good morning emea and on -- W -- thanks a collar. Good morning. I am out here. -- predicted and -- -- -- and Iraq where a large island today are contacting. And I why am -- -- and not welcome in my community. Either mean -- anger there Kara I mean our community. And air couldn't handle it and -- -- health care that they want an illegally and I don't yet. -- What is it has gone on in the background. I did. Not -- count learn. On a speaker. -- there are -- year battered cheating men -- -- -- being an ex writer. That they had that. They're not. Achieved. And being -- They have any comment. You are out here I'd support it. -- and we -- who are. -- to play and -- leave and eliminate the need acceptable and and I think it appalling that they have children here. And meet a bird. The people on the street -- And dramatizing. It. And that I am here iron. -- Like that supposedly. Marion and people -- -- Blocking people -- To. -- Yeah people opting out -- -- air. To block by. They are not allowed to block he can they are clearly. Time you. Move it to be handled -- under. Nor. What I think how. We. 8. 8. O'clock and yeah. Just to get accurate there was seven shootings -- I think it was seven shooting someone murdered just to be accurate. Seven I think and group at the -- caught. And -- -- and be out here you got there being an inner communities and certainly a welcome. I don't think that does your words not mine and I think about doesn't have to get tell me about the conflict -- the and you wanna call the confrontation interaction you had with that gentleman is now. Yeah there -- blocking the side wanted to tactics is try to you. Hand and prevent. Paint and I am coming in hand cranks. Seem -- it that it ought. And that is not comfortable in my continue to be locking people. Out there and continue blocking. And there not many years. Blocked the drive another tactic that they barely got out. Ahead. -- And Saturday when. Amp -- are there -- picnic. Com and -- and. That -- run at a time in eggs in one -- -- you seen any women try to cross the line and and actually go into the the doctor's office. Morning. The -- their air. Died Saturday when they were out there. 96 of them not you know there are children. There -- paid then that had to be equity in the clinic. Protected -- try to impede there entry into the clinic. There can't get to continue to tactic that he couldn't that are currently open after -- -- point where you leave here. Aren't here in part because the legislation. Passed. And this last. I want a rapper and you know ideal remaining 888. We took our go to the clinic in the entire state. And the governor trying. And behind. Me is the reason why he partner are here. -- 8 AM appreciate your colleague eighty allotted time but we got to run operation in save Americans in town of protests that. Abortion clinics and we're having a pretty thoughtful. Philosophical conversation and -- join us and -- real quick will we get back to the calls. On a lighter and load. Happy to when he fifth birthday to Helen's antennae the producer of everything around here without whom we. Probably -- to get the doggone thing turned on but can go congratulations. Happy Tony -- and ever this birthday Elin since -- So if you know we're giver call and teller happy 25. Again. Jackie -- -- high -- double WL Europe next thanks for holding. As a leader of the group. The majority of them. Are violating local state and federal law. -- hang on I I gotta say this. Those are Jackie's words not mine I don't know anything about any events. I think irregular -- either on an extra. It's separate state it that Greek army and died in -- -- -- -- are there are not even remember them and leaders have. -- to kill abortion provider -- had to -- abortion providers to. How anyone can do that in the name of god be -- me. -- -- these people and he. A I'm try here -- -- Q. A theory that. And it is -- -- -- an -- in her decision between the only state position. I think the federal. I think the thing that bothers me Jackie is that that you pretend to know enough about any thing. To have a three minute on a street interaction with somebody. And helped them or lowered the intimidator or in former what hand view. To interject yourself for three minutes this is gonna change on the out of people's lives from now on an accused seems. Logically and I -- matters of faith to some people -- -- always logical but it just defies logic to me thank you -- and ready cult quickly detainment in -- hates him. States. Thanks could -- -- -- I think that did that folks out there should attack the law and not the man on the woman. You know there's too much ad hominem going on that -- they -- one way and -- played fast and loose and all of your. Previous caller of the majority of have been correct and that's saying thing like today. Are you willing to invest eighteen years if you exit Tommy -- in Cologne. You can't just say -- over abortion. No matter how you feel horrible and not get an abortion and then drop the matter as they do. Tim -- let me jump in and and tell you how much I appreciate that -- is probably be less going at a time to -- because on the other side of it. You -- moments -- that decision for the rest of her life and that is a person that's not going to be born. So did did none of this is meant to be counseled in two or three minutes or decision made up specially by people who don't know enough about it. Right look -- look remember a couple of them from you know Campbell noted date if said. -- for the Christian ethic of anybody believe Bennett and they executed it actually lived it. Hypocrisy -- attribute MySpace to virtues. So you know I just wish people would be more thoughtful. There every case is individual you can't lump them together I'm sorry. Thank you demo lady called will be a good day thank you thanks to listen Harold try to squeeze a man -- come back some calls to 601878. Still free 866889087. And.

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