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7-21 6:10pm Sports Talk: NFC East

Jul 21, 2014|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to Les Bowen who covers the Philadelphia Eagles for the Philadelphia Daily News and Chris Russell, ESPN 980 Redskins Radio Network Insider about the NFC East this 2014 NFL season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right along our -- three of sports talk here on WL I am FM in dot com. The cajun cannon Bobby gave out Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia this all star breaking down the NFC east -- his body who called the NFC least. But less Bowen covering the Eagles for the Philadelphia. Daily news and of course Chip Kelly in year two. Nick folds now entrances starter and they added a couple of weapons to the -- Jordan Matthews. The wide receiver out of out of Vanderbilt and of course Darren Sproles. Added to the mix with the trade. With a New Orleans Saints right before the draft so. But you look -- -- you look at the Eagles likely. It depends but you know being a basic tasted the because they gonna score I think even going to be better offensively. Validity to defense this -- him. Look -- ran well against them in against the -- the we will double in the lineup could leave we've run block them. And now but it will be dominating him in their back yards so that that's. It's -- Tennessee oh what their defense -- Easily targeted from what I understand they target like the Saints two -- bird. And there we got it from what I understand Malcolm Jenkins was the the fall -- plan B -- -- -- the fall back guy went -- so that's a -- tell -- that they award. This TJ ward was also. Out there he was one of the other top safeties who have the Browns went in a Broncos right and yes India went from previously got in trouble yet he's he's done -- to a couple of altercations you know. China itself Bobby leading the the league in Jersey sales he surprised that. No because everyone. Is -- needs to on the younger generation. Of family people. -- mean. I think John immense though is must see TV. Who -- a wanna watch. A game that John Amos -- play night in Logan. In an Ellis each other -- twice in Cleveland and -- were really interested in Texas seen them. And John -- the ball come in the count people wanna watch that and obviously because he's so polarizing. Either you -- he'd missed -- I don't care if you're a football fan right. If you wanna see of falling in Tuesday's. Are when he does the money sign -- to lead. I -- live up to those expectations so no. John -- -- must see TV he would have been even more must see TV if you do with the Cowboys. That that have been like you know like wait to see that train wreck waiting to happen the reality TV all in one. But obviously that did not have a minority at circuit but -- part of as far as professional sports. Cleveland obviously the cities is the hot city. And John -- Al gets off. But a hot start depending on how the Cleveland Indians. Can do come August September and maybe even into October. Thing about that. And the Cavaliers LeBron James starting in November. Johnny football does anything hard to Cleveland Browns in general they have the defense. They do anything. That ticket price -- and to be their number really goes up in Cleveland. And yet people all of a sudden going to games including -- -- from there and and they get those road trips to see you know polarizing figures like John -- though and obviously LeBron jeans. I'll watch in. A football life on Cleveland Browns lost different as they moved over to Baltimore and that. -- -- kind of take their name you know it was really it was really instant watch Bill Belichick OK now Bill Belichick was the coach of the Browns time Eric Campbell and well -- one -- it won. Eleven gains when -- out here in Atlanta that's right but. Which is inching his first playoff victory was against the team that the Indians have coach in the two isn't but overall. Is overall is not successful in and with the -- noble. It was clear that Art Modell was the reason behind that he sabotaged because they are coming off. That that playoff year and then the next year they that's when Art Modell in the middle of the season but like eight. Eight teams left the ten games that he announces they're moving to Baltimore and it just became train wreck after that but today. But that year the Browns were predicted. To. Be used to walk me they were there are projected -- -- experts right ago and go for the personable Andre rise it was on that team. What blog yet and you look and is starving for a championship I mean any professional sport with fifty years ago back in 1964. -- leave. So -- and and and you know having. The -- and nation and Saints fans even a it is a north and you know considered kind of you know yankees so to speak -- They're blue collar. There are a lot like us and says I like pompous big lead markets -- and to cheer for Cleveland because there -- a lot like our fan -- very passionate the dog pound and all that but. If you look at Cleveland and the heart breaks -- from a football perspective. The drive John and I way to drive in him and earn his -- -- -- -- he had the fumble. That they were -- suitable they were better and chronicles you know that your. Red right 88 the drive in the in the fumble and fumble on four yard line yeah knows they should all lose our right to the phones in Oklahoma. Howry to a. I don't -- Glenn and Bobby. -- hero. They do appreciate you you're my hero you eat you get the web site you're pretty you know about quarterbacks have ever seen. And who I never used dictating -- and then you have beaten kicked the ball eighty yards. Would welcome applause 78 to be that the Huskies to attract. And keep reject that I've got a wire that. -- just gotten. In the. Now which one I divide -- No he played -- -- in he went to camp with the St. Louis Rams. Made it to the last cut. Made all the way in I played terrible -- flippers and now -- and nine. You know my data to my dad would see him play games and are going to -- saints' schedule wasn't any conflict ago. -- see him against the Colts he did well. They've play put a governor's cup in Missouri against the Chiefs he did well against the cheeses cynicism there the whole family and my brother Billy who lives in Houston. When ceiling as the Cowboys I did well that last game they'll play in the Ravens on Thursday night. And you know I talked to Jeff Fisher Paul Boudreau -- all saint Thomas to line coach. Who was the coach of the Rams and positive and as a good chance to make the team that it -- 78. On the -- then and I think -- -- but. He competed. With Tim borne -- now Tim boards -- a University of Missouri. In the starting an element of -- -- -- get back bigger hole on -- because we going to break because there's interest in -- competition. And how hard it is you know to make an NFL and Al defeatist or after debris. Let's go uncovering the Eagles love to start our breakdown of the NFC east as well this is sports talk on W well I quickly we'll get to LS Bonior the second -- body was wrapping up a story out. I was talking about -- about -- Muslim you know what happened let -- try to make the NFL anyway. So he's going into the last gain and and the individual to beat him -- I was Tim Boras normally keep high and then you that this guy you know -- -- begin. You know I talked to Jeff Fisher and you're right there. You know to make the team in 2000 of that thing is I can really play. And I think you know when you look at about the pass block in the NFL team -- had an edge on him as far as run block and everyone has NFL on time pass rushers. So you know I went on a -- user's guide him boards and I'm like still kind of not take on the team bobbled. His disappointment -- a look at opportunity. -- where did you go in the real world. -- you make your team in in -- start out of college you make important thousand dollars you double again not a great start so. You know that's what I'm just looking at and then along below this guy Tim -- Right quake. The guy ahead of him with Scott Wells. They had paid Scott Wells the Rams like eighteen million guaranteed from the Packers was Scott Wells I think he broke his alarming is the Cardinals. So that we reported Saints what Tim boards is starting. So Tim boards now goals from the Cardinals. In the -- his first Carty and he was his second start. They're playing against the Saints -- animal wise is guy in Cuba told me you know you'd play -- today what. Campbell -- got the best of a team Hixon was a team makes his worst game last year when the Rams were analysts think it became that only like one tackle. And -- boards with the it's -- that I told you dollars and while does that give you have benefited -- you and they got to be jock complacent and. Now I've gotten 4000 dollar base salary but it did get a 500. Dollar signing goes with the Rams and helped him and then all of them -- Bowen. Covering the Philadelphia Eagles for the Philadelphia. Daily news joining is now less how aria. It we're good we're trying to get back on track here in patella quick T Bob's story Hank was our Glenn was actually asking about -- about Lou's act whose. My have like -- on double coverage three of who -- the anyway. Less of getting through the Eagles here what are the expectations in year two of chip Kelly's team. You know the expectations are continued -- Cochran I don't think anybody like you know lining the parade route is deplorable just yet but. You know they won the AFC east last year in chip's first year Nicole went to the Pro Bowl and -- I think if -- real. They're still the best team -- and they have the top out of division schedule but I. You know he -- written but my match her what happens out of division. Yeah expectations are high are -- people wanna get back playoff game. Now Lance from an outsider looking in and now it's the the team is is gonna progress offensively. In Chip Kelly I've bought into diving Darren Sproles as. A lot analysts say a lot -- -- the thing about having Sproles will have a great season ending and which Jim Kelly's system I still think. Sold gold -- studying -- -- -- you know get things and so those Eagles is how well their defense. Is better. Good point you know -- in the big. -- not. Know what the I regarded Marlins. At that it whispering back having gotten better and why they thought that was so important that it really. Like they've lacked leadership on the back and that electing lack. Guys -- call the signals and you know know what everybody -- and tackle. They had Patrick chew on the spot at that now you're gonna play this year and -- at the top -- really did. Especially in the playoff game in saint. So you know I had not taken note never live up to worry distracted I think. I think they beat him at the -- there there -- you know that fit into what they -- do that it -- You know we don't know yet you haven't played obviously but I bet that their idea. You know and a less along those lines and I think Malcolm was good but like you said never -- great live up that it first round billing mailed the first round and and England Rob Ryan the Saints looked at. And they look at how can you be more disruptive. As far as you know -- hands and a ball not only -- how to pass defended and interception and when you look it. Like huge errors burden they got in the bills compared to Malcolm Jenkins right is like three don't want and I've bored of one rants it's like cars down a lot of coverage. Over three seasons Malcolm twelve. Byrd three interceptions Malcolm three Jerry's -- twelve missed tackles a lot of times Malcolm would be in position. To make the tackle the right call but a coordinator. He had 45 missed tackles and three season bird fifteenth I think that's when Saints fans are optimistic. When -- look at Roman -- managing isn't a green obviously would King David Carroll. And Harrisburg that did it so much and I think they're probably dislike more and blame Roman Harper more distressing covers a Malcolm Jenkins. But never heard a difference maker the big -- tennis ball -- Darren Sharper it would all those takeaways. That's been to a boy yeah I think and that's kind of why they optimistic he cited. Compared to now when Malcolm with the Eagles. I can understand that certainly in a lot of fans here would be black Jerry Byrd you know you never know when I'm agent at certain. Into certain teams I don't really know how all of the Eagles didn't for whatever reason try to get chair. I know. They feel their system in what they needed was to guide it away. And I corner and safety a little in India move around and I don't know maybe that you thought Garrett -- There's more of -- I don't know -- Yeah it certainly. It was an interesting. Dynamic with with them Puerto. Here and an -- being equally. Ardent about going after Malcolm who would be discarded paper here. Now that's when you look at truly elite players and not come up Robles would kind of like all pro caliber -- caliber you know we talk about when he's healthy. How Jahri Evans and Eric -- on the exhibit two dominant guards. And then obviously to perception Drew Brees Jimmy Graham or elite players that's one area like England called article. But look at it may be this -- the team as far as at the highest level the Eagles all of its -- line in a couple of openers they have their. Yet it happened -- line. Good year last year after terrible year you're war most of caught by injuries. They were really -- and really lucky. All their starters started every game. We know that's not going to be eight this year between Johnson already. Reported -- -- adamant and now he's going to be suspended four games for a sub abuse violation. They have you know Dayton Peters is brutal attack or anywhere. I think Kevin Matt that this does at the commas ago that -- period anywhere for opting rallied for awhile. And you will help you really. At athletic center who can get to the second level on running plays. We thought that inside zone play they like to run in. That's that -- he's not like a massive center yet trouble sometimes they may tackle but he's a very good -- -- what they want it. And he's Smart -- leader is important. In India -- apparently content I've been around forever -- -- dependable and and playing the -- overall pick in the trap and I don't know how does that tension is an effective development. You know it's not good. And now less looking at their backfield and and how coach Jim Kelly's gonna utilize those players that you -- by committee even as great as shady McCoy is. The fans got to be excited. Only have a weapon like Darren Sproles -- me still to me still runs. -- like a twenty year old as far as his quickness are the Eagles fans excited -- was Darren Sproles could do. I think they are well aware of -- age. But. It was the Pistons were you guys now. There was a lot of talk when you do when they signed their roles and even at the end up a meeting in March for Chip Kelly about. Using him as a receiver and and platinum in the slot. Apparently it didn't like. Of all the sudden we got. -- Mini camp they like -- -- primarily running back we were there when you look at some patent but -- -- -- You know and I wondered. Probably in their bitter beer -- it like we thought. What he's not a receiver -- a pass receiving running back he can even run a lot of tackles. I think I think -- immediate aftermath of the Eagles released and -- Jack. People want your role as one of it in the -- Got -- ameliorate that -- and you know I can guarantee that I don't like. But you know. I think that it certainly don't get. You know. I'm not touched it overall and we'll just see how he develops as far as how many of them are. Our. Rushing on me and other development and you can still in the return game they've not been very good. Less mowing covering the Eagles for the Philadelphia Daily News things -- -- for the time great stuff. -- Let me -- are looking up on the all -- with. Updated on the unit that well well he starts thirty years later -- -- -- he had won -- championship there but these guys that these -- remember. Well -- got a little bit all over the Internet -- later today he's fast the body reacts to look at is largely you know guys are you path across on the road. Coach -- with the Philadelphia stars. Playing in their first championship game in Philadelphia name became Baltimore on they -- every championship so I'm mr. imaging now. The news headlines at the news headlines with a demands a thanks -- I'll go back to sports talk. 260187. It's -- -- 866889087. In the Saints -- training camp on Thursday. Of Greenbrier west Virginia's Debbie to -- well late 7 AM and one of five point three FM you're home for the Saints and training camp while although the latest breakdown from coach Sean Payton -- Drew Brees says Jimmy Graham Rob Ryan. And it happens at -- -- resident pros Bobby there and -- guys on 2601878. -- 386689087. In. What is your number one Parise is Saints training camp concern is at the center position battle. Cornerback battle Gerris Byrd's health and availability or other. The center position battles we Jonathan Goodwin. And Tim will Lido who'll win that job. The Saints -- a great position. Either way if Tim Alito. Is of winning that job -- great versatility and depth and John Goodwin. To work when you're guards gets injured and Ben Grubbs or Jahri Evans these slide Tim -- go to guard and he had a great a great veteran presence that come in. Pretty much seamlessly Bobby. -- given come in right away and start for you if you if you suffer some injuries or. If John -- wins the Toledo ultimately become the swing guy write a play either either guard position should you current injury there. It's a win win situation. And John -- bingo and is much more than it insurance policy. I mean has to living here is something that in the thing at the Saints went abroad Ramon board and -- Gaming opportunities because they like him and anything that you can play now would you really would want. Even though you have John and bingo and would you really want is timlin lethal to win the job because he's younger obviously you want him to win the job. And even though he won the job he's still to me would be the main back of -- guard -- -- Is stunning ever habit of being grow as a Jahri Evans. -- being the it would slip. Tim the lead to wanted to guard the Purdue and its inner vs let's say John -- -- go wind is starting. And wanted to guards get hurt Dylan lead the physicals and running galore yet is that one of same and I think that swing guy is that lead so John Dingell and is this dinner. Our our back -- singer yeah. He's not -- lead to has that more flexibility he just. Chris and have the look of look on the roster right great because I don't. Size is the perception of Ito just seems. Bigger than John I think go in is that a correct they needing a make him there as far as our our -- what did you take when you seem in the locker was partner's side I think they're. But it's. And one I mean about one and one when it comes at the publicize I don't know the official listings have I'm over John Goodwin. Brian -- what day it was was a much smaller lighter senator John -- And Toledo they will. You pointed out we've talked about it in their heyday I mean in when they were women when they want it's horrible 2009. They had good when -- -- -- has two big old guard yet had the best guards we have we talking about Carl Nicks and -- visiting get any better I think he wanted to go back to that size I. -- to change into Washington DC for the Redskins and Chris Russell ESPN 980 Redskins radio network insider joining us now how they've taken to Jay gruden out there -- a coach Chris. Well first goal of getting data I've got to step -- 00 with a real football stage and good football minds we're talking interior offense well. And back up offensive -- that to -- you know. I'm happy that your that you don't. So that's that's good to hear from my perspective for whatever that. I mean you guys but it. You know as part Jay gruden lessons at the honeymoon right now I'll write you a couple months ago. You know you have a lot to plug your -- and late at night. A year you know. Every everybody's relaxed everybody's feeling good. I guess they lost yet. I mean they haven't suffered any adversity whatsoever. Nobody's been rested. No only one player. Got suspended. And quite honestly that was the player that whole full four. But who's already been suspended -- three different -- so you can't say you're super -- were expecting him. To be in major contributor so until I see. Three losses in a row even two losses that were on a short week nerves or for the quarterback's not played well. The assault from the media and the fan base is going pretty out and out. That's what I'll find out how they're taking to Jaipur. Can RG three returned to the -- Tony twelve yet today Chris Ozzie looked in practice when the price might go TH job and able to witness. -- that the bad part is this is all placement at all and Bobby you know this is quarterback means. You know in your ball placement is one part of it. But it is a very important part of it because if you're not. We leading receiver right to twist and turn and try to -- all over and over it back shoulder behind it. You know it's an expo and and it's also going to lead to broken plays and potentially turnovers that's one thing that I have not seen the Robert Duke it out yet in any of the practices we were able to see now we start. Thursday in -- what we can see him every day. He does look much more spry certainly the principal he looks kind of like the the -- -- in the third that you all saw in its first regular season game in New Orleans. In 2000. And you've got to remember you did you know that day so. -- identity take that next step with a passer he often compare himself to say. Drew Brees went through in San Diego not that he is injured reduced outward but. That takes a while to look good -- pocket passing quarterback. And to be comfortable with all the different things that they ask you to do it this -- at this rate of speed he's not there he knows that. Now are Chris you look at -- supporting you got to say. A lot of sometimes you it's a great individual play but not team defense. Were you surprised that and coach has that what was -- a run that defense. You know I think I would -- when you surprised I think Jim blues surprise that matter fact I was with them. The morning that might change and what speier and -- -- he wants -- And you and you guys know that Jim -- you know eat a lot of you know -- -- there's not a lot. Other than -- -- -- there and enjoy while he was gone and he was telling players that he was telling me that and other members of the media we all ought. And then they decided to keep them. Because they realized that engine and you know it -- the first Allen Indians starter -- You know what even potentially consider you know it they couldn't get the right head coach. To be. Beat the eventual cheer of course didn't happen but the main thing that she was able to convince -- -- and -- -- Was that Mike Shanahan basically and dropped in for four years and built that to be true. To what degree by talking to a lot of players. Chipped it over saturated it a little bit -- a football coach and I think you get some talent and I think to take the -- saw. And I think you'll see a top twelve top thirteen defense. Well that that would be our great general for the Redskins and now are Chris wooden and novel always been a fan of him as as far as leadership. London Fletcher when he was able to accomplish here in your -- kind of speaks for itself his dominance. And how active he was where they had right now as far as in the middle and and that leadership that he provide. And he really -- plate really dramatically dropped ball and he couldn't cover tight ends down the scene not many. Guy that fired a weapon and shoot thirty thought 240. -- that Jimmy Graham Rob Gronkowski -- even the Redskins happened Jordan Reed tight but I -- at the different game. You know then that year yeah. Opera as we -- know so they yet. You know they were giving up one. They're four leadership but when one started to you missed tackles. Against the world on and his one and take the wrong angles. Combined with the pass deficiency that just caught up with him. I thought it either side and obviously is Bobby -- not. And it was the right decision. Keenan Robinson if he can stay healthy a former fourth round pick out of Texas who's been for quite honestly the last year and -- -- -- salute stolen from a physical. Perspective. He can one -- on the scene with the money he's six career so export. He can run like -- the year. The question is is. In ago he can call the plays that the Mike didn't offseason work out. The coaches rave about him if he can stay healthy and again or not played in -- bowl game since Thanksgiving Day 2000 well. Immediately help the easiest -- aren't quite honestly think that the talent upgrade. Now Chris obviously when every team opening up cam eagle on a training camp we even know Wednesday to go to a West Virginia. And now who knows like maybe we cross paths over the next three seasons with the Saints can be of their maybe a glorified scrimmage with the with the Redskins but. And look we we take another trip to Portland that. If we can control that hit my. But of a Christmas that being said you know when you've gone to training camp -- you don't want any distractions. But I would think everything would anything come about as far as the Redskins the mascot mogul and cards is that the name in general what they'd be protesters are you think this thing that's not to be brought -- a -- in training. I don't think it'll be issued during training camp. But clearly everywhere we go on the road there's always a small pocket. Up protesters and I don't remember that was the case into Portland and of course the -- issue wasn't really you know on the on the court but. Last year what are you small pocket in Minneapolis remember. You know protesters clearly has been a lot of talk about it. Over the -- days and I'm sure as well where I'm you know quite honestly. I got -- up some football guy I'm not all politicians. I wanna -- -- -- people talk football cricket he opera slow ball at all I care about the -- all. -- -- care about people in the locker room a teacher organization as a whole. I understand that that are. Offended and the right to be offended I. Personally I'm not offended by you know I wouldn't advocate of -- change -- name. That they changed and it would not bother me one bit I understand how important political correctness does. But the bottom line answer is pretty -- wind and do the right. On the football field I do you think it'll well some of this. I'd get dysfunction from the -- Yeah well Chris right now they defend missiles star for the Redskins to win. Again go back to be called the Washington bullets in the would have great support. Yeah no doubt about that and -- actually. You know bring up the from the NBA perspective I mean you know there's a change your name of protecting years -- like that are that the current crop in the city. Our body on everybody but there was strong movement. And the -- that we don't just bought the team to change it back in the right to. Change your -- back to your name now people are and -- -- -- the term Redskins. And Shaq. A large amount of people that and they were split decision on the people that all our. Allegedly. Standard or Eric in the -- -- group and that just not the trademark -- and the couple weeks ago guys. I have no problem thinking this could be wrong I don't think it will be held what it is Superior Court Judge gets it and. Chris Russell ESPN -- Redskins radio network insider things about from time this is sports talk on W did well I am at the WB well I count -- about the sports talk -- down a top ten plays of the -- thirteenth season how does any bigger than this one week one. It was -- things for the right -- -- Recent dominance over the formation run Jason Smith looks back -- throws a wobbly pass into the it's definitely think it's typical. Time. Won't barber. Roman Harper come early interception and of course either of us set the tone for the Saints season the defense and in the senate allele and a Falcons got a good receiving this year. I'm telling no we're on the road is hard to win on the road no I mean usually have a special season out single though is that over abused our own one. But me and look on the Sean Payton. In on his regime. When they've gotten off to a great start the results. You know nothing being -- -- would visit to pull one counted the UN FC sell. On the Falcons on -- just shows you truly isn't an old cliche game of inches. Off on that third down. Path the -- of the plate to me. You know we're called the saint Stephen Jackson usually reliable draw drops the pass. In any and you know you drop the reception of -- even running back we all know probably play for the Rams. That pass and and adding Matt Bryant slightly kudos ball behind. I can recall toning it down thinking David Carroll -- -- in -- in life and Raleigh came -- with the -- she likes every place the Calcutta came off his man it was two receivers close right vicinity came off his man. And I mean just got a thing and yet so and in -- well obviously we expecting big things again this season -- America was outstanding. And I tell you that Louis based on his first year. I think Kenny for Carroll not only. Will be a probable type player but I think virtually all pro player kind of like is compile a dream who's from University of Texas Earl Thomas. With the Seahawks and what he's -- He's not even -- Christian -- Regis joining us according to the league transaction report -- to pleased nose tackle John Jenkins and linebacker Chad who's who moved. On the PUP list physically unable to perform list now player can be removed. From that was there any point during training camp prior week one so. In addition the Saints know waived defensive lineman Moses -- this is sports talk. On WB well enough of an aka I go to next hour continue previewing the NFC east got a check in. On the Giants and the Cowboys. Clarence hill covering the Cowboys for the four star telegram and that Conner wore. Giants beat writer for the star ledger coming up next -- also. Continued when our top ten plays -- 2013. For the New Orleans Saints is we're just three days away technically be count today three days away from a players reported to training camp on Thursday in the field for the first practice. On Friday along with a cajun cannon Bobby down Kristian -- sports thought rolls on.