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7-21 7:10pm Sports Talk: NFC East

Jul 21, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Giants Beat Writer for the Star-Ledger about the NFC East.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I rock and roll here the cajun cannon Bobby there aren't crushing -- in four Deke Bellavia on sports talk full lines one of 48260187. He told three. 866 and 89087. About it we haven't mentioned yet Rory McIlroy taken on the British Open. And Indiana -- -- around on Saturday. Yeah he used in poor round early on. And then on what on Friday and Saturday really really dominated in. Tiger Woods and LA and turning in his worst. His worst performance in a in a major ever. Well. And the thing is that will tiger ever win another major. The question you look at Rory McGraw where he's at right now could he be that thorn in the side. When tiger is trying to overtake. Jack Nicklaus now what has been six and after years. Yeah the Tigers won a major bullet you know looking at tiger first. -- his playing -- -- what is second time believes it's his back surgery in March. In here and miss the cut at the congressional three weeks ago. But that tiger basically said. -- still just you know playing -- made too many mistakes here instead and you Kaman a high scores and if I expect ticket in especially you know that's a strive for. When when the conditions -- like this. You know -- scores at three on the par or better in obvious he said I certainly was nowhere near that so very frustrating for Tiger Woods but you look at. -- Rory McIlroy. You have to say. That that kind of interest in there when you look at his lead in how dominant he was. Was he gonna fall apart was he -- stumble. Kind of like you know you reflect back in 2011. You know when he led the masses after each of the first three rounds. Before and a devastating. Final round of eighty. -- -- You know you'd like I just -- -- the -- laughs yeah and then but you look at it how you handle adversity. And how they read he rebounded from that disappointment. From that performance a two months later. In the US open at the congressional. He man again a dominant performance after 89 only eighteen to 36 it 54 holes. And the slam the door shut and -- first major title. And so. You know if it is then if you look well aware of where McIlroy is that. Was like I don't know that time freedom try to reflect back goes to a three weeks ago maybe even a month. You know everything is like social what you how you socialize is also he broke -- his girlfriend. And he said to be a better golfer. How -- of my girlfriend. And focus on golf. So I think his performers and I blame and his girlfriend you've got to say. Is is better you can have a girlfriend down the road maybe our QB judge order of who we're meant to be we'll get together. Later but right now I'll out of Lincoln had done that it yet but he just basically said no this and it's affected my golf game. Now I know wise to women don't like to hear that. That is you know and weaken legs -- you look behind every good -- -- man -- is always a great woman you know that yet that is saying so. Of -- in his case. He was like no and I I had -- with the golf she got to go. And then to have the British Open now the call of the open and he dominates. I mean is are hard to argue. That mindset in what is it with the comets now was Anderson also. When you look at Rory McIlroy who and where they had. You know the open I still called the British Open but it it is opened the because rumors over the advantages Saints. That that's what you want to believe but. Then I thought this is interest in and they -- that the key stats you know look at all that it was a 143. British Open had a royal Liverpool golf club. Is that Hank the second oldest coarsening in his -- and eight and 69 -- -- a recent history seven of the last. Ten major champions. Were ranked in the top 21 in the world ranking so you look at that and and you also look at. This is no -- the last three open champions. -- more all of their forties. Now he's eating like not think Tom Watson he almost -- and look -- was but you look at film of the city's 43. Ernie Els 42 Darren Clarke was 42 they were all there. Parties -- the first time a major as that three straight winners of forty or older. So obviously that is now broken as a Rory McIlroy I ever really. Does god that big lead in -- given up and innuendo -- is CP if you were to happen now silly because what happened in the masses back in 2011. -- it just makes you wonder though with each major with each with each. Event that Tiger Woods. Plays and he got wander a as is the sand in the hourglass drawn out on Tiger Woods I still being. I would have thought for sure before. But I still would think I don't know if he's gonna pass them up. But he's still -- -- he's gonna win one. Before alls said and when you at the end odds got to have that the only thing. Grounding the field no longer is intimidated. -- by tiger and end up becoming young -- golfers are even. Better. Mean you look at the competition even mentioned that what he's facing so that'll be -- -- -- going forward. Because you look at -- Rory McIlroy. A young stud golfer. And in and competing with tiger and you know what comes about. -- that does get in the Tigers and is that a tiger always getting in that other golfers willing Covington says tiger won five out of sixteen tournaments last year well. You're on sports talk. Tiger was more than a year lecture on the -- -- about golf from the PGA tour last year you know I didn't want a manager. Well that's what that is good Woody's gonna blow judgment but well you know that he's going to be judged by. Of the majors and and he's even you don't usefulness on that and you know he -- the past so. Because he has played enough money and you know you -- these tournaments but that that's why I mean do you think -- pass and Jack Nicklaus -- -- compose something is gonna win more majors whether he would or more yeah these kids are good -- not only did it you know. They are really. Starting off 36 -- technical on lap yeah 140. Yeah -- all it does say -- 36 there on that 37. Lucas. I don't well -- want more yes yes RR I mean -- I mean I agree -- -- yeah yeah I agree with you if these LB. If he'll win another one now. -- went for like you said that's interesting that you have to wait that. He's -- can about me Vera Kristian -- coming up next -- or Giants beat writer for the star ledger. Breaking down. The G men as we preview the NFC east as the teams open training camp this week. Football season right around the core of folks is sports talk on WW well. Continuing to preview the NFC east here on sports talk as teams report around the National Football League this week for training camp -- fourteen. And joining us now Connor or Giants beat writer. For the star ledger and tiring your estimation in covering this team where do the Giants stack up in his in this east. Fruit cup we're thinking about actually -- -- -- -- argument here in the land and. They'll personalize. You know one -- -- injuries could really put them -- -- most talented team in the division right now I mean if you look at the major upgrades they've made that off speed and -- quarterback position that. I actually think that we are a lot of spots to in the you know their offensive line and that clearly better -- is deeper now are they right now. You know I wouldn't put them anymore talented -- -- music Cowboys. Oh Warner or equal to this point. Now -- forgot who did the pole. You know look at and coaches around the NFL -- coach Belichick -- launch on paying -- -- two. I'm Tom Coughlin a number of five as a B Willis said. Maybe Agassi -- -- are talking to a sporting news and Obama -- -- that perception as far as. Of the Giants fan and you look OK who's on the hot seat and who's not who's -- that pressure I know obviously winning. But to -- Bulls logo what is your take as far as what may -- Giants fan might perceive a coach Coughlin right now. Think the league this year precede them you know I think he might have -- that. A little while on that list because if you look at how last year shipped out when you start -- next. I mean there. They have ever seen a lot of action -- won one Super Bowl probably you know there's currently no nation -- And talk about them -- with that -- being playoff contention and I think that really speaks to. Didn't ability and the fact that -- still resonates and you know they're very thing that. You know at the end of the contract directly attribute to the coach and I think that you know is willing at the Nazi league in coordinator. Trying to get that from a long time. That might not -- -- Actually beat her progress that you wouldn't you know I don't think that. The Giants -- necessarily look at it in the actually -- -- until they actually read that. Now -- Look in Louisiana we Cuba when players wherever they play whether it's you know college or professionally. You're looking Eli Manning obviously that Louisiana connection even going back to high school and human eyes when hell go back in junior. The receiver on L issued with the same high schoolers Eli how impressive moralis though they'll Beckham junior looked in the OTAs and a mini -- Cup just because you know he did and stringing issue that started camp with the Giants being very very. Cautious just because of the speed oriented players. Those guys didn't get more experience than -- have been really afterward and and entitled limiting our action will be treated -- -- eagle on a decade at. Eaton is just something -- off the charts and if you can coupled with the you know I mean I think you're out you're gonna have to know what they are up there and. Knack -- -- who comfort that the more guys like Randall -- round out there and I think it's different kind of eager to. You know so now -- work out culture into the tree line and. Visiting -- or Giants beat writer for the star ledger breaking down. The G men and the NFC east in cart don't go back at Tom Coughlin for a minute. I was watching a special on him not too long ago that he basically. Did a one AD in terms of his his relationship with the media he's much more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And talk them take their feedback on things. That was back in 2006. You know that you don't think there and certainly really kinda. You know come and coming close and -- you know back before you won that first Super Bowl. An annual thing for different that she look at kind of how he's been able to change in mean. Give credit in an old school early. And then he certainly -- and it -- -- -- -- Now Connor when you look at. NFC's what is your perception obviously I went to Longo of NFC west. Was NFC worst and and you look -- competitive top to bottom. They are and how tough analysts say the fourth team in -- division the Rams York. It would Jeff Fisher but then now you look at the NFC's. The Buchanan joked you know in NC a -- So -- what is your take I mean Timmy is kind of why nobody ability Eagles resident in -- in the playoffs that. I'd say the Cowboys they did a big kid defensively. Who knows who's gonna have a -- between the Redskins but do you perceive that. As still kind of wide open Giants and Eagles Redskins or maybe even -- Actually and then I don't think that I don't think that the level talent is -- -- in there and yet he's that and the work in the past and that's why I think. You know its future Tom Coughlin and hear anybody else that nineteen year we think new. Nobody really Brantley at the division at least pulled Seattle. -- until that person out and make them competitive for the next five or six years. Clark and that's optimism because like that nobody's running away with that -- -- -- new car or Giants beat writer for the star ledger in a -- How is the transition going to on the West Coast system that they're employing with the offensive coordinator and housing Eli Manning taking too. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can really -- that would change. That Nadal and which can hurt you know it means you played football or those like learning new language. And -- -- You know the characters in the game but now it's just did it -- in the new language and I think that. That there something you need to get better accurate short passes are kind of idol apart but. That's what any quarterbacks I think you know. And that he certainly taken seriously he wants another run to play. Carl or things about sort of time Giants beat writer for the star ledger. -- -- -- take care -- Of course the so Bobby if yet the NFC west which is the NFC best if you -- that yes I say so I don't anybody you know the NFC at least. Right in the NFC's stool would be the NFC south. -- he's now no doubt this is. -- -- -- -- -- There's a no doubt we we in the hunt with -- death so you know that's they had no doubt the now Kitna so we got to break it down NFC's Albers is NFC north yet so you look at there. -- the Packers got we almost like that mirror images and I think we better defensively. But to varying schools of office and now be very entertaining game in -- wide and -- being -- so you look at the Packers. You look at the Vikings that was mourning the Vikings last year compared to a year for -- -- The Bears. Like an ascending team -- the Lions the Lions very explosive what is their second there was are divas can do. So you look top to bottom. I think you look at the and his team are the NFC south obviously depending and I think cavity will be better I would Lovie Smith but. You look at how the -- got embarrassed last year. Consider an expectation is a lot like the Houston Texans Super Bowl or -- will definitely bugs. And you -- Carolina was that. That that you almost. Because because especially the Packers. And having the Bears come and all of that double digit winning season so you might -- the calling. As far as who's behind top to bottom. Behind NFC west. We're Samuel might say in FC west in FC south and NFC north and obviously. The east being in last Marty might flip it and put. And NFC. West. Would be NFC north second with the NFC south right there with them and implement their views and so and didn't really very competitive. But I still being the top two teams. Are in the NFC -- as -- being the 49ers. And the Seahawks. I -- home field advantage. I definitely makes a difference if you having to play though those teams of those two teams in a meaningful game. Breaking down a top ten plays at -- thirteenth season this one happening in week one historical catch by Marcus Colston. Threes in the shotgun. Looks over the Falcons defense that appointed points up on assignment stance on the greens. Green stepping up and throws downfield for -- -- yeah. And 533. Career catch for Marcus Colston need to -- Seventh round pick in 2006. That. Was a longshot to make the roster. Now leave the franchise in catches in and it's -- well only the second time his career he did not. Go over the 1000 yard mark last year didn't he was over 900 yards yet especially in his. All I think that's why. You know would be paying him and -- -- in this thing it's that no he is their number one leader. Both kind of on and all of the field and locker room in the meeting room if you look at 75 catches. Anytime you over seventy considering Drew Brees spreads in a realm. Like you said right then that thousand yard lines of 4312 and have averaged. You know five touchdowns and locals and definitely still hasn't left and I think I did today it is when you look at -- QB receiver combinations. Drew Brees in him is one of the best and here's an NFL. When you look at their tires -- production and numbers in Colston. Would be in the conversation. -- probably the best receivers to never make a Pro Bowl and you know you look at all of the top. Receivers as far as. Numbers reception yardage but his numbers of against Chad Johnson. In -- she really truly follow football. A lot of little Marcus Colston is. I mean then in this down I guess at the best receiver. I think in the NFL and maybe in in history in that conversation of the shore but to never make approval another big plays -- that saints' defense and -- twelve in Chicago. -- calling for the football and he's gonna be kicked around and second behind ball comes -- and it's picked up Mike Cameron Jordan Jenkins with the sack. Cutler with a fumble Jordan with the return down to around a five yard line. Think cam Jordan have a strong words this week with the NFL total access saying hey this is the year I get the super ball. Pretty are at Super Bowl ring something along those lines. -- but meant what do you think it and we your player when your -- is. In years. Yeah I mean today. -- 11 -- all of a sublime -- of tackles especially saying that silly because you know again it's that those -- misstatements you know the opponent. You know him. You know bulletin board material where I'm aware of their attack and I'm -- You know shall -- Boston means so many open looks doable but when you look at it. Lead -- NFL network's total access. The question was act is this things is this the year to -- retake the NFC's style. You know there's obviously a Carolina ago wild card Annie -- basically said no this is the year I get a Super Bowl. So we just saying no who we won the NFC salvo -- trying to. -- -- you wanna win NFC south and get that Nolan seemed to know who and -- -- -- I don't have a probably -- joint disease put. The skins on the wall so to speak and live up today at a number one billing when he was drafted in the first round. And accommodation of him when you look at junior they'll let. You army said it before. Not only -- to have twelve sacks or more was junior collecting -- George. Checking in on the most consistent team Indiana and are in the National Football League next Mexican system I mean. Consistently at 500 in the Dallas Cowboys Clarence hill. From the a four star telegram will break down the boys coming up next sports talk on W. I welcome back to sports thought we'll check it McLaren so targets of Oakland's Joseph covering the Cowboys for the four. Fort Worth star telegram and Bobby going back to Cameron Jordan. What he said. Tales really an NFL network yet NFL network to a -- says he's pretty honest and street -- that Angela Davis and aspires to that nation when they hear him say. It doesn't matter about the Carolina Panthers on Atlanta -- has started Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- matters. Is about what we do in house. How we get back to our standard of excellence. That's what were doing and that's what we're always striving for two -- syllable. That's where we should be this year and and they continued in -- you -- like instead -- reporter break is this the that they asked a Cameron. Is this the year to think we Teague NFC south. Any basically -- all know this -- year I get a suitable. Gentlemen McKay and -- was that on that. 2009 suitable team. So he he he's hungry ones that purse suitable many went on. To say he was confident about the growth of the defense. In coordinator. And leave it to cornea Rob -- second year we said that. You would then to be better on this second year on the new -- because things become. A second major like you said I think it's gonna make. Disney -- call -- there I said I think is gonna make a huge difference. Another problem is retaining information. Instead of describing it and learning a new playbook he already know it now. He's got implement what you learn in the classroom. You put in midfield just on the field just retaining get information -- learning something. Knew he said basically if you look at it. We finished top five in defense last year. I think we can improve upon that mark will talk about that and even rob Bryant like getting those takeaways. And he said if we can do that. Because he goes off it's gonna be there considerably improve. And we finish in the top five last year defensively he said of that happens a suitable is on the horizon. He goes out one at. I needed it needs to happen. So I kind of like their swagger and confidence. You know there's always been a guy because he's been able to back it up he'll always say what's on his mind diary winding its when he thirteen. Top ten plays something about Chicago. He native hometown for Pierre Thomas and brings out the best. Second intent. From the spirits when he club. Greens. -- -- And Colston was right steals to his left setting up the screen for Thomas here kind of accountable and Bryant get inside the fifteen. And it's a piece of the -- and everything and now. Touchdowns Saints touchdown Pierre Thomas. And a big screen play those kind of that weighs one advance a screen. Receiving patted him running backs in NFL history the analysts say it was the nail in the coffin but the thing that -- over used but that was certainly one where the Saints. At that point they got called them they could they can afford the comfortable knowing that. The Bears were really really that pretty much out of them now they're having it be a lot different challenge this year because I finish in Chicago at night yeah. Now it's going to be creeping Cole. Anchors into ideas yet who knows it could. Via snowy night oh and you never know is to be a lot more adverse conditions this year playing the Bears who play the Bears a perfect time it was -- is -- -- otherwise yeah not to overlook that it perfectly adequate yeah I have ever. I think -- horse pleasantly surprised. He was raining in my memory serves me correct it was raining pretty hard to like -- with the stadium Saturday. When Robert Carroll set up a lot of the equipped right now and do some sound taxes that are and they had a TARP on the field the whole okay all time -- started rain in. -- this was mid day and ever I was talking about how all the field that at field does not take water wells we saw -- 2006 is it -- game. And but the grass is still alive is not dead right imminent and it was soggy towards the however reporting this and you and he can -- on the serious news soggy in the end zones like quarterly and zones and then on. On a boundaries. But for the most part of feels in great shape it was sunny all afternoon. And it was unbelievable weather people come up big on hated job bringing this weather with you from the worlds because. We want expected -- this is -- and that's rare even for them. In October but. It's the -- may mean the schedule makers not as fortunate -- -- played new England and Chicago early not to. Literally every -- it's only cold game potential is maybe in Charlotte and and rightfully not a mark when you think about it yet and this year though. Chicago on the road late in the season. And Carolina Lleyton has yet I think Lou played Cleveland early in the week to yet we too long association at the -- about -- -- and whether there really Chicago and then and you know shortly keys in both of our prime time. Thursday night against the Panthers up there at their place and come December late November and stands to reason. Not as you know when the time change -- everything against starter earlier in when the sun that -- it's -- it has to be yet. And -- feeling -- a north and -- -- and I gaining Chicago ball we got after Jay Cutler. Yeah we said that don't when the beginning. And I think that was critical where the Saints game is always well in hand the battle as a one animals dominant performances as far as the Bears fans really never had nothing to really cheer about to get that home field advantage. You know that to take the Bears relieved and again ago I remember. Pulling up in the -- in OT. And robber pulled up and and it Soldier Field and it's one of the it's one of the older venues and national football Lee was the -- renovated analyst open they put the visiting media. Parking pass. And like the general populous nation with a regular with the Bears fans so we pull out here at the walked through yet and end. We're all wearing various W -- -- well. Saints radio year you know whether -- windbreaker or you know long sleeved shirt. And it's not necessarily black and gold colors enough right but but a couple of Bears fans we got out. Not spotted they recognize things -- yet and one of them said one of said -- lie. I was Drew Brees -- retire if he's gonna kick our today. It already over India at an Alice means in Tokyo -- that -- like. What does that seem like the typical 2006 Katrina crowd right this doesn't seem like the typical Bears confident cocky that group and then we saw the same group. -- back after the game. And has -- been any gallery so the guy the guy just said. Drew Brees is a guy and I I know I'm not close to say that solace friend started throwing beer cans at him look at it. -- you can only give great credit to me because his praise of the of -- the visiting team loses Alice you are taking -- from Chicago gals all taken aback but if you look at the Saints. Schedule this year eight home games obviously in the superdome the play that Detroit. Indoors they're going to play he play Atlanta indoors on the Vikings. I don't think you're part of my job easier but so there's ten games right there that -- be indoors. For the and -- as you pass. The game he always -- -- controlled environment and you know you talk about that highlight which Pierre. In Chicago and and obviously if you are going back home. One of his greatest games ever and keeping an insignificant. Significance of this and he had not only a hundred yards rushing. But also a hundred yards receiving and you know see that happen. And to all of -- so that was always give him you know bragging rights whenever. You know Eagles back home with Pierre. I would say. Looming he puts pressure on himself and among his standards. Only averaging three point seven yards per carry last year yet to be probably a little disappointed that I had the most carries and a 147. And you know what five adjective 49 yards so he would have liked you had a two point seven maximized the yards with an average. Four and a half but not now almost five. I yards a carry but the thing is we -- it was Pierre. And -- I didn't work out his contract to be here and ultimate a team player is that trust factor. Where if you look at -- Robinson in his physical stature. Are any young running back -- -- a perfect role model to be an every down back. I'm aware no drew would want him in there casinos -- -- -- hell he's doing all the time first second third down not -- isn't -- You know where our run the ball out of our run to -- and how you got to block a pass. Protection whatsoever and I get it right. Eighty or ninety presented time again to write a 100% that's all there is a shopping talk about. And I Robinson in terms of the improvement yet clashes this year during the OTAs in talking to where I don't have a stigma of the field right NF and talking retiree. Right before -- -- is the last one of the last access. Periods we had to the team before they broke for training camp. But he said that was the number one -- he wants to be a complete back. And he waited around the -- -- the honesty I don't scenario yeah I mean he had to focus this year on that aspect of his game of knowing not just not just being able excuse it but knowing. Where to go and I guess they are yet. None though you almost the lighten an outing and -- drew. But would you have to know the blocking schemes that base who everybody has and why you do and certain things. I just you know I just memorize -- -- -- -- -- you have to know a primary because things can change fast. Now all of a sudden you assignment change so you got to understand the concept. I'm originally and that is critical how much is the quarterback though can you. I guess. Leave him. To the right position I mean -- any point that out nine times out of ten. -- -- Kimberly -- sometimes you don't do that and in defense picks up that kind of thing -- they got to know in reality Dillon as a player. Millionaires and and win every idea to get new playbook. -- becomes second nature to me as some guys never again. There is is it true some -- smarter than others. -- I don't have gone on earlier than other yes yes and and obviously don't have the discipline but to prepare study and you know you have that. In -- like -- -- on and he was very Smart and it was like having a guard in the backfield even running the run and shoot. You know the Falcons -- you want him back there in eager to pass anyway so you had a big back next year. But I heroic come out to minister about when in the fall on the 49ers game with right it's always -- and knows what he's doing in the game his -- every goes the wrong way. And like I would only do I know you know what to do it was on the and I have a guy and he started laughing and I and Ryan like knocked the crap about it in. Yeah it would had a touchdown there and Eric -- and you know kind of thing in. And and I could get mad at him. Because I think he goes home and I'd forgotten that in -- that and we practice all week. They would do and is actually would always say when the red zone just chuckle to know I had thought I was ready to come out McCoy and you know playing -- element nine. He's got to him there I'm Christie Garrett won down here on sports talk you're listening to. W to you well MF and dot com our final highlight from the point thirteenth season I still lean towards that week one. Interception against the Falcons -- another -- from Drew -- doing with his leg. And five from the seven years -- looking don't think he's got room he can -- die. Course at what nine yard scramble I think it was against the Cardinals. In a ball game in one of which -- Matthews got to pick off. Mr. Drew Brees Yamon -- look to exploit that cardinal defense now we could run it. That that. I can recall Jimmy Graham being big outing. Beat probably. Have as part of Mexico not the best cornerback numerous flat rock terrorism Patrick Peterson's. Also at a mismatch a tyrant that he was an eight day they then they exploited that even that was that I think those -- covered but that physics come in the plays like getting a Reebok he had but it was a I think you missed communication on one of those routes that led to that -- -- set to retire Matthew. I think he was I think that while he studied the ball -- Kenny stills and it just looked like -- while watched some highlights of the day in OK and it looked like. He was that drew was expecting. Came to be in a different spot and that's where -- maybe time that -- Good chance to maybe and then yeah Kyle -- immediately Geneva -- This year and the forward operating in his hands and a ball with a Roman Harper in his session is this right here is. -- run Vincent Smith looked back mental struggle wildly macedonians. It's it's a good tip -- time. Won't barber. And Roman are briefly that's maybe the top player it's funny I think you know I think. Because. Confidence yet swagger get off to a great start who you beat. And on crowd has been NFC south no one and -- And I guess NFC sound kind of two point 11 and overs is all in one. Excellent paying -- bank at home in the superdome though I gave us a lot of momentum that was. Timmy huge gigantic almost the other. That combination of a Jain Norman's. Gigantic an enormous so -- enormous victory there. Tonight on the -- at eleven about eight minutes here on W two -- compelling topics. Lots of talk about the latest on the Malaysian airlines flight seventeen intelligence sources say it was shot down by. Russians separatists -- officials say are being trained by the Russians. How Russian President Obama respond to this in the growing tension between the United States and Russia do you think. We are headed for another Cold War. That coming up on the -- show we push boundaries on the -- reaching 38 states and be on week nights eight to midnight on W to -- I about it as we push out here a few minutes you'll be back tomorrow Todd Manassas Sylvia we've still got I'll be on my way to West Virginia -- is on his way there now. Deke hokey and gyms on their way now there might be arriving West Virginia now or later tonight in. Ewing Q bombs flying out tomorrow. And then use the flat always Taylor -- on -- producer and -- will be ready to roll for sure. Full. In wall to wall coverage full steam ahead come Thursday this Thursday here on sports talk the whole crew. Our resident pros Bobby if there -- guys on along -- Deke Bellavia hole. W through they get the latest on the Saints and during training camp T about a -- On double coverage three to -- well thirteen 50 AM so. Will ivy covered here in a calm morning. Tonight and you know Chris is going to be a little different for you you know then you would devolve on six to nine -- -- -- you you kind of trick itself well it was a seven to ten. Now we going to be L later which is only forty here which is. Eastern time five to nine yes so you might be -- tie bored if I could do that is joke wears him out and -- my -- ourselves and I think if they can finish. It right to be we'll have a little pep in our step yeah yeah going into the morning chill but. Double coverage during training camp six -- sixth at 9 AM back home here. In New Orleans on three B well thirteen fifty and of course saints' radio. Nobody covers like we do will have breakdowns daily recaps on line Soria on a radio as well 8:7 AM 0105 point three FM. And that will keep via. In two with a what's going on with the new policies during training camp you check out also follow us on Twitter. At WW LA MFM in Bobby you are Bobby -- three yeah on Twitter yeah of course T dobbs at tee about 53. As Steve Geller WW LT about. Is at as I mentioned tee about 53 in Deke. At -- big teeth yet I'll probably get more involved with Twitter and in. He knows that -- to do it year round. Like thing -- that I don't wanna talk about LeBron you know going back to clean out there about -- ball so damning and be more involved now Steven -- thanks a -- for your help put together the show today Alison ransom. And master control I'm Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia I'm off to West Virginia tomorrow simplify am out Bobby decent. On the way you -- Jong goodnight people.