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Jul 21, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This must be a very popular time for families to come visit New Orleans because the last couple of days I've seen a lot of families checking -- just coming to station a few minutes ago. I saw a number families are checking into hotel center bring in their their kids with the men. Look at for a great time in your worlds you heard are forecasting another 30% chance of rain tomorrow. It's stormed. Sunday morning and I forgot I guess it was middle of the day. Sunday but it turned out to be a decent day Saturday and it turned out to be a decent day Sunday afternoons I hope he got out and enjoy the weekend. It's time for tonight's top alienate tear this topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. He's off the market Peru fives Adam Levine got married over the weekend in Mexico. Adams 35 married high octane -- -- 45 a Victoria's Secret to model. In front of about 275. Guests including Robert Downey junior and they referred to -- is an intimate crowd. Now you know for most of us if you had a wedding to 200 simply fight against definitely wouldn't be in -- crowd. But Robert -- -- was among them and also in the news this weekend Robert Downey junior ranks as Forbes highest paid actor. For the second year in a row. Robert Downey junior or 75 million dollars this year. Fargas was last year most of his money is coming from a back and deal with Iron Man three which is made over a billion dollars. So you know when you think about all the actors all the movies -- critique as Robert and junior hasn't done that many movies last couple of years. Robert Downey junior I was surprised to hear is the highest paid. After number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New York State appeals court ruled that a Long Island father used reasonable force when he spank his eight year old son but Chalmers banks because he Kirsch and adults during a party at a friend's house. Now the state appellate court division dismissed the child neglect charges. I'm just happened last week that the father faced disciplinary action against court that this social service department in Suffolk County. New York alleged that he used an open hand and a belt to spank the boards but legs and his arms when they got home. And the county family court -- the man guilty. But the appellate court said that under the circumstances the spanking did not constitute excessive corporal punishment. And said that it was there was insufficient evidence. To prove that he had hit some of the they'll. And this brings up -- and a topic that you know quite often comes up and they show. Contrary to what to perhaps you have been led to believe. It is legal to spectral. Now there's a difference between spanking your kids. And beating it. And if -- young kids out there. Listening before you call the police and before you call 911 if you do something bad and mommy or daddy -- Q they're not breaking the law. No one of the problems I think we we have with authority yeah our country today is that there are so many so many kids who think that the mommy and daddy can't spank me. Well that's clearly not true and I don't know what it's gonna take to get the message out there. But it is legal to spank your kids. Now -- are other forms of discipline timeout for example that really do work if you if you follow through. I will tell you is easier to administer a spanking than doing timeouts a lot of parents I'd choose to spend their kids because it's easier simple you have to. Go to a little more effort to do time open and I guess what is set the record straight this on this once again and I. A New York State appeals court has -- backed up this idea that yes it is legal to spank your children. But if you have kids I hope you know the difference between spanking your kids and beating your Q it's number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Over the weekend to New Orleans seven people were shot one died in seven different shooting incidents. Once again another final weekend and it -- started about 6 PM Saturday evening 24 year old was shot in the -- But he iTunes service road in New Orleans east he was sitting outside when an unknown vehicle pulled up and the driver started shooting gee I wonder what's going on here. Revenge. May be bad drug deal. I don't believe this was a random shooting most of these are not random shootings. So most of us are not threatened by this sport as you go from there Bergen street shooting two people can. Be shooting at each other in the crowd this happens even in in neighborhoods where somebody's a target of the people get hit. -- about seventy -- Saturday night a seventeen year old was shot at the intersection of north -- plate and Allen street in the seventh ward. I about two hours later just before 9 o'clock. -- shot with 3500 block of -- Paris avenue. Album it was sitting on the porch of residents. When shots rang out there on Sunday just before 1 AM so essentially that's Saturday night. A seventeen year old woman received multiples gunshot wounds in the -- 100 block of Booker hill. One hour later about 2 AM police reported shooting in the 5000 block. A Frenchman an eighteen year old man was shot insider residents. When bullets pierced the walls. So apparently he was not even the target and and -- talent at 26 year old man. -- in critical condition following -- shooting. At the intersection of south -- to avenue and -- streets so you know another. Another violent weekend in New Orleans. But it was a more violent weekend in Chicago. Over the weekend in Chicago at least forty people were shot four killed. Including an eleven year old girl. Who was shot and killed during a slumber party. I mean I think this just accentuates. How senseless. Some of these killings -- Essential sees the east the shootings are you know it would be it would be one thing if the bad people who have a grudge against each other. When you're seeking out revenge or somebody was disrespect did. That -- any of these are legitimate reason to shoot anybody but I guess it would be better if they can go out into an open field. And opened fire on each other but when innocent. Children innocent people are are hit because of the year. The -- feud with somebody else the year in ability. To cope with a situation. That makes it even senator mean it's it's it's all sent but it would eleven year old girl shot and killed during a slumber party idol growing remember -- was skills in the mid city area. A New Orleans during her birthday party because somebody which. Which seeking revenge against somebody at the at the birthday party -- that opportunity. This is why I just I I can't think of any proposed gun laws. That would prevent any of these kinds of shootings. If if you could think of one that is proposed or one that should be proposed. I think America would love to hear it number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama's executive order prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in danger religious freedom in America. That's what foxnews.com. Contributor. Headstart says it is not that article at foxnews.com. -- writes this administration believes gay rights trump everyone else's rights including religious rights. And then at Peter Sprague is also a quoted in this opted piece by chase starts he's with the F -- research council. He said if religious organizations cannot require that there employees conduct themselves in ways consistent with the teachings of their faith. Then essentially those organizations are unable to operate in accordance with their faith. Goes on to say this level of coercion is nothing less. Then of viewpoint blackmail did police into silence. Every contractor and sub contractor who has moral objections. To homosexual behavior. I agree that this is a really. Complicated issue for many it might seem simple. But less remembered for for those who talk about his gay agenda we talked about this of the show one day last week. A new survey. Concludes what I've always believed. And that is that there's a very small percentage of Americans who identified themselves as gay lesbian. And it's only 2%. And I got a -- after I mention that I got a text that. We're turning the country upside down for only 2% of the population. No we're not. That hole. Issue is affected by. The many many people in this country. Who just believe in equal rights and don't believe that people should be discriminated against. So that's why this is a complicated issue not because it affects 2% of the population. Although. It could be argued -- the bill of rights gives even 2% of the population. Individuals have rights that supersede the opinion of the majority. It would talked about this countless times on the show that was a time in this part of the country and in America win if it was up to a majority vote blacks would have never. At one equality so blacks were supported not apply to your number specifically but also by the great number of whites. In this country who supported equality and so that's why the support for same sex marriage. Has become such a big deal not because of the 2% of the population. But because of the vast majority of Americans -- it's -- a vast majority. Because of the the great number of people who do support equality and do not support discrimination based on sexual orientation. And you know this is -- is interesting discussion how much does your boss have to do with what you doing your private life. If you if you don't read the Bible every night could you -- -- should be fired. So again increasing discussion that's not gonna end any time soon. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Between Israel and Hamas continues with no signs that the fighting or stop any time soon this past weekend was the bloodiest days of the fighting effect to the Israeli soldiers killed. Are from the United States. Should the US broker peace. Will there ever be peace in the Middle East and this is. This is very complicated. But yet in some ways it's simple. I saw video earlier. They basically said. If if Hamas. If the Palestinians -- and Hamas represents the Palestinians. And it is. It's oh at its elected officials freely elected officials. Hamas. Doesn't. Ever recognize Israel as a state and Muslim nations don't recognize history. So this video was pointing out that if if Israel put down its arms. There will be no peace. If -- must put down its arms. There would be peace. Meaning that Hamas. In this case continues to be. The aggressor. So again this goes back thousands of years it's a complicated issue. I can't tell you how many times over the years and I didn't radio talked about peace agreement in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter brokers peace agreement in another presidents have have done that the same thing there have been numerous peace agreements in the Middle East. And yet we have this terrific fighting and it -- thing for all of us to watch. Is the the countless number of innocent kids who were affected by it is and Hamas. According to intelligence information is hiding weapons missiles and things like that in schools and places where. They point their own citizens at at risk so again. I I pray for peace in the Middle East but I'm I'm not surprised that there's no peace and I'm really not sure what the United States can do and I think it's. It's always interesting and it went there when when something erupts in the Middle East so many people looked at the United States to step in and do something about it when. I really don't know there's anything we can do about it. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama wonders what the Russian separatists to what the Russians are hiding as pieces of the bodies and pieces of the crash site. In the Malaysian airlines flight seventeen. Continue to be removed it appears that Russia was involved what should President Obama do. Barely spoke to the country from the South Lawn of the White House earlier here's part of with the president said today. About the continuing investigation into the flight to -- played seventeen which was shot down over. Over Russian well it's -- it's a Russian occupied territory of Ukraine. Our immediate focus. Is on recovering. Those who were lost. Investigating. Exactly what happened. And putting forward to the facts. We have to make sure that the truth is out. And that accountability exists. International investigators. Are on the ground they've been organized I've sent teams other countries sent teams. They are prepared they are organized to conduct what should be. The kinds of protocols and scouring. And collecting of evidence. That. Should follow any. An international incident like this and what they need right now is immediate and full access to the crash -- They need to be able to conduct a prompt and full and unimpeded. As well as transparent investigation. And today via pro Russian separatists to have now turned over the black box and does some other evidence to. Those who are investigating this this crash. I don't know that we're gonna get that much from the black box because the like box usually tells you wider plane crashed it seems like it's pretty obvious why this point crash. But their there's a -- -- comparison between President Obama right now and president Ronald Reagan. Who in September of 1983. Had to deal with the Russians shooting down a Korean civilian plate. Apparently the president -- cut short his vacation in California. And wrote his own speech. He gave the American people part of that speech said make no mistake about it this attack this is -- by -- victory this attack. Was just was not just against ourselves but the Republic of Korea. This was Russia against the world and the moral precepts which -- human relations among people everywhere. It was inactive barbarism. Born of a society. Which want to -- disregards individual rights and the value of human life and seeks constantly to expand and dominate other nations. To deny the -- But -- they denied the deed. But in their conflicting and misleading protest. Today Russia revealed that yes shooting down -- plane. Is what they did it and and hundreds of innocent men women and children and babies lights were were lost. So there's some parallels in that Russia then and now -- initially denied that they shot down the plane but it seems obvious that they did. At some point -- food is gonna have to I think if he's gonna continue to have global respect which is something that he's fighting for. He it's going to have to figure out a way to to deal with this it again this is another one that was really complicated situations. Ukraine became independent in 1991. When the Soviet Union fell apart. -- Ukraine became independent in 91 you'd inherited all of these nuclear weapons that were part of the Soviet Union. Which made Ukraine in 1991. The fourth largest nuclear power. In the entire world. He United States the United Kingdom and many western countries. Convinced the Ukraine in 94. To give up their nuclear weapons. But in exchange. Ukraine was assured by leaders of the United States. And the United Kingdom in other countries that their security would be protected. So that just further complicates. This -- the situation but is the president handling this in the right way. What would you like the presidents do I like a president who's not eager to go to war a like a president who doesn't just throw cheap ports around. But -- with everything is going on in this country right now. Even if Hillary runs for president in 2060. I think at this point. It is the Republicans election to lose in 2016. As long as the Republican Party does not put up a hard core. Social. Conservative. It gets involved in all these social issues if the Republican Party stays away from that I can't see how the Republican Party can possibly lose the White House. In 2016 and number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The top five -- cities in America. Are right here in Louisiana. And no small cities. Not a big -- -- -- the latest title are people happier living in smaller cities. The top five cities in America that are the happier cities or Lafayette. Home Shreveport -- city. Baton Rouge and Alexandria. It with the exception of Shreveport -- city. Don't all of those cities have influence of cajun culture and we know -- don't how to enjoy life a regular basis. Lake Charles which number eight Barbara was number seventeenth. And out of the the sixty happy cities in America. New Orleans. Was 59. So does that mean people living and smaller cities are happier than people living in larger cities. But you know I look at this list and at the five unhappy -- cities -- Erie Pennsylvania. Say Joseph Missouri. Itself in Indiana. None of those would be considered big cities. When I travel through smaller cities smaller towns. Often think about what life is like in those towns and and maybe do the same thing. I love when my travel. It takes me off and interstate and I'm actually driving through a small town have to stop at the stoplights in the small town and look around and see what's available in that small town. And think about people who live and work in that small town that's part of our conversation tonight a discussion. Which would you prefer. Living in a big city. -- living in a small town. And it's a WWL pretty general people give us your opinion by going to our website to -- have you got to account what are the advantages to living at a big city what are the advantages to living in a small town. And -- blog is titled our people happier living in a small city. Talk about that on the shooter. Number one on tonight's west. Of the top eight. Yeah. I was invited to that class reunions on Saturday nights I was invited to the holy cross a class of 197935. Class reunion. And there woman I'm dating she had her district high school a class of 84 a thirtieth place for years I went to both of those Saturday night. And it was really amazing to it to see guys like in the in the first break coming up here just a moment of what we got a picture. -- a really nice painted -- that I received from the holy cross reunion but I had a really great time meeting people in both of those -- unions and I was invited to the holy cross for union because -- so many people for the class of 79 listened to -- in the morning and it was an honor to have been invited to speak to that speak to that group and I looked back on some of the things have been going on in 1979. And I thought. Just like I I did one day last week. Just talked about how this country's been to a lot. And while some will say look at what's going on in the world today the world's coming to an end did we're -- the eve of destruction. I don't really think we are. You know in 1979 for example 52 American hostages. Were taken hostage by our -- that started the year -- -- hostage crisis. And there were a lot of other things going on in 1979 and it's it's nice to know the 35 years later the class is still having their class reunion so the kids graduating. In 2014. Will look back on all these events in. I guess I'll be invited to their class reunion sometime in the very very near future if -- remember back in those days when that Malaysian airlines flight crashed and there was. There which -- border crisis at the United States and there was a problem with. Israel and Hamas and look. You're still here. So what I -- we do tonight is talk about whether -- -- you go to clash for unions. And you think people change or are people basically the same that they were in high school. And is there anything you miss about a high school but again -- I want to. I would think everybody both of those clash for unions I met a lot of great people who listens years ago and are still listening now. And that's justice such an honor to me it's you know I know sometimes people will will be -- -- nice to have. Face with the voice. But see when I meet people like -- and it gives me an opportunity to put a face with those who were listening to like to think about those faces as I'm on the year. Here's a Texas regional lacrosse is a great place yeah indeed it is and I talked about how -- to east Jefferson high school. So everybody went over across in my opinion which blast although it's not EJ's fault entirely -- wasn't very. Personal school and this was the number one song. In 1979. -- -- If you were to join us for the comic to write about anything we're talking about numbers 260187. -- for an 8668890. -- seventy. In a text numbers and Seve Seve this is this coach Joseph why for New Orleans on a Monday nights will be right back and definitely well. There's really nice painted tile of holy cross high school at the high school reunion and and -- in -- Saturday night. And it just that we got a picture that if your joining on Twitter it's acts Stukes WL at -- WWL. Here's an update on our WW up pretty terrible opinion poll which would you prefer living in a big city. Or living in a small city. 40% say -- -- delivered a big city 60% say they would rather live in a small city. I was surprised by this this study that shows it's -- that's a paper that was done by. Harvard professor -- professor also Harvard student. And it's. It's it's a list of the top happy missed sixty cities in America. The top five or Louisiana. And there are seven at least seven. In in the top twenty. Out of the sixty New Orleans ranks 59. Would you rather live in a small city. Or Dixon sort of things were talking about tonight if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601872. All 386688. Nines here -- having a text to state 77. And you go to your class reunions -- give it a clash for union can you -- can you tell that that the people who were. Well there the -- did did the good students all turn out to be the successful people. Or do you notice that maybe sometimes somebody who was in a stellar student turnout to be very successful. Do you notice that. The guy who was of loose morals of the girl who was of loose morals then a stoke and has a persona today. Or do people change. Sort of they basically stay the same as they were in high school and is there anything you miss about high school if you what did you additionally with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. Ignorance or where it's every text numbers -- seventy -- every from better because Sandra you're on the -- she'll want to be WL. Hi. Cassandra. Patten count anyway. But anything that you need that -- that week and about harping and -- get in on the -- Why. Would not rule. I believe that people need our. Either way you off. You'd have people differently. Now as the current state it is you can have. Well when I mean I maybe. Hero got on the and that's why. It being out on the Utley went -- -- could be out what went on it was clean. Are you now. Are you there they agreed or outlook -- sport but Huard made news practically. QB and don't expect you were going to get. Really -- To get to go pick out the suites that they would use. Heck yeah play yet and anybody. Who grew up with -- Grant. Like I mean they -- it. John at the studio producers and got a studio basically say and meet to me too. I'll followed by solid fight and things like an idiot. I. Even. I. Maybe mom. And everybody -- -- -- and even know where -- -- and use a lot of high. You'd think you. Can do anything you pay any long. That's one of the things that's changed today Cassandra if you did something wrong and somebody else's house you've got in trouble fair and then you've got in trouble again would you go home. And and today. I see this is why I think what Hillary Clinton said when she was First Lady she says it takes a village to raise a child. Think a lot of people misunderstood and thought that that meant. It the government raising a child but he does take a village it takes an entire society to raise a child because we need to be held accountable where ever we are because our parents can always be witness. Yeah and bevy grateful for fame I I get there I'll put my but I'd like a -- look at it because. And some people I would I'd move it and maybe half the people that -- I think. And that they would be you know I mean what so not. Them and we're talking about a New York State -- appeals court that ruled that a Long Island father use reasonable force when he spank is a year old son which brings up the topic it it really is legal to spank your children contrary to what. Many people have been led to believe. -- Cassandra give kids. -- do harm to children. You want. One day he did thank them. -- -- I mean when Alan Ball and that I'm leaning back and let my. The path of my. They got the same thing I had my hi I'm. And he made me some -- ask me not me I. Think it. I understand their needs to be consequences for negative behavior that has to start very early in someone's life that Cassandra going to call the show have a -- -- Aren't nationalistic. Here's a Texan rays -- -- Indianapolis Indiana and I traveled to New Orleans for four chase seventy. Class reunion. 97 clash for union it was rewarding to see teachers and administrators and friends from uptown. Here is attacks that read so holy cross easy JB to pay -- I don't know about that. Here it's Texan Reid says -- I'm sorry but there's no comparison between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Rated as the Patriots a true American and a true leader. All things that Obama is not I don't question that Obama is Central America and he does handle things differently than some presidents obviously. But in comparing Ronald Reagan with Barack Obama. What I was doing -- saying that there's a you know when you make comparisons it doesn't always mean that -- you say they're equal. You know you compare you could I could compare the Saints to a team that's inferior to the Saints it's still a comparison. There are comparisons being made between the way Ronald Reagan handled the shooting down of of the civilian airline Korean airline by Russia in 1983. And the way president Obama's handling the situation in 2014. Now. These are two completely different areas and I don't know that Reagan would handle at the same way but he was definitely. He was definitely assertive. When he came to handling that situation and that may have been in a flash point in time that started the whole ball rolling. For the collapse of communism which happened in the later eighties if you ought to join us tonight are numbers 2601870. It's all free 86688. Nines here we're seven. 7870. There's a double WL pretty gentle opinion poll which you prefer living in a big city or small town give us your opinion they're going to be WL dot com I'm -- Monday night will be right back -- Debbie WL the top five happier cities in America. Are in Louisiana this is according to data from the paper from Harvard professor. A Harvard student professor at Vancouver school of economics seven of Louisiana cities are the top twenty. Lafayette was over one homer number two Shreveport bush you're sitting number three. That Russa before an Alexandria. Number five. And Lake Charles is number eight in a row was seventeen out of the top sixty happy -- cities in America. New Orleans was 59 in this the -- to the question are people happier living in small towns. Here's had to be giving -- a pretty general opinion poll would you prefer living in a big city or small town. 29%. -- picks it. 71% -- small town. -- your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com scoop like tonight's title to our people happier living in a smaller city. -- -- It when I travel and I get off the interstate and I'm going through small town did in fact in his summary that it was a -- foolish if they show. Got an email from her daughter missed on and moment. As she was serving very very sick and before she passed away I had a chance to go down over a two week period I guess 34 times we're down to a two home. And it kind of fantasized driving through. Smaller areas in envisioning what it would be like to have to live and a quaint place like home or small town in Louisiana. Kind of fantasized about what life would be like there. There are people who work and live in in -- like that and I can understand. The appeal of that. But sometimes. You have to go to the big city. If you go to the big city four for opportunity. Now this is not judgement of those who live in the city it's a judgment of those who live in a small town. But it which would you be happier living. And you were on the interstate you do bypass small you go through small towns to some degree but for the most part you bypass small towns. But when you get off the interstate if you're travels. Take you off the interstate you get to travel on America's highways. You go -- small towns. And I often just think about how much. Simpler. Life news for those who live in in in smaller towns. I think about. How more people know each other. The benefits of living in a small town I think come from the attitude of living in a small town. And that you know part of it is physical you know this less traffic atlas people less congestion. But part of it is the mentality. And the attitude that comes from knowing other people. And feeling like maybe in some leisure you kind of you kind of protect it from the from the tensions. Of the big -- As a one thing that I tried to challenge myself with it and -- -- traveling to -- and several times over a two week period. Trying to to apply the mentality of living in the small town. To living downtown. Now I can play every aspect of veteran I'd be dead by two I try to apply some of that mentality of living in a small town. To living downtown if you have a -- Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Told 386680. Nines here which every Texas a 78 Saturday -- -- also talking about a clash reunions -- what to Saturday night the -- across class of 197935. Class reunion. And gesturing at -- class of 198430. Year class reunion met a lot of great people -- it was just really interesting to. To see how people by interacted and how great it -- for people to see each other. After thirty years and after 35 years do you go to your class reunions for Biloxi Michael you're on -- WL. Frustrated earlier good Michael. Yeah I'll talk about all -- grow. Small town and crossed alike both short and there are urged. Her to Biloxi. And that matter -- it three years. But today it is not like -- street. Art schools we are. Reachable where and in response. Together very. It's ultimately about peace and -- back together. We've moved up there are cities or Abrams you. Mark plays so after -- as -- you to where you get to keep it together by advantage. Oh I use were still. That little small community trial and together and the -- places. We're missing now. We -- Eleven what. With. The small down each other. Or really -- and -- country years. Michael it's a great story appreciate -- sure there was this. Have a great night if you wanna join us with your story your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. -- -- 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our -- averages 87870. A John which is written appear -- screen that he would live at home for three years after the storm. And loved it I gotta I had never text to get to -- class reunions and we'll get back to more of your calls coming up. -- -- -- -- -- -- a Monday night I'll get a great weekend there was not nearly as much rain as we were told there was going to be over the weekend Saturday afternoon turned out to be really nice says big downpour in the middle of the day in fact some flooding. In many parts of the enormous area on Sunday than it did turn out to be nice afternoon here's an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion poll which would you for far. Living in a big city. Were living in a small town. 33% say big city and 67% six small town it is your opinion by going to our website WW dot -- also talking about its class reunions and went to two. Over the weekend and it's just it's a testing to see how people interact and I rarely get the feeling that people don't change that much. That we are still the core people we work it high school I'm from New Orleans got here on the -- -- -- well. Very here I'd do it. I want a desire job that the the doubts. Time line at the Olympic situation a little bit. More character more. It was it was actually at the struck -- a lot out of both worlds. You know where -- when you commutes you know I've lived on the -- -- a couple of times in my career and when you work in the city you live in a small town. That's not the same as living and working at a small town but your right in effect I just I saw something on the news earlier tonight on on channel four about pace Saint Louis. That I have not been over the year -- years and that area has really developed I can get back -- pursue. Oh yeah you need it at that that there op with the music or. So tired from storm but it comes back in. A lot of old admitted that reports circulating back there and setting up shop so I had. You know it's gonna equally coming from a commute can be our short GB at night it's easy plot and dropped a work in. What it's it's it's your attitude and an -- I never. I was never bothered by driving the causeway everyday if fact I found that to be a good time to think about the show to think about just to think about I didn't even always listen to radio. Awful lot like you wanna travel trot trot an upbeat and they're much ops point optical count on -- are to be with a lot to the also like an all around and looked a lot -- and brilliance. It doe she kind of fantasize about what life must be like for these people and how. How uncomplicated it is compared to our lives. You're gonna Wear -- out and and you know luckily up and able to stop and they're not they're kind of get a feel for them or not a full understanding. I'll be in any other complications and -- -- but I do think it's simple more simple a little -- -- -- you know. You know getting ordered the big -- return our call aka does what beat Darren look at the grateful to honor and people are currently out -- talked with you and it can't we used to doing -- -- sort of be under the drop -- talk until my props. That's what you don't see the big cities got to got to get to news break I'm a legend listening. It do you prefer living in a small town. Or would you like to live in the big city and where do you live now and what -- -- this is this -- show -- come right back with more of your comments on WWL.