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07-21 11pm Scoot/ Big City, small town...

Jul 22, 2014|

Do you think it's easier and/or more fun to live in a small town and/or a Big City?

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Welcome back to our show on this Monday night's. It was a warm and muggy day today got to shoot a 30% chance of rain tomorrow. The that is so typical audience it's a -- going to be this time of year. There are so many families this must feel really popular time of year for people bring their families to New Orleans to consistent coming to the station. I see it that I see at the last couple of weeks but. So one over the weekend and just aren't coming to the devastation. Before the show today. I saw a number families checking in different hotels in. Families with some teenagers and kids -- or preteens and -- damage walk around with kids in in strollers. So for the many who think they -- world and is not for families. What are you say all those people who are coming here and I seem to be enjoying New Orleans as a family destination. I think we're talking about among other things are people happier in smaller cities there was a study done by Harvard professor Harvard student and professor at Vancouver school of economics. And seven of Louisiana's seven Louisiana cities are in the top -- But the top five happy -- cities in America. -- Louisiana cities. Lafayette. Home and number two Shreveport -- city Baton Rouge and Alexandria. Had a cola just a moment ago. And she said that. There are a lot of rich people who retire from all over the country Alexandria. Well here's a Texan -- live in Alexandria and she would like to know where all the wealthy people are and all the things to do here. Here is -- the -- big cities have clicks to we called him games. I guess that's one way to look at the clicks in a big city. We've also been talking about a class reunions I was invited to the holy cross class of 079. 35 class reunion. This censoring -- Saturday night -- and the person and I'm dating. She went -- district -- school industrial and had their class of 84. A thirty year class reunion so I've been accorded to class reunions Saturday night. And I I just got to thinking about two reunions in. People. Changing but it. Some people don't really changed that much you know you can. You can you can kinda tell that. You can kind of pick out what I -- this was this type of person in school. -- this is that type of person in not knowing any of these people. It was amazing how close I came to picking out certain types I enjoyed dinner I entered both of those reunions and you know I haven't been to a class reunion -- in that he I think it -- 21 east Jefferson clash reunion years ago but haven't been to one since then. And I hope you feel good enough about yourself regardless of where you or your wife I hope if you gonna have to go to a class reunion. Obviously there -- those people who ago. And they brag about where they are the brag about with I kind of feel kind of feel sorry for people who feel the need to. To brag about about where they aren't in your life it's. And especially in front of people -- -- to school with the bragging about where you're compared to two where you work here is a Texan -- Forbes did a report recently titled. Time for remove. In which they ranked the 25 best cities in the country to retire they ranked them in alphabetical order. In Alexandria -- -- for one little list okay well Alexandria. Because it starts with -- Data was used for living housing cost taxes whether air quality doctor availability. Crime rate and an active. Lifestyle ranking biking and volunteering. I've Google its eyes wears a Google so there. Edited Alexandria in years but obviously there are a lot of positive things about Alexander if you wanna join our show with your comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven attacks Amber's late 77. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Which would you prefer living in a big city were living in a small town. 38% -- big city 62%. -- a small town give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Now we've also -- talked about President Obama he earlier today. Held. Was at a press conference it was more like you're giving a statement from the South Lawn of the White House. Wondering why the Russian separatist or hiding pieces. The plane and bodies. After the crash site of a Malaysian airlines flight seventeen that was a shot down in in union Ukraine. And apparently. The president believes that they have a lot to hide in there are some similarities between. Russia shooting down this Malaysian airline and the downing of a Korean civilian airline. In 1983. Here's part of what the president had to say when he was senate making a statement to the country earlier today. More broadly as I've said throughout. This crisis. And the crisis in Ukraine general. I've said this directly to President Putin as -- publicly my preference continues to be finding a diplomatic resolution. -- -- I believe they can still happen. That's my preference today and will continue to be my preference but. If Russia continues to violate Ukraine's sovereignty and backed peace efforts. And these separate -- become more more dangerous and now are risks not simply to the people inside of Ukraine. But the broader international community. That Russia will only further isolate itself from the international community and the costs for Russia's behavior will only continue to increase. It was a duck in the background or that was symbolic of a president mounting a lame duck there's just an observation. You know Ukraine became independent in 1981 after the breakup of the the Soviet Union. And win -- -- -- Ukraine became independent the inherited the nuclear arsenal from the Soviet Union that was already in Ukraine. Which made you who Ukraine the fourth largest nuclear power in the world. Now. The United States and United Kingdom and other western nations convinced the Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons. And they did in 1994 but they -- it's so in return for the assurance. That the US. Even Russia and the United Kingdom. Would maintain their security. And keep their borders safe. And in Russia invades Crimea. Crimea and and then you know the United States the United Kingdom -- -- is still. Trying to live up to this this promise. I do find interesting similarities in what President Reagan said in 1983 after the Russian shut down the Korean civilian airline. And what President Obama has said and that is it did this as a world event this is not chest. And event that -- a Malaysian airline. I heard today there had been some reports that. It perhaps the Russians -- producer abuses that does that make it any less tragic. But the perhaps the Russian separatists were actually shooting at a cargo plane which was within a couple of miles of this civilian airline. I guess there's something a little reassuring about the fact that they were targeting civilian airline. But it doesn't make the tragedy. Any last tragic to join -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Answer which every text numbers 877. I've always been concerned as I've I've said -- recently about it the Soviet the old Soviet Union and and Russia. And our relationship with Russia's seems to be a cooling off significantly so you know this is a time when President Obama has a chance to. I define his presidency. When it comes to foreign policy. I don't want a president who's eager to go to war underwent a president who is. Eager to send our troops into into harm's way I don't want a president who is particularly eager to get involved in civil. Panels which is very much what goes on in the world today we get involved in what essentially is a civil war within the country. I'm that we do need a strong president to match the the I guess the attitude you might say Vladimir Putin president Russia. Because he is definitely challenging in many ways seems to be challenge in the United States and most of the and intelligence seems to indicate that the the surface to air missiles. That shot down this plane were part of a convoy went into. The Ukraine from Russia within. A couple of weeks or within maybe even a couple of days or or week. And they believe it now it has been taken out and it's quite possible that it's Russians were actually. On pushing the button. -- Russians were in the process of training. The Russian separatist in the Ukraine. How to use these missiles they may have been the ones who actually. Fired the missiles they shot down this plane. Also tonight we talked about a New York State appeals court that ruled that a Long Island father. Used reasonable force. When he spank is a year old son. Pitcher it was spank because he Kirsch an adult during a party at a friend's house and the appellate division court. In New York. Dismissed. A child neglect are proceeding that was against the man. On it was a lower courts it felt this man guilty. A child neglect that was a county family court in Suffolk County Long Island. And social service departments I'm workers allege that the main use an open hand and a built. When he spank the boys but lay eggs in his arms after they got home following the party. Now if your child curses at an adult. A realized that while repairs were gonna take any action today which is really sad but you have to do something about that that's unacceptable behavior. Assumed that the father. Pursued this. Went through this process of using disciplinary action when he when he got home and was found guilty but then an appeals court found him. Not guilty. So this just brings up the the topic in a lot of people -- confused about this you can't spank your children. You can't be tickets. But you start you can spank your -- it's. -- helping of the difference. If you're out in public and you see somebody spank their child you also have the responsibility I would think. To recognize the difference between spanking a child and beating a child. And you do have a right. Just thank you -- that is not legally and and quite often when the subject of corporal punishment comes up on the show. I have people call the show -- it well it's you know when he when he took away our right to spank her kids. Nobody's lost the right to to spank their children but again. You have to know the difference between a spanking. And a beating and here's a big difference between two basically the of the appeals court ruled. That there was no proof that the father did I used to built if you wanna join a shorter but our numbers 2601870. To all free 866889. -- seventy. And our text number is 87870. Also what President Obama issued an executive order. Prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. And there are some who believe this in dangerous religious freedom in America. Do you. Talk about that when we come back it is this was his it was just an accident that we haven't plea Boy George and culture club going into this break talking about how we'll talk about. A prohibition against discriminating against people based on sexual orientation. Mean were -- George if you wouldn't discriminate against you -- -- -- would get a job anyway. Nevertheless flowing robe like outfits and used to Wear hats. While. He also -- on a man's care. I'm astute and we will be right back on WWL. A few minutes ago somebody called and said that there are a lot of rich people who retire from all over the country. And there in Alexandria. And here's a Texas says this is being completely cheeky but. The rich people -- Alexandria. They move right extort a -- -- to get away from the port people. Of anybody has any information about Alexandria Venus or crown jewel of the stage in terms of where people retire due to police -- -- show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven act tech's number is 878 Saturday. Here's a Texas as what's the difference scoot between spanking and beating do you know I'll address that here just a moment I think that. From pro reverse many Euro and. VW well. -- -- -- -- -- Good. -- I started visiting -- Andrea. Because it is -- and such to live there for years. And -- those are watching -- Andrea. More list grow from just days. Tractor. Farm town. Real slow me. Very centrally. Locate it. But there one problem. Workers. It was just Warren. I would meaning consider 190. Meaning highway because it shall foreign rule of DI -- But definitely came and -- -- the pie or not. Try it. -- Japan Korea. And you know non stop drive. To places like cheers -- -- Closures and archery seaport. And end ultimately on the Dallas. Right right both want to look at people and you know one thing that people now -- archery for. -- You know. You know the big Barksdale. Air Force Base there. Picture text earlier yeah the final -- yeah. Or 40 -- its. Overall. You're -- we can at Texas border. May be an hour drive. And being got all -- chat live eight and stuff just to your. Or ray ripper that were. Wrong. If my yacht the sir it correctly or run away from -- -- You know through hopeful moment all the way down. You know wrecked -- -- Look forward -- So -- You know. -- Very culturally. Lou. With an -- state. It's very you know her what hours north. Black yet at all and all for -- Is is Alexandria just an hour away. From Lafayette. Yeah it's Garrett now that -- Boarding aren't there. Interstate 49. I well would be shape from slot -- to -- -- You know tonight's. Why. Interstate. You know that offers quick travel. Across sustain. Yeah obviously living here I don't have met many occasions to be on I 49 united I've never driven between Lafayette in Alexandria 49. And then another thing scoop is that DC the -- and. -- saying it should. Every being an election naturally locate. It gives you experienced. All of the see a ball. That a lot of your other towns like over -- year slot -- and stuff. Is -- experience. You know I mean. -- Probably be. Four -- between July oh. Corporation -- or shorts or short where all -- shopping out there. But when they don't -- Lotto one regret that protects purposes so bad Joey you've got a lot out there. Things got remain our motto here that sort of mean ma am talk being coached ball. They really. Did a great job in planning. The Leo. To shoot. Itself. And then like I was going to share earlier LA issues. As a satellite. Campus there. And you know -- shell and educating. CD high school graduate and keeping a lot of them there. True leader you know worked at the local hospitals. I mean. Well I was visiting Ella Sanders -- it -- warned us. You know and it was all you know cotton farming children -- then end. Have to Tikka after the a little weekend trip to Alex injuries have time because it's been many many years my. My sister's husband my brother in law went to Louisiana college and I guess the last time I -- and there are -- it was going to -- -- I don't remember that was many many many years ago selected. Take a quick trip to -- that I -- we should all start to take -- more trips to -- somebody's. Some of these quaint Ares I don't know if you -- describe -- in various -- and obviously there's a lot to do there and people living there Smith yeah I'm glad to show. Any other late -- group. At church -- -- -- toward them move. Steel -- workers. Bill. And thought you know there all north and stern and get -- -- studio I'm sure it's very wrong. Yeah -- I'm sure it's only a fun place ago. Director of gay issues -- actually people. Down in the stately. Still out -- stone street spin. I mean it. You know this'll -- -- a lot to say in Louisiana I'm gonna I gonna have to -- taking leftists are taken some weekend road -- -- I'm I'm glad to call a showman thanks for listening. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- And a text embers a 77 also I've heard about this sub bay harbor fast that I saw something on the news earlier about -- -- -- -- to -- it was in years. And I certainly haven't been -- back a couple of years ago. What I -- -- back over there too because that seems like a nice place so. -- back to more year oh here's attacks their Lafayette to Alexandria 85 miles. Well you were driving sixty I'm sure the speed limits part of the sixty. And if you were driving sixty that would take one an hour in 25 minutes to get their so it a little work as a little over an hour from Lafayette to Alexandria. Here's a Texas as what's the difference between spanking and beating do you know. I kind of think it's one of those things it if you. If you if you have to have -- explained he is obviously don't know the difference. And I would think the main difference between a beating in a spanking and maybe there's some medical definition. But. A spanking is to let a child know that child did wrong. A beating is to hurt a child. And again this is just an ad lib definition I would think the intent should not be -- hurt. A child. Here's a decks I text there raised a different thing to beating at a spanking. Is you may have to repeat the spanking. But not the beating. Well does that imply that. That if you beat somebody that they wouldn't do it again. Again this if you just -- assists and has come out because there's an appeals court in. The State of New York they've ruled had to a father I used. Reasonable force when he eats when he spanky is his eight year old son. And originally a lower court found him guilty of a child neglect or maybe it was more to it than that. But he was found he was found guilty and went to an appeals court he was found not guilty and is a big difference between spanking and beating and I I would think that. Hurting would be the real difference -- that doesn't look I'm not talking about a little sting from from a spanking. But there's a difference between spanking -- -- if you and enjoy pressure with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text numbers 877. Here's an update on our Debbie W a project while opinion poll and it is is getting a lot closer. Which would you prefer. Living in a big city. Are living in a small town. 43% say big city 57%. Say small town. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and the -- blog tonight is titled our people happier living in a smaller city. Enjoy going through small cities I enjoy traveling to small cities went -- I get a chance. But I live in New Orleans I love living in New Orleans I don't know that I would be happy living in a small town. But I respected admired people who were able to. To live in a small town. Now what when we knew when you do you commuting I don't consider that to be what you're you're living in a small town if you live in. -- -- bill or merely being a small town if you live in Slidell but that that's -- this is big suburbs and if you commute into the city. That's -- like living and working in a small town. And where I have had the opportunities in years abroad had the opportunity to get off the interstate and travel through small towns and spears just recently and a couple trips to. A home. Just appreciate those people who have what seems like it and this is not an insult. But it seems like. A simpler less hectic life. And the city breeds. Chaos. And living in a smaller city and being I guess a little less stressful. If you wanna join -- share -- with your comment numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines here where it's evident. And a text number is 87878. Over the weekend in New Orleans seven people were shots -- died seven different shooting incidents. And Chicago at least forty people were shot four killed. Including an eleven year old girl who was shot and killed during a slumber party. -- -- -- And we had a case here in New Orleans in the last like two years I -- for a year and a half. A young girls who were shot and killed at a birthday party. Innocent kid enjoying your birthday party. And she was here because. Two of the people. -- and each other. And then that happens quite often it's. Again if if we can get the date the bad people who have problems with each other. And don't know how to settle an argument other than with a gun if we can get them to just go out. And and and deal with their problem away from everybody else mean that's still bad. But at least innocent people. Would not be killed and I I wish it was as easy as thinking about the right laud -- past. The right gun control -- past. That would prevent shootings like this from happening but I I don't. I don't think there is. And when people hear about him. Tragic shootings innocent people dying there are a lot of people who instinctively start talking about gun control. I just don't understand. What kind of law. Would be respected by those people who work committing these kinds of of tragic shootings. And again you went whenever we talk about people who were injured. And not killed. They could just as well have been killed and that's just a matter of inches in in in some cases may be up a fraction of an of an inch where the bullet -- Seven people shot only one died. Several people could be -- So which really serious when when people are just our largest injured because they they could've been killed. And I. There're there are people who think. Gun control is the answer again I just don't know what kind of law. We're prevent shootings like this if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven at tech's number is 87870. Here's a text LOL did you just say. If you have to explain it. If you have to explain it to you than it's obvious there its you don't know the difference if you don't know something then you obviously. Have -- and explain to you. I think you had a brain -- I I hate that term brain you know what people say when they say I had a brain I hate when people use that term. No offense LO well though. To me. A spanking his office. And if you are the difference for the spanking. And beating. That I don't know if explaining the difference would really matter to you. And I guess the the most obvious difference would be in their view of a better explanation you -- -- shore or semi attacks but I mean I didn't Google this -- look it up -- sure there's a I'm good concise technical explanation of a beating or spanking. But I would say that it would be. Intent and it would be hurt -- that would be the degree of of of hurt in a spanking is if I guess it temporarily. Temporary sting. And really -- the greatest part of the spanking should be finished the shame and humiliation. That is experienced. Because you guys banked. And you don't have to spank you kids having you have to do something. If you choose to spank your kids just know the difference between spanking and beating and as I said earlier I think this is important. If you're out in public. Don't overreact. If somebody spank their child. We we overreact to things. It's unfortunate that a lot of people who just spank their kids. End up getting in trouble for spanking markets. And people get away with beating their kids. And there's a big difference between the two so -- -- beating their child in public that's one thing. But as somebody spanking their child don't don't over react to that. From -- to village. Jeremy -- WWL. Major arming our tablet and burst and as complex listing during the all around yeah. Ireland and the bill would not created a little. Wonder what you. Didn't join. It. -- And do you work demanded. -- Be espresso so you you sound like you commute to the city near really part of the city a regular basis you really live in that area. -- well not everybody can do that so that's it's a blessing especially if you like it now with your kids -- will. Will they were removed would you would you be upset if they wanna leave the small town and experience a big city. Yeah yeah. -- -- or. Not or other. Now -- -- news. New Orleans. -- I was like -- one night. I was Obama so. -- a little pride that idea. Well. And I woke up. And go. Maybe that's the difference between the city and that and the country as small as soon. Isolates of somebody walks in your house and knocks on your door to tell you that your front door was open. It is now has occurred or. Don't know how much I think that would but yeah I don't know a week. The they would I've definitely you know the front door is open it would have taken advantage to being right. Herbal. All that you know there's -- -- and it. My hope. Would be that. You know -- -- Israel a lot like art or all the outdoor. You know but it shouldn't set -- really. Well. Well there there is violence everywhere but it's the eases the tension of living in this city it tends to 230. More violence in and you hear about two shootings and violence increasing. -- during named the hot summer months indicating that people just get more frustrated when it's hot and during the winter. Or else. That are there. And commit them. -- -- -- opportunity -- him much here. And it could -- Yeah it is. -- -- C. Dishing out. -- You and under. But to. It is. What about the use of belt is at a meeting. It is. They. Are but. It is R&B. I think. It is born and to. To heighten the or to. Censure -- Yes I spanking is to. Let a child knows that he or she has done something wrong and spanking is not a pleasant experience. And I would think that the the greatest part of a spanking is that it is the shame of it as opposed to the actual her. I'm fortunate never. Want the bank -- -- my children. Our word. Pretty much so. I I got on a daily basis. It. What I yours or what it. Would be. Well. And you know. -- generation. You know a great 180. -- Respect for older. Respect other people respect other people's out. Well Arnold that can be top without beatings. It. Well. If it's not taught it's not taught. And that might not have anything to do with not not beating child you know you can. You can do a lot of things to discipline children even from a very early age. You don't have to spank them that is here's one course of action as long as it's a spanking in and out of beating then. It's okay. But that the point is is that parents need to do something and quite often parents just let their kids do whatever they want and receive the results of that every day. -- -- -- I think that people mark. Engine to what should do. -- I don't each of all. And you -- -- -- I've got to get to break I'm glad you called in to have a -- -- moment thanks for sharing your story with us. You Jim if -- -- holds they would aside -- and we're coming right back on WL. Yes. I think your state appeals court ruled it a Long Island father used reasonable force where he spent his eight year old son that brought up -- discussion about spanking and there's a big difference between spanking and beating. However there are those who don't seem to know the difference in about getting a lot of really great text. Here's a Texan reads a spanking hurts the parents. Beating hurts the child. Here's another text beating is an act of repeated hitting and striking. Spanking is the act of striking the buttocks of another person. To cause temporary pain without producing physical injury. And here's a really good explanation. To spank its child is to teach discipline. So they understand but the it was wrong. To beat a child is to simply take out your frustration on them without teaching them a lesson. It's about the aggression and the motives and I guess that's why I've I've. I said initially that. If you don't know the difference between a beating in the spanking explaining it's not couldn't do any good. And I you know parents get frustrated when their kids make a mistake when their kids do something that's irritating or something its wrong. And a lot of parents. Take that moment of anger and vent their frustration. By beating a child. Or even aggressively spanking a child goes really beyond -- So. If you do spank your child. Make sure to spanking. And -- caught in the moment of your anger. And don't vent your frustration. On your child's. By beating -- -- from Gonzales Eric -- WL. A group are -- good. Advocate Derek about it wanted to albeit but the small sound that word verses speak city you know he's you know as you know order is in the -- -- move to -- No doubt as epic to cheer to collapse in the BP used to live and it's -- the small turnout and a lot of value in the market view that report. -- law and every -- award at the crown plaza right -- verdict now. Active club feeling sick and markets. All -- now because it's so all you don't have department here in the city here. October if a person want on the wall and across Britain had just -- milk that they are prepared when I was actually live in this series. Yeah that's that's that's quite a commute Derek did you enjoy the commute. They are due out put -- or no matter. You know it took some good to wrong. I grab them use -- now been doing that every hit it straighter zodiac -- at all. Short but they're not bad but. I'd like little puke -- -- -- practically grew up here who dedicated Jaycee and I have my two oldest two hours. Want theater arts who also I want to say I think it's if you will put them -- -- it will -- but I do miss the ball well -- -- now. -- tissue work at a hotel downtown and I'm noticing this is it a time when a lot of families are are coming to new world -- a lot of families checking in hotels today. You know we got baseball currently has by sir error. As there's a lot of people taken advantage because they'll sell all of the red reverberates -- now. There people who are kept off the wall with a fair -- I've never seem to -- war is plentiful. They're out so they are like you know maybe it's pretty -- that -- you come here and experienced obviously. That we have to offer at all. Derek I enjoy our conversation as always in that -- listing on your way home to Gonzales. From Aaron hand changer on the -- show WWL. -- on Beijing's. The ball well and reading. -- Our goal for the -- -- little. -- demoted I'll tell you what. What we. My world you can. So what did I. Am not so our Google wallet will walk out. But it wasn't. A total. -- all the money you are all of debacle in your apartment or. -- -- -- -- Yeah I would I would I would think that that that just reminded me of of Astoria I've I've I did a show for a week from from Tokyo and that part of our group somebody left a camera bag. On the subway. Yeah NT Tokyo. And found the subway. And the bag was still there you think it would still be there that would have been an America. I don't know. I don't know all of the big. Tree. And the -- spoke a little bit trying to. A couple -- To. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're good about him. You got one but it it -- minimal amount -- -- like beer on. You've got sort of they try to. Put it. Yeah it's it's it's quite different living in the city and in many ways James I appreciate you calling a short thanks listening to WWL a night. If you're -- -- -- this here's -- WW pretty jaguar opinion poll which would you prefer. Living in a big city. Or small town five of the happy -- cities the top sixty happy cities in America according to one study. A small city small town. I'm scoop will be right back on -- a bureau on our website at WWL dot com we've got the story about former LSU quarterback Zach met burger. Got punched in the face after reacting to an Alabama fan in Tennessee. I think the Alabama fans sensed something like roll tide. And sex it's -- -- like good luck with that. So we get punch in the face. I would rather an Alabama fan. Give me a fist in the face. And what that Alabama fans gave then LSU fans and after the ocean Alabama game in urban street. From coming to each. -- -- -- I got totally. The -- over that. You -- your product you treat Africa. That's right Lou. The -- in good. Could. One responding caller earlier from min ago a communal cup entered their whole life. Thirty years old and acting different is four hours from my perspective it's when you live. -- -- The first thing out small. Hikers not to do. One horse council speaks Russian and old or years ago. You know another McCain more and treaties our country's foreign currency area. The big council speaker actually. When you a little older when -- windows issues as a problem Google canal street. One of the Kabul and in the buildings. Closed down at 9 o'clock commuter car markets it's a lot yet but the want they noticed between. One that knows between -- Small. Public -- streets. Is on the North Shore. You do read it in cups rather -- in the New York. And -- the city -- is it's like to get bigger there's a fraud and their diplomats were much but the mental cops. It's that -- Seventeen cops pull over to people it's ridiculous. That's an interesting observation Chan. -- and I appreciate you listening. A live on the North Shore a several times. And worked in New Orleans sellers at W on the nineties appears to wave ocean on the golf course and Condo there. I really enjoyed the commutes. I didn't mind the -- one thing that I don't like about living downtown is. Don't have that time to. I have to do it in in different ways but I enjoyed that the drive to the station I enjoyed the drive. The drive home after the station. I don't know that I could live in a small town. If you live in a small town workers small town that's a lot different and living in a small town like meant to -- Covington -- now or their district handler places like that. And then commuting to the city it's a little different because you're still part of the city. -- we're thrilled to have Angela hill as part of our radio -- she's got another great show playing for you tomorrow. At 1 o'clock if you think sex trafficking have sex trafficking happens only four countries think again because. And alarming rate it's happening right here in Louisiana why. And what we do about it at 2 o'clock a state treasurer for Louisiana John -- talks about the red flags on retirement for. Page for. A state troopers. And also at 3 o'clock citizens take up action for more police in New Orleans. -- for the grassroots movement of a better police department for New Orleans which you -- that. That movement. Don't miss Angela an open -- with a legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays from one to four here on WWL. What do they John -- studio producers final update on -- W a pretty general opinion poll. Would you prefer living in a big city or small town 42% say big city 58% say small town have a great night we're back tomorrow night's -- -- Orleans.