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7-22 5:10am WWL FIrst News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jul 22, 2014|

Dave talks about if Zach Mettenberger should press charges, technology traps, and a panty thief

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's July it's the 22 it's 2014. Heads to Missouri -- not. Monday out so congratulations to you and yours and everyone else to me through Monday and we have progressed to the second day of the work although I've got tell you the pattern holds true. The second -- back. -- It's always the hardest for some -- getting up on Monday after vacation can do it now and now it's. Bid Tuesday instead. Adam summed this nails I saw a city like a freight Steve -- suffered the same fate. When he came back. It was Tuesday that got him -- did not want to give up. I made it here I am half off we go. Ask you questions. If you -- -- Matt Burke. Would you press charges. Against the individuals. Restaurant -- idea to use your words David. -- I was thinking maybe the individual. Who punched him in the face. At a Nashville -- You've heard the story out there is according to the owner the of the place. Generally called losers. I've got losers most wanted bar and grill in Tennessee and -- members of the former LSU quarterback who was drafted by the Tennessee Titans is in town because they start training camp on Friday. Saints report on Thursday in some areas and Nash sitting in a bar it's a -- -- -- All -- And he. Is a former LSU quarterback. According to the owner of the bar and losers. Moves on his bar and of them -- Met -- -- -- and casually says good luck with that. To lose then find it seconds later another person who was with the guy who I'll hold. On all. Sucker punches right in the face I am. -- -- was not treated for any injuries. And neither he nor the bar. Are pursuing criminal charges and ends the alleged puncher. Has met -- has not talked about this I'm sure is gonna get asked about well. Once he reports to camp in the media as I can speak with him. Someone sucker punches me. And I did absolutely nothing to provoke it other than say -- about that -- Think I might pursuit yeah. God as you might be right. Maybe it depends since he is now a pro. Might want to congress. The titans and see you know now. That they've got an opinion on things. You know in my gases and as he again yes and spoken that I've seen. Anywhere yet from my guess is he's like you know -- I don't wanna start my career here in Tennessee. But being the guy who goes after. Somebody. And I don't know where -- you know we don't know much about the guy who punched him in the face. Because there was not a police report may. This suspect information apparently it was not gathered at least -- and publicized it one. ISO but you know if if he's a local he's from real weapons via. Maybe that you know and I -- -- guy who's you know haven't. They have arrested the start like -- doubt that he found a fine. And and that could potentially generate headlines. For -- burger. For weeks now week two weeks hearings. You know you know even want to I don't -- And a big splashy. Files charges plus he did. He met burgers got sorted past few well. He left Georgia because he was accused of sexual assault. And maybe he has on all of that. Charged back up and maybe just thought hey well this pretend this never happened and maybe -- will get out there. Today's. Day majors social media and everything in TMZ like reporting everywhere but stuff like this comes. I -- but I think you're right I think he wants to have major go away as fast as possible. Acupressure artist. Our question. -- it -- the audience yeah this guy's name is because I'm thinking about his career and the same stuff you sent. All the talking at fifteen minutes or sports are in time we'll see what analysts sent this text -- late 7870. Viewers -- met burger and it went down the way the owner of losers. Most wanted bar and grill on national says it did. Unprovoked met murdered sucker punched in the phase which you press charges or would you just letting gal. We'll get Steve -- thoughts on that was sports a monopoly at your forecast from an Eyewitness News. Pinpoint forecasts that are coming about this on WW well. 5:19. Good morning I'm Dave Cohen thanks for joining us on this not Monday yet made it's Tuesday here yourself a pat on the back your forecast. Mostly sunny skies today at lots and -- this afternoon we're all with 92 for a high at 820% chance for just an isolated storm close tonight drifting down into the mid seventies. Rain chances on Wednesday at 40%. -- right at 91 and Thursday it will face and spotty downpours 30% chance of highs of 91. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark but -- We have clouds in the sky and 78 degrees at the airport in -- clear over the lake eighty degrees the Lakefront airport clearance -- balance 72 degrees I'm gave -- the early edition of WWL -- -- tropical depression -- is still way way way out there in the Atlantic. And forecast still -- -- not become tropical storm Bertha in the foreseeable future anyway we'll see if it even holds together one person text -- an 87870. I resentment -- hell yeah -- press charges. OK another ones that I would get my buddies to find these guys and whip that tides. Behind that what he says but when it. Another one said. I would -- ago and not return to that place morbid thoughts coming up here on WWL Steve dollars a month sucker punches you in the face. After you say he had good luck with that to a rollback. The present darkness. I've probably fight back I'm not gonna press chart that court for the honor of losers. Our anger all -- man Berger didn't fight back. Yet he's in a different situation and -- of course he has his you know whole NFL career ahead of him and can be sued for millions of dollars so Smart very mature move by members that the fight back but. Discount. And I guess in his position to style won him make waves roll and roll with the charges. And he didn't suffer any you know him that to seek any treatment for his injuries so just let bygones be bygones there and you know just chalk it up so you know another moronic fans coming up to you by the -- scary when you things like that happen you always have to be aware when you're an athlete yet when you're aware of sports -- -- let's talk about that well good morning everyone team it's two days to the -- -- -- West Virginia for the start of training camp. All pro guard Jahri Evans is anxious to get back together with his teammates. And BD and the grind. Yet figured I had great result football memory you back to basics you know back deliberate -- -- training camp and that is due back to work. Meanwhile saints nose tackle John Jenkins who -- organized team activities after having pectoral surgery has been placed on the physically unable to perform was to begin training camp. The KG -- Bobby Hebert is hoping the team is just being cautious with last year's third round draft it. That's significant John Jenkins a dealing is pictorial injury unit in the rotation longer Brodrick Bunkley very important so that obviously is a concern outside linebacker China as a global also -- Clinton camp on the PUP list. While rookie offensive tackle to Von Brooks has been placed on the non football injury list. LSU baseball coach Paul would -- introduced new assistant Andy Andy -- borrow as well as the tigers 2015. Schedules. Once again we're playing a series with a big twelve opponent Kansas to open the season this may be the toughest opening series. But we've had in my nine years here's a coach. Kansas made it to the NCAA regionals this past season before getting eliminated by Kentucky. -- she's -- baseball season opens against the jayhawks on February 13. And this -- begin to begin their four game series in Iowa would be five to four victory. Disease preacher -- Villa nueva improved to nine and six on the year tossing six innings of scoreless ball while allowing just three hits and striking out four. Today a four on sports -- the NFL network says that shall pay in is the -- best coach in the league. Where would you rank the saints head coach plus as we continue to giro for training camp which players are entering a make or break years for the -- gold. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. Five point three they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio out today's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday two more days to the -- report to training camp in West Virginia three more days -- at the practice field. For training camp. In West Virginians. Now that yeah that's football maybe. And besides that I really excite is the first year that I've been around a team that they've actually traveled. Somewhere else then you're out here tomorrow yeah leave find out tomorrow to West Virginia anxious to see what it's like out there and pretty excited it's. I'd like a big stepping your career kind of thing getting to do this kind of thing. Yeah knows he will be to hearing your sports reports from West Virginia the route to training camps will be with us just. To be a thousand miles away. One person text me at 878 sentences that would oppressed more than charges but I think that members showed a lot of discipline another person that may be met -- posse took care of it. No reports indicate that. One says he probably just wanted to go away. You ought not help I'll call eight domestic it's. A president our -- a gang violence and I think it's amazing it's -- so much restraint in the situation you know he won it not that you'd have backed the big strong guy. Yet totally agree with that too I mean like my first instinct would -- obviously be to fight back but when you're in that position just starting out his rookie career and not wanting to. I guess tarnish his name right now in the NFL just been punched in the sucker -- you and even ready for it right near you would look at that one guy that one guy -- from from the other side according to the owner of the -- got to watch out for those -- folks. It's the -- and -- -- justice Jordan walked in the master control. He's now making big. It's the lose that. My 45 more sports than 25 minutes here at WWL. A combat them and back up on your forecast is next. Let's take a look at your forecast on this Tuesday morning. A look at some chances for rain today just about 20% those that only means isolated storms -- is a hit about 92 before dropping into the mid seventies tonight and Wednesday up 40% chance -- downpours -- right at 91. And Thursday's rain chance at 30% with highs in the lower nineties. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell turnout at 78 degrees the airport in -- with calm winds clear and 72 with -- National Weather Service office in slide down line Dave at the early edition of WWL first news. -- it appears that -- our recent at a bar somehow it all. And you say -- -- good luck with that and now some sucker punches you right in the -- you present charges one person -- and it's 78 that he says -- -- guys. Wanna punch you in the face war I am pressing charges and other says. I wouldn't let ego and not return of that play without losers like this being held accountable. There will continue to perpetuate unacceptable behavior. -- yes pressed charges in this guys around soccer punching other people interesting idea -- Focus on -- careers that no distractions to begin your quest to make the titans roster. The mammoth and it's one of many here whose past you'll cross. Coming up on met burger and why. It. 37 minutes after 5 AM early edition of WWL first news on this that 12 of the line got thousands and -- you know. Welcome to Tuesday -- Usually not on today are my goodness I really do think we should feel pretty good that we survived Monday it make it Tuesday that accomplishment. So people are really riled up about this Zach members thing about it this them bar and grill in Nashville aussies get ready for training ample losers -- most -- hello sir tell you some -- all have. It is -- good luck -- that. Someone sucker punches in the days. One person -- and it's entity that is I think he should press charges because the fool who did this needs to get his just deserve and made known. It's -- and it is wrong. And should have ramifications punishment and knows that. He should have knocked him out and on the same thing -- that I am offended the LSU fan on Bourbon Street out yet that would include respect her. That you don't. Those says. -- suffered another camera but it. I'm a law that all or it's through those is of the bar owner had class he'd pursued charges. Now we don't have baton losers -- -- that no other persons that. I would have that men arrested knows that is really all three guys were at a place called losers what you expect at. Cities. And those that he should go to jail if not only because the band. What are gram of Trans Union. Losers. In you know Tennessee -- and things that segment Margaret our umbrellas -- and a bite to eat in a prize -- -- that we can start. -- battlegrounds are lucky that it did beat them they hate them both Townsend Tennessee speaking of eating out I find it interesting. That Japan's tell us about the game where you take all your -- at the dinner part of the middle of the table and don't talk to talk to each other yes -- fact have a dinnertime conversation would die at any yardage is now resist. And you have to be the first one to -- a text message look at alert from your email your FaceBook whatever it is you do and found you you've got to papered. -- like that I'd argue too. And promised not that the kids. So there are these six bank. That the Huffington Post listed and technology traps that we ball and -- And number one is something that really does give -- outside snapping a picture of the moment instead of savers. Yes a concert lately. No buyout and now I have and it concert after concert that I go to more people. Are either video showing the performance on stage or taking pictures. To a point where. They're not in the moment not singing along well with the band they're not dance saying there that he can't dance quite revealing your radio compiling crap. You can't sing -- your feeling because that -- here is use singing in that the artists. So you are not getting into it at all you're busy looking in getting -- and get -- document here just choice. It's just an overcoat on one or two pictures fear FaceBook clearance to grammar whatever it Islam to -- -- into it can answer most of scrolling through your found during dinner. Checking your notifications in the middle of -- work task gamut have you that your business meeting. And it is this and then look at their -- -- there were times doesn't clearing your emails before bed because it gets stocks at their -- like how war. Reading emails doing things union that sleeping nose has constantly been watching your favorite shows. I don't know I. And watching TV and have people off the way they get caught up on whatever -- watch it in the and -- is keeping your eyes glued to your phone if you walk how many times you see that people walking down the street right down -- -- -- right group of people that ever looking up at the iPhone don't get out of my way. And one that really drives me crazy lately is that a red light it seems. The first person in line is the one who pulls -- -- -- do what's up and on the phone to when it turns to green and they have no idea now that you're sitting there waiting quite badly to look up and notice the light is green big joke is they're too busy texting or emailing or whatever their Dylan. And I -- -- Wanna be that guy honked my horn but you don't wanna sit there either is that you know you miss the light if you like the fourth car -- -- -- back to read before you get there. So you do account do that little friendly. Mart -- text me your -- technology traps is one of these six got a new -- the other people doing editors or something that you find yourself falling into text -- -- 878 that he thank you -- we'll talk to -- and about twenty -- the corporate it Chris Miller joins us. More than a world City Council today again except the sticky issue of who were ride sharing Chris Miller of the latest summit coming up here on WW well -- -- dot com. God let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast senate that you're born and -- Theme song it's not not not it's not a lot of outside and she is the hot hot hot meteorologist in the pinpoint forecast that -- meteorologist -- a puck in his -- -- pattern you know it's just that. This is that July August just a static -- through it you know again and in trudging as the right word because it doubles -- yet to fight through the air to get where we -- go -- with you kind of -- 3% relative humidity start today and things like that exactly mean it's humid at this morning and it could be humid this after you were already in the seventies climbing into the eighties before long and ice today actually making it up to about 92. Right feeling a little hotter with the humidity no doubt. Yes feeling a little hotter the heat index 95100. Later today. And pretty much -- and the rest of the week. To change this week you know rain chances fluctuate bit 3040%. Had a back and forth just means some scattered thunderstorms each afternoon. You make it one everyday this week he may go the whole week without getting what it is kind of depends on where you are. And now you're in the pin point. Forecasts are so I know you're keeping an eye also on tropical depression number two but let me out there in the Atlanta. It is it's way out in the Atlantic east of the Caribbean so we're talking way out there. And it's probably not even gonna last another two or three days it's expected to dissipate because it's so much dry air had a -- And -- it can become tropical storm -- I think it's -- -- tropical depression number two before kind of fizzles out as it reaches the lesser Antilles. All right what we know you'll keep an eye on it just in case anything happens but the rest of us very much don't have to worry about it yep -- well that's good news and it's all around that. We're not gonna get rained out like crazy but it will be some ran around it will be hot -- it's July we know what to expect at all. People. They hear about this. Guy you know Augusta Georgia who broke into a Victoria's Secret and -- 19100 dollars worth of panties. Well that's a lot of pain -- -- -- maybe 3COM. Underwear that and that may not be quite as now that sounds -- 200 pairs of panties. Actually but I mean that that's not that many for the price -- act that stuck on -- that they are but anyway yeah I guess that's like nine bucks a pair. I guess that maybe those of the TP AB adamant that they feel like they've run higher -- I'll be honest I haven't bought panties at Victoria's Secret I'll be honest about it I do not belong there so but yeah. That's that that hundreds and wondering do that I don't know what I write this story and steal stuff you know my daddy when he and in the darkness of the black market underwear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to lay it on the floor and roll around weirdo right GM he. You know I didn't wanna become a member of the penny of the month clubs that we just bought a National -- want to know right where there's now he has a girlfriend and he -- -- try to be nice and bring our 200 pairs of any. They've never been worn before so I don't know. If you can't either one of those weird as what I'm thinking it's -- -- this -- on the Internet that repeating a stand on a street corner at that day. What advice would you that would play sweetie but I pennies from a guy of the street corner you're asking me this -- coming over to the back in the top of my car and send -- By economic. I'll live maybe just to -- likes wearing panties is too embarrassed abide. Which order online and has up its depth you know if this is read here oh. With apps there. People out there and -- -- that made it legal way whatever his reason he does land in the what are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plot thickens yet the the that are out looking for the end. Actually I did in the bill today noon on Saturday he walked to the Victoria's Secret stuff so they're shopping bag and walked that it means that he he's now support it 200. That's part just kind of walk out you know eight stuffed apparently had a small -- -- at a shopping bags at one -- and so you -- -- from a guy who's out of the -- was -- I mean if it. If they never get desperate times -- we definitely did say they're they're really expensive -- like five bucks there right I'd like to say. Maybe I looked at. I wish it would be bored admitted to not buying it -- if you ever get to a point where you're having to buy pennies out of the trunk of a car from a weird guy to bombing out. -- out of gas from ticket though maybe maybe like your not your money anywhere else than and it's like this her or none at all you know I just. I can't imagine a world where that I don't know. Well it yet if they ever get that point we know what will stage an intervention will like if you modify buying panties. But we will not make you buy them out of the tropical. All right we got your back or must now I've -- there were packed from the Eyewitness News pinpoint sports aunts and I did we go there why. I've noticed that the NT sports addicts a person's activity activity and talk about any. And -- that says about those technology traps. Texting I used to call you now I text you -- those people used to talk all the time -- on -- game more than just text and doctor that was -- at all that another that says why is -- -- so afraid honked their horn I love talking points. I don't know I just don't wanna be that guy. It does drive me crazy when people write or read that I see it almost every day now -- stuck in their phone when the light changes green their enemy in an act goings now. I'm hoping that they look up but I wanna give them at least 12 before -- -- I'd do if Dixon more than a second to look up an -- it will -- more. Find itself in the position office Steve Geller. You know what I thought I have the urge to honk my horn but I am ashamed of my Honda civics. Would you let out. Yes I can't I'm like I just had the yell internally -- -- Seymour writes that the. Mean one man that maybe this Kansas. Warning McCain and thing with the air. Opt. You know the use that -- practice I'll just go to the out of the practice torture right. The enemy everything that -- and no I know that vote that was totally. Annoying nobody I didn't -- it happened -- sport that's happening. Well good morning everyone while things rookies report to West Virginia yesterday. The rest of the team arrives on Thursday for the start of training -- offensive guard Jahri Evans says that the cooler temperatures should help minimize injuries and allow players to put him better work -- brackets. You Griffey left school you know you see guys be more hydrated because it would give a little bit more effort maybe. And they would be if they -- and you know we're human environment -- Meanwhile the saints have placed defensive tackle John Jenkins and outside linebacker chat at a zoo well on the physically unable to perform list. Jenkins suffered a pectoral injury during all season in the cajun cannon Bobby -- has its fingers crossed that the second year pro will be able to come off the PUP list before the season -- their third round draft -- query was drafted god -- lived up to expectations as far as far as would rob Bryant expected on him also rookie offensive tackle to Von Brooks was placed on non football injury list and undrafted rookie defensive tackle Moses McCray was -- LSU baseball coach pulmonary and as the tigers incoming signing class which is rated number one of the nation by a perfect game and Jerry also talked about the -- season opener as the 2015 schedule was released. Kansas is a real upcoming program we're an NCAA team last year. So we're gonna have a really great series opening we can next February. Also new batting coach and recruiting coordinator Anthony kind of czar was introduced he will replace hobbies and jets. And his efforts opened their four game series in Iowa with a five to four victory preacher -- villain wave picked up his ninth win of the season -- center fielder Jacque -- nick and third baseman Zach Cox each went yard. Today have four on sports talk the NFL network says that Sean Payton is the second best coach in the league where would you rank the saints head coach. Plus as we continue to giro for training camp which players are entering a make or break years for the black and gold. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. 553. -- gone Steve Geller with yeah -- radios so. How do you feel about the saints team it's kind of weird that we have really nothing to -- they report in two days because there's no free agents that have been sign. There's no one hold out for a better contract -- like everything is just how it should -- Yeah and fortunate that John Jenkins has been put on the PUP list but hopefully it quickly -- able to perform right -- before the season begins. He'll be able to come off the list if not he will be forced to miss the first six games at least. On the year fees to start the season but he can come off -- any time during training camp. A good sign though -- each -- -- not on the PP let's put physically unable to perform. He just had back surgery which is a great sign of -- he really will be ready for it right so that's that's a big deal for the saints obviously six year. 54 million dollar contract giving the state he -- that big landings expected. Right I'd thank you we expect more sports -- about fifteen minutes here on WW well AM -- them and account -- text messages coming up. An 87870. And your forecast -- an activist. So he also the president funny if they're not -- Illinois transparent how long do you wait what's that what's and to rule on that. -- about 12 there's still scroll through their emails or whatever they're -- on the found. Then after 12 night on what president activate that needs and it does love the idea of the airport that'll get him to stop looking at the the it's scare the crap out of. Warrior she say sunshine this morning and a few clouds mixing it later this afternoon look for 20% chance for rain. And highs near 92 did tonight dropping down into the mid seventies -- Wednesday's rain chance at 40%. Highs around 91. Organ -- that 30% chance on Thursday with ties those lower nineties. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm urologist Clark knocked out. I'd start now today it's 78 degrees at the airport in general to humidity at 84% -- Paul wins clear skies and -- -- 72 and gave it the early edition of WWL. Prisoners it's funny how you just mentioned the word -- And people to start texting -- at 87871. Person's says -- he really got -- -- in bonds and a another person that's one of those with songs or any. If they respond to be easy -- to -- shopping bag plus material. I didn't ask you text. But if you wanna do it whatever floats your boat and we'll see what's -- Bob's vote next Bob. In the tell me you're on WW. The real Robert Mitchell won for Tommy Tucker for the next four hours of fun part about aborted Dave good to see you good to see what you get for the next for the fun. We've talked about this guy in Florida was caught and caught an eighteen year old man raped in his eleven year old son. And should this -- be charged with any crime for beating the guy up or should the cops that a metal in the -- over Georgia. Now they right now they would not have to be talking about whether an action that harassment at Purdue beating him -- the question would be should they arrest me for murder right if if if I caught someone rape being one of my kids. They would and the discussion when B I beat him -- they would be killed that a guy left into the bloody puddle of say good for him where you'll talk about. If you had made the trip to the -- remember we celebrated the 45 years. What would your first words of -- near Basra towards coming up next have a great not Monday.

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