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7-22 6:10am Bob Mitchell, man attacks abuser

Jul 22, 2014|

Bob in for Tommy Tucker. Bob talks about a father who beat a man who was abusing his son

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake page who were went toward Iran -- may Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for atomic clock wanted to strange. Man I was -- at home on the couch and Nixon you know they've dusted me off of that hey you wanna get up tomorrow morning. And now know why I hate getting up in the morning ya ya ya -- a lot of you have some dust on there they needed to shake not much just a just a little boarding goes on -- more years to work in and night for the -- totally different spectrum for -- David. As you know during the week. NASA's Apollo eleven landed on the moon 45 years ago you know there are people who still believe it was a hoax yes yes. And of course we all those famous words -- be touchdown. That's one malls one small step for man one giant leap for mankind you remember the day. I remember that day where I was. Everything about the but in those days you never heard anything about fake. You know the prices -- -- it didn't come until later. And then I think there's actually been you know one of those investigators shows where they explained how they did it with a set. -- background and then come -- look. Couple -- not collect friends who still believe that and now have you ever given any thought that. If you were the first men on the moon. What would your words. Duties. I would have gone one of two boys are getting big and day saints then. I thought it would be just great that touched down and go -- on Wednesday good guys and say if I could do that it'll or I would have made day. Secret deal with the Al cope with a was alive and -- top allies. That's -- up -- that chicken from pot -- Would not have been cool -- you do you know what he would have filled your bank account right. Rugby very cerebral that would have been the deal to NASA over the kicked into the curb after the yeah -- you would never career anymore right. But a lot of money right. So we're gonna talk about that -- and talk about the guy in Florida. Who called an eighteen year old -- -- in his eleven year old -- and beating him up and then called an ambulance to collect him. From a bloody puddle of salvia describe the phone call and now the deal is should the father beat charged with any crawl and portion of the cops on the a medal was just if it was your kid what would you don't I'll point out to going to be a tough one I'd say at a medal. Literally I say making the -- -- well make him make him the image -- -- if apparent catches you messing around with one of their children. They have the right just the beat the living crap out now they're -- to be a law. As you can do about it and deficit. -- talk to you David -- will be here all morning all right 2601. Point 78. 8668890878. What -- about it. What would you do if that where your child should default will be charged with any crime at all. Or should the cubs but the metal -- should think about if you had been that first man or woman on the moon. What -- your four -- -- -- and I'm Bob Mitchell in -- doctor. Got a hold on July until the until they hear from you at 26017866. And 90 at W can -- the and it's 7870 but -- duper for a phone call shall you not to talk about things I'm Bob Mitchell in for Tommy -- the -- seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and forced him and for Tommy talked to the sport and it's 16 minutes after 6 o'clock 660. And by the way we'll have that. -- dollar worry Tobin reporting right portion of the clock it's the 1000. Dollars summer splash cash contest of the they should give some 1000 dollars and could say that three times. Summer splash cash on this summer. Well alright here's what we are talking about this morning as you wake up couples -- -- things couple vote light things. Like. If you had been the first man on the moon or first woman on the moon Neil Armstrong was. What review ordered if you have a chance to take a trip to the -- Or anywhere and please would you go and are you one of these people still believe. That it was a hopes to secure -- 7866. And finally it's evident. Here's a story that is a follow the ruling Graham -- Florida -- on an eighteen year old man -- Is eleven murals on the as a guy that he trusted. This is the that he would let watches -- his eleven year old he -- -- has been going on for ball three years. And -- Literally the you know one out of this when he called the 911 call this I have been in a bloody puddle review. Officer. The cops asked him what kind of weapon he used he said must foot in my finish now should this father be charged with any crime at all. Which for the cubs and a metal Jewish just what would you have done if that where your Charles go to Barry and vocal support of Barry. -- -- -- -- -- -- it was a nightmare on alma group Christian Mayer broke the law advocate in this case that would be detonated it. I'm -- -- -- -- a bit more with the popular of it no calorie. Like it I a operative that the welcome. Would we want we a credible option won't get -- -- Would argue that the that the people who we think it will blow at least struck out will be blocked and Internet life. Right this got a pretty much of the same thing he's the guy I was lucky. That the eleven month gone all the laws Olympic in his -- I've taken out of rotation to buy for publicly and anything to him. Adult if he -- left -- -- -- No no -- wouldn't. And bring it at that. People shouldn't tolerate and oh lead -- what we're all kind of created emblem world cannot be -- here he could be out and separate it means should not be a bit more. I'm Barack now on on the lighter side of the would you or would you ever take a trip to outer space to protect a trip to the moon. Well I'm kinda claustrophobic but out here but -- you know. I don't know which you don't want. That. It. I'll look into what we'll do it in a moment I think I got to do it at. I love this when news guy says. If I were on the moon my first world war world the -- -- -- -- from the Jackie Gleason. -- would you know what they're. All right another text message of this right this is one lucky dude had a bit my kid he would be dead. While. Here's text message which a -- for you later on that says. That the rest mission report and the -- true and -- over the same report says. 5%. Think the moon landing was a fraud. I just don't think there's any way we -- debate I think there was a movie it was either. And these are on the move. Or it was a trip to Mars or something let them OJ Simpson wasn't that moved this of the whole opening was on the movies are right. I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- target we're gonna go to traffic right now. I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- talk of this morning we have our phone lines open to a lot of people feel at this time of the morning is they'll want to try to Colin drizzle lines are all jammed up actually can get on. And just a few minutes of 26017866889087. You can text me and it's 7870. If you just waking up. 62525. Minutes after 6 o'clock WWL. Will that help you beat the heat. Starting today you have a thousand. Dollars of cold cash go in the programs and our nationwide summer splash -- content she was from WWL. Weekday -- for the -- our news at 7 AM which means we have one coming up a little over a half hour for you 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM for the code word. But -- text that word is 72881. For your chance to win. Without ever putting down your phone that's 72881. Every weekday -- lucky listeners nationwide -- a thousand dollars each and please don't miss out on the money sign -- now -- WWL -- club. You'll -- reminder to anxious to extort cash. To 87870. We will alerts through fifteen minute report each code word is announced so you could. So you won't you know you'll instantly you know what should have been known to wish that you wish your wife. Would give you about a fifteen minute alert blocked. If you don't shut up right now and fifty minutes and it would go crazy on you we have a thousand dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest don't forget the time to listen. 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and (%expletive) you good luck from Smart radio intercom. And all of us at WW. Here's what we are talking about the morning I don't know if you got a chance to get the full story on this guy from Florida. He catches this eighteen year old man raping. -- eleven year old son -- makes -- worse. Is this -- someone he trusted the system guys that I think. Watched his kid from on the time for like about three years. Well he didn't use any weapons. All he did his -- foot. And his fist. He called the police -- that I've done him in a bloody puddle for you. If DC disguised mug shot. Mean he's got cuts bruises well into those -- in the -- really beat the crap out of him okay so should this dead. The charge of any crime at all. -- of the cops in a metal shall I think that the public consultation. Put him on TV and say this guy this guy is just have to play hero. And the missiles this is the way you handled some -- -- go grab a two by four grab whatever but there's no way in the world. I could of just simply said hey. Look you need to stop -- or no way in the world I want called 911. And well all I'll vote the police to get there and take care of I've appraisals on. I would've done the same thing what would you have done. If -- -- your child to 601 late 7866. And a nine OH seventy and we have our big it's seven -- a drug war opinion poll cluster. The saints are about to head out to green buyer West Virginia. Is having training camp. In a faraway state. A good thing. Or a bad thing now. You need to think about this in a couple of ways you need to think of this as a fan. In all or were going to be selfish and say we wish the saints would be stating here. Is that better for them to be away. To avoid the distractions of home I'm very fortunate to have many years ago I used to live next door to a launch grooms who played for the things. And to grow -- the wide receiver he lived across the street. And they would have to go I think off to a of Vero Beach. And they bolts -- -- as far as training. The spores getting your head in the football. As far as bonding with your teammates. That that was the absolute best thing for them of course at that point they did they didn't have patron in specialty. One David drug but but that they agreed that goal in -- way. Was -- a little testing and I think we have to do here. Is that we have to trust Sean Payton went to trust Mickey Loomis and they're gonna do the best thing for for the team. You know you'll get a chance closely and at at other times but my personal belief is that we have to do -- best for the team I would much rather have them go away. And be in a football mentality. And come home and win games what are you -- to six early 7866. And -- 90 its Lebanese. Yes it's almost time for for news David -- -- walking into. Huge and spacious WWL news complex right -- the morning -- morning David thank you David a little familiar story about technology. Over using right is it my imagination. It seems to me that the last thing people use cellphones now is actually talk on them. In -- They send text messages. Today scroll and look at things take pictures used the Internet. It drives me raising from my wife was recently gotten in the text I. I saw you are in trouble I am still old fashioned -- talk -- opponent shall sit there and have a conversation for fifteen minutes from from one. An outside -- call them. Didn't didn't we didn't we remember beat urged here. You remember that are a member of three -- -- right and you would get -- day. A message on a beeper to call someone and call. Then we invented cell phones shall we didn't need beepers now we have cell phones and of -- like we send a telegram to each other. Is Tracy it is it is and that and that and that whole picture of of four or five people sitting around dinner table and everybody's got their little Smartphone on the rise in out. Well what I come away and talked and visited with -- each other well what I do at my house we have Thanksgiving or we have a big family dinner and make everyone put their cellphones of the best view Barack and we'd talk. Thank you David share all right 260187866890. Its revenue got about July and drove the -- Colin. And not take partial heck even go -- this Foley and say good morning. I'd love to hear from you at 63822. Minutes before 7 o'clock here's what we are talking about this morning. The man in Florida. He called an eighteen year old man -- -- his eleven year old son instead of calling the cops. He beat the guy yeah so bed the had to call an ambulance to collect and as the guy described to a 911 operator a bloody. -- Now we have in -- discovered anything yet but should this fall will be charged with the crime -- just tell the guy. He -- of -- he knew he was so they could have just called the police report the guy but instead. He just beat the living crap love him and left a minute and a big pool of blood. Do you think this -- there should be arrested or should the cops and a medal on -- strength. It was. July toll of 45 years ago. One Neil Armstrong ordered one of history's most famous that it is. When his foot touchdown on the move at one malls one small step for man actually was one. Small step for a -- but the radio transmission fellow one giant leap for mankind you remember that day. Remember what you were doing would you ever anyway consider a trip to the -- or anywhere in space. And just from the funds out of this what would your first words -- have a couple of text messages. As does that -- -- -- touchdown -- she couldn't tell all the signs. I mentioned earlier mine would either be. Who dat -- gonna beat them saints or. I would have made a deal -- unlike pop -- or. McDonald's enough for for a little bit love that chicken from -- laws are you deserve a break today at the mcdonalds now and elements that while for the rest of -- -- to six year old -- 7866. And -- 90870. And we have our -- jaguar opinion poll question that you could either. Go on line at WW dot com and answer or you can just phoned me and give me your response the saints. Our ball to him about the Greenbrier West Virginia. Is having training camp. In a faraway state a good or a bad idea 67 defense -- good 33% say bad. Will take a break and then we'll come right back to our phone calls truck you will be up next we have other lines open and so -- Napoleon. It's 260. Wanted to but he its exit it at -- it's ugly I'm Bob excellent from Tommy -- on the -- it's seventy WWL AM implement dot com. -- -- Bob eventually real. Robert neutral filling in for atomic -- which one we'll have that thousand dollar award for some of the and just a couple that struck out of debt to -- a second but I won a read this text version we're talking about this guy in Florida. I have nothing but praise for this guy he walked in and call an eighteen year old man beating his eleven year old son. And he -- you really want were to be beat the crap out of his attacks -- -- that disgust me. But 87 -- as the portion of this Florida should be arrested. -- I mean unfortunately we live in today's society that if someone comes to your home. And you shoot them you could be arrested someone came and in my shoot well my my my home I would shoot. And I let them ask me questions later and that's the point try to make clear no one. At WW -- not me not anyone around usually and the guy should be arrested and I hope he does not I hope -- -- -- medalist. Let's go to -- -- -- use that you have a problem. You have a solution to solve in the cellphone problem. Sure. Lenovo and recruit out to eat. Or whatever. Ohio later ruled it -- first major -- out a deal. It sparked a so that I mean do do do people get tempted to answer their photo to a. Are well Patricia obligatory. Judge if you have any thoughts about this -- in Florida and I've got I think it's wonderful what he did in fact I haven't talked about that shirt that says a solvent court picture. On line of the -- list. Not bad at a dead needs a few more rounds with him. I'll tell you about it. I had somebody blue being. Post well it. They sent a letter about an article which in. Fargo all wrote inevitably it out. Welcome to the neighborhood. In joke I'd like grandparents -- -- -- quite late Jerry all right people look up breach of your own. We talked it out all about that by the way I've got a letter Olympic outlook -- that blown all out culture. So I'm standing here in the US displayed. An ability to your grades are -- -- buyouts. You church wanna give you will be -- to each -- So you received the letters in that you have a sexual predator in the neighborhood is that but it was. And saw a tool to welcome to the people who are gonna outlaw biker group a couple of -- But you've made you've made no bones about it that if the did anything with a -- your children and have the answer -- you right. On. -- -- One of the of fun things to talk about the warning. I'm I'm a big space look I'm I'm I'm a big Star Trek fan and I love these penalties. A little Podemus open I -- fund such relations. If -- view had been that first man on the moon any thoughts of what you would have said. I really don't know I watched too cute and -- -- -- open gold not. Only a little bit. What are what I remember about Washington that night is that -- -- amazed that we war. That we -- get pictures. From the moon. And I read a report -- of the technologies the computer technology in your cell phone. Is may -- a hundred times greater than the computer technology that actually goddess to the moon. But when you were watching that you were so amazed to. There was grainy black and white pictures and now now -- and pictures from the space station that looks like it could be a reality show. Yeah. Technology area under the car news. -- -- -- It it really makes you wonder world is technology is taking this and we know what's going to be happening ten years from now. It holograms -- next the holograms are already a reality and you know soon you'll be able to take -- talk to someone and they'll be a hologram of an individual. In an in your living room will be like Kevin a face to -- conversation. Richard C -- popular. Science. It was a little bit and oracle are about being able to play -- trees. -- our. -- the people's high though and YouTube archer you in the future. -- -- -- -- or people or whatever. And Seattle like oval. That accurate about that should be scary because. You can only abuse that charge you thank you so much for following in the morning okay. All right -- 60178668890878. I am Bob Mitchell and for a -- part -- of Poland opened its 787. But the regular check traffic right now. Welcome back to Charlotte -- -- to show me Bob and totally new coming -- our last caller had had a great idea being. It drives me insane when we have a Stanley get togethers everybody is on the little cell phones or texting back and forth in the you're trying to have a conversation with the other. And and their taxi. He said that what he does he has ruled that especially if they go to a restaurant but the first personal after the opponents to pay the bill. Does this situation of people texting and all the time and then we get those those are the noise you. Do you have any any solutions on how to keep that perhaps but he probably will add that to what we're talking about the morning. 26 year old -- 7866. -- -- 90870. And about the Florida man. Who caught on aid to your land raped the eleven year old son beating him up and called the ambulance called to collect his bloody puddle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or should cubs have a metal in my gut the interest in text messages on this Bob. Bob the Bible says turn the other cheek getting -- assaulting. The abuser makes the day at almost as bad. Sin is and here's another one op. Understand the dead emotional response but just think if everybody did that when they found out her kid was abused -- or hospital was treating. -- details. Maybe it of people not to -- anymore we did that. So obviously -- some people think that chargers should be made 260878668. Mentally it's seventy. And look it up to date on our. -- it's seventy printer at work pretty simple question mostly through about -- and -- to green -- West Virginia. Is having training Q&A for a Wednesday a good. Or a bad idea you can go to. WWL. Dot com and cast -- -- or simple thing to do was simply called me because we. We don't have lines are open and we united talk about it 64% actually a good idea. 36% say it is a bad idea when you talked to multiple players they all think it is ago. Because. It it gets them. Wait premiere and I mentioned earlier. Oh many many years ago -- -- in the neighborhood where I had to neighbors who were members of the the world it's it's a little -- with the defensive -- and tinker Owens. From Oklahoma with a wide receiver and they both agreed that given the way they used to go to -- breach. And getting the Vero Beach -- said was was very very good for the team in port for team chemistry and really made them do nothing but the content for.

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