WWL>Topics>>7-22 7:10am Bob Mitchell, charges for dad who beat son's abuser?

7-22 7:10am Bob Mitchell, charges for dad who beat son's abuser?

Jul 22, 2014|

Bob in for Tommy Tucker. Bob talks about a father who attacked a man that was abusing his son

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David this situation both Cooper honey no you weren't giving some laughter -- picking you some guidance of approach and the car. The buttons are gonna get locked the unit takes you down if you also isn't just like you know you don't. I know what I would do that ya know well as there's really no regulation on the thing. And you're just taking a chance you know it is seen in those movies where some -- tales though I think with a call a Gypsy camp. Now and that they put men and -- The buttons. Some buttons told -- now at a later. You and the gas comes on the -- of -- locked in the back -- -- -- you're kicking you're committed on the window and nothing is going to pollen and poly drug that I'd I'd be frightened as you know what to drive separately -- it is a little scary but on the flip side. It is work well in some other studies and not for people who do it. Actually are the the -- operators WL. It's a great way to earn some some Maxtor -- -- I guess so but you know if if if you were a a cycle. What I would do as you know I'd I'd get the cheapest looking car that does -- -- which you wouldn't suspect that you know but. I don't let that just would -- the -- -- you're you're not comfortable with nada none at all thank you David -- all right we have supply lines open too -- 017866889. Though it's seventy let's start about third two of how would you feel about that it. I would be petrified. To draw something like that also what we don't wanna talk about this morning is. What do you do when you have family get togethers. And everybody sits around and there have been a conversation with you. And at the same time with the texting someone else that that drives me absolutely. Crazy I'd I I'd go nuts at that now for big meals and shall play -- at my -- I make people put put the palms up in the winding. That should get over that is absolutely. Unbelievable if you have a solution of that that please help me -- at 260170. 866 -- -- 90 it's -- also we're talking about this guy in Florida. That this committee that it would great story and I'm I'm all for the say in a medal in I have a message here. From someone that's of them to make it a poster child. He catches. An eighteen year old rape and his eleven year old son he doesn't call police for Italy he beats the guy yeah. And he makes the 911 call and is that you can collect and promote bloody puddle ahead and of course police trying to decide whether or not the a charge you with anything and we have a couple of text messages through fate that the guy should be charged with something and one guys says. That you know if everybody did this would be -- Little League play also if you were in their situation. If it was your child. What would you do it's very easy to say when someone else's -- while they shut them down -- but if it was your child. What would you do here's a text message that says. That he should be given an award. We're showing restraint for not killing the guy. So do you pick this dad is my hero. Or a criminal and we have -- seventy -- jaguar opinion poll question the saints are about to head out to agree and buyer West Virginia. Is having training tip enough or Wednesday at a good or a bad -- in front of the view. Who have been to training camp what do you remember the most about -- -- and the great. Training camp memories -- you wanna share what this you can go online and tester voted at this point 74 percentage -- good idea. Police experts that say is that it is bad idea I'm -- a dental and for a comic Procter and if you -- politics or shall have loved to hear from you. 2601. Late 78668. -- 9087. I'm Bob mentally profoundly -- welcome back to show -- remind you of people living in lake view are doing what they can. To drive home the message that their straits are badly in need of repairs and Mario or else the dew drop drive around lake view of it. -- is an absolute goodness they're having their own community meeting. Today to highlight the growing problem organizers say the meetings goals to have a friendly and very open discussion with city officials on their plans. So are fixing streets. In lake view and around the state. So it if you live in the neighborhood. That has a pop poll. This would be a great time. To give us a call -- 26 year old -- 7866. David finally it's seventy. And just describe the model. And I know some have been fixed but I can remember. But time -- not short but not that long ago that in lake -- a right around floor DeLeon Harrison. You had to be careful because the main. -- -- Drove into some -- those models. You'd need the tow truck to get your car so if you -- report upon all of you if aggravate about the bottle. You can call me this morning and tell me about that 22601878. 86689087. -- go to a -- and little in how are you -- You abundantly what's on your mind this morning good morning to good morning our outlook -- -- -- thank you so much -- Are -- column on it but -- that ultimately. That the -- in -- in aren't there what would you of them that -- Opt out -- order. The I think that. Bellamy. I admit. But do you need -- need to look it's pretty it is Desmond. You without a -- -- and oh you know but everybody that it agreed Ali. -- grade. How hot you re activist text message here to those people think the follow should be punished you or hypocritical. Just think if that was your son -- daughter in the heat of the moment. You were telling me you wouldn't do anything so you agree that that text that right. You know. Bank debt. I would have done. Right nobody. Right. And -- also a text message mostly just just the opposite effect that. If everyone did this that it would be tale of I agree with do what would you do with the -- your -- you wouldn't care about the details. What are and one Eddie asides and what are your thoughts about the saints going out of state or training camp good idea -- idea. Actually -- that -- -- they have been productive thing you know ma city unique symbol Bo and -- with the boat owner and it will well they're being built. Have never been to training camp. I got a chance wants to go. One the saints were training in Vero Beach like this a couple of neighbors it was say it's. And an Iowa for a week and it was just an incredible club -- in the food. They've seen these guys tackle the food was really really really great YouTube you know anything you want to -- the -- -- All right any operation doubtful -- okay thank you so much all right. 26 or 178668890870. Let's go ahead and take a break and know they'll -- to keep talking traffic. -- -- Take a call all right let's -- to -- Dave in California. Hey David you. Sorry but. You know I. Couldn't disagree more on this whole idea. -- history is filled with the problem of the guy who is judge. Jury and executioner yeah that's three different jobs three courses. So what would you have done. What a sad excuse me sir stopped doing them -- call the police aren't. Has slowed -- down by. As a policy that is that. Don't -- the start of allowing. You know -- -- nose under the tent you give people just look the other way while somebody beat somebody to death. Well you know -- ever nobody nobody beating to death just beat the crap quality. Yeah well. You went to went civilizations. Starts looking the other way no longer civilization. Not just it's no longer civilization that I certainly would look the other way I think I think this guy should be -- what. I think -- that he should be father of the year. What what you do with what was your child you tell. What you would hey David what would you do -- Georgia Georgia pay dues. Stop doing that might -- on the call the cops -- -- -- David I don't know -- Davis you are not answering my questions David what would you do. What would you do David. David let me ask you one more time -- -- all the time and then under the -- -- I'm gonna hang up on our right. Now we'll take a break and we'll come back if you don't answer the question. And you're gonna keep talk to him talking and I'm gonna hang up on our right to a six year old -- 7866890870. I'm Bob Mitchell and the Tommy Tucker in the brigades seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell -- for Tommy Tucker. It's 72626. Minutes after 7 o'clock let's go to -- in the world in a -- this morning -- have a good day so far. It -- you wanna talk about training camp in the saying it. Jian. I went out -- I drive once -- out. -- -- -- -- -- There you go ahead finish. You got their shot yes yes yes that's right yeah. It's is that this step. -- -- was it yeah. To -- that day. -- -- But for what got big how else and how they don't do about them. That was the beginning at -- Yeah shocked it was an impossible guy either. Well subsites. But besides that that broke it once. But what do you think about the -- that training out of state this stuff. That Bartlett gadget that they're old country. It's. Quite get away -- focus. You know being here in the city I'll sock it away and lock -- out of the -- that they're by the -- at the ball so well. Although -- absolutely that's it. All right doctor appreciative voting to show we're gonna go to the big seat in Metairie -- -- -- you wanna comment about just dead. That beat the tar I mean beat the living crap out of this -- but he cut rate being as his eleven year old. Son and he called the police and it was quite probably should take some getting. I have in the pool of blood for. Yeah I'm pretty sure these people who. Disagree with them -- taken alliances they have they're probably -- went to a Barack Hussein Obama lead our political school. That you can it be tolerant you -- hurt anybody you care if you. That's what I think that it yet. All right thank you so much that -- to Charles in saint rose or you jumped. Out. -- -- what are your thoughts on the stand of are you apparent. -- to what would you have done -- retired military would -- like it at that. I'd I'd that we babies looking Moore's body right now. You may be. Up on the -- situation. Recently moved back after retiring. Certainly terrorists. And my experience sitting. There's and they have a orange pearl and -- possible and they're so long been decorated Christmas anymore. Not at at the we'll -- and you reported it. I think Ria round -- in the community everybody has -- daily phone call about this when we're actually I think they're. And in that can dispute that can find survivors that -- be here again uses the tires but right opener avenue. Right between New York. -- And lectures. We think we seem to in this area. Specialize in pot holes though. I have a bottle like that simply come back -- and shoots the name. And then their patent as are stretched. Yeah we just. -- have a map you know there -- among the famous the world of -- I live in saint Tammany parish and we've we've seen to be -- goes I can't recall any models there at all. I'm but we will look at her house about completion of the streets where Italy and in particular fan. Literally and Harris that it was time there was you YouTube best thing to a park a couple of blocks away and walk. Outlook for now reindeer are removed. At that. Make sure that that Jerry all right okay we will -- come right back with the your phone calls real a couple of lines opened. 26 year old -- 7866. And it finally seventy. And now let's go to David Blake and get the morning news David Madrid Yemeni desire to go see the great white sharks. Yeah I think I kind of -- yeah now I'm not gonna get in the cage. And go over the side but I wouldn't mind. Going around and I guess they freedom and they can't read along side of the ball I would get in the cage -- I've actually been. Open water shark -- have you. Twice summoned to a place called the cocos island until 36 hour boat ride from San Jose Costa Rica all. And Euro on the boat for a week and a half. And when you get in the water there -- white tip in reef sharks I'm not exaggerating. There's so lonely shark if you can't -- how big. All anywhere from odds say three to ten feet. Ten ten and I I actually got with in about the ten to twenty feet of this twelve foot hammerhead shark. And I could see is big guy. Movie match important now but you know you. I heard there Harry answered dangers they are but there is so much marine life in this particular area -- the sharks -- not interest at a new. In one she'll get over that initial. Against fear and in what you're -- have a -- the sharks are good about it but. That that first time when you're swimming head to head of the sharpest image. Were you asked you if you're right in the -- term ahead. Deal little shaky at that point but have it was a good time thank you David -- All right let's take a phone call -- go to Bruce. Bruce how -- you. Great. Utility bonds one -- probably just about the topic you all -- the -- on -- although it yes -- I trained. Guys want to appeal. -- well look in his right. At the man you know what. Yeah shall we get we get more. Out we have a child a lot of people -- -- -- -- -- Well here's my text message that backs up would you say it's of them every one reached a reacted like this man. Things like that probably would not happen as often because the ones committing the crime would realize the consequences of their actions so I'm -- what I'm with you a 100% their numbers. Absolutely -- -- interest rates I think that you -- There in -- truck corporation corporate sales needed as good. And it had a corporate. British -- It's always a good sleep good placed upon the people who you don't normally you all around you that you work where you I can -- all that Oprah cynic reaching nobody -- ask for a bit. It. In the short. George has got bought out on the job and -- And it quite well in February. That it technical practice a week ago should does that. I would absolutely. Paul I Wi I. The bush treats it that it -- war. After Katrina. You gotta you gotta wonder why because I -- I'm going to either Tony Angelos restaurant which reflective floor to leave -- out and and a unit of tank to get there sometime. Oh yeah Gator all terrain vehicle. If it will Apollo I mean it it can. Understand why people. Why people would that. Money -- on the all. Over but you know -- she ought to write off load. It. Absolutely not a -- that's been prettier but. It hasn't absolutely want. And and you gotta wonder you know up -- such a primo class section of the city. Why would they allow it to go on the slow. I don't know I you know -- associate Charles avenue to Jeremy it's. I I wish I don't understand it -- All he had -- really contribute a fixed -- -- the people. Looted honest I'd I'd. Yeah yeah I would like aggravated and angry -- I couldn't believe I would I would should go back a bit and next are you guys like me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I objected it can be it can be Jakarta police -- my daughter. Used to work there for awhile and and it was an absolute just adventure going to work -- Bruce I appreciate your call and we will get back to the rest of the call and get to justice soon. As I possibly can go to our show we do have a couple blinds open -- 260187866. Avic I know it's seventy. This -- Tommy talk show and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for Tommy on the big 870 WWL AM at the men dot com. I'm -- -- real Robert Mitchell filling in for atomic clock is wanna get a bunch of phone calls on gonna push everything else aside and -- and get the calls and try to. Get everybody on familiar. Probably have to get ready for work or maybe you're already on the way to work Robert how are you this morning. Don't -- or are you on the way to work at home getting ready to go to work but. I'm actually. In palm and I'm glad you you got back at that a lot of what have been able to hold any longer. But -- -- Make comments. About this spot there. I'm not already been paying. He talked about the guy from Florida that beat the crap about the eight year old guy caught right in his eleven year old slipped a few more facts of the world facts on that. This guy had been watching his son had been babysitting for his son. For about a three years that he found out the abuse have been going on for three years ago. -- put it but he probably it and yeah yes. And will. Be out -- premeditated. About it that. I -- -- to look at somebody. In my parents aren't. That. Would be temporarily insane. Well that the bleeding hearts would say that you should grab them and stop him and I I don't know what you would do to delay -- to the cops got their. I would be gone until the cops got there that's how I would delete them. -- should be -- issued a demand -- camp. Where we urged the fact that we thought was still beating you know it was -- -- that the marriage should be commended for that. You know. I don't know if Libya issue if he killed the guy may not in on main. How in the world if you saw that happening you're -- How could you control your -- big guy and deserves a medal for control themselves -- you control yourself for not beating the -- the death. Hot -- here rage not just go crazy. They didn't do. In the world. The right now. I mean in all all all a conflict of as the fact that. I -- trust you you've been doing this for four or three years the tidbit. Told investigators that he was playing video games of the friends but after about after the French left the guy asked the board is that in his lap. And then took him in the back room start to molest them I mean. I mean I. I admire the god for having self controlled stop. Right in need -- Judge somebody. You know. So there -- be in a situation like like that and it would you answer your question. -- -- Watched -- -- Questioned by a drop. Shot and judge you know. -- situation. I think the -- should be commended. Her for not killing them. I thought I I believe in the Bible I don't know what Jesus would do Jesus mother had the the the -- -- does not do any thing. I'm not Jesus I don't have that will I'd beat the our topic. Thank you Robert let's go to a Julie Julie how are you. Did you get you got a lot of baggage that would place here. -- Joseph leaders there. Atlas but Julio Poland's it would give a strike -- would go to daisy industry and -- today as they. -- -- -- Okay rules need to know why am. I am doing funds -- good to be up this time of the morning working. You know. Hitler. With regard to that element and art. -- -- -- Am not you. Now I'm -- -- -- is. You're chill out there you'd. Like they cannot check in now right. And Wal-Mart. -- -- at. It even back. -- The people. At. Much. She might you make. You know and what what this father did and you know the the bleeding hearts are saying. Well he could've just detain that guy regular city went on this guy just beating him up and actually call the cops would say. I have him for calm and collected them quote I have him in a bloody puddle for you officer send an ambulance he's going to need one. As I told the last caller I admire the guy for showing restraint and not just rallied in the got a death. My. Yesterday on when it. -- at the apartment. That. You commend because you. Are in it that had been out while you and he's married on as well. My husband. Did he walk and hard. Relate to take his spot on. The fact that model -- out what was -- I have a text message right here I'm prejudiced person doesn't have a child. Two -- -- like right. Either stupid and -- can't and it really it even got caught in the Bible and believe me opt out. Raised Roman Catholic in about -- and believe -- You do have to protect your children should be protected children. Got today's record like or your saints fan. RL. Season ticket out -- Atlanta. For the Atlantic in the -- on -- I got tickets and the album went on. Have never been to training camp. You got to Brighton memories. Did you Mort that -- year it will accordingly can be shall call. And -- sort of like opt for. And -- in the cap. On and Egypt that they wouldn't end. I'll pop it. And he -- that I he was so sweet. I'll live until 11. Live -- army and he was but I mean. These guys have seen they have heart. That a lot for the community. And -- every. Ball people who bolted every year but it. T and that. Out of it and you know but hopefully it. All right daisy thank you so much for voting as well take a break and we will command aboard your phone calls to -- -- probably. I'm Bob Mitchell in port tournament like we have to go to a Alison right now who says Jesus. What a cold -- this guy. Who the man caught right in his eleven year old son is that right. -- values values that he would hit the guy. Now mature -- -- -- really good. To Asia. I. It would be a lot. Children and -- -- -- money printing it out yeah I don't mean mark felt well Leila. Call -- people. I'll. Call and then I -- Christians cannot remember the story that the league at their one working on what people. -- -- arguing that in the temple and he'd hit eight up from what I understood it. Well what was what was going on in the temple is that. You were supposed to the sacrifice of both like raise an animal a double world -- for a year and bond with them -- like you had. And then you go sacrifice and people -- We're going to temple -- and that somebody figure out why also you'll -- also dubbed. And -- but it's a no no no not to happen -- indeed the up upset everybody. All the money -- right. Exactly I don't wait a minute to -- and went on in there and it was that. Feeling sort of parallel. The app to achieve a deal. It keep count them shop I'm all right there's way too much about protecting children and children and children. I think would be a car out. A well how do. But let's -- if Jesus did kill me go to Russell wrote the next couple. Out out all right I don't think Brooklyn. Streets streets. Or -- country not just. Like you ultra violent city alcohol. Can't bring him in the and it worked out -- -- -- to got a large truck. It's not just -- -- on the wall with the city. -- we lose so they came packed up until my tax dollars at work here's the incredible thank -- Like -- coming right back after the news of WW.

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