WWL>Topics>>7-22 8:10am Bob Mitchell, man attacks abuser

7-22 8:10am Bob Mitchell, man attacks abuser

Jul 22, 2014|

Bob in for Tommy Tucker. Bob talks about a man who beat a person that was abusing his son

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David I can't believe this campaign had never thought I'd see this happening where we recycling cigarette butts yeah that's a -- what a great idea though because. I think smokers if they find these interceptor goals around town will -- out of the -- than -- but I've wondered though you know people gore round collecting. Cans to reach Michael is that you know that. A letter -- Bhutto walked around the street now a sweeping up and collecting cigarette. I think that's the plan. I mean you want a job as it's now. As a job for you -- -- got up. And you'll have no trouble finding them earn every work day art. I find people of Ullah is still a little -- no object while I'm -- that it's it's it's the exit that you take right there. A -- Gause boulevard yup people stopped there and emptied their air straight right Bob arguments not an ounce on mud thrown one out. Dump on the whole thing dumping the whole thing -- right draw you know -- I wonder if that's going to be the new thing you know take your -- to recycle center or something like that up. Thank you David -- good cause all right. Here's what we're talking about. One I'll get to the call in just a second those of you -- -- just tuning in and it's ten after eight. 10 minutes after 8 o'clock. Talking about the guy in Florida. It's it's quite a story. He clocked a man and this was a guy the guy was eighteen years old -- He caught this guy who had been babysitting his son or about three years. Which brings us to a great point those of you who have kids and you have children. How to use gold ball in a baby's. -- trust Nabisco the trust that this guy -- his child for three. Year well he walks and and the guy is -- abusing his -- So he goes crazy on the go. Beats the guy up made didn't use anything but his speed and his hands. They called the police. And he said. I have him and they bloody puddle for you'll poster. Send an ambulance. He's going to need now at this point. The police in Tampa. Have not charged the bed. With anything at all they charged the eighteen year old with sexual battery on a minor. And it's a -- been alleged that he's been abused in the board for three years obviously the dead did know about that. Some people say that the bother should be charged with some type -- other people like me in the majority. Of us. Sound minded people pulling the guys should get an award in what do you think should the father be charged with any crime. For the top of the medal in his draft. What would you have done if that where your child. And let's add to this a mix of of of questions. As a parent today. How do you make sure. That's something like this doesn't happen how do you make sure when you're selecting someone. To watch your child what process do you go through we're talking about a brigade seventy -- drag our opinion poll question. The saints are about to head out to the grain buyer West Virginia. Is having training camp and for which they -- good or a bad did you could call Leo you can go online at WWL dot com 64% say. Good idea of 36 essentially -- -- and what about you have you ever been to any of those things training camp any of the the trading sessions. You have league great numbers from -- so let's -- share a little saints training -- members warning also. Taiba let me let me take a break and Sean I'm gonna come right back -- you we do have some lines -- -- it's -- a six year old -- seventy. 866 at 90870. Bomb that jolt -- Tommy Tucker we have lines open for usual we will only hear from you at WW. Welcome back for the show I'm Bob Mitchell and for Tommy Parker we're also talking about potholes the willingness there's a big meeting. In the lake view. Tonight it's at 7 o'clock at these -- Dominic church gym people are literally -- they're just. But the -- and you've got to do something about these. Models and so we thought this morning well shall trolls from -- calls -- about your neighborhood in do you have any big potholes and in yours. I'm gonna get to the -- in less than an inability region of the couple of text messages about what we -- talking about tonight but talking about the guy in and Tampa. The ball and caught an eighteen year old babies that -- who have been babysitting for three years four and molesting. His eleven Derosa. -- beat him to applauding bloody pulp and the question has been should be easily -- chargers or for the get a medal. Most people that you should get a medal. Text message report like my dad took my brother in law. In the hospital back in the early sixties were abusing and molesting my sister and their kids. -- charges filed against either one of them. Young brother log on his broken -- by 65 year old man Bob I think the dead in the story was. Gentle. The guy live right and when it comes to pot holes while only adopt potholes. Like we do neutral grounds the -- that. Then -- have assigned in the hole. That would say adopted by so and so and that little orchard even more to stay away from the modeled it it'd be a big sign in -- and you would run through the potholes. They're not potholes it's New Orleans today excellent let's get to the puck belongs instilled a show on -- right hand how you show on good morning to. -- -- about to note. Though that -- that you. There's -- What he took laundered and in. The two of poverty. Is -- in some -- day. Not only beauty. I think that in the -- -- -- once. Received the body. You know. I tell you what you dropped out shall call bank -- what -- -- run up regularly go to -- on -- to have the correct. -- -- what are what a great name and never heard that the war. You. Know. You're a unit that -- so. And ID. You. -- On it. Used to yeah. A trip to deal. I think it might be with me I -- not what it was. In terrible condition and brought that help you that at that. And now that you wrote out. -- the -- of the three weeks ago. Pretty you can't condemn the that would make it feel that. You can go online and get it on our website WWL dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. I tell you what if if you don't. I don't know of the number right from -- I don't have an email address you're. And if you're concerned the -- obviously the message to our FaceBook page or something like that or or if if you don't. Called the the protest to the radio station leave your name and your address and I will milieu copy or. You. Know what you're talking about a couple weeks ago. We'd lost our dialogue of out of seventeen. Years and it was really really really tough that and a and anyone who's ever lost -- pat knows it's like losing a member -- before. Iran Barkley did not -- Elderly. Thank you can't expand. On it read it factory. I'm attracted. I'll do my best to take care -- -- separate. You all right thank you let's go to money in the -- goals or you might. I'm doing time what's on your mind this morning. Well and a little upset about that the -- you know does -- think -- at other markets. Like it and agree that. Like they did -- that he would -- -- in that position would you want someone -- but then -- You know I. Where where it came up with the idea to put -- -- on the guy because he didn't kill him I honestly. Do not know. I try to. They control my emotions -- whenever I possibly can but I think if I were to walk in like that. I don't think I could've stopped by just. Hurting him like I I just think that the rage. And the hurt that you would city you know not only not only as a parent not only would you have -- -- hurt that you would have for your child for -- Child going through something like this. I think would put me into a rage and I don't get -- and he brings up on the going to be as brings -- and I wouldn't it. And if they would have a -- to me and called mud ball off to jail I wouldn't have cared. I may say but it looks like there is when he gets out or we don't do it again. You know it this way the part of what killed it wouldn't do -- don't -- afraid remote chop the period. That's exactly the way -- are are you a sports fan. I'm what do you think about the saints have been training camp. Out of state. Well it's better than it was -- all by understanding they try and two -- good putting together and it would be needed to them to do it. Where they would have been out that implements. So -- can only get four. All right Mike thank you so much. All right it's 823 at 23 minutes after the puck we're going to go to who might Wheldon and get a WWL Traficant Bob Mitchell in for Tommy Tucker let's go to Judy in New Orleans Judy how we majority. A read on the screen that you or a mom so how'd you feel about the situation. With a dead walking in and finding someone molesting his eleven year old son and then to beat the crap. Well what -- my mom and grandmother yeah that'll help but I think I met her neck because to be honest. I get. I don't think I'd be in competition an eighteen year old public appetite and other things besides not eaten -- that. -- Needed a caller yeah. Said that -- -- I mean. Like you would. Tell you you. You could control. I don't believe it. So you you would pick up anything and just whacked him with. Oh. -- what. Being a mommy and grand mom saw it has been in a grand mom you become the babies that are from time -- time. But what what safety measures should parents go through today in hiring babysitters to watched practice. -- You just need to be able to check the background and an individual but it'll. You know bad -- a lot of these situations it is here. It wasn't able art and I think you can -- anyone need. -- -- cameras. In the day being -- about. It. -- Well according to the reports this guy had been using this young man for three years. And that the report says that the abuse. Has been going and going on for three years and of course what they do. A lot of these that they threaten these children not not to say anything. But I mean I honor that that I I would make of it making apple -- I'd make him fall of the year. Simply for not killing the guy now I have a text messenger. Let me see if -- in a confined yes and this -- in public to tell -- -- ago. What would you do. If you were the father of the eighteen year old would you be justified. Diploma the man that plummeted -- and I guarantee. You would sue for medical bills and rightfully slow. I don't I don't go for them at all in. You know listen -- two. Wonderful children and injured by the -- god because it. You can do your. -- And let me tell you that. My children that all three years old -- and able. They. Get mad at eight I have always told them. That the difference between right and wrong and that was not the first -- they've -- If you do something wrong. Been there to support -- about him. All that. But it's something you did that in itself. So you know all the not that old you start going out ten and having fun with that. You know get remember you can't but the blame anybody else he could be guilty by the Asian. But just remember -- consequence of the day when you do something negative now again it's just like the situation. Walked in on those -- and it was the same thing I don't know what I do if it was my eighteen year old. I have a good you know. You don't have to include it in today's society. This guy will probably be sued. Four for beating up the eighteen year old you're probably right all right -- gonna take a break we're gonna go to David Blake and the morning news and we'll come right back aboard your phone calls them WWL and -- all morning long we've been talking about the situation where -- -- walk sudden and find someone abusing and raping. His eleven year old and just beat the tar out of him and now all I have the effects masters and never thought of this side. But I can see this happening in the question is. What would you do if you were the father of the eighteen year old would you be justified. To. Diploma the man that -- your -- or more important he said would you assume from medical bills and Maine and in our society. I'll -- you any money that the guy would have a a case of now suing the guy probably dodged a question Bob. You know because we're we're we're we're we're in a society that if you defend yourself they will tell you how far you can go defending yourself. -- BI it and everybody's a victim. There are so windows and talent that's the way don't look out and I'm sure this. This guy probably as a lawyer already. And I mean there is no way I -- control -- that I -- -- I think the guy deserves a medal for for not killing him. Yeah. Well I think if people I've talked you're just in the hallways this morning team are saying Barry basically that that. They couldn't control themselves. No no but I think I'll do -- I think I'll take some phone calls I think I'll -- and expand the conversation to say. Do you think the fault that we're -- the father of the eighteen year old up -- now has a case. Against the guy that beat his son to a pulp -- for medical bills because. In Seoul. Earlier this morning someone said well you should have been able to Pedroia felt that he should've just. Grabbed the person. Hold him off the afternoon and called the pops there's no my rage would not have allowed him to do that are carrying amount of the notes that's an opinion that's about all I can do about it at at at. -- today up all right 260 -- 78668. At nine point 70 let's go to. Racer X power -- stretched. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because. I was abused now don't you how young were you. -- Ten years ago Lebanon. And what -- did. Which without dumb but I went further. Because these -- had a file. That they need to be removed from the year because they prey on young -- arts. And cabinet happened to -- -- premeditated. I want to -- burger that these kind of house because. I have to live with this to -- my life and any term. I hear by sandusky. It brings back the interest. Of what happened to teach. Just like that. So. Wouldn't try and say is what particular. Current world out here. We have -- -- sense. We're scared. And so what happens in the father the eighteen year old presses charges. -- -- in the the issue as rotten -- this sort. Because. It used to. If you live with this direct your life it's just call our own and that you can't get rid of Christians. God help me. -- that moment. Because. That's one. Catapult you on -- certain I have two children. Did did the person who did this to you. Did jail time. -- -- -- -- -- They didn't. It's our print media get on but it was easier or are they gave them -- that's the right thing to do. I appreciate I appreciate you sharing that story shall. We'll be right back on WW. A bit political -- pocket -- a -- and don't like about text messaging you can count -- -- On the personal text me which -- thought was a very good point is that what would you do if you were the father of the eighteen year old would you be just applied diploma the -- -- -- -- -- I guarantee. You would sue for medical bills and rightfully so. Now Texas millions as you haven't answered the question. What would you do if the eighteen year old was your -- You won't read this on the air because the teacher feels good argument bill. If that we're mother son I would say you got what you deserve and then I would be very very terrible I don't know about being able hold my anger and then out of -- Let's go to Lloyd and get a power you'll Lloyd. Well yeah. The comment on the situation. And we believe that horrendous -- innocent. An -- by a well. A mother and child. Well. It was -- -- person. And are going. Oh. Whoops. A year ago. Light. Or why. Keeping it under and it could. -- you don't know any of that -- it happens to you when you'll and and you see this happening to your child -- your family member or anyone else. You aren't going to re pack instinctively. To protect that child and nothing -- those going to matter and I can only imagine what a parent goes through not only the anger of seeing it but the hurt that you know your child is going through. I'm all for the guy doing whatever he had to do. Well I failed to premiere -- -- that's -- under any trick and hope that you -- children. Learn how much they're vulnerable. And -- -- should protect the right now. And it -- my eighteen year old son. I would say you got what you deserved. I think that he like strategists that in all -- -- let and we don't know all of and they only late following. -- -- -- mention. I mean by either way until they find out that the Euro several and that's. Power and light due to all the adult treatment moment. Yeah but say then -- -- then -- always look we're getting to the point in society. That you commit a crime you do the -- -- and you're the victim. And -- I'm I'm I'm one of these people I'd I'd just -- -- this was -- got it or break broke looked like but a woman though. What are your thought of of the saints' training. Out of the world -- this time. Don't conflict that scooted into the boat crew or away from the trauma in their time. The burdens of -- -- more out when he won local. I think that plays and -- play his game. So I think it's terrible plot. Well the -- Thank you -- I appreciate you calling -- -- and sublime -- as we go to the break to 601 late 7866889. Point seven you can text -- At 878 Saudi much prefer talking do you -- one. But it the only -- me that's fine too I'm Bob Mitchell in for Thomas Tucker and we're gonna go to traffic of that will look. So you right after -- on WWL I'm Bob we're looking at. Most -- -- minimal ability. WL. WWL wants to help you beat the heat starting today. You have a chance to win a thousand -- of a grant of -- cash and our nationwide. Summer splash. Cash. As. I can't get through a illustrated -- summer splash. Cash -- just listen to WWL weekdays right over the top Leo -- used. At 7 AM. 11 AM till the next what is at 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code ward than takes that or to seven to. 881 for your chance to win without ever putting down your -- 72881. Every weekday -- lucky listeners nationwide. Went to a thousand dollars each and please don't miss on the money senate now for a WWL cash club. You'll get reminder to retrograde justice even -- you -- reminded -- anxious text the word cash. 87870. Willard to fifteen minutes before each code word. Is announcer you'll forget to -- that what -- you know doing some definitely opens in new radio we're gonna take should say. Turn the radio -- you can get the Cold War a thousand dollar. Nationwide summer splash -- -- don't forget the time to listen 0:7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM and 5 PM good look from Smart radio -- all of us at. WW -- selecting grab a real quick touch motions concerning. What happened with the with the men walking an infection the eighteen year old abusing his son. Did the center of the -- -- yes that happened at the guy's house and fact he would use the baby sitter for. About three years all right we're did -- a news break right now we come back after 9 o'clock we'll color reload we're talking about the morning. I'm Bob Mitchell in the Tommy Tucker and you -- into the big gates of WWL AM -- dot com.