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WWL>Topics>>7-22 9:10am Bob Mitchell, man attacks son's abuser

7-22 9:10am Bob Mitchell, man attacks son's abuser

Jul 22, 2014|

Bob in for Tommy Tucker. Bob takes your calls and talks about a man who beat his son's abuser

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David have a closed into that report in the new blood -- -- talking about social media. I mean do you follow plays book knowledge. -- I've got on the FaceBook are you got -- and you're gone your honor and and what happened I kept getting all of these. Friend request I didn't even though it was likely. Shift so all of a sudden I have all these people -- problem played. I have I have no clue and people will -- absolutely. Anything. -- are on FaceBook in my budget share to provide absolutely loving -- academy -- of people -- -- FaceBook page and I'm not I'm friends with the mullah Abdullah do. Know what would you put this on -- Today it worked as a cute. Slightly large customer her name the and hard of hearing. I thought she said Ortiz and I asked her about it turns on her -- was Courtney. All -- I'm -- it. And here on our -- or treat it. At the last thing an overweight person was the because you Polonia. Today eight Thirtysomething guys were argument in my workplace he was wearing. Shutter shades only about that is you know shutter shades torn jeans -- -- what that is and claimed to be our new boss. I I called security. The throwing out. At which point he produced his idea -- you know be attending an employee review session next week I don't know but people put you out I. I have family member of throughput. I woke this morning and brush my -- though. How exactly -- to the bathroom to rush hour right. I had a problem at -- take little -- I don't care about the -- you know you donated her that I. My problem with that. And I gotta be honest I am so. Incredibly private land have always been that way that. I just I. I'd I'd hope FaceBook person I don't -- friend anybody. I don't -- you know I just wanna do my thing and use my phone. What that's like botnet well that's that's like Tweety. I don't -- I'm not sure repetitive and got sending messages on your phone right now I I I'm I really really don't care to do that. I had the greatest vote in the world I have a -- vote all of that's what I got while mom and broke -- it cost me they. It was more expensive to buy a new simple football so I had to get one of those Smartphones are right. I hated the phone is smarter than I am yeah out half the time I can't figure out how to answer the -- I -- one Barack. But -- that I got on a good deal you know it was a Smart fraud and all the bells and whistles -- and I was just all. Confused well what are -- answered the damn phone yet and -- crawl right and you can't just answered you gotta you gotta put your finger on that circle. And slow and to be slotted over too hard it won't answer the vote and and have you ever tried one years. Pocket of someone and you get another folded says. The wanna put his personal I can't figure any of that album now and if you got hands that are kind of big and clumsy right you're then you're really messed up ten new text with your thumbs now I can either. Might get a little boy Tuesday in but it can't understand website at -- a cloud. We're in the same boat David -- afraid so I didn't -- on the car that I talked truth and it doesn't understand and I'm saying that it. -- but thank you so much alright here's what we are talking about the. Balding and I'll give -- to your report like and then we will go to or break we've talked about the -- on all morning long and people who. Fired up -- got a ton of text messages on this. A guy in Florida on an eighteen year old man raped in his eleven year old son. The beating to a bloody puddle as he described and he actually called the problems of Gani Mir. I'm getting. Now should this -- to be charged with any crime at all. Push for the cubs and the metal and stretch where of people lined. Who says that he should be sued for the damage the physical damage he did to the eighteen year old and also brings to a point. When you get someone to watch your children when you have someone that you can portrait children and their care whether it's a daycare center whether the babies that are. What kind of safeguards. Do you go through if need to make sure the try to protect your child from something like this up. 260 only 78668890. It's seventy and for saints fans we have the saints are about to head out to Greenbrier West Virginia. Is having training camp at a -- was -- a good or a bad idea and those of you who have been the strange training camps. What -- -- common share some great training camp memories with us where to take a break and Bob Mitchell in for Tommy Tucker. And were coming right back on the big -- seventy WW LAM at them and dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell in for atomic -- it was morning. Let me get caught up on a couple of text messages first of all we do have some phone lines open if you wanna. Phone minutes to secure a 17866. And -- knowledge of the real interest and and many of you who have been to -- training camp -- -- the saints practices you know what when they get back. Whatever they go when they don't go and just share some great saints training camp memories with -- But let me get caught up a couple of text messages on the subject we have been talking about all morning about. The man who called an eighteen year old man father who caught a two year old men raping his eleven year old son and just beat the capital pulp and another. Talked about is he responsible for the medical bills of the guy that he beat up. An -- if that happens. If this guy needs legal money. Took to fight this or to pay and the and the punt I'll be the first one to senate -- Bob there's little say and you can't beat out of the Bonnie what's in the mine have been sent that touched my kids and I'll give -- my best effort. Operated told my grown children that -- law will take your body on or if he's. Must be a tough grandma mama and daddy does not need to go to. Jail Bob your forgetting jeez look at angry of the temple and people were selling rather than worshipping under the about question. And I would beat the kid myself talked and of course the the -- -- I'm not a bleeding heart this man should be prepared to be held accountable for the consequences. On his actions including. Lawsuits. Medical bills and assault charges also this person is talking. Above the dead. Let the dead should be ready. To be responsible for any medical bills or assault charges against the eighteen year old but he caught. Rape in his eleven Euro -- the text message. With the dead did was not wrong. All right -- we also want to talk about and today. A jury. Slammed the nation's number two cigarette maker of little interest. This is really interest and so kind of -- attention and I'll get to the phones in just the second. But curiously and the nation's number two cigarette maker RJ Reynolds tobacco with 823 point six. Billions. Of the -- 23 point six billion dollar. Punitive damage lawsuit. Plot by the -- belong to a smoker who died of lung cancer in 1996 that the case was one of thousands filed in Florida after the State's Supreme Court in 2006. -- Holly Hunter and 45 billion dollar class action verdict the ruling also said smokers. And their family is the only approve addiction. And that's smoking caused their illness or death. Do you really think smokers should be allowed for using the product they know. It -- remember it was a 1965. But they start putting the labels on cigarette packages that -- smoking is hazardous to your health in 1965. Think it was 1985. -- the put on there that can cause. All lung cancer and heart problem but since 1965. Smokers have been warned that can be hazardous to your health. I'm I'm just not for you when you do something that you know is hazardous to your health. And I'm the same way on. On some of these football players Jordan mostly in the opinion of oil passed out to but he pain pills and a lot of admitted they were hurting so bad. They would take anything to play the game and other blame it on the and the knowledge shouldn't give them all those plain pills. You know right from wrong when you do things like that. So my question is. Should smokers be a walled. To -- For using a product but no there's hazardous to their help to secure what it's seventy. 8668890870. Let's go to two is that -- is that right. How are you mean I'm fine. On previous topic before it started out talking about I -- -- -- going into which we can keep the topic. And -- and a gentleman. -- The -- brought it to you right. -- Lately who deserves the day and be picking you -- a right. -- what my situation where. There actually. Being. Killed in its August property. You know what it's -- legal at that point. You'd probably be arrested. Even though it was on his property. Protected his -- daughter. You know an end to end today it was his son in in in today's. Society. You don't know and and that's that would make all of this -- difficult someone pointed out that there's a good chance of the father of the eighteen year old is going to sue. The father. For a physical damages in medical bills for his son. I've probably would be in jail right now I'd do not think if I walked in and it taste like that. That I liked -- to stop this bad only used his hands and feet. I would of picked up the baseball -- to beat the guys brains and I'm I'm odd because I believed. That my re action at that time I believe that my anger -- -- impulse mine Mike Reynold desire as a dead to protect my child would. Would override all reasoning. Absolutely. I couldn't rely on judicial system to make -- -- decision. From my child I think I'll probably take matters in -- you know well. Right and and I think you don't I think most parents in a situation like this. Would be more than happy to go to jail over that's what it takes. Right. Let me ask yet -- what do you do -- -- do you still have kids that need the child care at all. No I don't plan that -- -- going to. Do you did you go to any procedure to make sure that new we're getting this layperson but this guy that this think -- the news and has got the three errors. Three years. Yeah it is true art. To do a screen -- -- someone you really. -- Jenny appreciate you voting in okay. We have to we're gonna go to Andre Andre how are you this morning. -- -- Can barely hear you. Use of speakerphone. And they're. Out of their own money you need a new cell political. All right so what's what's your -- this morning. How would like to know it didn't propagate and an eighteen year old model for the damages. Yeah he did -- eleven year old and a psychological. And everything -- this. -- Well. The fact that he's eighteen makes him an adult so a -- adult can't -- for another adult. -- -- probably should be able to eighteen year old all the damages -- -- -- -- Well I think. I think it's going to be interest in following what's going to happen here because. The way things go in our society. Is that they tell you how far you can go at it's it's it's kind of like. If if if I were to fund someone in my house by the if I'd have thought about this many -- if -- -- to wake up in the middle of the night. And I saw someone in my house but I did know. If I can get the my gun out shoot them. I'd shoot him and ask questions later I because I would think what do you do and in my home you've got to be here harmony I would shoot them and ask questions later. Probably go to jail probably go to jail but that's what happened. Absolutely one under present -- because that's exactly what I did also. I -- about consequently there. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have you ever been the training camp. No. Or government and we can be on the day was going to be excellent. Absolutely uber -- Kristian -- wondering the sidelines. I'm going -- -- -- -- Thank you so much for voting in. That it's -- well. Let's go to Mike -- matter how are you Mike the -- But merely acted years birds but an exciting show this morning. Ed Bennett then going out there. On -- -- Leonard Christine -- called them couple hours ago are also -- whining about that kind. Oh you mean the guy I have -- locals and Christian caller what but the that's a guy -- it was gone from California but he said the that we that you can't be the judge the judge jury. And executioners. And aunt and the -- should have just held him for the police to yet. Wrong yeah. You know -- -- place on her own and that -- And you could you would. My Mike do you think that part of the problem was is that people that do these type of -- they never wanna take responsibility. I remember we're Basel a couple of months ago. Look -- some kid was was was all one of the somebody else's property. And the at and and they got shot and I mean everybody's yelling and screaming no one it seems to the wants to take responsible -- when they do something wrong. There's always a reason why did the wrong there's always. There -- a victim all I I did it because my mother did this the -- my father did this committee are. You know -- I got the wrong prods in my happy meal at McDonald's something ridiculous like that. Right now are symptomatic of that type of problem -- would society and we going. All people out. There -- -- Don't even go for. However I really don't aren't aren't possible -- -- -- -- -- -- Like you can't change our reparation and -- restored this. You know that really burns me up. -- -- if you agree with this text message that I do Bob the -- that showed the utmost restraint by not -- -- niche while. And I would not charged that folder with a single crime under the circumstances. I would give him blanket immunity and a metal. Mostly in the -- there is wrong or simple minded fools. You'd you'd go with that. I go -- are the acts. Act would go a little bit for I would say there. -- -- -- -- You have -- -- I know much about it beat this guy until and they want to use -- Talk about Sunderland Marcos. Yeah speak your life. -- crime the crime. United this kid it. -- -- -- Morton evil -- is being. Mike I appreciate you voting and worry are going to come back with a more your phone calls a look at the calls green we do have a couple ones -- if you opponent. It's 26 year old late 78 succeed -- finally it's public let's go to David Blake and get the morning news. I was looking ahead David and garlands of the talk in more. About about the potholes in the -- why is it. I mean -- you've been -- a long time at all -- there're some nasty ones out there have been here for Bravo -- you know. Then I -- Tuesday and again when failed. And I don't know what they used but it doesn't last more than a couple of weeks I have a feeling. That if they collected cigarette butts and put them in the pot holes there. Or better doubt they put -- listed in the soft landing -- -- -- question on your suspension but that's raising. Thank you Dave are right we're going to get back to proposals of you who or are just calling. The. Thing that we talked about all morning and what kind of tried to move on a couple of -- but the people wanna talk about I think because people -- a just so outraged and and 90%. Of our policy they would re act. The same way -- you just tuning in and Bob what are you talking about we're talking about a Florida father. He called an eighteen year old Man Ray -- -- eleven year old son. And beat him to the point that he actually called 911. And said the is in a bloody -- Cendant and villains he needs it and come pick him up and actually go on line. And -- of the mug shot of of the eighteen year old -- is -- liked about the -- is his nose was broken and -- all beat -- out there there are people there -- people -- morning. Who or are closely and that the dead. Was gonna have to be ready to face certain consequences if they come down the line including. May be praying the eighteen year old. New medical bills and I mean it it it's an outrage of people and everyone I've talked to a couple people around here say the same thing you know that the that it rage and I would have to imagine. If -- any charges. I would think his father should be able to claim temporary insanity because I know there is no dull moment I'm saying. Level headed man. I've got. Seven grandkids are on ultimately I've got a bunch of them but to -- two kids. Two great grandkids. And I level headed person if I were to witness that if I -- -- walked in and that was going on woman children -- public -- my grandkids. I would go -- and I don't think I would be able to stop at just. Beating the god I think allegedly beating and beating him in eighty until he did move. OK well let's go to Stephen Miller power -- Steve. Steve Steve hung up Phillips go to Kelly Kelly or you. I'm more. I think and plays his only animal that. Well -- that just make that comment on that people. Can't basically crawling and taking that that I have charted on -- against Hamdan. I think people need to realize is that may. Be an eighteen year old. Girl signed. It's been an -- murdered this I would have been back and I think -- green and why did I even stop inmate and college. He said it acquired part then and thankfully and it was so he's locked up to fifteen minutes to baton. Militarily I can't believe that there would be any chart at Pratt began in May and that was it it was cracked it would be curry. The fought the father said that the eighteen year old with a friend of the family and he stood among readers Cody said you're damn lucky boy that I love my god. And accurately he was very fond of this eighteen year old he trusted -- eighteen year old with his son and I mean and I know how I'd fill up I consider over over I don't think I don't think I'd be able controller rage in a situation like. Well I think people. Think that what that would do you enter you're put in that situation and you I don't know it's an ailing it's like aggregate DO. But at any charges brought against the -- and I'm -- LB plenty of people that that would then eight and now it's may and get out of anything that he deal. I will Kelli thank you for calling it right right right it's 84020 minutes before 9 o'clock alleged victim try to look like all the -- that jolt and for a Tommy -- if any of you or near that accident site and east. At about Carrollton. That's attendees the characters appear in that area and you can give us an update on the accident appreciated -- to secure what late seventy. And -- I'll get to right on let's go to humidity at pearl river Aureus Betty. Our primary here -- -- -- -- molding good morning to you what's on your mind. Well I'll order to a two year but dark or Teddy in his. I remember years back. The guys -- who would. Kidnapped and -- kidnapped -- adding yeah. Cut that their child many times and who eventually killed being you guys -- do not doubt. Where are the authority -- authority or bringing back Revere forward. And I snuck in here for border guard and shot the perpetrators yeah. That was then and the other tank -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't bottle you know I don't think you're remember your knowledge -- a little bush did but no. Well he can't walk and you walk on nick JRA. Fact that -- judge. Says that. Sure he Wharton had the thing that judge threw all chargers out of court. While let's go to -- in New Orleans Kathy you have an update on an accident. -- -- -- Both lanes on each side of the image that they are. Why not tell me exactly where there is of this I -- Right. Can't smattering brands like. It go. It is coming toward. -- Okay and for its traffic is traffic moving and all. Now it's very -- just went through it took me a good while on the and it's only to blame it looks like on each side in -- And what is a good while how many minutes is a good one. Twenty minutes Manny maybe a little longer than to go I'll. From the -- out and too long in an -- from now and chew. On the one. Better right now -- But as a dump truck in the center of the media. Jump the ball. Yeah media Guam yeah it's going to be allowed into Iraq policy. Well yeah actually -- I was headed that way today but my family is in town from Texas -- and book I was gonna go over. To have to Carrollton -- Angela -- konduz I think I'll pass on that today. At that. They seek -- these. -- -- -- the dean calling from Baton -- our you're dating. Oh I'm doing good -- but before you eat it get to which we'll talk about are usually it's then. And don't want it unequivocally that hot on how do you feel about that well enough detail on the turning. Don't get I think I think they're getting. -- to get away. You know this team and got on paper -- think she made the comment has been asking. That they'd -- in that. Mapping giving away. Some of the that the local distraction in some of that stuff -- Compaq Coleman. And Google popular product facility on Helen and everything else to watch the ball and on -- same fourteen to and so global that now. Well a couple of years ago I don't know if you remember the names but I live next -- you'll what's grooms who was defense of it and well cross -- from tinker Owens the wide receiver and I would ask them let's say you know. What are you guys -- though you live right here why can't chew you know what he had to go out of town for training camp and and they both agree they should going out of town. It is it's so much better because all you do is focused on football. You know -- deal with family problems and stop like that in that. You you you'd you'd you'd get -- bond as a team that you that you can't get when you go home every. Right and she played football it's kind of difficult to understand that but I think I'm on. The it was a -- -- -- -- -- -- and all he's actually making the trip to the watch. It. -- start run out of time to give me your opinion about the father. Who committed. Ability -- it's just parent project to the attention to it could've been those. We're defense and frankly I've read on it -- sort of happened in need I cannot. Expressed how much I agree with you. I now -- open -- what else that'll that'll. I mean it would have been in it would have been ugly and it can guarantee one thing. It would have been no all call it can't you know getting that -- that -- have been called for the court. You know I'm I'm afraid that. I agree with you a 100% I've got a couple of text messages and all you people say in this you never know what you would do. No you never know what you would do but I know the love I have for my children annulled the -- that I have for my grandchildren and I know -- witness something like that. I just don't think I mean I've I've go crazy and I'd go nuts. I just just make sure that it's something happened they got clothes on and it's so we can get money. Got. But you know -- I was mentioning and a few minutes ago life I have them we have a neighborhood watch -- many many years ago the police that. That if someone on your property in your home if if you shoot them and their running away from you you can place charges today. And in my mind that's -- neighbor said. Fine I'll shoot him in the back turn it over shoot him in the chest and and you know which one came. -- Thank -- -- all right we'll take a break and then Leo will come right back oh with the law a -- cholera and of Jim and his many text messages. As I possibly -- I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- doctor on WWL. All right I'm Bob Mitchell at republic took him before. A real time I wanna thank Sheldon through taking care of mr. controlled Jordan for. -- walking me through the the more informant like like a baby but totally taking care committee. Who have got -- amber. Virtually Mike Wheldon doing the traffic David Blake during the news. And Diane -- the warrior queen the although WWL programming for giving me a shot to do this morning all right let's talk to Connie a computers came through the traffic area. I can't and I -- despite ten -- Correct an accident appears apparently the recovery. Efforts in the manner by all -- it -- -- blocked we're letting -- third single file. Right shoulder you accept thirty minutes to get from -- -- pat. Early. They're not there are currently. All right -- thank you so much okay. Todd you're in that same area to. -- Yet out of college. Dump truck on an immediate. In the a lot. Excellent. No traffic and where -- -- Other track on that block everything. Any thought that any thoughts on how to get around it. Profit our industry come back on Wednesday. Gotcha all right Todd thank you so much okay. I'm gonna go to argue one more call in before the Garland Robinette Cilic go to Glenn and hello how are you Glenn. You do little but there are tired at 27 years experience. I didn't retire from military kept 47 years. That's -- not to survive. Not torture. I'm it did not call a cop caught a corner good that we -- and indeed. Yeah I got three kid yeah and if somebody did that to run my kid. -- did not see his nineteenth birthday. I think all these people. Who say that though you you people shouldn't do that you should you you have to be responsible. Oh and let's not the thing to do Jesus wouldn't have done that. I don't think they have children. Now now you know -- and you are. People who pay -- beat -- response I doubt Obama but I wouldn't that. You know I thought -- I guess what I'd do that a picture in my mind. But it would be like to come home from work and you're looking for your kid and you can't find -- -- you know the baby sitter and then you walked in. And here's here's this eighteen year old you know sexually abusing your child. I would just explode I would of public. I'm until little the got to use my fist and played solid grab a baseball bat and just prior to the white. And I'm rarely. I'm I'm trying to be. Is seen as possible Wesley on this I really think that smashes head. -- -- No problem and you know and people. Called -- people probably violet and rotten lightly. Nasty text messages but you know you you're crazy you're violent than I am what I am. You are me -- I would not you don't forty. -- I didn't -- No and an -- military if had some kind of way the father of the eighteen year old soon as this guy and he's got medical bills to play. -- -- -- -- -- Our act by act I thank you Allan appreciate you calling OK okay. This sacred ground and it will this year are right. I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for Tommy Tucker the Garland -- show is tonight and moving Garland is going to be talking about. Is the big fix my street campaigns trying to get all the potholes. Filled in New Orleans. All right have a good day -- -- by god bush I'm Bob Mitchell WWL.

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