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7-22 10am Garland, barrier islands

Jul 22, 2014|

The in-house Louisiana fight over how to slow the loss of southern Louisiana to gulf water is growing. Some raising private funding claim the state refuses to provide matching funds. The state says they don't have the money. Private citizens point to multi-million dollar studies as proof to the contrary. Does this fight benefit the ultimate goal of state survival? Garland was joined by Capt. George Ricks, President of the Save Louisiana Coalition and Jerome Zerinque, Executive Director of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This hour we're going to be talking again what's about wetlands and once again about the wetland. Bug captain George rich with this president took. -- Louisiana coalition 1130 will be talking to via. Restoration authority executive director reports that -- from running. And it in this is the debate we've been having. For so long Bob we got to do something about loss. Of this Sullivan or -- we Sonoma. And they applauded this agreement as soon. Where resume in the -- we can't identify money isn't going in the right correct the Upton welcomed sure appreciate it coming thank you -- a pleasure be back don't -- concern. My concern recently. That the cat Allen project and implying that parish is is news. Come to light upon out of body PJ on the coast of directive applied and parish does this is like this is that may -- he's been. Document aimed at Atlanta lost a cat island. Since 2010. And your brief history of what we can -- us. Is it's one of Barry -- change. It's in black -- In 1930. -- almost 348. In 1998. Strong and forty acres. But there's only six bird island. Browns and in Louisiana. And this can Allen was warned of prime nesting areas that are brown -- news forty acres now no no now it's underwater. Since 2012 it's it's virtually it is if you start. -- -- -- sticking up by the war. PGA has taken on yourself personally to raise money he's raised. 3.2 million dollars in private funding to get -- -- restored he's been working since 2012. To get it done permits have been issued. And that did 3.2 million dollars he's raised and from private funding show all donated a million. See app only in donated one point two million American bird conservancy. Which by the ways our Washington DC donate half million dollars in black and his parish itself donated have to me now. But he needs three million dollars more. To complete this project. Now it is he's -- money since 2000 -- people had to put up this money should listen. If you don't do anything pretty so -- money we we -- -- back. BJ went to the states CPR is to listen. You got a chance to build an island Barry Allen back for half price. -- -- 3.2 Mena house me -- -- three million -- to rebuild our state doesn't have no money. Now. Yet I was just fighting in the legislature for three weeks. A CR -- went -- legislature appropriating funds. For the CP ERA for and you plan defined that and you master plan and in this was 37 point nine million dollars. For the engineering and design of the murder -- diversion. It seems to me. Better project of this importance. A mistake how important it is this this island is. In 2008. Pelicans were put back on the list they were endangered until 20082010. We got -- my home. Cat island was inundated widow. In fact all the pitches that the CP RA used to get money from BP. They used get out. Louisiana only -- fifteen colonies of pelicans. And and -- -- gonna drop drastically we -- have to now the thing about a brown pelican is they imprint on islands. Winnable. It they can't get back to -- to reproduce they don't reproduce. So we -- its habitat. That's crucial to brown pelican a state bird. And the state can't come up with three million dollars. To hit it to help is this project out. And in my point also is. All these other environmental groups nationalize federation. The nature conserve it's. -- Coalition restore Louisiana. All that society National Wildlife Federation Environmental Defense Fund. All these big money. Environmental groups that are quick to go out and take pictures on these -- The photo ops -- of all -- all all birds. And kick them out when they might help to project out which I think is -- trapped. We ended the project gets going public with -- and video phone complete they've they they're led the presents. Planning is. 68 acres five foot high. And they want and reinforce. But rock around -- That to keep it from -- and again and plant man -- With which are crucial problem. The reason we do these shows trying to give hopes. Of an issue when ever there's something. That's estimated estimated to cost probably at a minimum and a billion dollars a year for the next fifty years ago and via. Disagreement on how are doing word Allah keep the money who get to Howard gets done. And we don't give publish added to all of these arguments that thing we've got less chance of doing something. That benefit -- all. The forward got captain George Reid with the president to actually -- reason coalition. And he's he's talked about how to -- I think PJ. When got three million dollars from private funding. Asked the state for -- of the three in the states we don't have it and as the captain glimpse the idea of state. Have almost. Thirty billion dollars in engineering and design and for one project myrtle grooved version according to open. And in the -- and a true it is. How come we can have them. Right well it's it's not only -- gone it it is it's the amount of money to the CPR Eastman the CP RA is such a powerful entity. -- -- created this this this white elephant they control all the money come down a pipe from BP. Restore act they complete control of the funding. But it would be you know some stuff today -- funding like well well you know we talk about in less -- and show on the phone. We view we talked to Dmitri -- warning institute -- Which will be an independent. Panel. Did work and aren't strictly on divergent issued a warning issues. They received thirty million dollars from the CPR. They get a contract to to award considered ago. Where are things you spend money on like I haven't -- -- an agreement. For -- -- and issues they spent ten million dollars. To eliminate and sit significantly reduced them to Kos web as a result from nutrients. We can spend the money all on on things like that thirty million dollars to -- institute of golf. But we can't come up with three -- house to see one about Barry on chain. Now but it did the way to BP finds. -- worded they can all end. -- -- is quick to say this can all be used for Barry ounce. And -- Which is. How how stupid is that you noted he's -- -- -- -- well alt delete because this decision destruction. And the so why used in my -- used in my the divergent speaker's future and that's the wall and he said he said that's the law personal way to -- -- and -- and that it's a good and like. The lack -- know what -- cat around is consider wanted to Barry eligible. We will hit six it was I was left. Bird out it big on the pelicans -- -- they won't nest. You know and like I said before they imprint to those particular pounds and they can't get back down they don't reproduce. It would reach -- I think the -- just a bird. You kept Olivia Q a blunt question and usually people that you and me. We don't know what we're talks. Every engineers and scientists -- obsessions. This whole thing -- so versions -- the dredging. Whether it's water. Extreme blow and -- the other. He's extremely complicated. And the -- people that that can understand this sort of the scientists and there's a big group was signed acting as stated that sport. And they say you know what -- regular shows on this and talking about and I'm just creating a problem. By giving you'll boards by me talking about things but we don't do one thing about. Would bode so well -- limited as because I've gotten. It's groups. Understand. The problem is just as many scientists or pro diversions. That -- addition many scientists at -- auditors say that the nutrient level at a Missouri I have I have scientists that did. One was practiced from Alley -- it that's been dispelled from. But about a CPR is doctor Eugene turner he's what you wanted to -- -- most renowned coastal scientists around. And they dispel his theories and nutrient. Nutrients affect in the what -- took Bruce's doctor Eugene turner. He wanted to most renowned coastal scientists around but yet. Know what he says isn't it isn't factual. They have a doctor and not meant for Miller judicious ordered nutrients a great putter to go to. But root systems are demolished so it AP -- are unfortunately gone -- found out that scientific studies. Barry in their results depend on impeachment stuff. It's a sad but true fact so it's it's what we call who who would turn that we've -- is cherry picking the sides. We'll what do you say somebody of that says. Understand what you're talking about with the brown pelicans improve New England where they grew and where liberal way. Now that totally gone. You gonna bring about 668. Acres of what's what 48 there was -- 199868. Acres six million dollars. And you can put rip wrapped around it is that it is -- for when I'm Stan you know over the years have done documentaries. And a breed can't -- for a you can think. And it'll just -- a cut the federal category three world. Wiped out most of that. None none -- not to rock replenish. I've -- category threes take gigantic ripple and little room like okay well. Let's put it this way it ought. The Biloxi marsh at the Hurricane Katrina sustained only afford 6% -- From erosion from Hurricane Katrina yet. That they can all an area -- a diversion site in groundout drove sustained. Over thirty almost 30% plan. Because of the nutrient load a commissioner of effect in -- as -- mark. You know you talk about saltwater intrusion being a bad thing but sparked the grass is what grows. On -- out of -- warm and it's it's it's a deeper rooted grass it's more resistant -- all church and most yet you -- out of so high salinity marsh goes underwater which stone church so they erosion doesn't have that much of a packed all. But interior marsh when you take an -- getting more like American -- and you start introduced and you know yourself calling you you've you've got a formal ranch right. What happens when you plant grass and you put too much for a lot. You burn it up right. That's what happens in new trailer mr. -- about affection -- as an animal. Go to got about a minute your thoughts. My thoughts off. This is such a travesty I think people need to need to be aware in the coastal protection and restoration of dollars which CPR stance well. I think the first words. Should be protection that you comforts. The -- come from out of the gulf they don't call from -- So we need to take this money well -- shot at it let's build barrier island projects let's -- Regis to protect the coastal communities. -- -- -- Restoring the coast fall. The people who live on -- And almost pleasure to have you and friction at the time you have a great thank you doing over -- -- well on wetlands and sounds I get a good communication from and so while view in the audience it's a group but we need to do this over and over and over again. It is because I've been so many people don't understand how dangerous situation is and quite frankly -- -- you don't care and then a lot of your convinced nothing can be done. But. I don't know what went to looping Cold War. And boy and I felt something that might killers or destroy. Where we -- poor. We kind of fought against it over left and I'm hundred Lee so I think these shows or of our boats importance. And we try to present the issues votes on. Drones -- drones as the coast of production Russian relations authority executive director room welcome this year. Good morning. Picture of yours you probably heard we have. Captain bricks appeared in -- -- claiming that PGA and in huge number of people. Try and rebuild -- island of its total goal and they bridged through a million else this state for three states it's. We don't have from the opening. And in these -- or Ireland or or brown pelicans they are do's and think only five or six Ireland's hoped there. And without the the pelican won't this won't rebuild there. And more importantly. It's -- -- that are pro shield against. Hurricanes and that the -- and and it's totally go and they won't build it. If you or your rules. Or. First of all of -- read -- -- he's referring to one point two was actually coming from a from the statements and federal funding that were applying for and we are working. We have the average -- tried to addressing get additional funding there's no doubt that the -- themselves will receive funding. Through to restore -- dollars and some other settlements from the hospital there will be opportunities. For the parishes to put that money. But the state has prioritized projects going you know and you said. It's been expansive. Coast in terms of addressing the issues fiscal crisis of land and it is award real fighting. But the resources limited so we have to prioritize. The project and do those projects that are born to be sustainable. And have a meaningful benefit to reduce that storm surge to sustain their resources there world talking about. I don't scroll all the record at the historic. That's one for people losing all five states where in the final decision as. May you don't BP money. It's been being divided between the states I think with the Louisiana getting a -- treasures that correct. Wolf unfortunately. -- you know won't get with it deserves because if you look at we're. The impacts what we had a disproportionate cheered the impact in terms of acres and miles of shoreline impacted there is no state can with the -- Kim notably albeit the states to equal what we experienced not to mention in the number of birds. Issue impacts and all the other impact associate with the oil -- cumulative lead others states the other force states to equal we got we you know but. To restore act will provides some funding that we used to help restore and mitigate the impact is also the net. After resource damage assessment of the also -- that would help provide some fun things to address those issues as well. I've heard through official channels have new wide view of it correct that -- I'm asking you. And the -- staged tune -- spend their money immediately on what urban. Damage they. I've been told we have to wait six months is or anything to that. Not that's -- true glory in terms of the money that's being distributed the money is allocated to the states. And so that there's a process servers in the initial. Funding that was provided. Ruling there on that wheezing and has put to reestablish wish to -- also which directories and also we buildings some wetlands. Through dredging but that was just in early distribution of those bulletins and all the states received the portion of that. And now and next allocation money. The federal regulations that dictate how the money will be ceremonies will be distributed in utilized waiting for the final -- missed three putts and money and it. That that could be -- The source of -- whole another shall we could spend shall talking about the complexities involved in this restore act funding but. Primarily it's going to be between three pots and it's going to be distributed amongst the states in the final rated or finalist. And there's nothing to. Feel the -- being yields than theirs immediately you know as being the -- at least six months. -- in terms of -- we're waiting for the process to go through just like the other states orbit to Louisiana Louisiana has committed. Maybe in any other states necessarily have that but that the administration's statement has committed to utilize these -- To distort and mitigate impacts associated with the oil spill. And -- -- legislation. Being proposed. Record make sure alleges lead towards don't touch is this money is -- protected when that does come. Well there has been bill passed to ensure that the money from the restored knows will be used to. Well implement coastal restoration project and so that we would do that. Have been on past but there was a recent. Peppered this past legislative session by represents saying to me to constitutionally dedicate the money which -- -- had to go to vote of the people similar to what it happened with the -- ago the Gulf of Mexico energy security act though was that will be coming down. In a 2017. But there was a constitutionally. Dedicated to Riddick only be used for -- purpose so that was the similar attempt to -- legislative session didn't go through but there is. Has -- and passed legislation that directs the dollars to. Coastal restoration it's just not constitutionally that it's so for the both sport it's it's protected and we intend to fully utilized it for restoring and protecting the coast. Weird captain in near -- cup and the it came and concern that. Organizations have raised private money three million dollars for rebuild count violent. And knew. They did three million more went to the states they didn't have the money. But they say we'll take a look at the what is myrtle grove -- Britain divergence. Where of their spending almost nothing 37 point nine million dollars. Where -- -- around where this he has hid. Other restoration authority -- the plunged in your correctly -- what you're saying was something like that barrier island. There or going to be funds within the parishes or their aura phones now. In the courage for this type thing. There will be and they're currently is in terms of the morning to -- -- match to certain projects and we've been working toward conservation restoration partnership fund that we wanted. Over seventeen million. In all on the ground restoration and conservation. Project and that Swiss nonprofit businesses landowners and local government so there has the potential to continue doing that. But buckle and put it in perspective. The perception that. But two things that the money that is being used in those two versions should be applied in used in Portland to bury -- -- -- but the reality is. They and its efficient -- foundation Poland where those -- or being utilized the the typical statement the Department of Justice to what -- it was department justice determined that it had to be used for burial Rollins and diversions. And for -- to say that would not doing very ounces it's wrong and completely misinformed. On what the eight states separate so in terms of reestablishing there -- critical response to the sense that you referred to. Since 2008 we constructed over 3745. Acres of every -- critical habitat. Bird habitat that the pelicans in albeit the birds that. That TJ in the council concerned about a critical habitat that those birds can use. And so we York building barrier -- and the ones toward those diversions. -- and only can only be used specifically for the area in diversions and we've. Don't significant amount of area construction Chela no economic boundaries do whiskey. You surely you can rebuild cattle. Well the again. From our perspective we wanna -- projects and or sustainable for the long term we are working on both are expert the expert to deport while interest. Who aren't -- on critical bird habitat. We're relying on the experts say you know what if you -- -- -- -- dollars. You need to put in here but we're gonna put a significant amount of queen -- island which one is the most significant bird. Habitat locations in that chain that you -- referring to and so. We York relying on the experts have determined we -- we need to put money on those projects across sustainable and the fact that techtag and it's not being funded right now again of which the state Wii or the federal program applying one point two big events we are contributing to that project. The fact that we -- Funding fully funding it is because we're trying to establish with the remaining bones -- We are the priorities -- to invest in those projects that will be sustainable in the long term. And -- tribute to -- to -- money. Will aid parish have money to do this -- Yet the parishes will be distributed in terms of the first -- of money again pots of money but in the did distribution that first pot of money. All five states will getting equal -- and it's different how each state on utilizes their money but in these you know. Yeah allocation from the first -- 70% comes to the state and 30% goes directly to the Paris and so but the coastal parishes will receive. Funding from the restore -- directly to -- to implement projects such is that. A north side of the -- nobody knows for sure but in the gases to win that money starts moving when the drug drug makes a decision. This year next year. Well bail or and we have been working and trying to get the regulations expedited -- the draft regulations. Or being shopped around in DC right now you'll stick. Federal regulatory agency's Office of Management and Budget over -- we have to check it off. And the indications or that anywhere from three to six months. For those final rich will be a win -- will be finalized for the distribution of those weren't so we're hoping reluctantly go. Waiting for those funds to go out so we can utilize and can't we have project is not for the lack of projects we can put into good projects we just need the money to implement its. All right let me go to the go to Clint real quickly drove -- rooms were. -- Yeah. It is. Couple of public comments of course all of you who live in -- partners. Like. Well it working and what you know exactly. Locations as we -- Well we called Korean it was a big but -- -- may well be a piece of all week. -- the only. Ones that. Art so that number -- operative zone -- -- -- people. It also stops that we actually larger cities in which attract more which -- -- auction -- charge are we debt problem which. What drove -- to resolve what's the word that it is making that Shelton has been locked in -- stable supplies every. Career working -- breaking -- and you bureau sort -- think we're work well projects and figure it out bright people -- and that's what you'll. If you have superiority beaches look more and you are beautiful and. -- good drew medical news. Yes we all putting it to. -- -- -- amount to. Queen best in addition to other barrier islands as I indicated. And will continue to reestablish that critical habitat and we're working and identifying where it goes sustainable projects need to -- and and even yet. Queen -- does not restore within the next gear to the Q apologists are telling us that the -- it will still be easier -- -- you may lose. The initial. Opportunities to have some nesting habitat within a year or two but the reality is as the bones will be even at that you can -- and so we can reestablish that when one becomes available. Throw more money list court shouldn't there to immediately and take a look at that yeah. Master plan. I see money for the first three years. Correct me if I'm wrong. -- a billion dollars -- -- one year reveal the -- the and then billion if we're talking about fifty billion minimal. For the told thing. Do we see you were the monies coming or week hoping for -- government. Will the real ideas we don't have all the money that they or. We used utilized over forty different funding sources to implement projects and there's no doubt that they all. It's -- it will provide foreign forces as the Comesa -- -- -- to be quick dollars now we don't. The bulk CPP but the -- and is designed to account for anywhere from 40700. Million per year we can achieve that goal we can implement this plan will continue to utilized. All the available ones which is to ensure that we implement this plan which is critical. To achieving sustainable growth in the future for a coastal residents. Drove I appreciate the time we have good thank you to. They'll build brigade celebrity jail moral 53 yeah.

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