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Jul 22, 2014|

There is a growing list of New Orleans street that are almost non-drivable.  The lists includes both high and low income neighborhoods.  Now there is a citizen backed protest and call for action simply called "fix my streets".  Is that enough to get needed repairs?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Quite a while good Frontline. Recently you. And -- out their long time there than it. Go to Harrison good news or -- Trimble org couples some interest with a broad -- threw only view in years. So -- when Jerusalem with the effort so we usually meet we're going. And to make sure. That I didn't go out the hundred block -- options. A went through three streets down in drove up his three. So. -- five block for. 45 blocked. Erica. To me at least ten methods to -- from surgery. Bit there were parts. Where the weeks of the street. We're so high up in the air it was a pretty -- I was gonna get suspended. And then. Went back. A little bit later. And as we get near his house. A CAA. Garbage for. That's parked in front of an -- move. And -- your body. And drew was again close -- of the garbage truck had collapsed into the story. It was down to Chelsea. And this is not something that show's opening -- went back -- flight from or cards this is 2010. And -- four years ago. Our streets. Calls office you'll do drugs. An additional 681. Dollars a year bound to be a little bit more for years later right. That's 279. Dollars you're more. Than men for -- A drug group friendly Oakland -- car dealership. I was talking to him about sometimes when you won by second and cork. Pitching guru and others stayed. Through their dealership by important. At both drug treatment and -- country. These are the problem is who's noble before it's huge scores from New Orleans. Because they've got a whole lot more damage and and usage through them that a decision. We were number six. Again. 2010. In Sydney -- of 500 -- and more. 55%. Of New Orleans area roads for years ago poor condition. That's all part of what they're called the -- -- study of miracles -- this broad rights. And and were listed. As almost the worst. -- and it goes -- Little -- it gets very interest. Join in weigh in with all this being said and my abroad to work from up to -- or more around the world from lake view to mid city. It is trying to remember. Which routes to become totally him -- -- well. War the ones that are all or under construction and repairs. And one person try to do something about it Robert Lugo wasn't taxpaying citizen Colbert. As come up with him about these regards and you've probably seen all of the -- says it's my highest reach Robert welcome -- this year. Good morning Garland -- was in the future stories that very sort of. Mayor and I had I and heard the cheers rich -- bad. Both world I am are bad streets or really bad pocket holds or deterioration. Of the top of the street. Put good if you got he got its accident discrete. Look like there's been an earthquake. Well there's no doubt. We believe in and based on you know just anecdotal information the lake is the worst for the whole city is suffering from from this problem and it was interesting you are all. On -- and statistic one that we came across yesterday was that. Of the fifty largest cities in the United States. There won't drink twenty -- and that. The dollar's been are paid in and buy it and being of family -- brings it about 75000 dollars a year. We know -- we pay more than Atlanta. And Boston do for street work and yet look at what we get further I'll. Does anybody know why we pay more. I think that's hopefully one of the questions that we did answer it when we start this process. Of moving forward to coming up with a plan to solve the problem. And again. I act I wanna start off the conversation with everybody understanding out there. We are not looking to blame anybody we know this is a problem that took about thirty years to get the conditions added to and we've had multiple generations now. Elected officials and it kicked this can down the road so we're not blame in the people that are in an elected position right now. But we -- demand from the elected officials now that we do get together with citizens and experts. And come up with a plan that probably is at 1015 maybe twenty year plan to solve the problem -- we know they were talking about. Well we've heard they were talking about something close to a nine billion dollar tricks. We know that out and lake view it's over 450 million dollars to do it right. Mary introducing dogs let's take a break or cut them right back. I assume this will get a lot of callers to secure one big suburb of god Robert tempo. Try to do I help to people who live in lake view. But how about where do you live what are what are the conditions there. And when you'd elaborate on the said the UNC homage to the use of streets are blocked. Polity or undergo tremendous. Work. Do you complain. Or do you say thank goodness they're doing something. -- exit row 1870. Told wearing underwear in the country 86 that -- 908. So -- and overthrow Robert -- book. Texting. So do some border. Lake view businessman. Come aboard the campaign called fiction march -- read your -- and asking Mair is in City Council asking. Who are the powers of the yard to meet. Things can be seven PNC Dominic coo Jim 63 -- -- -- Experts street in lake view and that some light bright Robert. Totally where pulpit to really show our elected officials that this is a citywide. Concern and this is a mob -- think this is a lot of people company here not only what we think the problem is. But hearing what our elected officials think the possibilities -- to solve this long term. Our and a events for you Bluetooth -- durable lead celebrity. Call it's -- about where they are and what are they thinking can this be Dixon it's so Howell. Steven in New Orleans feature room would Robert -- And -- you know. I think because. That he is of those well it put us in the need. Circumstance because. Toward the table -- so much and does it. And this result in -- Always going to be different. Unless they come up with. Another material. On the way of dealing with this is because right away. The same sort of play underneath the expansion. And that we. On the is -- strength or a new word in Spain. So when the traffic. Especially true of it is being built in these spaces and ended its appetite. -- so -- have no material from. Yeah what better way of thinking about doing since Columbia would be revolutionary. And just a -- that that bit there's no doubt that we haven't gotten a unique situation in the part of the country. But you know we all can drive right over the jets have perished they have the same subsurface situations that we do world basically. Built on you know when they're aware of the river used to run and now is has turned into trial and pumped in -- weekly. Reclaimed land but yet when we go over there. We see who worked constantly being being done on -- on city streets so attractive book count as a as a result where my offices where I want to go to -- parish and they just finished an incredible project all throughout they all new asphalt surfaces. So kind of our question is why is that not a priority in Orleans -- and we're looking at the city budget. And the streets department. And what should said the administration only asked for one point 5% of the entire city budget to go to the streets program. So that we have to. We prior -- some of the stuff now again. There's no way to solve that in one year -- abuses or maybe even ten years with the boats that are available right now but. You know their their their minds out there they can come up with a plan to long term come up with a way to finance. That does tell -- homered to this year it is report. You. I did right after crews took a lot of heat. Because it's probably over one -- crazier up Tuesday no I don't think all of you should come back. I think you ought to wait. To see if the infrastructure. For 500 and something thousand people. Is still in blades and how many people are coming. Because it you have 300000. Back lives -- living in the same house. That house 500000. You've still got to provide the electricity. The plumbing. The maintenance in the LT. And you're not gonna have the money to do it. Can can that be be answered is why Matt -- keeping the roads up and we're not we just don't have the population to sustain it. Police -- of them on presents winner of the -- money. Our -- do wall -- New Orleans we don't have the money for the Maine and the schools were struggling for money -- we don't have the money. Could that be part of. Well you know I'm not and urban planner and I do know that there was some greater than mines that were brought into the city afterwards and they said that it was certain areas. -- issues kind of put on the back shelf. I think the market place more than anything has that we are. The city and the citizens and people from outside wanna come back and -- popular. But that that doesn't matter because the infrastructure. Is this thing. It wouldn't matter if they all came back to sliver on the river. There are I hear which is saying but you know all the -- we go back to the 1950s. We have a situation where we had a very small population in the city was growing and yet. Those elected officials found a way to bond out certain. You know they get paid back that. They found a way to bond -- certain taxes in order to go into the improvements to -- the city. I think what we're we're sitting right now as we need our elected officials to find a way to upon doubt dollars in order to maintain our -- Should I think. That that's a point is that. Sure they fell on the money that bonded and because they're grading people there rat in the tax but he. But now you get very big infrastructure with a small that -- -- Rich's column and sense that you're just not gonna have money to. Sustain what you've got let's go to look Carly and -- -- your room with Robert Luke. I'm but first of all applaud you and you liked it just want to thank. A lot of families that live -- -- actually sure birch street. I have a daughter professional medical achieve in -- building now. So many young people and air -- view in college or call eight and expertise they are taxpayers. Paid. We want more people move out. On the streets I was riding on the other day. You call it that are. At war and a Third World country. Am I. I'm not surprised at garbage truck couldn't get for. Me. They got a good -- very little we have something. I think everything you're seeing -- suppose the mayor who would think. Roberts we've been going on -- record as saying look to blame in the matter of the problem round long -- pouring this year. Supposed to mirror -- Robertson meeting. Or represented thereof and says you got a good point absolutely. Were not as in March were -- -- we don't have much for streets. Oh -- we can do is pay some more taxes that we can sell more -- would you pay more taxes to get a effects. -- that is certainly an option but let me pose this question -- We're hearing all the time I heard it on your should perhaps -- -- well you know a lot to look shinji. There are so much money that's been linked to at least here on C. Pork projects -- -- gone down now that with one on the news caught in -- nearly. One million infrastructure. For only. You're you're bored seeing what literally. Every neighborhood group. Or caller on the show it was that I think everybody who groups have now been explored. Again I ask myself the same question. Can you name -- a politician. Who would come out in Sunday. Okay I'm Gordon after the wrapped in Grunow after the waged in the -- against Hillary comes out and says okay. This is how much have found now a -- do pay more taxes. I've never have one person give me in the mobile politician. -- they would agree to it after. The waste and fraud got done well and. I understand at first they're writing situation but it has got to be addressed what I'll definitely get ready for the past forty years. Who had done not. We have a -- and and Mitch. And they're still so many things that happen and I can't stand on taxes. Our property there on despite collapsed at these these. Black people want. In the opportunities. It fully leadership and we hear people in positions that are effective and -- do and do your -- -- And they are doing to -- single other of the people say. We're gonna hurt a lot of colors now we're gonna. W opener of this conversation to hopefully we're gonna keep Robert LuPone who knows. Area businessman. Who has put together a campaign depicts -- shrewd -- -- York's engine. Tonight. Big meeting cry and talk to city of the rules so -- in the mayor's -- presumed that we come back we'll look at Fred -- Vice presumably Butte civic improvement association. Say with a double bill bill Bill Gates ever -- -- -- replied yep. I'm guessing I'm into a whole lot of public -- in the top five things we talk about New Orleans. Condition of our streets and at least one individual try and do something about it -- the name -- Robert loop hole. Businessmen and -- view we started fixing my streets. Putting up the red or it's on and Robert if you would tell people -- of the meeting in some who what when where and what the reason for it. Well. The match today in a real quickly -- -- -- or. Our would deal with this -- -- on the pay more in order to. Get roads fixed you know it -- would start with transparency trust were elected officials whether deserving or not. Our elected officials today -- trust but they trusted by the electrical -- shows. If we if we can get a group of citizen committees. And the administration working together. To make the citizenry constable with where the money's going now and where the priorities are reasonable. Then maybe you can go to the citizens because of -- it was done in the fifties. -- -- -- Talk about taxing because we really just want to start the discussion. I'll Wear it it's about it's behind I think Dominic. Church on Harrison avenue which is the corner of Vicksburg and Harrison avenue and at the -- right but on. And it's it's 7 o'clock tonight but. You know I've been told by quite a few of the people who put it on forest tonight be there early because we probably collateral -- You'll. I hear what -- saying but again I'd go back to. Of them -- -- you know and I said don't people don't trust anybody in the the particular. Don't trust politicians they think waste and fraud is out of control. And he's give me a long list of things he did that with the and they can. -- trip. End and it's things. Eliminating. Fraud illuminating -- who's been. All figured to console port of that but again when I ask people may need the politician. Good you're gonna trust. Once we get this thing gore and I've yet here he did me and they so. I don't know how we do that when the distrust. Is so do you. Nobody can afford to figure that can turn the program. Well that's about it it's not one person it's not it's it's going to be. A group of people citizens and politicians to work together. Then the citizens will -- that picture right. Like I've said it whether it's preserving and not don't single politician is in the beat someone that are -- -- trust that guy in -- but it might trust the commission. -- like I'll like your idea but I got a prediction for you. Crude. Oil and I'll that made errors third cousin who is first on coal. Is working for the cement company that provides. That would mean I'm a big cynic but I would. Show for a long time and I mean that all every year are Nobel. Click add one more wouldn't that. You know there's no doubt that all of this see this problem and opinions of financial thing how -- we do it whether it's. -- you're a scenario where we just don't have enough people or whether it's -- -- -- we can get money out of the people that are here. The real. The real question though is garlic is always willing to settle for opposing interests which are really bureaucrats -- is what you broke into -- that. And tell our children and grandchildren. That they are gonna have to rock they -- -- to try to drive on dirt roads in the attic in the time. That's that's something we can't expect to have defined. Well of course about dirt roads and the oysters you know. I brought it that way. A grub that way -- we're in -- -- -- group was really cool Yule -- that it's the the ward Churchill. But aren't ready go to US succumbed to his madness that your ball. I desperately use a big improvement to -- board chairman of the infrastructure dramatic welcomed Russia. What sort of report Robert good morning. Friday. So tell George you're seeing tell -- some answers -- some problems talked. Oil equivalent status -- -- you do to establish a program. It is -- in the transparent will you concede that full -- should consider money available. And what she's completely understand what that is. Then you can start. Demanding all of some. Some criteria should be held that you can start working on the trust without trust -- optimal but in the process. So he can't get to a point where everything is open and above board. Then you'll never resolve the issue because everybody keep the court sources -- So I think that that can't happen it happened what would you crock that you should we have the same skeptics are when we started that. Still we've got right now it's all about the cities in the deficiencies in the due that's forced it to our money right and I did not -- -- indication. And I think that we can establish a relationship and -- work with city -- social right now where we can develop some trust. And we can get people involved -- improved to replant those citizens to Wallace that. The city does one get the problem stretched as bad as we want it next biggest needs help and need our help shore. Marty he'd be Yale book god used you got the crimes -- -- -- tended to you can import to. But -- I'm sure have had somebody in your neighborhood because I've talked -- -- -- -- went -- and says oh let's get to it over neighbors together for its history and fraud they couldn't come close to reporting. Well let me correct. It's not it which reduces entirely right now you said that we. -- because we're fortunate that is not the case we came up with a relatively small money. In order to do that -- -- thousand a year or we change what we. Was a process by which. There was accountability. Came with the process. Where we put people in place and we make things happen and we supplemented the police department. And date helped us process because it was in there should get strategist. And that's the best interest to make crime go to -- so we work together it's not. Because of the relatively small money because of that the dedication of the people around activity. Trop and it's with the community there and the fact -- we -- the right officers on the streets at war with the neighborhood or make and shall not about the money our money. That's just a driver that has been corrected. On this problem. You don't need the money paragon. Now Utah -- the money but that everything's going to be proportionate speaking you're gonna follow Obama. Sure but it's also about confidence in a partnership that you establish. -- the city believes that corporate citizens and open up their. Opened up all of -- -- also that we can actually what's going on report that to the community stature that you establish the trust once that trust that. They've they've what we're doing it's productive and helpful industry believes that the annual establish closer and closer relationship so. It's that's -- at all. Don't get grant -- don't get me wrong -- for -- sound like a great idea I think a bit on the really used to. Think that. -- into the civic groups there are complaining about street complaining about. The -- complaining about what ever let you -- so. And probable -- let me let me say. Like you're making no money. I -- yeah -- and and they they're just don't have that for gore. Good -- look here's the deal. This model that we are placed and propose to citizens -- the church is a model that we use traditional. We had the -- stepped. We can't do this we can't do that. We proved them we proved them wrong and we as a group in late you. Established communities -- out in a sense that there we determined. Where the money gonna come probably work that the city put demands on them could import term ability state bank stepped to the plate. And they open auctions and art must work together get this thing results we put together literally hundreds of thousands of but documentation. And -- -- this. -- turtle that money quality information over to city so they get the money from -- Did we call made him accountable. Understanding of that money back in the areas that need to be stretched. It's two -- street. All parties to work together but more -- against in short horrible. When we were in the quarter we had the shores. Are there are other. You were actually you know got to take a break and -- good -- and -- with a brilliant. And up any. The viewers successful. -- poll well hold on gold glove got there we get a paper this. Salem -- actually boom will try to get -- to -- all right. We're thinking about those -- convictions and street conditions in New Orleans. -- didn't think they've worked we've are subject -- take what they think and then we attempt to prove me -- We and fortunately for me Robert -- -- the -- think you've done just that he knew that the impact is pretty income -- -- you two it's. I was fully expecting -- via an argument you couldn't beat. But probably guy again to what -- -- saying they have -- well would you explain it again for people who just short. We're gonna come up. Point play and that five point plan external parties. The needs of the people in the citizens it's gonna it's gonna call to action to help resolve the issue -- to establish a partnership with the city while working org. We're gonna work towards gaining respect. Or the elect officials -- -- air. Understanding of what their responsibilities our holding them accountable and then by doing that. Re established and respected picture much. I would -- so that were different committees all the committees are gonna. Track the magnitude of the problems you -- Kosovo probably attract funding associated. With. What we need to do with the problem we have talked about things like that we get space reallocation a point where we -- -- Newt Armstrong. What -- are available maybe trapped into. -- -- -- reestablish relationships. Should be engaged airport outside agencies state agencies federal agencies in order to try to get. Some -- wore -- street battle phones and in Aspen but at least wouldn't talk to the people about what can they do -- With the volunteers and that's necessary. Two -- the problem survey which preached term in the magnitude growth estimates in the eighties and chip a little bit along the war which forced to stretch -- -- can comment on your -- No dude -- worried depleted my argument is Leo pocket Specter can overcome the Georgia. Maybe this one time -- Quickly. -- -- optical remedy it Chilean mine disaster that was a bit wells got trapped between 28 track. At that point in time where they would trapped. It was a Rockefeller but that was part of the granite. No one had ever attempted doing that before no tools are available for for going down. Twice the depth of the empire state build on what they did was they got groups of people from all around the world. Tried things that hadn't been tried before and they -- -- And like that song about it can't move rubber tree plant that we have that. Eric -- -- -- one more little thought I against YouTube peeling. And -- programs the world. Are you guys sound like you got some than I haven't heard both Warren -- -- it sounds like good media blades. Suppose you're successful. In the in the -- Garland uptown gore and one Robert and -- give them it's not my -- On this is -- -- out of lake view. We're we brought it to our attention -- we've lived through it but. We can elect Obama and anything. A suspect that you -- and -- and of this argument you gotta be impossible. -- -- -- There are representatives and civic groups all across the city tour aren't involved. Well. I'm gonna come up with some -- Nelson sure. Tell more and who -- -- we're on didn't you. I get it's it's starts at 7 PM tonight but guess they'll literally if you want to get because I don't feel we're going to be turn people away. It is located in the gymnasium -- think Dominic school. Behind the church all the experts streak at the corner Harrison and Pittsburgh. -- good -- that you feel would leave fewer of these in Bora do you think take all we can't thank you end station enough. Preferring in this out of the vote. Willits who follow up reports of you guys are successful in this this is. A blueprint that would weren't getting out of place we're going to be. All right have a good meg Cologne. -- -- --