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7-22-14 12pm, Garland, Political Satire

Jul 22, 2014|

Would you elect a politician who says "I don't listen to you, I spend my time getting money to run again"…or, "my endorsement can be bought by the highest bidder"?  A Kentucky man is running for senator with those words (and more) to educate Americans on the politics really works.  Would you vote for him?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And midfield. And hear their vision television news of politics -- It just seemed like very ringing Monday and in this show after Katrina. Politics was no longer boring. But it did it seem like we could -- all the warts and nothing changed in the opening prize -- anything different. A problem should this or we can show you something different. I'll have to explain a little bit flavors why am in the show but let me give you an -- board. Or reading about other topics. -- -- -- in the ocean and -- that meet dual Fulbright. And nondescript. 55 pure white. Who was persuaded by lobby is wrong porous at -- seat in Kentucky. What differentiates. Him from its competitors. Is that Fulbright prize -- -- -- the review would vote. And if you blood we got about a minute what he warned of the political calmer plea that. I I'm -- Fulbright and the people around my campaign have made this commercial and commented. This campaign. Is not about me about crafting aversion amid little ability you. A version -- random work sites is paid actors pointing at things. A version of me that doesn't find old people all soft. Has a conventionally attractive yet curiously still family. -- to my constituents. Legislating this things that don't do. What I do always -- about 70% of my time raising funds for reelection. -- do anything to stay in office. My name's gill Fulbright and -- -- my -- to fill gold right there aren't -- brighter until. A mobile -- These are the things that are important and easy to find people that financed my campaign. Now in order to do these things I have to stay in office the state office you have to keep these guys happy. Now for any of these things make these guys unhappy well ahead of time. To come November the choice is clear you want and others finest golf -- for special interest or lobbyist. World's finest coffee for special interest from lobbyists. I'm -- -- multiple parts and I approve this message. Pick that. If Michael -- -- conducted under movies -- Leo on the ballot but I think a big bloated or more deadly straw in the news campaign. This is all have -- and correctly via. Bring trial of an organization called represent. Costs an entire row option. Nonprofit. Ranch roots group. Dedicated to combating. Many of the problems -- -- in politics. And I think we had fell under the Ford drops overjoyed to welcome the show or really appreciated that time. -- -- -- So is. Gilbert do but. A real candidate to Rosie -- an actor doing spot for. He is not steadily -- Fulbright as a character actor named frank greatly from New York city's east. Actually got apart as the corrupt congressman in the hit HBO show or in is that. The new black or running yeah our running guilt so bright for office in Kentucky First few reasons number one. But Kentucky -- inflated to. Need to predicted to be the most expensive senate race in our nation's history topping out at over a hundred million dollars. Number two. If you don't. This this Mitch McConnell who's the ranking Republican in the senate. He's only up by about 3.2 Pete loses it will be a massive upset and number three. That the race could determine that the partisan. Influence of of our -- dominance which party controls the senate. US -- so as a result all eyes are watching Kentucky this year even more eyes that are watching that. The -- to senate race in Louisiana. And and we decided we need to go in the air and shine a light on how circuit is that it cost 100 million dollars to run in the NF salaries. Something that I believe our founding fathers they would roll over in their grave if they use this -- happen. All right I've done but I'm a citizen and constructive turn on -- area television. Don't assume what looks like go political hadn't discussed that thing a country offers. Curiously Smith and -- pointing at things and have family. It's very still. I'm like gonna help view of all I'm simply they're the better myself. What do you what do you get out of people when -- exceed its. Well it's amazing I gotta say. -- the last ten days has blown my air back I can't believe what happened ten days ago. We launched one of these. Increasingly popular -- -- style you go out and say. We're looking to raise 20000 dollars from a bunch of small donors to run its stake entity -- Albright for office. Well to our great surprise. In five days we've raised 20000 dollars. From 550 donors now it's 21. Days later. And we have excuse me it's only fifteen days later. And we have now raised. 60000 dollars over 12100 donors. And we have been everywhere is that today's show USA today and on television everywhere. An and I think to answer your question. I think the American people are tired of being lied to -- tired of being let down they want politicians. Who had a very minimal or at least -- -- so guilt all rights in this Korea. You get -- -- -- the biggest donors but at least he has the integrity tell you. New config of America I'd like to have you in the airport about three hours. Outside from malaria. -- find this fascinating. Actually -- feeling doses. Tapping the -- Of something good that hasn't been touched before that it's it's actually something you in the citizenry in the voters although. It's great entertainment. I think there's something else there would receive -- he would come back and questions elements it was call we bully governments over Peru and over a few minutes. -- up bill to secure wanted somebody told review where in the country -- six aided 90. Cent of those Stephen Cole -- fans out there you may remember. Last year. Did a tongue in cheek. Series of shows on the the world of the strange world of campaign campaign and him. And our political system. And have received tremendous coverage and political analysts that a -- Michaud said that he thought he changed a couple of thing it's not he'd talk. The political analysts thought the boards and Colbert didn't. And I actually changed things in the people. Through humor. Better understood. All screwed up says -- minutes. Willing Kentucky's they're looking in that possibly. Spending -- over 100 million dollars for senator -- So there is an organization called represented ups and abrupt and non prop that grew. That's kind they don't want col Baer did. And if you get a chance to drug Google and it's called -- full bright honest politician. And it's on the podiums things you have ever seen but adults who delivered the message. We're -- over who has started represent. I mean not George Bush pardon me. Judge do you think you're tapping something here. That's that's a little bit deeper than just humor shows in permitted through. Well I do I think what we're tapping into a human it's human nature is coming to plate here and that is. The university Pennsylvania in Denver policy -- -- this study. And he showed. It was -- it showed that the viewers of Steven Cole -- Satirical show on Comedy Central. During the last presidential election cycle proved to be and I quote. Better informed about campaign financing and the role of money in politics. Then viewers have other news channels in show so. What you're finding is when people are seeing things done through comedy and satire. They actually are more open and they learn more and remember more than when they're just watching news go figure. And ended they learn more from your campaign remember more for your campaign. What do you think that princely. Well seek justice just scratched the surface so this rather. Any candidate I mean you -- you if you haven't done it go to represent dot US on the -- she is the -- -- -- he looks -- you know one of the things you didn't -- -- your earlier Catholic he says. People Kentucky. Ideal here. Let's hear it donor or special interest lobbyists. Voting for mean the results or negligible well. Under the surface of this but he campaign is actually very -- new national effort to pass anti corruption laws. In cities and states across the United States and redraw. The political map of America in a way that will eventually forced politicians to pass sweeping anti. Corruption. Law's in Washington in this is not a new light yet. If you look at the political strategies again doesn't matter if you agree with these guys are not the -- simply look at the strategy used. By those who're pushing for the legalization of -- one or four game average. Again not whether those other issues whether you agree or not but they have done an amazing job. Of passing laws in cities and states across the United States making gay marriage legal. Decriminalizing pot and it showed you that when you run into it at an impasse in Washington and believe me we have one. A meter in counts on money in politics if you're asking fox to put a lock on and now the only thing you can view -- a lot of cross country. And go to the people. And have flaws where they -- -- guess what over 90% of Americans support old anti corruption law. And those people -- -- libertarians. Republicans. Democrats and liberals conservatives you name it everybody's on this issue. Wouldn't wouldn't -- bridal exceeded Cameron says quote. This campaign is not about me it's about crafting a version of me that boom fueled view. A version that visits from work and work side with paid actors pointing at -- A burgeoning movie that doesn't find -- people load somewhat pointless. As they conventionally attractive. And cure -- -- Still randomly -- the show voters that you're always the in the political spot where the -- that it's there and witnessed curiously still presumably. Do you think that if -- legitimate candidate that. Took this stack would dial that back to work wasn't quite as extreme. Think its chances might be better a being elected. Well I don't know look at you know the problem you run into when you ask that very practical and good question. Is that the people who turn now in actually show up in -- Bill that the people who tend to be. More. Committed partisans. You go to I mean it's it to tell you the truth mean in the people behind this campaign. We're pretty much all kind of had it with partisan politics and when I go to Republican event. And I hear -- talking about Democrats is if they were like the most evil scourge to ever exist on the planet. And then you get to a democratic events and they talk about Republicans is that there's some you know invading alien force that can kill their children. I mean I'm tired of it because when you go out across the country and you talk to ordinary normal people. They're not that at odds with each other you know you may disagree on abortion or gay rights or whatever but for the most part. 99%. The American people are being screwed by the biggest money donors. Who were doing huge tax breaks for billionaires. Tour you know not even put basic food safety information on that are on the -- who were given these these these. Banks -- -- these huge bailouts and their CEOs are still getting hundred million dollar bonuses I mean. We hear all of the victim of money in politics -- were all paying the price in as Americans it is upon us on our shoulders to rise up. And become part of a real constructive forceful movement to reclaim their democracy and -- realize. That prevents politicians from being bribed and selling us now. I have some squirt through all just -- just got through doing local -- street conditions. Her New Orleans with some very Smart very motivated not being paid not being. Influence. Citizens. Of those. Who have different districts. Trying to come up with the answers. And I and I asked -- the last group everybody and regular basis. Trucks to it it doesn't seem like Boutros big government we don't trust opts. Where would -- charles' part -- trust the banks. What's the in game. Of this lack of trust in a friend of mine goes and I'd -- golf and that's where it's always been. That's a -- inconsolable widow an average cell phones alive pads and tell us about it every thirteen seconds. What what happens. If ward you're trying to do doesn't. Well I mean you know it's a really good. Question and and the and the reality is trust in institutions and actually a report that came out last year. Trust in each other other Americans. They're they're all. I'm thinking at a rapid rate and that is really. Read the scary now it's interesting. To answer your question literally. The gala appalling service does ask this question of which institutions enjoy the most trust well the US military is the most trusted institution in America. Small businesses their second. The police -- third. The church and organized religion are our fourth so those -- the most trusted institutions congress is gone and unbelievably down to bottom about 10% of Americans are are are proving congress' job but the problem is is that. You -- you know. Government cannot go away in the region government can't go way is you know you. If you need wrote you just mentioned you need to get a fire and and you need somebody -- put out that fire. Use your house has been invaded you need to police to come. You need to have some infrastructure and government can be a good thing if it's done right the reason people are somatic government. Is because of this money in politics corruption because politicians are bought and sold to the highest bidder and they do that buyers bidding instead of hours. That's like government broke and that's why it doesn't work. So in I think it's it's it's a true statement to take if we do not fix this problem of money in politics. We will not have a viable democracy. A hundred years from now. Unfortunately. Only got to rule about twenty minutes is done. If if we promise -- finger assume coaches in place to Pete can you come back for about eleven hours straight. I -- -- -- New Orleans all coming years well absolutely it would be terrific we'll -- follow a story. Thank you so much for what you're doing in the time that you every day. -- -- bill brigades ebony and more than five to reopen. Our breaking some good work of the -- -- so a couple of -- At school. To explain what -- talk about it and it's kind of hard to explain. But it's also -- -- Kentucky. Get -- Brothers and Brothers. And they may be viewed the most expensive ball all -- there are projected cost would be. Somewhere around a hundred million dollars. Through business a group called represent office Switzerland and I corporations. Nonprofit. Ran a route group. Dedicated to. Educating you in combating. Outsized influence of morally and special interest in and politics. And there at -- and removed the status cool. Oh now we eat. Respond to politics and all politics response. The the -- explanation agnico. Senator Coburn of Europe and a couple of years ago or maybe last year we do and a series of shows that Joe's that'll areas. Shore up a bar campaign finance world and I'll miss the open -- He did it'd been an extra remotely humorous way. And what happened was calling Putin called according to -- -- are pretty. Reputable church organization pulled -- solution. They found out that the young people Boortz and cold where understood. Campaign. Funding. -- to have warts and to have problems. And they understood -- of the possible answers. -- present laws did. They got a guy. And they named him -- pulled for. And they're running ads all over Kentucky's. A fun of him trying to persuade people. That key. Is the best type of politician they can -- pork. And a more -- and to have one at that they're about four brilliant truly. If you're sitting in front of computer yours would. Google dual Fulbright a fuel right -- your huge field on this edition. And listened to absolutely spot. There Lara is but it religion closely I think. Is you get a handle on what they're trying to do in Kentucky with a true. I I'm -- Fulbright the people around my campaign have made this commercial and -- -- it. This campaign. Is not about me about crafting aversion -- little ability you. -- -- -- ran a more excites the state actors pointing at things. A version of me that doesn't fire and old people -- -- Has a conventionally attractive -- curiously still family. -- to my constituents. Legislating this things that don't do. What I do -- spend about 70% of my time raising funds for reelection. I do anything to stay in office. My name's -- Fulbright and -- -- in my -- to fill gold right there aren't -- -- brighter until. A mobile carts. These are the things that are important to me and these fine people that financed my campaign. Now in order to do these things I have to stay in office and state office you have to keep these guys have to. How many of these things make these guys unhappy well. To come November the choice is clear you want and others -- mouthpiece for special interest or lobbyist. World's finest mouthpiece for special interest from lobbyists. I'm -- multiple parts and I approve this -- There's -- -- that so memories and Kentucky. And the group has represented -- laws and anti corruption nonprofit. Organization. What they did -- -- bid they looked at beacon to markets that Kentucky's and reached. Outside interests -- -- hundred million dollars putts. In two once and it rates. And they said if nothing though we get who likes the cool we can start making fun of this stuff. Or you know the reason for people to get educated and so one scorn on. Andy yeah you probably they would slumping called kick start. And for whatever they were hoping wrote about 5000 books to Ryan -- we're. I think he said in twenty days lifting the they average about -- and slopes of the doomed TB it's. And and everything. And and some of the things that he says worry yeah. So if someone of those politicians in the commercials. That are continually poignant thing. And usually the pictures you all Wednesday's standing there a couple of people that have -- helped own. Couple of people look like teachers and he's pointing all the distant in the -- looking and and he also revealed whom was. I have a complete and duplicate tried yet curiously it's open them. Word -- -- in Ankara as you always cities talking nobody moves movement smiled. Nobody in the in the -- expression. And again hold flawed it's like Stephen Colbert here. To educate people and and on the serious side balloon -- and I -- drugs overall in the percent of our. The men that started all this he -- You can read -- on the percentages Susan movement prominently. But I think we've got -- where from twelve to 30%. Of the voters. Running our -- -- it's primarily the radical right in the radical left. The showing. Because their motive or angry. The evicting the other side. It is to the left embroidery Hitler. Left or right of -- the and they show. In their responding. And electing these people. -- a lot of books are sitting at home so they're they're using the are part of humor. It's great way to educate and and some -- actually move people are I'd take a break won't come back -- go to mosques the Arkansas. That have been Saban talked. So what this thing Derek Garland Robinette. But audio brigades but he immortal 53. I'd ever -- -- who -- No -- or ordnance or. Give me a chance to talk about some things that's the emblem from reading for the show is -- really big enough to do our up -- -- go. But I think the Richardson the strong ties and is something. That I was saying. While thirty. 35 years ago did some television news. And one month for an was sitting and have been battling stress lately and Awad. -- -- you know -- got a real good idea and something. You would pay me a lot of money pork. And he's so world that community. And it's a -- in the computer home at 6 o'clock in the morning -- come back at twelve noon. When we come home -- work Obey their lives in an off state through six to 630. And they'll come back it. And of course is so -- What -- him and do that. That should -- boarding -- golf and I'm going to be collecting all the bombing the rapes the murderers the robbery. The bad economic news and give it. It means that the subway and -- says that. -- to be a little bit a bit and keep in mind and that was back during dinosaurs. Went all we have with ABC and CB outs in the NBC and and media. So you were being -- huge win it now. To come back up what my suspicions were -- Here's an actual service to stumble in this field and conducted by. The Robert Wood foundation and Harvard school of public -- What it says stress approval so warned of bigger contributors have been updated stressed from watching. Reading listening to the news. Here's psychologist three of them university of taxes. They've -- me and says ensure that certain target to news coverage can produce. Emotional responses -- it was straps. The biggest come from traumatic events covered in these sensational. Way and more and more and more. The media. Has got to do it in the and sensational. Way what. Again back and dinosaurs -- was -- news with three that worked. And up on the road get blown renews engineers says and what cables and do Grossman said. Stringing cables -- -- that knows something call Cablevision. And again -- like ten or twenty channel. And -- elements working -- one economic pie. Split four ways now you get a and 24 away. Never envisioning. That it would be the whole dozens of worries. From in some Graham had Tumblr and cable vision to you name it. It's instant in years and it's all breeze. There. There's so much more news available. And so many different channels that are competing. Are all trying harder. To make -- -- me to -- All right I give -- to the station although he admitted to in the mind that the show. If they allow me to do things. That shouldn't tolerate a lot of interest in the Middle East. Economic. Politics. Of did review talk shows today are all about screaming. And telling you hold conservative. They actually let me go on the show pick my own topic. Tell you what I think and invites you to prove me brawl. Would be entertained about you of maybe you would change her mind about something we thought prime example. I just have to businesspeople from like the last hour. Talking about straits in the horrible condition. And they gave me one player and upset now album -- because ABC. Give me his second play and and liberal word because things have seen over the years ago were. And if it's a new war. Here's how it's gonna work when we got the room. I really want to argue would. Those -- -- the wrong in Brooklyn this many people. But they were. And -- -- And I know -- each and decided this radio talk choose in newspapers. And and cable Lorton. Arrived. And all the other apps that we're looking at. Should be strive being sports true. Even though some dot -- wrong thing or. Bring up the wrong cherub subjects who delivered the wrong message. The attempt is still there. Because that think if we don't bond and more communication channels that do that. That's where we began to lose that trust. And I could be wrong Hurtado but I'm telling you them ballooning -- Come up to this station to the studio. Young people that I've talked to. They're not buying into it. They're looking good entrepreneurship. They don't -- -- forewarned and I don't think they're gonna have retirement. They don't -- Social Security's going to be Iran. I think you're -- like the great generation before mine and they're description of the -- and saying we're gonna go buy innovation. Creativity and lots and lots of state of -- get up and try again. At least that's my story and stick into all ported it. All the -- to oblivion this is a -- you are right. Do not who the way you coming up next is Angelos Angelou -- -- talking about one. Six for McCain. Happening at such general warming ready to move Louisiana what are we doing about it -- it's not a world of the loosened. And state treasurer John Kennedy you can be intrusive and this. There's some red. Flag zone retirement papers that prove that -- like that much does it I think -- -- their interest. And she's gonna have some question do you think that pro staffing group PD has reached the places they teach. Citizens are taking action from war police have room movement. And it really didn't interest me because I've had experts on that more pollutants does not. Always result in more crime and others say that if you don't have the -- there's absolutely it's hard for a should -- Greg join the live camera that you work.