WWL>Topics>>7-22 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Football Preview

7-22 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Football Preview

Jul 22, 2014|

Todd Menesses and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL Sports Talk Co-host Deke Bellavia to preview the 2014 saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk here on WWL. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby Baird -- passes we'll check in with a big chief Deke Bellavia. Later Ron in this hour he is on is a road trip to West Virginia should. Speed there are pretty close there now where you should be -- you come I mean it is a road trip but it and figure forty's again there are three. Well you while he was traveling with Bob -- and you -- a road trip now and Bing Crosby you know is -- Jim Henderson hokey guy John. Which is kind of like being with being in. And you know Bing Crosby and. -- -- I remember when they don't plan and this trip. About 56 weeks ago. Indeed -- -- -- like decide the Eagles -- -- is a minimum of the past packets tonight's picnic. So that they were gonna have a hole I -- against below orders are in -- India -- -- And and who think -- be nice you know you go to rest up alongside the road and have a nice little picnics. And had it all -- now and then. I'm sure Jim Anderson was all fourth -- He goes OK we've been here I have an -- we got to get a guy in the world and yet we get ago -- -- and his -- at the same from him if he. All right to 26018786. Exit 89087. Or it could Texas at 87870. We just were talking with Mike to -- -- -- about who is entering a make or break. A year this year with the New Orleans Saints and some of the biggest position battles. That he laid out obviously nick -- Robert Meachem. Some of the ones that are going to be maker -- He robbed Corey white Champ Bailey. Still got to see what's gonna happen with him. And you were talking about. Some things on the defense and Curtis Lofton. Has made some yeah some statements he's the quarterback of the defense yet that. You know he's got -- as the towards had the charge from Vilma Curtis Lofton and you know it's amazing how dominant nation has embrace. Curtis Lofton should always start out with the Atlanta Falcons try. You know he's been outstanding and missed the consistency. As far as number of tackles not necessarily a pro bowler but a legit starter. You know kind of almost like a London Fletcher that you could just pencil and he's gonna have a visa 120 tackles a more yeah but I'll setting -- we look last year he made a team high. 139 tackles -- 83 solo. And not this is Aniston when he made these comments you know when the team breaks up because it is year round training and the facilities when you look at mini camp and OT Asia pretty much have. It's about for an hour weeks almost five weeks what what you gonna do would you sell. Your wives kicking out the house or whatever -- you -- to sit on the couch. Because all that hard work you put in he's still in that routine -- strange shape. And now he -- said. You must have a balance. With a word to prepare the -- no words united does all of a -- sitting on the couch or play. Video games and and not getting into routines that -- wanted to things as a player that you struggle. Because you get antsy you know -- moment at the bit to get to camp but yet to be patient because it's not gonna come back and -- he has got to be relaxed and it. He said each kind of take the approach do you do too much pride or not enough are -- -- the the right amount. In the goes on to say I think. This is one of the most important times you know late June early July I'm in July because you've got. To go to camp in shape. You know I -- -- -- -- -- to get a team like the old days when you had duties though you expect the ready. To be achieved from day one you ready to roll like you've been ready price and -- Holman and he said Meyer rule. A guy like this occurs on the semi rule has been go to work on the week. And have fun on the weekend. So -- you know you know -- overdue and ride you know where you put in the orange and a week -- and you -- enjoy you weekend. Andy looked at the -- Italy whether. You know top five and we never thought it would open that'd be. So a top fifteen -- fifteen -- -- Adams and we get a top fifteen defense with our offense we've got a great chance to exactly it's so I mean I was -- that no one could predict that witness at best case scenario number twelve. Fifty kind of thing where we finished on the court. He said that where they're at right now. For instantly. You know -- -- you on the rob Bryant. You should improve because things become second nature and he's that we delicate force more turnovers. He says we can also be better in the reds' woes so by scoring defense that's one thing. The Saints only -- up nineteen points a game we give up nineteen points a game again I'll tell you -- winning twelve games and not thirteen and if we can score on defense system camera yeah -- -- -- those ninety I'll let you come out the year one is -- seventy minutes of touchdowns I mean I kind of speaks for itself so. He -- my -- create more turnovers better -- red zone defense you know bend but don't break whatever you wanna call it forced -- fuels that are given a touchdown. Great turnovers better reds on defense we do those things. That's got to just take our defense to the next level. Who knows you think -- critics and paste yet or as good now all of a sudden -- that would to a three year why not be ambitious ago number one. Now he's at law that said the Saints have the -- caliber team but it would take this is a mature player. When he says this is 'cause it's on paper could right now we're looking at the Saints have the best team maybe ever on -- -- -- this season yeah that I've been homers this that would -- nation. Right leagues in this thing too he says look. The Saints have a -- caliber team but. It would take a lot of work a lot of hard work. -- translate. Those high expectations. Into reality exactly you got it one day at a time you got to put their hand a born and through hard word. And truly the cliche taking it one game time. As Sean Payton has been able to do that with this team that's what it's gonna take does -- matter what everybody else does things with the players that locker room but -- doing getting -- an appeal. And that's how you get off to -- 01 -- -- start. Or possibly afford one. Five and -- you know going into the open -- that it it at the truly. It doesn't matter how good people think yard you have to go out -- improving your bureau. Because yeah let's face it last year it just on paper. Should have been the Falcons in the Texans in the Super Bowl beginning of the season everyone had because everybody suitable or back on those paper on paper they look like the two complete teams ready to make that move based on what they did the year before. Keeping everybody there and of course. As you know the -- wheels fell off on both of their -- what's ironic is those were the two teams that -- the first eliminated from playoff contention. And they were the two that everyone was taken to be in the Super Bowl the beginning of the -- -- you look how bad it was -- with the Houston tags was waiting this is from Athlon sports talk about like. The first time this ever happened and we can all this negative category with the Texans like Gary -- part yeah. The Texans it was the spurs'. Time this ever happen. Head. Let's pick six in five consecutive games. Better picks. Six in five consecutive game that I believe and and you look at it. -- jobs now with the Raiders. Had an interception return for a touchdown of four straight games. Player than that that's hard to be we will take you start to pick six. No the way to NFL competitive and as you -- I'm gonna win now that Texas became the only team. That won at least twelve games the previous season. Did they endured a twelve game losing streak the next. But that it's all -- the next season you lose twelve in a row it just shows you know every season truly isn't he seasons now does that show you just how. Desperate or how bad the Oakland Raiders were if match -- considered an upgrade after the season he had last year for them what the Raiders as they're excited to get the Raiders just delegate -- who's that next I don't know accommodation at -- Monica Jim -- Nina that's a look at for his thumb then yeah yeah. -- averaged in that -- -- even though they had it embarrasses suitable Rich Gannon had an outstanding year earlier in the giant group and a I think you kind of knew that team a little bit injured I had a game plan and it. It will open you know they were doing -- thing. Use the have you seen those films that -- since released for Tampa Bay when they were preparing for that Super Bowl. How gruden was playing the role of Rich Gannon. In all the practice yeah yeah at throwing the ball knew exactly what and and Warren Sapp said. It was exactly what he did he knew it was like he was written asthma and we we knew exactly what Gannon was gonna do what you are that interested to see. -- like Sean Payton and Drew Brees or winning it's one because Jon Gruden of being the head coach coordinator quarterback coach frank you know that that does make a difference your relationship. Would you courts you know is to be interesting. Along those lines. Guess what we've -- Detroit Lions now. Now now Lombardi. Is all of as a coordinator but think about all those meetings. And he's been -- Drew Brees Pete Carmichael Sean Payton now you look at tendencies. Are guaranteed in my it's been a few extra hours -- a coach Lombardi. With the -- a corner of the lines to maybe trying to figure out magnets -- to stop Drew Brees but bodies Sloan now. And maybe make a play here or there and and and be able to do that activated -- maybe it did it was when you win a close game or lose. You know adult in a war. He's body bear -- -- what we come back we'll check it with the big chief Deke Bellavia the real one. When we were third here on sports talk on WWL. And welcome back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby gave hair and Todd and Estes and joining us now is the Rio. Big chief Deke Bellavia. Who is up in West Virginia. Deke fresh off they Whitewater rafting trip here right. Yeah you know I was thinking at all until owner Rio. You -- -- like -- -- all. That all the so I don't really high cotton you can secret -- like mean like call it just -- -- Cody you're here. Because. At the moment the irritable and I thought about it there is no doubt about it country in it's about what he needs. See my wife my wife's is when when you say that's usually use sound like you that you talk -- -- I don't know where we're at right now I'll -- you know I don't know tide has his bedroom voice yeah that that's a little different. Yeah I heard the -- rightful ball. And beat the -- -- Ortiz market and a the -- it -- an entity the people who come and appear. But I mean you grow grow grow up the shorter. Looking out trio that would go out like we get out yet been able. I would greatly about 738. And we got about. Not -- -- -- About 7 o'clock am not only big -- met with smoking in. Camp that look up more and pro career. And they absolutely got it could be it could clear that he hated the green and agrees that -- the humidity. In. Out of them -- temple kept up -- -- on a daily diary you know to kind of biblical appear below. Candidate a date or both beat -- between -- appear. Well at -- bit that that's like late November and you had a cold front -- -- you can't. Agree about your career. All we practiced -- -- that. -- -- Surreal is it greenery. I doubt about it -- and other things they get Heatley out India but it would be if they could today. About the country -- is -- in the -- and all excited appear when you grow and treat people the local schools and I'll you know -- at least I'll -- different. In the -- a bit and I have little weird count but the people that you -- really excited about the IAA they're real. Well a big of we get any three time and over shells that of their to visit Cuba you know Chris or here and team Bob plan. Some Whitewater happening in SA well it's an honor I don't know of the eagle wanna do that -- he's been Cuban. Well on the big fall and in you know he's in the lazy river run armies are I don't know if the team with the putting helmet in. And now lives. I know. I have many but here there are there I -- -- outlaw. We stay here you know what to do it it included the gobbledygook. Agent board up. And deadly -- in a lot of I'm out of the -- being this -- it being there while war correct them if they handle being in there and it got somebody -- only it was -- it'll be felt like but. But what are their. Lives on the is that what you have to blitz like you know -- know -- looked like -- -- -- uncle -- your -- You know told me about. When he flew to Pittsburgh now that anthem alone was the winner of that wraps. Going crazy you know I don't would you freak I don't mean he's been. He's been ran well he's been ranked all afternoon he -- -- all today and well I probably. -- you don't get tired. -- when it comes. To. You get back he'd get back to nature so that's guy dominate your current intimacy you fallout -- needed you had an Iraq you have a helmet missile CBO. Bowl. Now there -- a lot of -- bit to do appear yeah. You know their credit people. Like like I advocated in a lot of outdoor things but when you take some time until today. If you want the warmer days and I -- radio check out on the indifferent I'd give compete that way out. It didn't get a little more -- a lot in this argument. Well it really did it really pay review and I mean -- who does comment. -- no back I called by the book so I'm sure -- -- -- the big cook I would say vehicle can be accurate it. They're practically appeared like it until they are the canopy being a 190. People practically in the long -- I'll -- out of order. You appeared at. A rude awakening if you don't like it. I'll let you know. That's gonna show of their condition or not come and minutes. Yeah I don't know how she do it to go on from from those temperatures. Down here how we know while it is -- dog. Slugger did they give it to element to hydrate and -- that in the shorty gonna be running up the West Virginia because coach they won't feel like he's away and down. This does he have one long practice and you have a walked through and pretty much -- -- talk about how Curtis Lofton and and the players to -- approach when they finish -- Jays have four and a half. The five weeks that it's your round training they don't go to training camp again achieved -- ready -- -- Because that from day one. You know that they Rolen. You know it -- only got to know what you're doing and it'd -- really get ready. For the season a big when you brought up earlier about. You know fourteen hours -- flew by was that the -- because I was talent not remember. Hope you look at part that you mama's gonna -- get a nice big big basket. -- -- -- -- We had on my -- -- it kind of a joke that -- -- you know beat you and he and we went that idea and stomped in popular videos so. You know therapeutic and -- on. But you beat me not about -- -- don't make -- problem PO era could be. -- -- and potatoes and I. Think that you are all neutral Nakatani great -- thought he -- well. I think our Taiwan peavy again -- and it was a problem and having have a commission about your columns. But they took it to him like two real good character mean it was it was bite but you know even of people appeared -- yeah I think it would be enamored. What you inning and it took me. They would you know just being excited and the street think the people aren't to a cup I've been here. They would tell me they will be guru -- they both wanted the -- though. I mean being these people note and what about or have -- and pretty Sedin and in the court order everybody. -- that the people around the country take this ain't all our football team this year I don't I don't think anything at all. I don't think so either a Deke I'm a little confused are you saying that you and hokey it all the -- -- -- from here to pop liberalism which is saying. No way out okay and Ivy League leading Duke didn't bring -- whole -- there are going to be. -- at all. Not at all particularly -- -- -- Another big guy you know I've been away and taking out the k.s before football starts because pretty much it's. 67 days a week and until the suitable. And I know would you be touching on this even though we had Saints training camp. And why did take right quake you look at the NCAA board the board vote August 7. And we going to be in West Virginia on the proposal that you know the biggest covers colleges. In college sports -- probably get exactly what they want autonomy in. A set -- -- it is in to see. And get announced this last Friday that the board directives. Well -- on August 7 on the proposal. To give schools in the highest profile conferences more influence over to college rules and I'll be. Engine as it is in -- see how that breaks down and I know we covered the Saints in this important to LSU. Before you know it August 30 OBB there'll will be in Houston. You know covered that game between LSU was consummate. Know what is your take on a -- possibly become aware that. Is it to beat Duke -- Duke and West Virginia. Alabama. August 3 a little bit about out bought eight I called ultimate. Any bowl today -- -- -- tomorrow and to be twelve media days you know -- and -- Not. Only commit that kind of that would each other he's amazed at the commitment from the big bulk up to get lane Scott. -- and Camille you know Michael. -- it will be and into a good degree it to the big well column that. We'll do it a lot of the conflict in the bowl and I'll be removed. From the -- have I mean it and it -- Look a boat because technically could be where he's. Able object given a football player competent -- deal and Nadia -- And did beat should -- in the topic about you know the awkward called the college field. And it back in food and travel and things of that nature but what it these -- You look -- because being talked about bought the pro -- The end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do complain that they could they would -- I mean the article on the all about money now peavy. But I do you don't know -- different it's been -- occurred at the -- and point out to be seen. Don't count that will be good but now at peace out and break a big happening and their role could be about toward -- -- Between the -- -- to -- floor. And be one thing but if they can take. Albeit I think -- is if you put the between now to bake it and the -- wailed in peace in the ATP you know division. You welcome object complete. Game Joba because -- -- -- not be com article that it can be. Right about. What trick the other could dictate the order any. I hit it I don't think it. Back Kirkuk -- out with a college. Yet now they -- get pick your brain obviously like -- wave and Olerud bring what occurred in now the big event that is SEC would immediate days in Holland. As far as projection in prediction though what we think about is that about right Ellis she picked third in the west. A -- I -- And I think that is as I dictated you could. Well like Republicans can -- out but -- He's got by you coming in you know if you could -- too. That would be. You know but it don't mean the way and now we don't want to. Won't compete at -- to -- -- with the count on the back. In the top -- out. And if it. You a lot. Of the year where would you vote for him in the clutch when it will. Be a district one -- -- Company in the country so don't can be seen before in DC I'm going to be at Alabama Auburn -- -- and they are committed by NBA all console I don't know but I would think. They had to write Q and they -- that -- and -- -- well. Well being when you look at it I think with the overnight and then nine so you so obvious so you have to say considering. Expectations. That if coach miles gets in the ten wins that's a great season before bowl -- He would pick in him and he's out there and get into it all broke and -- one okay. -- don't know how good we don't know it legal be. The quarterback. It can be -- and -- ones are. Obeyed by injury. Are there could be -- air arm in Indian water -- true. And I yet the longer about the quarterback that. Arguing if you look on the -- -- a week -- well maybe you know. He'll be able to develop over the course but you know about. Everybody. Read about college -- Yeah Diego and and you look at having LSU fans are confident. And -- it's an offensive coordinators coach Davis and now I can't Cameron. I mean am I looking Cam Cameron and how. He's been flexible enough will know about top quarterbacks like Drew Brees of Philip Rivers. Joseph Flacco with -- Woody did with Antwaan Randle Allen Indiana. Who was NFL wide receiver and the numbers he put up. At quarterback Soviet mobile quarterback I think he knows how to utilize him in. You know speaking inexperience at quarterback -- a -- is is interest -- a little personal interest story. The quarterback now and at University of Georgia. A Hutson Mason. He was the one I practically. Raised I can't win a U basketball. Along with a Julian Horton when he went play wide receiver at Arkansas. But you look at Hutson Mason make and a and the credit that George is getting -- -- him only starting easy -- senior year. Kind of being compared to a DJ Shockley didn't and know what he did his senior year in and expectation is that a -- in the eighties. You you know -- you you'd be. -- Indian would be you know. Well kind of -- -- -- in camp so you look at what -- record your career. And -- come back and get cute improved greatly. Duke on your game Cam Cameron court to consider. Our daughter Apollo club that sort -- mean. If it all beat tiger every game -- keep. And the -- or technical development of people in the east and I. Are pretty much can be. Georgia. And I don't know or did you sort of a top three B he's the year. Under question in -- too anxious to take any alternate. Are going to be all right but yeah because I spoke about -- -- apartment it was a little bit of an that Crocker. Is -- They. Like I like. What Kendall would be compatible. In essence hood but you -- it -- the and our primary car this year at the game. Right. IDs big achieved league Columbia Deke that would be it. I was. I thought -- -- -- It concluded that a country of mutual and look at you look at going like I'll go -- -- makes you -- Obviously out outweighed Glen as you know when you ought to go as big of sitting there. It was -- -- on. Get to get the Saints training camp here before we -- ago would it would of the biggest. Battles you're looking at for the season. You know. I'd -- didn't beat him well because of the I wanna see replica. Come here. I really did not going to be a live and will be -- unreachable -- and -- practice squad which might mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- okay come out and number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He told -- agree group coming into this could be. It could be one pitch retreat -- You know bit if we come -- -- in the long. About. On production at all in the numbers and and you know everybody they -- and the best receiver and you know -- the -- then there is strip. I don't know grip and abruptly. In become too that you put another quarterback caliber crew are. Brady. So I think there are a lot of excitement in court you know. Went -- when -- here or go away easy in the book we -- -- work. In did you play in the preceding game. So -- -- Beat predictably. In in an era -- mean they EP they may be a piece of the puzzle bit in -- team that. They open a turnover the ball in the in in the peace and he's -- And -- ego look at that going to camp also obviously and again ago -- game. One thing to build the run the ball business interest in. Trying to be objective and you know as the food and agent and you've got to get over that line. A hard time when you look at individually. But. Now -- a number of a pre season publications. In all the trees in the public is that I've seen. -- the top ranked line in any vehicles being drugs. They still -- being Grubbs did last year not 2012. The -- thirteen. Being -- -- ranked higher than Arian is enough words in one the one being grounds as -- and Jahri Evans stopped blowing another one Ben Grubbs is top five to my point guards Jahri Evans top team and Zach Strief. At tackle. He was a top and or stopped wanting John finger over and over and over to start top fifteen. Vs top 21 so I'm looking at all in one -- realistically you look Armstead. You know -- -- in the wall but but if you look from a national perspective. And what these publications this is. Herb Marcus you know then yeah I bond market and all all of them at -- they look at that and you know breaking down film and all. That they got the big Grubbs. Among the best guards in. The NFL where he's the shortstop and if not top 5000. -- hanging. Out there forever I think people number but looking to be able complete rush the ball. You know at at a level Ochoa Dellucci he -- look at target -- -- -- and again trio. Can't get to that point and in. Don't look at most patient team in it can be but I. Really mean you always concerned about and -- -- -- -- -- -- everywhere. Are you -- it's not like one all they did in the BMO will retain him getting -- Game like he'd be too well and care and I can't fault that -- yeah yeah it was due to. I think I will be one of the -- -- -- it accurately it could be. Okay that we basically. We can bring it really. Really really call. It like everything about the thing I -- like about them about their team that -- approval. But it is much did B Eugene -- played in every area in the big deal but they didn't. Well somebody we've never said it's a look at and -- -- the I would -- markets. The Saints have 400 top fifty players from all we never had. In one ankle and I'll keep it competitive. And at -- talk about this. The players about that. -- Deke Bellavia Deke -- -- for joining us and enjoy your time up there West Virginia. And. Eddie McGee that night I went vehicle in -- room and get out Allah I am an eight about me. I'm not on the opponent. United restraining he's already. Are -- Deke Bellavia man enjoy enjoy your time up there. Will be checking with you again Thursday will be you got to be doing sports talk from Saints training camp starting on Thursday. We'll take a break and be right back in this is WWL. And welcome back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby -- air tub and Estes and we've guarding her from Kristian -- up in West Virginia the big chief Deke Bellavia the West Virginia. You will be heading out to West Virginia. Tomorrow morning tomorrow morning with Steve Geller -- producers you know Hewitt Steve will be getting out there and it's for the whole gang. Is going to be there the saint report to camp on Thursday. And that's when we'll start our coverage our resident pros Bobby and -- you be there. Well at the voice of the things Jim Henderson as you heard big chief Deke Bellavia that you know I would've liked to been a fly. Just in that in the car for for Jim and Hokies deep on the trip up there. Because I'm sure that was a well they said fourteen hour trip fourteen hour and -- that if this time we'll buy time flu bugs me a great company -- give those guys you know there were cut now left and right. And have an all sorts of fun even without. The same which is from -- mom. Yes even went out. Jim took Karen before they left popular video on Mississippi it is tonight and they got on the road in. And Jim wine and dine in. -- it if you get that the east coming in and can feed him good and I know -- complacent. And he looked ugly -- think summit await -- loss I gain so trying to. At the most of -- yeah I think he shifted it to most of us here. I don't know if that's possible but it seems like he did that so we're gonna have our coverage start with -- guys are all up there extreme coverage off the chain I think we're gonna have. More people on the sideline -- than than anyone. Possibly other than the Saints. Yes they're all different angles yeah re going to be. You know looking at certain position groups in person designated to do that in. And obviously you know -- being a rookie that he is cover him. Cam eight you should know some level of supplying him. Go C news Whitman who whose pass blocking well and who's -- for us Walker's you know. As fans and in part of the media you always watch the ball. You know as a UConn is a no no you got to be -- -- watched Israel does that Angels go on and the same time. So already told you about Orleans. When they probably start hitting it put on the pads with a -- and you will witness that. In other words were gonna have you covered they may be in an understatement and you'll be just like you there. -- our guys cover and Saints training camp starting on Thursday will take -- break and be right back and wrap up. Sports talk and find out what's -- got coming up. Tonight on this -- trio right here on WW. Our guy I want to thank everyone who called in Texan part of the show -- ransom running things and master control. Steve -- for book dollar against. And you for listening and of course the cajun -- For being here will be back tomorrow with sports talk Steve court will be sitting in that seat across from me. Some of these sort like old times yeah I go to and I like Thursday. That you're better at whatever you wanna call yet he was a little upset that I was doing the show with you. That's what he said that he would get his chance tomorrow. Until then now Bobby be heading up the West Virginia join the rest of the gang. And we're gonna have some great training camp coverage were -- is coming up next but as we wind down and -- Bobby. -- -- we -- so now good night people at.