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7-22 8:10pm Scoot Show: Smoking and Responsibility

Jul 22, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about smoking and personal responsibility.

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This is a very exciting time of year and the players for the New Orleans Saints this year report to training camp on Thursday. And -- team WW LR resident pros Bobby bare hokey guy -- will be there along with a voice at the saints Jim Henderson. A big chief Deke Bellavia saints' sideline reporter Kristian garic T Bobby -- And Jersey Steve Geller so get ready for extreme off the chain coverage of the saints' training camp life from Greenbrier. West Virginia. You know I have a theory of why they selected West Virginia. Ideally you get all the coverage right here on the flagship station the beat of URL H seventy under -- dialing 1053. Under different dial. And we'll have coverage of course are constantly on our website at WWL -- can't -- if you haven't signed up for any kind of alerts if you wanna sports alerts you could just by text the word sports. 287870. And that will. I did she signed up for any kind of flow alerts any kind of bulletins that come out of training camp for the team bevy of UAL is ready to go. And essentially to go you know I I was thinking about West Virginia of course it's it's cooler here this time of year. It's it's cool were almost anywhere this time of year but I was thinking about you know you wanna find a place where players are. Are less distracted. And sometimes players. Sometimes players focus on women. And -- -- to have a good time and I'm thinking maybe in West Virginia they'll be a little less tempted. So -- source tonight's topic today hear the topic things we'd like you to know as we begin our show tonight under VW -- number eight. Country music star Tim McGraw says he regrets slap. Being a female fan during concert in Atlanta. Even though she did grant -- inappropriately. And repeats genes. -- is right Richard gee I don't know exactly how that happened I mean they may have been whole attitude to -- with -- and any -- this woman while he was singing the song. Truck yeah. Only talking on the catwalk. There are a couple of different angles that showed he was what I was trying to do is he receivers. He was slapping hands she was going out and greet the fans and slapping hands as he barked out on the catwalk while he was singing. But thinness a fan I grabbed him needed to see -- grant him and apparently according to the information I have she grabbed you inappropriately. And she actually ripped his jeans and so his son spokesperson said that he he did what he would do. Which is just react by the slapping somebody who who grabbed him. In approach of just it was an instinctive it was an instinctive swat is what he's Serb statement officially says but even though she did grant him an appropriate apparently. And even though she did -- -- Tim McGraw says he still regrets the incident. Number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Carl's junior don't have any Carl's juniors here pros juniors on a fast food chain. And really good fast food chain they they feature -- for char broiled. Workers. Carl's junior is introducing a new big burger called the -- burger. Each stick burger features -- char grilled beef patty. Spicy mesquite Barbeque -- Christy hello team you know and argued -- American cheese. And a big blob of smoked beef brisket right on top of that. On the website for Carl's junior to start officially list the calorie count. But food beast. An organization that does throw these sort of things says the the thick burger from Carl's junior has. 2900. Grams of sodium. -- Carl's juniors targeting young hungry males between the ages of eighteen and 34. And hopes this will bring in new customers. By the way each of the burger comes with a discount coupon for a colonoscopy. Number six on tonight's list of the top dated eight. I love talking about this place it's such a crown jewel here in New Orleans. The national World War II museum continues to track record breaking crowds. And the World War II museum welcome to its four million visitor since opening in 2000. And officials say expect visitation for the fiscal year of 2014. Actually they had expected them to to break records and they did. The fiscal year I guess this would be July to July 2013 to July 2014. The crowds exceeded 483000. Beating the previous best attended -- which was 2013. By over 85000 visitors. If you are listening somewhere outside of New Orleans and you have any plans to come here. Even if you have teenagers that you don't think can relate to World War II at all. This is generally just the World War II museum. But to me this is a shoreline. To America. An American soldiers. And the American spirit. It's a shrine to -- America coming together. At a time of crisis. And putting aside political ideology for the most part and coming together as warned. And I've said this countless times on the show the most emotional part of the museum to me. Is the part that shows the posters that were popular at the time the posters. That. -- we're promoting. Don't waste food. Safety for the troops. -- Sacrifice. For the troops. Mean can you imagine that today. That it would we go fight wars and you would Byron asked to sacrifice anything. And I hope that if we work. We really looked. But -- were were to this country sacrificed a lot so there there's there's so many great things about the World War II museum. It to be it's a -- to America it's trying to the American spirit and if you work. In new Orleans police make plans to go if you live in this area and you haven't gone yet it really is. An experience. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. While -- couple hotspots in the world the FA today prohibited. All US flights flying into Tel Aviv airport after rocket was fired by Hamas. Landed close to Ben Gurion airport and I was fortunate the new saw a lot of for travelers are very upset they're upset that the airlines are not flying. Into this this airport utilities. And -- it amazes me when airlines do something. For safety reasons. They get criticized. Which you be a little upset if you -- got shot down. So especially when you think about what happened over Ukraine with Malaysian airlines flight seventy. You know why not here on the side of of of caution. And I think I see this at airports and we I've been waiting for flights and flights have been delayed or canceled because of bad weather. And people complain. I think it would image the -- trying to keep you safe. Wouldn't should be very upset if something happened to your plane. Sometimes I don't think people know exactly when to complain about the right things but if it's. If it's safety in the air safety is -- things concerned. I would assess support any move to keep us all safe. In the other hot spot in the world US officials now say that there is no evidence the Russians were directly involved in shooting down Malaysian airlines flight seventeen. But that Russia was responsible for creating the conditions. That led to the downing of the civilian airline. And I was Washington news earlier today. Via the train arriving with many of the bodies from the crash site. They also have turned over the black box to -- -- officials of Malaysia airlines. I really don't know that we're gonna learn much from the black box because we pretty much know how the plane crash. And black boxes which are actually orange. I'm maybe that's where they get the name orange is the new black. Unit that that the TV show. So I would think that we pretty much know how this plane crashed on the black box is really give us a better idea of felt what happened with the plane. I think that they will be able to indicate whether or not. The the pilots knew that they had been hit by missile but these missiles on travel. At two over 2000 miles an hour and it doesn't take long for missile to get from the ground even to 32000 feet and there would have in apparently. No warning that their -- missile hit the points so it will be interesting to see if we learn. Anything different -- and it anyway from what comes out of the black box number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- Is worth something in New Orleans. That's right. The first citywide to cigarette waste disposal and recycling program in the United States has begun right here in New Orleans. And doggone it we should be proud receptacle for set up on light poles throughout the CBOT. And the city of New Orleans and terror cycle was into the company terror cycle is going to buy our butts. To be recycled into plastic products now you know you'd think that a cigarette but is this is worthless but it's amazing what they can recycling to different things. But this story today is the first citywide on cigarette -- waste disposal plan. In the country. And I'm thinking. What better city than New Orleans because they are cigarette butts all over downtown. And I've talked about yeah yesterday I was in -- yesterday -- a red light. And a guy in on a relatively new Volvo. Nice looking guy Volvo. Satellite smoking a cigarette and just kept saying to myself don't do it don't do it sure enough. He flipped the cigarette on the ground and then rolled his went up. And I almost said something but I decided not to I have to I have to struggle with myself about whether or not to say something and in cases like that. And I thought you know. What don't people understand about throwing cigarette butts on the ground and you know we we talked about it. This spring when the legislature was dealing with legislation to increase the fines were throwing cigarette butts out of out of a car wondered at 300 dollars. And I hope that we can change the the mentality of smokers. You know -- I support your right to smoke -- -- smoker but I support your right to smoke. But I don't support your right to later. And if you don't think this cigarette bodies -- It is this is not something that is easily biodegradable. Like many things. And so I love this idea and I wonder if this is going to help clean up downtown New Orleans if people. If people see a specific place to put their cigarettes all over the CBD but you know again their trash cans everywhere. I know you don't wanna put your cigarette in the trash can because your phrase from catch fire right it is edit excuse. Well what you could do -- you can put the cigarette out on the top of the trash can. And then put the cigarette but it's been snuffed out you can put that in in the trash can. So I I hope this new campaign does make people a little more cognizant of the fact that cigarette butts bar. Actually deliver. And I just one of the ideas it in New Orleans our butts are worth something. Never forget tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should teenagers obtain a license to date. I know this sounds crazy but listen. One out of two teens who will experience some form of dating violence or abuse one out of two. 61% of high school students. Are dating under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 46% of high school students surveyed had had sexual intercourse. 46%. However that's harder when I was in school and when I was school. Probably. It's a few kids are -- that we do work. Experienced. But most of us worked. Also an FBI study shows that 20% of teenagers engage in sex sting. Which is sending nude or semi nude photographs of oneself. Lisa gender. He is an author she's the speaker certified relationship coach. And she's leading a campaign license to date. It's an initiative it will encourage every state in the country to adopt legislation. That requires all students to obtain a teen dating license. That would actually be part of their high school curriculum. And now that would be interest. A course giving you a licensed to date. Now. Every everybody should learn a little bit more about dating and I hope if you're a parent I hope you. Do spent a lot of time talking to your your kids male and female about dating and about their responsibilities. And I I hope that we're pretty much beyond the point where. You know guys can do whatever they want to and they're not really responsible it's the women who end up being responsible if there's a pregnancy Europe where are things like that. But yeah I would I would hope that she would teacher of the year young males. To be as. A sexually responsible at a date and not use drugs and alcohol to get somebody to the point where a sex becomes. An easy option. So I understand its ideas -- it's. Teachers should be taught to date however. Nobody in initiative legislation requiring that students obtain. Teen dating license. As part of their high school curriculum. Mean what about the kids to drop out. There wouldn't get the license. As they would police ask you for your license your -- dates using confessing your license if teen dating less Stiefel since that date. And I've you know I'm also thinking about the the the course and -- -- if you if you gonna make if you can make a pass to somebody should you signal. I mean there's all kinds of things that could come as a result of this. Never -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is one of my favorite topics on the show. A Florida woman has been awarded to 43 point six. Billion dollars. In the death for chain smoking husband. This is a massive verdict and a strong message to big tobacco. But legal experts and industry analysts say that these punitive damages -- will probably not ever. Averaging chance it's almost certain that it's gonna be reduced on appeal if not thrown out entirely. This is a major tobacco trial. 28. Billion dollar verdict in 2002 case in Los Angeles turned into a 28 million dollar after appeals. But that now here's another case Cynthia Robinson. Of Pensacola says that the figure almost as a matter to her she said her husband started smoking at the age of thirteen. He died of lung cancer at 36. She says RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company has to own up to what's happened to her husband. Legal experts say she probably won't see any of the money. But here's what I love about this -- I don't understand how and and maybe I'm missing something in a fight and you could certainly caller sure would participate in it. The conversation tonight we'll talk about tennis. If you smoke. And if you get sick. What is it about smoking. That. You thought might not make you sick. You know we've known since the sixties. The smoking as a hazard to your health. You know before that they were ridiculous things like well it will start your growth or the stupid things like that -- it was a bad -- now it's become an addiction. And I realize that people shouldn't smoke. However it is it is legal and people have. A decision to to smoke or not smoke in in Mexico. They have on this on the side of a pack of cigarettes they have tobacco kills. Or tobacco will kill you mean it's it's not on May be hazardous to your health -- -- is as you will kill you if there were keel. On via the site of a pack of cigarettes. But I don't know that that stuff people for shall keep the cars everybody who choose to smoke. Understands that it's a health -- I mean you're not taking your daily vitamins when you light up a cigarette. And I'm not being critical smokers but if you do smoke how can you blame the tobacco company. And I don't know when this that I don't hold this guy is. But if this happened even relatively recently. This guy weighs thirteen when he started smoking. If it was any time after the seventies. And he would've known. Very clearly that smoking is bad for -- you can die. From from smoking this smoking is a health risk. The other thing that should be pointed out is. That the guy started smoking when he was thirteen. He made a decision to smoke underage. So if I was RJ Reynolds I'd say well if he didn't start smoking when he was underage he might be alive today. And whichever search smoking at thirteen and dies at the age of 36 this does point out that some people are more susceptible. To lung cancer and smoking tobacco related type illnesses. -- I think this really should come down to personal accountability something like I'd want to talk about on the show because this idea that and you know lawyers are behind us and they're gonna get a percentage of this. If it even if it even holds up but I don't think they should hold up. Everybody who smokes understands the risk. You get behind the wheel of a car you understand the risk it's not always somebody else's fault and especially when it comes -- something like smoking if you make the decision to smoke. She would you be awarded money. If you -- should your family be awarded money if you die from your decision. If you wanna join -- show with a comic tonight to our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Nines here which simply text is -- 7870. Here's a Texas says -- that shocked me when I was in Cancun I bought a pack of cigarettes and on the package it says tobacco kills. Yet it didn't. It didn't terror caused me to stop. So to sue tobacco company for producing a product with a warning. Wondered is ludicrous and that's exactly where I noticed it -- under recruits in last summer. I don't crucially we -- in Cancun. And getting -- the plane began after getting -- the ship they're -- to him the gift shop this issue get off the shipping in Cancun. And I I -- says I noticed that on the tobacco. Packs of cigarettes it says tobacco. Kills. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. Of the top eight -- Do you suffer from TI and PID. Political identity disorder. I do I've talked about bio CD will now I have to admit that I have PIT. Political identity disorder. You know it's easy for some Americans to define themselves as conservatives or liberals. But there are a lot of Americans who no longer fit into either political category. I have been called a liberal have been called up a conservative by a few. Mostly because of liberal as if it's a derogatory term when his called conservative I was called conservative. Derogatory. Manner. But I don't fit into either category so I have political identity disorder PID. What are do. We'll talk about this on the show tonight and the -- blog tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity disorder. And there are a lot of Americans who can relate to this this is not about me I'm just using myself as an example to relate to a lot of Americans. Who suffer from this. Political identity disorder. What are you. And is it OK if you're not conservative or liberal. If you're conservative some on some issues in liberal and other issues does that make you a conservative or liberal. If your liberal on some issues conservative on others that make -- -- liberal or or conservative and why are we so interested in. In labeling people that seems to be another great tendency in the world today if you wanna join us with a comment to really what are you and do you suffer from. From PDI PID are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- your late Saturday. And a -- is a championship. This is this -- show and we'll be right back with your comments on -- WL. A Florida woman has been awarded 43 point six billion dollars in the death of her husband. He started smoking at thirteen died of lung cancer 36. Is the tobacco company responsible for that that's one of the things we're talking about tonight also perhaps when I talk about two political. Identity disorder may be -- find another acronym. I'm getting a couple of text here this AMP ideas an acronym for pelvic inflammatory disease. Which is an STD. So Libya or use the Akron and I'll just refer to it -- political identity disorder are -- -- conservative. Are you liberal. -- you something else. And here's -- WW a pretty -- -- your poll tonight should President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip. Because of recent developments in the Ukraine. And Israel. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites Debbie WL dot com web based on the -- -- on our show tonight from homeless Steve welcome to the scoot your good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- You've struck a nerve. Are you sure you agree with you not -- because you are. I believe -- -- we -- as senator we're we're we're also accused of you're smoking. Pot smoker and purpose to what it. Aren't very -- tobacco companies are literally getting away with Merck. Or how we -- Don't know why I was about seventeen. When my -- I smoked I smoked for about a year and a half and I really did it mostly to impress a girl. I would be willing to hold her listeners. Discretion and to our age group we will probably ever see we sort out urging. A possible old school. They targeted marketing its -- to back you know -- And thirty supporting. -- Yeah it really didn't become it really didn't become a public knowledge. To the general public until the sixties and I believe which said doctor archer who really it was the first one. But. What about these news and let him go 60. If you use to go our main actor could hear it. Use the way it was. It's gonna kill. Quite simple. And it's gonna -- green is. All right -- and back into. Well there are a lot of things fuel to go into -- questions that I I urge you. To market took I would doubt -- seriously. It's. About the what yours yours. But it would pursue. And -- big ball which sound like. Let's not you know a -- Did he Berkshire. Well what tobacco company had all been in -- And that what -- on the -- decent. -- let me ask your question going to do you drink and drugs. Tell -- one. How old should be questioned. Why don't look at eagle. Project all. You wouldn't not do it because it's dangerous. Because it could kill you. My point is point nobody is asking you to smoke nobody's forcing you smoke that's that's your choice and I hold your rights to to smoke. But you know what you know when you've known that for a long time. And -- -- to control it's not four but you have known long enough to where you have Britney and but Steve I don't like -- you're you're reducing the point is your choose your your choosing you're choosing to what am -- doing. You. Know I'm I'm I'm I'm here. Reporting out that you make a decision to smoke and that's that's your decision where you don't shoot it well it is it's a decision tonight it's a. I'm not addicted to drink it and is it Bible wake up in the wake up in the morning and decide that I'm not agreed to drop. I'm not going to be a nightmare and everybody around. -- a wake up in the morning and shot not have a cigarette maybe you don't wanna be around. Do you respect heroin addict that doesn't try to get help. On the heroin addicts sell -- and what it is on garlic. Michael just -- -- student. Against it's addictive and it may get out. Heroin illegal actually go down to this level. -- you know. What will he sell you straight to it if you could would you. Actually. Get a little misleading your ports and so. You really -- -- perfect you know probably. -- that's you do. -- Typical -- Aaron. You know and -- -- he has a cigarette today. -- I just take you went into I mean on the -- like -- out yet that you wanted to see you know. And all you smokers appear -- trying to quit one will. Help you. The creepy old blast to -- It's true when you crave -- cigarette and -- -- Google. God that's really great advice Steve I to recover station and good luck you're coming up on a year of not smoking. Or prepare art exhibition. If you wanna join us with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. -- seventy. Our text numbers 8787 here's -- -- reads I think the problem is that the tobacco companies didn't disclose how terribly addictive nicotine. And tobacco war. I agree that I agree with that as true. But for a long time we've known how bad ideas. And if you continue. It's your right. But should you have a right to blame the tobacco company for your decision it's part of our discussion tonight. This is -- show and we'll be right back for your comments of your -- stay with us this is WL. President Obama has been criticized for not canceling his fund raising trip because of the recent developments in the Ukraine and in Israel. Adobe if you -- pretty general opinion poll is should the president have canceled his fund raising trip 76%. Say yes and 44% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also -- -- talk about. What would argue or are you liberal you conservative continue really if you think about how you feel about issues can you really calling yourself a conservative. Can you really call yourself a liberal scoop like tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity disorder. I know I do. So what are you will we'll talk about that here's a -- reason fiscally conservative socially liberal independent. The problem today is the simple bipartisan government know what is actually accurately represented. I would love to be part of congress either state or federal. But don't think it's a wasted fought for two reasons I'm not wealthy nor to identify with either party. Here's a text about tobacco tobacco kills more people every year in this country in all of the illegal drugs together. And that's why it is still. Legal people using or here's why it's still legal people using tobacco increased the money that goes into the health care system corporations make billions off of smokers. And tobacco companies. Give billions to the government to keep it legal. And actually. Local governments and the federal government benefit tremendously. From the sale of tobacco. And tobacco products because of the taxes. A from Algiers Greg here on this crucial WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- Expect a smoker and that it was in the way. 173. Let's open that's and so -- and also. A libertarian conservative but that's another story. I don't recommend. Kids nowadays to start smoking the Evans started don't start. Both of us that came along before these warnings in a -- that the get -- that well we just control. I'm -- light smokes. And other -- -- Tuesday court should look duller life I issues one of the lucky ones. I don't know look at that of the hour. Keep keep on smoking but. Oh and had mania -- actually done a couple of years ago. The director came out to be -- smoke. Now I don't believe smoking is the only plausible this I think it's got to do air pollution. Your guy get. They're there might be a dozen. Other reasons combined with smoking. That acutely. And frankly do -- of people are more susceptible to lung cancer event than others and I'm -- I'm glad you appear to be in name in okay health. You -- I'm not this is not a show about bashing smokers because I I support smokers I have a lot of friends who smoke. This isn't about whether or not it's fair to blame the tobacco companies for something that you have known for a long time is not good for your health. I don't I don't think you should blame anybody but yourself. Other temptations there. That'll that things second Ciurciu. Driving -- careful. Local all. Even guns in the big believers guns. But that means you don't use -- Rite -- or your careless Becker troops there there's so many things -- and virtue. Including smoking CLU's hands in the sense. No matter what you do which -- which you use. Frank you're going to coalition of -- listening and are good luck with your -- stood next to assess straight. From Harvey -- -- WWL. Yet but it used to are yet to be more. Ball on the CBS morning news that the lady that won the award at two attorneys all. And and -- I'd be. Sued in the war on. What they went back and checked all. All of when these executives. From the tobacco companies -- the side of the old in front of congress saying that nicotine is not addictive. I think that was in 94. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well whoever believes that should have policed it's because we we've known that it's been addictive for a very long time that we certainly regardless of what they were saying. People knew they were addicted to it in 1994. And it's a decision that that did people make again this is not a show about bashing smokers as much as it's about okay who's responsible for the decision to smoke. All right yeah I agree with you know EET news responsible could be the one that was -- It would open up late like the previous spurt that it's legal. So what do enough that you. But there are a lot of things that are -- that are deadly to to some people and and sometimes it's food it could be alcohol and it's it's smoking and that's why I like to use times like this -- I appreciate you calling our show I like to use types like this to really talk about something that we're really missing in this country. And then -- personal accountability. Nobody's responsible anymore. It's always somebody else's fault it's always something else's fault you don't it's violence it's not my kids' fault it's the fault that damn video game he's playing. Is it really -- what about all the kids that play the video games that are -- can you really blame it on the video -- may -- if you looked in the mirror which you have to blame some of that on new. And if it makes Paris feel better to be of the blame something or someone else for for issues but we've become a society driven by a lot of attorneys. That it does that mean this is not bashing attorneys but there or there are a lot of attorneys that in in general have. Have -- this mentality of it's not my fault. Because if -- somebody else's fault. The attorneys have a chance to make money. We can't make money it's your fault. Sometimes something is somebody else's fault. But quite often. It's a case of lack of personal responsibility that's the one thing that has changed in this country over decades. It's more a lack of responsibility. When it comes a personal behavior that is removing prayer from public schools or some of the other things that get blamed for. For violence today or four of the corrupt society afford young people who are who would I don't lead -- a good life. Think about how much personal accountability. Has to do with -- civilized society. If you wanna join our show with your comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. A text Amber's late Saturday seventy I'm -- it we'll be right back with your comments on WL. You know there's a possibility that you suffer from political identity disorder. He may not even know we'll talk more about that coming up after the news at 9 o'clock. I stood and here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll should President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip. Because that recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel. 62%. Say yes. And 30% say no so it's changing a little bit give -- -- by going to our web site WW dot com we over the show talking about this this Florida woman who. And received over 23 billion dollars in a -- -- has been started smoking at thirteen died and 36 and she says the tobacco company is to blame. From Hattiesburg -- -- -- an astute showing their BW real good evening. Are you sure that -- Richard -- or. -- losing. -- Currently. But yeah. You're here. My issue -- -- -- caller IO OL one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been -- Clearly. That the -- to come marketed or. I don't think you what you yet that are keen for your role. Would be able should make decisions. That would impact -- and they feel it's usually -- but I don't know that that's been proved. That's an important market or that it that is unequivocal. I would be the key backer comes to get Cheney. Off. That has been -- marketed toward. Our call. Well that's certainly they certainly wanna get everybody to to think about poking the -- and I never I never bought the idea though Rachel Campbell convinced young people to smoke just because young people recognize Joe Camel. But it it to come actual -- marketed. Or minor Jewish my -- -- that was clear. Market based -- mine and the and the other one the addiction. Now what do you agree -- -- you're not and you might -- off. But what you're suggesting in your honor all our. Cheryl. Which is incredibly addictive that would use. Respectfully to tell me. One manufacturer. Legally air India honesty while you do that which is of course. Of course and two backer is. And I don't -- and I'm not -- envelope. The fact that big cities are creating new law which you can't market public or you can't spot here there. And it's clear from wire. As they're limiting these differences. Errol. And you take that. Issue is in their companies which. Are -- early may factory product and Q -- -- expert in the litigation. Our -- click and it. He's won a wannabe experts don't buy chart you will tell you -- and -- -- joy she actors. And United States would be a decade we did not have to back. It is day label product why Italy. Had to act and I don't know why -- that even though argue when they're even -- you -- you -- Even though it's them and have to get -- news break hear him but I haven't even though it's legal we have personal choices for somebody who for somebody who has an alcoholic. Alcohol can be deadly they still have a personal decision to make went on to something is legally on sale. I've I've enjoyed our conversation and tactically. Delegate race and -- -- that you bring up some good points if you join us with your comment. We'll get back to your calls right after the news -- number 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy text numbers 87870. For me it's all about personal decisions and accountability.