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7-22 9:10pm Scoot Show: Personal Responsibility and Political Identity

Jul 22, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about smoking and personal responsibility and political identity.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- show on this Tuesday night glad you are way to sell a lot of families continue to pour into our New Orleans apparently does a lot of things going on like I think the basketball tournament and also. A volleyball tournament. But I've noticed in the last two years downtown in particular a lot of families have been coming to New Orleans to. Just this Benz summer vacation and it's a two greats like to see in downtown. We're talking about a Florida woman who was awarded 23 point six billion dollars. -- tobacco company -- the death of her husband he started smoking when he was thirteen died of lung cancer when he was 36 in the woman blames RJ Reynolds. Now they are experts who believe that she's not gonna get any of this money that this is going to be either significantly reduced or maybe even two completely thrown out in appeal. And I I I've talked about how I understand that smoking is legal and this is not this is not an attempt to bash smokers which you have a legal right to do in this country. But when I get an opportunity to talk about. Personal accountability. For the decisions that we make I like to talk about that because I think that's one of the things that is seriously eroded in America. And it's it's it's being passed on the erosion of personal accountability in the importance of it in a civil society. Is being passed on to generation after generation. You know I'm not responsible it's not my fault I've you know I got pregnant it's not my fault -- committed an act of violence it's not my fault. Now it's never anybody's fault anymore. And this is not just with young people this is with adults as well. And my argument is that if you smoke you have made a decision to smoke. And I'm not bashing that but I don't think it's fair to blame the tobacco company if you get sick because you have known for a long enough period of time. That smoking's bad for you even if you were in the baby boomer generation and started smoking when you were young. You had plenty of time out to try to quit. Now I've brought up a couple of examples. About. About things that are legal and I talked to a caller earlier. Who who said that two he says he's a smoker and it's addictive -- and essentially it it's not his fault it's the tobacco companies fault. And a civil went about Caroline which you which blamed heroin dealers. And I got a text a moment ago suggesting that I'm saying that today heroin dealers are not responsible for what happens in society. No I don't think they are. I think it's -- -- the individuals who make the decision to do -- I just I believe that. For the most part to what we do and our allies is not about the failed delete something. If -- whether something is available. It's whether or not you should do it or use it in the way that you using and I think alcohol is a perfect example. I you have a responsibility even if alcohol is available. To use alcohol appropriately. Now I would agreed that there's no way really to use cigarettes appropriately. But if you know it's bad that's a decision you make. I'll I'll also bring up the idea that it is legal. To make a card that goes 150 miles an hour. Their cars off the showroom floors that will -- -- 150 in many most of the mogul for a hundred though. But that's assuming you should drivable for heart. If I drive over a hundred miles an hour get an accident well the manufacturers should not have made the car to go as fast. If you what did you and Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. -- which seventy and -- text -- receipts every Saturday to to abort your text year just a moment from desperate and Jason -- on WWL. But if you don't Goodyear's it. Eight -- -- it is that. You know I'd popular actually about that because zone. You know mine my parents were habitual smokers in my that's what felt like -- quit about twelve years ago. Arm. I don't think tobacco companies are liable at all I think -- all human decision I mean. People outlook on the accident they talk about. You know -- you didn't know -- well. How long argued that question on how long have we know in that won't take in oxygen debris. -- -- I guess since the and beginning of medicine that discovered basically how we are all how we are were alive and stay alive. How long has it been since we've realized that carbon dioxide. -- is anything actually Indian partner nitrogen hydrogen helium anything. But out -- at -- if we ingest it and not go along well. So common sense to me tell you need at any time. You're inhaling smoke into your launched. That equally important if not more. -- in being able archer captain that we know for centuries orbit for. And that's why I never understood the park at the smoky. Because -- understand that you're inhaling smoke in your loans. And that can be harmful to you regardless of tobacco and tell what you. I don't understand where I don't understand how people thought that okay. And you know I'm sorry on any that's out there but that's the thing that -- never. I've been offered well I was offered cigarettes all I don't know which is because there will be people around you smoked pot and went straight eight straight night pretty. I'm not talking about freshman year college or senior year high school. And I mean it wouldn't never. A temptation for me because well like 11 he'll smoke wonderment and oxygen. And -- -- Sick you're never made any. There was that there was an anti smoking commercials eight years ago and it -- it was -- a kid who respond eleven or twelve years old. And he was taking a cigarette ticking. A drag off the cigarette and he immediately started coughing. And the the announcer said don't you think your body was trying to tell you something. Yeah I mean that -- -- out like that I mean I think those can be a little. You know I'm I'm -- you've got collection earlier we liberal or conservative on in the middle among moderate you know I think some of those. Commercial can be a little inflammatory you know some -- you know about that won't be I don't know leave because they're just trying to. Push their agenda it's neat how ridiculous that is the smoke. I don't know tobacco companies knew -- didn't know I can only know when administered in warnings shall not on the packages. And I would have known before that that inhaling smoke -- back. You know regardless of which didn't smoked. Salmon and smoked is that. So I don't understand. You know I'm members that. -- So no I don't think that the companies liable at all at all about personal responsibility and promote or dispute. And need one between. Tobacco companies for lying and hammer that. People had been smoking their people quit smoking every day. This protest some not to that. And what you're all the time if I can do in -- in -- and it's. It's easy for some people to do it in other people I -- I credits can be done. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the people that aren't sure it's harder. What you've created that problem yourself in the first place spot starting to small consultant then you do you know -- good for you or. You were going to start you were being rebellious away in the Detroit students hoping you were supposed to give. Her body was not designed to -- She didn't. -- -- Yeah that was inflated district. You rejoice your -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890870. And a tax receipts 170. Here's a text I smoke I'm addicted I'm not blaming anybody else for that as long as it's legal -- will probably smoke perhaps anti. Smoker activist could concentrate on getting them outlawed instead of passing more stupid laws that may infringe on my rights to use a legal product in public. I will abide by the laws I wanna quit but feel every time. That's -- -- -- yeah I hope you find a plan that it works for from Harvey -- -- on this crucial VW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- public school. If -- not -- for you Monica you're not definitely the conflict so I was. I have friends Amman that smoke marijuana and is is under -- -- Earning it you know quote of why people playing somebody else orchard -- -- -- Well lawyers encourage this because it's a big payday for for lawyers who take up the east peace process. A little bit and they literally are -- -- Of course aside and and you don't I would've argued that. It's it's it's spilled on her lap she wasn't using it as it was intended to be used. I'm in it. That's why we're like we are right now there's nobody would ever take to green you're screwed up. You can want it in the Indian smoke there's. Yes -- -- bashing smokers tonight I'm just emphasizing personal responsibility when it comes to decisions that we make and it's not about availability in my opinion it's about. What you do with things there legally available or illegally available. -- -- a -- -- construction. Everyday and I'll work it out ten holiday when I got to work on worker may have been. Like out there that Islam is not open on the one at that I'd like trying not to. It's I'm not ever brought out nothing wrong with it is -- to do it responsibly -- Packers mean that it that this is to -- And on the now -- America and that lawyer. I mean that there. Well this is you know again this is this is where we've -- we've come to a point where nobody's responsible for behavior anymore it's always something or somebody else's fault. Right I I appreciate you listening target they should take time to call our show. And down Mike you're able to -- show into the WL DB Mike. -- -- Let me start with a statement and then questions. Getting asked the questions in the this statement is I think tobacco should be made eagle eagle justice in the legal or controls. -- And so then the question. How you feel it -- it was legalized. Andy mountain at saint money that is spent too -- people that spoke about though through advertising and everything else that kind of money we used. Of course people use Maryland companies to make money giving everybody an -- and so what field at bat was. Honestly the same way I feel about smoking if you know it's bad for you that's a personal decision that you make. Whether it's illegal war or legal. I think that -- Make it. -- -- That makes all the money that they used to. Subliminal advertising and now on. Your name now in two. Well like wait to back away like used. Rise in the OP's. Going back out to the beginning and that's not subliminal that's more product placement. Well it it it it in our young people feel like Nicole rebel. -- get -- So Mike -- fifth if somebody goes to a movie and sees somebody kill somebody and make that look like it's a glamorous part of the move because it's about gangs would you accept that behavior and in society. Problem. -- So you might except -- really should be consistent because it -- if you're. You wanna stick with your argument that you have to say well affair if some kid thinks that it's it's cool to shoot somebody and he goes and shoots somebody about the movies to blame. Actually you know actually that at that point I think the video games that that. We promote all the content violence I think that at bat actually is responsible people all chipped out pitch the way up but they've been tradition. To do it on these. I think is something to that at all but what. I guess it's similar. It will will this will disagree on that but that's that's okay. OK well anyway I don't. But up to -- -- -- exactly legal I think it's a deadly substance to kill lots of people all day every day now. There why do you think it's not fair why you think it's on illegal this country. Because. It was it was a commercial. Money making thing from the beginning. But the Europeans to America. And -- and it's so entranced. The money. People making big money so from the beginning. That is basically the reason why -- They will pay while destroyed a lot as well off and make sure that that have happened that money you know bite off. It. But by -- it was entrenched in society to drink and drive my parents' generation but nothing drinking and driving but we did pass laws against that some sometime society does recognize things that -- or evil and done. -- laws against them. Out now -- Arctic. Perfect point let's make let's just as we -- drink -- drive any legal let's make. Smoking a deadly substance illegal just like we made two Carol. That same logic -- Well I think one of the reasons is the the federal government and state governments. Or get a lot of the revenue that's generated through the sale of cigarettes and it's much as they -- you to quit smoking silently. They need the money. But you know what. If that we've we've actually be richer if we didn't have to. Do all things. If you throw out. And that I understand that Mike I just I'm just such a big proponent of personal responsibility and it doesn't matter what's available -- -- you make decisions about about your life. Well I think we've both probably made it measures big. So I'll think about you that it may be open. Appreciate you calling Mike it's like to listen -- site. Brian here on the -- -- Xperia about the AL -- -- -- but -- Libertarian leaning. But I wouldn't consider myself -- get full blown because there's certain things they -- forward it just isn't practical. And today the side and it is no way to make it water. But I haven't put -- -- in both parties because they both contributed to the Mets were in an elite economically and you want a fascinating things that I thought about their economic situation our country uses. Government accrued debt. Are growing and they kept it off to the taxpayer. In this water because it's the the population. Our camp well and he kept reproducing but now we're coming on a new generation. Look at the millennial they're moving away from that and essentially was gonna happen. You're not gonna have that many taxpayers so at some point in millennial couldn't and from all and they're picking up this. These guys have seen -- -- an economic problem coming into it. I'm Brian I understand the -- make you appreciate you calling. But I think there'll always be a lot of taxpayers taxpayers are or not gonna go away we might see certain trends and attitudes in. A certain generations like the millennial but ultimately they're going to be part of the system. Do you suffer from political identity disorder. I referred to -- -- is PID the that I found out that at the idea is an acronym for pelvic inflammatory disease. Which is an STD which I know we're talking about political identity disorder. Do you suffer from that that's Cisco blog is starting on our website at WW dot com you can read it and share it. And we'll talk about that when we come back and here's our WWL party -- about opinion poll tonight should President Obama have canceled his fundraising trip. Because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com and will be right back. Imagine this President Obama has been criticized. This time because he didn't cancel his fund raising trip. Because in the recent developments in the -- Ukraine and Israel should the president have canceled his fund raising trip. That's a -- you'll pretty general opinion poll tonight right now 67%. Say yes he should have canceled the trip. And 33% say no he should not give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I hit a couple of months -- -- city analysts driving around -- the streets in many places are just a mess. Fixing my streets is a campaign continues to grow and many local residents are just tired of -- condition of the streets in their neighborhood. So tomorrow morning Tommy -- to negate your road report wearers it's smooth. -- -- -- -- And what really needs some fixing. Also -- we'll talk about his a gay player in the locker room too much of a distraction for a team former NFL coach Tony Dungy well respected. Is criticized for saying that he would not have wanted Michael Sam the openly gay player drafted from Missouri. When -- wanted Michael stamp on his team. Do you agree or disagree with dungy we have a few goods Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning weekdays six to ten on -- WL. Like many Americans IE I suffer from political identity disorder. Now it's easy for some Americans to define themselves as conservative or liberal. But there are a lot of Americans like me. Who no longer fit into either political category. Because in my opinion on many issues I've been called the liberal in a derogatory way. Alec it's a bad word and a few of actually accused me of being conservative. As it's it's as if it's a negative thing. Here's the problem and this is not about me but I'm an example of somebody who suffers from political identity disorder and maybe you do too. I believe in reducing and maintaining a smaller government. I do not support an increase in taxes to fix problems. I support less government involvement in our lives as individuals. And I believe that the individual should have the power not the government to make personal decisions free from government control. I support gun rights. I support the Second Amendment and often talk about how. Do gun control laws are not going to stop the violence that threatens citizens in this country and in this city on a daily basis. I strongly oppose our system. That has encouraged and perpetrated a mentality of making a career out of having babies. And I believe in personal accountability which were talking about tonight. Individuals being held responsible. For their behavior without looking for a reason to blame someone or something else for negative behavior. So does that make me sound like a conservative. But I also support legalization of marijuana. And I'm not a marijuana smoker. I support immigration reform including making it easy. For illegal immigrants -- technically illegal in this country who were brought here by their parents they didn't make the decision to be illegal I support those immigrants. Having an opportunity to come to become citizens and I don't think they should be deported. They have contributed to our country many of them have gone to school sort of been in the military. I support. An easy path for citizenship for those illegal immigrants. I support same sex marriage and that's based on my belief that individuals should have the power to make decisions that impact -- defined their personal lives. I'm pro life. But I'm also pro choice because I don't think it's appropriate for me to make decisions concerning a woman's body. And there are many Americans who are pro choice. But also oppose abortion. And it's interesting that there are there are pro life Americans. -- who would actually. Who would actually change their mind if it was their daughter. So I try to be consistent it and I'm pro life. But I'm also pro choice because it's not my job to decide for somebody else. So what -- And -- conservative. In my a liberal. Or by an American suffering from political identity disorder and and what are you. You know the convenient term for Americans like myself who don't define themselves as conservatives or liberals is moderate. Here's the problem with being a moderate that has come to mean someone who is sitting on the fence. A spineless individual. Who does not have strong convictions on political and social issues. Like many Americans I have strong conviction on every issue social political. And I'm willing to take a stance and defend that stance. But I'm not accepted as a conservative or liberal because my convictions are not consistent. With either political ideology. So I've often describe myself as a radical moderate implying that I'm not conservative I'm not liberal. But I'm not a moderate who sits on the fence. -- spineless individual who doesn't have conviction. Was willing to stand up for conviction and and defend opinions and ideas. And so I think maybe there are there should be a way to label lawsuits we love is -- as Americans we love to label each -- People love to know whether your conservative -- liberal and it really shouldn't be that important. You know I'm also willing to vote for the best candidate. And I don't judge candidates by the color of their political party. I judge them by the content of their character. And why shouldn't other Americans who -- radical moderates. Come out of the closet and be proud to admit that they're not conservative were not liberal. You don't have to be conservative or liberal. And the great majority of people in this country I don't think can really define themselves -- purely conservative. Or purely liberal. And if you look at polls if you look at that the results of presidential elections recently. You can you can easily determined that there are a lot of people in this country who were not far right or far left. So do you suffer for political identity disorder. What are you. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Itself -- in a text numbers except the seven. I really think we should have this conversation. I think we should make it -- more comfortable for people to not be afraid to admit their their their moderate and again moderate has come to mean. -- spineless you don't really have an opinion that's not true. Moderate is what people describe themselves as if they don't fit into the category of conservative or liberal. And there are a lot of us who suffer from political identity disorder. If you and join us with your comment numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening and a -- number is 87870. From Harry Joseph you're on WWL. To a common enemy -- the that there aren't so our pharmacy. -- -- And you basically accused -- of suffering from seeing. TP conspiracy theory there's -- No words. I'm constantly. Distrust and one I'm told to be a deterrent. And and an epidemic it's coming from institutional. It'll. Renewable power and control the -- of news media. Popular vote. A newspaper or. You know on the television. Reporting -- -- news. Is I'm suffering from conspiracy -- so I don't believe I've been told tree. And I needed. By the liberals conservatives and mark. Want -- that's about public. Well I think it's unfair for you to be hated. I don't think you should be -- I don't I don't buy into a lot of conspiracies I think there's a possibility that many. Even bizarre conspiracies are actually. Real. I can't prove it. I'm not really sure what happened with the Kennedy assassination. I don't believe that we did not go to the -- I believe we did go to the -- I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. But I understand your your point Joseph if you suffer from -- a disorder that a lot of people were very critical -- I've I've. You know I don't know I don't know how to answer that we're talking about what political party do you -- more belong to right left or you know radical moderate in the middle. Fifty years ago if you start to doubt. What he would total about. Invented down. You actually called political. People don't believe that today if that is true. And how. Your call all right wing conservative of or credible right wing conservative if you believe that. They were recruited top. Our crew. We're all kind of different players involved. And again it's and it. If you -- If you believe there's a conspiracy to cover up the truth regarding. -- -- Well I that there isn't. To not admit that there's conclusive evidence that UFOs exist. Joseph I got to move on and I'm glad you called the show and nine and anytime you get a good conspiracy going let me know what it but it would it's about here's a Texan raise my question is this. The president can't run again what is the fund raising for. A President Obama is raising money for a democratic candidates especially coming up in the mid term elections a -- Europe astute showing every WL. To. -- group calling about. I'm -- that you have mentioned there you look at -- a sign that marriage. All. The word marriage -- union between a man and woman I don't. I don't think that it is so -- -- Greg at the same six you can split when he comes to marriage. It's not marriage. You know -- argue the problem. So if if they saw her as -- -- early -- -- not really that there we talked about that a lot on the show but that's not relieve the discussion tonight you were talking about it on what went a bit -- -- is if I support. Same sex marriage is it impossible for me to be conservative. So it's -- and optical for you to be conservative but -- -- That that. Is wrong or -- partner. It's not a matter it could be at. You will -- and -- -- -- women. You know are committed -- each -- but it's a marriage who define -- apparently heritage came into being. My god holy war that -- who define who interpreted gods were. Are you -- -- and get religion. -- A game like religion could redefine. -- I don't think that religion. -- on the agency will but he. So -- any outward what word and -- were on the side. All forgotten -- what religion and that's what we're trying to figure no -- -- -- And what's -- it's gonna get on average in the union in -- -- that the union can't go back. Her marriage -- at. That point and -- That'll let you are you a conservative liberal or something else what do you think. Well let me what do you think -- dual dual role in the past. Well at the open. -- certain beliefs you know one aren't there now album well probably. -- -- -- -- -- Earl -- and -- you called her show to voice your opinion I got to move on if you cardinals stay with -- -- right back with more of your comments and -- your text. -- blog tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity dis order. Are you conservative. You liberal right left or use somewhere in the middle. Here's a song that I identify my political ideology -- Listen to this. And a lot of us are stuck right here in the middle and there should be nothing wrong with that moderate has gained given very very bad image and it's not somebody who is spineless it's not somebody who doesn't have conviction is just somebody who can't. Fit into the conservative or the liberal movement. So what is it that you wore -- borders on our website at WW real dot com. Before get back to your calls and your text tomorrow on -- show and we are so proud to have first part of our family here and to be a real student of the great show planned for tomorrow. At 1 o'clock on the front porch with the -- -- Riverside neighborhood group big issues like progress verses. Preservation. Also at 2 o'clock America has doctor Oz but New Orleans -- doctor -- ball and he'll talk about women's health issues. Ands. No questions. Are off the table you can talk about anything with doctor -- financial. It's 3 o'clock they're taken the nation by storm on America's Got Talent. And their homegrown. An open book with a dual opera singers known as act two. As with Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one of four under VW. Michael welcome this -- Michael. Hello Michael. Let's put Michael -- Ellison to get a chance to check back with him here is I don't know the Michael in New Orleans Michael welcome to -- to shield. I still at large good. Hey you know used to -- I think you meant you think that would be -- I hate to be gay comments that along. All lines will mean a lot of money man Kamal please -- pop on. You guys got -- old school pop you know flights will be played them recent bailout soul you know when you meet meet that special thing. Outs on fires him -- don't. Somewhere around thirty years there well I'm glad you really call -- show Michael thanks a lot for for listening. If you wanna join us your comments tonight on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven Texas a 7870 here's a quick update -- WW a pretty general opinion poll. I should President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine and the Middle East. 68% say yes and 32%. Say no. Here's a text about McCullough had just a moment ago the color doesn't know if he's conservative or liberal because the Bible hasn't specifically. Told him what he is considering his opinion comes from the Bible. Here it is attacks to a marriage is a union the Bible was written by men. Just like the Koran. Here's attacks like these people called and act as if every American citizen identifies with christianity. LO well. Here's -- -- the Bible says a lot of silly things if you live by the Bible. Then you need to wake up. Here is a text a year called a libertarian. So we embrace the title and here's a text about you know definitions changing. It did there's no reason why the definition of marriage I can't change because there are definitions that that did change our. Our society -- falls in sees things differently is as time goes on what do you think that's right or wrong. There's always been change in our society. Here's a -- reached a new words and definitions. Almost every year and another text that reads the definition of words. Change all the time. For Texas Howard you're under the WL. It hit -- it was a personal responsibility like drinking yeah. Okay pop up in all fields and how do label -- -- watch guys company got these convenience it was voted down ice beer. And he's got that -- -- Thursday -- would total date and pick up to a previous. And I think that is when I -- now cost way to go cross -- -- -- -- kids grandkids. This economy so people to stop in political of course we DiCaprio albeit -- -- -- area. Well they're they're waiting until they get home right. -- -- -- And I'm based on labor. To design work. But now reopened but a couple of sites Colby but it -- accept responsibility. In his especially objectives it would be something in the call but. But you could pick it up you're not supposed to drink. That's both doing good but you gotta consider. Want to he's got picked up three Beers at this convenience store -- -- -- they give -- You don't think Howard you don't think they're all waiting until they get home to open that beer. Now that I'm really count on it shocked me trapped want to prop 46 I'm shocked. And appalled that people would do that. But you don't talk about it and if you go through a diet dry suit directory shop. You're not supposed to destroy -- attack three until you get albeit the everybody's doing that. Now what -- it would be important. To keep drinking. The maverick streak in your kids in points on net policy -- well. So it is that quite think he would think about some might drinking could be keep his Q white picket just like you -- but no responsibility. It's just really gets me it's always been liberal conservative whatever. Out of look at the facts. Then I'll make my decision via live will be considered. Howard a political show a special listening at Texas if you wanna join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In -- -- -- 77. Here's -- -- everything the Republicans say about themselves are lies everything the Democrats everything they say about Democrats. Are true. Interesting. What are you are you conservative. Are you liberal. Read somewhere between you suffer from political identity disorder. Like I do. This is this new show and we'll be right back on -- to -- well.