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7-22 10:10pm Scoot Show: Personal Responsibility and Political Identity

Jul 23, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about smoking and personal responsibility and political identity.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While it's Tuesday night the week is almost over weekend is almost here well at least that's one way to look at it. They bring up to date of what we're talking about tonight if you just joined as a Florida woman has been awarded 23 point six billion dollars of the death of her husband. He started smoking when he was thirteen died of lung cancer when he was 36. And she blames RJ Reynolds and so did so did accord however a lot of experts say it either either an appeal is going to lower. The the amount from 23 point six billion dollars. Horry will be thrown out completely. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about personal responsibility. Which I don't think it's enough attention. I don't hear talked about it mainstream media. And what we hear talked about in the mainstream media. Or all the different things that are that are to blame for behavior and decisions that we make. And I'm not beating up on smokers and a lot of friends who smoke this is not an anti smoking crusade. You have a right to smoke. But if you smoke you know it's bad for and you know it can lead to health issues. I mentioned earlier -- somebody sent a text right away saying they noticed the same thing. When it went on a accrues last summer it got off the year got off the ship in Cancun. And you walk right into the -- gift shop that they have there. On the cigarette on Marlboro and although the cigarette brands we have in this country in Mexico. They haven't really blatantly written tobacco kills. Now if you note that this could happen to -- And you make a decision to smoke. You really have a right to blame the tobacco companies or are you ever write to blame the tobacco companies -- I guess the question is. Should society except you blaming the tobacco companies. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text Amber's late 7870. Also tonight we're talking about people who suffer from political identity disorder. And I have this disorder. I'm not liberal I'm not conservative. That there are people who want me to. Admit I'm liberal. But I'm not. They are so many things that make me conservative. They're people who occasionally want me to admit I'm conservative. I'm not. I'm a radical moderate that's the best way I can and some. Some power to the word moderate which is has become known in modern times as. -- -- definition of somebody who can't make up their mind somebody who simply sitting on the fence. And yet I believe they're more moderates. Then there are conservatives and liberals in this country. And most of us don't defining everything through the same. A perspective of being a conservative or being a liberal. On some issues you might be liberal on some issue -- might be conservative. So one we just all come out of the closet. And admit it. -- like tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity disorder you can read that and share with others. Thank you might have some friends who have this disorder and they may not even know you can rated mature with them it's on our website. At WWL to outcome if you enjoyed a shorter right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy and a text -- -- 77. From French settlement -- -- the Scotia -- during. Hey you're not on tonight again. Op opt out probably all like you a moderate. You know. We need to clients anything democratic republic Chandler blows it. We're all born already used or are at that age you ladies and a church a moral sense of back. And -- look for the best candidate. That it's not morals and my values are not that I'm on the best what. Right all the -- and middle. Is what I believe in what -- taught. In what outmoded in my life but the problem and there in mountain. You know anybody in the country cannot be present onkyo web site. You have to be Amal Al millionaire you'd have to be but right now I'll I'll stop that man can never be president. That he -- money for one thing worked its way out. That's true although you could work your way up to the point where you get the support of of those who have a lot of money so. I mean I do think it's conceivable that anybody could become president. As you just have the right views at the right -- to convince the right people to support -- Can you give me candidate now at this year's system that. Well I don't -- -- I don't know how rich a Barack Obama was when he became president he wasn't as wealthy as other presidents of the enemies if Mitt Romney would have won -- -- think about this Mitt Romney would have had to downsize his house if he would have moved into the White House. And that went -- that's a point that that's good there at the majority. Are you not eat eat eat it you don't have money you can't represent the people. Well -- and then the argument is made if you have the money you really don't understand the people. Exactly so flat stick in my morals my back is public for the best candidate I don't care or City Council. Governor. President senator what are but the problem. Makes them -- crickets and the road. There at all. Well not opting not now I bought new Holland Italy Vietnam lie iPod sport that binds. Honest. To goodness. The real candidate. Now on its on that and what were negative op that slip what happened to come up. That the people that do rule. It's hard to find the right no doubt about it this time out. And acted like -- world wide. That they care of this planet. On the run plant like that didn't want and make it more and more pop every day it again -- Pretty says we're in quote and quote an ad in the super rich and the simple for that dollar money whoever's at the Powell. Yeah I don't know what it would take but I do hope that through a natural process. -- in the free enterprise system. That things do leaving out a little bit but I don't know how exactly how that would happen economic well. -- I don't know about that so probably in a process and then we'll get right back issue in 1983. The federal government RJ Reynolds 100000 dollar. And then sank into the year right care right now and didn't tobacco farmers and growers in -- and -- -- -- and yet what. -- 100000 dollar. What is that there's definitely collusion you know big government and local governments into the federal government they they have all these programs in these campaigns to get you to quit smoking but they were. They relieve relish in the money that they get from the sale of tobacco products. You know one important cigarette and two dollar a pack action while. Do not attack the one where they want cynically. Exactly. Tailor our comment that surely it sweet done on break it -- Super terrific great show is going so well. I appreciate you calling Kenny thanks -- tonight to French settlement at what a cool name for city -- do you live I live in French settlement. I'm from -- Fort Wayne your WWL. Equity value it. Looked at -- that it on the completion of audit. And I'd be there on. Why why anybody immediately able. To. Be that. I agree with you which is why I'm bringing up this topics -- more people more not conservative liberal -- -- our conservative or liberal but they're not really. So more people are comfortable with the idea that they can't be labeled and I noticed about right I noticed when I started doing the show -- there were people who. Since I don't declare myself a conservative or liberal. There were -- people who were just and so insistent that I admit that in something it well. You -- because well it was what you what it really. They really -- opting to be as well as I write in my cell. Not labeled. As an archaic I'm gonna vote the way in my development of and currently responsible. I do agree with these. I don't know. I totally agree it's yours that there is somebody. Oh well we shall we shouldn't have to do that and and you know there's there's nobody there there's nobody that I know -- in the media. It really probably promotes this idea that hey you know what. I guess if you have to police -- among moderate among moderate only because I'm not really conservative and I'm not really. Look at you correct correct. It. And -- and you. Talk about that the Democrat and Republican in the suspect in the it. Would compartment -- -- -- and people. Should. Be opened. -- I thought about this and you know quite -- we've talked about the idea that in America it's seems like it's more important to define yourself as a conservative world global first. And then you're an American second. There are people who want to build what do you war and you know I I I run into people who one of the first questions they asked me when they find out that I do a talk show on. Are you liberal conservative. -- Why should that really mean there or there or conservative voices and liberal voices on radio. I don't think there are enough people in the media who were trying to give people permission to just be. Radical moderate our moderate is not a bad word and it's it's come to mean. Being spineless or sitting on the fence when in reality it's just the only other thing you can be if you're not a Republican or Democrat. Your moderate because you don't see everything through political. It's right or political liberalize. Like I witnessed. Hostile witness to the DB. It is. It did. Well. -- called. What. -- gonna go you know where I want it. I'm going to call. I don't think most people in this country are true liberals. Are true conservatives. But yet people want to assign themselves to a group that they wanna be part of a group -- will talk more about that when we come back even though you might not agree win if everything your group agrees with. You'll like it you like to identify yourself as part of that group. And I think we need more political. Independents and I don't mean registered independent but we need board independent thinkers. Here's a W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should President Obama had cats and his fund raising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel if shipping by going to WW dot com. And we'll be right back reader comments on WL we should never judge candidates by the color of their party. We should judge them by the content of their character. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight should President Obama have canceled his fundraising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel. 72%. Say yes. And 40% say no. -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com here's a Texan -- Obama spends more time fund raising than anything else he's not running for office again. It's just all he knows how to do. Well every incumbent president even during a lame -- year does a lot of campaigning for their party's candidates. For the mid term elections this is something that every president has done this is not new with this president but there's been a lot of criticism with all the developments. That's the president should not be in the White House we've been talking about. Political. A deadly disorder or. Also an acronym for pelvic inflammation. Five pelvic inflammatory disease which is a dynasty di I didn't mean to me that that compares in there but. Political identity disorder -- argue. They really truly -- conservative. Are you truly liberal. And why is it that the term moderate. Somehow became a bad word. All moderates they're you know they're the people -- been conservatives or on the air who I guess. Against the war machine people. Into being conservative. They don't want people to be ready shame people -- being -- they don't want people to be moderate. And yet being moderate. And and leaning right being moderate leaning left that that should be more acceptable. That it is today because most of us would really don't define ourselves as. Right or left it really depends on the issue but there's this there's this human instinct. To wanna be part of a group. And to identify with a group and I guess it it helps people to find themselves. But shouldn't we all have enough confidence. To be who we are. Even if we're not part of a group. I don't know I was just I was not a a group persons so maybe it's it's easier for me but we should all challenge ourselves. To not necessarily be part of a group because inevitably we don't agree with all of the rules of the group. And there have been people who have had a litmus test with you believe this thing you're not this if you believe that then you're not that. And to me that's that's ridiculous we should all judge every social and political issue on the merits of the issue so. What are you. If you -- -- might be your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday at Texas a 77. It's Dixon Rees President Obama obviously -- President Obama actually should have canceled his fund raisers. He is a spineless and doesn't even pretend to care. Here is attacks to I am not an Obama fan. But it's the year. Is too much. Hate for Obama despite my displeasure with him he has so I've done some things good for the United States. To join our show numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Or seven -- Amber's -- 7870. And were also playing the conversation about personal accountability to this Florida woman who's been awarded 23 point six billion dollars. In the death of her husband. Who started smoking at the age of thirteen and he died of lung cancer at the age of 36. Should she get any money. On Mary you're -- WL. Yet yank -- accountant. I'm going to compete with the other American. But anyway. Let me -- that we did get they'd be it in all my options Amazon and big -- -- Billion as it can be as I'd love -- is technically classics. Billion. But I've heard all but anyway. I hate strictly blame the people wanted the money I can't believe that they would even think of something like this. I think without linking. I'm when you got thinking about people that he. Don't. All of the bad food OK can I told the people now all. What about the people drink beer and then get an accident and killed somebody can make it to be a company. -- I don't see -- nine is in theory you could sue the tobacco company. Once they got winning those kind of -- -- was gonna come up the next front in the next breath in the next -- Now I don't I don't think they get any my enabled on them saying yeah and the beer. Is no I don't know has been made on behalf cardinals now. Well almost all of the that the companies -- sell alcoholic. Beverages. Have a sub I believe they have something a citizen drink responsibly but no I don't nobody else. Unfortunately nobody's reading that but if you if you read it or don't read it and you don't think responsibly I don't think it's anybody's fault except your -- I know I can't believe they've been given this morning and hit it it it it's not great jacket and all of my feeling on it X. I'm -- our -- again and giving out money that she made they made it tight. Aaron people going and drive and alcohol and driving and they killed my body in and they. They admitted that they can so why should they get all that money -- Amanda and if you. No I don't and I agree with you and I'm going to call the show and and to -- it just gives us another opportunity to talk about something I think it's really really important talk about and that is. Just the erosion of personal responsibility in our American society. And and much of it is driven by lawyers all lawyers aren't bad. Most lawyers aren't that. But lawyers reap the benefits when somebody else is to blame. What lawyers don't lawyers don't make any money if you're -- Because. -- -- -- So it's it's unfortunate that's what we now live in a society where. Quite often big lawsuits. Are looked dead as some kind of an entitlement. Welfare type system. Where it's it's it's a big jackpot it's a big it's a big lottery. And people looking for opportunities to get those -- those big jackpots. I just I think we need to talk more about personal responsibility and realize how much that has eroded over time. Because of pants. Is always something or somebody else to blame when in reality quite often it's really. The the fault of the individual. Somebody mentioned earlier bulls will -- what if on what is heroin was legal and what do they spent money advertising heroin. Well I would still blame the individual. Who made the decision to do -- It should really be about availability. It should be about what you do with what's available. To an alcoholic. The availability of alcohol. Is different to a person who is an alcoholic. And yet it's still legal it started the availability it really should be about what you do with what is available. And you know this is something that again it comes up quite often because I just don't think he gets enough attention in this country. And we've allowed this to happen we've allowed this erosion of personal accountability to to take place and the media certainly feeds it. I mean it's it's always a big story if if if somebody goes on a shooting spree and they played violent video games. It's the violent video games fault it's it's not the child's fault the semi sun's focus on our kids' fault it's the fault of its default to those gains. That is usurping. A personal responsibility. Here is a text moderates are wimps take a stand. And I think this is this is the problem with being a moderate. You're gonna whip if you're a moderate. You simply don't see everything. Far right or far left. As -- people. Court in the middle who have conviction. I take a stand on everything that I talk about -- And there are a lot of Americans who take a position. On social and political issues. But they're still not conservative for -- So if you if you if you believe in smaller government. But you also believing in same sex marriage or believe that there should have dated people should be allowed to to marry and never the same sex. What does that make -- Are you disqualified from being a conservative. If you if you support same sex marriage. On you can't be a liberal with you for smaller government. Mean I guess some little sore for for for smaller government but it's. For the most part liberals. Tend to look for. The government to solve problems. And not individuals. And their basic. Foundation of five conservative ideology. Is. Is individual power the power to the individual to decide so Mike bass -- -- basis for supporting same sex marriage is actually based on. The foundation of conservative ideology. I just don't think the government should be involved in. In private lives of individuals. That should be up to them. So. Can you can't you be conservative. And be for same sex marriage. One if you believe in personal accountability. What do -- denounce as I do. And this system that we have in this country dating coverages. And perpetrate its. Having children as a career. I denounced that. So not liberal. That would make -- conservative. But in my disqualified from being conservative because I'm for the legalization of marijuana. The -- blood tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity disorder I do and if you know somebody who does sell you might -- read this insurer with them it's on our website. At WWL dot com Hank you're on the -- show that he. The greens -- in the and apparently. These adjustable. The award -- -- slaughtered monster here. Each case yes -- -- -- -- Altria. You know I think. I think they've reduced that to 700000. But the what is it that the huge onslaught in the media is just. One. It's skeptic about the story now you have the whole story. It just get a little bit -- outrageous. And like import they do that thank. They do it. Like out works. Liza why is why is -- media do our because. The sort. I'm duties to -- Holes to. I think that's I think that's part of it but I also think it's sound bite. Like headlines. That compelling headlines that get your attention and that's what attracts you to the media story. True true but that the status if the -- that just call. Complain about there's a lot of money awarded to actually be achieved beautiful story. It's sat there with a -- you heard about. That's and this young man so outspoken it thirteen or no labels actually. -- you heard that they advertised -- directed to children Egyptian apple. -- Well now that you know that that is -- debts to me that's something that is being falsely presented in the media. There were studies that showed it children recognize Joe Camel -- I forget exactly with with characters were produced as and as as quickly as he recognized Mickey Mouse. And so the conclusion why's that means. Joe Camel is convincing children to smoke and there was never that. That -- it was made it was never a direct connection between recognizing Joe Camel. And and -- smoking. Well. -- go ahead and the jury lessons. About. Industries by. So it probably certain number. Heavy doses. And other addicted comic it's. Only. Cause. People to become. So but it wouldn't you say that when when all of this was happening people still knew that smoking particularly. I think that you know which -- in -- -- not good news just eating. I don't think the media start spoke. She'll. Make when -- started smoking don't have an idea that. He. -- Wednesday. To compensate. As. Well and the and it is he talked. To combat this idiot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're old war. As. It -- As a result. Is. -- Or you know. -- -- -- -- -- And it was. -- -- -- -- Smoking and juries and continues. To. Why I think juries had -- been that had been poisoned by the media propaganda is that tobacco companies are to blame if we're not responsible for our behavior there's nobody smoked to date it has a known for many many many years. That there can be strong health hazards from smoking and yet they make a decision to smoke. What if it's -- that knows what to say that -- -- At all. All watched. The tobacco industry just like McDonald's. And not to. Mention cooperation. And you know you produce and so. This child. Went up like that people are still blocking. Well. Just because something is available does that mean it it's the right thing to do. It. And I the government allows manufacturers to make hours ago 150 miles -- hours ago 150 miles an hour jointly in the government. But it occasionally India in this country. If like -- 150. Get into an accident should I blame the car company from manufacturing and car beat goes 150. Now unless something goes wrong but absolutely not and you can spot -- attitude. And not about. -- the strategy agent acted as that demand more traditional street cigarettes. -- -- -- Any some of the. I just think that this -- sorts personal accountability. Well I treasuries are I'd I'd I'd like to disagree -- -- -- is as we quite often do cases. And and I asked him and then and the fact that -- about it just took. But Robert clerks -- the US court and end it turned away at their heels and -- don't trust. I wonder if they get punished like it is in Pensacola. We won't make an -- But -- do you realize what this message sends this message she is basically telling people look. If you smoke it's not your fault if you get addicted it's not your fault and ultimately the tobacco companies are to blame. That's the message from the -- It -- as -- as well as -- public money he made a decision he should get paid for. By but the courts. That the majority rule and that historians and money. Because of that. Because. You you don't you're not taken into consideration advertising campaign to struggle against cigarettes. It's a matter of old. -- will disagree on this tank I believe it's a matter of personal responsibility but I I enjoyed our conversation appreciate your insight if you wanna join us with your -- tonight's your thoughts on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text numbers 87870. Again I -- I disagree with the jury that would reward somebody money for personal decision. They mate OK cigarettes may have been even more dangerous than people thought. But people still knew they were dangerous and knew there could be health hazards that has been on a pack of cigarettes for a very very long time. So it's something resulted in if you if you abuse something like smoked three packs a day that's a personal decision in my opinion. I institute were coming right -- your comments and WL. We're talking about whether or not the tobacco companies are to blame for people who die from smoking I got -- precincts except it is just a moment. If you just orders were talking about the award given to this of Florida and a twenty point six billion dollars. And do one of the points and legitimately made is that this is really not so much about giving her money as it is about punishing the tobacco companies. The question is of the tobacco companies producing a legal product. They need to be honest about the product. Now I do know that they haven't been honest. Throughout the year of existence. About the the the product but for many many many years I mean -- I'm not stupid I've I've been doing this for a long time and I've talked about this for a long time. And this is not something that just all of a sudden popped up that cigarettes are really bad for this is something we've known for a very long time. Maybe they're worse for you than you thought. But that doesn't mean that you didn't know that they were bad for you in in the first place. If you -- to pressure with a comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Jury sent a text Amber's late 7870. Here's a -- reads I wanna file a lawsuit against. A brewing company because I am addicted and I have liver trouble. Again I don't think it comes down to availability it should be more about. What you do or don't do with something that is. If that is available. Here's a text that read CO solution to the down and out to American. Who is a hungry file a lawsuit the solution to the New Orleans residents problems. Saints win the Super Bowl. From the cold play junior is crucial and to -- to -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- measures question. The word in my county. You know on. That is. How -- an issue. Tony Sony's three point six billion honestly on page B eight billion. Carry on days well. I'm finished one here. Smoke that that -- I'd get eight and -- new bag man. And they say he's as say -- bad Helio. And about I assume I would in my back. A couple of weeks ago. I have traveled and he's you can quit -- Away on trying to -- -- in should you know way he's quick he's. A -- coalesce around acting ability. Chairs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you have -- you have and and just an antagonistic relationship with your doctor. Yet the -- By its relationship with a and in years you know -- like you do what you -- do you know that you want assumed somebody. You know like you'll get a -- money. I'd feel much you know led government that -- British. Usually humane. They should do. The bad will promptly. Playing back in the eighties maybe. When a gunman got out of money. Okay and then everybody on stolen back -- -- vacancies statute. I was that he quit smoking. As what the government got mine okay that that -- That it comes at I favorite problem. And I need to actually he's and you it is -- -- not as. Not that good didn't I still well I don't I don't. I mean I I don't know who's getting that free there's a price tag on a lot of those items I mean I guess some people okay and here's some people get a free Leo and I'm glad you called the show I've. And again I just. I just support personal accountability. Here's a -- to -- tobacco companies engaged in the campaign to discredit and suppress information about the addictive nature and the long term effects of smoking. Those who started during this campaign. Were lied to. And tobacco companies are liable. Those who started after are making a personal choice and accept the consequences. I totally agree with you that this verdict undermines the necessity of personal accountability. However it's hard for me to cry over big tobacco. Getting the screws put to them it does sends the wrong message so. I don't have a problem with punishing. Tobacco but in theory -- year -- year. If you're allowing tobacco to sell a product can you punish him for selling the product have been like there's just so much apart proceed in this battle about smoking because. There are. Are people who smoked their campaigns to try to convince people not to smoke. But the government. Depends on the money that is generated from the sale of cigarettes. Here's IW a pretty general opinion poll tonight should President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW real dot com. And now -- talk again about its marketing to children. And there's this theory that joke camel was convincing children to smoke. We'll talk about that -- get to work your calls we come back and -- to do well this is one of the best cover songs ever this is a band called cedar. And the song is careless whisper this was -- wham song. This would be like -- metal band doing a carpenter song and turning in his -- really good. This is one of the best covers done. This is the -- glad to witness on this Tuesday night. Here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll should President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel. 74%. Say yes. And 26% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site or did you fail to account. -- -- a -- -- after the news at 11 o'clock but I wanna talk about this idea of marketing to children. And there were studies done that blame Joe Camel for convincing kids to smoke. And as far as I know that was a false assumption so we'll talk more about that -- and how do you measure what's marketed to children. Young people noticed a lot of things. But it doesn't necessarily mean. That's something which marketed to them. And again I think we are just too quick to blame something else for the decisions we make we'll talk more about that coming up. After the news at 11 o'clock let's go to vocalist of barrier and WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Government at -- hypocritical in that situation the company would be about comfort vocal about -- well they it is you know he gave. Incentives that indicated -- And government sent there's no nudity gave it crackles awful. Indices tend to. And -- -- produce department to debate illegal bet didn't hit the cigarette smoke. -- to certain general public doesn't -- it. It has to -- out lag it the government still allowed in outlook -- able being -- my. The quality that it actually didn't -- that industry and need to be as green chipped -- You know I agree with you very glad -- called it has been known since the sixties and I really think the early sixties. It's been known that cigarette smoking is a health hazard. And over time we've learned more and more about it soul. Most people who smoked today. Made a decision to smoke. Knowing. That it was a health -- Now this is not a show bashing smokers about bashing you I defend your right to smoke. But I don't defend your right to make a decision to smoke and then blame the tobacco companies because you do smoke. If you would join our show with your thoughts your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. WLs gonna help you beat this summer heats with our 1000. Dollar summer splash cash contest. Every week -- you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in our nationwide summer splash cash contest just listen to WW -- right before the top of the hour news. At 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM and 5 PM. Listen for the code word and text the code words that we announced to seven to eighty point for your chance to win without ever putting your phone down. At seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide -- thousand dollars each. And don't -- -- on the money sign up for our DeVon avenue -- cash club. Which give you reminders fifteen minutes before. The code words announce we'll give you a reminder on your cellphone to make sure that you tune Angeles. If you wanna become part of the WWO cash club. Text the word cash. 2877. Text the -- -- -- 78 -- will give you an alert fifteen minutes before every code words announced remember the nationwide summer splash cash contest is on WWL. Remember the times -- 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM. Good -- for -- radio intercom and all of -- -- -- -- and remember we'd ever charge for -- but individual plain text and data rates they -- we're coming right back with more on -- of --