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7-22 11:10pm Scoot Show: Personal Responsibility and Political Identity

Jul 23, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about smoking and personal responsibility and political identity.

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Her music star Tim McGraw says he regrets slapping a female fan during a concert in Atlanta recently. And there's a lot of video detail has come out -- -- gone viral. I'd Tim McGraw was so apparently going out in the audience I'm going out on the catwalk it was going out into the audience what he's doing a song called. Truck yeah. And I think we know what that's takeoff. So he was out -- slapping hands as people do well apparently. Some female fan. Grabbed him inappropriately. And ripped his jeans. His instinct was turn around and and slapper. Ballot and Tim McGraw apologizes for this and he says that he regrets the whole event. Even though he. Admits that she did grab him and -- -- The F fast food chain Carl's junior. Is introducing a new big burger item it's called the -- burger. Each stick burger features. A char grilled beef patty. Specials spicy mesquite Barbeque sauce -- -- paying your way and onions strips American cheese. And a big blob of smoked beef brisket. Right on top. Now the website for Carl's junior does not officially say how many calories. But an organization. Food piece that does count some of these things. I've counted. 2900 grams of so. So you better have some water to go along with that also across junior says that they're targeting young hungry males between the age of eighteen and 34. -- -- -- So it's a burger with cheese with with everything on it and then on top of that big blob of beef beef brisket. And apparently a each -- burger comes with a discount coupon for a colonoscopy. Here's an update on our -- -- a pretty general opinion -- -- present Obama have canceled his fund raising trip because of recent developments in the Ukraine. And Israel. 71% say yes 29% say no you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- count and there's always something new and our web site. I'm Bobby bears got a video they indicating candidates sounds off about the pros and cons. -- taking NFL training camp on the road. And over a training camp Thursday in Greenbrier. Greenbrier -- West Virginia. Now it's it's going to be a lot more pleasant there in terms of the temperature that it will be down here so I know the guys are gonna enjoy that. But it Bobby -- talks about the pros and cons of that. Deke Bellavia sizes up the NFC south and previews the SEC don't miss part four it's Arkansas. Georgia. And Texas saying them. And I think we're looking for to really exciting seasons with the saints. And the real issue and hopefully the Tulane as well into -- going to be playing outdoors Gilman stadium uptown. It's -- old days of going to Tulane stadium. And I do remember that -- -- -- -- parking lot so like everybody was sparking -- people strike little people work. Renting out their driveways and there's like ten -- -- I don't remember but it was -- seemed like it was a lot at the time based on what you were charged today it wasn't much but. Did it all the many of the residents in this whole area where charging money for for parking back -- I have a lot of memories of being in -- stadium and he's -- great for two going to be. In a 35000. CC somewhere about that in attendance in a number of and be outside. Also on our website it to be appealed to account still -- -- is a Christian Garrett talking. About who dance and watch the cornerback spot that's going to be an exciting spot to watch and Steve Geller eyeballs the saints kick competition. All of that in more is on our website at WW dot com and -- blog tonight is for those of us who suffer from political identity disorder. I'd I'd prefer to literally years PID not realizing that that was an acronym for an STD notice a pelvic inflammatory disease. But you know this is not about me it's about people like me who have this political identity disorder. Because of the way I believe in some things. I can't call myself a conservative. Because of what I believe in some things I can call myself a liberal. And yet there are people who just brought you to label yourself what are you and and why is this report we'll talk more about that in in just a few minutes. But if you wanna lower read the blog you can read it and share with others who you know who might be suffering from political identity disorder. It's on our website at WW real dot com also -- we've been talking about this a Florida woman who was awarded 23 point six billion dollars. In the death of course. He started smoking at thirteen died of lung cancer at the age of 36. It's my understanding that he smoked up to maybe three packs a day. Now a lot of experts legal analysts and industry experts. -- believe that either the punitive damages he beat these damage deserve it either be our reduced greatly. Or perhaps and even thrown out altogether back in 2002 there was there was a case in Los Angeles. That. Started up some major tobacco trial and verdict was for 28 billion but this case turned into 28 million after appeals. Now Cynthia Robinson in Pensacola says that this figure really doesn't matter. Her husband started smoking at thirteen died of lung cancer at 36 she says RJ Reynolds company. He is so responsible and they should own up to what happened to her husband but against some legal experts say that she might not get anything there's there's been talk tonight about. The case of do the woman the elderly woman who. Spilled coffee on herself and -- sued McDonald's. And I always thought that was ridiculous side we sought to viewers. Really important for us to recognize that. You know and unless Ronald McDonald. Went Hamburg over. As stuck his hand out of the drive through window and knocked it over on her lap and you know she spilled it coffees hot. Now apparently this was extremely hot coffee but put coffees hot and she was using it in a manner that it was not intended to be used witches. Pouring it on her. Her -- which were. Apparently scorched. They were people who. Thought she deserved it. Many people thought she didn't start I think she sued for five million I think she ended up being awarded somewhere around 700000 dollars. So now there's there's talk about -- the cigarette companies are responsible because they market to children. Do think. There were studies done years ago. That indicated that it kindergarten children obviously Canaccord shall really young kids maybe his first group I think this can guard units. That an astronomical number recognized. Joseph Campbell they saw a picture of Joe Camel and they recognized his picture. And -- the assumption was that means. Joe Camel is convincing kids to smoke. But there was actually. Never as far as I know they were never that actual determination this is I think this is something that did both sides. Use and immediately if somebody has an agenda they use something like this okay if you recognize Joe Camel and he's convincing you to smoke. When in reality. Recognizing Joe Camel doesn't mean you're convinced to smoke. I mean you can recognize that picture of Hitler but it doesn't mean your Nazi. That you could recognize a lot of things -- it doesn't mean that you succumb to whatever. What you recognize actually stands for. As far as marketing 222 children. I don't believe Joe Camel did. You know it is there were also adult cartoons. You know the Flintstones were the first animated cartoon. That was created for adults. So animation has been used for a long time to appeal to adults so the fact that Joe Camel was a cartoon character. I don't like defending the tobacco companies. But I don't think that means that they were marketing to kids I think they were trying to appeal to. Two adults and this was their way of of of creating a character Joe Camel. The Marlboro man was something that's. Which got an example of marketing to children. Young people might recognize things that aren't necessarily marketed to them. For example the beer companies have been criticized for a long time for marketing to underage drinkers. Well okay you're fifteen years old and you see a commercial with with young people OK let's say they're 21. You see a beer commercial with the young people on the beach have been -- fifteen year old guy and yours there's. Women with bathing suits there's guys in a cheap source sports car they're all on the beach there having fun. Now if -- a fifteen year old guy. And that's appealing to me. Does that mean that your company is targeting the what does that mean that I just appealed. By that scenario. It's it's real easy to claimed -- companies are marketing to kids. And and and some companies obviously do market to kids but I -- I don't think we should label everything that is appealing to children. And appealing to young teenagers as something that is actually targeting. Young teenagers. And I think there's it's agree sample about the but the beer companies. And what people recognize has done something that's that's far. If you were to join our show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And our checks -- -- 7870. Here's a -- to -- -- young children see ads for sugary snacks and fatty food fast foods all the time my wife and I. The parents take responsibility and choose not to take our kids to get these products. If they do get fat. Or had health problems we won't sue mcdonalds or General Mills. And this is an example of personal responsibility. What about suing the grocery store because your kids have to pass by the candy aisle when you're checking out. A New York Times did we go to the store with my son. When he was young and we would say before we went to the store a -- this time -- -- And so. No matter what he said that time there was going to be no candy again there's so much of this falls on on people to be Paris to be responsible parents. An -- not just assumed that. That it's the fault of the marketing because there are things civil always be appealing. Two people who are younger but I don't think that that means that companies are always guilty. Of marketing to young people. Here is attacks that reads. How can a camel wearing. Waste errors and a leather jacket convince children to smoke cigarettes. That just doesn't commute to to compute to me. I'm not saying that the tobacco companies have done attempted to market to children. But I just don't see how that tactic could have produced much fruit I agree with that. And and yet the the anti smoking campaign. Which is an honorable campaign. It is so desperate to find any connection between tobacco companies -- marketing date to two children again. I don't like being in the position. Of sounding like I'm defending the tobacco companies. But what I am defending more than that is I'm defending personal responsibility. We should be responsible for the decisions we make. And it's not always somebody else's fault. And if you're a parent. I you know I was exposed to. And sugary frosted flake commercials are commercials about a lot of stuff that was ban on TV. Why was that not a problem that. Why is it just the problem now. The idea of advertising to children isn't -- The idea of blaming companies. For the decisions that that parents. Make or the decisions at their kids make. And and quite often -- and I have no control what I like to do my kids are are looking -- advertising. What isn't that a great example to teach your kids. That you can't respond to everything that you find attractive. These are teaching moments. You know your kids are gonna see people do things in public your kids are gonna be exposed to things in movies. And they need to realize that even though something looks like it's fine even though something looks like it's cool. That doesn't mean you should do it. And even though. Kids -- attempted to get its cereal that there's a -- commercial -- -- lucky charms commercial on TV that evolves -- adults. I guess adults are eating lucky charms as well but when you see a whole bull. I don't I don't know exactly what happens in the commercial but I think the guy. I think the husband takes all the marshmallows. On of the lucky charms as it is a big bowl of marsh realist. Well if you're a little kid and you see that big bowl of marshmallows why would that not be appealing to you. But does that mean the company is actually marketing -- -- If you -- -- -- rusher might be your comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seven. Our text numbers 877 he -- I WWL update on our pretty -- opinion polish President Obama have canceled his fund raising trip. Because of recent developments in the Ukraine and Israel 71%. Say yes and 29% say -- I'm -- will be back on WL do you suffer from political identity disorder. Or maybe it's political identity. Anxiety. We'll we'll talk about that coming up just a moment we are thrilled to have Angela hill as part of our radio -- she's with us now at 1 o'clock tomorrow -- show. It's on the front porch with the -- -- -- in Riverside neighborhood group there are some big issues that -- progress vs preservation. As Sony how much business development and what kind of businesses should be allowed but it took clocked into global talk about it too. The New Orleans version of of doctor office America has doctor Oz New Orleans has doctor -- bomb. Tomorrow he'll tackle women's health issues. And you can ask any question. -- subject. Is taboo. And it's always handled it very tasteful way with doctor -- Financial field. Then at 3 o'clock at their take in the nation by storm on America's Got Talent and their home grown talent don't miss an open book with a dual opera singers known as act two. All of that's tomorrow Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and -- days. From one to four. Here and to be giving -- real I'm -- ledger witnessed tonight we've been talking about this a case with a Florida widow. Who was awarded 23 point six billion dollars in the death for chain smoking husband she says it's dead it's the fault of RJ Reynolds. And getting some really interesting text and here's a text reads. You better speak with your marketing department to better understand subliminal marketing. If you think that recognition is not part of marketing and try to burning an unknown for offers Coca-Cola. Spends billions to create market recognition. -- That is not involve. At the moment. Of grabbing at the store recognition of logo placement on the shelf. On the lingo in one's head at the site of the familiar. Bingo sail. Well all of that's true although. A lot of people misunderstand subliminal advertising. There was a campaign done and I've actually been a study done in it I think it was in 1950s. And it was about. Pictures of popcorn. They were spliced into a movie. And they were. Spliced into this movie. In like a framer to I don't remember exactly how many frames but it was so quick that you consciously didn't recognize. But subconsciously you recognized this is real subliminal advertising. And people respond to it people got up and and went in and bought popcorn. The problem wise is that it was later determined that at the same time they were showing these subliminal ads. They were actually popping popcorn. And it was really the smell of popcorn rather than the subliminal advertising. That was causing people to to to go by the popcorn. So. This this idea subliminal advertising if somehow. Getting secret messages to you. Is says something that is really I don't think it's really been proven. As -- product placements concerned that's all we always really important. And recognition is important but just because you recognize. What something years does it mean that you use the product. And just because children recognize Joe -- there was no study that directly connected stars I know there was no study that directly connected. Recognition Joseph Campbell with the decision to smoke. And yet that was apparently a popular a popular belief. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Text is 87870. -- here's a -- reads please before the end of the show tonight give a plug. To the way you get. The patches gum and aides to stop smoking. Web sites and how to get linked up that would be socially responsible. Yet there are certainly ways to quit and if you smoke and if he'd been spoken for awhile. If you wanna quit some people don't wanna correct if you wanna quit it's not easy. And it's my understanding that it is as addictive as terribly. I don't know if that really helps smokers it's like oh my god it's as addictive as it is addictive as heroin -- I'll never be able to -- Mean to me that might actually discourage smokers. But there are ways to get help you -- a caller called earlier and -- he's gonna celebrate its first anniversary of not smoking. Coming up in in September. And he said. One thing to remember is the cravings. Only lasts for about two minutes. And what's the craving is over. It's over. Now I don't have personal experience with that but if there's anything that you might do to help somebody. Quit smoking police herb Kohler show it to 601870. What what works for you did you -- did you quit -- -- how did you finally quit. I mean it is possible to quit. And people who don't quit or don't even try to quit again I think it's I think it's wrong for going to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day and then. Turn around and blame the that the tobacco company. For. Getting cancer. You know what happened to personal responsibility. Yeah for some people liquors legally -- well occurs legally on sale for everybody news of age. -- That does it mean that -- good for everybody and a liquor is. And something that is available to alcoholics. But alcoholics need to be responsible for that item that is available to them. If something works for you in terms of according smoking in an article or short numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Or seven. And our -- number is 877. Tonight we've been talking about suffering from political identity disorder. Now it's easy for a lot of Americans to define themselves. As either conservative or liberal. For for many Americans like myself we no longer fit into either political category. Even though some people are so interested in defining who everybody -- There are. Many conservative voices on the radio. There -- some liberal voices on the radio. I don't think there's enough talk about. People who arch liberal or conservative. I don't think there's enough discussion about making those people feel comfortable about declaring. Who they are because the word moderate has become a bad word. But here's the problem I'm liberal on some issues but I am also conservative on some issues. A lot depends on what you actually here now this just not about me. I'm just using myself as an example. To reflect what a lot of Americans. A belief now you might not -- specific police but you might have this same issue with. The two parties -- the two ideologies conservative and liberal. I believe in reducing government and maintaining a smaller government. I do not support an increase in taxes to fix problems. I support less government involvement in the lives of individuals. I believe in the power of the individual not government. To make personal decisions. I think we know what's best for us rather then the government. I support gun rights and the Second Amendment and often talk about how. New gun control laws that I hear about are not gonna stop the violence that threatens citizens in this city in this country. Every day. In the shootings that we've talked about recently. -- shootings this past weekend shootings over the fourth of July weekend a constant shootings that take place in this city. I'm not sure what gun control law. Is the right law that's going to stop those shootings. Mean I wish you were just dead easy to -- will pass a law that will secure the problem. But I don't think that will that's that's my belief and you may disagree with that. But these things I would picnic we seem very conservative. I also strongly oppose our system that has encouraged. And perpetrated. A mentality of making a career out of having babies. It's one thing to take care of people who need to be taking care it's wanting to secure those people who need help. But for the same system to encourage and perpetrate. Turning having babies into a career. A life choice career. That's wrong. And as I've talked about tonight with the the case of the tobacco award I believe in personal accountability. Individuals being held responsible for their decisions and their behavior without always looking for. A reason to blame someone or something else for negative behavior. So it doesn't distinguish I'm really conservative. But here's the problem. I also believe -- legalization of marijuana. And I believe that there should be responsible behavior when it comes to a choice to smoke if that's what you choose to do. I'm for immigration reform. I believe that these illegal immigrants or in this country were brought here by their parents. At a very young age. They've gone to school that it did in our military I think there are a lot of illegal immigrants. Who deserve an easy opportunity to become American citizens. They didn't make the decision to be illegal. I also supports same sex marriage. And that's actually based on my belief that individuals have the power to make decisions that impact themselves and to find their personal lives. -- pro life. But pro choice because I don't think it's appropriate for me to make a decision concerning a woman's body. There are a lot of pro life Americans. Who passionately. Oppose abortion. But there are opposition might waiver if the decision involved. Their teenage daughter so what am. And where you are you conservative -- you -- for our UN Americans suffering from the ID political identity disorder. The convenient term for those Americans who don't define themselves as conservative or liberal is moderate. And that has. Gotten a really negative. Connotation attached to it. Being called moderate. Means that you sit on the fence you don't have an opinion you don't have conviction yours a spineless individuals who. Doesn't have strong convictions when it comes to political social issues you're just a moderate you're aware of like many Americans I have strong conviction when it comes to every issue. I'm willing to take a stance and defend. My position on those issues and as many Americans are again this is not about me this is a reflection of a lot of Americans. But I'm not accepted as a conservative because a similar beliefs. And I'm not accepted as a liberal because of some of my beliefs. So I often describe myself as a radical moderate implying that a -- conservative or liberal but I am an individual with -- definite. Convictions so I guess that would make -- a radical moderate. We really shouldn't be so concerned about labels. I'm also willing to vote for the best candidate. And I do not judge candidates by the color of their political party. I judge him by the content of their character. Why shouldn't more Americans who are. Radical moderates they're moderates but they they're not spineless. They have convictions. They have a strong stance -- becomes a different issues but they just don't see everything. -- conservative or liberal. Political ideology. That's the way much of America in its. We should come out of the closet. And and have our voice heard. Because I think they're more a farce. And there are those who wore. Pure conservative. Or pure liberal. Do you suffer from political identity disorder. If you wanna join Russia which -- comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. Texas a 77. As good -- tonight is titled do you suffer from political identity disorder. You could read that in -- with your friends who may have the same disorder it's on our website at WW real dot com. Here is a text that -- who says moderate is a bad word. Well there there has just in this negative connotation with the word moderate meaning oh you're you're sitting on the fence Euro Euro -- you don't have. You don't have a real strong conviction and that's something that has been common knowledge for a a long time. Here's a text and they had a scene like that in the fight club with a picture. Something's placed into the movie. Now I I don't know about that but I do know that there had been serious questions. About the original study on subliminal advertising. Now. Product placement. The the idea of somebody smoking in a movie in this news release something that was more talked about along time ago than it is today encouraging people to smoke. That's not technically as far as I and I I would define it that's not technically some -- it'll advertising. That's more showing the product in use identifying the product with popular characters. But it still comes down to individual choice. Here's attacks to -- a twelve radical moderates. Like Q. On the jury. Having heard all the evidence unlike Q awarded the money on to that lady Enders side. Are you saying that you know more about it and what's fair and that jury that sat through the one month trial. I'm not saying that I know more I just don't like. Decisions. That trump personal responsibility. And juries are made up of people who have DN. Conditioned. To believe that it's somebody else's fault. And maybe some of the people on the jury believes that violent video games are to blame for violent behavior. When he relieved might be more about parenting. And I realize that it's there are violent video games out there there have been for a very very long time. As I've always said I think it's the the passive activity. Of playing video games for hours and hours and hours. It makes people anti social. That makes people act out in in different ways more than the content and if if the content was so powerful in violent video games. Two. To dictate behavior. When you think of the millions and millions and millions. Of people who play those games. Would we can't even more murder. If you -- to join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy and a text numbers 877. From perera Mike you're on -- show under the WL. But it's today and it -- Welcome back and I don't know about -- but it's so and so on and that. -- reveal more moderate nation where if you are seen. Leaving. Public approach. It. Person decides -- actually indicate wind or without action on the -- day in and you know -- abortion. -- but I believe you know the woman and Richard. You know. And they are there are or more people like you in the game you get the impression watching the news and listening to talk shows around the country. -- the bad news. And personalities. He said that people can. -- -- give -- an intentional -- -- an important one. Do you want six's good. They don't want them back because it did score for the opposing -- You know and it's like. I would suspect that the -- parties and a they're rehabilitation. America democracy. Give it back on the road -- and directional. -- I like to -- Mike I'm glad you shared that witnessed tonight if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text is a 77. From Jefferson branding your on the -- -- into the WL. I don't screw it and I was looking at the show saying it you know their political and a conservative moderate Democrat Republican reference not wearing. I mean basically all people on the same agenda at all currently that it represented and so -- is -- That you know we reelect the put them at all as well I mean -- Obama get lobbied by only about the other cities in -- Did this particular their own agendas. I mean. Hillary. Isn't it like -- unity you're damned in you do it and so. Yeah out of -- I think there's little doubt it. I genders and protecting the image -- a party or ideology has become much more important than doing what's in the best interest of the American people. -- -- I mean I wish we can't put regular people aren't altered that you know can't really thrilled you know there will be struggle of you know work where people. I mean these people oblivious to if all people that you know go through on a daily base. Well and even if they're aware of its I don't think that that's more important than protecting the power of the party. That of the the party that wants to be in the White House the party that wants to control congress that seems to be more import and I talked about this with the the at the border crisis are -- on the show it it seems like it's it's. More advantageous for both parties to blame each other the president blaming Republicans. -- Republicans blaming the president for the border crisis. As opposed to getting a sense that both sides. Will work together to find a solution based on the resource is that this country -- That's true independent candidate you know America has there ever problems never once problem. I agree I'm going to color show thanks for listening here's a -- reads I think that. It was his choice to smoke all the -- isn't going back to the tobacco case. Which is smoke too it was his choice to so -- these years. It's. -- you on a box that it will cause cancer if he smokes all those packages. Every day. Then he knew what he was doing and I agree with that. And I don't know what it's like in other countries by two lasted last year when I went on the crew -- go off the ship in Cancun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- island. They are part cigarettes there at our brands -- for an and they just blatantly say. Smoking kills or tobacco kills -- say cool it died it just say basic kills. Here is attacks that read it's. Being moderate. Is being realistic. I agree. There are just too few people. On the radio and mainstream media. Who are reflecting. The mass opinion. Of those people who are honest enough -- themselves to say they're not conservative. Or they're not liberal. If you lean one way that's fine but. You're still not a pure conservative repair liberal. Most of us. Are moderate and that shouldn't be bad a bad turn. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Dollar and 07. And a text is a 7870. I'd scoots it's Tuesday night weekend's almost here and we'll be right back on WL. We're giving you a chance to win a thousand dollars every weekday here on WWL it's the nationwide summer splash cash contest. Listen to -- listen to W right before the top of the hour news weekdays. 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word and text the code word to seven to 81 for your chance to him without reporting your phone down. That's seven to 81 every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. And don't miss out on the money sign up for the WWL cash club. Where we send you reminders fifteen minutes before the code word is going to be announced to remind you to tune in so you can catch the code word but listening to WW well. If you wanna sign up for the WWL cash club to get these reminders. Send the word cash. 2877. Text the word cash. Two -- 77. And we'll give you an alert fifteen minutes before every code word is an ounce on the air. It's the thousand dollar nationwide. Summer splash cash contest and don't forget those times to -- 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. And good luck from Smart radio intercom and all of us to VW well. Remember we never charge for tax by two individual plan. And text and data rates may apply. Here's a final update on tonight's -- you'll pretty general opinion poll. Should President Obama had canceled his fund raising trip because of recent developments at the Ukraine and Israel. 73%. Say yes he should've canceled this fund raising trip. 27% saying now. The truth is. There's really nothing he could do at the White House. That he couldn't do while he's on the road. However. When there are major things going on in the world. It doesn't look good. For any present. To be. On a fund raising campaign. Because to me that just gives the impression. That politics. The money of politics the power of politics. Is more important that everything even though I admit the president can do everything that he needs to do. On on Air Force One or wherever he has and there's nothing more that he can actually do with the White House there may have been a time. Before the technology that we have today when it was imperative. The president speak at the White House that's not the case anymore but having said that. A lot has to do with impressions. And president seemed to be aware of that justice president but every president should be aware of the impressions that they give the American people. The national World War II museum here in New Orleans continues to attract record breaking crowds this is one of the crown jewels of our city. The museum welcomed its four millionth visitor since opening in two in 2000. And officials say visitation for the fiscal year 2014. Had exceeded 483000. Visitors beating the previous best record which was last year 2013. By more than 85000 visitors. So 85000 more visitors. In just one year. -- I I talked about the the part of the museum that is is my if my favorite part of the part that says the most to me because. This is a museum that is not just about World War II. It's. It's a monument it's a shrine to America. It's -- trying to American spirit. And if you're living and somewhere listening somewhere outside of -- New Orleans area and you're gonna travel to new -- take time to see the national World War II museum is phenomenal. And the movie beyond all borders. Are produced and narrated by Tom Hanks is. It's touching. It's in lightning it's powerful and there's just so much great history at the museum but again I think this is as much abouts. American spirit. As it is about the history of of world war two. And I said this countless times -- my favorite sections is -- section it has the posters. -- Americans to not waste food. So they can have food for the soldiers it was about America's sacrifice. You know we go to war today and we're not told the sacrifice. If we were asked to sacrifice. I hope we will it. But again the national World War II museum is a phenomenal trying to American spirit and it reminds us of America that. Well it's it's a different America today and there are some things. That we should remember about the past so we can be that way again. What do think Ellison ransom our studio producer also Jack Harris and the other studio have a great night Rebecca the -- showed tomorrow night's went to be WL. As always wanted to Orleans.