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Jul 23, 2014|

Dave talks about the restaurant gripe-o-meter, humping too hard, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL parishioners at delighted the 23 it's 2014. Fair it's hump to say you know why it. You're right. -- happened so quickly and served -- well I'm better. We you know it's time for us then you'd get wild on the thing you know maybe doubled years ago little. Twist the little turn a flop in the bed. But it's certainly came up fast. Half. Everybody did on the job are -- Are you ahead. Whatever you define as the company. Just please humble way. Mr. driving it just jammed up and accurately. Agenda. And and having illegal about doing Humpty hump drive I've called optimism leads to a major distraction. Well. Not use your own use your own judgment. Yes. Ha ha yeah austerity elegant that 60% of the work we will be overwhelming head on the that. Or headed down that secure. A week in and year out you know I cannot agree with the report that it him and it was as more yet half. To take you. Know some people can force. I don't have time they'll get paid it's too much pass. -- come up with a million excuses -- now taken vacation. Just remember back to the last vacation to. And just wonderfully. Relaxed. Mark Few war as a result of that vacation -- Iran and the people that don't take them debt have home. That they're on the box it says right their vacation they don't item. And I was one of those people for many years I was at work and that yeah you -- I didn't like take time off because. Did Bork would pile up blows on whether -- things to be done and I didn't feel like it was fairly everybody else to do with them there and out. All kinds of reasons that I didn't take -- obligations. Years and years and take. And then one year culture so glad it is -- Because now I savor. That vacation time and it makes me more effective at work you really dug out that makes me come back rejuvenated recharge. Yeah yeah you're right to work may pile up a little bit there may be some other things but the bottom line is. It's not gonna make that big of a difference and you're gonna come back refreshed. And -- us how many people work Dan. Paid the bills week to week month to month that they can't afford to be away from -- because. They'll lose sales lose productivity. Trust in the long annual gains from you better for it may hurt for week. By. Me. -- -- Not that much ground -- -- -- -- -- this summer weed out more than we'd yeah I think so too. My disposable income is disposed of during. We got a lot more because a lot of our routine the kids' parents school mean everything's different. Oh so now we're getting back to the union home thing but we at a lot this summer and I I have right here in from enemy. And what the consumer reports people going the right O meter. For restaurants. It is those things that people complain about most. When they go out to eat and people rifle and this is what they gripe about. Dirty tables. Dirty utensils. And dirty restrooms wow are among the top right of people when there dining out. While just dirty right on the line yet does not attempt ended the and how often do you get -- for Christmas spots and and a piece of breakdown foods -- to it -- It's been sanitized trust me it's gone through the belief that -- -- -- but he just don't want to. And I don't know what the last IOK I've been system vary vary fine establishment very expensive restaurants and I goaded. Dirt cheap places do. And men's rooms -- filthy no matter where you. -- Yeah I would say you're pretty much right on 73% of people. Gripe about dirty your ill equipped restaurants 76%. Gripe about dirty utensils -- tables. 67%. Complain about servers with a sloppy appearance -- or poor hygiene. One now that's not good and electric service to locally. Pitch laps -- albums you know I have problems with noisy news I I -- and it's it. Noisy -- on the -- I just impolite or condescending servers 72% of people complain about our new servers would get 66%. Complain about meals beverages served. At the incorrect temperature. That send it back Eric's uncle. The problem is that we got a cold state. And it's like media mirnyi is sent back in the -- it's gonna come back grade. And you can you can make him put in Yankee you can't do not know -- on the type though that he's pretty hard at stake it's too from me it's rare -- You know -- Margaret -- rare earlier -- yeah I die like -- noise. Yeah I exist. Too much going on Vietnam may be giants families and kids run around and I guess it all depends on where you go. You know to get that type of activity it. And I just I'm nervous of me 62% stated their meals and they order they hate that. 51% complain about slow service with 61% complain about when they're being roster feel like they're being pushed that make room yeah. So. Are golden like you don't want to slow you don't want to fast enough. So if he is somewhere in the -- like somebody comes -- says he can you guys picking up a little bit we need to turn a stable. -- -- -- -- And it's seven -- -- what's that pisses you off mostly New -- -- your biggest right this is the consumer reports right O meter. I'll share more of them as we move along here. It WW offers -- stable at about fifteen minutes more. That's sports come back just one day to listening to report to training it's flat it's football. It's right there. If your forecast as well activists customers texas' late 70s70s. But your right what really bothers you when you go. -- -- -- -- 7810 races or crash on I 55 south at mile -- twelve -- sent them not exactly sure where that is -- mile markers but if you're heading from punch to climb down to applause watch out of that and overturned car -- 55 south -- on the ground level. And take 51 people are texting me at 8787 in response to our sharing legal right O meter about restaurants from consumer reports. Some context -- that somebody's utensils -- very very very cheap and minute albums something about the dirty utensils. But the glasses -- in the plate they get offended. You know when you complain the last thing you want is the server demand to be offended nineties solve the problem commences the bills are getting ridiculous. -- -- -- -- Someone that is sick. Coughing. And hacking all of you -- you're trying to eat carrying on a six there that's for. And then someone -- is biggest -- is on -- and has allowed personal conversation. On their phone while they're at the table and everyone can hear it. Or on controlled kids and the parents don't care. Another says waiting for a table when you see empty tables yet that can be very aggravating. When you're going -- you told me and that is on the -- amused by the way. And 50% of people are upset when their tables not ready more than fifteen minutes past the time they were told they would be seated. But this for CAC empty tables with a -- maybe they don't have enough servers that's frustrating because as a conservative like. Well that's not my problem so they don't wanna fill tables a bit out of people to serve them but then you're less than they're looking at these tables and -- why -- you -- eight. More of your gripes coming up here -- WWL right now your forecast. Hot and humid again today 91 for a high but it may feel more like 95 -- even 100 degrees this afternoon with a 40% chance for rain. Lose tonight dipping down to the upper seventies in tomorrow 40% chance for storms right at 91. At 20% chance on Friday with heights of 93. For the pinpoint forecast sent our -- integral to -- tell. Clouds out there at the airport scanner where it's 77 degrees relative humidity is 90% slight downward partly cloudy and 71. Sports time now on WW well Steve gallery is flying to West Virginia today. To be there when the saints get there tomorrow. And boy -- his arms tired yet. Thank you that mark Menard and a look at the easy opportunity for a well not a bad but what is they needed. Let's just say you set it up and I'm knock them down we'll make a good team. Well on setting up. Sports the human and I'm not -- down as the -- prepared to embark on training camp when he fourteen. -- reveal NFL analyst Mike the -- -- says there's one unit you'll be watching closely because team's fortunes will depend on the success. I think you're the one thing this. Yeah. Yeah you football. -- -- The team reports to training camp at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia tomorrow -- -- to -- a sports team will be on location to bring you all the news as it happens. That includes Steve Geller. The reigning AFC champion Denver Broncos have announced that -- -- will step down from his role heading up the team. The seven year old -- is battling alzheimer's disease team president Joseph Ellis will assume control of the team according to the Denver Post. Team officials say the Broncos will not be put up for sale. The Louisiana Lafayette raging cajun -- -- the last three football season right here in the Big Easy -- wins and a New Orleans Bowl. Now the cases have been picked his by many as the favorites to win the Sunbelt conference this year coach mark -- that says. With the added expectations. He's told his team they must prepare for every opponent's best shot. We've got to match that in the got to exceed that in order to win those games so that's what always makes it tough. Sorry team to be picked number one golf it does make every team raise their level of play it makes at all we'll go for -- especially on the road. -- -- kicks off season August 30 against the southern jaguars. And Spanish clippers over Donald Sterling continues to try and block the for sale of the team to form Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Sterling filed suit in Los Angeles against the NBA commissioner Adam silver and -- sterling his wife saying he was defrauded. And he wants the court to freeze the team's two billion dollar sale in addition of sterling remains in place does over the first coach Doc Rivers says he will resign. The story obviously far from resolution I'm mark -- that is your early look. As sports five point four days John Mark when I'm with Daniel rader yes he's actually catch a plane this morning he's got to change flights to Atlanta then head out to West Virginia. To get to the Greenbrier as they await the arrival of the saints here's the good news. It looks like all of the members of the viking gold. Should report to camp tomorrow there's no hold outs is no contract disputes is nothing to keep this team from no injuries together -- no major injuries now and -- should be ready to go that's. Refreshing. Yeah you know -- this this team has an infrastructure in place where you don't have those problems and and you know. I think sometimes we get a little bit spoiled by it but you look at teams all over the all of the NFL. And it seems like everybody's got somebody holding out at some point and and that's generally don't have that problem because they get their contract stuff in order. They don't have any -- dysfunction in the locker room have a good group a. -- character wise and I think that they have guys that are ready to come to work. Excellent I'm looking forward to them ready for you come back to work in about 25 minutes more sports here at WW well probably them and -- counties are hard line gave on. Text message says the wreck on I 55 south is between man Jack hammered out. Emergency services are en route but not there yet overturned car I 55 -- watch out for that. The -- O meter will be back right after this what you complain about what really makes him mad when a lot to share more from consumer reports that the text messages. Two people of Texas native 7870 -- their biggest gripe when -- it is someone at another table or server blowing their nose or someone at their own table blowing their nose. Your problem blowing their nose at the table. Your forecast. We'll see some sunshine easy today hot and humid 91 this afternoon. Look for 40% chance for thunderstorms another 40% chance tomorrow mainly afternoon and EB with highs of 91. And Friday's rain chance at 20% with heights of 93. The pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- -- Right now we have mostly cloudy skies 77 at the reporting Canner. Partly cloudy and 71 in Slidell relative humidity at 90% nine -- at the early edition of WW -- -- Some miles on the rightful meter texting estimate 7870 that's false advertisement. Menu in your hand doesn't look like describe the food becomes on your table well according to consumer reports yet. 54% of people complain that the -- does not look or taste as described. In the man. I'm president of the biggest drag this on cable Turkey closer chairs bomb and is no room to move. I really -- that we usually have security people we go lucky they try to put too many people on the table we don't really fit. Also on the -- meters server removing your plate or beverage before you're finished 59% complain about that that would get important. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this the 23. Of July 2014. It's -- very. Everybody wanted to see how well legacy Belichick. Do it. You don't you know. All -- little ones now again. He's doing that right now they're progress. Wherever you are. At home don't. Gently if you're driving. And it wasn't -- -- that all the time but. This case someone just joining us and I didn't hear night urging good job pump accidentally while driving -- -- don't want anyone crashed their car because. I played on exactly and children that -- real job I would not be good to what did -- there are on the -- -- -- south according to protect. Messages -- 7070. Symantec and Burnett do please be careful. If you're heading that way. -- about the go right O meter hearing consumer reports that with the biggest complaints people have. About restaurants -- things went into the news. That. A lot of people. More than half. Complains when. A server tries to take their plate before their -- -- You do that you're liable for me to -- What I I don't always say they say. Can I get that out of your way yeah it's way doll now it's right there in the his word on -- I'm enjoying it. Did it out of your way but you can get into a Tug of war -- you can put her hand on the play sort of pull away and then you're Jackie you know -- it back. -- -- -- -- you can ask nicely hey you don't have announced or. In our -- that just beat you know it's also in the planet sop it up -- my brat I'm happy. Do you think really behind the scenes at some places that are is indeed either. But time sat or something to get people moment. A restaurant does have an interest in getting because each party only pays one so there is an interest in getting people up and out the get more people sitting down. But you know walk that line carefully because of these seems like you're trying to force them and and I think come backs. That's one of the big -- candy here's something funny. Is that some people gripe about a waiter waitress who was not friendly -- Whose team standoffish -- one person text me say their biggest gripe is with someone at this table is mean or in. Inconsiderate to the server orca are -- respite and food but he something else to eighty but 24% of people on the -- -- meter. Complain when servers. Our two nights. Referring to them with pet names that is funny or. Are carrying eight dollar and dollar -- sweetie you know. And say -- -- well I know I always like that I thought you know. Means many many many many years ago when I got down into this neck of the woods. I love that kind of Garland thing I'd just like people some -- nice and you know well. I I just have prominent it's too much I have had issues nowhere come out with my family sitting next to my wife. And a server will put her hand on my shoulder while taking my order all realize oh yeah well you know it. I think it's that way if indeed they're trying to you know get better tip by being friendly to the yeah the guy who's normally main rebel. -- now the one -- rally with an out the cash and credit card. But I mean I've even had servers while all my wife is at the start rubbing my shoulders are now. Going down low known don't know too -- Ireland. Do you expect a rock yes. I actually an issue recently I was out with my wife and we are however there was and performance going. And the woman singing can't came down off the stage in the crowd was singing to the crap -- Put both. What I theater microphone one and put her hand on my shoulders and it's singing right to like they are OK I cannot stand next to my wife on this is the right time trying to back away discounted gently move away. Mean she's singing so I can't say anything to it'll rule in the performance via which -- -- -- right there -- -- news and a key play at the threat on my cheek in the -- lipstick. Imprint on my face she's like you're the wife didn't tackler and well in that now -- -- happy with the situation always it was my fault I didn't stopper. -- to stop -- from and that's because. She's performing gazing into your lives. So performance don't. Do anything her and provoke -- Thank you David with like twenty minutes for Chris Miller joins us with more on the hearing today. For the one suspect in the -- street shooting that left one dead nine wounded. -- talk in -- so where does this assessment that have been four and. There who -- but -- -- have a direct Eyewitness News forecast that it. You don't feel love what I'm doing it here it is lacking here. But -- movement and that's right that's good feeling. And you -- apartment -- hear the microphone moving around excited and I -- Well I was I was I actually knocked my head -- off work and went out of that art they had us. To address public at wow now and heads that all the guys ahead at the insecure now it's back on where. The essence of the severe pumping it's. Do you but still much guys idiots like it was technical and I look -- gyrating her hand that's flying off. That is some days it's worth celebrating. And at the weather. I guess we don't need is celebrated that not complain. It's just you know whether to get through although he has sometimes this -- can be really hot it's not been one of our hottest summer so far haven't we have. The hottest they had so far I think around 95 and in their states where we can get up to a hundred degree yet we haven't. -- -- were talking about pert near a hundred with the app index ones and the ones I can't. Generally happen yeah we've you know that's not to say within the heat -- yet still develop but so far suspend. Average heats and and just those thunderstorms each state kind of knocked down temperature. And the forecast is for more of that bad yeah -- through the weekend you know going 91 to 93 with scattered thunderstorms each afternoon maybe a little better chance today and tomorrow. Maybe a little dryer for Friday Saturday -- on it ego even drier for the weekend that'll dry -- and still out in the tropics to 82 but nothing too. No problems it should start to fizzle out it's already surrounded by -- year and so that -- keep it from really be able to develop very much up from weirdest now cystic fizzle out sometime in the Caribbean. I had I would say late this weaker in the weekend all right. Fizzle out. How do will be happy with that. Less rain for the -- -- news today or could it but I have to bring someone well alert people to the table all right apparently just being a billionaire does not make you not end up in the what wrong with people file. Yeah apparently money does not solve the problems of being just. Not in great ha -- authorities say 71 year old Robert durst was arrested. After argue it was store employees. Durst family owns the durst organization a privately held billion dollar real estate company that owns several New York skyscrapers. He lives in Texas and he got into a fight with story employees. And was charged with criminal mischief after and I am reading from the Associated Press here after urinating -- at least a hundred dollars worth of candy. Three gets mad at the store employees to show you whips it out and -- Does his business on the candy. At. The store here's my question was is mr. durst. Actually involved in the company urgency to happen to be less with the last name to your -- that well he's in the air for stern of the year we don't have that happens a lot of times you know. Daddy and grandpa starts the company. Maybe it following generations are quite as quick on the update that -- Paul was and others like a whole different or out directors give him and it just bear him. I remember 71 year old rob partners ideas about -- is thirteen years ago. He was arrested as a fugitive. And it admitted killing his neighbor and dumping the remains in Galveston Bay in Texas I'm hoping he's not really involved with this relate to sell the sense that was acquitted of homicide charges. Where there's smoke there's fire -- You can't make this stuff up and that's what this does get a get a billion dollars in realized today that he's feeling to have money like that they can't say anything better to do you yet now -- just got a lot of my second hearing and he -- At least seventy -- so I can't imagine that this. Can't wait much longer and it could have collected Donald Sterling dementia. Including -- have always known as his attorney said. They'll answer the allegations in court. It will connect no comment now be -- to -- and -- O'Connor thank you are out -- it. Keep those that don't talk to our look at. Or about outlined a direct from the Eyewitness News for -- that are 546. More of your rights from the right O meter about restaurants coming up he Texas and -- that -- them in sports with mark and -- 5:49 good morning I'm Dave -- text messages 8787 announces both lanes are closed I 55 south that man Jack where there's an overturned vehicles Lima -- head down to 51 -- if -- -- -- south. From -- -- to applause this morning more coming -- WWL traffic we have a gripe O meter from. Consumer reports today on restaurants and what's your biggest complaint when you go out to eat. The top three according consumer reports -- dirty utensils or tables dirty ill equipped restrooms and impolite or condescending servers. One person text -- at 87878. As their biggest gripe on the go but it is when you have to keep asking the server to refill your drinks. Mr. through town the -- -- -- servers if you wanna get a good tip. The single thing you must do is make sure they drink is always -- it never ever should someone have to ask for a drink rebel. Or god forbid get up and have to walk to the bar and -- making it democratic government servers that would be around. Well Steve Geller is nowhere to be found on the radio this morning because he's flying to West Virginia so he'll be the saints' training camp. Before the saints -- -- they arrive tomorrow so we have the honor and pleasure while welcoming mark -- for morning sports this morning AMR tells all about sports. I'm I'm here dating you're repelled a drink for Europe which I'll sports -- I'll get it after sport I'll -- The think report for training camp tomorrow and are expecting full attendance at the Greenbrier resort resort in West Virginia that includes a number of players who were in various states of recovery after offseason surgeries having him -- NFL analyst -- -- says -- key for the -- when he fourteenth. Will be getting these guys healthy and back in the line up. Health issues for me well all we've been in this health care if John -- -- -- -- war coming off of injury how well these guys have responded and how quickly taking get back on the field. When a full coverage all for training camp on location from -- WWL sports team. Elsewhere in the NFL some sad news out of Denver the Broncos have announced team owner pat -- will give up control the team. To concentrate and has battled alzheimer's disease the seven year old -- will cede control over to team president Joseph Alice. Ownership of the team has been placed in a trust controlled by non family members which so far is not planning on selling the franchise. Expectations are high the Louisiana Lafayette football team this season after the -- New Orleans Bowl champs were picked to win the Sun Belt Conference. Ragin' cajuns coach mark cuts that says they're they're preparing break capacity crowd for the home opener on August 30. This is don't be a tough ticket again and there are already thinking that. Minimum of 45000. So hopefully be a great atmosphere in the -- great kick off to the season. You'll all open the season against the southern jaguars. And according to testimony clippers' interim CEO Dick Parsons at the team remains in the grass the -- owner Donald sterling and Doc Rivers won't resign as the teams head coach and president. -- called reverse the father figure the team as does if you if you were to -- it would be a disaster. He also testified that several players and he's sponsors remained troubled by sterling racist comments that resulted in his banishment from the NBA. I'm mark -- and that's sure early look at sport. -- executive John Mark when I'm with you on your radio so again is that I'll see your biggest concern that -- today as is seeing now some of these players who did not play last year who went out her last year bounced back this year. Yeah you know we haven't heard much of of of from these guys because you and -- the offseason the saints don't really like to give -- a lot of information so I'll be curious to see you know who gets on the field and at training camp and how well they can. They can bounce back especially a guy like Gerris Byrd who we've brought in. To kind of be a linchpin on the so they said that when he had the little that the surgery done it was just the procedure in just a formality and training camp ready for training camp is not on the physically unable to perform so that's an accurate about Joseph Morgan because he's a guy who showed a lot of promise the last couple years. But then just couldn't get on the field last year. Be nice to have that speedy wide receiver -- ago and I'm a big Joseph Morgan fan and you know you you if you if we have him healthy we can put him on the outside along -- Brandon cooks have to Bernard -- on the field with Colston -- work in the seems. I think that will be pretty much unstoppable in the -- and who I'm like unstoppable at the good work that we can't stop you from gone back with more sports and fifteen minutes here on WW well. And the -- report to camp tomorrow thank you. Mark will talk to you that nine gave the early edition of WWL prisoners the -- a -- one person text mediate 78 that it -- I hit it when he -- waitresses. A waitress sits on my table to take my order. We have ever had and sit on my table but I promise them if we have an extra -- or there's an actress -- in the with sitting down with us when they take the order that's full team can. Pakistan all timing you know that we sit with us when they take the habits that on the table yet that would bother me. So what's next at 87878 as the biggest -- that restaurant it's forced gratuity on attack. -- 50% and consumer reports in the -- commuters say. Security of 18% higher automatically added to the bill is there biggest write your forecast. Partly cloudy skies this Wednesday a 40% chance for showers and storms and look for highs around 91. Now we'll keep that same forecast again for tomorrow 91 at a 40% chance for rain. Then Friday look for 20% chance for an isolated thunderstorm high heating up to 93. For the pinpoint forecast center and meteorologist Laura backed out. 76. At the airports. Any one now and slide now one other -- biggest gripe I hit in the heat tastes -- -- like coffee and penalties like. Allan thank Iran for sharing their gripes with us as we share with you the grateful meter on restaurants from consumer reports here's some kind of funny to me 14% of people tell consumer reports that does not enough information. About nutrition on the menu. 16% that is too much information about nutrition -- on the menu it to turn off. Very and can't please all the people all the time that's torture. I guess this is actually coming it's ironic very rarely do we come across irony in our daily lives that. In 2004 they planted a pine tree in Griffith park in Los Angeles to honor. George Harrison one of the original Beatles who had died on now the tree. After going ten feet has been attacked by insects have been destroyed it was attacked by Beatles.

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