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7-23 7:10am Tommy, Fix My Street

Jul 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ann Leblanc, the President of the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association, about the Fix My Street campaign and the state of the roads

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David you've seen the fix my street signs all over town have you -- yes I have in Orleans parish. We need him but yes we do and we're talking and LeBlanc the president of the league used civic improvement association about the meeting last night and there's a fix my street's campaign but I just wondered if everybody's there for meeting the NC -- our streets. -- And dramatically either way a lot of local residents. Fed up with the -- status -- in their neighborhood and just bottoming out. All of its you know just what it does to your vehicle and you -- and then it it it seems to go down. Right before there's sewer drains or whatever it is and I -- tee up about -- leveled to hit that. Steel concrete solid sewer -- examining collapses award that he's a guy going down in income booms so. We're gonna ask for a road report from the listeners -- smooth winners and poppy. And we are really needs some fixes aren't tiles -- sort of Mississippi when a politician. It's not there. Usually at the end. -- paved street New Orleans and not at least they're used to -- at least as a running right oh yeah. Please yeah. -- now look if you work in the service industry in new long ones. I would suggest you. Be on your best behavior problems Daytona this person is still in town or not. But a photo posted on its program shoot some racked up a 9000 dollar -- -- applies only an -- day. A sizable tip 101000. Dollars watts. 101000 dollar tip money 9000 dollar bill and gala -- that's. That's at the restaurant -- anybody I I was Smart somebody's got some cash and hoosiers travel and our good old time while a woman commented on it means to grind the answer -- photo of the receipt saying. I -- I dined at gala was same night. And another Monica Hernandez stories -- effect and channel four and we she'd be -- this lady -- gala was the same night. It was there when his party arrived and after they left. He had a party of about eight men and bought bottles of champagne that range from 300 dollars 600 dollars or. For every table they think they. They might know who it is. But -- was not saying a word. Not a movie star. Panel thinks and are not and a celebrity -- maybe just a big business. Marky Mark. While I certainly wasn't a -- person -- needed the money. Anyway not I just. And loved this band nine grounded -- swap there's and it causes a lot of speculation who whomever it is might still be in town. And named Mike next stop at a coffee shop Arnold and -- -- and go -- now. And it apparently they're doing -- around the nation and the aids program account -- couple tips -- Jesus. Tips. And entities would beat him there. You sure. Kind of -- talk about fixing my streets up big problem in Orleans parish Tommy Tucker. David Blake Shelden Williams Jordan eagle and you let you -- -- -- you. I tummy -- it up and WL -- cloudy hot humid today a 40% chance refuse scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some downpours could be possible highs around 91 to feel like 95 to 100. And tomorrow's going to be the same -- -- answers ours goes and the 20%. As it does for Saturday. And Sunday. Monday in some text here about that mystery temporary -- was at left at 101000 dollar tip on. And 9000 dollars to have a lot of a lot of the names involved politicians who are in trouble right now I appreciate the humor. But I can't read a mile whoever it is it's seven maybe -- -- -- and -- streets in New Orleans. And LeBlanc joins us right now president of the league views civic improvement association talk about that sticks in my street. Campaign morning in. Good morning Tommy how aria good did I read that was the right inflection fix my straight. As the RA right it was a wonderful town hall meeting last night in and -- because of this. Great campaign that's been started. Elena get a text here and I think it's important as it goes to the nature of the problem. And it says no worries what -- -- fix and all nice and smooth as sewage and water boards and come in -- the new street and then dumped gravel. In a hole and a lot of what's going on the streets has to do with. Not necessarily the sewage and water board but something they have to fix doesn't. Yet -- and that's -- I last night and it in this whole campaign focuses. On not fixing a possible here there. But a comprehensive. Approach. To really look at the problem look at why we have those kind of problems a ride where it seems like there's not. Correlation. All of our cohesiveness. Between department. What did the long term solution. For this problem because possible here. A possible there is not gonna make have the kind of street that we -- on and we believe we paid for it to our taxes. I had com an engineer at one time several times army. First off about the extremely. Expensive cost of -- all of this streets. The proper way because if they don't fix the drainage and sewage problems with. Water either from from drainage or fresh water of its league in under the mistreated erodes the bed the pipes collapse street collapses in your right bank where he started. And a soul if you just do it temporarily. And he said about eight months how long it would last and that's not gonna. Helping anybody so -- it's easy and I'm not criticizing anybody understand in the front of the frustration put up a -- -- -- fix my straight. And I paid taxes but. The general feel of the meeting last night to people realize this is an extremely. Large capital investment. And -- that monies yet to come from somewhere. Absolutely coming in fact you know. I think at the end of that decade we're gonna have to pull together our Hermione are -- sources. Our knowledge base and is certainly not going to be as Brent that a marathon which we said over and over again that night. At some point in the meeting and I and everybody if you -- a 100% sure. The money you paid in taxes went to picture streets and fix them right would you do it. And I think ninety or 95%. Of the 600 people they raise their hands and I think that Turkey and our goal would be to. Get that 100% certainty. And can dance. This citizens that yet he'd go to that voting there and you have to vote for property taxes on the you know and there's transparency and trust. But that money's gonna fix our streak I think we can do something. It is certainly a huge problem huge problem deputy editor mayor grant last night. Said it was a nine billion dollar problem. But this is the problem Tommy. We've been hearing that for years and years and years and what happens is everyone goes Elaine OK -- we can't fix it. That's enough anymore we've -- -- stick my street campaign. And the momentum is there and with that has seized the momentum. We've got to figure this out and land mine was the first step to doing that it's not acceptable anymore to kick it down that road -- Robert Luke Donald. The mastermind of the great campaign and said over and over again that is not acceptable. We can't get overwhelmed by the problem. We've got to. Without identify the problem without it take it step by step up and last night was the first step and we're not gonna let it go we're gonna keep trying and keep pushing. Because it's not acceptable anymore. Even if he'd he'd kick the can down the road and it wouldn't go very far -- -- pot -- Exactly. Exactly heralded gallows humor thank you and I appreciate your time and everything you're trying to do. Thank you -- -- have a Great -- and LeBlanc presently -- big improvement association. If you went to the meeting I would love to hear from yet. And Angus a couple of thoughts come to mind would you be willing to pay taxes nine billion dollars price sand on it. To get this streets finally -- of the money was dedicated to that exactly what. And edges now but now and think and money -- priorities because he can't I'll be fixed at one time. And if you hand a good deal of taxes in league view industries again and fix in the ninth quarter the other way around. How does that happen animal everybody playing -- and I think the other question I have is if you just. Travel into New Orleans parish tree kids go to school here you come out to he either go to the theater workshop what had yet. If you're not -- India have a right to complain about the roads New Orleans and then where are the worst ones I mean what it's like by -- house of the roads. By your house while the are they okay where to go where the worst ones when they really need. And Dixon and a regional politics economy and literally wanna talk to -- -- excel point 78. Toll free 86 exit eight nines early -- get off your chest. -- -- you think about the condition of the streets. In the Crescent City 723 time -- traffic now under that -- get -- Mike well. Tommy -- talking about the fix my street meeting that was held at saint Dominic last night and we had talked earlier to. And rule of law the president of the league he's civic improvement association and if you were there we'd love dear friend me and where do you think the worst streets in the city are -- -- Orleans parish. What are they like and running yet house Steve new loans these high here and have a W good morning. Good you. Can't complain that really cared about arch street you can -- yeah. Altria -- out there but nobody. Liked it while we are. These were. People with and that sort that out when you're really put you. Street they're really -- them all you know is that street sure that -- You know. Street what about the street I'll explain -- a trip without the need arch street. And -- a dumb game you know and then remember where you were 'cause lake view gets a lot of attention -- you know two years it's a lot of attention. But not too long ago I was drive and I guess Abidjan -- off of -- highway wouldn't be gentle. -- yeah sure sure and the streets there are terrible. I grew up in your daily work and now in the -- the read out from the issue blow. And in that area streeters are locals there. You have that actually you know it strike -- no need to expect potholes or street. Also want -- -- say registry all that well department. The shoot -- watchable among the drainage. History is on the books but. It. Should treat it is excellent. Street it's on the books so as the book of due to run -- meat is on the blocks yeah. Yeah that -- Israel. Actually. How do something. One but it stake if they say Steve it's going to be nine billion dollars of Dixon because they're talking about 450000. A blocked because an away. -- run around you again is accurate it is sewage and water board and it is streets but neither one has the money in streets can't fix it. And suited until sewage and water board does the tips in the because -- so much water leak in under the street it's gonna erode whatever it is they built. They gotta do it right young assailant saying. You know money. Can't get it. Out this year. On -- the city in -- element. Taxpayers. Money that they actually. Nine -- a lot that street sign in front of your house -- bad when you say in new policies there is a -- Yes it is it. There's currently. -- -- Thank each and lady called real quick do you think were overprotective. As -- society of our kids. -- -- -- Got to -- young lady called in writing off of that but it got to get to that way and upper ready jaguar opinion poll was society overprotective of kids. 56% of you were saying yes. 44%. Are saying no and I would like to hear from you when this was. I guess inspired by a nine year old child there was left and apart by herself as the mother went to work at McDonald's. And use the rest of -- ten years in prison you tell me if you would have done the same thing right now time for another W offers news and I would get a day of public. David Blake if -- and you go to. On your your phone and and -- the utilities icon and and go to calculator because let's face it nobody. Few people of the yield could -- could Tonka adding machines anymore are calculators are essential long. Then. You can take 450000. Dollars. Is the estimate that. Deputy mayor senator Graham says it would hate. To Phoenix each lot of city streets and the reason for that is as we've. Talk about repeatedly about -- -- you gotta have a good foundation right Annan and if you building on -- care it's meant I don't care if it's. Relationship whenever. How many times have you heard you have to have a good foundation always well the problem is they don't have a good foundation argues that losing so many gallons of fresh water refined water. So many gallons of sewage underneath the streets that'd just erodes everything and that's why the street's collapse more. Sliding away and keep in mind we don't have a lot of bad brought here if -- it's not like other cities. Slip sliding away as a way to put it. So if you do if you do the icon and and utilities and calculator and you multiply 450000. Dollars. Times and trying to look at the number of streets that they -- here. Another source and 450000. You can single to reconstruct the singles of these blocked street so what are you come -- when he 4000 blocks. So we're talking about nine billion dollars. Or so hours if you can't account for every penny nine billion dollars or so to -- city's streets. And a million bottom line and the city's budget 2014505. Million. The Edison with everything basement is 505 million for the year but you need nine billion. To fix the streets. And I think the question is. Do you think the streets in new loans will ever be fixed. Because you know they see it as soon as they get one text. It falls apart sorrow repeal but repeal takes it properly and then you decide which streets to. That takes -- first. Side I don't see them ever getting fix that really count but you tell me -- -- -- -- Einstein in the same thing day yesterday expecting a different result you bat. That's insanity unless it works. Because if if you do the same thing day after day and it works its -- insanity that success but -- Venetian child's morning here on -- WL. Get -- -- problem -- recently. And this. Mystery some sorts and everything else but now. But as. A -- despite those sounds. -- used historically. Has been president bill -- And in the alleys and -- has created an atmosphere. And now. And acted and and and -- problem. -- mean Venetian isles and give away and that blows graders. From system and what price and it's about the streams were so. And just but certainly. And most of stones album merry men were certainly some good news. Late inning on -- Just disagree with you for a second in terms of maintenance I don't know how you can maintain. What's happening subsurface and. When you see little history you don't so I see -- yet and yet not gonna search itself I wouldn't like you. Katrina -- -- -- -- because we were bound to all of the vehicles but definitely get it wouldn't put -- and -- him. And a few months later -- -- terror because. They didn't say it's sort. Of the than those that ruptured and all of them I would go out of the neighborhood well. I don't know what you're saying is exactly what they tell me that. If they put a temporary repairs the last for a couple months of they do the whole street when you talk about Ninth Ward I would like to know. If that was speaks properly or if that was just one of those quick read -- and then. -- now be right back to where was. It looks like complete -- -- and -- Open quality -- -- -- podium at its. Most of them. Are very mobile calls and that the development of the musicians' village eighty. Maybe somebody that knows and call in because again and -- FEMA money I don't know where they came from but I appreciate you collar really grown and out of you put up -- lake view done and it really down. -- apparently -- doesn't need it will take a break when we come back GM from lake view your next. We're talking about city streets fix my streets that campaign. I'd pay my taxes what it says. Budget for the city new loans 505 million point fourteen -- fix streets nine billion with a B. Where's that money come from do you think the streets of new loans will ever really be fixed. And I don't think -- well I think at some then all of us just have to live -- will be back evidently well. Thank you for being with us on this Wednesday morning July Tony there -- -- big meeting in saint Dominic last night. On Harris and with the fix my street's campaign. And though it's an angry group but it metaphorically speaking it'll be interesting to see if this fire burns. -- for a long time if it's one of these hard wood fires that just learns and gets hotter and burns and gets hotter and generates more heat. They have it's just a quick kind of palm five where you burn some palm front -- and gets real bright for awhile and then. Before you know it it's out Jim lake view your money on -- WL thanks for calling. Out. Thank. I live in like you've been since 72. That -- -- -- -- say Dominique separate thing in the world in wonderful place I smell a rat. Now we have oxygen Rapp who'd should go but up Eleanor rat. Couple years ago there are people like you want us to pay an extra tax like we. We do police instead -- protect the streets for regular taxes. And I think we try and push that up again out here on frustration what I would tax streaks. Yeah I think they're trying to get they tried -- push through an extra taxed where we would assess ourselves and special taxing district. By two years ago. And it failed. As people is saying. -- crop by pitching streets for a regular tax. It'll get prepared. What -- Escude who you would consider a -- of people. Talked about how much money. Was allocated for the low and siege for the big footprint. That Clarence. In this. Who we got that they quick prayer which put -- police are now. And streets out there where there are no houses here we have you -- I'd have reluctantly she we have -- street were. There is going -- Ed and it worked -- -- and it might make sense to you figure out since. What do it insurgent war or. Where it is tremendous corruption. 66. So we slept street I think on their own first they're part. And let our state -- streets at the shirt you wore bullet is where. The pretzel and a search war or else there. 22 years in jail where they land route just put it but he made -- special law. In the legislature. -- -- Asia to get this -- -- -- -- -- it out on July 4 surge water or was working public she. What would you say triple triple -- woody thank you you mean -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two street the wage. And it yet seen what these people make on the salaries at making that's salaries plush. And -- in 8800000. Policy not to talk about. Jobs in the shocked -- by people are -- work. You know that's -- you say they have no idea if it's Truman take into our. -- I -- I believe you have no earthly idea about it is an NC it but. And as many of figure of 450000. -- -- nine billion dollars get everything repaired do you think that's an accurate number and and even though you're time out corruption and -- -- -- -- begin any individual here it does happen. From within operating budget of 505. Million. Is -- mean and so within him nine billion dollars to fix the streets. I think from what I record. 450000. Dollar -- completely two run -- one block. It is not an unreasonable shake -- That that's reality it's a shame that the reality. That she question I think it's probably right. Actually I can't see that it bought. And talk about your ball all day. -- -- program and different organizations number at lake all that. At the bottom line the -- -- -- gym where is that money gonna come from risen nine billion and come from because people aren't steel and -- suite 505000000. And nine bureau. Show show me my tax money -- Did they hadn't talked in the about extra money. Actually Jim I'm glad you called -- have a good day. Thank you be careful -- only views and 53. And I mean you always have to be careful but especially with the articles on related traffic seven both away and for that we go to -- well. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about the fix my street's campaign in next hour to talk about. Tony Dungy in his comments catching a lot of -- is Tony Dungy. So anyone want Michaels I am on his team because of all the distractions. And Michael's name in case you don't remember the first openly. A football player to be drafted in the NFL not the first game one because I'm sure there have been gay players before the first openly game one. Do you agree or disagree -- dungy and should -- commentator be criticized for honestly. Commenting. Expressing his opinion instead of giving the politically correct. Answer some of the attacks that come in about the streets. The reality is every street into long ones doesn't need to be repaired -- nine billion dollars is an inflated. Quote. Nolan says. Boca -- oak trees are beautiful but they also caused many of the problems with roots. Under walks and streets also leaves and drains and they do in you know that little bit of land that. You know -- a neutral ground between the sidewalk and street you've got a tree down. Boy you're in trouble with the city but you're responsible maintain the sidewalk more when we come back Tommy Tucker -- WM.

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