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7-23 8:10am Tommy, Tony Dungy & Michael Sam

Jul 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, senior writer & NFL insider for the Sports Xchange and co-host of Talk of Fame, about Tony Dungy's comments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David Blake you know we're taught him -- does streets -- new long ones and look powerball. Jackpot 15100. That's. When it. I'd -- -- -- day piece -- -- somewhere on the water and nice on you and then and who aren't like and could you have the little bodes well right underneath it saloons -- where you can do -- come down and then get on the -- In the polls story and there are and off you go all climate may be you know let's face it -- happen barring something. Otherworldly. Yells yes. And when it announces streets and Wallin Sweden and operating budget of 505 million or half a billion. Now. You know on him now but 500 million it's not in because of billions of millions millions. It. Anyway with 500 really inning nine billion ethics streets -- -- -- span but Aussie. I'd Tony Dungy. The former head coach of the Buccaneers don't want -- dollars. A guy who desperately. Desperately no matter what you think about his beliefs -- let him an Italian desperately needs a cheeseburger which you know it's thing I think so. This thing for the lot like -- -- a piece of cake he's probably doing the veggie thing -- just like a stick what he's still on but did need an income and the gates of fried chicken meat pot -- -- any. PT's case may be a -- anyway. He he's come out against you know he's helped Michael Vick he was meant to think -- -- entry in trouble. Any helps players getting through some tough matches in the unit now a cigar guy Colin -- -- when he comes the Michaels I am. First openly gay player to be drafted in in the NFL by this St. Louis Rams from the University of Missouri. He says it would have taken him. Now because I don't believe Michaels and should have a chance the play but it wouldn't wanna deal with all of it. Totally smooth things will happen or controversy. And -- -- -- locker room distractions but I don't know because. Tony Dungy hands raise money for anti gay causes and he doesn't agree with openly gay NBA player Jason Collins likes that I didn't that. Yeah I know he's. This sounds pejorative -- mean -- -- say this or negative and I don't mean to but he is as it is he's very firm. In his Christian beliefs. Parker and anchor soul. You'd tell me -- -- -- point 87 2038668890878. Should he adds anything he's a commentator. -- of kept his mouth shut. Yeah he is their controversy saying and you match in the locker room. But also on the field and it could be opposing team -- you know -- I mean it's just I think things are going to be said. Ugly things and then you're gonna have a fight and. I've heard that that theory proffered before that I think days importantly things -- said now. Yes. And you don't have to be done either so it's apparently goods -- CUP. You can't expect to carry the -- -- today. Well I don't know we'll have to see what's you know I know that was a good -- yeah I say you really put the old tattoo on me that time Jeanne. I give me collier make only comeback T six 18780386. Exit 89087. -- Should Tony Dungy of setting there should get his mouth shut. Tommy when we come back Tommy Tucker let you let us on this Wednesday morning July 23. Be hot and humid and probably rain. Back in a -- WW. Tommy he's talking about Tony Dungy and his comments about Michael -- which he has since. I guess tried to -- back and try to clarify before we go to Clark judge let me quickly go to Robin in past Christiana Iran and. I -- hey good tell me to think. I would love to hear what you think -- which in a terrible Celso. It was called back and maybe hang on a nuclear up now we go to Clark judge senior writer NFL insider for the sports exchange. Host of talk hall of fame night on Clark. Did tell me about this Tony Dungy dust up and and what he said when he clarified and what the bottom line is when it comes to Michael's I -- Yeah hour we're and got the execute the if needed yesterday the first -- -- money it's always like that though isn't it Clarke and I liked yeah getting dull the second one is easier. In the -- you look at for them to get impregnated them an outcome in the event that we yesterday. -- is it that initially. You know here here's the problem is that what he said on the surface Tommy on on on the circuit. I don't have a problem with a because people that the thinking -- can keep up there at the problem and the problem is that. Obviously. -- again he's got a very strong religious faith and and that's great. But he also has spoken very much in defensive traditional marriage and that's great to have to -- makes you wonder -- deception sexual orientation Michaels and sexual education. Have something to do that just simply plant that the doubt in my but the big. Concern is that you look at here he says. This might have been distraction I wouldn't want to take -- -- Margaret I mean I I I would get ten people would want to take on that distraction either because I've been and it's. -- -- -- is a distraction but -- that Tony -- supported Michael Vick when he came out of an ex con which is great except. Michael that was a distraction that an enormous distraction so how can support Michael Vick did not support. Michael -- you look at safety to what's the difference and don't think it will -- deepened and I don't know that the sexual orientation at them -- -- -- -- did. Just because of a police background I know expect when he Dem candidate that. I think he looked at this talented boy I really wish I could've gotten now. That's a little bit easier and honestly that that they did that most interesting to meet Tommy is that these comments. They want me yesterday I made several weeks ago and the Tampa Tribune -- even Republican until now so. We did big firestorm important that the timing is awful because we're looking for -- latch on to that particular latched on to. Down deep dungy quoted as saying I was asked whether would have drafted Michaels and I answered that it would not. Have drafted him I give my honest answer which is that I felt drafting him would bring much distraction for the team. At that time of the interview the Oprah Winfrey reality show that was gonna chronicle Michael's first season had been announced so he sent. That kinda played a part in it you know no audacity Clark did when he comes is something like this with a year gay. Straight black -- a good guy bad guy religious nonreligious every coach you would think. Ideally would be. The lines all that and as Tony Dungy said defending his comments it's all about merit on the field but. 1010 every coach being completely blind -- naturally like some people you naturally don't. Isn't only the successful ones that can look past that and and had a guy on a team Strickland because of merited does that come into effect when you talk about team chemistry. Well it's not it's that if he's successful and look past that anyone to a pastors Tommy honestly you know that mean if you're Coachella -- hope we can look -- as well whether we're successful on the field that. Because Ryan Newman -- my idea coach but he's still human being. That's right. But the fact it matters what he did a lot of people believe privately and that doesn't give them past. It's like you saying hey let you know you company principally about the beating up to that you're the guy caught okay. So -- that he commands that I think what a lot of other people on opposite that you and I am not talking about the sexual orientation I am talking about the circus atmosphere. They don't wanna take it -- and frankly this guy is day you know marginal for a prospect in the seventh round epic he may or may not make it. But he's -- the get cut -- beat with that he cut into the learned patience while you've got to deal that weapon that said we went through that and indeed decide. And I know when people. Went through it in and talked about like that jet firms in Denver and at that point never again because it. You'd like to get the guy can't that they had to deal with a market and we don't want to take that on I think a lot of people felt that way with Michael and more people felt. He's just not enough player so we're not gonna get in the can't. And and toady boy those things but unfortunately for Tony because. Of his. Our background and that -- I think he is one of the people look up to in terms of coaching. That we can't come up on the field we. I'll accept and let them -- what it is Steve. But with his religious background. Some people don't -- -- to the police and probably is that we honestly believe when you look a little bit deeper ego. -- conflict with his views a family. And I suspect it probably. But that shouldn't be part of it and it it said the conflict -- Tommy is to be supported Michael -- what the distraction. And doesn't support this guy who's a potential distraction that the African American safety keystone if you know if Chuck Noll hadn't given you that can't you might have been done and what what what happened there so they're all but the repercussions of that it I think when you look at -- now it. God forbid would like myself until and unfortunately captain of the. Clark have you met Tony Dungy. All right I wonder what what was he -- what you -- about 85 pounds. A little bit more than that but -- what truly elevated. Truly one of the nicest people I've ever met and I've seen him. The way he comports himself on the field it was -- remember playing in the 1999 FC championship game of the controversial play unit that go to camp and later ruled things. And it was a cat that was not really get. He hit it OK I'm not arguing with people that drone had that benefit. He was the model to form on the field and I think some of the players not all of them at some of the play that followed his lead and they're in -- is a great example. And became people like Tony Dungy but -- since then I'm really conflict because that just wish he hadn't said it eat eat -- it's set. It's something that -- you don't want stepped into Tommy and -- simply that we needed yesterday put the. Thank you Clark appreciate your time is always. Good time Clark judge senior writer NFL insider for the sports exchange cohost of the talk. Of fame a -- that a couple of things were talking about next half hour one problem is. Izzy being a hypocrite because could Michaels -- be any more of a distraction or circuits then was. Michael Vick. Coming out of prison and the other thing is when it comes to coaches and -- talk about Tony Dungy is decorum. I personally hated. Point coaches lose their temper when they throw their heads -- When -- lip out over a bad call because I think then it encourages the team to lose focus. And not keep their eye on the prize and running game and on their assignment because they're chewing on a bad call. You tell me T six -- 187803866. In 89087. He should Tony Dungy have said anything in the given the distraction of Michael Vick should. Is he -- -- never regret talking about Michael's Amylin is religious beliefs get into it an inch should he be allowed to do that the other one. When it comes a coach's behavior on the sidelines do you think. It helps a team when a coach gets all fired up Rosa headphones and and screams at an official or do you think it's better for the -- OK and have another when you do about it let's move on. Eight point five timely its graphical talked to you when we come back right now though might well he's been talking about that WWL -- a Zairean. It's very. Very. Very. Deep -- deep pretty interesting texts I get intern concerning Tony Dungy have. And Michael's Sam the first openly gay player to be drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the final round from. The Missouri Tigers door as they're known me as do you know -- Very interesting tanks he is on visa Michael Vick situation vis a beat him. Tebow in terms of distractions and it says and I quote yeah. I wonder if Tony Dungy would have felt the same way -- said those same saying if my Uncle Sam wore black. Very. Very. Very. -- deep and interesting observation. Don't quite know monetary. -- Well thank you David but. Michael's arm arm. Well. Grueling and there are -- Gordon county he's black -- yeah I was a Zulu. Not that. Have drafted Michael sand to be on your team. Where would you have been worried and you know let's face it Tony Dungy as a right to -- me once that it would have been a distraction. Well. All distractions aside is Sam's apparently pretty good they're good college player. Tomorrow white guy in here. He's he's got the size. Andy's got the aggression and all that so why not a minute to -- You'd care you have a gay player on the team now on the it all I want is the guy look if you got -- if the saints would have. A legitimate shot. Down corner are all bought Richard Sherman -- -- keen to leave would you care if he was gay straight. That the -- -- -- so long as he guided. Done that's it and when you're celebrating the victory after some incredible plays by this so called player yet. A year and don't worry about there gay thing -- Everything else they get training camps starting when a colleague hi team Aqib Talib. So if you would have a Richard Sherman or a -- to lead the two guys it really shut down Jimmy Graham new England and Seattle. Would you care if they were gay. I would not. All I would care about is Super Bowl baby is with a shut down corner chances are we're going. Tell me what you think it is 60187. -- free 866. 8890. -- at any Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW. 846. 84614. Before denying and I get a taxi or a little off the subject. That says where can I find the list that ranks Louisiana's education systems. The one that ranked Louisiana's between 48 and fiftieth last year and I would say just about any. Let me don't you find something different it would -- -- I want it own chances collection. As a relates that Tony Dungy and a Michael's Sam come and -- would -- drafted. This guy first openly gay football player in the NFL because of the distraction. And Indians and taxi -- one from -- -- FaceBook comment I wonder how much criticism in the rams will receive it they have to cut him. For performance reasons well first off when you say performance reasons I certainly hope you mean on the field. I say I certainly hope you mean on the field. Com but but I I do think you make good point because a lot of players are drafted especially in a final round. Not only do they not make the team. They don't. Have a chance to ever try out for any other NFL team because what they've done against other NFL owners. Is on tape in the nine this guy doesn't lies so I just wonder now if it's going to be high yet because he's gay. Any other question I would really like to know at T six 18782038668890870. If we could get a shot down corner on -- saints I mean one of the best in the league of Richard Sherman. I keep Talib type. Would you care if he was gay. And I honestly wouldn't. I don't care -- this guy can play in the field tell me right now it's pretty simple question. Forty answered 260187820386. Exit 890870. Jarrett. In boisterous -- reporters streaked. Post -- down ordered them out in the Carol there are people. Good thank you for -- -- -- an immediate thing. Are buried you would -- it didn't exactly right thank you. Is vs reward our workers phenomenal player. Who cares we universal. A year or two ago where there was so Heidi and receivers on the market but nobody on the -- because they're you know they're trouble. George it's. Not orientation nor any event it's their cargo average player better and do you wanna do it could be four or maybe. Gotta wonder is is if Saint Louis didn't draft him and and look it happens sometimes -- that final pick. Like a favorite son and a political campaign Blair you know there's this data support anymore and maybe the team supported named juices. In courtesy not it did not necessarily courtesy but just just -- -- because he was in Missouri yet assailant saying. Electorate. Quote -- Arcandor yeah exactly yeah. Are there are so would are would you care if you had a gave clearance team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lately it's heat and other threats that he would be equity group. We need of the decadence festival -- he was shut down corner -- -- -- -- -- yet you're the leader and a club thousand when it comes a line of the day all right. Have a great day I take two's exile who made 72 old freak. 86 exit 89087. -- and I don't know why not Colin because I would think. Is a pretty simple question for you to answer religious beliefs football beliefs whatever. You got a guy named. Sheldon Tucker and he's a shut down corner. As good as or better than Richard Sherman nor Aqib Talib. But he's gay and he lets everybody know it do you care. I don't like. You Jared gold is now making queen of whatever ball it is in the in -- money and run everything else along easy and play that's all I care about. Once as Michaels seems created the distraction with that circus of -- coming out production ridiculous. Well is is it a certain issues because you announce who you are. Another one says. The 666. Players drafted in the seventh round. From 2000 that's when he thirteen. Only 22 are active. And I would like to thank whoever sent that -- remind you you have entirely too much time on your hands but thank you for looking that up boards and I mean -- sincerely. Another -- says Tony Dungy tonne G Tony Dungy should keep his mouth shut. Being a black head coach back in the day people at the same conversations about a black man being head coach who cares if he's gay local hopefully M Sam can handle. The ridicule. You tell me T 60170. Till 3866889087. Me an easy question they answer. You got a guy that is a shut down corner as good as it gets in the league Richard Sherman. Aqib Talib but he is flamboyant -- openly gay. You care and I'd like to know 851 I don't I don't care dolls on his seat in play right 519 before nine time -- trap. And for that and what you biased jurors. Would you buy his jurors right now time for Mike Wheldon and look at -- I Tommy targets -- and Bob Michaels Sam -- -- -- play the songs they get a text that says -- -- -- -- gave review worth on the field yes I would buy his Jersey if he was a saint Elton John is gay and I thought his albums while. Freddie Mercury was about his gay as you can dad flamboyant -- so and we uses the -- Santa. Not to mention we will rock you which I think is also part of the queen song as well and enable the growth. Was Freddie Mercury in queen. From -- Mississippi higher end at a Leo good morning. They -- some thought -- ball it time osu will thank you. Well it's true. -- -- and -- thank you well John sorry -- yeah you're right on I am thank you look at. Tony Dungy. You got to respect the man what he believes there. -- my. Baby back to quarterback. The result that would ever buy it in the contract have to cancel written what you personal life at stake Parcells book ball lights were all a -- about it. He got a guy that's and I presume your saints fan. -- -- Shut down corner of the Richard Sherman I keep -- And I can't drag you gotta be -- really you know what you. Do you want you -- -- you -- you owe and pay. Keep him -- -- plate while when it's so it would W. I gotcha thank you run -- lady called Oscar Metairie to morning and out of WL. Are -- into comic. Art comment about. What coney argues. You know we don't know. -- -- Christian -- program. Like you have the person in her unit -- but in the a look at it well there's going to be distracted you know -- seat. You know that -- make all about the errors and make all about. These are shut down corners so he's getting it done on the field. Right right yeah look it was a distraction I mean I wouldn't have a problem put him on -- but -- to be -- -- -- the become more about. -- would have become you know more about the football. And -- distracting to the receivers but I'm glad you called and -- get a taxi comes in talking about Tim Tebow. And I think the difference is rather an potential shutdown corner and Tebow is at the corner could really play.

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