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WWL>Topics>>7-23 9:10am Tommy, tattoos in the workplace

7-23 9:10am Tommy, tattoos in the workplace

Jul 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Fields, an expert resume writer & HR consultant, about tattoos in the workplace

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Idle comment about the Michael's continuing -- back to it later on if you like but it says Tommy you should announce your orientation every day you come on the air. Well and literally never really changes I think instruments southwest isn't it. Yeah securities would be yeah -- -- it would be ourselves out of the south he had some I think it would be. We talk about tattoos now apparently lady is having trouble with Starbucks. -- -- I think they say and it's about tattoos I think she actually under charge somebody for coffee she only charging fifteen blocks you out. When in fact that you have been seventeen but it cup coffee at start Morales because at least the extra sprinkles I don't know it's off the expert on -- absolutely anyways some of the things we get you fired at Starbucks. This article tells me is if you organizing union. If you sell leftover coffee on even I would imagine several it's not big for the union mute union is Asian of their orders. Or maybe you can't stop you customers from surfing the Internet for adult content if they want. Or for having its hat to -- seven year old Michigan buddies stuff. I don't know if it was between that and waitresses we'd have been anyway identified simply. As Kayla in Detroit this year is a tiny -- -- to -- hand. When she started working here five years ago nobody brought it up Sunni you're answering it -- Analysis -- makes management given thirty days get rid of -- should be fired and apparently she tries to. Covered up with make up an operating jaguar opinion poll pretty simple do you think less of somebody. That hasn't had to. Why you'd be thrashing last civil whole Lotta people you blood got to tell you for the first time. Ever I actually thought about getting its -- -- you I was in Ireland I honestly -- all. Didn't do it my daughter was pushed me to do it she has -- -- TI. Sees some of the nice is looking business. Women and men in this building. Now worth tattoos got -- money ankle humble play again and places I don't know where they got him. I was gonna get saying you know Irish. You know -- dead. Reflects my outlook on things but -- and evidence as a reminder of the trip is you know ultimately this country again. Today as a reminder of the trip and in a place where people couldn't see. But it didn't happen Chris Fields and expert -- -- writer and an HR consulting -- is right now. About tattoos in the workplace in the interviews and all that stuff morning -- Thank you retain a time and guess when your preparing your resonate under special skills nor. Qualities or whatever heavily inked wouldn't be something you'd put on there. Exactly. -- -- And so what your client for hop. You know as he knows neighborhood restaurant the other night managers noticed got to look at -- how many people. And tattoos announcing it will I'd be adhered to and twenty years ago would it have been like this and and -- and non. Well -- you know. Later. Statistics show that one then four Americans that accident -- -- equipment -- around 3035%. The people lower -- -- your old or younger are more climate gate. Perhaps the and you know I'm noticing -- you know younger. Achieved that they're giving him early eighties and I have and the members leases. Scored high school and occasionally I have to pick them up in the topic and got in some other than their -- -- the students. Would -- to -- it didn't surprise me that. You know it is -- want to talk about -- culture but the visible once did that immediately copper you know that -- -- know free trade area. So it didn't beauty -- uncontrollable little. Bit approximately. Fire and -- got -- but they do policies doubled and plainly outline that in Egypt as well taxes. Well the thing that when you were saying that I was like you know others not only did I notice more people with tattoos but maybe I noticed it because and use a phrase did not hand. But man I mean it's like today not a tapestry would you call it like a we. Are mural a mural that they have on themselves. News -- and allow more actually not that. The truth is that people that seem to make up more than one you know they they but Pepsi and battle because -- -- -- -- -- You know. Most people are set to compete at a lot on television commercials and just you know being interviewed people -- about attractive but. Awful into the pool as their visit the areas that -- now. But the -- line. Places where you really can't call them you know I'll be -- -- -- and it's a much older but as you know recovered until. It's a concern that the now they're everywhere but it -- the -- more common. You know anger as and I thought about getting one but I still. Don't get mad at me people with tattoos but I guess because it was drilled into me. As a younger person that. You know people would have had had tattoos that had tattoos at that time maybe had been around the line. Or maybe unnecessarily professionals might be part of a rough crowd or whatever and I just wonder what kind of vestiges they have of that money comes to. Prospective employers when it comes as some people it. You know might be in -- 50s60 year old Rangers even no older than that and it comes time to promote somebody to partner would. If they were at the health club though are working out playing squash whatever these people do and and found out that one had Coopers and had a tattoo like you're saying where it wasn't visible. If that would somehow in the deep recesses of their minds think animators and their guy or woman. Well I think that the -- days as part is that like could be your role in in big big screen there are you OK with it on the visible only covered up and cheated the atmosphere -- in an activity on that. And we were in short Obama shirt. You know there have been encountered -- -- -- older generation and maybe an adult that. Maybe give him the recent of their -- or against but it is -- you know younger. Think people are I think in the -- that -- -- it you know it's one thing works. Even people who elected. -- partner -- you'd probably can't seem to know the so even -- that person and detection. They don't wanna see someone was kept in all over the even. But -- -- but it's like easily implement build their new. That it wants the you know written with after the Kraft Mac on the -- -- -- -- they want to be conservative. What part. Billion into using text comes in -- Tommy. I'll never spend another nickel at Starbucks because they don't have a problem taking tattooed people's money. They truly don't debate the debate that but. That is populated. -- about that moment though but but not just be real clear now -- recruitment problem to be here. -- -- They don't mind commitment to work and it can be visible you know that more accurate so that work to declare at least there. So you have a visible tattoo when you wanna go honored on a job interview. And you can a completely maybe it makes sense from your. For arm down -- liberty handle long -- long flight. Others not at the lead erode the media technology idea do you put one hand on top of the other -- if you get busted hiding it -- -- were Chris and we're. If you that -- elect says that that you just can't cover it and you know. Just you know don't draw attention to -- don't it immediately that is at that point. If they didn't you bring. That you -- that -- you know yet few taxis. Something like that now. Hopefully the either -- you will be respectful effort and more stories ever in your excellent line you know at a prison to court being kept me. Totally unacceptable option shouldn't come out of about it now. But it is that the kid because it. You know to acknowledge the statement about the little doubled ought to just little today that -- that they -- -- -- and so you have Turkey yet. The technical -- about a -- alone bingo that you give it and they -- about in the -- And if you're not a business -- of Connecticut troll goal financial future and you're going to be on a tour order take about an industry. If you're going to be doing on the board doesn't we mentioned earlier entertainment. -- something like that. Maybe it's okay but it -- and -- an environment especially -- more traditional than the average considered. Detective's -- in -- spot. Typical -- because you never know -- my idea. Bias against that even someone that you -- -- that particular -- tattooed or yet to sell its. It's still hoping that the -- -- you get a little more acceptable that promote the development. At the. -- -- -- I don't -- -- and -- and well known to be realtor who doesn't want somebody blow the chance of a job because you know -- they could have avoided. Right very well you know that -- ticket -- argument but it looked like we did earlier more people against members start to be a little bit more acceptable. And they are progressive. Our managers who understand that no autopsy doesn't actually mean -- or rebel. Or roll like that and then the minister people hurt and you're here so it started in better but Steele right now you -- and the. Is it within a loss for somebody to ask you -- you like you get the -- to what's -- about what does it signify. There outlawed in asking those questions. The problem comes in if you tell them -- that too. And that they use that information against you so that way you tell when that that. Because. I don't know that we get -- -- the government is expected. And the net -- but you're Christian well all right and did it well. Big the etiquette -- maybe you'd get that attitude -- -- religious -- or or something that represent christianity. And the person aren't that not to party because of that religious discrimination. That becomes tricky that's -- But good recruiter -- into your. Don't even go to Italy Netflix state what that -- about the origin. They even released a poll that you know engage in the amount -- -- that may have won the Leo you know Bonnie and talent of the and the that. You know if you unit that situation you know that Alia that the attitude -- -- -- -- like and it kind of move on don't. Now -- that the tricked you into tell them something to cause and so. Get things like well I got it as you know like till my last boss does he has too many questions right probably would wanna say that. Hollywood wanna put that out there quickly to -- But we're pretty well reprimand from. Your. Former co workers. Islam it did did is what what's right and real or not always same thing so when it comes to women and men. Is there's still a bias against a woman with a -- the in the back in the minds somewhere. People thing you got a little play inner. Call up. Think that it would be an honest truth but they went. Topic and hands the -- body as each region two great companies -- to -- -- A little excitement is there are part of our company all you know 20 yeah I do think that unfortunately you know when people. Find out that one has the -- relief conservative friends that he beat him. You know you Michael ego. Be -- professional certainly they have a couple of isn't and then you realize there's nobody. Not a part of that is. Yeah opening period and an -- about. Them -- that the you know like you. Eloquently. I think along with -- that's important but do not think people kind of ideas can do audio what -- -- the old stand. I'd wanna call it -- that a resident health club one time and it was lady that was their frequently and she looked like the most conservative thing in the world and -- An -- one of these when you pull with thing whatever you call that thing and and I saw the tattoo on them mental -- -- conservatives I thought she. And that security old -- Chris thank you for -- time really appreciate. -- -- time to come on Chris Fields. An expert -- many writers HR consultant he's been featured on manageable dot com monster.com and corporate now. Separate jaguar opinion poll is asking you do you think less of somebody who hasn't had to. 70% of viewers saying no but to expanded. When you call in which you will. -- 260187. -- free 86 exit 890878. Do you think differently of men and women when UC one just beyond is not whether it's right or wrong but India. And -- says visible tattoos and text here almost by definition invite inquiry. Ours is seen Brittany and query it's hey look at me. Or do you get it because it means something to you. And that's really one again I'd never been in my life attempted to have one. But it was tempted to get one in Ireland with. Saying in -- or the Irish language that. Like give -- a 100% never quit one of those kind of things. Juices. Memento. Permanent memory but I would not -- -- where anybody who's seen. -- -- his ex awaits them any -- -- six exit eight -- early seventy. Are they attractive more unattractive would you ever consider getting one if you have one have you ever felt as though you've been treated differently. Like -- -- going to be tough like you're tutored chick when in fact you're an account menu just like tattoos. That that accountants can't be -- will be back under the W. I Tommy target -- below 928. To Colin about tentative. Why it's because. They questions we can test. Go to the very heart of your soul. And they ask you to bring forth and share with everyone -- What you really think and what you really feel. Not what you wanna do it and somebody else would they issued. Involving that but tell me about tattoos would you ever get one. Did you get one why did you get one why would you never get one. And have you ever thought about it or changed your mind I've followed -- uniqueness. I -- this in stone. If I ever leave that country again. I will get a tattoo. With the saying that I love like never give up never quit give it a 100%. Or maybe something obscene in a foreign language in David Blake -- filed that TU light will come back. -- I'm not gonna have a sleeve. I will have something. Tasteful it will be in an area. That you can't see. Unless. It would be if I was being intimate with somebody which means. Nobody will ever see it. And I would like your communities excel money 72038668890. Rates and did you ever get a tattoo. But maybe you have one. And. Yeah I I guess -- it a circumstance I would like to get a tattoo I think I might I would I'm Diana should redundant in Ireland but I didn't and I don't know anything about. Tattoo shops in Ireland aren't you think a lot of people. Do that they say of course -- -- Drunk but but they tend to do it on the spur of the moment while he had this is like -- -- this would be a planned thing I we just went on to say something that I believe that I would want it in that language so that every time I saw it. It would be a memory. Of the trip in and of Golan and seen in a different place however I would wait until the end of the trip to make sure that it was a good trip you made a bad memory. So blow outs if somebody call in on is it -- 6018 average every. Well you underneath auditor that maybe it would pan it pretty girl Rosie and not just -- -- you know I get I get the girl lay and -- Their hair -- yes and her chest sticking out one laid up in the -- just like I have all over my car right now. Get a sang some kind of saying it reflected what I believe but in the native language of the country. That I was in -- -- right gets it. I'm unaudited country -- did you do like -- you a Florida lawyer saints or something now because I salute you never know I saw a guy walking out arouses the other day. With a be good if you -- on your arm and coach you'd call it annually but like. It covered his need to his feet it was a hornet's -- -- And -- -- -- -- -- and Angela Merkel. And I will be back taking your calls at 260187. He told three. 86 exit 890 it's -- One other thing David to see you know Vincent -- -- works around here yeah they open the books is a made guy now semen and passing on your respect. We're all okay coming up more calls right now predominantly loafers sneakers -- that we -- -- the funding -- organized traded from cool 95 point seven adopted -- -- many many years ago is that. You better watch what you say because every word they use say he. On in his radio station is ours to in his checked in his looked through 'cause I said. You know if I go to another country if -- ever have a chance leave this country go to another one I'll get a tattoo in that language and Monday's accident wanted to go to England. All they speak English there well yeah the accent on maybe just we'll go to England. -- -- maybe that's it has added a T shirt I'm wearing today right now as matter of fact because I'm of Scottish heritage its as yet lulled the which means give it a 100% so -- and Scotland. Maybe I get that -- tomorrow. Lashing out but you're right about the station or whatever that you and are running is documented willingness I don't know budget every word you say -- not -- station it -- it -- been around since 1928. Opinion descended. I Harold West Bank good morning thank you for calling your under the WL. They. Call it what they haven't had in the time -- Where. Do -- year. And I that was like an anchor an anchor on the floor -- someone signs yet and knee deep in my impression that you. Is that it should be the only woman. On it -- you know and get the community. Won't look. You know. That you would. Probably. It is now. -- You are and where we're when. We go. He basket of what of what generation you'll are -- what time period when you -- -- not okay well. You'd be right on the cusp I would think of when they do you may be kids is -- would you do ideally kids. What would you do if any of them came home with a tad too. Well. There that their decision. Now big. But -- that he'd been on. And and and there were. -- -- The other daughter. You you would you perceive Torres as you said harder if she came home with a tattoo which he Stabile a girl. It. Not at all like I did. I yet okay Carol thank you for Colin albeit a great day. -- BJ at -- hey BJ under the WL. Okay. Or a news as well little. Let me -- jeepers. Alert sort or what we were very -- only that you don't own a trip should be jailed or. Wow you did -- you solvency. Tell me about your son -- is something about your son has one as well. My own continued -- -- won't order. A reminder that -- And you know. More water with equipment and look at Oakland or anything but you may be -- -- is a big -- -- -- -- cheer people and and the only shall it would go to the and shall grow back commercial and literature and nobody go to their. What is the law say about kids and that is. An order. It didn't happen he he he didn't do it officially became moment is it for. -- right allegedly did when his mother thing about that. I'm sure. We're there whether it's as she got -- is well. I'd wheel blood daughter one daughter -- Held -- country. And doing is invisible are all yours visible -- that sleeve staying on on. A war shortly. But I do. 20 and -- little -- -- And eat out as being normal or other than that ultimately it -- -- -- -- actual work. I mean I'm ultimately going to. -- out of the way I mean ultimately. You know. I know he spoke well I -- in every bit. You go under the your natural. Well actually I'm kind of you know. People about my attitude -- We know it's interesting talk in the UN with the eight years sun in your daughter not presume your life has sent to uses well here is that while we always ask. Do you think less of somebody with tattoos I would ask you do you think more of somebody with tattoos that you would have more in common with -- What sort of all content I don't think anybody in the oval and actually we're all frequently. Fletcher and you know you don't know me into it. Gotcha thank you BJ am glad you called -- a great day -- night Phyllis and West Bank may Phyllis. I'm good you -- -- good. What can we do for you tell me about -- held in. Card and that it -- think you know. A little -- And you know people object that it is accused. You're wrong you know I've been. Found the news of the Yankees should open. Time along with I mean some beautiful. Beautiful work out there and that it is expansion. The press and it was a -- Clemens about. Him. Swami get to those in the second I'm just wondered how do you find. I guy or girl that you know does good work I mean if you is known as the shot beyond its authors say if they'd been known for a long time -- And their there's certainly no liquids in the big input on muted to fix it how did you find out where to go. You to do research. And my actress. At this moment. And well now. You. And when he won -- the funeral processions. And machine. Are some people that it catch him. You know that he tattooed on Indonesia's. Secular. I. Man how old you -- 51 holes where you. What I meant that I was -- there. What was it let me add a little bit about it fly. I'm elated an airplane in my life where I get done -- -- transformations. And everything. And -- about it. My record and you know WQ transformations. You know the like Munich -- -- and -- beautiful butterfly. And to me that it is a perfect symbol of where I was going to you know with the transformation in my life. And and and trying to get real personal with you that where your party body these stats. But have you worried about. Mom let me let me say this is that in this gets older perhaps it's not now and is -- against the frame is that you city. You know keep. It the placement where do you get your catcher is. And then. Well but. Like to invisible. And and then implement it and I don't implement it in them you know looking. Like death. -- And it is. And I got to. At the age of 49. I had on the attack that killed me. -- I turn 49 years. And that. That is that we're in Asia and it began. You know. I got a ticket. ERT think anybody's ever looked down upon you because of the tattoos. I'm now -- a lot of people in the people who think that cute. You know like. It. Lives and that an -- that really unusual. And then you know what did you give -- -- By the -- on the way you know that really cool and that you know and congratulations. And so I'm. -- and I plan on getting and that one. -- a couple of months. I have to what you meant to go I have cancer. And -- too much movement to go and when they count me and cancer free I plan on getting my thanks to -- to I'm not sure -- that yet. Time to celebrate. -- -- -- We'll god -- I think after bill establishing good like banks are taken in time nickel and wanting more calls. But it is only come back do you think the last of somebody for example -- -- -- yet visible tattoos. Tommy Tucker when you take you call here on WW. I Tommy Tucker got a video talking about ten to Jews indeed think less of people that have them once is seen him more -- are you surprised and think you know. Some pretty creative side of that person I don't know about David Metairie good morning you are on WW. K -- There's like you I would like to address the big elephant in the room here on the bottom line here is that that. Most people elected to captains. And people don't actors are polite people to do -- have to -- -- -- -- okay. You like to obviously we know he can't get rid of it so polite and yes it's beautiful and it's great or and I think he should be playing normal walks. But the fact that matters. Com it's trash white black Chinese that marriage just trash trash trash -- or the girl traditional guy. And the bottom line. A lot of people think that you have a small minority. I think it actually and since. Oh good looking -- don't get your August trot and all American after it's been dormant for a couple hundred years in New Guinea. Right so there but if you wanna -- is gaining. And catch you up quickly so in those years or whatever you know whatever they do and what -- caught that trap I understand. But me personally. And -- for top hundred house on the chat to and at the -- put it on campus. Chime in Dayton. Because you know about -- obvious Rickles how you know how. -- those guys that probably -- more money. Then and it will be poignant because Portugal question I guess -- at all and when you kittens. And straight. Let me let me ask you this -- you said it's the elephant in the room is that it's trashy why. Would dent do you think people get -- do you think that everybody dead. Gets intent to his trashing. Well you know let's say where it started from the mean assailant would come and they get loaded they go to all rooms. That you -- -- and it blows and put it all and that was one thing to still do all right okay now. Coming back down here we aren't there on you know I think it it it. You know you're you're trying to show the establishment you you know you point -- you know and I mean you look at your finger and physical -- I look historically won't let you go and I appreciate you call it if there was somebody that you perceived is yes somebody that had the same beliefs -- -- Felt the same that you did in and they made a conscious decision. To get a tattoo would you thing then. Would you changer thing about people with tattoos -- change your opinion about that person says no apparently there -- thought that war. They. You know maybe eat -- there and he's worked so there's like that. In -- means that he probably needed talk somebody about because that's probably not the right move to go get a tech tour. -- you know supple and want but I you know again and mean I mean if you can. In the general public. Adult league pitching good case that you're at war and get my -- -- at all clear. But if you had one that was hit -- analysts you know mother's name which you passed away or something like that. And you really felt like that that's that important Q what it's that important you not answer the issue rest of the world. Because nobody -- of interest right I mean they -- that spot in the -- Hey let me Jason is -- about opinions and template you celtics' rescuers do you have kids. Get well. Or. What if at some point you'd daughter would have been overs on -- -- and you were to get a little glimpse of a -- to which your reaction be and that's what a good happen and just your. What you are those are actually date and so on. But on the other two this is my beliefs without knowing in 98 absolutely. They stop it appears that that these. You know I wouldn't it's not what I think so what it's saying it's what other people perceive about that. Avon lady called and that's we're all about opinion saying you've taken time and thanks for listening. I'm Tommy Tucker come back under the W well I Tommy Tucker make in my apron garlands and some rain a flash flood warning for Jefferson Parish Orleans. And Saint Bernard heavy rain till 1115. Garland get you through it and also talk about common core on this thing tank. That Comcast customer who was calmly trying to cancel -- service and got. The raid in -- -- talk about that pension fund for new loans firefighters thanks so he yelled -- Jordan Diane and David Blake will talk to you tomorrow morning at six.

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