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7-23 10am Garland, Common Core debate

Jul 23, 2014|

The Common Core debate has gotten so "common" that now we're threatened with starting the school year without an approved testing procedure. If educators can't agree on how to educate, how do we improve? Garland talks to Chas Roemer, President of BESE and Mercedes Schneider, Author of a Chronicle of Echo to hear the varying views on Common Core.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This hour. Good grief at all and blackjack kids. -- talked blog column and cool lower lawsuits. Flying all over the place the governor. Angry with the man and he. Submitted to leave or education by eight. Education boards against parent group's parent groups against parent group. It's is kind of good. Is it's incumbent plight before it looked like child's homers with president -- suggest as a projected to talk. I appreciate. College. 2 I am. Formally report this morning Jalalabad -- -- No problem and Pritchard -- and then. Gibson I deal where best -- stands on this and what schools on in particular. Explain all lawsuits have been pitched to more recently. Sure well. Made you go back. Now we have. Back to Tibet before it -- don't entry. You know really -- or almost five years ago and adopted come -- you're introduced date. And agreed that coming into this school year. We would not only be using common core and our classrooms which we actually began a couple of years ago. But -- which start -- assessment. That reflect those -- so that kind of background and we started off at 2000 you know. We have multiple votes on it -- people or. All which crashed. The legislature. -- support those and it stands and they have put into law. I'm sure -- -- best seat in regard to the assessment Vienna. Of a national standard and incredible cross today. As you're well aware that -- legislative session. Go into the session the governor Bob you know this false start with support of the governor. Four years ago bigger support. He should change its mind. Go into the legislative session here at the legislature that you want change. Comma quote standard -- in -- huge change come of course being debated now. Ancient space left Al. He's taken steps on Donald. -- really circumvent the law and the constitution blocking and he made clear that he wants come on court you don't do -- and do it. That you know the background where we are in the last few days. One lawsuit filed by a group. I'm only legislate -- all the way out in -- -- not -- -- scratch. -- in the best he had not in -- properly adopted out or match. Alone yet but that is their client and the -- PG institute -- talk about make a judgment -- and they're only law. We'd been doing cop cork in the -- kindergarten first grade classrooms for over two years now as artists that we actually did adopt. After Tunisia and and yesterday. These. This -- that was filed yesterday. A group of parents. Educators. Filed soon. Suppose against the governor and current administration's -- -- You know actions -- taken just stopped implementation. Is unconstitutional. Again I'm not so you know I don't know. He trails of their equipment like that that's what the general just that. All that our. It up in the in. Take our light in our own hands and feet discussing calm cool and the show. The debate over the a new way of teaching that I that I ink is is supposed to put all the states and -- the same level so weakened. Measure ourselves against each -- one -- groups and others day. Run into similar education we have -- of Rome would this president -- seaboard. Childhood in what I do says it is adding characters and a basic understanding of ordered. Wedding you have compares him to -- jamaat. -- these standards are and our state history shows their -- We've great standard week improved outcomes so that alone is it works doing. But at this time. We didn't like the idea the law was passed by the legislature. Are it to be terrible. Are sentenced -- -- terrible. Two others stay in and won yet sure you can compare apples apple so you know a mother of fourth grader in Louisiana can have confidence. That is able to move to another state debate in participating. In. As rigorous course war as they would have been handed anymore so. That's important part up to a family. -- -- I've read -- -- Washington Post. Formal article on the pros and cons of common core business of -- -- or hear a lot. -- adoption process she bothers all of those that reports through politically. As a bailout -- and realistic -- -- -- -- -- and while the standard soon to be good they're relied moral or experts and wealthy business people. Rather than asking for input from educators -- talk. You know Louis and -- several educators. Overall state just the way. Outcome cool. Curriculum NN. Back in Spain and so. Back and -- -- in this day we had more teachers participate. In the development of the standard and trying to stay you don't read our. Own -- our staff so you know. -- -- Always a quarter percent correct I think partly true that in its. But Gilbert helped -- -- weekend -- -- -- that we tradition. Here's another one one of guns -- concerns arose when local conflicts is in the collective. A worried that and push towards a more federalized system. Will lose the local control that choose school should. Especially given the affected scoops or almost entirely locally and. -- -- The standard should be debated we are any idea what we expect students to know what chipped that this urged. And that's the world why we compete in the competitive world. And job that we try to get our kids the other MP -- is what -- next door neighbor that some bodies from collapsed certainly others today. And perhaps other countries so that anger toward our children should -- -- is pretty universal however. What lumbered into it to agree is that if they invaded. Particular track or in our particular textbooks. Are particular literature that you have to -- I would agree with that. Oh lead you know in this day today. More power to individuals schools and individual. Teachers. To change the track that they achieve more so that we ever. Shall I agree with the sentiment that we don't need that the ship it to center now. You know you need to re default -- to work much national and certainly not agreed. -- option is true what we're doing and we were given our clash more power to make those decisions. And I've ever act Edward aren't there. To let his agent pat flat session. At that again stopped and reviewed those checks and they don't agree with them. There's been normal -- shall not actually in our local people here. -- -- his sentence in the that pond statement. Especially given the fact school for almost entirely locally funded is that correct. Now in a week at a tremendous amount federal money now groups. -- local. Cheer. Stage for. -- -- -- But the federal government provides tremendous shares. Well not. The common Cold War not a bet on. Now we have a lot on to Ottawa. Student. And blood -- -- -- -- a lot string weeks that those are. But we accept bill. -- -- for education and Jake well. And you don't -- and it was true to the common Cold War -- -- good bet that none of those dollar of common tourist. Because of comical. Of years ago when the language you use overly technical. Why -- rights standards for parents and students can understand them. Well I think that's subjective too greedy you know they work -- educators. Hand. They saw a group of state got to -- to determine. You know what level I captured -- fourth -- now. What level action -- greater. And we're trying dark teachers now for the better -- four years. All those -- so the teachers. Shortly from war court denied ever being in church all goes well. It changed. All communication species were air and we need package. And we need to make sure we take parents. So they don't understand what -- to change the water occasion. Astute so. You know -- -- that statement. He had others out -- Again it's something that we curable. And here's a fun one no we're concerned would push towards college and career ready -- What about critical thinking democratic citizens ready in those one about learning it pretty well about life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The trap the assessment or there are. You know in the pat gave that assessment that says read the following -- And then -- future you know the correct answer a -- here you know Jack. Jacket red -- water and use. -- Then sent back to you acquire. An inside look at the following passage. And they wouldn't -- the following statement true ball inside evident. From the article. So actually involved more critical thinking -- our previous. I do believe it too much education. As a Conroe members person's ability. And -- -- -- your assessment you can call that. Is that would require students to just Rangers would require them to change. There's not a single. Person answered they can be supported them. And block the student support to. But that he's acting so it's it's which will acquire and student to use their ability to look at it. I understand it and the politics quite backed. Of the last W that I -- and it was 2012. Roots it's a little -- it is in forty plays for K through twelve achievement no words were effective second. Third worst in the country. Or is that still true. -- -- He can't -- The number it is there there are urged. Indicate you know where. It's police and -- I think -- -- while we stay true and let me. Let me be clear we we -- -- -- -- at eight. RAG's. Course. We have more students walk. -- four year college for all of a cheap cheap America for so we've had improved. But it's our question when compared nationally. You know we're. And unfortunately the US as a whole were compared and actually. Is in the middle of the pack so you know he didn't need to raise we -- need to become more rigorous. That this step in the right direction. You know it's been years and television. Attending school board meetings and -- problem but primarily scream fest. Accusation past. Anger fest. It's produced virtually enough. Yeah it seemed like we're doing the same thing. Whether it's no trial -- and whether it's German court all the screaming and ranting and raving and we're still fortieth and 49 of -- Is is there in no way for this eight. To look at a concrete and others ate the dusted better than knots and simply copy. -- we just do backwards to do. Well. I totally agree with the trend as the court which you EP. Rental lot and she is on rhetoric political -- rhetoric we discussed education. And a lot of it is not produce. Pop up. We didn't look at this day quite like that are common core. Which was which was to get a group stayed together and all agree what is the -- staying. And -- -- which -- obvious sign. That particular species. Note that the most trouble there won't -- talked about we start you know all it all happened. Really -- change in position. And -- not able to get the legislature. -- Ayers and constitutional body. There are how to make these issues estimate that. And in the governor's. Way. To circumvent that and that's what the result that's the law. Or your plan now that we we try our futures for our district -- war. And any -- for so. Hopeful. That the political bonds -- will conduct -- -- shall. One final question. And all we are ready for school. -- most of them soared to convene in two or three weeks. -- I would -- two -- two to move toward the plane that you and work -- work out our nation state level but we need to do it relatively quickly we need to keep teachers. And parents in districts. And got it and that's why it's important that we make these decisions quickly that slot that. To beat governor. Has taken steps that he goes it. Really outrage in -- planes that have been quite personal. -- -- will be on your previous question about it results. At one -- wager is you'll. We're -- today. Add tremendous progress. Over the last six years are appeared there escort. Food or attic. And I think those improvements are correct result. On the changes that we implement it there so why why do Coleman court. -- understand it to people. -- the losses. I think -- all. -- -- -- here -- and they are prepared eat there are those who argues common Cold War. -- So -- journalists. The schools and improving an hour ago or using common -- -- our public schools and they're going to be require Arctic as an assessment Obama -- But the have been reduced to be required to. -- that -- -- not know who know district all the state can the newest. Now we did have common -- questions. On laughter. But there are many schools across the state including schools and more on big -- the common -- I'll -- and do well to start at -- in the dark and -- -- And a I got to -- per usual low carb really appreciated that time you have a great day. Regular lives and aren't talking about common core but we will continue. And -- this born until we have vote Mercedes. Functional and yeah. Oh mercenaries. Okay. I really wrote down fanatically thinking it was different who committed members CDs. You've written some. On common core in writing the book that's out in November. Or you're against. -- yes. I know what it. -- don't -- poor. Record in the -- again the and it is dying so -- -- in his. Spain. And is really -- Belt and people try to separate the -- at all. I don't like is -- Common chord how. I had a friend I'd add that I'd like on the board about the act. Yeah they're they're not meant to be absolutely it is so I had that present a problem. But -- England for these standards that -- nation. Right into -- EE. Eat cat is on the state at a particular -- can be compared. Ended. In -- would be rigid inflexible. Teaching why ET -- Sure you know out. If you will get even. -- are there students should be. Contract in -- -- -- he can share and Matt Walsh and so yeah. Try to get why the FE. Seven that he made him. High IQ how. It felt. Yes I am. Absolutely. I'm looking a letter -- mother through governor jungle. Rob -- military found Leo's -- who have wound received orders -- it'll be easier on the my biggest -- served on education. -- you know on the for fields and academic achievement nationwide ranking 48 in the country. Transition thing in Louisiana schools my kids we're more than three years ahead of the curriculum being talked. In Louisiana. Look at another article art teacher drop out crisis would get. Twenty something percent according on a regular basis. New York Times today why do American stink at match. What what do what we need to do if you -- should we drop common core what are we going to. That we say boy at -- ports. Well at and the military. -- seen her in action. She showed that eating of people and I would stand for children. T shirt and she speaks for a man and -- they changed the military. Here at victory in. What she. Senses and and that it can't. What she average and the people seem to act is at stake for the economy. Occasional -- And editing and now they had been. Attached to calm and -- for people like -- -- -- and therefore we need common core. Captain and primary create it that people -- be able to acting in the top. The College Board EP. It but I think this -- act. And act in a crash and now in you can't expect the court will make you ready for twenty or entry and in a war colleges require I. According to the workforce commission for action for 26 EU. Act a top job. Catching you read out and -- didn't college of art in. Our. Job on. -- require a bachelor's degree now. And that for elementary teacher. For the 20/20 per action. -- -- can't -- job. Only require a college degree and most of them. Not even acquire I don't want war and require a diploma or equipped. Now want to comment on the education and didn't believe the act -- -- and all day. Back at camp where the economy. Detention in Iraq did be it -- -- law. They had a problem. But it is quite big jump in Iraq. To pay for poor will say. But 'cause we've been total. Comical. Say. Caller is not designed to -- How important is to be attached I don't think I won't be our rules. And they may get the you. Can actually destroyed the used it in Mac -- latter -- in the al-Qaeda. The problem common Cold War -- yeah I -- I've added and brought it. Should be. Black. -- educational options that you had to approach. Don't think that is. -- -- Now. Is that the -- people. Are saying that should be short and we. All pretty content court. If you. Read church at that -- and -- and and that would be. Simply yeah. The world we're talking about common choral we have for mercy these Schneider who's. Ryder controlling column core -- the book coming out in November. The sooners are aware of Sharpton. And we've got a group that against common core. So -- whole bunch of emails and flyer and the usual excerpts from what they use. Let's get busier and educate Delbert -- bureau radio Garland Tom Lehman Angelo or pollutants. Clueless. A young big consistently. And intentionally. Misinformed the public. They name -- operations man. And say if she answers Lederer habit. And itself pleased bomb aboard the phones and -- Demand. They duel one hour show. For those that oppose common core we have no phone call. I'm trying to imagine to -- right -- to -- and understand the issues concerning come core. And I'm virtually certain. They would expect teachers school board members parents expert make important arguments that explain complicated issue in the states. We're getting. Garland on -- Angelou clueless urging people to attack or general manager. Demand they are side on the radio. We had no phone call. You really think that suggest the reason mature educated debate on your side. Or you part of this group. I am -- And -- here. So I mean that I. So I don't. Know it sounds like you're not pork. Now. People are frustrated. And I know that day are delivering packages get -- and frustration. Here. And how you -- no action I don't think -- -- get to the bottom. -- it is and now. The 'cause I get throat tension. And I. From 1980. -- in charge each. Cricket that -- move -- -- Common -- came should be Alec came I don't know how. Actually I really keep it to stay. Stay here. Create their. Any -- and send out Al. -- Me. Lead me -- to it and eat eat I'm. Really care. But I you know that sort of I'd get so much Tuesday where. I call my columns. At you -- hours. Where people. Education is all. Right. -- And that is straight in county. County. Education. Aren't currently have or guarding. Thirteen parents -- -- through the day. Having national. Medical. Teams that aren't a whole day. You know offer curriculum and teacher now teacher development. And court. And they do you think that. -- -- Now. In education. -- aren't there. And lead -- Indispensable. Will impact it will become indispensable and K and I'll apple will be dependent upon her. -- product and our. -- -- -- To find. Out. Right. Our chief state school. C -- eat well and I get a call it an edge could or could lead architect. Take that at -- well. -- He was the -- You didn't you pay. Its report in court. Why not let that chance. And that. Kind. Don't we teen market county court judge okay well you have -- -- KGB. And spam. Free market potential. Good for a couple of issues. Free market is. Not truck is education. As. Well. And I can't I. And like -- Apple and I'm sure -- bit scary. -- -- -- -- -- I am so he sure Egypt which had been I'm educated and I. Think Bernard parish. And I don't get any. Written urged them not my -- and private education. Them. And it started in ninety. -- -- my education and I graduated. High. And we don't count cause he could get you so. Civil media. And it often. They'll. Yeah -- Current election and you. Came away from -- probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the judge were running out of time we don't hear me. But when this must be our fifth -- we've done. And we will continue to do more. And we all we all of the other side but the other side. Primarily stands there and screeched. -- You can't shall we will walk and -- I appreciate him very much -- yes what are called durable goods.

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