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7-23-14 11am, Garland, Customer Service

Jul 23, 2014|

4 million people have listened to a Comcast customer, who was calmly trying to cancel his service, be abused by a Comcast customer relations representative.   But even though we’re outraged, most of us think we have no choice.  Comcast is a monopoly, so should they care what we think?

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I think their -- but we're sort. -- A little confused because. I would have thought. Once we gardens of Graham in. But -- pull in whatever -- being. Bad communications. Would be sold perhaps. That companies. Would have to give good customer relations. War. The public should be will be soon again it did hurt the bottom and but I guess I forgot about corporations. That some people think corpsman up. The -- -- something important. This was. If government notes correct about four million people. Listen to butcher dilution to a Comcast's customer. And he simply call couldn't tell from what and stand. To. Cancel its -- And if the boot so called calls from reserves. Represented him did he talk to. Wouldn't let him do. Amber if you will play that sound -- forests -- so. Wouldn't we had to be -- like yeah we think there's no clues. Why. Yeah yeah. -- understand what you can do business. Democrats say what you look I haven't about this and I think he can. Why -- yeah. Yeah -- sitting -- -- immediately got completely -- Get your service that -- immediate community and you're timber every Yogyakarta about Scotty got a ton of people part of the story. We're actually going to just mail cable card -- if you can just please cancel your service -- because that's what you don't want. -- then I will send someone willing to task for a minute to do return if you work hard for us I don't personally intend negotiating table card that's why would probably not be canceling in store. That's when you getting canceled. -- -- So can you can't tell us what. The answer is yes. He did tell what you don't look all that information would be having a job -- all that information. OK okay that's the easiest way to get this year just. I am declining to stay here. -- -- goes all of in order known for about nine minutes and done. It went to -- went viral. Worldwide. And and people have been -- and -- wooden acting treatment. And no one of the journalists it's written about this and believe Yahoo! News of the -- to also written a book and I think they'll go at that time wrecked. Your call hole. It's not that important to was only welcomed the show are really appreciated the thought. My pleasure but to be here. So tell me what do you god out of this while listening to this is this common or. Was this really an extreme. Example. Well first son was really hard to let the director of the difficult thing in and it was painful -- And yet they asked and I mean you know I think every one of your listeners and you and I and everybody in in the country has had a bad customer service experience on the phone. I go around the country in Latin and talk about customer service and I talked to groups of people in customer service and then. Other people and and regular customers. And I always that you know that anybody in here and never had a bad customer service experience with. And not once has anyone raise their anticipated never have -- so it's pretty universal. And this kind of thing the year in -- -- -- of customers -- represented it is is -- -- that is he required to do that is that part of the draw. That are really long time Garland had been working at work in my book for a couple years and it's been out a couple of years. And the things I've really learned an an an and by the way my intent in doing the book at the journalist was to find out why customer service was so bad. I'm I'm not sure I I'd crack back completely but what I will say it is. I think that companies. Put people in that position when I have a bad experience I used to get met at the agent on the other end of the -- But what I have learned that but it really isn't their fault -- the companies that employ them and create the circumstances around. So for whatever reason -- must've been incentives for him to. You know act that way maybe he had his. Keep a certain number of customers he has some there some sort of metric that day used to measure success in that call center and that's what made him do. In your surge over the years have you found. Companies that operated on that basis. Yet I mean I think it's changing that's the one hopeful thing I can say. It in the beginning customer service which really set up in -- way to be the opposite of comfort her but it was kind of it's set up as a firewall against the cut the car. It doesn't mean that's sort of how we deal and I definitely found that. What I also found that a lot of companies are realizing that. You know that the product in the services but he offer pretty match. Everybody offers so it used to be that you differentiated product and pathetic that you still do but. Really surface is what people respond to why people they would it and leave company. I was talking to some people has -- about doing it sure -- -- there. And virtually all and said globe so why did some monopoly you can't do anything. To make intruders in it where they walked is that true. -- -- And it can be but I have seen in this does that set for a couple years and they don't get away with it forever. And that is an example. Compact without a lot of kind of mid cap like this. And years ago anyone remembers but in 2006. AOL back when -- hill was. Really as vital part of many people's lives. AOL had a problem like this and this was one of the first times the company recorded a colony went viral before social immediately it was. A man they did that Ferrari and he put the call on his blond. And suddenly it just blew up -- ended up on Tuesday and and a little. Issued an apology that was the exact same thing he was trying to cancel on account and they wouldn't let him. And they're our departments in companies called the retention department and that's what it's about is retaining customers. And first about one of the things I talked to companies about that the word that they you know. That kind of dehumanize their customers and I know about you but I don't really wanna be retained in. The so. I think that it is very hard to do customer service well and it's very hard for agents to have to. Answer let's say a hundred calls today to be consistently kind and -- -- freeway and a lot of people on the other end of the line in the customer. You know there either put in a position where either angry or they're taking out some of their rounds of questions on this person -- they can't see that they don't know. So we can it can work both ways but I really believe it's the company's responsibility. To set -- circumstances where the customer and the customer service agent can beat him. Doesn't take a break when we come back from -- more than -- more bug through rowboat we're talking to journalists. W -- wrote a book on customer service call experience it's called. Your console is not that important ones you look just Georgia's. -- played may be. 45 seconds of audio. And what you're going to be listening to use a U. Customer -- and -- Called their. Customer relations department some lead to cancel. You can do did -- who -- Comcast anymore. And he'd tape recorded in the broader on the Internet and so for last -- -- over four million people who listen to it. And we have a -- yell and with the -- journalists who's written about the very thing customers are blues and what call experience would give him -- book is called you're called isn't that important to -- let's listen to a little bit of the -- I I -- declining to see why we are leaving Comcast because I know who human explanation. So if you can -- Receipts in the next question if you have to collective forum that's fine please proceed to the next question and we'll attempt to answer that possible. Why is it that you're not want to. -- I'm declining to say we're switching providers can please go to the next question. -- -- diplomacy can you can go to the next question -- -- counselor service. What it is about how can certainly don't like -- -- way to keep it. Yeah. Recruits and it's good. Is a lawyer you're right that is people listened to and then. Did it that we've we have amber a little. Unofficial poll every day. Double bill privilege I've worked in your bowl would call it -- we have people who customers' services thing that and not right now but earlier. The of the largest percentage of people who says yes but there -- or companies a brutal bugs out boots is that for a. Bright that's sort of the two for everybody passes. Talk about good customers that are so. Well that they would separate them and other companies have done this by. On it really started with the idea that customer service was central to their business success. A lot of companies think of customer service as a cat on a necessary evil something like that but they really decided that. It was there. Kind of differentiator which is the disaster and and and what they did was they built their business around so it's an online retailer kind of like an Amazon which also. It is known -- for customer service because he never have to call them greatly. Except some people -- but generally. That you really down by that. What my favorite examples of that wave the company saying this is. They decided they are based originally in different -- go. And they decided that they needed to -- their call center somewhere else because it was just too expensive with the labor cost and real estate conference that it has got to run a call that are. They decided they work in and outsource that they work and they after the country's so they looked at market make that want to make it was the placed ago. And instead of just moving their call center to Las Vegas and keeping there. Headquarters in their Nabisco which is much to her and you know better place to live for the kind of people that might -- work and it company or. Retail Internet company. -- that the whole company because that he has said that. He didn't want. Heart of the company the front -- of the company to be that far from the headquartered and so that is the whole company. And really it's a place where. Customer service is not measured in the same way it's measured elsewhere it's measured by do you actually help the customer. And they're there's. I'll give you an inside terms that I use and learn when IE got into the there's something called. First call resolution. And that means that instead of mentoring where I wonder how long agents say on the phone which is what. People used to measure the success of the company as he could get a person in an out of the phone call quickly you were dead agents. Or that set up thing where a lot of people felt they are being taken care of so in this idea of first call resolution instead he too. Handled and felt it no matter how long it takes and the agent and in the customer doesn't have to call back. So those -- some of the ways that companies can do it well but reality. I think that that processes and everything around customer service and setting it up. Can get really complicated but the goal is pretty simple and we all know it when he would definitely experiences. And it's really just treating people well and I think that. I I've thought a lot about this Ireland and I think that customer service is kind of a barometer. Of how we treat each other public. And people yell at each other a lot more than they used to I think. All I actually did some research. You know at the beginning of the telephone back in the turn of the last century -- total -- from. Nineteenth to twentieth century and there was a law for awhile that age that people could get arrested for cursing at a telephone operator and yet. And they wouldn't rent that I have read about it in the book a doctor in Saint Louis. Fred did one word one curse words to an operator was tried and found guilty in -- and and find five dollars. And the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And zappos.com. I'm I'm reading it averages ten homes and customer calls a day. Is that economically. Feasible for a company that's not. Billion dollar on loan company. Well it is now a billion dollar online companies that must tell you think. In the in the course of doing that they became a billion dollar company yet. You know there there are. The biggest argument is we can't afford to do that and that's true it is expensive it can be. Spending some money as it is and you do have to have enough agents to cover that and that sort of -- I'm not I'm not discounting the cost. But it's really also a question of the business model where you recognize that the new world and if you don't do this he's gonna be out of business potentially. Now having said that someone like Comcast big monopolies. Can and get away. But again. Then there's an alternative it opens up the market for other companies to come in and really even now Comcast isn't the monopoly -- -- supplies because he has. Other companies that can provided -- can provide you know television. And that's sort of things so. Again what I see is that the companies that put the customer at the center of their business. Nobody perfect they never get it right a 100% of the time. But they survive during the tough times and they have a long cavity so it's really questioned for the companies that short term and long term game. And other companies that I looked at pretty closely at that -- and I -- I spoke to Ayers -- Fred meant and he said to me there are three ways to get customer service wrong for a company and I'll I'll I'll be brief with this but basically. First is that when the customer calls you don't have the right information you don't have -- -- -- don't have it in a timely way. And that's one -- the second way is the customer call. And the person knows what's going on -- they see what needs to be damned if they don't have the authority to do it and the third is the -- just doesn't care. And he said the artist courses. Is the first one he said but for the other two years managed bowlers couldn't you know recognize. But really making sure that you have the right information in the right form at the right time an example as an agent -- Courier -- to your house and you're not home and lately that -- your neighbor woke -- and I think but when you call and lately is that package. If the agent on the phone doesn't know it's with your neighbors and related point. Futures live Olympic break your -- good news and they tell -- consume ten more minutes of time if you just joined us. Where were talking to -- Leo and the journalists who -- fascinating book called. Your call was not that important truce is so all about the customers Serbs call experience. If you've had bad ones and and wondering what can you do with anything. We've got there expert -- -- and column and 2601. -- -- told Fareed anywhere in the country. It's exit 89 and zero -- But would be just joined this. Well let me set up what we're talking about you in the word painful accurate for the third time. Basically. Cultural group -- decided generally -- service American Consulate. Call customer relations service. Record. The compensation. And you can the -- robbery home Wednesday. A journalist -- him trauma service. A more -- here from B on the -- of the coast Mercer who's represented. It's almost a panic sell -- oh -- you will only why and keeping a maligned. The goal ought to you're itself was about nine minutes long and trust when we're elegantly simple thing for you but. I think it more from will be a lot of viewing. Worldwide but -- pulling in age from. Where people. Have had customer service experiences. On a regular bases. And as soon as well you know I'm it was recorded and in some finely tuned. What most of those who have gone through amber if you will the only ones were those. Phone call is it really actually amazing represented an example why don't wanna stay with Comcast so can you please Nationalists -- You can get more money we do you won't want to know why and we'll be on Google news -- disconnecting your service doesn't yeah. That's what I want and that's what I want to -- why. Because that's what I want. So I mean they're happy you don't read about I guess they're definitely try to. Because that's what we want. Can include yeah okay. And -- -- been listening group you do to do and that was customer calling Comcast and -- and can lose -- blues. When all important in minutes and went viral. All over the world millions of people and listen to. A whole lot and is being viewed television review of Pruitt has been written talked about watched. We have a blue yellow and that should journalists who's actually written book called your call is not that important to. -- go back to it again this is Comcast's. Let let's say on the good news helped him -- -- and CEO of com a -- or people come to me and say this is occurred. And I say. Oh. The medial. Hold it for two of three days -- to talk about it. A big -- for dead immoral and hopefully where the gonna go but it's. Yeah. Well I -- I don't wanna speak for them out of contest of course. You know I think that's the way we feel the weather whatever states. Think there or -- -- or don't do about this that is the way we feel that the customers. And it's hard to argue. That. There isn't something of that in the ways this call was. -- conducted so that went -- it that but for the culture of the company does that it. -- -- that happened there are companies where this wouldn't happen probably you know where where this kind of talking it is big deep duplicate that sort of on. In -- you know it -- that guy is obviously. Being charged to do something where he has its deepest customer -- the retention department. -- sometimes they call -- the days department. And he's trying. So -- that -- he's doing his job. But the fact that his job and the rules of his jobs make him act quickly toward the customers that the problem. And until. Companies recognize the damage that this does you know it's on for the longest time before the Internet. And the -- social media these kinds of calls. Still happened -- that there was no way to show or in Paris the company's differently what happens sometimes. An and so what happened is that a lot of companies have had to take the customer experience. More seriously because this is potential. It can happen any time. And another thing and say is that as customers because we have all each had at least one experience that is just so infuriating and take away our dignity of all of that. I don't want it I don't want to diminish this term is that the very serious thing but in away we have a kind of peak he would be about customer calling you know that customer service. And even -- we have a good caller non eventful caller we just get something done. You know we don't really notice that but when they're bad like this and we have won the minute somebody starts to act like that on the other end of the toward the customer -- customer constructive fielder's black speck of something like that. One who has questioned the norm that illusion. Was the U whose subtitle of your book customer service and what it reveals about Arab world and our lives. What does. Well I think as I said that the biggest and the two biggest conclusion I think I have come to come to a lot. One is just that it is. A rocker that's how we treat each other. And in public because everybody -- customer service from every income level every background every difficult there 43 billion customers certain calls. A year and that and below estimate in this country. And that's you know for every man woman and child in America that. And a lot of call so. Think that. -- we can see I wanna give a little bit of hope that it site I'd say that. -- for customers it's really important to look at these causes business transactions and when he gets in we start. -- in the one of these. Really it's time to just stop that -- called back or try to speak to a supervisor is what you do but those. Those don't always work I think it's really important to realize that. You know this is a human being on the other end of the line and maybe Friday does it -- could not take it personally. But then for companies which I think is really where the power is. In a lot of ways -- the Internet does give that as customers more power. I think that the companies really have to take this more seriously and recognize that. Their customers are at their business. And if you treat them badly you're treating your business happily. And the way that you treat your employees is Philly treat their customers. Though -- -- that that really really important point to. And I think that. It's probably not and you know what that would -- to eradicate that from -- This kind of treatment at a lot of people are talking on the and to each other. But I think. That it can. Goal line in this way without these kinds of things happening over and over again and then there is going to be critical mass but there. Has been in a lot of ways for a lot of companies. Where they recognize that they have to do more. But it's hard -- -- work and it's hard work being. -- The writer the book is Italy ya when it's cold or call. Is not that important to its we don't have to go through Comcast the volume book who. No you can buy it online you can but at some bookstores -- could -- it. I have a web site at -- -- dot com and that there are linked by. I also wanted to play it you know I gotta say that -- you're your call was very important to me. -- -- I appreciate that -- Fascinating book fascinating subject and a brilliant -- future given its time -- -- -- my pleasure thank you. Governor Abdel brigade celebrity -- -- five to -- To typical -- -- good -- and come forward efforts. -- for somebody that. And I mentioned this but more to go back to it because if you're part of this group. And -- -- shall be more than happy to have BO show. Here's the email olds and pliers and you've been handing -- These through the anti common -- or at least one group. So let's get busy and educate -- Tokyo review -- Colombian and jewel or -- That's one person who wrote this as a call the show again this greener in you your parole. Area and told them that double BO consistently. And intentionally. Is -- form in the public about common -- And you'll -- and on the crucial. Two to do that. We would have to have the line to understand which side we think is right very complicated. And that's not what we do. I tell you wanna think if I think one border and this is too complicated from the I have no idea who's wreck element. When you make those kind of charges and come on the show. You gotta have a live he's got -- prove our -- And this. The formula -- -- trees and they get the phone number. And serve as or our operations manager in Yahoo! group listed her name. And it's it is. If she answers -- out. Let me let me explain some and -- were operations manager here. Probably the most popular and respected person in this patient. If you -- gonna give her a good tell a hard -- and you get a group can be Bobby Hebert. And Deke Bellavia. Christine Carrot Top league talker and -- That's that's not the nice thing to do. You're saying that -- include those Angeles knows all these problems. There's no reason pick about her number. And and and spotlight her. And at the end of good use Saturday. Bomb board WW boom boom to remove demand. They duel one hour show. Those who most common -- we have no phone call. So your idea. A fairness. Is to have one hour of just you would not even in the input from the public. Much less. From somebody -- -- -- with. Like I said before I'm trying to imagine. Someone listening right now and trying to understand that the basic issues concerning come and court. And I'm almost certain they would expect teachers and school board members parents -- for whoever. Expect them to be making important arguments. That we've explained the complicated issue. And instead of from do. Your Inco on me and Angelo or clueless. And urging people get hold of -- general manager -- operations. Manager. And if she -- letter after. And then debate can pour your side won an overture would no phone calls cut -- appeal. And my question views. Do you really think that suggest the reason. It sure. Educated debate. And if you represent teachers if you rivers and parents. Is that. The way you won't put your side -- there. And somebody. Was in the middle just trying to get other information about important issues. How do you think this might -- But the main thing Izzo wouldn't get -- -- If you won't come homage show. Identify yourself but don't fund the organization with this all we have peers than they moved several as seniority. And you -- Como and you're more than welcome. And will compare notes. At -- where Angela and Tommy -- and have been consistently. And intentionally misinformed. Public. And work boots loved that -- and should. Bigger break come right back. Double to appeal the -- celebrity AM 105 the real hard for a little bit so we're gonna talked with the head of firefighters. I'm sure you've heard them we all a lot of money George yesterday's. The -- -- got the import and everything -- from the students -- would show us don't have the money. And we've seen the dual -- -- -- stores. About a lot of different categories. What's the end game that we all and end up paying more or users who will give these problems solved without money. Doubled up BO brigades that would 105 to be at.