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7-23-14 3pm, Angela, Act II

Jul 23, 2014|

They’re taking the nation by storm on America’s Got Talent and they’re home grown talent. Don’t miss OPEN BOOK with duo opera singers…known as ACT II—Olanna Goudeau and Ashley Renee Watkins.

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Have you ever fantasized. Seeing yourself competing on the show America's Got Talent. A lot of audience the judges including telling me and Alan Howard Stern. The cameras beaming your great talent across America. Will too beautiful opera singers train right here at Dillard University. Living that fantasy. New Orleans native Ashley Renee Watkins. And Texas native -- the demo. Blew the socks off the four judges who gave them a standing ovation. And move them on to the next face of competition. Two gorgeous talented women who are here to give us the scoop on living the dream stinging before a national audience and competing. For a cool million dollars I'm so excited of these two women I just. Our producer talents and Kenny and -- we listen to you -- we play it back. On the computer and we keep getting chills every time but if people have not heard her just sanctioning but they're gonna sing a little bit later. That your story is what's so beautiful it really is that the and we wanna hear at all you're so talented. You met here at Dillard. On after Katrina took. University of Oklahoma which we will not hold against. A Baylor is in there that there. -- -- so profoundly talented. That you put together. Is what's so wonderful I would should take me back to before we tell the whole story something happened last night. On America's Got Talent so where are you -- Snow right. Now where we are is we -- be extreme honor of being I passed. Straights so live rounds and yesterday a deadly week -- years. And all of these wonderful acts had to go in front of the dentist in and why he didn't have to have that experience that nerve wracking experience. Because it -- just loved us so much it's that a -- what we did in the first audition and said that's great enough. To go on to radio city music call for the live rounds -- extremely extremely honored that happened so you're. Next thing will be at radio city musical. Performance will be flocking. Out. Are gaining some sort of testing wade but on to radio city music -- state. Torso X. You know again we watch and watch and watch you backstage before you actually went on. And you seem so calm cool and collected. I mean I would've just been. Unable to speak much less the two walked out with such confidence and grace. The two world little nerve -- wow it had actually been a long. Day. I mean. We. -- up -- about 7:30. That morning in and out in the lobby of the vote two goals for the Edison. Parity. Some thing. And we -- actually called for the audition until. Close to around 9 o'clock nine. So. All day long we were doing things to try to keep energy up to try and keep our voices. You know ready for aren't. Yeah the only why. So we can't we are feeling good we have time you know we have music we -- to and we danced and laughed and joked. The anti and we are fine no nerves. And I'd make calls this back to. Get ready for our -- on statement it sent. Day. This is -- line I immediately. Started so like handled the panic. And I started thinking I was asked us. In this little chaotic -- secret here and athletic African. Aid now. Because we really struggle with a variety of people. Accepting -- and so there's that there's that in fact we're about to walk out here and give ourselves. And they may not -- that down -- I don't like. But the moment Nick -- -- -- collapse and this is normal. All of that. We we were confident. Because. We have deliberately mean it sounds -- today that we aired. Our entire lie for that opportunity. So we knew that we can go out there be a cop in each other saying. So. Any bit of nerves that we had the moment we walked onto the stage like this is what we misses home. -- was comfortable. This is what we do this is what we made. Well I'll tell you as if I was sitting in the audience not but just watching. The the feeling that you could -- From its usual opened your mouth was oh my gosh look at these two women. That the anticipation might have been -- gonna sing pop or whatever ranked and all of a sudden these angels voices. Come out and knew that expressions on the faces of the feeling that you got just watching television was and believe so you had to have felt that too. Or or were you so focused on the song. No I think we felt -- -- if you're referring to the shock of the room that's really I think it was intentional. And not the shocked at how beautiful. It was we knew that but we felt a shot because we didn't look right. What we were about to say but are still people think we don't look what we're practicing. And that's kind of a statement that we were going for. But the shock is extremely did you land and it -- you could feel it I actually got a little lost in the moment. Adamant no hint that anything about it -- -- not so I didn't tell on myself. I got lost in the moment and being on states insists kind of taking all of that in and I actually started slower. Because then we sing with attractive we're typically in opera world leasing with live music accompanying piano or orchestra. And so limit tracks are added it's a little bit faster they re very used to. So I totally just it was nearly as well but that seeing an ego active list and I had to expect that to the track and I expect. I -- -- -- -- -- -- in that moment like is when we first started singing it was -- kind of very like visceral -- accident is all around the room and it wasn't just our family it was their skiing in their heads after the moment we walked out. But it was -- you can actually see the judges are very visible -- -- -- -- dairy actions in this is very deep human hands. It is a beautiful it was just so beautiful. You all will recognize this song. Not because as soon as you started and I got weeping on that but if you gonna sing a little bit for before we go to break -- everybody listen to this this is the magic. It's up to them act to. -- That's okay moment that's OK you've got a moment. School and never. Unlocked it. So beautiful everyone stay with this. We're gonna talk more with these two beautiful opera singers Ashley -- Watkins and -- good go stay with this we'll be right back. You've heard those Angel voices and that's what America heard on America's Got Talent. And dot Ashley Renee Watkins and -- good drove I keep saying that wrong Goodell Goodell. Are moving on now. Bypassed. You've got the bypass and that is what is so phenomenal. And the next time we will see them as a town Radio City Music Hall you know the date event. And am we can't we can't say OK you don't and we can't okay his. You just have to watch every single right and that's what we'll do that we'll get to see them at that point and done I have many questions about that but. Something that we're talking about the commercial I think you'll be impressed with. We see the lines wrapped around buildings of people wonder how many people for the season trying to am. This season we were told that there are approximately. 25000. People act. Right and that's people that said nine people and it's admitted on the -- -- means. From that they chose about 360. People actually -- Adam and detached. Of that number eight the judges gave yeses to around a hundred people. Maybe a little more and from the last night's boot camp episode an episode that will air tonight. They'll choose 47 X to -- lines so we won. One of the Fort Lee a outlook Ireland's one of the 48 from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean and that's the bottom so have you already picked out what you gonna Wear and what you're going to thing. We now all -- seeing -- we can't wait to seeing it for -- -- that'll be when everyone gets a hearing. Now what we're wearing. -- we know it's gonna be funky ask Alice funky and fun in France and we're gonna stay with the let -- -- you probably done more for opera. In about that performance then and an opera is beautiful I it is a learned thing and people have to be exposed to and what she's done. Is incredible I'm gonna go back in time you met at Dillard University. And you were both obviously interest in music at that point that was then yeah the course of study -- gonna do it. Did you see yourself one day not necessarily this but being an opera full time. Had -- and it was a really interesting time. Both our stories are pretty similar but we. At Dillard we were very focused students and so the answer to that question yes we did we knew that we wanted to be -- -- And that was our our focus and goal. At our time do it we learn -- -- not not I don't. We just had two different groups of friends. And they didn't really get along so it never gave us its hand answer Anthony's. Get a line. But it's. I you know and she knew we knew each other because we've polls. We added two people that were practicing all the time it's always found this in the practice we wanted it to people that you know we were always going about them. I'm an -- classes and science. So there was a mutual respect. From one another while we were there but we definitely where conference no I knew at if you would investment island but it is seen as -- chain. It's. Yeah. I'm not every glance I can remember right before alignment graduate. I -- this year glimpse. Did. That. I got to see it go seven because we want it taken a class together. And then stop her honestly it's -- marked the mother. And that is noticed years you little little line that he's the runner but the -- and seeing a top of that tan and so I started to see a human being granted -- rival. Plan and that was something came. Of fairy tale of time it -- and I think it was the perfect and so content set for what was going to. And then you go to W because of Katrina well Katrina yet Katrina happened. I was living very content I was at -- and I was living home with my mom and my brother and facilities indices well he had moved away from home it's still here. So Katrina happens land we -- basically have to go to different spots. We bulk of the -- three originally evacuated to Dallas. Dan rather went to school in Columbus, Georgia. The most random please never heard of that before. And then I end up in Norman Oklahoma. Because I -- and I don't think the people realize like when Katrina happened you mostly for three to four weeks in the semester. And it's another week to realize we -- going back because it was under like ten feet of water. And so was like a scramble like really. All -- here for students find somewhere to continue college seeking to sit at a semester Connally it if you wanna keep going. Soul I was searching searching searching for schools out of school in Oklahoma I mean that I was gonna go to -- -- because -- them. -- -- -- So I'm there I'm in tears about to sign on the dotted line ran -- my mom calls me and says stop. Everything you're doing. A lot and Smith at that time ran just called the art house and Dallas. And stated that content or use their welcome mean displaced students. -- -- a friend of mine. Pop back in the car with all of our belongings in the trunk of the car and MB drive to use. A lot of Greek status in the front of the school of music and building. And his hands a socked in wonderful hands stack and you'd just kind of -- -- and just practiced that. And it turned out after a -- asked about asked can mean the universities they -- me. Welcome any students from Katrina that displace and there are several students and one went to Oklahoma. And yet that swear that the friendship. Really started to -- it. It was a really. -- the way things worked out. It's why go back I think about it now it's my buckling. At that time I was graduate assistant. In Oklahoma who. How I ended up they -- random but I was in Oklahoma and it. When Katrina happened. To why it's. -- it was it it was heartbreaking. I had friends here you know my son. Had gone to school here. He was that a baby but still you know he was en route to school in Atlanta -- yeah. I was single mom when I was here in at Dillard. And did the people at his school just took took us in they take care of him you know they helped test. So I was really connected. To the city and to watch so hurtful. And did my A everyone in my office know them you know I was really affected by -- innings of wall. She picked up the phone and you've got her right is that what can we do rank right down -- that is says volume we're gonna have to take a break in -- -- newsroom. But we're gonna come back. And we're gonna talk about this friendship not just but -- on this fabulous television show. But that they've created a thing called act two we're gonna find out about the -- activist remember the name's Ashley Renee Watkins and -- -- -- -- ago. Both of these women great opera singers making us proud studied at Dillard. And are now on America's Got Talent. And we're going to be watching and cheering and and placing our votes and we're gonna get all that information in the second but we have an opera fan on the line chef duke. So how are you ladies -- -- -- -- and saying you know. Good morning. -- lead the proper saying now -- going on when he when he has. -- on the over the music program and I would is there anything -- -- an -- I'm and so on. And figured you liked the -- you and that you -- -- -- -- history there. -- -- -- here now. And that's when the 21 he has an actually injury. And we've opera fans and you talk about. You know something that is. Taking your chance on -- it grows and grows and grows as time goes on. Great operatives and that others say and so party from the wall and that and do what you do it and if you went on the right and one in the industry and we actually. Come on me and and it on. Now you are now hold on Shia zone a few questions for you -- first stop it's a date yeah -- -- So at first quest in what is the name of your restaurant. If you check on him not knowing -- -- here you. And the second question -- we have and are awesome fans that actually witness it's three of them and -- are that are going to be coming out can you accommodate a group of I have yet to hear your you or. You. -- -- -- mr. wonderful and you are such he believed me what this man has done for opera is a lot he's right I was guessing twenty years which is saying 21 years. Believing in it and it is a treasure thank you so much for calling it. Yeah yeah gridlock and a breakaway and a Alina he would do well. Thank -- angry or aren't here at Yankee. No bless his heart that's a very generous thing seen people do love opera and and I love the -- let's talk about act too because. Your friendship has continued and yet you were each doing independent wonderful opera performances. And then one day you said hey let's get together. Sell and -- -- that -- he came about as I am pretty interesting and I'm gonna give a shout out to my brother's a second. And because. And coyote yes so we he and one of the journeys that an opera singer can make is to go to Europe. Because there's so many opportunities there are opportunities here but even more here. And so we said hey let's get together. Still thinking individually but will do some joint recitals. And raised money to go to year. And so I kind of I -- an idea to my brother and say hey we're going to be doing some to recitals and he says. Why don't you guys just become a business like why dispute recitals to make it a business. He's fresh out of Los school at this time -- mind do you think he's really the legal he's really think in illegally. Good good thinking Charles. -- and -- he tells us make it a business I they take that to rely on that and so she comes out with our team. At 20 yeah next phase of your life exactly. -- diet. There's been theater reference bear and we love theater. -- too that's obviously. And yes it's something new it's the next step it's. It it was a perfect and we we have tons Stanton written down. But when we when I said what about active. It was immediate -- media you know when it's right right so you did raise the money in you did go to Europe. We did not act and we didn't eight -- up everything's changed for the better and we decided to launch right here in the US today in Harlem New York. And it just so happens that that was the same week that EU decided seeing a distant climactic shot Thailand it was. Perfect yes Ashley Renee was flying in for the concert. Last year one America's Got Talent was in New York had two friends that went to a taping. And apparently detectives were saying he is there anyone in the audience that has talent they were like. I don't think so. For some reason that came to my actions and I went to the web site and when -- Click on web -- -- said we're having open auditions the exact weekend that she was going to be in town. So I called an -- fans I have something really crazy asking -- and sees as it -- accent to you on not just from its content. So our immediate reaction is to to -- Until after I mean we laughed. Our faith that god doesn't like the funniest thing. And I like this Collison we really started taking -- thing you know the idea that. It really it worked out but it was the same weekend that we lines -- I called Nazis just met you -- it's yes and meant to -- Stay with the Seve won their story's not over we'll be right back financial on WW well while we're back with our two beautiful opera singers who were going to win. You heard it here America's got now that's. Okay but we're gonna continue to watch all the way we're gonna continue -- And we wanna remind everybody that when you were watching you have to vote and that's part of the deal and so you'll need to either text they're going to be given a number all text and we'll call. And will be there with you and back to. This whole experience is so extraordinary when you think about 25000 people announced under 48 hello. If you win if you don't win but we know you are. What is this in your life. For -- this is really an opportunity. For us we aren't. Huge lovers of this our Brooke passionate about it. And we want to expose people -- that we want would be great ambassadors. For opera. And we also want people to feel. Like. They eat they have apart. Like they belonged. Like it's been years it's accessible. That's why we went out and -- a couple of we -- of people -- to -- when you know you don't know when you're walking pass islands street. Just because they look a certain plane you know they might be an actress yeah I got a lot of ability to see exactly so far as this is a great opportunity to. Really. Get people on board. With act to connect to and -- -- And and that is that should always be the mission when you when you really have a passion like that. But because your brother how wise such up in a business -- cancer act and music -- -- -- business. Act to. LLC but that means that perhaps this will be an opportunity where you do recordings where -- exposure and that they'll want chew on and all of these state. Individual goal and that's Aaron -- professional goal is to use the platform that we've been gift it with very wisely. And right now we're making the most of that we're doing concerts all over the place. They're not high price concerts -- concerts where we want people to come in and experience what we do with past. They're very -- precedent a concert this weekend in Dallas actually and my mom's home -- at Saint Paul and in the ticket only ten dollars and that yes that's basically. To say I mean we're giving a value to -- thousand of course we have expenses that we have to pay but. We're also saying we want you to come and we want you to experience this in music that. You might think you know otherwise not accessible to -- In our last kind of -- yourself what was -- that captured you about opera. We will little girl were you. What was it. All I mean I've always -- music. I think for me is the stories. That we care act that that. Fantasies like me when you're a little earlier dressing up this is my last -- It's my right -- and the music is so beautiful -- yes there's. Napping -- night seeing all of the abilities that the human voice pack and it's taking taking it to the highest of heights and the -- of debts. And use it doesn't matter if you're saying and in different language joy is joy and happiness happiness. Longing is long game and it's just it's it's just pulls human. While I wanna say this entire community good luck. Thank you are you you are the gifts and we really will be cheering you on it hopefully you'll hear that every time you walk on that stage but you're gonna leave us with the government needs. Yeah that's not something different very -- OK another genre that we love that falls under classical its spiritual yes he'll sing a little snippet of one of our favorites. -- Now. Supposedly at the names -- -- all sat. Closet Lleyton -- well mob. So. And witness. Mom I. I'm crying and thank you thank you act too good luck we love you thank you ever be right back.