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Jul 23, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Tomorrow in Greenbrier West Virginia and team WWL is already there. Our resident pros Bobby -- hokey guy -- they -- along with a voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson. A big chief Deke Bellavia saints' sideline reporter Kristian garic T Bobby -- And Jersey Steve Geller I can't believe Domingo these guys share one hotel room. I get ready for extreme coverage off the chain coverage of the saints' training camp life from Greenbrier. I Greenbrier West Virginia and that starts tomorrow right here in the flagship WAL. 870 and -- AM dial 10351053. In your FM dial. I'm -- anytime we'll have updates at WW dot com if you want sports updates from training camp or throughout the saints season. Text the word sports. To -- of the 870 text abort sports. To wait 7870. Last night on the show we talked about those who suffer from political identity disorder. I refer to it is PID. There are a lot of people who suffer with this disorder they're they're not part of the right they're not part of the left and their views. Make them I guess part of the middle but they still have conviction -- a lot of people like myself suffer from political identity disorder. A -- we shall talk about whether you are or could you be married to somebody with completely opposite political views. But that work for you or viewing your wife and husband boyfriend girlfriend do you guys agree on on politics or do you not agree. And an hottest how does that work if you totally disagree a political. Views is this something that ticked to that can happen or is -- just impossible. That's a double give you a project -- people give a -- opinion by going to our web site. WWL dot com it's time for tonight's top eight at eight -- the -- things we'd like you to know we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. There's issues. Sarah Palin got a ticket for speeding. All right she joked about it afterwards saying that she wasn't speeding. She was qualify. That's NASCAR reference that obviously appeals to her base. Sarah Palin also. Said that her choice of music which which part of what encouraged her to go 63 -- a 45 mile an hour zone. What was -- listening to her she was listening to I can't drive 55. By Sammy Hagar. You know I guess -- just needed to go faster. And even 55 due to a 63 to 45 she's got to take care that tickets are -- going to be fine she's not try to get out of it. But she did to joke afterwards about nationalism speech and she was qualified. Did you ever talk your way out of the tickets. What -- you stated to talk your way out of the ticket. And is it true and a source of your police officer is this true mean Europe to give you name rank. -- you'd like that but is it true that attractive women. Get out of more traffic tickets. That ugly guys. Did you ever talk your way out of a ticket and also what song and I want to be very careful. -- drive fast not that you should. But if you had a song playing on your radio in your car what song would tempt you. To drive fast. You could do a semi tech city 77 in -- place of any song -- throughout our show also you can call us tonight about anything we're talking about chart numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven enter text -- is a 77. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Why why do people do that you just heard this in the news and every WL. A vice principal at a middle school in that Irish. Has been arrested for exchanging naked pictures with a fifteen year old student from the school. Why. Two people to witness. We get the full story on our website at WW real dot com. He spent rouge. Parish sheriff's office say that 42 year old Edwin -- standing of baker Louisiana was arrested and charged with computer -- its solicitation. A reminder. He's the vice principal. A salvage middle school in Baton Rouge. And a fifteen year old victim. Which at the school. Now. What part of this seemed like it might be a good idea. What you -- students. You know men and women are different. And guys think that if they like to see certain things that it's automatic it would like to see certain things that I don't think that's I don't think that's necessarily true. But I find it interesting that there are so many people who are concerned about a gay teacher in the classroom. And here's a spot apparently a straight guy who was a bigger threat to your your kids. Then. A gay person. And so it's one of the reasons why you know judgment of gays in schools and teaching and administrative positions I think -- It's just totally -- Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I love any excuse to play this -- you know that's. During the first six months of legalize recreational marijuana. Seattle's police were more likely to rest. And -- homeless people and African Americans -- -- -- news. -- Washington State his legalize recreational use of plot but as far as I know they have until legalize smoking pot in public office. -- but if this analysis is actually to benefit really does show with its Seattle police are more likely to arrest homeless people or African Americans. And my god if you're almost African American and you would -- -- public you can you can get a ticket that really is it's -- unfair. And there shouldn't be that kind of prejudice when it comes to. Smoking pot. Any -- for that matter. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight. At eight. Senator Ted Cruz is questioning whether President Obama used the FAA. A government agency. To impose sanctions on Israel -- all US flights were stopped by the FAA flying into the -- current airport in agility. Do you think the FAA's ban on flights into Tel Aviv. Was politically motivated. What do you think it was about safety. I guess this is what. If you Ted -- like I guess this is what you do. Mean if you're Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi this is what you do to the right you use look for excuses to to criticize. Or which is something that we played often talk about. How common is it for. For -- to be criticism rather than. Even the idea that parties want -- actually worked together to get things done for America. But senator Ted Cruz who you know a lot of people talking about him as a possible presidential candidate I think he's -- it too far right did not moderate enough to to win but. That doesn't mean that there are a lot of people who believe that this country needs a very strong conservative president. But differ -- -- to question president Obama's use of the FAA. To oppose this this economic boycott on Israel. -- using the FAA I think this is I think it's wrong I mean I think this is really about. About safety. And think what the criticism would be if god forbid a plane flew into Tel Aviv and was. Hit by a rocket. And I saw on the news I saw how closely their rocket Wallace from fire from Hamas how close it was to the airport and utilities. And it was close enough for me if I would have been in a position I mean the politics aside. Now I think this is about safety. If you would join us tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 877. Here's an interest and tax it says I'm going to Wear orange tomorrow to show solidarity. With the Netherlands. And their days of mourning. I'll look at it I guess there's a a campaign to get people to Wear orange. I don't know if I have anything orange are trying to find something. I've got black which is the old orange. -- -- -- Orange is the new black I've got a lot of via I got a lot of the the old -- which is like. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This director for in New York Daily News in Iowa Bob Eshleman. Has been fired. Andy claims that it's a violation of his religious right is believes freedom. He says that he wrote what some consider to be homophobic blog and news newspaper. And he actually -- -- person abroad he wrote but since he senator for a newspaper the company that owns a newspaper said that the newspaper's reputation was damaged. Isolating is is a Christian. And he's suing the newspaper for firing him and this really once again brings up the question about if religious freedom. In the workplace. Protects anti gay beliefs. -- it does stand does it protect supported his law support of of Satan. -- what tonight is our website at WW dot com and I believe they agree or disagree completed this year with others -- blog tonight -- -- anti gay rhetoric. And freedom of religion. Because this seems to be the new battleground UC freedom of religion to -- discriminate I don't think there's any question. That the constitution. Technically. Does guarantee somebody the right. To make any kind of anti gay comments and kind of anti Islamic. By any pro Satan comments that they they wanna make. -- the constitution does protect that. But as our society continues to evolve and this is in the way it's been from the beginning of our society. There are things that were were acceptable the past that are no longer acceptable today. And if you do something outside of work. And it reflects. In a negative way in the company you work for. There's a possibility going to be fired. The question -- Is that right that's something we'll talk about ownership like number three tonight's list the top eight at eight. My 23 summer is flying by -- taking your vacation yet. Will you go on vacation so people don't really take vacations. Do you -- 01 long vacation like a week or 240. -- a series of extended weekends. Experts encourage Americans to take a real vacation. Rather than extended weekends and say that it actually adds to productivity. We've got to an article on our website summer's almost over. That's kind of depressing. Of course it's not depressing about it is if summer's over that means for getting closer to fall cooler weather. But the title of the article is summer is almost over have you taken your vacation yet. And until it also talk about what was the best vacation -- that you remember what I'm sure you've had several but it. If you took a vacation this year where -- ago. And as -- and to this. I guess middle of summer area what vacation stands out in your mind from the past as one of the best vacations. You ever typical talk about that you'll join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- number is 877. Never to what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Have you ever been scared. I mean really scare. Not like on an amusement park ride. But really scared. Were you ever a situation where you fear for your life. Where were you. And Barbara you can so concerned about life and death in that situation. And I think this even includes those of you who were veterans. And have seen combat action. Have you ever been really really scared. And I can think of a couple of times. We'll talk about this on the show as well again our numbers 2601870. -- 386688. Kinds early seventy and -- -- -- 87870. And finally tonight's. And number one and on tonight's list of the top -- Right on the show we talk by people who suffer from political identity disorder and I am among them. Those who don't really define themselves strictly with the far right or the far left -- tight let's talk about. People we associate with people in our lives a spouse. -- -- boyfriend girlfriend. Family friends that people in your neighborhood people you associate with your your French. Could you live and be around people who have completely different political ideology or is that just impossible. Especially when it comes to wife husband boyfriend girlfriend partner. Do you or could you live with somebody who has completely different political views from -- To join -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and a text numbers say 77 that's a double W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Are you or are you or could you be married to somebody with completely opposite political views. -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and also throughout the -- right let's talk about that. That song that you could put in Europe in your CD player or put on whatever it is that you Jumbo stuff on. What song if you were listening to it whatever radio. What song would tempt you to drive fast. Not that you should submit to that temptation what song would tend to drive fast. Sarah Palin got speeding ticket in she said that part of the reason she was speeding she thinks she was inspired to speed because she was was -- to Sammy Hagar song I can't drive 55. She also said debts. She wasn't speeding she was qualified which I think is a rather creative answer. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Seve taxi 77 he will come out of this break with a song as somebody's already suggested. It's a song attempts them. To drive fast. It's Wednesday nights on -- -- show and we'll be right back what Debbie WL. Sarah Palin got a ticket for speeding afterward she joked about how she wasn't speeding -- Qualifying time NASCAR reference I thought that was a pretty cute answer actually. Now apparently -- in Chillicothe police which you told that the TMC. And she said that one of the reasons that she was driving faster she was listening to Sammy Hagar song I can't drive 55. What song what you hear in the car. That would -- you. Dreyfus. Thought that you should that would tempt you to drive fast got a couple of comments about this -- laughter. Transplant. Well yeah. And I have always gone. Illinois current Trinidad and it showed tonight. Here's a text that says sick in the air tonight Phil Collins. And then I got a number of text about songs that make you one yard drive fast and again not that you should be your attempted to drive fast. I'm very -- show with your suggestion to 601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Or seven. And a text numbers 877 year old play some of those going in water breaks and throughout the -- right. Here's a text listen to the -- joined every have you real radio tipsy to speed. -- not exactly sure why but don't let that happen here's an update on tonight's WW property general opinion poll are you. Or could issue being married to someone with completely opposite political views. 58%. Say yes. 42% say no could you. Or are you married to somebody with somebody who is completely opposite political views and how does that work. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com. From Vanderbilt Walter you're on the Scotia pretty. And right I could marry somebody that's politically opposite but that's beside the planet and that didn't want to get a 3017 years the good. -- you guys must have spirited conversations. Well Boeing which -- not -- part of us sitting there now do you do you think you cancel out each other's vote when you go to the polls. Opening with -- in the middle but she's right off the playing -- But when I'm talking about is a lie -- -- it or not first -- -- thought -- -- You know they call it when we nude for second they would -- common -- Mark bought out by the art project you know you know it's. Been what some like Obama would be -- in the news came out said that. And you know I don't protests Obama I don't trust them resolved at all I mean he he had shown anything. For us to trust in it except for maybe capturing. You know bin Laden and using drones but that's about it. And and you think that a president of the United States words. Forward to put political motivation. About safety or use a call for safety as a political motivation to disguise. Some kind of an economic sanction because that there's so many flights -- US carriers fly in and out of Tel Aviv that and and I find no mistake Intel these biggest industries is -- So this does hurt them economically. Well I think ego bullet you don't believe it played out the truth and I know whether they're Republican or Democrat Jack. You know I think they do what they need to do for whatever -- -- mostly condominiums and -- -- -- where he'll. No I think year I think you're accurate measure we quite often talk about that on the show it today it's about political power as opposed to doing what's in the best interest of the American people fail -- -- Walter logical to show. And from Metairie dale you're now on WW a good evening. There's just didn't he dale. -- -- And it. Victory you know. I think -- as back in the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't care -- Obama. -- And world. Joey -- and -- -- we don't have a really great connection I think it's getting better now to -- that one more time. Don't I heard you. All over the world. Applaud the president should be an -- and. Their respect for the office of the president and. Are. Can I. Like Italy -- At best and it'll ultimately. Is -- yeah. Prepared -- But if you. Disagree. -- in this country. -- Do you think the president words. Words. Banned flights going into Tel Aviv. For political reasons or do you think that was done for safety reasons. It usually do it in Korea and India to do. Do. -- -- Hey. Correct what he didn't. It. Off. And it. In. What. Is it. It's a tragic conflict that has been going on for a long time and there's no end in sight unfortunately. Did not build. A wanna thank you to -- -- intent got a. Accuracy and all that. Potential and how that people. Can't let that. And that is. Looked upon rate and I'll. As a do you think you really don't straw for the FAA which is a government agency to ban flights going utility. -- why didn't. Carry. Him. Yeah. Well. And you know it. Well I'm not you know Michael Bloomberg fluid and for the secretary of State's concern I've I've I can't answer that question but Michael Bloomberg may have flown in on his own jets he was flying. Now. US carrier admiral Michael what are our national well he did he was he wanted to prove a point it was safe to fly utility. -- dale I appreciate you calling an award thank you for you do for our country inflation was into the -- of zero. Here is attached to that reads near death fears. Almost died from a dog bites dental infections. And Lyme Disease also from allergic reactions to antibiotics something else are gonna talk about -- the showed right have you ever been really scared. Again not like in a movie or amusement park -- -- -- he ever been scared. In life and death situation. I'm Monica Euro the Scotia gonna be on him. Hi -- that was actually might actually -- inks and I'm calling actually -- -- the color -- your guiding. You know Ireland because just in there and actually from genetic. Your shot. It may not but I -- we are you right now Monica. And I'm at that vehemently -- I am. A lot of a lot of people say that. I'm so where Mississippi had to -- it. And the filing late -- -- -- so what do you Tony what do you think so far the drive. -- -- in a lot longer and I thought it was going to be because. You know it -- eight -- mr. Ali -- like me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple here. -- origin and doing stretcher. Kinda like a great group in the country. That he might drag and -- this kind of celebrate like that actually been. And that really -- Alec really great -- laugh and help -- and it's the heir apparent here today. I was this great idea so long it's a long drive from Connecticut to what she got out of that I 95 order that that's that stretch from. Saved. New York through Philadelphia who Delaware and DC went to get out of all that -- I guess it's going to be a little better but. A grumbling director coming to you or is -- you've never been here before. I think the city will live up to whatever is in your mind about this and this this city I think -- live up to its expectations. -- keep hearing. Were you have a great night to a fan how fast you -- right now Monica. At one. And hero. If there was if there was a song on the radio that would -- to drive fans -- -- would that -- And I. Am really. Yet. Especially the shoulders not anything matter. Monica I enjoyed our conversation you have a great time in the city and a -- show tomorrow night people would like to hear what you think of the city's that your first time your calls tomorrow night. -- -- -- -- I'm -- ritualistic. From Connecticut on awaited New Orleans for the very first time if you wanna join us with that your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And our -- number is 877. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight are you or could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we're also talking about songs that's. -- that make you wanna try fast enough that you should submit to that temptation. But if you heard one song in the car. What song would it be if it was one of the songs of major or drive fast -- -- suggest that high waiting LE CD's I totally understand that. I'm scoot it will be right back to your comments on that if you will. Sarah Palin got a ticket for speeding afterward she said she wasn't speeding she was qualified him. And obviously this car. Efforts. -- choice of music here is part of why she was driving 63 to 45 she was listening to Sammy Hagar I can't drive 55. This just 55 highway. When Michael here in the sheiks and these guys. It's unlikely to drive things don't do -- like what Michael -- joins us live on the Schuylkill Michael welcome tonight. Whom -- I. And it's it's it's so great to talk to you -- so many people excited about you coming back you're doing a show and I I've I've heard that this is. Like a one man Broadway Show you're an incredible dancer an amazing entertainer you've got a Grammy nominations. You're now a preacher and you're going to be at Jimmy's on willow street. This Saturday night's show starts at -- clock which -- gonna -- a meeting -- at 7 o'clock. You know wanna meet good people again pretty high and get I mean you know it. Give my love that -- but you know what man I'm calling you all the way from a plot your remarks here at the -- conflict in our local. -- -- owners DJ mark you know Leone and life on the line now. That's cool that's. So Michael tell us about to show you gonna do or you did bring back some of the -- cheeks stuff. Well there -- The -- and I'm going to trick people into my life I'm totally Chilton who I am in my. And a lot of the wrong band -- wrote me and urban artist he showed people act in the end and what. Gave me my war Grammy nominations include American music award nominations -- more important. One actually Michael O'Hara lies in reply to our allies and -- -- -- -- and then second act. After 33 years I'm actually turn back into the -- and the whole -- -- it. -- dedicated to the music on you because -- There are so many people who have called the show we talk about a bands in New Orleans and we talk about some of the past years there's not a show that goes by we're not talking about that. When somebody does -- mention. Michael here in the -- Amazing to me man I'm really humbled by the outpouring of love that -- -- I mean 33 years but it really. Probably you know people remember me and was a lot and can I do know that -- on joint book went on public might -- what -- exactly the point a year and a half -- really important you know and my composure and now you've got to do. You know smoking media and I aren't great book -- within three -- like 435. People there want it to -- On the path one that will -- the. Are you virtually an icon here and you you impressed a lot of people who were young coming of dangerous talking to our operations director. Executive producer Diane Newman here before going on the air and and and she remembers going to your shows when she was young she says I was dancing during the entire show. And she actually her friend got in trouble because they were supposed to go one place but they -- driving to Saint Louis almost a seat dash eight so she got in trouble because of view. All my. -- I'm sorry -- equipment. Well they've made it back on nuclear weapon. That you know of any story I'm on the street they're coming at me and Tom you know when you grow -- changed. Are you talking very. Important in partnership and marriage that. It is there anything while you're Maynard and you know went to my minister voting -- the no I don't mind that and so we'd been -- you either. -- -- great stories Michael Ellis Island tell us briefly about your ministry. We know. That New York -- that Campbell bought enhancement work you separated and he. Coaching problem -- I'm in New York. And I knew we were moving in on one of the opposite problem are aware of that -- -- well no urgent. The theory that you called what it is in. Our own children. On the home and do -- well I came hall and when they called mortgage. And it. Is also an old version. We do it again and -- great or. Are you sound really he's really happy. Really am so happy I'm back where we want this long game. And come back in -- You know -- are. All right with me to do. It this year -- why he is absolutely. Right -- -- Mike. Although hair from the sheik's. Saturday night's 9 o'clock Jimmy's on willow street a meeting greet at 7 o'clock so go feel the love for Michael Michael thanks for being -- -- Saturday night. All right thanks. Arnold -- this'll be right back on if -- well.