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7-23 Scoot Show 9pm, Driving Fast

Jul 23, 2014|

Sarah Palin was ticketed for speeding and afterwards she joked that she wasn’t “speeding” – she was “qualifying!” That’s a NASCAR reference. She also said her choice of music played a part in her going 63 in a 45 – she was listening to “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hager. Did you ever talk your way out of a ticket? What did you say? And what song would tempt you to drive fast (Not that you should!)?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sarah Palin got a ticket for speeding afterward she joked that she wasn't speeding she was actually qualifying NASCAR reference. If you send her choice of music was partly to blame for going 63 and 45. You to listen to Sammy -- I can't try to define what song. Makes you wanna speed. Somebody suggested this would play tough conference. Can you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- -- a little disappointed a lot of -- breaks tonight it was sort of makes you wanna speak out. I want to remind you that we're not suggesting that you speak what song would tempt you to speed. Not that we -- the speed life as a highway by time crocodile I think that -- would make me wanna speed as well. Not that I would. So will loved to get to more of these as we go through the shooter like you could give us your suggestion bias and attacks 87870. Also -- we're talking about Republican senator Ted Cruz questioning whether President Obama used the FAA. A federal agency. To impose sanctions on Israel with all US flights being stopped from flying into the Tel Aviv airport. Tel Aviv's main industry I believe is terrorism and so banning all US carriers from flying into. Televisa airports Gurion airport which has been extended through today as well. This is gonna happen -- economic impact on on Israel and Tel Aviv do you think the FAA's ban on the flights into Tel Aviv was political. What do you think it was really about safety. As one of the things we're talking about trying to keep my join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text numbers 877. And have you ever really been scared. -- mean really scared not in a movie not scared on on an amusement park ride. But have you ever -- the situation where you were concerned about. Life and death. And this would include those of you who were veterans. And it didn't conduct. Where were you and why are we concerned. About life and death has never been really scared. Here's an update on tonight's -- you will pretty general opinion poll. Are you or could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views. Really close poll tonight 53% say yes 47%. Say no they couldn't. Give your opinion by going to our web sector BWL dot com and -- -- what tonight is titled anti gay rhetoric and freedom. Of religion and that's on our website at WW real dot com. A talk to Alyssa earlier her name is Monica and she years it was into the show we are beaming are you listening to WW we're beating her into the city of New Orleans. She somewhere in Mississippi driving from Connecticut. She's never been to new worlds before. She's on her way to the city for the first time sluggish -- here later deceiving. And I asked Monica to call us on the show to -- Monica if you wanna call us and tell us where you are now. Like to hear from. Toll free 866. 890 -- -- -- I'm sure you've still have a phone call us if you would want -- there where York. And I asked Monica to call us tomorrow night of the show to tell us what her first impression of the world's this. Up from New Orleans Tommy you're under the WL. You should it. Well tell -- Several comments about each unit meaning -- -- -- Not only -- We of course are. You all sites and also all -- Statements sit -- -- and so you might like in your comment to ward not a -- -- and it did not -- And yeah I grab -- -- -- loved it yeah. I wasn't talking about anybody from Mississippi are talking about those of us who have been in Mississippi where we were there we did know where we work. That was our fall that was our fault -- the state of -- peaceful. It and I am and in -- -- mile high was seventy year old marine now. Vietnam and course -- There and now that currently you know true. In -- my ally and now. I don't know -- Close conversation with G. I can imagine seventeen and in the Marines. I was. I'm proud to be every bit Marty. But I you know it is it it was. A lot of situations like that -- -- it even as it is today as. Young needs and to this great country and now our way that we can. Lived idealized pipeline that we deeply. And tell Tommy when you see people. Being sent off to go to war you know exactly what that feels like it I'm sure there's something that stirs in your stomach when you when you hear about that because you console. I directly relate to what they're sensing. Sure sure and also law. -- out there but also in either Serbia to city negotiate. Lately we have like going home where a very fine World War II veteran. Blah monument and no -- DC and I'm going to come back also also -- doll. The red white and blue American. And a. It's great. -- are you were mayor of -- Mississippi were you an honest later. -- honestly. Very much movement so. I was on there and yeah. You know. And try to apply. To studio. I've enjoyed my god you results there and I'll be there and enjoyed the opportunity to be there -- -- sacred city now. Well -- -- -- exactly now your match it barely. We built. The State's only better distribute outlook. To honor. You know pictured -- that -- as the president teacher and you know. I'll always be -- -- more. I appreciate take a target -- show I thank you for what you do for our country and thank you for what you did for the citizens of Mississippi I appreciate you calling. -- -- Thanks Tom if you at a joint site with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- in 7070 here's a suggestion limp biscuit rolling the song would ditch or adrenaline going drive safely. You know we're not recommending that anybody actually. Respond. To the temptation to speed but what song. Tension to speed. Up Arthur your under the W out good evening. -- to call you. Larger political weapon like that too Deep Purple -- it's saw a lot of ESPN dot -- space truck demand. Brought up probably our seed who's going to be -- both your pace is going to be it was shot out to Michael -- sheiks. I'm not -- -- -- not medical we used to play at apple the president. Instantly get all the music he's not quite on now it goes yeah all the to a three com's all of bought the and he was just meant what was poured all over that it was but it. If you just joined this so do what I. And my -- of the sheet she's in New Orleans and he's gonna to -- Jimmy's this Saturday night at 9 o'clock -- at willow street. As agreed agreed at 7 o'clock it's going to be great to see him back in action. Maybe it Adidas and Tom give tips go -- zero. It yeah. You mentioned president and quite often we talk about bands for the test the sheiks and the president -- comes up quite often it's at those who were. New to New Orleans just imagine this imagine if you could get on. On a river boat and it was a concert venue and really great bans national -- played better. And it rolled up and down -- up and down the river. Admiral to receive well. This. Yeah we used to do mention we -- golf. Will -- -- -- -- announcing. That's not quite able to go to music he's a coach now apple have thoroughly. -- so great to do it used an enemy yet. Which is straight from Fleetwood Mac. Wait too long ago it'll it'll play a -- to me and John -- Down down down don't go Bob Bob well yeah especially well -- maybe several of them it was. Act or use some development has called the world war that was placed to beat now. And it -- to talk about that was the first. 8%. In -- -- -- -- appropriate like that -- -- -- that is what is it. All help -- got let your attitude the odds -- -- receipt calling nationalist and W you know. For -- rouge Johnny Jones to shield. -- -- -- -- I -- on the block. You know little political move our. Straight appreciate them and -- And simple America and Israel -- considered getting blown it would take -- ago. Johnny had never return to their doctor -- calling her show it never occurred to me it's President Obama might have been politically motivated to use the FAA. I think I think directives like banning flights into Tel Aviv when there's O war going on I think those things are motivated strictly by. That agency. And the need for for safety and imagine what the criticism would be if god forbid anything happens to an American flight flying in and in the after a rocket lands a very close to the airport. Utilities. I mean imagine what the criticism would be flights were canceled. But did Michael Bloomberg -- mayor of New York made a point and -- like I'm assuming if you know more about this that I do and I'm assuming that he flew they -- In a private jet but he wanted to prove it's safe flight to Tel Aviv and he -- utilities today. And I guess have a few others have done to some carries are are still flying in the -- el -- which is the the Israeli airline. They're continuing to -- to fly obviously. But US US flights are banned by the FAA to fly. Into Tel Aviv. And I always thought that was just relief for for safety purposes but it's a Ted Cruz thinks it's for political reasons if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point seven. -- -- -- receive 77 so here so -- attacks from someone who said that this song makes aboard drive fast queen. Don't stop me now. There and so Plano -- I -- this up just a little bit as we go to break. Here I don't know. Bohemian rhapsody that would make the process we're not recommending that you do it but what sort of makes you wanna drive fast. This is this -- show we're coming right back to -- well. My name when I am yeah. -- honestly -- -- you need. -- regular studio Bruce -- said this is the -- attention to drive fast. Tom -- Tenth seeded drive -- -- the -- talk about tonight -- do as a result of going in and out of our breaks tonight. This is this your show -- numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688907. A text is 87870. Here is an update on Monica Monica is a caller we had early in the show she's from Connecticut she is driving to New Orleans. She's never been here before interest that has been a long drive but she's getting close sign on at this text from Monica saying that. I will call you when I get to the bed and breakfast and I'm staying in and in Louisiana somewhere within an hour or Monica you are you stay in touch -- drive carefully. From Biloxi Mike you're on this huge show good evening. Very good. There are -- purported two years here Biloxi but all of that and Algeria on your dead or scariest. Donors dole should. Our goal to sport there was a patriot battery. Probably -- -- -- mall desert -- sharpest go to we were to matter one right. Able body and soul. -- Turco. And -- -- -- Turco had extra. And started in August. Told him across Roberto. Leo that a strategist Garcia. Well he was column maybe two men and a -- yet. Jim. Told -- -- -- -- detailing. That was that Obama. You know just almost a useful and just. Not -- you know. You know we go on the war or war or a mobile web -- you know. And that monsters to sit there are -- twenty years. But my albums -- George ordered -- Apology bureau or two ago law injures just. Did arrogance and. Native acquire all right Mike I appreciate what you have done for our country and appreciate where you do for the community as a as a firefighter and thanks for us into our show. You two also tonight we're talking about that that moment that you really scared. Mean again like -- amusement park writers scared because -- you -- -- that haunted house or your house or shock or scared because you're. In of horror movie or something. When you really scared. When were you scared in a life and death situation something else for talking about tonight. Here is a text. Screwed I'm so New Orleans. Vets. I used to watch the cold open for the sheiks. Wow. Yes as the generous and the cold. I guess open for the she might I don't remember that specific show but we talked to Michael here earlier. I would -- season Intel is going to be to Jimmy Saturday -- -- to have him back in New Orleans has said he is never ever gonna stay away from New Orleans this long again and right now he said. He says he's a minister. And just seems to be really happy in his life from -- be Sandra year on this crucial and to be WL. Had been listening since session village square. Mile. Bella to. -- that you better and so that's that's starting on currently with C. Danger zone by came along and. Danger zone by Kenny like right Joseph let's let's go to the break with with that -- in danger -- by Kenny log -- from tough gun. Now you don't you don't we -- here you don't actually drive to ST Sandra. Well I was waiting for you -- on airline highway from Con-way to. Approach on the interstate right but fortunately that -- Hope they come on Alec they'll play that song and I can strike at Delta Airlines. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I drive fans still underline that night. But and -- scary it would be absolutely sure and my door to tell me that my son died of an overdose of heroin. Oh my gosh. So that would be the stick he -- I have a daughter and she's eight years younger than him aren't you guys are eager to -- silk. Now whenever actually my cops -- And he may come on mark caller ID it and bring it back to that place but it is better. Look at the pattern that -- well I just I don't know that you would never recover from that -- -- I'm sorry that you what you had to go through. I tell you won't find you on forming a -- -- people have died and you you know you need to be there to be happy for your dollar for everybody else in life absolutely absolutely thank you hit -- I appreciate you listening thanks for calling. From home on -- you're on WWL. -- Really related nurture that program want to what I do what -- commitment to public -- one. Certain government about being fearful but their first comment about they actually AA. I think to you know this image seventeen flight engineer who was just shut down -- -- not meet people kill. Subtler than a political move shouldn't -- They'll build an incident occurred last week. Where flight was shut down and so it was a war zone so Israel and Hamas actually. Battle right now. So I mean it -- Yeah yeah I'd like regular. Or imagine if if if if something happened after the Malaysian flight was shot down and grind on missile. Hamas missile landing very close extremely close to the the airport utility can you measure -- happened the criticism that this country would face for not banning flights to Tel Aviv. -- just because recruitment. You know it's a is something out. -- there must be true you know but at the same time. Michael Bloomberg you didn't -- an old play flew el Al. Which. Missile French government -- system moderate. You know so the thing is our planes don't have that. Beautiful little planes and then says that you say they'll rent something else it will play. -- and missile defense. So well that would be shot at the client and then they get so something will be dispersed where actually with. You know that the actual missile. Hours I've been hearing a lot about this on the news that we could equip each airline with that kind of technology but I think it would be a million dollars per -- -- -- Yeah and it is it has to mr. -- that such an awful. Yet your your right to get a text here because I was preparing for the show us or didn't know exactly how Michael Bloomberg had gotten there but this Texas he flew el Al. And I was very defensive -- landing in Mets Benjamin Netanyahu. Island red carpets bottom of the plane CNN showed the arrival he was very angry. With the FAA. And -- a lot of people or me again I believe in Tel Aviv's number one industry Izturis and so American carriers not flowing at Tel Aviv. During the summertime when a lot of people or art or traveling. Could have an economic impact on agility and and Israel but I just I can't imagine. But taking a chance -- you know I saw on the news where that where that missile hit and it was close enough for me to wanna say hey I don't know if this is safe. By the about a mile away one of Israel's rockets -- -- -- rockets -- paying hospital. In Palestine. Q you'll stop the temptations and -- there I mean -- the war. You know so while you want -- fly in -- -- war zone. You know it's it's it's just -- no brainer. The other bingo and like I really enjoy. Your topics -- building is is being fearful. A onetime actor well. But about nineteen years ago my last -- working now coming back to college. From -- it was a problem back to sort of universal underground. And I got raw. And it was the restaurant. Without much -- -- I got -- -- guys that you know constantly it and that it does solve. In the -- so for him like really really aptly strategies as my payment. I think I know he was -- format where it is -- that my -- what else so by. That was that was one of these probably the most -- time partner called. But. You know -- Judy about it. And I'm thankful that it you know -- -- get go out there appeared. Well -- Douglas Caldwell associate general. Are here regular video what in the the second friendliest city in America animal was Lafayette number two was home. We talked about that on the show the other night at survey had to come on -- longer ago. All right the saints are reporting to training camp tomorrow. In Greenbrier West Virginia and team WL is already there. Bobby bare hokey guy -- voice of the saints Jim Henderson big chief Deke Bellavia states Ireland report Kristian -- T about baby or Jersey. Steve Geller there'll -- ready to give you extreme off the chain coverage of the seats shrinking -- from Greenbrier West Virginia there at a resort here. And this year it's this time but here it's a lot more pleasant. In that part of the country West Virginia that is your temperature wise but we've got all the coverage right here on the flagship. -- you well that's 87 in January and dial and oral 300 FM dial and any time constantly updates on Debbie if you will dot com our web site. And with the saints training camp beginning tomorrow -- she footballs around the corner at the pelicans are. The makings of offseason moves if you wanna be the first to get in on the breaking news about the saints L issue in the pelicans. And sign up for WWL text alerts. Text the word sports. 287870. Messaging data rates apply -- we don't charge for the text text the word sports. To wait 7870. And you'll get updates whenever they come down if you wanna join our short right but a comment about raining we're talking about a number 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers 877. Last night on the show week we talked about those senate -- like myself who suffer from political identity disorder. Yeah your your shot from the right because of certain views. And you shot from the left for certain views and actually I think that's really much of America we suffer with political identity disorder. Until they were talking abouts. Do you -- could you. Live with somebody who had completely. Opposite political views as you. And that's a -- to Cuba pretty general opinion poll it's close but it's been shifting around tonight. 55%. Say no they could not and 45% say yeah they could. And then you've got the agreed to world's couple James Carville and are very -- He's liberal she's conservative -- mean he's not just a Democrat I would consider him to be liberal and I'm consider her to be conservative Republican they're married. And as far as I know they have a wonderful marriage. And -- sixty because no longer going to show the other night we were talking about how opposites attract effect -- was I guess last Friday night on the -- -- opposites attract. And I mentioned it in in my life I can think of people that have been very similar to me. It was almost as if there was like competition in the relationship. Our our personalities our spirits are competing with each other. And I'm doing better in a relationship where. I've really. Have -- a lot of a lot of things are -- well I guess you would say that the person on a -- we're we're opposites as opposites do attract so I guess in some situations that does work. Would that work with politics as well. If you wanna join our show and item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven -- tech's number 87870. Here's a -- anything that President Obama does. For the remainder of his administration will be considered as politically motivated. Nobody wins. Now I don't think I'm politically naive. By any stretch of the imagination. But I had not even considered. That the FAA as a government agency was politically motivated. By the president to stop flying. American carriers to band American carriers are flying into Tel Aviv airport. As a way to impose sanctions on Israel. I realize that this is part of the political game. There are Republicans who blame the president and there are Democrats and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who will always blamed the Republicans. It's part of the political game. I would like to know with the president and and we don't know this but I would like to know if any president would use the presidency. To do something and I guess I can't be naive to think that it could never happen. Like to. -- I'd like to know if this was about safety or if it was about. Political motivation and again my instinct tells me it's all about safety. And as senator -- crews can say that it's politically motivated and a lot of people will agree with him. Also tonight is Sarah Palin was ticketed for speeding and afterward she joked and said she wasn't speeding she was qualified. A reference to NASCAR. And she also said their choice of music that she played I played a part in her going 63 in a 45. She's not disputing the ticket and she's gonna pay it but she was listening to Sammy Hagar song I can't drive 55. So what song not that you should but what's on which tempts you to speed. If you're in the car. And you listen to it. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text -- is a 77. -- a color in the car. And driving too much air via an airline highway just a few minutes ago said this is this all of that -- wanna speed but she promised if we played it she would -- the I'm gonna hold you to your promise. -- -- And we'll be right back with -- if you will. If there are soldiers in an attempt -- drive fast. This song makes you wanna join the speed limit and then. I have always defend them against him. Yeah. We do it on television audience. I mean -- interstate -- this on a drive four and 55. Maybe sixty. Here is another suggestion from somebody's this is it makes them wanna drive fast. Again we're not suggesting that you responded that devastation. But what's on the -- drive fans. I can understand this is his stance on. Join us tonight because they had our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Right. Said the text numbers 87870. And we'll continue to go in and out of breaks with songs that -- -- people to speed here's a text as easy top beer drinkers. And hell raisers. Here's a text brain salad surgery. That would have been what Emerson lake and Palmer. I remember playing out of the air when it was actually a vinyl disk. Here's a text are rambling man. -- -- more these says text here in just a few minutes here is a Texan reads about the life and death moment I was scared one day walking down -- train drive. 1983 teenagers wearing -- Tried to scare me by acting like they were gonna rob me. Here's a text scary moment -- jealous husband with a gun. Received was he mad that. Mr. partisan our home. -- -- Agilysys with a gun that would be really. Really scary. If you would fuel a life and death. Moment. -- moment when you thought you really did not I was gonna end. I can think of a Arctic can think of a moment in my life and I wish I was concerned like and a situation. It was when I was attacked in the CB -- the way. But I really did not think that I was gonna die in that situation. I thought I might end up in the emergency room I didn't mean -- will be adopting had to do adult dental work done but. I I really didn't feel like I -- in a life or death situation now dated -- begun had a pulled out a gun I might feel differently about it have you been really scared. Where were you and why did you feel like your life was threatened our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Niger what's happening. And a text numbers 87070. Again a couple of -- of people who say they are really scared when Obama was elected. From -- fugitive a year under the WL. -- -- skill to -- and so you Jimmy how are you and good to talk again. Probably went to the punch I was in the suggests John -- inseparable teachable moment. The play Jimmy's back in the eighties and knows well the band to play there. Am and saying you. Very different models showed tonight Michael there from the -- yes. He called the -- earlier we had a conversation he's going to be it to -- and Willis street Saturday night to celebrate our deep regret it's going to be really missed out to for a lot of people in New Orleans Sampson he's gonna is gonna do. It. Us is that do -- what part of the show and then you'll do another part of the -- and -- the second part of the show which is bringing back all the she. Stuff she he was the music -- room all solved in. A lot of great success -- -- with the -- that my club that they were instrumental in the success of Jimmy's call open. Just happen to him what he's been here for weeks we've been audience. Take them out to dinner at him like Powell said just wonderful person and I'm so glad that you. -- -- -- -- an -- tonight. Yeah it was a it was great to talk to and I don't know what I think about Jimmy's I still think back. On and I didn't get a chance to go by its. I remember a friend demise saying I'm gonna go see this standard Jimmy's the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hopefully -- you've missed the good -- there. Especially the encore -- you heard about that no I didn't tell all well okay little X rated but that he for the -- they came -- with Stockton. Okay you're -- you know and I think that an album covers every bit silly really they really did that. Yes they did you know they did it go early. That's one of the great chills up my club but of course it was packed and had a great manipulate that a couple Thompson. And -- things to work -- -- really good that's what's so you also a make and a movie documentary about the history of Jimmy's musical. That's -- do you sing in the -- -- -- you're an icon in this well thank you so much and so you. Property picked good people stick together good company you war and a we're all ought to visit thank you so much for having Michael. Sheila great it was great to talk to -- and him whenever we talk about fans for the past and -- music in the past the sheiks always call up aren't showing through the -- on the president that was another great. He opened up for the role models. Loses you know one of the great -- and so -- -- with a lot of history there. Once again thank you so much and I would like to invite you by the show all -- -- Saturday if you could make it. I'm trying to make -- -- -- -- home -- OP can't always try to talk you scoot Flexilis injuring. Here is attacks have to agree with your producer that would be John wick. Going with Tom Sawyer by rush my favorite band ever. The one by them that really gets my blood flow flowing is also called. Malignant narcissism. And also this -- says rock and roll by Led Zeppelin. Andre and nine year old -- WL. I'm good how are you guys -- great. Without and now an agreement to make that might go fast and how it. It must think that. Mustang Sally by -- Wilson -- We're a ticket out so I decide that Albert so it felt a little -- carpet Brent. Now let's go to break with little red Corvette and manage. If you -- net. I'm which I do yeah those are those are two those are two good -- you know I'm not really that old and -- old enough to remember Wilson Pickett but I heard about that song mustangs now. Keep it or -- they you know -- -- you about it. -- -- -- you know that our third like you -- that rhetoric are bad -- actually. I appreciate you calling he showed right you guys have a good night. All right here's a text about whether or not you could live with somebody who has totally opposite political views. What's no -- couldn't handle a super social conservative. Physically. Liberal. Would be tough. I'm not sure those types exist too much here's a double to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you or could you live with somebody -- be married to someone. With completely opposite political views -- a shipping by going to our web site WWL dot com script like tonight is titled anti gay rhetoric. And religious freedom. And it seems to be a topic that's coming up more and more often an observer newspaper and Iowa was fired because it is personal blog. He wrote what was considered by the newspaper owners. To be -- Homophobic blunt talk about that in the next hour this is this gonna show were coming right back before your comments now remember. Do not be tempted to drive fast but yet this is one of those songs that I I'd like to hear the part -- it would it would sort of crank up here. This is still one of my faith Christian. I hang on we'll be right back. And WL. John -- studio producers and this -- the number one of the songs that makes him what can speak. -- -- -- -- -- Diuretics. You know this -- of -- you wanna hit it don't do it by the way. I we've we've got an update now on Monica if you just Joyner show one of our first callers tonight which moniker she's from Connecticut. And she called from Mississippi she is now officially arrived in New Orleans it's her first visit to the world as Monica I wanna welcome you to our city. Each year now what part of the city are you seeing. On the -- Okay yeah. And in nineteen about I. Ain't about. It each year. Did you pack at Brigham and now are pretty cool. Show you can -- guys -- you'd hit the towns and arguing talent friend. I and in bacteria. And other -- I don't know anybody here really exceed and yet she's coming -- who. Are coming over tomorrow. Actually here at ninety. Well talk about that. That's great I I hope they enjoy the city as well there will be a lot for them to sniff around as well as you the food everything that's what I meant. Yeah the Florida that we have wonderful food here so it's a lot for dogs to to sniff. Well Monica how I want you if you if you go out tonight and have a good time I want you to. -- -- to give us a call tomorrow night Telus what she did. Here my gosh I don't know. What I gotta get to a news break I'm gonna put you on hold you walk the dog cinnamon comeback -- after the news radio has some suggestions for. Okay cool I don't think I'm gonna put you on hold. You take care those dogs if your -- stay with us this is -- show. If you and join us tonight numbers 260 when he celebrity medical welcoming some of the world's few. Throw from Connecticut first time in the world that she calls a show on the way in just device will be right back. -- -- --