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7-23 Scoot Show 10pm, Driving Fast

Jul 24, 2014|

Sarah Palin was ticketed for speeding and afterwards she joked that she wasn’t “speeding” – she was “qualifying!” That’s a NASCAR reference. She also said her choice of music played a part in her going 63 in a 45 – she was listening to “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hager. Did you ever talk your way out of a ticket? What did you say? And what song would tempt you to drive fast (Not that you should!)? Have you ever been scared? Really scared? Where were you and why were you concerned about a life and death situation? And that includes those of you who are veterans. #1--Last night on “The Scoot Show” we talked about people who suffer from “political identity disorder”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So the TARP -- rodeo is this weekend I hear that actually some people go to the TARP in rodeo and actually fish. But not everybody does. In fact I knew this couple once and they had been married that long and this was the beginning of when she thought that things -- not gonna work out in the relationship. He was going to the TARP and rodeo with a bunch of friends and he didn't bring a fishing brought. So she knew that he went for the reasons. And I have heard the wildest stories. About the grand -- -- -- I let's go back to Monica Monica area is from Connecticut she called us what she was in Mississippi early in the shooting night. As she is listening as we -- beaming into the city. She has now live it's -- first time in New Orleans so if you wanna call right now. Tell Monica which was Monica tell Monica what she should do in in New Orleans coloring -- be here Monica. Until Sunday OK I've got a couple suggestions but if anybody was to call and give money a suggests -- suggestion right now. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Activity and -- it's an -- city 77 what would you suggest that Monica do. Her first time in New -- out tomorrow night in the French Quarter do you like to dance. -- -- tomorrow and the French quarters eighties night at one eyed -- want to lose. And every Thursday night -- is packed it's a blast and it's all great classic eighties music. Right or. Dad is that's a lot of fun now -- so you you haven't into the French -- you're staying in edit the India town. And haven't been here. I you know downtown in the French Quarter with the do it tonight or sometime. You needed you need to go to the quarter and go to. Have coffee -- it can't figure -- that's. It is right -- Saint Louis cathedral that's a really. A wonderful thing to do what. -- it's going to be warming and immoral it's always a chance of some scattered thunderstorms but you should I which we take a walk to the -- cooler tomorrow. You know you could say can we we call it a -- you might call it a trolley but -- you could probably take the streetcar. From. We're a close to you Lawrence saint Charles get you know it's a way to tell you where the street car runs and -- street party to take that right to the city. And I'll take a bill that will take you to canal street and Herbert. -- -- Ankle. On K I -- I did he actually car actually. -- few minutes ago China on -- line all right and Monica. Listen -- stay with -- because right now. On drafts on a great -- -- -- the Monica and her dogs. I don't -- what do you think Monica should do a New Orleans. -- -- Found out there. -- Now -- In the street. Or. Any one. Go go out there. There. And eat it. It's. In the. -- that is a great suggestion and I've done that a few times. Since -- moved back it's it's fun to just get on the ferry and right across it right back it is it's especially cool if there's a big ship passing you by what you're on the river. -- as agree it's great suggestion thanks for calling for it -- a suggestion from Monica who spent a couple more minutes with Monica. Sheila was driving listen to show coming in from Connecticut. She's here now in two worlds for the first broad sell. It go to the Algiers Theriot to -- canal street canal street Algiers theory and that's recognize that there's a -- a new shopping mall. And river walk outlets with these designers or Russia which sores on the river. And it's right next to that you can get on the ferry across the river which really great ticket. On the river disagree -- A passing guys out of -- of ship traffic on the Mississippi River. And and I would suggest coffee and doughnuts and you know this record out. You know we don't have last call. You -- there are bars that don't close ever. Yes a you don't you don't you don't have to what you think to school. -- you'll have to cram your you're yours your party union before 2 o'clock. I hang on Monica the government has gotten a suggestion for -- in Europe with Monica and -- WL. Hell yeah. Yes. Hey Monica. It. Hello. Yet here Monica there's a lot of it in the city. But just be very careful at night how he walked around that's slipping you mention. I've -- be aware that this is in Connecticut this is that the and there at the crime in the city -- just watch your back if you if you get a chance. It could suggest -- -- -- I'll talk to a little bit about that to Monica before before you go here's a text arrived this week or all the way down saint Charles avenue. And then writing Algiers fairy. And shop on magazine street that's going to be close to where you are on magazines as a very quaint area with the -- shopping. I would. You know I mean if you wanted to go to the court tonight you can go to the court tonight but is hasn't ecologists and -- Suggested that you you be careful. In New Orleans is like many Dixon's where you have to be careful around and they just don't allow yourself especially. After one or two or we -- to allow yourself to be. In an isolated area where isolated street it's just not wise to do that it doesn't mean -- world's dangerous but it's just prudent to not put yourself in that situation. But the French Quarter will be reaching. Well there will be places open the French Quarter of tomorrow more -- it'll close. Out a I got -- At all right now if you you -- routes calls tomorrow night. We go on the -- at 8 o'clock policy when we get on the air and -- value for my annual Solis. And that I'll get Mort I'll get more suggestions and I appreciate you picking up our show if you're driving in and I'm glad you allowed us to welcome you as soon as you rise to New Orleans. You don't like that I feel also at the end Aaron make you are -- comfortable coming here I'd been. Traveling a long time due date change -- They -- here's -- -- I have frontier -- -- Yeah here's something that you what you do and I I mentioned it some -- mentioned -- that some guys sent -- -- -- give Monica my numbers so minority of people with. Monica we we have something here called the snowball. Guy in your part of the country the usually referred to in his face no call when we call it a snowball and he will not. You will not a snowball anywhere in the country. I'm like you will gain here so that's something I really release specials so here's. On cans of syllable. Bullets it's no blitz is a town. Also there's the -- three syllables so flying and somebody where there's a good snowboard shop and you have a snowball you're here. Okay double that number -- -- now trying to yeah. Yeah it is it is that it will be -- about a to have a great time Acosta warrantless are you doing. All right I thought -- nice talking to you to Monica. -- you to suddenly -- -- our show if you were to join us tonight we didn't comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688907. At tech's number is 87 -- 870. From New Orleans Clyde here at WWL. Yes to -- don't dictate the -- down to -- say -- battlefield. -- The boat Dunn didn't like the Natchez. -- out that would be another good thing to do. Yeah I haven't done that since I haven't done that since I moved back and -- -- had a chance to see that matches almost almost every day younger nephew -- have to do that. Like I appreciate the suggestion. I stood you have as I noticed that. All right thanks thanks god -- it's always fun to welcome somebody to your city and you know we knew what what I think I love about talking about what you should do this year you're missing New Orleans especially for the first time this was just a random thing. Monica called the show. Driving and she was still in Mississippi. Bengie. Or rides and call says that she's here first time in New Orleans she's a friend coming to visitor from Baton Rouge I think she said tomorrow. And it's just it's it's fun to help people. Discovered the city and when you do that it also reminds you about all the great things that they already do for example. Andre just called it said what about the the Algiers -- the canal street fair. And that's a great idea. And and I I've done that recently you just take the ferry across take the ferry back. And especially for big -- is is passing by that's of great sensation to be on on the river did the ship just -- The the fairy but that's a fun thing to do it for pedestrians -- I believe it's free from uptown -- -- to -- showing -- WL. -- -- Angel. Island. Little. Yes. -- and she. Got. A million. Good idea. And a look alike -- remarkable because they always have fund fancier. Especially in the -- At the time. And calling Munich. In. And the court. Can't Carly I'm glad to call the show and thanks for listening here's a Texan -- for Monica she sounds pretty mellow may be her friend from Baton Rouge could beat her in the middle somewhere. And they can take this warped tour. It may not be in this city by its. BA. It's and I is a nice experience. That I could I took myself when I was still a tourist aren't really enjoy the well. What my son was he was girlfriend. Months ago. He went on a -- tour and you know I've never been a swamp tour. I guess really a shame I was born here -- reversal -- and use their girlfriend really when you respond to work and he said it was better than he expected. He said it was really awesome so that's something else that you might -- do the swap to work. And this time of year the alligators around upper Mississippi Lance -- to be WL. I don't know -- -- history but not the course they were -- museum down -- -- at quarter. So now someplace she beat us now I think they at Omniture with the day all maybe. That are super yeah. That is a great suggestion or -- effect I just got a -- event I've been getting getting a couple of text in recommending the World War II museum. Art class -- logical so what if you're still listening take all these notes and you call us tomorrow night will remind of a few other things to do. Here is attacks. That read so I tell Monica to eat a -- boy. And parkway bakery. And then take in the -- a city park there we do have a -- a lovely park called -- city park. If you've never had a poll boy -- boy is what I guess it would be equivalent to. A subway sandwich a sub sandwich or deli sandwich in. In that Connecticut's. But it's made on French bread. And again by it by talking about this week. We remind ourselves about how unique this city is it all the little things that are unique swamp tour a -- boy. It's a it's a big sandwich and you can get anywhere fried shrimp or ham and cheese or roast -- or they have been soft shell crab. All kinds of things side that is say is is quite an experience here's a text -- Monica should drive the world's longest bridge. That is unique experience and it's really it's really amazing due to be in the middle of the causeway. And most days. Disappoint in the middle of the causeway. And you're bridge. And you can't see land on either -- cutesy land in any direction. Are really clear day I remember is like in the in the wintertime when -- really cool and crisp. I would get on the cause we're in the North -- and you could see downtown New Orleans but you in the middle of the causeway and Indian and atlas. This waterway outer bridge in Nazi land anywhere. Again by talking about this. In suggesting it for somebody else it reminds us of all the unique things that nucleus have you tried the -- every day. And you haven't thought about that recently -- think about it you know this is really pretty cool can get on the middle of the lake here. I'm I'm I'm over water and in my car but like Nancy land anywhere. And that's really kind of a cool sensation. If you would like to join us with your comet tonight our number is 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths hear what's happening. And a text number is 87870. Here's an update on a WW a project opinion poll. Or you or could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views. 62%. Say no couldn't do it 38% say yes that that. If you're thinking of like going to our web site -- W dot com. This is -- shield we're coming right but if you will. We. We. Long. And yeah. As a black -- -- song a song. Might make you what speed they were talking earlier tonight about Sarah Palin getting a speeding ticket agents say what the reason she was speeding is because she was listening to Sammy Hagar is. I can't drive 55. And so we've been talking about songs that -- drive faster -- -- that you should. It was so intense shoot to drive fast I'll put also put generally at CB -- CT MZ she said I wasn't speeding I was call falling. Obvious reference to NASCAR. I hear is attacks astute thanks for reading my text from Monica you have to take your girlfriend -- a -- tour. I think you all would really enjoy it even if you're opposites ha ha. Yeah issues industrious and chances are she's been on a swap too yeah I'm really embarrassed to say that I never gonna respond to her bra I'm gonna gonna figure that out. You know one thing that I thought about the small tumors. You know the alligators. Come right up to the the votes right. And they they feed the alligators. So the alligators are used to eating food. Does that mean that if somebody happened to fall off the boat that alligators would go right forum. The -- you're accused the well. Here's a Texan -- so Monica should take in the show at Rick's cabaret is speaking of which I think it's past time. That I take in the sites. Over it bricks well. Nobody should ever have an excuse me an excuse to go have fun from New Orleans -- -- this crucial and. VW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- There college. -- musician also home. And that what could it get to result Frenchman you can't just force shot while also was -- I was. And that you early. It's he would should go. You get here till Sunday. It also they have exactly acceptable born on Sunday also do what sensible. Did actor actress just on the -- directory which starts at the hockey league fields and they certainly -- you know. No good will come of a directory festival no good will come of this. Okay. -- You know what she got to experience it just so she could tell were friends with it would drive through directory job in the world did you drive up and get a directory. It is the that they do everything like the food and every yeah. Well you know and so to see here. In that bush well easier is just so much. Are you -- to come back continual but French ministry. DNC apostles. Guantanamo. Bay hill club and it to 94 upward streak. You want to get away from -- because people there and enjoy some some good music and also good for outside vendors. Lack -- -- more acute in all of that that's French. It's a great suggestion I love freshman and junior derided. It -- it Frenchman in some ways and it's it's a clean New Orleans high area but it it it's it's kind of like in some areas of the of the northeast where they're they're selling food on the street. -- actually did it all right here and there you wanna get away from the wild well urban street everything all of volatile. Felt fortunate commuted to reach out and read a lot musician myself musician that plays out it there's just need to step. Foreman at bat that was cool relaxed out and attention you are you at home. Yet profitable right now would you do woody -- play. -- And Jasmine France and and do a lot of traditional operate on the -- Obama. Progression as well -- and the right shields. And the effect it has brought ashore in lakes -- all of this we -- them do it with the what was production and articles. But should also in that that -- give them this year in. But what was astute Smart and that's in the except most Saturday and Sunday. Then I don't secular and so she can and -- -- -- -- you might want extradition back. Into the quarters so I appreciate the suggestion. Yeah definitely school and so it isn't so much here as an alternate jurors must -- And I'm more -- give them up on the other report about war. There's I appreciate you calling. -- have not. Yet Monica if you're still listening Frenchman that's. You know Frenchman. I think in some ways Frenchman has kind of the feeling that urban street had many many years ago. And I'm not criticizing herb street to desperate -- there I mean I still love for street. But -- street is a lot of the T shirt shops and there's one cover band after another cover band of artistry. In fact. You can go to you can walk down -- and here. Bands play a Bon Jovi song and you can hear the -- Bon Jovi song as you're walking down. Short and number retreat from from different clubs and as you want to industry at all all coming up the clubs in and Marguerite Advil and again it's not a criticism as much as it is an observation but -- today. Has become. -- in that area with the with the jazz in the music they used to be a little bit more. Common on. On Bourbon Street John -- Judy producer just -- appear funky pirates and that's is that Decatur. As a -- part. On Barbara street old that's right that's right between -- an -- yes you're right that's of their somebody a fun places. Here's a text that read it's. Fueled by Metallica is a song that makes people and approach the accelerator a little harder. So -- go to our next break with fuel. By Metallica. I if you enjoy pressure with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 87070. Are you or could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views. 63% saying go 37% say yes that's a WWL project wrote in April of this year opinion by going to our website to be inaugural dot com. And we will give you an update on that as we continue to tractor pull through on our show. You know I mentioned that the the woman dating and Ohio are opposites wish we'd like to do the same things -- You know she's. Suburban and I live in the cities so in in some ways where we're very opposite and I think it's it's a good. If you are not necessarily just identical to the person with again that's just from my standpoint saved -- might be good if you're with somebody who's exactly like Q. But I think it's fun if you're somebody who's not exactly like Q but you still have to like to do the same things. The new justification for expressing. Stream anti gay views is freedom of religion. There's a news director. News editor at a newspaper in Iowa the Newton daily news. And Bob Ashland. Was fired for writing what he's employers considered to be homophobic block. He's Christian. And he put our personal blog. Condemnation. Of the gay friendly version of the Bible. He was criticizing the queen James Bible which I've never heard of the queen James Bible web site. -- said that that led to his firing is now suing the newspaper for infringing on his a first amendment rights we're gonna talk more about that coming up here just a few minutes. Also tonight we have a talked about Republican senator Ted crews bring up something that I would have never ever considered. I don't think I'm politically naive but I really -- thought -- this. Ted Cruz says that president -- well he's not sure but he is questioning. If President Obama used the FAA. A federal agency. To impose sanctions on Israel when the FAA banned all flights flying into the Tel Aviv airport. And tourism is a big industry utilities. So American carriers not flying into Tel Aviv. Is gonna have an economic impact on the city. And the country. It's been extend its I don't know how long it's gonna go on but it's been extended but frankly but I saw how close that Hamas missile. I hit to the airport and with the Malaysian airlines flight seventeen. And being shot down by a missile. To me. Yet you have to be careful and I don't think it's politically motivated some people do I think this is more about safety. A to join usher at our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 877. Also tonight we're talking about. A time when you've been really scared. And I don't mean scared because President Obama was elected I got a couple of those text. And it -- scared and a movie you're on a roller coaster or some kind of amusement park ride. But we've never been really scared. When were you scared and we're really concerned. About a life and death situation. When I was bugged. By four people see beauty. That was not elect and a situation to me. They did have a gun delicacy but I just I didn't have a sense that this was a life and death situation I didn't know I was gonna end. But that I wasn't afraid for my life then. What stands out in my mind -- -- being a life or death situation. Was in 1986. I was in new York and I was ready to fly back to New Orleans and a guy huge blistered. In New York note do work New York that whole area a huge -- hit in 1996. And we were talking like instantly three feet of snow. And I would I was on a flight. Heading back to New Orleans. And I was actually on the plane for five hours. We got to the end of the runway. And we were about to take off. And it was snowing. And I honestly thought that there was a very good possibility. That I was gonna die. I was hoping. That they were gonna be safe. And it was going to be fine. And I assumed. That they were. Gonna do the right thing. But after being on the -- for five hours and we finally get to the end of the runway we are about to take off. And I really thought. I might die I don't know from Italy through this. Right we were ready to take off. They announced they were going back to the terminal. Because they couldn't deicing the plane fast enough as soon as they DI state. -- came right back. So I thought wow. It inconvenient. But this is a blessing. Then I had active. I had to get back to I was actually staying in in we -- had to get back to the hotel and we hawk and which is just across the Hudson from New York City in New Jersey. But I had to get to I had to take a -- to Grand Central station and New York was was just. Desolate. Nobody wants -- on the street. And here I get back and I'm I'm I'm first on fortune to get on a bus while you were stuck at the airport. A bus to get to Grand Central station and walking out of Grand Central station in New York City there was just such an eerie feeling. And I had to walk. Couldn't get a camp had to walk from Grand Central station to the ferry to take the ferry back across to we talk a New Jersey. And during that walk. Not even sure if I would even see the ferry. I was alone. And nobody was around. I -- was New York City and I honestly. A fear for my life. From New Orleans out of your on the -- want to be WL. -- -- -- -- Yeah. I. Are you should violent years ago where are well. NN -- -- it they'll go elk. We Elkhart. -- and the other guys and now we took a little vote and we went out. Well we like our plant which beat the LP where where it would happen. We now and be where they -- 10. No where I. Know where. I'll pepper -- well. We start comeback and and long story short we float it. Much because -- that -- out short. Island -- the water this year. We -- world today and still don't -- -- -- Bart actually out. And I thought Berkshire. The audit I had I was really. I -- things that we -- there were -- You know killer whale that were in the water and they're real sure -- -- mean you eat them under the vote. Looking. Trying to figure out what would -- and I think with water under the stir up opt for a that a little light. Hello currently. Four opt for low and where that orchids were the boat that we take church at night. Watching over the side -- shipped out. And I'm not sure that we built a water or whether. Water was probably thirty or. Your dot. -- Those -- down. There July. Adam I can see where that would be a very frightening situation and then. I remember and I'm sure you felt the same way when you saw there because I don't think that I rescind that too much imminent danger but I felt that at the time when I was in the blizzard in New York. When when I finally saw the ferry coming over from New Jersey because they were. They were big giant chunks of ice in in the Hudson and I was sure to ferry was was gonna run. And there I was stuck alone on the wharf by the ferry in New York City and it's just sold. Eerie because nobody's out but you never know who could be -- I didn't know what I was gonna do but I've -- the ferry coming and I'm I'm sure you had the same kind of feeling when you saw the Coast Guard. Cry I -- at what -- you thought they saw the current that we -- At the. I'm glad you're here at a place are calling. If you wanna join us with that your story or via the comment about any they were talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven. A -- -- 7870. Sarah Palin got caught speeding and she's got to pay ticket she was doing 63 in a 45 mile an hour zone. So one of the reasons she was meetings because of the music she was listening to. She -- listening to Sammy Hagar. I can't drive 55. Sometimes music makes -- wanna drive fast. Not that we should. We're talking about songs that attempted to drive fast and I have gotten a number of tech's request tonight. For this song my Metallica. It's fuel. I can see what this might wanna make you throw it best if you driving right now don't drive fast like she was just might inspire you to. This is this future we're coming right back on WWL. Among the attacks requests for songs that make people wanted to drive fast. This argument -- never. Springsteen's. Born to run. Early Springfield concerts at the municipal auditorium. How phenomenal they weren't as you saw Springsteen in those early years you knew this was one special guy who was going to be phenomenal performer. Here's a quick update on our -- of -- pretty general opinion poll tonight -- you were could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views 63% say no. And 30% say yes to the shipping immigrant -- website WW dot com. A more suggestions coming in Ferrara our our new visitor to New Orleans moniker she called the show. Early two guys who earlier she was striving in front Connecticut finally getting close to New Orleans and Mississippi she'd never been to new world is -- was it to show. As you called in and as you call this a little while ago when she got here shall go on do some things tonight I guess and then if she's too tired. And that she's gonna cost tomorrow night and we're gonna continue this a list of things suffer Monica could do. -- to do a swamp tours -- coffee and doughnuts. The streetcar which I'm sure she would refer to as a trolley. Rock and double the canal street Algiers fairy. -- that matches go to Frenchman the -- were fastest this weekend. Eat a snowball because you know -- can ever get one of those things refer to as a snow cone elsewhere you're never gonna get one that tastes like that. I anywhere else except here in the New Orleans area. In talking abouts moments when people are really scared here's a -- when I was in grad school. I did an intern ship in DC. And I was living in a neighborhood there I decided to take a shorter route home on the bus from wash from Washington Nationals game. And once I got out. I was like off the bus I found out why I never took it before. I was so scared but I we get -- at 1030 at night I kept looking around me. Here's a text I'm scared. For my life driving -- 12 every morning. FYI one of the top ten most dangerous roads in America. When -- has three of them. Yeah I tell you there -- times you get out on the the -- ten and you're Rosie street get on I twelve or do you get on I ten between -- And that brutish and yeah I EU EU should be afraid for your life I was -- Holm a pedestrian the other night. And this was like I don't know it was did never showed that dies so it was maybe. 6:7. O'clock. I I drove from the 310. By ten split. Coming in from district. All the way into the parish line driving the speed limit. Sixty miles an hour. And I didn't pass one car. I didn't pass one car every other car passed me. Driving the -- and from the IT I 310 I -- split. All the way to New Orleans. Jefferson Parish line if you -- join our shorter right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- recipient takes over is 87870. I'd -- is posted. A blog on our website under our opinions at W real dot com this sorts out the cajun cannon made it here. And now as they say that hay is in the barn where all appear in beautiful West Virginia and tomorrow we will hear from Mickey and -- Tebow Kate dog yeah everybody's everybody's up in the W a real team is in place the saints -- in place to start training camp tomorrow. And we've -- wall to wall coverage we've got. Off the wall off the change coverage from the -- training camp from Greenbrier. West Virginia and again it's one more comfortable temperature wise there that it is an airline highway. But are our entire protein is up there and will have constant updates on -- we're excited to be W real dot com. And also witnessed throughout the sports talker in the afternoon. And tomorrow Bobby and their state of the saints pre camp press conference all of that tomorrow on the flagship station. A few New Orleans Saints WL. And if you want alerts about the latest news coming from training camp in L issue is footballs around the corner of the pelicans -- because -- offseason moves. You can get updates on the saints L issue and the pelicans you get this information. You might be among the first of your friends to know some of these things if you sign up. For -- to be -- text alert simply text the word sports. 2877. Text the word sports. To -- 7870. Message and data rates may apply. And also what -- remind you that we are continuing to give you every -- a chance to win 1000 dollars in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen weekdays right before the top of the islanders at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. That enter the code word at seven to 81 for your chance to win without -- putting Florida. That seven to eighty born every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide with a thousand dollars each. So don't -- -- in the money and he won a sign up for the the alerts will get a text the word about fifteen minutes before the text word is via code words read. You could simply. Text the word cash to wait 7870 to sign up for the -- of -- cash. -- and bullets you know fifteen minutes before the code word is mentioned so you are certain illicit. A 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest so Debbie if you will remember the times to listen 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And it's like via a good look from sport radio intercom. And all of us at WWL. Remember we don't overcharge for text but you individual plain text and generates they -- gas slow ride fog -- I'm sold I was actually playing this what I was doing a morning radio show -- a music station. It was a current hits. Yeah. I've been doing this to work and I let go anyway. Years from now will be played middle brutal more storm. What's gonna happen. Couple that had plastic -- Justin Timberlake song simple time. -- how to play and all those in the future as -- for music. This is the schoolchildren coming right back it WW well. Welcome back to discuss show coming up after the 11 o'clock news -- talk about the -- blog tonight which is titled anti gay rhetoric and freedom of religion. Now we're hearing a lot of artists news editor for newspaper Iowa which fired when he puts him. Comments that were considered by the newspaper owners to be homophobic comments he was criticizing. The queen James version of the Bible which I'd never heard of and apparently it's its own website. And it was critical of that and their comments were deemed homophobic and so he was fired any suing newspapers saying that. I he has freedom of speech and that that freedom of religion. Protects him saying that on his private blog here's a Texan -- work for secular newspaper. I was careful not to publish personal political views on my blogger FaceBook page. While I have a right to my opinion. I knew it was also an employee of a paper. And stating my views would give off an impression. That some might say was biased and might be taken as making a statement. As in newspaper employee. -- I understand that we got to be Smart. We'll talk more about this whole freedom of religion and anti gay comments coming up right after the news on the -- -- whatever WL.