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07-23 11pm Scoot/ Pedephilia and Gays

Jul 24, 2014|

Are gays being unjustifiably blamed for pedephilia in the United States today?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earlier tonight we're talking about rappers ever -- Republican us senator Ted Cruz who is questioning whether President Obama used the FAA is a government agency. To impose sanctions on Israel by banning all US carriers flying into Tel Aviv airport. Well we have now learned that the FAA has lifted the ban on those flights over US carriers are now flying back into the Tel Aviv airport. You know I have to start out prices saying why. Why do people to notice. A vice principal. At a middle school and that rouge has been arrested for exchanging naked pictures. With a fifteen year old student from the school. Like you people do that. This you know -- again this just amazes me what what part of sending a nude picture of yourself. To a fifteen year old. Makes cents. This -- a vice principal of southeast middle school in Baton Rouge and a fifteen year old he's at the pictures too was a student at the school. You know there are so many people who are concerned about -- teachers. Lesbian teachers. Having an impact on their kids. Think about all the kids that have been molested. And all the kids that are exposed to this kind of behavior. From heterosexual adults. So maybe it's the straight teachers that we need to be more concerned -- Last night on the show we were talking about people who suffer from political identity disorder and and I'm among goes. Those who are rejected by the far right because of some views. And those who are rejected by the far left because of some years well time we've been talking about. Whether or not you can associate with spouse partner boyfriend girlfriend family your friends you live around people who have completely opposite political views. As you do. And here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you or could you be married to someone with a completely opposite political view 64%. Say no couldn't do it. 36% say yes that could give your opinion by going to our web site WQL dot com. The new justification for expressing extreme anti gay views. Is feed -- of religion. And there's a Christian who was in a news editor for the Newton daily news in Iowa. And he was fired from his job for writing what he's employers thoughts was. A homophobic blog. Whose name is Bob and Eshleman I think as they pronounce it. And he was criticized for criticizing the king the king James version of the Bible which is a web site apparently which I'm not familiar -- And is now suing the newspaper for infringing on his first amendment rights. In an op Ed piece at foxnews.com. -- dot -- starts a quotes the president of shell media. By saying. The First Amendment does not eliminate responsibility and accountability for one's words and actions. And maturity siding with the fired editor says. No one should be fired for simply expressing their religious beliefs. And the newspaper will be approached. Like eight pit bull going after a torture. As the battle the ban same sex marriage in America based on American tradition and religious police is being lost. The of the new battleground seems to be invoking religious freedom to condemn gays from a position in the workplace. And complicating this issue I think is the fact that this is news editor with his newspaper Iowa made the anti gay comments any personal blog. So the question is does an employer have the right to fire any employee. Who makes comments in a personal blog or a personal conversation. -- the employer feels reflects negatively on the company. You know an aspect of this came up when Donald Sterling made his comments in a private conversation that went viral and went public. And that reflected negatively on a team in the NBA in the NBA doesn't tolerate it. The other question is. And this is being asked across the country whether or not religious freedom is legal justification for refusing service to gays. And lesbians. There should be no question that the First Amendment protects freedom to express religious beliefs. But there is this lingering question about what society considers acceptable. Societal norms and has changed overtime. What was what's acceptable in the past. Concerning say racial discrimination. Is no longer acceptable today. And even if you make certain comments as a private citizen you have a right to make those comments but you're still going to be held accountable for what you say. The use of the N word which which part of everyday conversation the past is no longer considered acceptable. So I think it's this fear of changing norms. That some people think this is gonna lead to the collapse of America and I just I think this is -- front. I mean we have changed our our our country has evolved in -- and changed. And we're still here we we haven't collapsed in it's it is it's okay for some things to change. And we do change. Our attitude as a society. About things that are acceptable and things that are unacceptable. If religious freedom protects an employee. Making comments that are not acceptable to a growing segment of the population. Then with the same religious freedom allow an employee to promote and extreme pro Islamic stance. Or even a positive view of worshipping Satan. Now for the record I mean I'm not drawing any comparison between Islam and Satan. But both represented degree of extremism. In the context of American society. In most cases extreme pro Islamic views or promoting satanic beliefs. Would be considered out of sync with current day America. But -- in the interest of not being hypocritical. Would not the same justification of religious freedom be used to demand tolerance. Of those views as well. Sometimes hidden in this this criticism of gay and lesbian rights. Is this message that America is a Christian nation. And we talked about this quite often on the show America's dominated by Christians. But we're not. Based on what I know if history were not a Christian nation percent. On and so therefore. If you're gonna accept. The expression of extreme Christian beliefs. And how could you under the constitution. Not except extreme. Other beliefs satanic beliefs or. And Islamic police. The beauty of the constitution is stated that allows American society to change to a fault. -- tactically extreme anti gay views are protected by the First Amendment. But society will continue to maintain the right to judge. How Americans use this this precious right that we half. And I. I find it interesting that. There are there are a lot of people in this country who will protect who will protect the idea. Of extreme Christian beliefs. But dot extreme other beliefs and to me that's. As hypocritical. If you wanna join a show with a comment on numbers 2601870. To all free 866889. Or seventy. And our text number is 87070. It we've we've talked about -- show quite often in this seems to be a new battlegrounds in America this expression of religious freedom to to condemn others having you can't do it you have a right to do it. The other question is does an employer. Have the right to fire you if you do something that reflects negatively on the company. So here's a news editor. Who. Is posting a personal blog. Something that his employer. Thinks is inappropriate. If you put something on FaceBook. That you think. Is appropriate. But your employer. Thinks that. What you say the content of what you say reflects negatively on the business. You're saying this in a public forum. Doesn't the employer have the right to fire you. You have a right to say it. But does the employer have a right to -- If you went into Russia the comet are numbers 260187. And you because of social media like Twitter FaceBook all the social media this is a question that really wasn't a big question in the past. If you post something on FaceBook -- if you send out a tweet. Even -- it's a personal account. And you still be held accountable by your employer. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number. Is -- 77. Also I want to mention another blog it's on our website at W Google dot Condit was written by Seth Dunlap please. With WWL. He's host producer and writer -- three WL thirteen fifty -- some times part of the of morning showed double coverage. And sets blog is titled Tony Dungy. Was talking about me. I mean I mean but it was talking about Seth. One thing that he writes is if everything I said to wrote tweeted. Or what debt with a microscope. I'd. Sure offenders many people as dungy did so I'm not casting stones without personal reflection. However what dungy said. Was hypocritical. Dishonest. And showed such a complete lack of moral conviction. Set goes on to writes. It reeks of dishonesty. When dungy make statements about. Michael -- him as he did and and he said that he would not have drafted Michael sand because of the distractions because he's gay. A sets writes I'd like to think that people. Are wise enough in the face of the evidence to realize that dungy has a major moral objection to -- He's either being completely disingenuous. With his reasoning. For not wanting to draft Sam or completely hypocritical. Given his previous advocacy campaign. For Michael Vick. And you could read that blog on our website to WW real dot com. And -- that says that he Pete came out when he was -- five years old and you know it's just. -- I'm not gay it's hard for me to. It's hard for me to -- can't speak from firsthand experience it's difficult for me to speak for anybody else. -- but I would think that you learn. Because of of who you -- you learn how to. Act appropriately. In situations like. Locker rooms. And health clubs. Because we have all been in locker rooms. We've all of that and health clubs with people who were gay. We might not have known it. But if you just think about. Did the possibility that somebody in the locker room is -- and yet there don't seem to be any incidents so it's. It's not an issue I have I mean I have a lot of respect for Tony Dungy but I do agree with that assessed set Dunlap. And that this was in -- has a right to say what he said that he wouldn't rafts. Michael Sam first openly gay player in the NFL. Because of the distractions. Especially in the locker but that seems to be a suggestion that there's going to be a problem in the locker room. Now locker rooms. In any any sport on any level. This is not a politically correct. Informant. And a lot he said. Things are talked about. I don't think that's gonna change it I would hope that everybody has a sense of humor I would hope that everybody can be made fun of without taking it too seriously. I just don't see how this is gonna be a problem since there have been so many gays in sports already. They have not been openly gay while they played. But they came out after the retired. And there were no incidents in the locker rooms with these case. Did anybody knows enough. So obviously that's not really an issue. If you manager and -- right would you comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- -- -- -- -- Here's a text one of the jobs of being a Christian is to spread the word of god to people who don't believe in christianity. That's true. But are we still held accountable. For what we say. And again -- are things that were said in the past considered acceptable. They're no longer acceptable today. I see in the in the future. There will be an effect maybe it'll be me. I'll be on the -- talking about remember years ago when there was this big controversy about same sex marriage wasn't that silly. In the same way that today we reflect back on. Remember how it was against societal norms. For whites and blacks to get married. Some of that was based on. Moral beliefs. There was a time when birth control pills. Were declared unconstitutional. So we've been through a lot in this country and I I think we're gonna look at a time when we hope will look back and go. Can't remember how controversial that was what was that such a big deal. And there was a recent report that we talked about on the show the other night by indicating that only only 2%. Of Americans identify themselves as gay or lesbian. Only 2%. But it's not just that 2%. Its in its many more Americans who just believe in total equality. That's why. Same sex marriage that's why. Gay rights and equality. -- with everybody regardless of sexual orientation that's why it's gained so much traction. That's why it's got so much attention not because of 2% of the population. But because there are so many more Americans who agree. With that idea of equality. If you -- -- a site on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy and a text number is 877. I'm -- come right back. Under the WL there was another botched execution will tell you about that in just a moment I love this -- from Bruno Mars. Scotty young girls and just that that the tune in the way he sings it reminds me of Rod Stewart stuff. This is cute show ledger was tonight his quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Are you -- could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views 63% say no 37%. Say yes. -- I don't know what my mom really really beliefs but my mom was part of a generation. Where she just went along with the my -- sent. And federal my mom never really thought about it or if she really disagree that just didn't say anything but my mom. Always seem to agree with my dad but again I don't know if she if she always -- Here's -- Texas says says -- I was able to watch TV. And the caravan of vehicles delivering the remains of the victims from Malaysian airlines flight seventeen to the expert examiners in the Netherlands. It was very sad and emotionally moving. This is going to be on for the next several days please find time to view some of -- tomorrow -- -- I saw that I saw that earlier. And it is very moving I got text from somebody earlier if anybody can confirm this please do. Is tomorrow a day that people -- supposed to Wear orange. I haven't confirmed as but I got a text early in the showed tonight but tomorrow is a data show. And the Netherlands in the world that we -- were united. Over -- of the loss of the innocent lives over there the Ukraine by wearing orange. And I'm not exactly sure why oranges at the national color of the Netherlands I mean I I I don't knows of somebody wants to. A Davis on this please do. Here is a tax increase excellent blog by Seth kudos to WWL for giving him the platform. Here's a text. This is about Michael Sam Michael Sam -- a marginal prospect at best. While Vick Michael Vick was a top tier athlete Sam's upside doesn't outweigh the distraction. While fixed talent did. Here in this text continues dungy never questioned Sam's right to compete for jobs. He questioned whether or not his ability it was worth the media distraction. That comes along with -- now I understand it. But we should be fair. And to me this is this is another way of -- well his talent isn't worth the distraction. That's a way of justifying. Condemnation of the first openly gay football player. And we shouldn't be surprised that this is happening and it's up to any coach to make a decision about whether or not to draft a player like that but. There have been players in in in the NFL who were gay they just were openly gay and it really it shouldn't matter I mean all we care about is the performance on the field. And yet this has become a circus in many would argue that hey it's. It's a circus. It's a circus because. Michael -- making it a circus. Well there was a lot of circus like media surrounding the kiss when he was drafted with his boyfriend and you know that was done by ESPN for this year. The sheer shock value it attracts attention and it's all about it's all about attracting attention if you manage -- Schneider numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text -- late 77 and I really would like to know fiercest something with this this idea of wearing orange tomorrow to show solidarity. I might have an orange T -- but that's about that's about it I Wear black you know oranges in new blacks I Wear the old orange which is a black. Here's a text you should've heard Dan Patrick interview with dungy. And this interview was done right after the draft. Sam was a late draft choice not highly rated dungy said once. Once Oprah wanted to do a TV reality show it could create. To it would create too much distraction. I can't think of any other coach. That I would want my son to play for. Interest and everybody's entitled an opinion. And I have a lot of respect for Tony Dungy I don't agree with him on the comment that he made about the distraction of this player in the NFL but it. -- -- time will will will tell but I. I think there will be a time. And god knows I'll probably still be on the you're talking about it. Every time when will say. Remember how controversial -- To think about openly gay players in the NFL. Openly gay players in the locker room. Time will pass our society will evolve. And this will not really be a big deal in the future. And if anybody doesn't have any information -- this this orange deal -- a semi tech city 77. Arizona. Another botched execution. It took a 117. Minutes. To kill this guy. That's two hours. A 117 minutes. You know. Why is it's it's amazing that it's it's so hard to kill somebody. When it seems so easy to kill some body. You know you you'd think that this idea of lethal injection would be a really. Pristine. Surgical type process. And now a struggle kinds of controversy. And I know the argument can be able like this is a convicted murderer you know so what if you suffer I interest I understand that argument. But it's just amazing to me that we can't come up with a formula that would consistently just. Kill anybody mean it seems like there's enough stuff under your sink. It would -- if you if you consume data and and yet. These people are are living again I don't I don't I know there's been a lot of controversy about via. The cocktail formula it's disuse for these executions but again it's just it's I don't know if I find it's -- basing that. You know we're supposed to be so technologically advanced and yet I know this is sound sounds weird but what we can't we can't effectively kill somebody. You would think that we would have the technology. To do that if we're if we're gonna do that. Here is a -- -- orange is the color of the Dutch royal family. House of Iran -- Nassau. Is. The -- I I hope I'm pronouncing that right. So you know notify my orange -- sure they -- -- -- teacher somewhere so if you have something orange we're tomorrow to show of solidarity. And is the President Obama said and this is -- -- -- President Reagan said in 1983 when the Soviet Union Russia shut down a Korean civilian airline. This is not just an attack against an airline from Korea or in this case an airline from. Malaysian airlines this is an attack. Against the world. And we have yet to hear the end of this and and I would hope that there will be. Severe. Severe consequences. For those who are held accountable. Here's a -- may be if lethal injection takes two hours vs two minutes it would make someone think twice. Here's a text who cares how long it took to kill that like. I I do understand that. But that's not the way it's supposed to be according to our constitution which. Demands. That we nights. That we not participate in cruel and unusual punishment as unfair as that is stooped to many if you. The argument is made did it's it's not fair if we don't know how to do it right and one of the reasons who went to you know it it it seems like there are more problems with lethal injection. And there have been with other methods of execution. And I I know there were. Many controversies with -- The electric chair effect I think in Florida they refer to the electric years old Sparky. Because sometimes there would be. Sparks and things that we're dead fly off the heads of those people who are being -- -- it's a horrible. Horrible I think to envision. Here's a text should have taken longer you know I do understand I I have I have developed. I can't even say ambivalent feelings about the about the the death penalty. I've really grown to. Oppose the death penalty. Just because of that calculated manner in which. Humans kill another human and I look I I understand I mean I totally understand the argument look with these people did they deserve to die I get it. But there's something about. The use of medical equipment. To. Christine we kill somebody. In a calculated manner. But it started to bother me in recent years if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are -- seventy. And our text number is 877. I didn't really matter now but I guess it I guess they'll still be an investigation of this. The FAA has now lifted the ban on flights into the Tel Aviv airport but Republican senator Ted Cruz -- talked about this on the -- right. I was questioning whether President Obama used the FAA. As a federal agency to impose sanctions on Israel. Meaning that he was punishing Israel I I guess is what he meant. That gives it is was in a punishment if Israel. For attacking. People and in Gaza. And trying to wipe out Hamas. As it just seems like there's no real close and didn't in any of this. Here is attacks let's go back to beheading people. -- I know there are people who believe in very barbaric act situations and Alitalia. For a long time I totally supported through the death penalty. And because there has been. So many have been so many cases where people have been exonerated. Who were on death row. A woman I think in Mississippi in the last year woman was with him I think. Two months. Or two weeks of being -- acute it. And DNA evidence. Found that she wasn't that she wasn't that the guilty party party she she wasn't she didn't do it. The -- she was an execution. And I just believe it's better to let a guilty person go free than to X acute. -- innocent person. But today everybody has their opinion that the -- the blog tonight is titled anti gay rhetoric and freedom of religion were certain to see. More more cases of freedom of religion being used to to disapprove of and condemn. A same sex marriage and homosexuality even to the point of refusing service to gays and I guess the biggest thing that I'm confused about his well. How do you know somebody's game when you walk into the store. I mean you're assuming that somebody is is gay what based on the way to -- Mean if you don't know their private life tenure you're passing judgment and I would think if you're in business you really should be willing to serve everybody. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight are you or could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a -- to -- so what -- -- -- firing squad bullets seem to work on the streets of New Orleans. -- There's I think it's the state of Utah is considering bringing back the firing squad. Because I believe they were the last state to execute somebody by firing squad if I'm not mistaken it was a dining Gary Gilmore. And there's been some some deal with there's like 55. Rifles. And only one of them has a live bullet. So. The people who are firing don't know if there their gun is the one that killed the god so they don't know if if they did it they're they're part of a a firing squad but only one of the guns as a as a -- bullet. Firing squad again. That's a little put more barbaric but it would work. This is the -- show. -- -- -- -- will be right back on WL we have a story on our website at WW all dot com about this really attractive young lady who. Made a date with somebody on line. We'll put him into a situation. And seen others carjacked a guy. So you know you gotta be really careful with that on -- dating stuff. During the first six months of legalized recreational marijuana in the city of Seattle. Seattle police were more likely to rest in ticket people who were homeless. Or African American for the public -- -- best lawyers into Washington State legalize the -- real recreational use pot. But did not legalize a smoking pot in public. And analysts say that for the first six months of legalized recreational marijuana. In in the state of Washington in Seattle. That's. Most of the people given tickets for smoking pot in public where the homeless and African Americans. You know even though it's not legal here I see that -- downtown. I -- adults. And you'll see a lot but it's it's I would say that frequently. You see people on -- out a joint and again this is not something that's that I recommend. Also almost all of the people cited were men with an average age of 34. But more than two thirds of the people ticketed. Where younger than forty. And and some people were sold his 77. Who got ticketed for marijuana infractions. Over the last six months you know I would hope that theory is. There's no profiling I would hope that. We all hope is that the police are fair and that's the homeless and African Americans are not are not targeted. -- -- a -- -- of the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- there which haven't text number is 87870. A 2 hour morning one of the things -- -- we'll talk about is the persistent panhandlers. Attracting the attention of lake -- residents. Who what did some investigating. And they found that these needy people. Have taken beach house vacations. And some of them or -- veterans. Can anything be done besides. Deciding not to give to these gamers. And if it's summer ruining it for everybody else -- -- gift. We talked about the social the other night if if I knew putting give to who really needed help. What little I have you know I would I would help them out. But sometimes I'm reluctant to give because there are so many people out there who work horse gamers. And it really is sand -- people would play on the sympathy of American citizens. By saying. I'm homeless -- To me. -- -- Here is a text that reads a perfect example of how wording in a poll. Affects results was in just a few days ago that you asked if opposites attract and the coal yield a completely different results. Yeah we had a poll I guess this was a Friday night were talking about how opposites opposites attract. But I was talking more about those who maybe don't look like they belong together. The people who like to do the same things I don't remember what the results of that to a poll were put. Sometimes the wording of poll can make a difference here's a quick update on our pretty high degree of -- project opinion poll tonight. Tom are you were could you be married to someone with completely opposite political views 62% say no 30% say yes. And what's. What was interesting news. I think this this poll just indicates how how tough it is how political people or today. And how vicious the political debate he has. And we've just talked about how that has gotten worse. Over over time and it it shouldn't be that way oh here's a text dates -- correcting me on the firing squad executions apparently three. Have like bullets out of out of five so if you're firing squad. You don't actually know if you pulled the trigger the panel -- rounded it that executed. The person who is in the firing squad. Here's a text. Don't know a fire agreed. That a firing squad is barbaric. It's anything but. If it's not so it's not drawn out and there's no suffering. No massive amount of blood. Note taking long periods to die or. Anything like hanging electrocution or lethal injection it's over in a split second that's it. And that's a legitimate argument. And we're talking about this if you just joined us there was another botched execution. This time it was in Arizona. And it took -- a 117. Minutes almost two hours to execute disguise. And I would thought I would of thought that this medical process which it is it's a political process I would thought it would have been much more precise than that but apparently not. In any event how do you wanna be I digress a little bit but it persisted panhandlers. Attractively few residents they did some investigating found out that these needy folks. Have taken beach house vacations and they're not veterans. Some of Tommy -- talk about that tomorrow morning wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and weekday mornings. From six to ten. Here -- WWL. There's I am a Chinese restaurant much. In Sydney Australia. Debt apparently. Discriminated against people who didn't speak Chinese. They had to menus. They had a menu in Chinese. And the other side of the menu the same items in English. And it turned out that the items in English. Had a higher price -- the items in Chinese. So if you could speak Chinese and you order from the Chinese side of the menu the price was less. Then decide. That had English for people who didn't speak Chinese. And the that the business decided well no this this is it right where we're not to where we really were trying to do anything wrong it was a misprint that trying to cover -- say it was a -- and maybe it really wants to I don't know. But he said that the Chinese side of the menu had to -- updated. Honest so now the owner of the restaurant says that all restaurant menus have been updated. I've had equal prices and discounts offered to regular customers who go to the store two or three times a week. Even non Chinese. Speaking customers earlier tonight we were talking about Sarah Palin she was ticketed for speeding. And afterward she joked with TMZ sake she wasn't speeding she was. Qualify. And NASCAR reference she also said that her choice in music play departed her going 63. In a 45 mile an hour speed so. She said she was listening to I can't drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. And we've talked about some of the songs that make us wanna drive fast not that we ever should but there are songs that inspire us to wanna drive fast. -- here's a quick update on our WW a pretty -- of people is changes its stake pretty much the same earlier tonight and more people said that they could live. With a complete opposites. When it came to political views but right now 61% say no they could not 39% say yes that could. It's wasted nights this is the -- show and we'll be right back. On Demi WL Michelle Bachmann says its debts the media is paying attention to only men. Were potential candidates in 2016. She said the only thing that the media has speculated on is it is going to be various men. That are running. They haven't speculated for instance. I'm going to rock which if I decide what if I decide to run she said there's a chance I could run. You know unless I'm mistaken. Hasn't the media focused on Hillary Clinton. In 2016. She's a woman. I I guess Michelle Bachmann is talking about just Republican potential candidates but it. I don't think anybody considers Michelle Bachmann to be a serious potential candidate in 2016 she would be the best thing that would ever happen to. A democratic candidate -- that's my opinion a from Algiers Gerri you're on this crucial and every WL. Those who do you say it's a local. -- we should watch heterosexual features and not fair because disguises. Predicted going to be years and now you didn't have to bring -- evening that and I mean it that's a -- no matter what it's short -- and. That's true it's just that there -- in my opinion the the concern because you know I I went to school where it's there were gay teachers -- to school. Arab and nobody's in my opinion nobody no gay teachers actually teaching homosexuality. Here when I think is an irrational fear about homosexual teachers and I just bring up the point where it's at. You know it's a heterosexual. Scout leader or heterosexual. That's is involved in some kind of inappropriate sexual behavior with young people that it's really the heterosexuals that. Or more likely to be at Metafile then that homosexuals so it's it's an irrational fear likened it. Well we're on the up and hit a searchable the corporate media -- column. But I just think if you. At the statistics -- show it. Well. Well look I mean it looked like you dispute are pretty right to be -- -- -- -- -- Well if it's a fact I destroyed it you know I just talk about I mean you're entitled to your brain injury -- just try to set the record straight on when something's. -- and there is in my opinion leaders in irrational fear. Of homosexuals in this country and that is a topic on every news channel it's a topic almost daily across this country now it's it's a big. -- it's a big equal rights battle in America. So we're just seeing analyzed -- actually wary about. -- -- interactions would like it. Don't have like a big issue worry about everybody but we shouldn't you shouldn't. Disproportionately. Worry about its. Gay teachers molesting your your kids or -- molesting your kids if the great percentage of of had a files for example. Are heterosexuals. Is that effect yeah but it would I mean. A item don't want Mercedes C -- -- -- -- Beat anybody exportation is capable Upton -- a problem whip them minor so a hands and that's she that's the point. Yet and you use it and are we don't general that you don't work out you're your trainer was aware of all I worked -- pictures and Errol I. But I Jerry I didn't say that it's not bicycling I simply -- -- you know and I say it's kind of sarcastically. Why he's so concerned about homosexuals when as heterosexuals. Who are more likely to molest children. Yeah well. SA or likely now that doesn't that doesn't mean you should be concerned about anybody molesting kids. Well. I -- I'm political. Wasn't saying well okay you know to worry about homosexuals what you just. There's a better chance than heterosexual. Is a pedophile or would Lester kids. Then homosexual and that's based on the research that that -- it Snoop Dogg says that he smoked weed. In a bathroom at the White House. I don't know -- that's true or not but that's what Snoop Dogg says it. I think it was Willie Nelson who bragged about smoking pot on the roof of the White House when Jimmy Carter was president. What was he up there with the Secret Service guys who are walking around the root for the White House. Sparking a doobie. I would be surprised if Willie Nelson smoke wherever he went. Here's a vital abate until I Seve of to a party general opinion poll are you are you or could you be married. It to someone who is completely opposites in their political views 61% say no 39%. Say yes here's a -- to Wear to the homeless live in public. Like every night IC homeless living on the streets of New Orleans. I don't know where they shower I don't know where they use the the restroom I don't know a lot of things that. There are people who do literally live on the street. Well I think John -- our studio producer tonight's I'm scoop we're back tomorrow night with another -- show have a great -- lucky New Orleans.