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Jul 24, 2014|

Dave talks about the Saints reporting to camp, Jimmy Graham in the princess suite, about how NOT to get a date

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition at WWL first news it's July the 24 that's when he fourteen and it's the day before. Right now let me be the first to wish you and yours that happy I did a year out here. -- nine WWL. Diamond. As we kick off the early edition of WW covers news on the first day. Thing and one -- team players actually got there yesterday they had been out there officially checked and today they report to training camp away and indeed -- physicals and all that funds. And then tomorrow. They hit the practice. Nor are out of -- pound sand. Virginia literally added boat did bulldozed down hill. And bring in grass to create a playing field did not exist are hot the green -- And they've just putting the finishing touches on yesterday. Getting ready for the -- It has not solve them -- the Greenbrier famous place president's hang out there than. Agreements. The -- I don't think they'll be you know whining and dining there but I don't know -- -- oh I think they will be it's yhency. Pierre Thomas posted a video on social media. Of Jimmy Graham's room as they Greenberg. All. You know we snot out okay they agreed on a long term deal they put all of that appeal in MI a wide receiver or -- then. Jargon business card around when I'm fine lines and everybody seemed happy right up well the saints wanted to have was last jab at Jimmy Graham before they really put that whole thing -- bad. So he shows up in his room in this pink flowered wall paper and a paint spread it looked like a princess. Oh. Got the -- just wait jamming. Apparently that was the saints way of just saying our guy you wanted drag -- down its. Flight. Through the appeal process -- find -- -- view our wide receiver tied and then everybody seemed. Make up and shake hands and sign a deal out of it it was fine but. The saints this one or approaches -- -- -- go out and give me a long while you're around it you know. It's. So they get you excited about things that value. Yeah I mean I'm excited for growing for months on -- average on the Google tiny piece of news. And I'll with the Jimmy Graham ordeal and just everything else but you know probably the draft all the way back kind of in the last time. And getting these new players and some of the veterans we picked up and it's. In -- there's a lot of excitement like you said that some people feel this is the best team that we've had may be better than the super. As a matter that in the report you do now. A lot of analysts are saying this team on paper is better more talented than the team that won the Super Bowl. Forces so that's got if that doesn't excite I don't know what yeah. I think everybody in camp no hold outs no contract disputes and differences suite for Jimmy Graham pop. Every nothing on us. In just fine and everybody's there and seems like just about everybody's healthy. Now get a lot of unanswered questions to find out if everyone's really rated ego in -- those starting tomorrow and they take the practice field. Overall there's a lot of optimism amidst the CNET nation yeah. And a lot of excitement because we're gonna get to see some of these players that maybe we don't know that well that were on other teams and the rookies that we did pick up. How will play a walk in a lot of stuff to see. All right folks -- mandates seventieth -- how excited are you about this saints team as they report. Officially for training camp in West Virginia. Today yes -- goes our report and our job. Or talk to him and just a few minutes. -- from. West Virginia mountain mama Gary Rhodes yes. Take home but dignity camp like this and -- -- the -- what's the feeling -- survive. As the saints show up for camp officially today. He's data like nine -- knowing -- the early edition of WWL. Burris news. We're so glad you joined us on this Friday -- In the early edition of WW -- we'll -- forecast into the weekend up -- and check in with Steve Geller from West Virginia. On the first day -- the saints report officially became. -- may -- good morning I'm Dave Conan clearly edition of WWL first news the saints are reporting to training camp today one text messaging -- 78 that they just simple. Who dat thank you please feel free to send -- who dat. Via text message to -- 7870 -- says very cleverly. Dave I'm tickled pink about the saints this -- then -- -- Jimmy Graham probably is to do if you haven't seen the video. That Pierre Thomas posters have Jimmy Graham -- a room at the green -- there in West Virginia. The saints and this guy won last jab at them but him in a room it's full of pink flower and everything the princess -- -- -- -- -- college. As they just make it clear that they wanted to pay him back to make. Clever or humorous way. For the controversy that he spark in the Brody took them down having to prove that he's a tight -- not a wide receiver hot humid in a little bit of rain that's the forecast right into the weekend. Spotty rain around today otherwise partly cloudy skies again and warming up nine Indy later on before dropping down. Into the seventies overnight tonight another 30% rain chance on Friday with highs of 92 eagle. And we're up to 93. On Saturday's rain chances dry up to only 20%. The pinpoint forecast Fenner I wrote just Clark tell. On our show on slide out clear skies and 73 degrees calm -- relative humidity Monday. 90%. I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. Appreciate Iran keeps Texas -- -- -- -- 7870 how excited are you about this nineties and do you think this saints team. Is really better than the ones that won the Super Bowl. How many wins will they get this season and now they have that they haven't even officially taken their physicals and checked and it training camp but. How can you not be excited about the saints this season and a one man who's excited. Let's head on up to. The mountains of West Virginia. Where -- Steve Geller has relocated for the next few weeks to cover training camp for us and find out what's -- on -- good morning. The West Virginia everyone it's finally here. Saints players report to the Greenbrier today for the start of training camp WW well saint color analyst looking guy Jon is glad that the wait is over. We've been waiting for this for a long time we know -- the draft made such a big splash in. The -- was all excited about that high expectations for this team this year this year when now. Players hit the practice field for the first time tomorrow at 8:50 AM Easter Jamaal Charles holdout lasted all of one day the chiefs running back will now report to training camp after reaching an agreement with the team on the two year contract extension is -- new deal runs through 2017. And -- make an extra. Five million dollars over the next two seasons 49ers tight end Vernon Davis -- threat of -- never happy and he reported to -- of -- training camp after threatening to miss time if he didn't get a new deal and in more NFL -- Sidney Rice has retired from the NFL after seven seasons wide receivers just 27 years old and theoretically should be in the prime of his career. The rice has missed a total of 31 games and -- seven seasons he's reportedly retiring because of his three of concussions therefore on sports talk here from saints head coach Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis which early morning look at sports. I'm Steve -- Steve -- up in West Virginia we're coming back to you in just a moment to now I don't know what the vibe is like what's the feeling like what's it like up in those mountains. In the new who dat nation and its temporarily relocated. To West Virginia text messages today 7870. Acts. But much of question marks an excellent points that your wife does is wonder. Will coach Ryan. Defense has coach eight dolphins or vice Versa. I'm excited you know that's it's nice it finally get to top this year. Squads going up against each other and training camp and hand. Early August is when we get the first actual scrimmage had to be now for another month as -- Show enough. Smiley face thanks for the smiley -- Steve's smiling we'll talk to him right after. Five when he -- Dave -- and Steve Geller with you on your radio on here in downtown New Orleans you're up there in the mountains of West Virginia congratulations by the way on. Successfully arriving in its cain's camp. Yet -- viewers actually a small pockets I guess of turbulence coming game. And it was just war. Jump that was enough to shore -- week in our tool prop plea because I thought and have my seat belt on my head would have -- -- -- Now you made it. And yes following your social media and feeling great once I knew you were on the ground. And you were there as safely and looking forward to training camp with the saints now most of the players the coaches everybody actually already there they officially taken today right. -- what we were actually arriving team but came and picked me and Bobby up at the airport and the saints' parade. I guess you incorporate was going on in downtown. They were coming in with their the team buses and folks were actually -- in the streets. Christian antique were there covering it widget Henderson hokey. And it's you get this feeling around here these folks are so appreciative to have less they've been so welcoming and they know -- well as well they know they've got -- Super Bowl contender coming to apparently are very excited about it. Evan northern tier of The Who dat nation and that. Very much fun with that Jimmy Graham getting the princess sweep the saints have a little -- at him. That was cute but other than that it seems that everybody is buckle and downing get ready to go. The vibe is good not only in town but amongst the saints officials and players. Yet today we get to hear from. GM Mickey Loomis and head coach on Peyton. -- become like officially kick off Mike issue it's a training camp other players are reporting this morning taking their physicals. Going to -- team meetings are ready. But yet tonight our sports -- you -- you'll be able to hear comments from. The Q we shall pay all about the start of this. Really highly anticipated seizing cause. A two that are paper releasing. Legit hi how -- was it yesterday afternoon when you were -- there in West Virginia. -- I'm not really stepped off the plane and you could just feel it was warm but obviously no humidity in the air. I'll we got a lot of race here ready so far -- in the mid afternoon. And then over IE about midnight 1 AM but at the thought there was quite. Boisterous and woke me up with them in the middle of the night. But definitely -- clearer cleaner fresher drier mountain there. That the saints will be breathing and working out in not as hot not as humid. Now rain will be an issue but we'll see how that hours thanks Steve talked about point five minutes more sports. Live from West Virginia here on WWL am FM and back on your forecast year hot humid. Looking warm and humid again today with around 9291. This afternoon. At 830% chance percent midday and afternoon thunderstorms couple of downpours could always be happy. Lose tonight to be dropping into the upper seventies and up to 92 tomorrow -- -- workweek up with 830% rain chance and the -- at looking a little hotter and drier. 20% chance both Saturday and Sunday with highs reaching 93. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. And we're starting today let's just rained down right off -- -- otherwise -- guys it's the big crescent mid morning and then this guy 75 and partly cloudy at the airport in Canon -- 90% relative humidity. It's clear and 73 in slide now more every text messages and thought this training camp gets underway and I'm glad I don't have to date these days town not to find a date coming up here on WWL. -- -- There's one text -- to remedy them you know as a Super Bowl bound baby food that. I think it's answer headed to the super ball looks good on paper coming up. People -- -- today in today's digital age 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first -- it's July the 24 that's when he fourteen hair it's the day before -- hey it's Friday he was -- yours -- feels good to be this close to the weekend doesn't it yes it does feel better to be up in the mountains of West Virginia where will be checking in with Steve -- again in just a few minutes were waiting for the saints to officially report to training -- the Greenberg cool mornings. I would think being -- on those humidity all got to -- arraigned yesterday and today and it and and thunderstorms on the side but other than that yeah yeah imagine that this is for the players the coaches and the media. Going to be far better weather condition -- Up in West Virginia -- -- be dealing with here in the sun and heat and humidity. Now out in Metairie but they'll be back in three weeks is that the two weeks of training camp here in New Orleans at the facility in Metairie. And it will be open to the public for the fans. So they're not going to risk escape the misery. Completely run it's probably a good thing because they will play some outdoor games it's probably get things that they practice and a slightly different weather elements because. As remember in the past few years playing games and nine on the road has been an issue. -- -- -- you know my wife says something funny the other day when the West Virginia if there was being down the -- she said what. I thought when they practice and all of that heat and humidity at -- and offer. And I said well -- I don't know that probably I don't like government my school. And I don't ever go out there and cut the grass in the crazy yeah feel tougher and Nadal are feel miserable that -- his -- is that why he thought. I don't know that it makes you any offer. To challenge your body to stay hydrated increase the heat and I think they figured that out they may be matters it is escape patent. Yeah comfortable -- I think maybe get tougher being at work harder and longer with them indoors about it and the tree and see if that's exactly do you and your -- You have Wi-Fi have a wife and I think that's a wonderful thing in the stated that we are not playing that dating I would not going to be on the market out there trying to find and decades and go through the whole process because it's to it's very confusing and -- these days because you have all the on line dating you have while the online dating services. You can still go the old fashioned route and meet someone it's at work and -- nurture. Wherever at a bar but. To me widgets there's too many options too many questions too many troubles you heard about this guy. Or he just wanted to meet in nice girl all say went on line one of these social media web sites and he met the double. LEW has pictures which we have. Posted WWL that count right now. Pretty good luck and a long haired Brunette she's her V looks like a lot of on caring yet she's -- enough for. Figured -- this pictures on the social media site. So this is now look at her she's good looking girl talk it up on lines -- -- come -- over. And think in maybe this is -- idea what what what's market hurt. -- it's 4 o'clock in the morning when you meet on mystery import. I sent over there as LEW. -- looked pretty people's he stands out that weight on them. She hops in his car nice. Pictures of it that beat him out to you and I and that is that -- about. After a few minutes to detail on the run inside will be right back anything -- -- -- outward parties have limited time. Started to do a great day right and there's this 4 in the morning right foreign. Market and that that should have been an indicator that you know hack. So far I'm -- him in gas. She comes back. With the big burly guy. Who. Says -- He starts fighting this guys like John -- -- Mike -- a lot of money and effort time and whose car. If he's in the think he's restored pretty well. And they start fighting and another guy walks opera on the other side of the so guess what -- -- him start him. Now line he's left standing there on the sidewalk and middle history. Without his refurbished it I think its -- Mercer sexy girl -- she still the car with two. Also. She got into and it was all a setup according to police -- W just one to steal his car. He stole his heart and she stole his car. It was a big set -- he matter on line we've got pictures of her please try to forget who she is if you can identifier call the cops we've got the pictures. From a social media online at WW dot com and the car. See this. I could see myself following -- that -- by order out on the market all absolutely you know Heidi you know we have -- -- they really are what's really -- one. Word of caution. She looks too good to be true maybe she thought wow thank you David document when he met corporate news Chris -- join us from saint -- battery why. Yet they're not there but The Who -- nation still. Riled up and ready to. Ago we'll hear from saints fans here at WW now. God -- go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast that they get more -- That is meteorologist Laura -- now all I'm. Don't or did the day before -- -- A pause there you've made it selling maybe you worked in the that your right now it's time to think of the right word no I don't well I'm I'm happy it's Friday and -- I now and you know there's no rain out this morning that I had to deal wet snow just along the coast a couple of showers it's quiet in New Orleans it's like he's seen this morning. And do we expect more than that yesterday we -- crazy -- early in the earlier in the day yeah I think as the storms they'll be a little bit later on acting quite as much activity is sworn in effect it yesterday morning so. Eight it -- took these early as mid day 11121 o'clock or so and they cut into the afternoon defeat downpours out they're actually start dropping rates insists they got a 30%. Today and tomorrow and the from the air drops 20% for Saturday -- -- does that mean we get a little bit hotter without -- He had to go 91 today 92 MRI and 93 on Saturday and -- -- it does start to heat up you know less rain or sunshine Mort -- And make sense then that a quiet tropics it looks like to see no more yesterday morning at last advisory on -- a -- keep an eye on the remnant wave as we always do it doesn't look like it's gonna regenerate -- -- -- dry air out here in the Atlantic right now which is a good thing dry air that keeps those storms from developing that. It doesn't look like anything's gonna be able to form of the next couple of days to. Dry air in West Virginia as well after that they. They moved out and they get some thunder showers last -- I yellow cars where the saints -- generated -- -- I think looking at temperatures for for -- -- the week and it for practice. -- off the fifteenth. Highs in the numbers -- -- to low eighties. What world is that -- -- they -- the practice field will be in the sixty. At 8:50 AM they're acted you know what am hoping don't get too used to it. -- -- I I hope they know that that that although they played Nadal a lot so -- yet the idea that battle that degrees and then that maybe that clinic in this important. For the down there you guys on the same conditions and temperatures in the seventies most is sixties and seventies when they're practicing in the morning. Maybe peeking into the eighties in the afternoon. Rain coming on Sunday looks like Fridays -- to be played Sunday they -- thunderstorms Friday a folksy forecast for here in New Orleans and but the Greenbrier in West Virginia and the saints report to training camp officially. Today I should have put that woman by the way. We -- and I got it what is wrong reaction to -- her right in the people file which he set up the date -- to cart -- -- -- that cool at all. Something also that's sheriff. And I don't often put police officers and -- people while I ask if you may be one belongs. A New Hampshire woman. Who called the police. After stopping in -- highway median. Is now facing. A ticket. And has to pay a fine of 44 dollars assuming plus court costs -- -- Bebo of new fields New Hampshire says that a mama duck and her -- wings were crossing route one -- line. And there was some decent heavy traffic. So she didn't want the dock in the -- going to get hit my car ride so she pulled into the media. Some may call the neutral ground here up there they call the median for here. And she went out and she tried to protect the -- in her doc unfortunately the mama duck. Several the Docklands were hit by a car but she was able to get a couple of them to safety. And get them to a wildlife rescue. The police to arrive -- call that you can't do that you can't stop in the -- and gave Brett Pickett. Are stopping in the media and to save the duck and her -- Didn't do a story about this not long ago that someone who stops to you it was either at all was in the street or something and somebody we've added and presidency connection event at thrown out -- -- -- people stopping travel out that the cat wasn't this year I think it was Australia but I may have that wrong but I think she's eighteen trial because. Someone ran into the back of her car and killed people in my mind that you can't so bad that makes me think it may be the police offers officer was kind of thinking back to that same. Safety comes first you know for drivers are human beings before -- Mean animal lover that I am I can say that I would do the same thing and Lisa I Vietnam and active they help -- don't stop in the middle of the road clearly -- not blocked traffic for a duckling writes that she pulled into the media and they said comedians for emergency vehicles home. This is this kind of remember to complete that -- that this may be an emergency Sabine. Animals that -- do you think he deserves the ticket and I think me and maybe maybe just circumstances that caught caught the officer on day when he was in real stickler you know. Now. I'm a little early but other federal and it is not likely the law you know I guess you could argue like whether we needed. Maybe happening at the end of the law are some that I -- in the line a -- officer was just following. The law I don't know if there is their area for great area like that kind of. Some discretion of course Matt I well it to Texas -- 8787 he will let the listeners decide should this -- have gotten a ticket for stopping in the median have to save duckling. All right we'll see what they think by the west of Texas that Gloria correct but it was in Canada the girl's father died at motorcycle. Okay added as aptly tonight you got -- something that -- Australia Canada went. Right I do it's not the -- that it cranky because she's standing try and she's facing you know some pretty serious starches overall if you cause the death that two people right. Right. -- -- -- Thank you -- kinda that you know. We will leave it out there was with the listeners are right Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts that will lead back up to West Virginia just a moment get more sports and Steve -- as the saints report officially for training camp today -- -- -- One person next -- 87870. Go ticket for the woman who stopped trying to help the -- No there's another 187 lead them as as I've stopped along the three lanes of traffic on veterans boulevard for duckling no one team mine. Most of -- cup needed to relax a little current tensions are obviously here in heart knows that cops enforce the laws the woman -- innocent. -- she has proven guilty in a court wealthiest and she says she will defend itself. She did stop in the media in which the signs right there's -- you can't deal with. And she did it was it justifiable. Gas analyst as well you didn't file the -- no I did not what it meant that people while giving you that opportunity. Should the opposite -- in the people file or not text me at 87870. While we head up the West Virginia. And check in with Steve Geller for our more sports on this -- the -- report to training camp. Speed up there them now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve stay right there haven't back yet in West Virginia mountain mama country wrote all that. Right after this on WWL AM at them and act on one person texts -- at 870 -- -- -- let's get this team Roland time for Lombardi number two. Crude -- Nation seems excited even with the team up there at the green and -- hundreds of Greenbrier is plays to beat. Put policies and as the place for me now it's like green acres Odyssey which it. Live to the appalachians and our own Steve -- Steve how are things in the mountains this morning. Feeling cool you know this morning it's right stick around in the you know. High 50s60s. -- about the oh walk on out of Peter and go down to the breakfast -- to have my free continental. What did you enjoy your continental breakfast in that thin mountain -- When the weather yet Laura backed out just on us that when the saints at the practice field start tomorrow at 8:50 AM temperatures to still be in the sixties. And probably won't get in the eighties even during their afternoon walk through most days. Are we expecting every member of the saints team to report today no contract disputes no hold outs no serious injuries. Yeah everyone. Will be in attendance expected to be a 100% participation. And that's another reason that hopes are so high because. The saints have taken care of business off the field getting to this point and it'll be really interesting to see if -- birdies ready to take the field. Tomorrow because -- he's recovering from back surgery. That's the only big question I have right now but we said earlier when they release of those players on the physically unable to perform list. That it was great seeing he was not. Part of that yes I well good. Great -- is all around enjoy that at continental breakfast with doctor in fifteen minutes more sports here on WW value forecast for New Orleans. For your Thursday looking like a very typical July day it's you season spotty rain chances out there most likely for the midday and afternoon hours. 30% today still looking like highs will be able to reach about ninety dropping down to 78 to nine with 820% chance for rain. And then back up to a 30% chance on Friday highs of 92 and heating up on Saturday 93. With only 20% chance for isolated storm. From the pinpoint forecast -- I -- to -- just lop -- itself. Not a technology -- for the next Mars upon. Note to talk about some panhandlers and lake view they did some -- ended the people of lake view a holiday if not gonna find out their tickets -- beach vacations and kids cell phones it is. Apparently weren't as antigen as they thought they as they were making themselves out of here we'll talk about saints training camp smoking in bars and more. More ahead with -- -- have a great priority.

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