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7-24 6:10am Tommy, panhandler scams

Jul 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Rep. Austin Badon about panhandlers in New Orleans

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The -- Greenbrier sulphur springs I think grass. Diego resort dead back in the fifties who is the bailout place for an congressmen and presidents to -- huge underground bunker. They also serve fabulous -- an incredible room through -- it and all of a team picked up. I don't think I can afford even one night. Speaking of which David is. David Blake's name -- going to be Blake street Thomas. It is our right here because I have mom and gone through some things in and Blake's been through some things -- -- told me at the beginning of exactly note was gonna go and now. That's just experience -- not that. And he silly you know problem but yeah on the lookout for that I sensed that happened late. In happened. So on and electing him for is a saints prediction this season and put a lot of credence into it because apparently this man can read the future you've done. Traditionally very well and you saints predictions Evian I'm done fairly well. I really count and are you you'd tabulating and and formulated yet accumulating that data as we speak I'd you know I'd obviously we're not -- ready to do any kind of prediction right now because we're tabulating and formulate anything about it. At that dimension accumulating -- -- -- so you know it depends on injuries and so forth and talk a lot about the saints today in the and ideas get nervous at this time a year because. The injury thing columnists and guy -- -- Now it's my fault and it happens on insane now and is -- that's missing and a few reported on this or heard about it you know the -- -- Tanzania. -- out -- people on board and and Jordan -- resident genius it's amazing -- -- 92 the third string tight end for Texas saint Anna's. But -- he can keep up on all of these world affairs likeness. Because your Goodall well it's just speculation now but it'd be interesting in Jordan -- way and of everybody on this. Al qaeda's branch in West Africa. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Notice I've pronounced differently. Fetal army is it out cater. Al-Qaeda okay Al qaeda's branch in West Africa al-Qaeda in the Islamic -- a Q I am as it's known. Mainly based and Molly in southern Algeria the missing plane would have had to fly over that area. On its route from Burkina paso to Algeria. Which would mean it might be another case of an airliner flying over. Non friendly skies here. Actually and they probably have some missiles that they bought from someone and named it might have analyst -- wanted to try. And nobody says it was because visibility of what to avoid another plane and you think will live whoever will whatever air traffic control it was that had control of them. Would purposely in this all speculation would purposely for Sampson. You know go on an alternate route that was easier for al-Qaeda to use the weapons I don't know but it's Anderson the Jordan -- brought this up so we're watching Jordan and see if you're right and if not. Electing your future endeavors. We're also gonna talk about these panhandlers and make you did you see this story. Mean doll that is same panhandlers back. And somebody's always something interesting the other day about panhandlers -- look at the shoes. Because it. You can get new clothing they tell me from shelters sometimes Newhart new shoes are hard to come by. So. If you'd see -- panhandlers in quotation marks. Work in an area close or she can be but the issues are pretty new partners shoes and chances are -- -- Cameron unions anyway they did some digging in this person. And I they found and -- FaceBook page to problem. They've taken beach house vacations. And when they say they're veterans. They say it will not of the armed forces where veterans of our life experience well of course where veterans of panhandling here now so -- -- -- at least people Jordan. Things he may hear from the pan handler insult because he has a cell phone. So that's coming up in this first hour and a pretty jaguar opinion poll would smoke free week. In in some Louisiana bars over a hundred of them. You know as it stands now the only -- -- smoke inside. Is a bar or casino -- pretty jaguar opinion poll asking you should goes become smoke free as well and would it change the way. Where you go or what you do now to you this what I've found interesting in Ireland. I thought these cubs were going to be. Just thick with smoke. Where you know you just not a genetic -- gotten you can't smoke up our way -- -- ahead of -- yeah I had I go outside that shocked me. We get a eating their viewpoint again as but you want a cigarette aura of a bag I think they -- -- go outside. 615 Tommy Tucker coming back on them VW. -- Johnny Tucker 619. A friend of ours we don't always agree politically but he is friend of ours and we like to talk to him senator Austin bad on good morning -- you do one. Grew more and there are -- recognized in the promotion yeah a great group agree with you and again politically you never can say never you know. Struggle billion. Regarding you know that's exactly right let's talk about -- -- in lake view and I guess what the law says and what some of these people -- Barely literate yet the leader of the movement do trial. These people getting. And you know -- right now which you're gonna get of these people you're apartment and it is. When you get peaceful tomorrow. These are capable people party known people who are are there greater trade into the three different coaches who are so where. -- one occasion one -- walked out to me he care patient who eat well one our story. Literally nobody should show up at royal -- truly would not so you. Not recognized. -- and it don't remember who spoke to wonder whether another sort. He's a war where. And development on occasion where there are at the police come out on Boehlert. And that's all the port infrastructure. He jumped it would go -- now you know why Uga. Right there on. Art and and -- -- there when I'm at the light in public and there is Garrett audible at its. A pickup truck he walks old computer park and get -- You look back over and spark you pick up at Pratt and -- and will be here and then you know go on her this. Ordered -- I don't second that that sounds like an urban -- would use saw that. Physically sort of all of our key candidate markets. He got to cut you walk Beckel he picked up the science and just because somebody -- on the side that they are -- Doesn't mean they're they're I mean you sort of Columbia and -- -- you know you get no military experience or background at all. He was of a veteran of life right -- represented -- -- he was a -- veteran or something or better on the streets. Yeah exactly would you say he told -- regarded it he -- scale war. And you get these people who are. You know and I'm sensitive to the needs of homeless and those with mental stability and sensitive to those people but -- Wouldn't you see these individuals out there can you see him all across city. What's happening is they're growing amount of quality elect -- black community. And you have certain individual in the league who feel that state. You know it's the right could be out there is -- right to say -- but -- they cannot sit in the looked like an impoverished nation. Let me tell ya wanna add to address that when we come back legally because another Supreme Court has said one thing but in the case of what you've just said in what you saw. Would it be possible regulate this is an organized business because it seems like that's what it is we're talking a represented a Boston ban on state represented. He saw with his own eyes disorganized Stafford. The government overseer and of sand that kinda oversaw these people when. That we when challenged they came out almost like a supervisory positions. It's an interesting conversation will continue it when we come back six and I wanted to what you saw as well he's the audience -- 260187. -- free. 866889087. When it comes of panhandlers. Time for traffic that we go to a terror Robinson's back. I'd six point seven Tommy Tucker get a text here represented a Boston -- on our guests talking about panhandlers and organized efforts in lake view something that he personally witnessed and attacks has panhandling cannot be a business they do not provide any good or service they legalize pot and prostitution first I don't. I don't know exactly what that means a representative but if if there is an organized effort here to panhandle and the money is distributed. -- mom needed to a central location and then they get to -- so I mean that's close to. -- of as a legal business illegal entity that would legally how would you proceed from here. Governments basically. Something that's organizers and the decay at their shall it extremely difficult to track. They have created a bit this short and they've created are or are -- announcing it would -- where. You haggle with you -- on the you know on our -- work toward going all -- and you know you actually get their car and they go out and recruit individuals there or in that -- You know another aspect of you have these young people using a moral -- and you -- -- And you know they are able bodied young people but instead of going out and actively looking for work. There are up there in their job they've made the decision that it will be -- also. Out of Europe are. And -- -- for the electric I can understand why you took them. Because you know what I mean what were you looking forward to our you're you you've taken you can real due to be agent and asking me from. When it comes to. Legislative action and I believe correct -- from -- the Supreme Court said -- that's free speech right you can't do anything about that. The there was an ordinance in Orleans stared. What you try to. Put on hold to it and it went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court is basically -- the right to be out there and takes -- much. I could tell you that -- they run into problems. On private property. Then they could come on that's so true that there -- -- But for the bowl or you know the Supreme Court it is they -- right -- and it's -- -- -- -- you right to signal. -- and so in the quality of life issue to me when people look at home or going to do to. Your community and address and in the in the -- you can't handle him being cute. You know it hurts economic development and deterrent quality elect a -- Do you think parents are teaching the kids the panhandle from a young age and has become the family business. Let me tell you you know it's really disturbing when you around you see these children running into another trap they are. You know bigot for more mean I mean when it happened to the days those basics real core courses and things like there -- -- -- probably in the league. At least it looked more important things to be aware of blame. And the people -- appeared -- -- these children to do there. And you get these children would be uniform ball on the run in the Internet traffic and Obama traded -- -- commentary -- the ticket you know he would. Running into the family and now the -- Delight changer. If somebody -- -- and hit it there Q and into Tokyo. And then note that the girl so mean. That's got to kind of behavior. There should not be tolerated and that adults so the ones who are responsible for the end and they should take better better care of these cute. Not urge them to do. A -- is always around a -- -- let me quickly ask you because and -- -- its nonsmoking efforts it's. Having nonsmoking week in Orleans parish a hundred bars or so have volunteered to tried tried it did not allow smoking have people go outside when they smoke NO. Casinos now and bars are the only places where he can still smoke inside in Louisiana and it surprised me I was lucky enough to go to Ireland a couple of weeks ago. He had these visions of pubs full of guys drinking in women and smoke all over the place of their smokeless she couldn't smoke in a pub and in Ireland so did it anyway that happens at gets introduced again legislatively. Ordeal at the marketplace decide that when it comes of bars and casinos. Well I think the marketplace aboard casino hairpin on the -- -- But we do that we can protect the workers who are in the industry. I applaud the -- to Britain -- what they have done to put up he's standing where you know people could put there. Discarded cigarette merchant here. You know and I think that's one way that we can find where we can generate -- -- people. You know that the possibility that it could come back up. Areas open that means propose that the low level with City Council. Think counsel on the on the Torre can't try to pull on the art when you look at -- massive amount of money that we ban on. Can't work related issues from tobacco. We can better utilize them money in the place. Thank you represented -- the pleasures OA's. You have a good day represented at Boston ban on like it's that we don't always agree on everything -- very nice man left talked to 632. We'll take you calls and we that would come next number one had called in under the U -- protection program. Tell us about an organized effort he saw with -- number one I'm sorry it was taken so long but I promise. If you call back we'll put you on right after the news and tell me what you've seen. As far as panhandlers go on -- city do you think it is an organized effort. And we've had a conversation before do you give to him and near the representatives and maybe you didn't they go away. Now time for -- WL first news that we got basically an interesting conversation with represented of Austin bed on about something going on in lake view and you know arguments story and local TV station did did did -- -- it's persist and when you wouldn't wanna -- and -- -- -- which -- know. Constantly every at all known known on it like that -- -- -- when I think it is an element trying to be disrespectful I think of the cartoon but they're cheap. On enough and it was a noble I think yeah -- in and look at each other. Where you know 7 o'clock in the morning you're gonna work the homeless guy that won the panhandle and armies -- homeless -- not as. Check it and on a new drug out of rowdy house yeah Soriano and all day -- Now as as I drive out in the morning or would you say two of whom would be there with the signs in no. It I don't want to out any come harmony and and here she is -- -- edited yet made it pretty good made some money it was you know so it's like I don't think you need that. In your neighborhoods and next time in you may never see panhandlers and Jefferson Parish why I think you -- see human. -- -- -- I do -- to be one. All know ICM all the time -- immune. Intersections yeah. Handling may become an illegal businesses sexism. Blankley equal hustle -- most likely illegal aliens and force in the panhandle and -- I've been whatever job where are the jobs I don't panhandlers up and handler on general -- all in -- Want to a car hand over money collected and go back at panhandling. It's their job with the economy enemy out there if I don't find a job any suggestions. And other once he says everyone Tommy says go get a job there are no jobs computers is taking over the only refuses open at the stores. -- self checkout -- only that's true but. Is it a real gonna wind up his handling and I mean are their jobs available out there right I think if you're willing to lower your standards I would think. Maybe it's a function of economics are very you don't make as much as you do with minimum wage usually if you're out on the street begging. And in terms of the whole economic system being out of whack with. People bathe in instead of as a representative says having bake sales or target now do and work. Do we encourage that by helping panhandlers is cruel as that seems if if people would stop giving. To people begging on the gulf begging on any other corner in the in lake view if nobody would give him anything I would think they would disappear. You tell me what your plan is -- what's your theory is when we come back and what you've seen. In terms of this being an organized effort 26 ONE 7203866889087. He Tommy Tucker -- we -- glad you let us on this Thursday morning. I Tommy Tucker talking about panhandlers. -- if maybe everybody would stop given to him. They they would disappear go find some whales to me and handle I think there's a and -- -- between -- -- it's legitimately homeless and the people at museums street corners and I don't think the same ones came in Gulfport good morning -- -- WL. -- -- Oh. That. Work in ain't (%expletive) For. Rock and roll up our mission in April. And in -- -- -- -- -- It has turned it Yunel. Bit. You never know that's why you can't turn anything down I always say it's like of mine. Or a branch on a treat this leads to that leads to that leads to that and I think a lot of people when it comes to jobs are so -- they don't realize it him. And and just like you did you can ask you how you became homeless. I am. Why are the worst. -- -- -- -- -- And you and an. -- While. -- so it so it can happen but you can turn yourself around there and the do you give renowned of people at UC panhandling on -- there -- Do not give -- as well charity out that people. The acting and opera. -- and directly. And indirectly it. If you look at it from the economic standpoint I think if everybody would stop given. It would naturally dry up there there would be no no water no well so they'd find somewhere else to go or at least find a job or something Nelson and you've been there done that thank you Tim deadlocked Ian. And then the American story and Johnny congratulations. Thank you this is what Austin bad on had to say. Earlier about something that he actually witnessed as it comes of these panhandlers and assumption that the stuff of which urban myths is made but he actually saw. They've created -- car -- working army announcing it would no matter where. You have goal with your -- only Europe on the Sar bench you want to -- going home and you know you're she'd get their cut and -- ordinary recruit individuals to her work and in that -- You know another aspect of you have these are young people you see him all along you lesion -- And you know they are able bodied young people but instead of going out and actively looking for work there out there and their job they've made the decision that did -- will be -- you. Part of your partner and an accurate xxx I can understand why people just took them. Because you know we're not seeing -- why weren't you looking forward to our you're you you you've taken you can Wear out but -- the big and then asking -- from a. And I might sound cold and heartless but he also told this story of being approached by a woman with a hard luck story. My for an hours of what he was initially -- getting gas is getting gas off Bullard. And later on it -- on some grocery shop and he's approached by the same woman with a different hard luck story and you've got that she'd speak had spoken join. And those guys on TV -- both times apparently she does still a lot of TV watching now. And ended his local TV station talking about the the area in lake view where they've been out there for months the so called disabled veteran nor Iraq veteran. At first they felt bad form then they started this move will worry in the military were re in this. Net in my getting businesses which he sold it and then in one of the neighbors at this point. He gets confrontational Florida avenue by 610. That's where they set up. And this guy one of -- updates his status on social media. So he doesn't have time look for a job he does beg for money and among those things he's posted to social media. Pictures of him with hands full of cash posting about vacationing at the beach. And drinking a couple of Beers on Father's Day. And as far as being a veteran he said go to global look up veteran. And you come back and tell me the -- has nothing to do with military mean meaning it was a veteran a veteran is anyone who is seasoned in any particular field. That's a veteran he's a veteran crime fighter like me looking out for my people in new -- ones. And -- -- -- given to the scam artist and and let them the if you wanna do something. Do like the lady -- that actually was almost said. Give it to the charity and Hamlet the charity. Dispense -- -- given it directly to the people I think you just encourage more up -- Chris and man develop higher under the W out the morning. Wanted to have a good time and saw. And do. You -- but that -- didn't show. Like dude wanted but -- guys that it. And I -- -- an up and data -- a bit harder. He literally. Immediately. To -- like we. And one. He played in order Whitney. I don't know enough about. It to -- -- eager to. The 80. Yeah. Well then the -- I would. They do that -- Equal right at the. Anyone an all white -- -- -- -- thank you Chris and lady called hope you have a good day 6537. Before seven and this bothers me so much because. I don't think any others -- -- -- somebody in need that really needs it or leave them hungry or what have you. But none of us wanna be taken advantage of and made a fool out of even if it's only for a couple of dollars you'd you'd just don't want it to happen so. You know we've talked about this several times and I think from now on my theory is. Give to the charities that help people -- battery in tough times. And I'm getting nowhere rebutting on the street and maybe if we all did that. Yet we do a lot more good for everybody -- the charities ignore the people on the street and up that they go away 654 time -- Traficant for that. We got a -- Robinson.